Quiz inspired by Harry Potter

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User Reviews for Quiz inspired by Harry Potter

4.57 out of 5
2K Ratings
4 years ago, Misteral1111
Application is amazing! I have had it for a long time now and I tend to play this game every time I miss the wizard’s world. The questions are incredibly well diversified and incredibly accurate, and there is so much of them that I have rarely seen a question repeated. I have found some bugs in the presentations and dismissals. Sometimes the controller showing the questions won’t dismiss completely which is understandable due to the beautiful custom presentation miss understanding it’s own state. I would go another way being an iOS developer myself but it’s a job well done and the game well worth being closed and opened when that happens. I would also suggest showing progress bars or the state with which you award the collectibles even though the surprise makes it enjoyable nonetheless. I would love to be of help if you need it and being a part of your incredible journey. I would suggest installing the application and later buying the full version as it is well worth your time and money if you are a potter head like myself.
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5 years ago, MithrilButterfly
Awesome Game!
Really fun game! I am a big potter head and this game is really well done! The questions are hard, but accurate. I have not found any mistakes. I have completed my magical collection now! My one suggestion is maybe make it so you can see how much progress you have made towards the different collectibles like it would say “you have won 10/20 games without using help” so you would know how much more you had to do! Also people are saying answers are wrong, but they are just either misreading questions or they don’t read articles on pottermore by J. K. Rowling so they don’t know answers. Like Neville marries Hannah, but in one review they said that was an incorrect question, but the app is right and they are wrong! Also anyone who reads pottermore knows that Hermione is minister of magic because in the writing by J. K. Rowling on the Quidditch World Cup she calls her Minister Hermione!
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3 years ago, dancer 13 ❤️
I love it!!
I love this game sooooo much!! I’m going to universal studios soon so I needed to memorize stuff about Harry Potter. And I tried a whole. Bunch of different trivia apps but this one was the best. 😀 whoever made this game really should be proud of themselves!! I love how you can switch houses and there are different levels of years! I mean if it was just the same questions over and over again the game would get boring but no they do different questions for each year and each year has harder questions! I love this game soooo much and I really recommend it for all you Harry Potter lovers!!! But I do have one question how do you change your name??
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2 years ago, Tay Organa
It’s, good but...
Don’t get me wrong, I love the app, it’s just that I get the same questions over and over again, and I searched some of them, looked in the books, and asked around, and a lot of the answers on the app are wrong. For example, it asked how many knuts are in a sickle? I knew it was 17, but I wanted to check, so I looked on the internet. It said 17, so I entered 17 onto the app and it told me I was wrong. 50!!!!! No!!!! Before I wrote this review I literally looked it up AGAIN to be sure, and it said 17!!! Also, PLEASE check the spelling. You wrote Weasley, Weesly, You wrote Hermione, Hermioney, and you wrote one word in Spanish!!!!!!!!!!! What the heck? So, PLEASE just double check your answers and spelling, that would be great. Maybe THEN I would give it ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. (Also, I have read the books, I’m only in 6th grade, and I read more than the average teen my age, so I know what I’m talking about)
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6 years ago, Lisa CITI MasterCard (Family)
Love the extra Gamemodi
I like that paying $.99 for the extra gamemodi gives me the ability to continue after I get an answer wrong, gives me a score at the end, and I can duel with a friend (The duel is you and a friend answering the same questions until one of you gets three answers wrong). This is the best Harry Potter trivia game I have seen, very challenging! Yes, the questions about characters’ birth years is odd, but I like trying to figure out how old they would be. Well done!
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6 years ago, Diagonally🤣
Mistakes....maybe some...but read carefully
I’ve noticed the reviews about the app telling you the answer is wrong when you are right and that has happened....but not on as many questions as you may think. For example, the “number of balls in a quidditch match” question. There are two different questions about this, similar but different. One asks “how many balls are used in a quidditch match” which obviously is 4 and the other asks “how many different TYPES of balls are used in a quidditch match” which would then make the answer 3. So read the questions carefully before you answer because they definitely try to trick you. All in all, entertaining.
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6 years ago, Lizzzzzxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxi
Not bad, pretty challenging
This trivia is pretty good. Definitely a big range in difficulty. I would love to see more out of this app. One thing that really bothers me about it is that there are a TON of spelling errors. That's got to be any way fix, right? I'm no app developer, but that can't be a terribly difficult thing to fix. Some of the most noticable spelling errors being: -Every time you get a question wrong, "you loose" instead of lose the match. -Slytherin house frequently spelled "Slyverin". Some of the answers make me really want to read the books over for the 100th time. I'm wondering if some of the answers are from Pottermore or other sources.
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6 years ago, Pinki Girl YT
Hermione is not Ministress of Magic
I really like this app, I like how it increasingly gets more difficult as it goes on. I have many reasons to like it, but, for anyone that reads the books and has basic knowledge of Harry Potter, would know that the Cursed Child is not canon and that Hermione is not interested in politics. I just got the Ron Weasley chocolate frog card and I do not like how the information used to create the cards includes information that is clearly a part of a non canon source. Anyone who reads Pottermore knows that Kingsley Shacklebolt has been the minister since 1998 and still is here in the present.
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5 years ago, camilaa_gmez
Wrong answer???
I ama HUGE Potterhead and this was a really good trivia game; I like the graphics and transitions but one of the answers, in my opinion, is wrong. When it asks, How many horcruxes did Voldemort make?, the answer should be 8 since technically he did make 8 because Harry ended up being the eighth one he never meant to make. If you count how many Voldemort INTENTIONALLY made, then yes it would be 7. But in the last book it explains how Harry was the eighth horcrux. I just wanted to make sure, but really cool trivia game!!!
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5 years ago, Üooooooooooo
Not fair
It is very hard to get all twelve questions right because some of the are unfair. EX:how many knuts are in a galleon, or when was Dumbledore born. And if you’re wrong sometimes it basically calls you stupid. Then it gives you easy questions like: what house is Hermione in? And finally the only question that was wrong was the question: how many ghosts live in Hogwarts . The answer is 7 but it says eight. other than that it is a good game
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4 years ago, StephACH1
Isn’t working...?
I just updated the app and opened it. I loved the app even before this new update, so I was really excited. I chose my house and added a name, but when I clicked yes to begin the game, a gray screen popped up and didn’t go away. I really want to play this game and see the new update, so if you could fix this that would be great. Other than that, I love this app and would give it five stars!
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4 years ago, xbaer25
Needs improvement
I do enjoy the app, however, there are a couple things that put me off. The questions repeat OFTEN, and I find myself answering the same questions over and over. Furthermore, questions are often spelled wrong or phrased oddly, which is annoying. I also find the fact that there aren’t more questions that are specifically related to each year (or level), where as instead it is just random questions from most the years. Makes the need to level up to another year seem pointless.
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4 years ago, HA.B.T.
Love the new look, one complaint
I love the new look and functions. I do not like that I cannot turn off the music. In settings there is an option to turn off music, but at the end of each quiz when I am returned to the home screen, the music starts back up. I usually play a few rounds before bed, but I can’t if it will wake up my husband. Not sure why the “music OFF” setting doesn’t work :/ hopefully it’ll be fixed in the next update! Otherwise it’s great.
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5 years ago, AV8rT0M
Confusing question
I love Harry Potter to death, but one of the questions caught me off guard. It was “Which teacher has not been a DADA teacher?” Or something like that, the possible answers were Lupin, Lockhart, Dumbledore, and Snape. I was like “Uh, they all have been a DADA teacher...” because in TCOG younger Dumbledore was a DADA teacher. I didn’t know which to chose, and it turned out to be Dumbledore. Maybe the question should have been more specific, like “Which of these teachers was not one of Harry’s DADA teachers”. But overall, I quite like this app.
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4 years ago, Snowchorus88
Really fun but really challenging!
This game is awesome and I love it! You do have to have read all the books for a lot of the questions to make sense but that’s not a bad thing! It’s actually really interesting like that cause it really gets you thinking and then questioning your knowledge on Harry Potter (if your me) 😂. Anyway it’s a great game with really interesting questions and I recommend it to all Harry Potter fans (:
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6 years ago, AquaGirlz
I had a question that said what is the main trait of GRIFINDOOR the options were bravery wisdom daring and something else. I picked bravery. The obvious correct answer. I got the question wrong and the app said the correct answer was wisdom!!!! That’s Ravenclaw. And if your thinking right now that I just haven’t read the books and I just though I was right. I have read Harry Potter 2 times and seen all the movies 5 times. I know Harry Potter. I remember other wrong correct answers that I have seen before but I don’t want this review to be too long. Yeah go find a better app this is bad.
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12 months ago, WhipAntenna
Undkippable video ads every 15 seconds, sometimes 2 or 3 at a time, and many poorly phrased questions that must have been written by children. Deleted after 5 minutes, during which time I watched more ads that experienced actual play time.
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5 years ago, A Gryfindor 👍
I love this game so much. It helps me know more about Harry Potter and the wizard world. I am a huge Harry Potter fan and I would highly recommend this game for people that are obsessed with Harry Potter like me. The only thing that I don’t really like is that once you get to the 7th or 8th question it gets pretty tuff like specific questions. For example “When was Dumbledore born?” Like who in the world knows that! Other then that minor hiccup I love this game! GET IT! - A Gryfindor👍
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3 years ago, sunset sydney
Calling all potterheads this game is awesome! I have noticed a misspelling with triwizard for the triwizard tornament but you could tell it was supposed to say triwizard with one z not two but otherwise awesome game. Really fun and i am glad you can change your hogwarts house because with some Harry Potter games you can’t so. We need more Harry Potter games! This game is amazing
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5 months ago, pants fish
Same questions over and over
I wanted so badly to love this app, but you get the same questions over and over and over. Loads of grammatical errors and misspellings, a few questions that have more than one correct answer depending on which book it’s referring to, and the achievements don’t do or give you anything special. Hope the developers add about 5x the current questions otherwise it’s just boring and repetitive without a lot of incentive to get past the first few years.
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6 years ago, GrangerDanger17
Too many wrong answers..
The question was, “how many elective subjects are there at Hogwarts?” The real correct answer is 5, but the app said it was 6. Transfiguration - standard Charms - standard Potions - standard History of Magic - standard Defence Against the Dark Arts - standard Astronomy - standard Herbology - standard Arithmancy - elective Muggle Studies - elective Divination - elective Study of Ancient Runes - elective Care of Magical Creatures - elective Counting is hard.. but maybe this app could try a little harder. This is just one example. Another would be when it claimed that “Happee Birthdea Harry” was written on Harry’s cake that Harris gives him on his 11th birthday, when the book clearly states that it is simply, “Happy Birthday Harry.” In the book, Hagrid had learned how to spell by the time he was 62. It’s only in the movie that they make Hagrid a moron, incapable of spelling a phrase that gets repeated every year. The man/giant works at a school for goodness sake...
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4 years ago, Alaina LaJesse
Disappointed but otherwise ok
This is an ok app. I am disappointed in one of the questions however. One question asked how many horcruxes did Voldemort make so I answered with 8 and it said it was wrong!!! But it’s true!!! VOLDEMORT PLANNED ON MAKING 7 HORCRUXES BECAUSE THAT WAS THE LUCKY MAGIC NUMBER BUT WHEN HE TRIED TO KILL HARRY POTTER HE ACCIDENTALLY MADE HARRY A HORCRUXES SO THEREFORE THERE ARE EIGHT HORCRUXES but Voldemort didn’t know that Harry was one. The answer to the question is wrong and I’m very disappointed in the fact THAT THIS IS A TRICIA APP AND THEY CANT EVEN GET THE TRIVIA RIGHT!!!!
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6 years ago, trplstripe
It’s ok
This is a pretty ok app. I like how the questions start easy and get harder as you go. Good for killing time. There are two things I don’t like though. I found out sometimes when it asks how many balls are used in quidditch, sometimes the answer says 4 and sometimes when you put 4 as the answer it will say wrong. I also don’t like how when you “lose” a game, they tell you “you loose”. Lose and loose....pet peeve. Lol. Overall, I like the app
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8 months ago, QWERTY J47
What are your Hufflepuff Gryffindor Slytherin? This game is for you.
In this game, you can collect hundreds of items theme to the Harry Potter franchise you can collect chocolate frogs, and a whole world of other stuff so if you’re looking for a fun Harry Potter Quiz game that keeps your mind going. This is 100% the game for you.
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6 years ago, Snowheart meow
I really like this app. It is quite addictive, but there are some issues. a lot of the answers are wrong. Like the correct answer for " can squibs see dementors?" Is yes, mrs. fig says so in book five. But this app says no. There were others too that I can't remember right now. That is really my only complaint is the wrong information. Otherwise this is a great app!! 😀😃🗡
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5 years ago, IDon'tFiTIn
I love this game!!! It’s so fun to play and great for potterheads. However, I have noticed some incorrect answers. For example, for the question asking how many elective classes there are, it says that there are six, when the answer should be seven. Other than a few mistakes, I totally recommend this game!!
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6 years ago, Superior4567
Excellent trivia game
I am 48 years old watching the series for the 4th time now (since my 16 year old son keeps quizzing me) and it’s wonderful. This trivia game really keeps me on my toes and helps me learn and remember everything that’s happens in the movies- thanks!!
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4 years ago, mithos859
Fun, but not always accurate
This game is very fun and challenging, but some of the questions are not accurate. There had been a few questions that the quiz said I got wrong but when I checked the answers, I was right and the quiz was wrong. Also, it doesn't always differentiate if they are talking about the books or the movies.
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6 years ago, mybikeisatardis
Frustrated and unhappy
The previous version used to shut down in the middle of a game. I would have a few thousand points in the “3 life” challenge and the app would close. Once the app updated, it wouldn’t restore my purchase and I cannot access the rest of the game modes. I’m not paying for this app a second time, even if it is only $1. App only good for killing time.
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6 years ago, Rifelj, Charlotte
Harry Potter platform 9 and three quarters quiz app
This app is really great. I love it, it challenges me, and you could get multiple things as rewards. My only complaint is that this app spells some names wrong, but besides that, this is a really great app for real Harry Potter fans.
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6 years ago, TK 88
Answers to questions
It’s a great app except in one game the answer to how many balls are used in Quidditch, the answer is three and in the next game it’s four. And in the books Squibs can see boggarts the old lady testified at Harry’s trial when he used the expecto patronem spell when dementors attacked him and his cousin Dudley in Little Winging
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6 years ago, Vrgshkistbtucsh
Clumsy thumbs
Overall I do enjoy using the app if I were to suggest a future update I would like a “submit” or “next” button. I like to let my thumb hover over the answer as I’m reading it and it sometimes touches making me fail when I know the answer.
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5 years ago, HotDigDog
Great but...
This app is amazing, great questions but it is kinda easy. I was hoping that there would be a O.W.L level that is a bit easer and an N.E.W.T level that is harder because they just have it all mixed together. I hope you can fix this if you are reading thank you.
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5 years ago, person👍👍👍
Overall this app is pretty good, but could do better. Some of the questions aren’t even said in the books or the movies 🤔🤔 For example, what is Flitwick’s boggart? Seriously??? But the other questions are super easy. Pls fix it. But it does refresh my mind on Harry Potter 👍
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3 years ago, SweetMongolianBeef
LOVE IT!!!! ♥️✨🔥
This game is amazing! Very fun and challenging; I love the way it really makes me think on some questions. Incredibly user friendly and great for passing time. Totally recommend! 💯
Show more
4 years ago, ravenclawcommonroom
Confusing Questions
The questions are written poorly. It’s confusing to even read. For example, “Who escort Cedric Diggory did to the Yule Ball?” or “What did Ron had to do......?” It’s not a huge deal but it takes me out of the game. If it were once or twice I’d understand but almost every question has a grammatical or spelling error, and the same with the answers.
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6 years ago, dsws97
Trivial errors
I like this gave, but I am annoyed by the spelling errors and the inconsistent use of apostrophe’s. There are some answers That are wrong (Nearly Headless Nick has not been dead 1000 years, for example). Overall, the game needs some editing, but is enjoyable to play.
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2 years ago, dreammom93
It’s fun but..
This game is really fun and entertaining. If you like Harry Potter and you like trivia, it’s fun. But being the extreme fan of Harry Potter that I am, some of the questions are wrong and there are typos that can make you pick the wrong answer and I’m just not a fan of that. But otherwise, I like it.
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6 years ago, Fun day!!!!!!
You have some of the House questions wrong
The question about the main attribute of a house is completely wrong. Please fix
Show more
5 years ago, Slytherin is awesome
Love it
I love that I can choose my House. Being a Slytherin most of the time in games is no Slytherin. Also I know everything about HP so I completed the Magical Collection I even got you know who. Great Game!!!
Show more
6 years ago, USC826
The answers aren’t right
One of the questions was “who killed Cedric digory, and voldemort does, everyone knows that, dumbledore specifically says it at the end of the goblet of fire. And another question was “how many horcrux did voldemort create, and it’s 8, because harry is also a horcrux. This isn’t exactly Harry Potter expert questions and could be more than one thing. I
Show more
6 years ago, Patdraig
Great app
I like the app. My kids an I kill a lot of time answering the questions for our houses. One question though “ who are the eight ghosts in the castle”? I can only think of six.
Show more
3 years ago, trio332
I love it!
I love it! This app is amazing! It's absolutely fun and makes me test my knowledge about the books and movies. I give it a five star rating!
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6 years ago, HungerGamesRocks
Good game, but some mistakes
I really like this game because I’m a huge Harry Potter fan, but anyone like me knows that there are four balls in quidditch, not three. There are more mistakes; I don’t want to lose because of a mistake that the maker of this game made m. Great game, but it needs improvement and editing.
Show more
3 years ago, PiFaWi
HP quiz
The only thing that’s wrong is that out of WiFi or offline it tries to restart you, but other wise I LOVE this app as a Harry Potter fan.
Show more
6 years ago, Ukegrrl
Fun but....
....there are a few mistakes worth mentioning: the ‘you lose’ screen says ‘you loose’, on one version of the question ‘how many balls are used in Quidditch’ sometimes the answer is 4 and sometimes 3, and the birth years of secondary and tertiary characters is vapid.
Show more
4 years ago, Beanwash
The game was so much fun!!! I always wanted people to test me on my Harry Potter knowledge and but know I know there are games. You should seriously try it
Show more
1 year ago, my post.
It is just like it said it would be, all the reviews are honest. Amazing game, and I really recommend for Potterheads like me. Have fun and god bless!
Show more
8 months ago, #thankyou!!!
Harry Potter game
It is very fun. You can make a wizard name and you can get house points for answering questions. You can also choose your hogwarts house.
Show more
3 years ago, Coliribgggg
Visibility problems
I can’t see the whole question half the time, it doesn’t fit in the question box I can’t always answer half a question correctly
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