Quick Money Recorder: Expense

4.4 (8)
87.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Smart Idea inc.
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Quick Money Recorder: Expense

4.38 out of 5
8 Ratings
9 years ago, Mary#4
Almost perfect
Love the ease and intuitiveness of the app. I like being able to add notes. The only disappointment is the inability to sync with my other devices. It allows you to do it, but you have to pay $3.99 each MONTH! I'd pay it as a one-time charge, but it's ridiculous to pay almost $50/year! I use it to help me save money by tracking it. This would be penny wise but pound foolish.
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1 year ago, Ladonna susan
Easy to use
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6 years ago, Thishastogo
Quick money
Been using for a few years now and just can’t live without this app. When I sat down with my Financial Planner, she could not believe that I had all my expenses itemized and could easy search for information very quickly. I am always showing this app off because I know where every cent is spent. I make my 13 year old daughter input data so she knows where the money goes. ***Only wish the website version worked as well as the mobile app. I like looking in a larger screen.
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8 years ago, Shannon632678
Love it after using only for an hour
This app is perfect! It does exactly what I wanted to do, which is track the various categories (i.e. Groceries, gas, etc) & the specific stores where I spend my money. It's very easy to enter the info too. Then you can easily run reports that give you grand totals & you can run the reports In several variations of data...per day/week/month/year and by category or store. It also starts with some pre-set categories & stores but you can customize them. Love love love this app!!!
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9 years ago, GramosP
This app is very useful.
I really enjoy using this app because it lets me track all of my spendings and categorizes them into different charts. Best of all its easy and simple to use. This app lets you edit or put in more info on how or the details of what you spent your money on. It also allows you to put in the amount of income you are getting and it gives you a pie chart of all the different expenses. Plus you have a built in calculator with an adjustable tax button that gives you more help.
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9 years ago, Itgem679
I've used mint, my banking apps, prism, and about 20 other budget apps. There has been a problem or a difficulty with EVERY ONE OF THEM! I have finally found an app that allows me to see, calculate, change, and record my budget. I don't have to remember logins for apps and accounts to sync anything! I love that. Now I can see exactly where my money is going and where I can make changes in my spending. So grateful for this app!
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9 years ago, Cymas2000
I love this app.
I tried to write down my expenses many times. Diaries, reminders , notes etc. I even tried some apps too but I must say that nothing really ever worked out. I have been using this app for the last four months and this is the only thing that really worked. I like the fact that how you can categorize and can view the results as graph. Thank you for developing this wonderful app.
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4 years ago, 44santana44
The main drawback for me is you have to pay $3.95/month to get your totals for each category in a pdf format so your can see all the categories totals at once. Otherwise, you have to look at each total separately and record somewhere manually. Im just not willing to pay $4 a month for this. One other thing I don’t like is you can’t rearrange the category list alphabetically or as you wish. It is pretty easy to enter data, but what good is that if you cant punch a button and get all your totals in one spot?
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10 years ago, Ballsdeep!
Great app, bad app name
The app is awesome, user friendly, useful - love it. However, the name of the app makes me feel like a cheap dollar store prospector, so I use a different and slightly lower quality app (in my opinion) called "TapToTrack", purely because the name is more sleek. Wish this one's name were something like "ExpensePie," with the ease of use in the description rather than the name.
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9 years ago, Beta carrot team
App Happy
So far, I like this app very much. It is doing just what I want which is to track my daily spending. It is easy to use for people that have no problem entering the data. The reminder at the end of the day is also helpful and I don't find it annoying. Thank you for making this app :)
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8 years ago, kathawaii
Just my first day and it's a keeper ;)
I've tried several money trackers and this is the one for me. Why?? 1. You don't have to put in checking account info. I just wanted to track my spending amounts and not necessarily have it show debiting out of my checking. I love that simplicity. 2. Very user friendly and visually easy on the eyes. 3. I did do the first choice in upgrades just because I really like to break down my categories so unless you have more than 18 categories, then the free version is great as long as you don't mind a few advertisement banners. Otherwise the upgrade is a very reasonable price.
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11 years ago, expensemiester
Perfect for me!
I need a quick adding money tracker for a single account, this is the quickest one out there, 2 secs for adding expense inclufing category! less than 5 secs on all transactions with comment. i dont need a fully featured money tracker, i found it! good for people who is very busy and not have 30 seconds just to input an expense. SIMPLIEST AND QUICKEST!!
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11 years ago, Gddydhyi
Love this app, but you MUST fix..
I live using this application, and many more people will certainly come to love it. In order for that to happen, you must correct the issue with saving notes! 90% of the time I write something to find out it won't save. Please fix this problem, then I will begin recommending again. If not, I will certainly get frustrated and delete! Very close to being a must have app.
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9 years ago, Yesssssgvvbyy
Love it!
I really like this app. I love that you don't have to connect it to your bank account. I feel much less stress with the ability to track my spending and even take out future expenses to get a realistic look at my balance each month.
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4 years ago, kimi2020oct
Very design
I like the design of the calendar. The size of fonts and lines, and spaces are beautiful and perfect. Daily expense list is also nice. Easy to read. I wish it includes the bank and petty cash balance functions. Also make the pie chart little smaller. Over all I love it’s functionality and simplicity.
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9 years ago, caliart
Great app love receipt photo function
Amazing app. If you have memory issues or need a way to manage receipts and have a copy of them this is the app for you. New calculator function great. Having the new calculator function saves me time having to toggle back and forth
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9 years ago, NS2BKS
Perfect for me
I'm a full time student that doesn't have time for a job. Most expense apps require input of a budget or account amount which I don't always know. This app makes tracking my spending and making more responsible decisions easy and simple.
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11 years ago, Knoliver
Great app!
I don't have any problems with this app. It's very simple and pretty basic making it very easy to use. I love looking at the end of the month at the graph because it lets me know exactly where my money has gone and help determine where I could safe some money!
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10 years ago, Jon Rehurek
Does exactly what I needs it to do
I teach a course on financial stewardship and recommend this app to students that need to develop a budget because it helps them get into the habit of recording their expenses quickly and easily. Does just what I need it to do.
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10 years ago, ApplesGuy
Every once in a while you come upon an app that just works. This is one of those apps. I was looking for a really quick easy to use expense tracker and this gives me exactly what I was expecting. Perfect!
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10 years ago, nyr8er
5 Stars as an app...
As an app, it's pretty amazing. Let's me organize everything quickly and easily. However, as soon as I downloaded it I started receiving several emails about AIG, HARP and other loan offers. I'm positive it's because of this app. :-/
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8 years ago, Rai Jay
FL new home
Awesome way of keeping track of spending in as much detail as I desire. Only wish the business names could be alphabetized. Wish it could also be installed on separate devices and update each other.
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8 years ago, Dixie spirit
Great app!
Have wanted to keep track of where all my money goes, and this app is making that possible. It's easy and helpful. The graph feature shows me exactly where all the $ goes! Love it!
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11 years ago, Ksf28368
Quick Money review
Great product does exactly what it say's it will do. Fast, clean, simple...i like that part. I'll review that next. It also has a trash can so you can delete items, just not adjust them.
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10 years ago, oldie but not so goodie
I like it!!!
I have been using this mainly to keep track of Christmas spending. It works great for my purpose. When things calm down after the holidays, I hope to really make use of it. It is simple, quick & easy to use.
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8 years ago, Bitterbudget
Love it use it
Amazing app! Extremely helpful, easy to use! I use it EVERY day,. Though I wish it had a feature that allowed logging sales tax per purchase throughout the year, for tax season
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9 years ago, Beezermigs
I've been waiting for YEARS for someone to create a finance and expense tracker / organizer a FAST as this one. If you are wanting to be able to QUICKLY enter expenses, this is your app. You can even see graphs and pie charts of your spending habits on the fly.
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10 years ago, Michael.Montalvao
Great App
Very quick to input expenses and it cover 90% of the cases but I think it still need more optional features like temporary category (for a trip for example) or sub categories. Also a better layout would be a plus.
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8 years ago, B24tg
Good app!
Very easy to use and you can download 2 reports in Excel format and email them. It also has a calendar view for expenses, but this is not downloadable - that's the only thing I don't like about the app.
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9 years ago, Piclovertaker
App is perfect for easy and simple money management. Very basic, not complicated at all. And not filled with options for a ton of (unnecessary) transaction details which I like.
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9 years ago, Babakins
I've been looking for a way to organize my spending and this app has done the trick. I inputted months of receipts and bill payments and am now up-to-date. It feels good!
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9 years ago, Geo-b-22
Great download.
Simple, quick, makes you aware of your spending. Reminds you to input expenses. A must have for any person with currency.
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10 years ago, GPadma1
Finally what I was looking for.
This app is easy to use, simple in design and execution yet detailed enough to be actually useful. The only finance tracking app I will ever need...I think I'm addicted!!
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4 years ago, Ralphy671
Love this App😊
Overall it’s amazing, but I wonder if I can have a separate recording with my other bank, I don’t see option to do that.
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9 years ago, Bjsim210
This app helps me keep track of my expenses. I am able to input data easy and quick. Thank you for making such easy way to track my daily expenses.
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10 years ago, Cal 2 tech
Great app!
This app offers a great way to keep track of my budget. The interface is simple and intuitively usable. I can definitely recommend this app!
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9 years ago, gregalado
Simple & Quick!
I use this every time I purchase something because it's so quick to record. Love how simple it is.
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8 years ago, Need4Privacy
Junk / do NOT buy
I downloaded the free version as a test. It looks great with an appealing, soft on the eyes color scheme. But its functionality is junk. The manner it lists expenses is choppy and hard to follow. I wish I could offer a better review but I can’t right now. I’m not sure I want to use it any more. The product is NOT worth purchasing. Use the free version first if you can. Test it.
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10 years ago, Huy1111111
Great app
Very fast and easy entry. Really stands out from other apps. It could be even better if there is a bill reminder feature.
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10 years ago, Cathyia
Great App
This app is convenient and user friendly. I like that we can set our own categories with other support languages. Design is simple and cute.
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9 years ago, Andrewsh9875
The best app! I tried dozens of such apps, but this one is the most efficient. It's easy to configure and it's pleasure to use. Charts and bars are beautiful - you can analyze your expenses daily, weekly, yearly. Amazing app, good job!
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10 years ago, ScottPab
Great App! Quick, Easy and Exactly what Im looking for.
Great App! Quick, Easy and Exactly what Im looking for. Although could the developer could add one for fix.... Could you please add a per weekly overview. :)
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8 years ago, apopgirl
Such a simple but useful app!
I love this app. It's very simple and easy to get used to! Another positive is how useful it is! It's good for keeping track of small expenses and incomes!
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9 years ago, Wendisha
So easy to track where money is spent
Very easy way to track where my money is going!!!
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9 years ago, Sliu6
Great app
The App is easy and convenient to use and make everything in order. I really love it. Uninstall other similar apps.
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11 years ago, Mtaza786
No need to save receipts
Before this app I used to have envelopes of receipts all under my bed. Now I can track my spending and verify my charges on statements.
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9 years ago, Pueppi0711
Easy to use
I like this app! It is very easy to use and to personalize. Just a few tasks and I can simply ad my income or my categorized expenses.
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11 years ago, Lynks890
Great app
I've been looking for app that would help me keep track of my expense, and this app does the job. Highly recommend app!
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9 years ago, Hilosanne
Easy peasy!
I've tried several apps to "make it easy" for me to track my expenses. This is the easiest, quickest, and most painless! Thumbs up! 👍
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9 years ago, talkington.focus
Good for tracking my expenditures
Simple user interface. Quickly enter expenditures. Easy to see how money is being spent with easy to read graphs. A good app for tracking what you spend your money on.
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