Qualifier Plus IIIx/fx

4.9 (2.4K)
32.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Calculated Industries
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Qualifier Plus IIIx/fx

4.94 out of 5
2.4K Ratings
9 years ago, Bobby Ricigalliano
Amazing tool for mortgage professionals
As a mortgage broker I would use and carry around my handheld CI-calculator daily. A must have in the mortgage industry. I somehow stumbled upon this app and it's worth every penny. I'm shocked that I did not have this sooner. The UI is clear and super responsive. This app has so many additional features that are helpful to my business and I don't have to worry about my batteries dying. With the touch of a button I can email a detailed payment breakdown to the client. Amazing tool for mortgage professionals.
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2 years ago, apex78
What a Cash Grab!!
I run a mortgage company and recommend this app to all my students. I used to have 3 of these physical calculators and was excited when I could buy it for my iphone. It used to cost $20 dollars one time payment in The App Store. But now I’m so disappointed that all of a sudden it costs $40 per year…every year!!! I don’t know what they did different to all of a sudden want to charge $40 per year just to use it?! 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼
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5 years ago, Shaunymac
Simple and always with me!
Not one to leave reviews but this is an app that has always stayed with me. I use it to run numbers on potential investments or any other items that may need financing. This purchase was a no brainer. Yeah, online calculators can do similar things and I have a spreadsheet I’ve made that does it as well but this guy gives me info I need quick. Even better, it’s always with me!
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2 years ago, peryklexX
Best mortgage calculator available
I’ve been using this calculator since I got into the mortgage industry back in 2012. Worth every penny if not more. Super simple to use and powerful. If you are in the mortgage industry, or finance in general, this is a must. If you are a consumer who wants to always be sure you are not getting fleeced by some sleazy salesperson, this is for you.
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1 year ago, MJ in AK
So Handy!
This mortgage calculator is so convenient to have on my phone. It took some training to be able to use it to its full potential, but it was definitely worth it. What is 75 days from today? How much will a $2000 payment buy? What will they save if the rate is .5% lower? Get it all at your fingertips!
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5 years ago, Bee-Ten
Amazingly powerful, yet easy enough to use
Pretty amazing to have such a powerful well built calculator. It just got excels at its job of being able to very quickly run mortgage calcs, down payments, taxes and insurance. The developers have done such a good job with this app. Been using it for a long time.
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2 years ago, SharonB8
A Must have!
I have been using the Qualifier Plus for over 25 years! As a professional loan originator and one of the top NMLS instructors in the Country, I insist my students purchase this app, if they are serious about their career. In addition, it is a must have for all real estate professionals! Sharon Butler, real estate trainer!
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3 years ago, Kkswag456
Qualifier Plus IIIx Calculator
I love the fact that I no longer have to carry my push button mortgage calculator. This functions just like the kinesthetic model. I recommend it for any lender or real estate professionals.
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4 months ago, Ferbs.
Essential Tool for all Lenders!
Excellent tool for providing quick & accurate quotes anywhere, anytime. Highly recommended! I’ve been using qualifier plus for nearly 3 decades, no substitute.
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1 year ago, Shad Carson
Can’t live without this app
This is the mortgage calculator I learned on. I don’t use all the features but I couldn’t do my job without it.
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6 years ago, Dloans
Great for travel
Great when forgetting handheld mortgage calculator! Wish they had the basic version as well for price point options.
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2 years ago, Portfolio Tracker
Great for Realtors
All Agents in my office have this on their phones. When we are showing properties, Buyers want to understand monthly payments. This is the BEST tool for Real Estate.
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3 years ago, AuntieIva
Perfect Financial Real Esate Tool
I own the original physical calculator. I bought this when it fist came out. So convenient. Perfectly accessible.
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1 year ago, Agent Marie
My Qualifier Plus IIIx App
One of the most worthy apps on my iPhone. I use it everyday for business and personal matters. I’d be lost without it!
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2 years ago, Fitnes Mom
I’m a believer
This app turned me into a math lover! It’s so wonderful and user friendly. I can’t say enough about this app.
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3 months ago, heycoiley
Best ever
I have been using this since 1991! Wow 35 years and now I have the app on my IPhone too. Best investments ever made. Retire with Calculator soon.
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1 year ago, BAB n Co
Best Mortgage Calculator out there
This Calculator is a must have for any mortgage professional.
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2 years ago, Josc_R
It doesn’t keep or change the numbers I insert. I do not know why and how to change that
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2 years ago, cezelle
A must for anyone in real estate!
If you don’t own this app, you need to.
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6 months ago, Ham Z
Great mortgage calculator
Been using it for years and it’s awesome
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10 months ago, LV from Savannah
Click Bait
App appears to be free with exception of ads. However, upon installation, you cannot proceed past the welcome page without paying six dollars a month for access need to put that in your summary and quit being deceptive.
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8 years ago, Satori Mortgage
Principal Broker
Fantastic application. The email integration with the calculations and reports is simple and extremely effective.
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3 years ago, Smurphy0202
Real Estate
Awesome calculator! Super easy to figure out mortgages. Love it!
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7 years ago, B. Wood Milwaukee Wi
Great App
Use this for Realtor calculations. Excellent Date Calc. Super convenient for figuring mortgage
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4 months ago, Undercover Brotha
Best Calc
This the best calculator designed for mortgage professionals
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12 years ago, Tommie3
Best Real Estate Calculator around
I own the handheld and desktop version of the Qualifier IIIFX and was excited to see the iPhone/iPad version. I love this calculator as it makes easy/intuitive work of many typical real estate calculations including more advanced functions such as loan qualification for several loan types, cash flow functions for commercial loans and amortization functions. I know there are other calculators out there that do many of the same things (I own an HP-10BII and 12C) but nothing I've tried make things as simple as the IIIFX. The nice feature added to the IPhone/iPad version is the ability to email calculations and amortization schedules right to clients. Emailed customer service twice with questions and got a reply within hours so this also gets 5 stars.
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1 year ago, olga oj
Olga ok
Nice app but too noice
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13 years ago, Zemus
Love it, i am impressed
Always iffy about electronic counterparts however, its exactly like the handheld, no extra weight, not as bulky (obviously), email your numbers. Doesn't get any better for someone always out doing stuff. I can't even remember what I paid for my handheld one, but I know it wasn't this cheap. Exactly what smartphones needed to have for the investor/financial person on the go. Accurate (unless I fatfinger a wrong key) and extremely simple and quick to use.
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14 years ago, MizQ SP
so happy to see this for the iphone!
I've been using the Qualifier Plus IIx for years. Love the calculator, hate carrying it along with all the other gear in my purse. I've been waiting for it to be available for the iPhone. I would rate this 5 stars in a heartbeat if they had a help file that I could print out. It's hard to go back and forth between the help file and the actual calculator. I downloaded the manual for the IIIx, and it is very helpful, but there are a few differences in usability. That said, I love the email function and think this app rocks.
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9 years ago, TheExp3rt
Best Mortgage Calculator!
Have been using the Qualifier for over 10 years - it is the industry standard and for good reason. When I found the app for my phone I was thrilled. We have been paying $45+ for our agents over the ears at $20 and not having to carry around a calculator is great! This calculator does it all and very quickly! I especially like the email feature for sending to my clients.
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10 years ago, Kittamom
An old friend leaps into the New Age
The original, mechanical Qualifier had been my steady companion for over a decade. This digital version for my iPad and iPhone brings even more features, and places them in my pocket and handbag to whip out whenever a prospect, client or Realtor needs detailed info on a loan scenario. Quickly summing up the details of a qualification, the app then allows me to immediately email the results and a personal message to the principles involved, archive the info, share it with my assistant, compare programs, and demonstrate the findings on the spot. Wonderful tool!
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14 years ago, Jelli Bien
mtg Qualifier
This is an awesome tool. I have this brand handheld calculator that I have been using for years and paid about $60 for it. this is well worth the $10. Take a minute to read the instructions. The email feature is the best!
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11 years ago, Jake30_x
Never know when you'll need it
Have used it at least 5 times when having a conversation at a bar or on a golf course. Probably got two deals from having it handy. More than pays for itself!
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13 years ago, TeamGrowth
I run a highly successful mortgage business so can't leave home without my HP12c. I ran into this app for only 10$ REALLY! I ran my first payment for a new client and the Qualifier gave me an option to email my client the details. They loved it as well did I. Highly impressed!!!!
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11 years ago, Edowind
Best Real Estate Calc
I got the app vs buying the actual calculator. I'm talking a Real Estate finance class right now the instructor recommended that we get it. A classmate and I experimented the app version is allot faster than the actual calculator. It works better than my HP 12c as well. I'm very pleased!!!
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13 years ago, Six6foot
My tired Qualifier lllfx is on it's last breath. Looked on the website and found the IPhone app. The price is great, no more carrying another calculator. The email function is awesome. Absolutely a must.
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11 years ago, sndman2004
Best loan calculator around!
I use this all the time! I have had the physical version since I started in real estate and I now have it in my pocket all the time! I am super happy now that the app is updated for my iPhone 5!!
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12 years ago, Medigovich
The qualifier
I've been using Real Estate Master calculators for twenty years and am stoked that there's an app for it now! Like someone else said, it's one less thing to carry around. Thanks Calculated Industries!
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9 years ago, Jzapatajr*
Love it!
Use it all the time. Works perfectly every time.
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12 years ago, GreyStar1980
Icon looks fuzzy...
The icon looks horribly low definition on my iphone 4s retina display. Other than this, great app. Hopefully they will update this soon.
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12 years ago, GShaw79
Great App
The App is wonderful and functions good, but it needs to be upgraded to accommodate for the extra 'real estate' on iOS 6. Me and my colleagues believes that this will serve this calculator well.
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12 years ago, Flyingbald
A must buy
This app is awesome and wish I knew about it sooner! Need an update for iPhone 5.
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10 years ago, ematto
Works great
Complicated, but, provides comparisons of loans with MI and 80/10 or 80/15 products.
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9 years ago, I'm Dead Sexy
Love it!!!
Would give 5 stars if I knew how to use all the features, hint, hint! Can you send directions?
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12 years ago, TLS43081
Prefer this app over the handheld
Best money I've ever spent
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12 years ago, Stuartwpb
No correction back arrow
Perfect app except for the omission of the back arrow for corrections. Please include one in your next update. Thank you!
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12 years ago, DougApp
Great App!
One less gadget to carry =)
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12 years ago, tanohuizar
Good But Tricky
I know this is a professional calculator but i find it difficult to use.
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11 years ago, JCJC1JCJC
Great app!
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2 years ago, Unfortunately Upset
Very disappointed
I really enjoy the app itself. Functionality is great I bought this app in android ecosystem, and was planning to do the same in apple ecosystem. But I am not paying a subscription for a calculator. I think they are banking on mortgage professionals dropping annually for this app because they have the money. Just dumb. I wish we could go back to the days you buy something and own it.
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