2.9 (53)
180.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Q...

2.89 out of 5
53 Ratings
5 months ago, Sarahbrownielady
Bug needs fixing
I enjoy this game. But there is currently a problem the designers need to fix. Around primary level 11, I can watch the video ad before the hint, but I cannot X out at the end of the ad in order to return to the level and complete it. This is also the case in the secondary levels. I have tried on different days, different internet connections. This bug needs to be fixed as I can no longer move forward in the game.
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6 months ago, OGMomof3
Love this game so much
Do you is so good and it’s for geniuses and everybody knows how to sell the first one it’s so easy like I even got like I don’t know 3027 well I think I got to the one that Alex and the sumo wrestler one that was a hard one but I think I finish that too but the hardest one was the one that yeah it was Alex in the sumo wrestler no it was a Jenga one I couldn’t I can do the Jenga that was hard and I never solved it wait did I think I did I did oh well I don’t know what I got two so but that was with black
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11 months ago, komodo5170854
Frustrating when the drawing gets cancelled
I’m trying to draw flush to an object but it just cuts my drawing and I have to restart everytime
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11 months ago, MaxiTaxi620
I found a bug!
When I share the video to my friends and then open the URL, I go to a website called Firebase. It doesn’t show the video. You try it out yourself and then look at it. It wants to tell the creator of the game (Which is you) something.
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2 months ago, anonymous bro dude
Great puzzle game!
This game is excellent for when you are bored, it has many challenging levels, and the quality is awesome. I definitely recommend others to play this game.
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6 years ago, StephAlph
fantastic puzzle game
this app is the perfect thing to play when you are bored. there are probably thousands of puzzles, and it does take a while to load sometimes, but this app is truly unique and puzzling. I love it!
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11 months ago, Bobobobeiy
Would not Recommend you can barely write The white stuff I keep on cleaning and cleaning thinking that it Was is my screen but then I realized that it was the gameAnd this is why I don’t recommend there is probably other games like this that are better. You should just probably play those instead of this.
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11 months ago, DATZYZY29999
Free sponsor
Sambucha gave you a free sponsor and you’re probably gonna have more people playing your game, but based off what Sambuch it’s a 5 to me
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1 year ago, Hunter18_Storm
Oh you can’t figure it out? How’s about a hint? No? Oh you failed hint? Oh you failed hint? Oh you failed hint? Oh you failed hint? Oh you failed hint? Watch a 30sec video for a hint? Oh you watched it and still can’t get it bc your on mobile? Want a hint? Want a hint? Hoooooly f ive never been so triggered in my life playing a simple game
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6 years ago, xXxNotGeoffxXx
Almost really good
The puzzles are fun and the ruleset/physics make sense but the bad loadtimes really blow the experience (ads cant even load so my app softlocks)
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10 months ago, the destruction gamer 2000
I can’t beat it
5,6,,7 and 9 are really hard.9 I literally can’t beat It I Even tried using then hint and still couldn’t make it so can you make it easier.
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12 months ago, Karen Stephans
It’s not that the game is hard, but the physics and Luther things don’t makes sense. “Oh to beat this level you need to make a wedge.” I spent very long doing exactly what it told me to and it still didn’t work, if I got it to load at all
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11 months ago, omar dang
App is rigged
I downloaded app and I had to wait to download AND THEN IT FREAKING CRASHED IM SO MAD GRGGRRRRRRRGRGRGRGRRRRRRRR and when i try again IT KEEPS CRASHING IT and when it loaded and did not crash it keeps freezing the game and so annoying and it keeps crashing once every 2 levels
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2 months ago, #noneyaqbusiness
Awesome game!
Great challenging game! I love this game so much! Perfect time killer and few adds!
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5 months ago, SourLemmy
Fun but app is broken
Fun challenging game. Every ad that comes up locks the app where you can’t progress You have to force quit and restart.
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9 years ago, Danming00
Great game
Really gets my dick wet
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5 years ago, UrGameSuks
It keeps freezing after completing some levels.
I cant exit or anything. Its extremely annoying. Fun game but very disappointing
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12 months ago, Rakabak
I hate you developer
Quit making games and delete this piece of trash
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7 years ago, Kev919
Can't even play
I open the game and it immediately crashes.
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7 years ago, Destrispockemup
game crashes right when I open it
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11 months ago, adamslink12
i watched sambucha play this
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7 years ago, PaulMclain374
Doesn't work!!!
I need to wait for the dang thing to download forever AND IT DOSENT EVEN WORK!!!
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5 years ago, enderking160
Q Downgrade
Liica Can You Downgrade Q To 2.10.1? I’ll Give You Five Stars If You Do Q Player GreenQ08
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7 years ago, Samolin
Great thought out puzzles but...
This can be addictive and it really deserves 5 stars but it keeps freezing up then crashes and I am thrown out of the puzzle before I can finish it. I have tried this on three different devices and several different levels and it happens on all devices and levels. Network connection is good and download speed average. No other app does this. Maybe it's Lica, inc server that is the problem. Please look into this so I can keep the puzzles going.
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9 years ago, A woman of high standards
Such a fun strategic game!
My engineer of a boyfriend saw his Asian classmates playing this game during a lab and he thought it would be a good idea to show his artsy girlfriend (moi) this super fun brainpain! It's perfect for engineers and artists alike! Or those bored out of their minds with a wifi connection. It's totally cool and we're completely hooked! (Hint to those who decide to download this game 😉 you're going to need it!)
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8 years ago, Lowflyer93
Finally, a truly unique game!
This is a well thought out, ingenious set of individual challenges, each relying on the player's ability to think outside the box. It's deceptively easy, and anyone can play, but it takes an understanding of physics as applied to problem solving to prevail. Good job!
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9 years ago, ManRaider
Can't believe it's looks simple but not a easy puzzle
It doesn't looks difficult at all when you read the instructions, but when you start looking for the solutions, it's just not simple yet not too difficult. Nice game and I seriously got addicted now.
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9 years ago, dawnmarie3022
Love it!
The first couple of levels were kind of frustrating because I did not understand the mechanics of the game. But as soon as I realized that that was what the first couple of levels were FOR, I got addicted. Can someone come cook my family dinner? I just need to do ONE. MORE. LEVEL!
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9 years ago, HeathYaDig
Great challenges
Def takes a challenge to a whole new level. Everyone should give this a shot.
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9 years ago, Btdawson
Fun and challenging
Puzzles can be very challenging but have found solutions to each that I have worked.
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9 years ago, JJ Wolf
Awesome puzzle game!
I'm always looking for good puzzles. In this one there is no predetermined solution. You make your own tools as you go. Brilliant!
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9 years ago, Japaslap
Fun game
Not sure what the right here, but it's pretty entertaining and allows you to use your imagination
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9 years ago, DJ2012DJ
Really makes you think! There's more than one way to solve each puzzle.
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9 years ago, Sakouhi
Challenging fun!
I Love Qs challenging and addictive gameplay and love it's sense of humor even more! Fully recommend to any puzzle lover!
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9 years ago, Nyssa kdp
Extra mind power required!!
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9 years ago, ipodguy32
By far, one of my most favorite games! Keep up the good work!
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8 years ago, JBoogieAE
Pretty cool for what it is.
I really like how you aren't really subjected to ads unless you use hints.
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7 years ago, Rhzyak
Almost unplayable
Takes a long while to open and download anything; choppiest animations ever; not one, not two, but THREE animated banner ads on screen which play super smoothly (unlike the app)
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9 years ago, Weatherford1986
Fun, simple, addictive.
I like puzzles and this game is a great little time waster.
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9 years ago, roves12
Very entertaining
Quite addictive!
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9 years ago, Mudmudmud
A fun game. I like it.
A new concept for a good game. Keep the work.
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9 years ago, Betatester2020
Great game
Although I think that's such a piece of cake ;p
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8 years ago, the_real_seebs
Annoying and intrusive ads
If I wanted ads flashing on screen constantly, I'd build a time machine and go look on geocities.
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8 years ago, !8675309!
Poor design
Ok concept, but the design makes it 1 star.
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9 years ago, Narwhal63
The ads
The ads
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6 years ago, ericaxel2002
Possibly a bug within.
It seems to work fine with my wife’s android but it freezes up every time I complete a level on my iPhone.
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9 years ago, Digital_dr3am5
Bad game
Won't connect at all game unplayable
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9 years ago, Amadojp
Cool cool cool
Reminds of a green lantern
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10 months ago, anshilan24
I downloaded this game with it only taking up 160 ish MB, but after it started loading I open the app and it said it needed an extra 400 MB. Like bro what the heck what do you need that much more storage for. 🥵😥
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9 years ago, Chpetts
Muy bueno
Me gusta pensar. Este juego me ayuda.
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