Quicken Simplifi—Budget Better

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Quicken Inc.
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User Reviews for Quicken Simplifi—Budget Better

4.17 out of 5
3.2K Ratings
12 months ago, isaidno0000
Update showing excluded transactions is so annoying!!
The latest update has been driving me nuts. To hide an item from reports or spending plan you have to scroll around until you find the right arrow to expand, previously the options were just showing. But what’s really leaning of the verge of being unusable is no longer removing items in the spending plan that you exclude. Based on their FAQs this is intentional but why?! It’s just noise, I don’t want to see what I’ve chosen to ignore. I get wanting to make it easier to find excluded items to change but there is no options to hide them (like there is in income, just do that in the spending plan too!) and it doesn’t group it at the bottom which would at least get them out of the way. Instead they are just hanging out there to have to scroll through and confuse you (the little gray eyeball is there but I still want to filter out). Really makes it way less usable. Other things- connections to banks don’t consistently work, it’s missing some flexibility like splitting an item and ignoring only part of this split. And you have to open and close the app at least twice for it to fully (very slowly) update, and I know when it’s worked because I’ll get batched email notifications that are obviously playing catch-up. Overall it’s a pretty good app but those little things start to add up and make it frustrating to use. I will continue to use it but I don’t recommend it to other people, fwiw
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2 years ago, Tiffodo
Super frustrating
I love this app. I am not a zero-based budgeter at this phase in my life, and that’s why this app is so stellar. It allows you to prioritize the things you need, prepare for certain things that may come up in the month and then still have a lump sum leftover that’s flexible for whatever your life turns out to be that month. It’s just so frustrating to use, and I’m holding out hope the developers will really put in the elbow grease to make it run smoothly. Debt payments on cards that are carrying balances (on a debt payoff journey) are not intuitive to the app, you have to work against it to make sure they don’t just count it as a transfer and not money “lost” to a debt balance. Your current balance seems to never reflect what’s actually reflecting in your bank statement, and I can’t for the life of me figure out why this is. It always seems like my available to spend does not line up at the end of the month with how much money I still have in my account. I feel like I am constantly making workarounds to get the best accuracy possible. Truthfully, this review should probably be a 3 star but I just love the concept of the app and it’s function to see the future, make “buckets” and not force you to do zero-based budgeting like so many others. Also, it’s account integration is heads and shoulders above a lot of other apps I’ve used - it tracks all kinds of accounts for you. I really hope it gets improved soon!
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2 years ago, jognac
I thought I had no money but now I know for sure
I was obsessed with Simplifi for a few days when I started with it. It’s a game changer. The features - transactions, watch list, reports, savings goals, and spending plan - especially the spending plan - are intuitive. All the ways I would think I’d want to understand my money are all here. It’s not 5 stars because it’s got a lot of little quirks that I think mostly come from the complicated nature of tracking money from various accounts that all behave differently. They’re so unique that I would need a few paragraphs to adequately explain any one of the examples. I’m hoping Simplifi gets better at handling all the weird situations it finds itself in. Simplifi is quirky but I still really love it. It’s given me a lot of peace knowing how much money I actually have to spend. Edit: I don’t know any money tracking app with similarly useful features as Simplifi, so there is no replacement. But the mobile app has been so hard for me to use lately. Categories and tags and planned spending budgets are missing. The way pending transactions work sometimes is clunky and it throws balances off. Spending from a savings goal is awkward. I’m going to uninstall and reinstall to see if that helps.
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4 months ago, crh1957
Bank is now connected!
I was ready to leave Mint, decided to go to Quicken Simplifi. Then I found my bank was not connected! I sent the bank login URL to Quicken as suggested, first time it did not find my institution. That was weeks ago. Well discouraged as I was with trials of FaithFi (would log in to bank, but not import transactions from my institution), Ramsey Easy Money (no way to filter transactions by account), Empower and Monarch (would not find my bank), and the disappointments with PocketGuard, You-Need-A-Budget, and Nerd Wallet, I have now settled on Quicken Simplifi. I like - Manual as well as online accounts - customizable categories - ability to rename accounts - It’s fast to update, too. - Works okay iPad if you can stand to forced portrait view. I may update my review to 5 Star later, but for now, I am just a little disappointed in the reports function, but expect that to get better as I learn to negotiate and customize a little better. This is a good replacement for Mint, and, while there are some things about Mint I am sure I will miss, there are some things about Simplifi that I like lots better.
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4 weeks ago, Meg123455
Best finance app ever
I’ve never been good at budgeting. In fact I pushed myself to make more and more money in my career so that I didn’t have to learn to budget. Then I realized my wellbeing isn’t for sale and changed to a job that pays a reasonable amount for a normal amount of hours. At that point I had multiple properties, mortgages, auto loans, rental income….. but I had NO IDEA how to manage my money on a daily basis. I did a TON of research on apps and websites that could help me and landed on Simplifi. I’m so glad I did. It’s made it so easy to see what’s coming in and what’s going out, set budgets for regular categories, and savings goals for large expenses. I love that almost every single company that I have accounts with can automatically sync- credit cards, bank accounts, mortgages, auto loans, retirement accounts, brokerage accounts, even utility accounts! I am not overstating things when I say that Simplifi gives me the peace of mind I need to not stress about money. (It’s worth noting nobody is paying me to say this, though if they wanted to I’d happily take it 😆). Just do it. Spend the money and give yourself some much needed control over your financial life.
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2 years ago, gyposse
I’ve tried really hard to like this app. It has a lot of potential and could someday be the premier app. First, it does not try to get you open credit card accounts or sign up for investment accounts or save money on car insurance. It is focused on your finances and budgeting. They are fairly responsive and will work with you to fix issues, it may take an extended period, but they will work with you. What’s holding it back? Glad you asked. First, connectivity. Every week, sometimes multiple days you will see messages that you have to fix connections to financial institutions. It is painful. The app doesn’t fix the connections in the background. You have to sit there and take it like a champ. Second, it does not support property accounts. Simplifi’s sister company has full integration with Zillow and will show you estimates of your property value to help calculate your net worth. Not here! If there is a change in property value, you’ll have to delete and set up your account again. Third, there is no native support for iPad. It claims to work on iPad until you use landscape orientation. Watch out for the crick in the neck. 3/3/22 Took this down a star because there are no reports to see how you are doing over time. For example, the most basic of charts, net worth is missing.
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2 years ago, jostini85
Best budgeting app out there but for one major flaw
This app is fantastic. I’ve used Dave Ramsey’s envelope system with all cash, graduated to EveryDollar, dabbled in Mint and settled with YNAB over the past 12 years before reading about Simplifi in Wirecutter. Started using four months ago and is hands-down the best app I’ve used for budgeting and money management. Easily saved me hundreds in first few months by getting me back on the money-management wagon. There are loads of unique features which make it a cut above the rest. A few weeks ago, arguably the best feature of the App, the Spending Plan, just stopped working correctly for a day or so. Annoying, but not the end of the world. Well, three weeks later, the bug has returned and the Spending Plan has been out of sync and offline for the past four days…right at the end of the month when money needs the most active managing. Needless to say, this is a criticism issue that needs to be addressed. I’m hoping the developer gets this fixed ASAP and this does not become a recurring error. Hoping for the best, but expectations have officially been lowered.
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2 years ago, tpierce71
Best Personal Finance App Online
I’ve been using Simplifi for about a year and a half now and can say that it’s the best personal finance app currently available online (and I think I’ve tested them all). It’s bank connect feature saves a huge amount of time but if your bank isn’t supported yet you can still manually upload your transactions so it essentially supports every bank and credit card accounts you have. You can track your recurring bills/subscriptions/transfers and what’s really helpful is the Spending Plan which determines your available “to spend” for the month after breaking down your income, recurring bills, planned spending and more. I’ve personally never seen this before in any other app. Since Simplifi is still relatively young you do run into the occasional bug, but the support and developers have been quick to help and seem to be right on top of things. They have many new features still in development (which I’m looking forward to) do the software will continue to get better. I highly recommend giving it a shot!
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2 years ago, caveatemptor82
Love it, with one big exception
I love this app, for the most part. It’s the only app that I found that gives a really clear way of (with a little bit of setup) automatically tracking the breakdown between recurring, expenses, income and discretionary money. However, the same glitch has occurred twice since I started using it, and it’s a big one: when I make a credit card payment from my bank, my bank’s balance reflects the change immediately. For some reason Simplifi interprets this balance as *not* including processing transfers and deducts the transfer again from the balance the bank is showing. This primarily happens with credit cards, but there are always a few hours where the cash balance is completely inaccurate. This has been OK for me because I keep fairly good track of my balances, but I can imagine that for someone who is solely relying on this app it could result in a terrifying situation where they think they have less money than they do.
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1 year ago, guenoc
Glitchy, laggy, and slow
I love the service, accounting system, and website. But this app really needs general UI improvements. If I don’t swipe left or right on a transaction absolutely perfectly straight, the side menus don’t pull up right. Sometimes transactions don’t load right when I'm scrolling through and I have to scroll up and down. Loading icons seem to always be present and it takes forever to load transaction lists. Sometimes the list just jumps around randomly. Its easier to be patient with features that I use just to check in on finance numbers, but I need to properly categorize transactions with the transaction list so I spend a lot of time scrolling through and swiping things. These glitches mean that I can’t do it on my phone reasonably and I have to put it off until I’m in front of a computer. If I can’t fix transaction categorizations on the phone easily, then none of the finance numbers are up to date and there’s no point to the app even being on my phone. Please stop all work on new features until the app UI is fast and bug free. New features are pointless if I can’t quickly categorize transactions to bring the finances up to date.
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7 months ago, Select User
Poor UI, Inaccurate “under construction” reports
I figured I’d try this app since Mint is shutting down. It’s very buggy and the UI for budgeting is terrible. The budget/planning tiles take forever to search through on the UI and there’s no way to search them. I don’t want to have to scroll through 30 tiles to figure out how much I have left on transportation. I want to pull it up quickly. I also noticed that the web app chugs when you add a lot of spending categories for the month. It actually reverted my changes I had made because the screen refreshed so slowly and I could click faster than the changes could save. Reports - Head over to the net worth number on your dashboard and you may notice, like me, that it doesn’t match your net worth on the reports tab. Why? A quick search of the help points you to a net worth report feature suggested in 2020 and confirmed as still under construction by the AI help assistant. I’m guessing that means this is a feature that, after 3 years of being under construction, it still isn’t completed. I confirmed I’m not in Early Access mode either, so this isn’t encouraging to see for someone looking for a company I can trust long term to invest in its customers.
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11 months ago, Gigdukfdhd
New user but not greatly impressed
After my regular banking app removed their feature I’ve been unable to find a spending tracking app that fit my needs. I was really hopeful with Simplifi at first but tbh, it just seems like there are likely very simple features that it inexplicably lacks. You can only create a “rule” to rename expenditures- not income? …why? And You can make a rule that gives any expenditures with “xyz” keywords to a specific category, but then you can’t tell it to exclude or hide this category from the trend reports, spending plan, etc?? What is the purpose then?? This just seems so simple… what is the use of fancy AI that can breakdown and categorize all my spending if I’m going to have to remove every single purchase for work that gets reimbursed by my employer…? I found a blog link where people were requesting this feature and the Simplifi employee, in the thread, said that not enough users “voted” for the feature so it wouldnt be added. Sorry but that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Do users even know you can vote for updates?
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1 year ago, fddsdgbgu
Crappy for now
I’ve been using this app for a couple of years. It mesmerizes me they cannot get their unmentionable together. If you like to enter transactions by hand, this will be exercise in frustration. Or masochism. The latest interface overhaul should send the designer packing, but they probably got a bonus instead. The devs should be swapped too. Now there’s no popping up window where you can enter the sum right away. The font, or rather scale and the overall fill is… compact? Is that the word? Who did this atrocity I wonder? Oh, and the latest update fried the links between payees and categories apparently. Now, when I enter payee I have to enter the category again. And the list goes on and on. It’s always like that. Sometimes you can try to reinstall, relogin, etc. But honestly why bother? It feels like an app hacked by a bunch of pretty low talent people sitting in some basement and sour at the management they have to write this. Oh wait, is this an intern playground? I guessed it, right? I’m very close to looking for something else. Just hope this app can at least do import/export. I suspect there’re bugs there too.
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2 years ago, Ginger44
Ok but still has bugs
This app isn’t bad. It’s helped me pay attention to my spending, especially in certain areas. However, on several of my bills it will automatically “remove from report” and sometimes you can’t link it to a transaction. It’s finicky so I definitely don’t trust the amounts it says. It is also hard to tell what is a reminder bill and what is an actual bill. So I have to use a different app to keep track of the bills I need to pay. Also, the savings contributor is awful. It can’t track transactions and if you try to “contribute” after you have already moved the actual funds from you account, it will show insufficient funds and won’t let you contribute that money in the app. My bank does a save as you spend, so with every charge some money goes into my savings but the app can’t track that. A big reason I bought this app was to track my savings so it’s disappointing. Edit: the bugs caused the app to get so behind with everything that I canceled my subscription and deleted the app. It wasn’t worth all the work I would have to do each month to keep up.
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3 years ago, Justin/Odd Autist
Close to greatness
I have been looking for an app that provides a financial forecast, something that I’ve missed since I stopped using quicken desktop, and finally found something comparable! Simplifi has done a good job at basically rebooting quicken and updating its functions to be usable on the go. There is definitely room for improvement, but I am hopeful that updates will fix some of the main issues. The lack of an iPad version is a big disappointment though and there are some features that could to with some fine tuning (it is difficult to move a variable cost recurring bill to the right place for tracking, some options/features are only accessible on the website, etc.) Bottom Line: For the price, this is an incredibly useful budgeting/financial tracking program. There is room for improvement, but I’m willing to bet that most of the issues are already being worked on. It has become my go to and would definitely recommend it
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3 years ago, aca_christy
I finally have a budget
For many years I have struggled to figure out a budgeting system that isn’t burdensome to actually use. I was looking for an app that helped me to track spending by category and was not unpleasant to use. If I don’t enjoy using an app I probably won’t use it. I have been using Simplifi for two months now and it has done the trick. Most of the time I use it on my PC. It does not always interpret things like transfers between accounts or credit card payments in the way I expect them to but it is easy to catch and fix small incidences of jankiness. I login daily to re-categorize transactions although the system does allow you to tell it to categorize future transactions the way that you want them. Halfway through the month I copy the spending by category into an Excel spreadsheet to see where I’m at and then at the end of the month I update it and analyze the variances from my budget. It would be great if that functionality was actually within Simplifi, but it is easy enough to do.
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4 years ago, Dipsychic
Great Financial Tool!
I have struggled for years with different softwares that always lack too much to continue their use. I was hopeful with this product since it’s from Quicken. I am very happy with this software! I love the dashboard, reports ,drill downs, ability to export to Excel. This is the FIRST product I have used that gives me the information I need and frankly has enlightened me to my actual financial situation. I do have two asks from the developers...1, as others have mentioned it would be much easier to have a running balance on the transactions page so I don’t have to go back to the dashboard to see account balance. 2, iPad app that allows both portrait and landscape views. I get around this by opening on the web and not in the app. Overall this is a great financial tool that has allowed me to make a significant change to the way I can see, plan and ultimately change how I manage my money. Thank you!!!
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3 years ago, (JLB)
It’s the best out there
I’ve had them all - and compared to Personal Capital and Mint, the nod goes to Simplifi. It’s not perfect - the investment performance in Personal Capital has more features and the UX in Mint is slightly better plus the integration with Turbo Tax makes it convenient. But Simplifi has the complete package - I’ve had been using these three in parallel but have finally decided on Simplifi as my go-to platform for all things aggregated from a financial perspective. The layout is intuitive from a design standpoint, the ability to add manual investment accounts is very much appreciated (I have an offshore equity account) and the linking of bill payers is excellent - a much more complete experience than Mint or Personal Capital. There isn’t Zillow linking yet - or KBB for vehicle values - but I’m sure it’s a high priority on the product features backlog. Looking forward to future developments with this exciting and promising aggregation platform.
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4 years ago, StarOcean17
Not a full finance App
Honestly it’s missing some of the basics and it has been out for a while. This app is great for budgeting by categories, but it goes no further. You cannot see cash flow, you cannot see a P&L report, you cannot export any of the reports (which is honestly important and needed for accountants). The cash flow is useful so you can see a quick breakout of all your expenses vs income and the net income. For the reports that are there you can’t click on it to view the data broken down at a quick glance. You’re relying that you categorized it correctly to begin with. Dashboard doesn’t let you view cash flow which is worthless. Having to push the back button multiple times to get back to the dashboard is obnoxious. No dark mode. App can only pull 4-5 months prior when syncing for the first time. Yet there is no way to import financial statements to fill in the missing months. So when you start this app you cannot see a full annual account report. Etc. If you just care to monitor your budget only you’re better off using something like spendee, wallet or that envelope app. This is not worth $40 annual. For that sum I expect a fully usable personal finance app.
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8 months ago, Apple146
Want to love, forced to hate
The idea of the app is great. I love the spending plan, goal, and report features. It’s helped me save a ton of money. But the interface is still buggy after almost a year of use, and the service routinely loses support for different banks. Simplifi is supposed to be a simple, mobile-friendly alternative to Quicken. But (a) Simplifi has lost support for two banks that I use, which requires that I input all of my transactions at those banks manually, and (b) the mobile interface is buggy, often fails to load or categorize transactions, and it sometimes just erases my spending history outright. As a result, Simplifi is neither simple nor mobile-friendly. In fact, it’s rather labor-intensive. That I still use it—despite its shortcomings—is evidence of how great the foundational idea is. But now that my banks aren’t supported, I’m spending as much time on Simplifi as I would a robust, complicated desktop app. So I might as well just migrate to YNAB or Quicken. It’s an app you want to love. But it’s also an app that tries quite hard to make you hate it.
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7 months ago, ThisAppPutMeNDEBT
Don’t waste your money
I’ve used this app for over a year to help simplify my budget management. I was pretty much debt free before I started using this app. Because of the inaccuracies and flaws in the app, it threw me all off my budget game. Now I’m stuck in more debt than when I started. You’ll have better success handwriting out your finances than relying on this app to record accurately. I’m now going back through to try to discover what happened; basically glitches and bugs that erased or created new rules for my set settings. Excluding or including transactions from reports when it shouldn’t have been. Not recognizing transaction categories even after setting them how I needed them. It was super frustrating to have to reset every transaction multiple times per month. If you are going to have to double and triple check every transaction and every report to ensure accuracy then what’s the point when you can just write it out or type it in excel manually? This app is not worth the headache. You will have more success handwriting your budget than with this app.
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4 weeks ago, G_la_hunt
Great alternative to Mint
I used Mint for years and was distraught when it shut down. Quicken Simplfi seemed the best alternative, so I gave it a shot. I’ve been using it for almost 6 months, and so far, so good! It has all of the same basic features I loved about Mint. It’s not quite as user friendly, but it does have more functions if I ever want to use them. I paid for a yearly subscription, which was only like $4 per month, and while free is always preferable, I do feel like I am getting my money’s worth out of this app. I’ve actually had fewer connection issues with this app and my bank than with Mint; it seems to stay pretty accurate. My favorite feature here is the Cash Flow section that tells me exactly when I might run out of money before my next payday—ha! It does have a learning curve, but I am satisfied with this app so far.
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3 years ago, Erica_FL
I wanted to like it
As a former Quicken, Quickbooks and Mint user .. I was looking for a simple app for my phone. Today I downloaded and added my first account (Chase, a major bank) and it downloaded transactions for the pas 90 days .. except ZERO transactions from the past 30 days were downloaded. The balances were also incorrect. I contacted support and they’ve escalated the issue .. but this was just strike #1. As I was on their chat support for 30 min trying to figure out why my most recent 30 days did not import, I started marking my business transactions as ‘remove from reports’ but when I clicked spending reports, those transactions still showed in the reports’ transaction lists (including the eyeball icon indicating it should be hidden) I was told this is intentional, but the balances do not include those transaction amounts .. but I didn’t take the time to manually confirm this is the case. This app just isn’t ready yet .. it has way too many bugs to squish. I’m disappointed that Intuit/Quicken would release such an incomplete product.
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2 months ago, NathanCJohnson
Great Mint replacement, needs some work on reports though!
I'm liking Simplifi! I am an ex-Mint user and started using Simplifi in December. My main issue with it and what I miss from Mint are the reports and especially the way the charts are rendered. The issue is the Y-axis always start from 0 so they are not useful for viewing trends. Even the daily net worth view has the Y-axis starting from 0, so the line looks basically flat since the numbers are large. Also, I would love if you guys could bring the overview charts (Net worth, Spending, Credit) to the home dashboard page like Mint had. It was so accessible as it was the front screen, so I was able to regularly check those and have a nice quick overview of these trends. You could take the balance cards that you have now and add a graph into them, sort of like Mint's UI was. This would be amazing!
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4 years ago, allanklu1
Tried Many Will Keep This One.
Painful at first, but now I really like it. Just a little learning curve on transfers. Use mostly to keep track of bills and how much cash I need to make it through the month. Also has nice line graph with income and expenses on web app. Probably at 7 accounts I’m tracking. One drawback is you seem to have to update all accounts and not select just one. I’m able to use 2FA but of course it’s a slow down. It also has import capability. On import transfers are suppose to set up the linking account, mine did not. You can set it yourself but was suppose to be auto. You can import Apple Card csv but if apple can’t get better than that I’m dropping Apple Pay. No access to Apple Pay but wallet. Ridiculous. No change my mind not paying 40. A year for this. No way.
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4 months ago, St. Bozman
Not helpful
Disappointed that it didnt analyze my history and develop a spending plan/ budget. I was hoping it would analyze my past spending. So its basically a program from 20 years ago (Kiplingers finance) with extra features that arent helpful. The “spending plan” (budget) is NOT retroactive from subscription. Cant fathom why they would do that…. Update #2. The difference between bills and spending plan is confusing and hard to learn to set up. I had to use the website more at first to learn about the software features and how to set up. It is not intuitive like i had hoped and i did hope that because this is a large company with experience in this field that the software would be able to be more user friendly and do some of the heavy lifting for me. Mint was easier in my opinion. I dont see this worth the money and kinda disappointed I did buy it. Just set up a good excel sheet and manually keep track. Plenty of good templates for free.
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2 years ago, Todd64268
Disappointing but few alternatives
I use Simplifi because it’s the only personal finance app and web app I can find that gives you a projected balance based on schedules transactions. I don’t understand why this isn’t built into every personal finance software. Instead most of them fill your screen up with useless ads and pie charts, when all I want know is am I good to go until my next paycheck. Unfortunately Simplifi is buggy and unresponsive. It also doesn’t sync reliably with USAA. Because who’s ever heard of that bank? It also likes to randomly double what I owe on my mortgage which I manually enter because of course it won’t sync with my mortgage servicer. The app occasionally just freezes. The web app is better but not by much. There is no iPad app so you’re stuck with the web version. Disappointing and I will jump ship as soon as I can find an alternative that doesn’t involve Excel.
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2 years ago, 👎👎😫😫👎👎😫😫👎👎😫😫👎👎
I want to love it
I have been using this app for about a month now and I really like all of the features, design, and simplicity. It has the potential to be an all in one tool and I foresee it being useful for beginner budgeters who want to take control of their finances if it didn’t have so many connection issues like transactions taking forever to appear, causing inaccurate balances. One feature that I wish it had was an option to switch the Spending Plan from a monthly view to a biweekly or fixed period view. If I want to budget biweekly I have to hide transactions from the spending plan to try and get a clearer view. Even then, balances are not correct and I can’t use that feature to its full potential. The app only works for people who budget monthly it seems and I have a better understanding of my finances if I hand write it out every paycheck vs. using the app which is my goal.
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1 month ago, mwg1130
I’m impressed
After decades of old fashioned managing by stuffed envelopes that evolved into early Quicken generations and then into the digital monthly budget world of Mint,I have arrived here on the SimpliFi platform. It took some time to figure out how to re-wire my thinking into the Spending Plan. I’m very impressed. I didn’t really expect that this platform would improve and simplify the management of our family’s finances, but has it ever. The challenges of fragmented institution aggregation remain, but no doubt will improve over time. (Apple Card and Savings integration vote here!) But the Spending plan and Reporting power of this platform are awesome and improve the communication between my partner and me. Very well done conceptually, design and presentation, and thank you for solid and reliable platform.
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3 months ago, Pipster1105
Not there yet
I switched to Quicken from Mint a few months ago —which was a huge pain despite Quicken saying it’s easy— and I feel meh about the product. Considering you have to pay for Quicken, I am surprised that their integrations aren’t dialed in. For example, Venmo and TreasuryDirect don’t integrate properly. They show no information for those accounts but continually give error messages to get you to resolve it by entering your login info… but it never resolves. It’s been like this for several months. The app does do the basics though of tracking expenses pretty well. I don’t like the way that split transactions show total amount of the transaction instead of the amount for that category in the split. The app does the basics but leaves a lot wanting. Maybe it will get better as the product matures. I am not very happy with the product but it took so long to switch from Mint that I don’t want to switch to another platform.
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2 months ago, BeccaBits
Pretty Great
I was a loyal Quicken user since the 90’s, but six months ago we decided we needed something cloud-based, readily accessible to both of us, and that wasn’t tethered to one PC. Looking around, we decided to give Simplifi a shot. It took me a few months to break a lot of bad habits I had with Quicken, and learn to take the time to set up and maintain a proper “spending plan” in Simplifi. Admittedly, I was frustrated with Simplifi at first. So, I took some time to read about the features I was struggling with and recognized I had some bad habits as to how I tracked spending and transfers between accounts. I learned a lot in the process. Today, we’re very happy with it and collaborating much more effectively on monthly spending, investing, and goals… always good for marital harmony! One minor pain point, some investment/retirement accounts don’t cooperate very well with connections and prompt too often to reauthenticate. We ended up disconnecting them and just manually update the number of shares we have quarterly. Simplfi still does daily calculations based on the current share price. Fortunately, our bank / credit cards don’t have any issue and have been quite stable.
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2 years ago, Opivy2
Good concept. Really glitchy!
I’ve tried lots of budgeting apps. This has been one of my favourite for the variety of features offered and it’s ability to connect directly to so many different financial institutions. My problem is that the app is extremely glitchy and the response from their support team is poor. For example, transactions that appear on my credit card randomly will not appear in the app. This occurs across multiple accounts. Income also regularly duplicates itself, requiring manual intervention. Accounts also regularly stop working, requiring reconnection. The frustration is that the fix for these issues is to disconnect and reconnect, which typically results in historical data being lost. This defeats the purpose of the app if you want to see how you’re performing over a longer period of time. This app is paid, so I expect a certain level of quality. Quicken needs to do better. Fix the core features before releasing new ones.
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1 year ago, FeelinBarnesy
Only works well if you have very basic needs
I started using this app the other year and it’s just not right for my needs. Income tracking and bill tracking is extremely basic and the interface is tough to get it to track properly. It constantly sends push alerts and emails when I really don’t care that a recurring $22 Netflix subscription was paid. Trying to calibrate it to track two peoples income and shared accounts just is not good enough. It’s a constant recategorizing exercise, takes the entire account balance on credit accounts against your income, and is just not nuanced enough for those of us that use credit options different ways. It’s also completely lost my settings, logins, and information requiring lots of time to reset in the past. I like the way the app appears and presents some information, but it’s just not good enough to be worth the money.
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1 year ago, DeboraCavett
Could be great
This is the 3rd finance app I’ve tried and it has all the features I think are necessary to track monthly spending. I love the planned spending,l especially, it makes it easy to prioritize things over the next few months. Transactions update pretty quickly compared to other apps and the way it shows your ‘other spending’ in colorful ’bubbles’ makes it really easy to keep track. Ir could be so great! However… there are some major setbacks that I think (hope!) can be fixed with updates. - whenever you want to create a new bill/subscription from a transaction, it gives you an error message saying there was a connectivity issue and you have ti create it manually. Same the other way around, when wanting to link a pre-created bill to a transaction. - it’s becoming a daily thing for me to delete a bill that constantly shows up with the wrong due date. I have to do this every single day, as it keeps popping up. It’s like the app goes rogue in the night and does a bunch of stuff you didn’t ask for. - there are some other small things, but those were the main ones. This app is truly the best one I found feature-wise, so I sincerely hope that the developers will fix these issues. It could be so great!
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2 years ago, Alexander.V.V.
very slow and unresponsive
The app is very slow and unresponsive almost like mint. you have to wait awter each tap. seemingly endless loading spinner in the center of the screen very intrusive. no payee name autocomplete. No way to reset name of transaction to the original value AFTER you noticed some strange renaming perforned by app, for ex.: when you want to create the rule for rename but app already renamed transaction into some nonsense an obviously now it can not find any matches and can not retroactively apply just crrated renaming rule. Ineractive brokers import shows zero balance. Very limited options for custom schedule of repeating transactions: for ex. i have a course which i pay for each five lessons and i have two lessons a week. No Spending Plan widget, just useless "available to spend widget" which really sould be zero because you better plan for your spending and better don't have free money. Every dollar needs a job.
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2 months ago, bedheadz
Came over from Mint
I had been tracking expenses through Mint for years before it got taken over by Credit Karma. With that switch I wasn’t able to deep dive into my expenses month to month, see trends, the pie chart of expense categories, budgets, etc. from the mobile view and really depended on that information for my financial health and awareness. This app is as close as I’ve found to being back to the OG Mint platform, plus some of the things I had grown to appreciate about the Credit Karma app (net worth, credit score), and more (savings targets/auto deductions, badges, more extensive reporting). 10/10 recommend and have shown it to other friends who have been missing Mint and they’ve really liked it too!
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4 years ago, Birds masher
Great start!
This app has a lot of things to love but it still has some bugs to work out. I stopped using quicken awhile back because it was more than I really needed to manage my expenses. This app gives me everything I want from seeing my spending plan for the month, to tracking savings goals, to analyzing spending and tracking regular bills, without the extra clutter that quicken has. The bugs I’ve experienced are mainly around the savings goals. Adding or taking money out of the savings goals doesn’t always work and I’ve also seen it show an incorrect balance in the savings account summary screen on the account I added the money from. We should also be given the option to either show the savings contributions in the balance of the account summary or not. And there definitely needs to be an option to set up an automatic savings contribution to the goals that is also captured in your spending plan. The investment tracking doesn’t offer much other than adding in your investments for net worth tracking. It would be nice to see some analysis on the mix of investments and set target assets to monitor against what you actually have. Overall I’m very optimistic about Simplifi and will continue using with the hope that they work out the bugs and add the enhancements that I’ve noted.
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5 months ago, FormerMintUser
Really Useful Budgeting App Worth Checking Out
I am a former Mint user and I was accustomed to certain features and how I used the Mint app to manage my finances. When I found out that Mint was going away I was very disappointed so I started looking at alternatives right away. I tried at least two other apps before coming across Simplifi. And was I impressed! It is actually better than Mint. I like the functionality and really sophisticated features like “Spending plan” and “Watchlist” that really took my money management to the next level. I feel I am more in control now. And, yes getting used to a new app did take some time but I was patient and now I am really enjoying it. I recommend everyone checking it out.
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3 years ago, Jbas21
Downhill since paying! Please fix the app!!
First off, I do like the layout and the general appearance of the app. Worked well right away and decided to buy a yearly subscription. This is where it started to go wrong. Bugs, Bugs and more Bugs started to appear. Spending plan has been broken for me since the start of February. Spending plan says all zeros no matter what I do. This is an important part of the app for me and I sent in a support ticket that was escalated but it’s now March and nobody can fix it. Customer service is responsive in the app but without resolution of this bug I have a hard time finding value in this app. Second, the app has become painfully slow. I mean very slow, app freezes are normal and have to resort to access on the Mac. Saving Goals often disappear, then magically come back after a week of so. I’m ready to be done with the app and will not renew next year if significant changes and bug fixes aren’t made. Can not recommend this app at all to anybody at the moment.
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6 months ago, S P Face
A good Mint alternative
I started using quicken desktop app more than 20 years ago to sync my bank accounts, and track bill payment etc. Along with overly abundant features, it is such a pain to keep the software running without errors. Quicken doesn’t seem to be interested in maintaining a reliable application. The relief comes about 6-7 years ago when I switched to Mint. Mint is so smart by keeping only the necessary features to make it useful and reliable at the same time. Other than the ads coming with the free version, I have had no complaint. I switched to Simplifi a week ago due to the EOL of Mint. Not bad so far. The UI is slightly inferior to Mint as switching between functional areas requires more steps. But overall it is clean, logical and functional. It does not come with some features Mint has, such as credit score or fixed assets value sync. Setting up some manual assets can be tricky but I figured it out eventually. Last but not least, it does not have free version or free trial. Without a free trial, it will probably point Mint users elsewhere. Overall I think this is a good Mint alternative.
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4 years ago, CARealtor
Very confusing app.
What a waste of time, I was excited to download a new app from Quicken a company I used to love. In the old days it was all about simple easy accounting software but now it’s all about complicated worthless information. It seems like the app spends all its time predicting the future and not telling us the past! I want to know what I spent for tax purposes and for my knowledge not to have a machine tell me the future. So now I want to cancel and I wasted time trying to find where to cancel? How do I cancel? Someone please tell me?. Years ago, yes I’m that old when Quicken really cared about their customers they developed great simple software, sold it to us and it kept our records, now this new quicken company wants to harvest our info, sell it to marketers, predicts our future spending and keep us confused about our current numbers and recharge us every year for the same software. All I need is simple record keeping software. Why is that so difficult to produce Quicken you did it in the past?
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6 months ago, Marc in LWR
Long time Mint user
I had been using Mint for about 12 years, and with Intuit retiring Mint, I’ve been looking for a replacement. i’ve only been using Simplifi three days, but this is what I found so far. The set up process has been really easy and straightforward. I like that I can rename the accounts, Mint to not allow that. The only thing not supported, has been my Apple Card. It was very easy to submit a request to have it supported. it will be a big plus if they add that support. The user interface is very clean. So far I’m very impressed with the reporting features. The reports are very clear and customizable. They have all these features available in a phone app is very convenient.
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9 months ago, dandelionlion
App has the quality of a start up company
I have used Simplifi for a year and have been waiting for all of the bugs to be fixed. I assumed eventually they would be fixed and would just take time. But today, still, 1) at least two accounts needs to be reconnected every week 2) I cannot log in using a web browser and even with resetting my password it still doesn’t work and 3) there is no iPad app and the continued promise of one for 3+ years is a flat out lie. They should just tell their customers that there isn’t one coming. It’s frustrating and irritating for a company to just lie to their customers. Just be honest, we would really appreciate that more than just empty promises. It’s ironic that my subscription is expiring and I’m going back and forth on continuing it. The only reason I am considering to continue with it is because the app design is absolutely gorgeous. It’s simple, minimal, and easy to use, and works on desktop and phone (not iPad!!). But I can’t log in to renew the subscription. HAH. So… Back to Mint. The app design is not as good as Simplifi but at least it’s functional.
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1 year ago, OCD Squirrl
So much latency!!!
There was a time when I loved this app. I used it daily for budgeting multiple accounts. But over the last year the performance has degraded to the point that it is unusable. The lag between screens is often 6-8 seconds or more. You have to click multiple times for the app to respond to a command. It will hourglass for 20-30 seconds to load the next page of transactions. And before the developer responds and suggests that it’s a problem with my device, this is the only app on my phone that I’m having this issue with, so it’s not a device problem. Unfortunately, I have to consider using other applications to fulfill my budgeting needs.
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4 years ago, The Sox Converter
What I Have Been Waiting For.
I recently found out that the computer based Quicken was more than my old MacBook could take. So I was left to either spend $$$$ on a new one or try out a web based tool like Simplifi. I tried Mint and multiple other tools and just did not like them. I needed something that would show me how my expenses will affect my overall balance and that would give me a good view of the month or months ahead. Then I tried Simplifi. And, for the most part, it is a perfect tool. It has so much financial planning packed in it - it really makes an impact on how I plan my spending. Not much more to say other than give this app a try. Oh, the web based experience is really what makes this work. You will love it.
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1 year ago, red222red
Simplifi, Good Money Management Tool with Chance to be Great!
Simplifi is a good financial management app that makes day to day personal and business accounting much easier. If you use Quicken as well it’s far more useful. They do a good job of adding new tools and features designed to keep users engaged with their money and able to see how it is spent, saved, invested and wasted in new ways. They do need to increase the number of partner banks and investments that can be automatically monitored and a direct payment capability would be amazing, but overall it’s a pretty good money management tool. It is too expensive and I would love to see Simplifi become a free app or at very least cut the price in half.
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1 year ago, Gabqwert
Needs work
I don’t write a lot of reviews, but I feel compelled to in this case. I’ve been using Simplifi for 4 months after switching from Mint, which I used for 14 years. Don’t let the sleek photos and interface fool you. This is a very buggy app. Settings don’t work (e.g., I get a notification almost every day that my projected balance of my account is low even though I have turned off the setting and there is sufficient funds), reporting ability is limited, and widely used accounts (like Apple Card) are not supported. The app is also very slow, taking several seconds after adding any information. At this point, I’m so frustrated that I may switch back to Mint. I switched due to Wirecutter’s recommendation and thought that Quicken would have created a more sophisticated app, but I was wrong. Pros: the monthly budgeting feature is great.
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4 years ago, Cutter85
A bit early to buy
Love the concept and fresh look. Obvious that a watered down version of this powers the Quicken web app. It’s frustrating that instead of really plowing these development efforts into the existing paid platform in Quicken they are launching a separate product and not even offering a subscription credit to existing quicken customers who want to switch to this. I also get these are separate products and governed by different data usage/connection agreements but it’s frustrating there isn’t better crossover for connectors between quicken and simplifi. They desperately need a data migration solution from Quicken to SImplifi or at least let us upload transactions. At least they are working on a mobile first approach rather than depending on an outdated file structure in Quicken. Still a couple of disappointing facets but I’ll keep my eyes peeled.
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2 years ago, Eks2
This would be a fantastic app if it weren’t so buggy!
The design of the app is fantastic. The features are well thought out. From a design and feature point of view, it is THE BEST financial management app available. And it’s not ready for prime time. I feel like I am paying to be a beta tester. Nearly every day some issue crops up. While their help desk is responsive, I would prefer not to have to contact them! The biggest issue for me is the integration with AMEX credit cards doesn’t work. It’s constantly not updating which requires disconnecting/reconnecting them as a biller. And on the rare occasions when that is working, it incessantly asked for MFA validation. While the features of this app, eg watchlist, recurring transaction planning, refund tracking to name a few are the best available, they need to get MFA “known merchant” working like Mint has and get the bugs fixed.
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2 months ago, C@B1800
Went downhill
I have been a loyal quicken user for years (since Microsoft stopped offering their software) and switched over to this for the last couple of years. Until recently I was very happy with this financial system. Now everything is a mess. I tried to fix things via customer support recommendations and reported the issues. Nothing is working and the issues are multiplying especially pending charges from my bank account duplicating multiple times under transactions, accounts no longer syncing or when they do the information is all wrong, account projections missing transactions to be calculated. Theses issues make the service unreliable and useless for what we need. These issues have been going on for months with no resolution forecasted in the near future. I hope for the sake of the users Quicken figures out how to fix these on going issues.
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