Quick Notes with widget

4.1 (90)
10.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Michal Kos
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Quick Notes with widget

4.06 out of 5
90 Ratings
6 years ago, FOREIGHN
Love this app. It’s everything I need! However, this one bug is really annoying. I will press enter twice to make a line break. Then I will exit the app to view my calendar or whatever app to see what it is that needs to be jot down in Quick Notes. I return to Quick Notes and the cursor isn’t where I line breaked!! It goes back to the end of the last word I typed. Super inconvenient and annoying!!
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7 years ago, jpwinkle
Just what I wanted & a very fair price
Just wanted something to write simple notes &/or lists for shopping on my iPhone & Watch 3LTE & this is just right. Downloaded itself to my iPhone, iPad Pro, watch 3 app, & the watch smoothly with no further moves or steps. Immediately showed the widget on phone where I made little list which showed up immediately in the watch. I used it for a few hours before paying & $1.99 is a very fair 1 time price—especially after looking at prices for note type apps which include the watch. Some of them require an annual subscription. There is no advertising or annoying pop-ups bugging one to buy or for other advertisers. Altogether nice, simple, easy app doing what I wanted. Thank You for this!
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2 years ago, taylrbrwr
Windows Notepad for iPad
Apple’s version of Notes is great and has its use cases, but I was looking for something where I could only jot down text quickly to forget about and not need later — just like NotePad in Windows. I don’t need any of the features that just bloat word document apps: font styles, tables, formatting, checklists, colors, etc... Apple’s version has all of this, plus it would automatically save & categorize my notes — another feature I disliked because I won’t be needing minor things I take note of for later. This app is perfect at what it does and runs quickly.
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4 years ago, Petersen113
Thank you guys SO MUCH for reading my comment and implementing that one small change to add Dynamic Type ❤️ I love it when a company or app listens to their customers. It really means a lot. Everything is the same size now on my phone and looks so much better. Thank you! You guys are awesome! I think I do have one more suggestion though that I didn’t think of before. If there could be an option to choose if the text is centered or aligned to the top of the note, that would be great. But thank you again for listening 😁
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4 years ago, Davythefatboy
Maximum simplicity, awesome for Watch
I tried dozens of apps to make it easy to view my shopping list on my Apple Watch, and this is the only one that just works. This gives you a page of notes, as long as you like, that you can easily view and scroll on the Apple Watch. If you pay, you can also add text to the note on the watch with dictation or scribble. This doesn’t have checkboxes or lookups or bar codes or anything to complicate it. Just clean text that’s easy to edit on iPhone or iPad and view on the watch. For me it’s perfect!
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3 years ago, ofeishu
No Frills, Just Notes
I’ve written maybe one or two reviews in my life for apps, happy to write one for this app for how simple it is. It does what it’s supposed to: takes notes for you. Just text on a screen, that’s it. Less is so, so much more. Only thing I’d love to see added is for the widget appearance to match system or brightness settings in the way the main app does. It’d be a perfect 10/10 for me (though as it stands it’s more a 9.8/10 now).
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6 years ago, Beckov
A lot of my notes are just simple four or five word scribbles. A notes app with a different note “page” for each of these is kind of silly. I use this app as a single page scribble pad to jot down little snippets. It always opens up at the bottom ready to write rather than tapping through a list of notes, etc I use this app every day - and there aren’t many apps I can say that about. I use it more than any other notes app. And with the dark mode it looks slick.
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2 years ago, JZE
Perfectly simple notes app
I needed a simple notes app that I could easily and quickly access from the iPhone widgets and my Apple Watch. This app fit the bill perfectly. I keep short notes like shopping lists and my quarterly credit card rewards categories and I can quick draw them almost as fast as Wild Bill Hickok in a gunfight.
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4 years ago, heyrachel03
Most-used app / Best note widget
This is my most-used app. Have been using it for years. It is simple, works well, and has widget option. I use the widget for all my notes. Thank you for making this app!!! Only 1 problem — it won’t let you make more than 1 note. Well, it will but all the notes sync to the same text. So really you can only have 1 note at a time.
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3 years ago, Spartan12821
Would give 10-stars
Awesome app. It’s simple and I’ve been using it proactively since I downloaded it. What I wish it had was a button to make a bullet when I’m making a to do list. And maybe a translucent theme similar to the one advertised in the App Store. Apart from those two things, I frickin’ love this app. 10 stars.
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7 years ago, cucucumbur
What happened?
This used to by my perfect hidden gem app that i used for every little memo or plaintext todo list - just a spillover for my brain. The new features in a recent version were nice but - It’s also totally unusable. My note gets all of it, or all of it besides the first line, erased like every 10 minutes. Thank god the history feature got added because otherwise I would have been totally screwed, having lost my brain overflow. I want it to be my favorite again and go back to 5 stars, but.... it’s just unusable now
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7 years ago, kaseyfacexoxo
Great notes app
I really find this notes app useful. It’s so cool how it shows as a widget on my phone. I wish they would add more features to the paid version. I don’t see the point in paying $1.99 only to get night mode. If we were allowed to change the font, font color and the font sizes, maybe then I would consider paying.
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4 years ago, 78smith
Amazing minimal app!
Great notes app. Simple and easy to use. I really like the widgets. I hope they add just a few more features like custom font color and custom background color (in widget view). Also either custom font size or a condensed font like RobotoCondensed. Will gladly purchase once they add a few features like that. Great job developers!
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9 months ago, RSBraswell
be careful of purchases, made by the application!
be careful of purchases made by the application. Mine was preset for some reason to make all purchases. It was also set to make all future purchases. Personally, I desire to have control over my purchases each and every time that money is leaving my account. Especially when it includes all future purchases!so, aware, I don’t just click the default buttons.
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5 years ago, Wanda1111
Works great but syncing slower lately
Slower syncing. Have to enter notes on iPhone. Then open app on watch. Wait 30-60 seconds. Then it syncs.
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4 years ago, Ccsbluedragon
Okay, but could be better
Very simple and okay app and widget, but lacks features. It would be better if background color of notes and widget could be changed or even set using a photo from camera roll. Also, text should be editable such as size, font and location, such as on left side, on right side or centered.
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6 years ago, redzonefrog
It is truly only a list
There is no way to add a reminder to individual notes. In other words, all notes have the same remind day and time. I paid the $1.99 upgrade thinking some viable goodies would be included. Instead all I got was night view and some archiving. I guess because it is Quick Notes that would explain why there are no folders. This is truly a one trick pony app and not worth even the free version.
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4 years ago, Instagram Vine Users
Been using this app for years
Couldn’t go a day without it, please never change it lol.
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6 years ago, Joe_58
Best quick note app.
Apple needs to include this. Syncs across devices. Perfect for jogging down a quick reminder, shopping list, whatever. I know this app is meant to be simple and fast, which it is, but a couple basic font selections, and bold, underlined, etc. would be nice. And, the ability to change screen color to sepia. So much easier on the eyes. But, great app guys!
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1 year ago, sbx2
Perfect Perfect Perfect!!!
How apple themselves couldn’t build a note app with widgets this simple and functional are beyond me.
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4 years ago, Taken456789
App is great
I really like the simplicity of this app but I was wondering could you please add a checklist option. Keep up the great work
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7 years ago, Robajean
An essential app
For any reason u need to write a note, task, etc this app will suit every time. It is simple, clean and easy to use. I really love it.
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7 years ago, Pilotboy172
Awesome simple notes app!!!
2.0.2 is awesome! Nice work!! ---- I'm so glad I found this on Product Hunt!! I have been wanting a simple, quick notes app on my phone for a long time but have never found one I enjoyed until now!! The saved history functionality is a great idea to minimize multiple notes!
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9 months ago, $0ur KID
5 stars easy
Really quick and useful
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6 years ago, M&M care friend
Nice little note... syncs both phones
Ungraded yesterday and there is no change. No additional features or more notes to set reminders for. Only one note?????
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4 years ago, Musashi 1583
Perfect... almost
As said, it’s great. I only wish it had Mac version that stayed in sync... A simple UI and a keyboard shortcut (like SwiftText!) 🤞🏻
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7 years ago, Gt12fyi3
Sometimes simple is best.
The notification page widget is the key to this app's speed and simplicity. (After downloading the app just slide open the widget page and edit it in to make the app appear.) I use the widget to access my actionable items whether it's to pick up something at the store, a personal reminder or a piece of information of short term importance. I've tried so many note/todo/reminder lists that I think I can say that this one is possibly the most intuitive for someone with simple but diverse needs. The widget is right there, easy to find. It's fast in and fast out and totally lacking the unusable, un-rememberable, super frustrating awesome but ridiculously complicating features found in most of the others. I wouldn't use this for managing a business but it's perfect for my much simpler hum drum personal needs like going to Walmart and then to Home Depot and then to pick up a few groceries. It syncs iPhone to iPad so regardless of where I type I have access on the other device. The notification page widget takes you immediately into the app, armed and ready to type. You don't need to remember how to swipe six ways to Sunday or how to set up groups or how to set up a timer that you don't want to hear anyway. I wish it was a little prettier. Actually I wish it was a lot prettier but not a lot more complicated. I wish it had an option for multiple columns so as to better address brief reminders (one or two key words) and other multifunctional uses that might require a short note or URL. Despite its lack of elegance I paid for it because unlike the many others of its kind that I've tried I'm actually using it.
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5 years ago, M.4.a
Good app
Good app and I wish that you added color for the font
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4 years ago, MB500AMG
Great app
Notes are NOT updating on home screen widget. Needs apple watch 5 complication
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5 years ago, macbook userrrr
It is great app
I like the app and I will give 5star of I can access it from my Mac
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3 years ago, nolongerusingit
Phone crash
I don’t know how but my phone started restarting every five minutes after installing this app. Uninstalling it fixed the issue.
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3 years ago, hutch CB think chinch
needs pic support
i would like to be able to have a picture as a quick note and be able to view on my watch
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7 years ago, vienna15
perfectly simple!
i love this app. i love how it’s just 1 plain text window and it’s not split into a bunch of different parts. i would really like to see bold/italics/underline added please!
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8 years ago, EternalCow
Great app, wish I could control font size
This app works just as advertised, and I love its simplicity. However, I'm legally blind and wish I could make the text size larger. At the very least I wish the app could use my system-defined font size, which is quite large.
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5 years ago, needlesnstash
Can’t Search inside document
Bummer Get support feature does not work
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2 years ago, mmd12ali
Great app
Its so helpful for cheating in exam by Apple Watch 😁
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2 years ago, Thori k
iPad widget doesnt not update
The widget doesnt update recent changes. Please fix it
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7 years ago, lenka_fucik
great app
simple&super useful👍
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8 years ago, W.R.P.
Love the Notification Center widget and Clean app icon
Great for jotting down quick notes, lists, thoughts, etc. Then, being able to quickly access them in the lock screen via the Notification Center slide down makes this app incredibly useful over Apple's notes and reminders apps. It's easily distinguishable icon and Notification Center widget is just what I'm looking for. Feature requests; 1) Apple Watch companion app that I can glance at. 2) Ability to edit notes in the Notification Center widget.
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8 years ago, Marty-TX
I've tried several note apps in the past ... without a doubt this is the best one! It is not cluttered with unnecessary features and options. I like the ability to open "Quick Notes" from the Notification Screen by simply tapping the list of notes. This makes adds, deletes and edits quick and easy. 5-Stars and recommended for anyone looking for a very well designed note app.
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9 years ago, CML95
One of the best apps
It's so simple I love it. When I have something on my mind and need it written down, I don't want to go through a bunch of sub menus and searching here and there. I just want to write the note down and forget about it. This app lets me write what's on my mind when I'm in a hurry and automatically saves it for me to come back to later. This app keeps it simple and that's why I love it.
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8 years ago, Dr. Smith023
App very helpful
I like how you can put in what you need too be reminded about. But if possible. I wish you could interact with it more. Instead of it taking you too the app, capable of letting you add something if you click on it. Also check list for different task too mark off that would be super helpful. From a happy customer
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9 years ago, ZX#*
Quick Notes
Cleverly designed app. Information entered is immediately displayed in the Today side of the Notification Center, but you can also schedule a notification to be sent to remind you to look at it.
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9 years ago, wes.terrell
This is really nice
I like this app a lot. I like putting my school schedule in their for easy access. The only thing is I would like to see a button to make it unclickable. This would be great. I hit it on accident so many times. Other than that a clean app.
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9 years ago, AmyB8484
It would be good if not for...
When you go to make a new note, the blank note says "tap to edit," and those words are actually there in your note, so you have to delete them before you start writing your actual note. If you have to hit backspace a bunch of times before you can type your note, it defeats the purpose of a time-saving app.
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8 years ago, ssilverblack
widget across devices
Have to touch into widget Quick Notes to refresh from iCloud, handy way to post a reminder across iOS devices.
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9 years ago, yemiteliyadu
Excellent for to-do list in notification center
Elegantly simple design. I use it to keep a daily to-do list that I can quickly glance at in the notification center.
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7 years ago, Minbong Ghim
Must-Have Quick Memo app
I always pay in-app purchase as soon as I found new updates. It features super simple, easy and quick memo way synced through iCloud. If you come up with an idea, you can just wake your iPhone, slide to the side to the widget and tap Quick Notes. DONE! Now it has a feature of notes history so you don't need to worry about losing your text by a mistake.
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9 years ago, -BWM
Perfectly Simple
Useful and quick way to get notes into Notification Center.
Show more
7 years ago, Alan Chudnow
Perfect Simple App
Simple, elegant, ultra useful. iCould sync an added bonus. Don't change a thing!
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