Quizit - Trivia and Knowledge

4.5 (2K)
292.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Marco Batista
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Quizit - Trivia and Knowledge

4.51 out of 5
2K Ratings
1 year ago, Musician630
Almost great
This is almost the best trivia game - it would be the best if the spelling errors were corrected, such as "chello" instead of the correct spelling "cello", and so forth. There are not many, though, so it should be easy to correct. Also some of the words are in the wrong order — such as “Where is located...” instead of “Where is...located? Some questions are out of place in some categories, such as a question about car brands in "Science and Nature". One further suggestion: In order to win the ACCUMULATED category, I think it should be required that you should get high points in all categories, not just one or two. But keep up the good work!
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3 years ago, jluby07
Enjoyable Trivia!!
I have played all manner of trivia games in my life. I am a fan of any type or form in which they are presented. To have this simple interface, quick succession of questions all in an easy to read format. The myriad questions are at a level that is challenging enough to keep it interesting and yet to answer correctly most of the time is totally accomplishable! Fun game!! Recommend it! Was only $2.16 to remove the advertisements too, bonus!!
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5 years ago, scotmo
Good app but need notifications feature
I was looking for a new trivia game to play with friends to replace a True or False game that was recently taken down from its server. This is it. This game allows us to play at our own pace. We are not able to play games in the moment and need to come to game as time allows. The only problem I see is this app does not use notifications and that’s something we need in multiplayer mode to know when it’s our turn.
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6 years ago, Marty's Genius
Outstanding App!
So much fun and a wonderful variety of information! We are learning tons!!! We have many trivia apps, but this is definitely our all-time favorite! Would love to be able to play this app with a friend without using FB.
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7 years ago, Foxierox
Fun to play, but...
It's fun to play, lots of questions, but a bit frustrating. Played ~1-1.5 hrs total over past 2 days. Reported 5+ chemistry/ science & math questions for inaccuracies; wrong answers, correct answer not a choice, question-incorrect info, question-spelling/capitalization error (which can matter). I like to learn new things when I miss questions & after finding numerous errors, starting to question correct answers. Little frustrating, but, overall fun!
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6 years ago, Suzanna60
Enjoy this game
You have given us a few hours of low key enjoyment. But when I find mistakes I will tell you. One question was who narrated War of the Worlds? Your answer of Richard Burton is way wrong. Original version with Gene Barry was commentated by Sir Cedric Hardwick and the Tom Cruise version was narrated by Morgan Freeman. The original radio version was, of course, Orson Welles.
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3 years ago, Judith Kay
They only got one question wrong. Where was the French Poodle developed? They said France, the real answer is, I believe, Germany & France loved the dog & made it popular. I mean, it’s called French poodle so I don’t think they really researched it.
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5 months ago, lyn537
Need to have a way to increase response time
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7 years ago, Fam Fox
Fam Fox
Love this game. Gives you plenty of brain power and teaches you a great deal. Makes you think.
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7 years ago, Titan V
Intelligent Trivia
Find the questions aimed at knowledgeable people .. In that the questions pose a challenge in the various categories. So enjoyable and informative. Thank you.
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1 year ago, Golferviv
I would so prefer that you have a game with only U.S. categories.
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6 years ago, kevinty Kevin
Review about Quizit
Great game! Great trivia! Maybe consider try to do all kinds of choices. Like, for example, a, B, C. A, B. These choices are good. If you can consider it, they’ll be great.
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4 years ago, Vtbarnsie
Great pastime
Really great way to spend a few minutes or a bunch.
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5 years ago, Bavsport
Spare Time
Good game to pass time when you are waiting on something or you have a little time to kill
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7 months ago, kevy wevy two by four
Gray app
Please make sure to make it accessible for the blind for the explanations. Thanks.
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6 years ago, Bent1225
Addictive and fun! 🤯😃
This game is great and has challenging questions...love it, definitely one of my favorites😍
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5 years ago, lookatlou
I really liked the questions it seems like good general knowledge
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7 years ago, ...help!
Great game
Very good questions that make you think!
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3 years ago, Ronald Anthony
Enjoy it but……
It needs more questions in all categories. Within ten minutes of play, repeated question are coming up often.
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6 years ago, Cant watch TV
Quiz it
Good game! Enjoy playing at night or early in the morning!,,,
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7 years ago, J.Hinzman
Game is fun but can be tricky if u choose a subject u think u know more about than u really do!
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8 months ago, Frances Hutchison
Great game
Great game and help with answers. Learn about Facts of life.
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10 months ago, waltervoe
When are you going to remedy the failure of the app to record points?
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7 years ago, MDHyman
Quiz lit
So much fun to play!! Anyone want to challenge me?
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1 year ago, rsogbu
I get challenged and I love it
Great Game for all ages
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7 years ago, Babybreathe
I really enjoy doing this game.
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4 months ago, lllllllllisssssssaaaaaaa 3
Sooo fun & educational ! My go to game 👌🏼
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3 years ago, RyGuyDallas
Love this!
Great airport pastime!
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7 years ago, mj82sp
good trivia game
Couldn't stand all the flashing lights and nonsense on Jeopardy, this game is straightforward, lets you pick general categories... pretty good!
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11 months ago, Stupid Poopy Butt
It is a nice game
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7 years ago, tracyireland
Quiz it
Great Game
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6 years ago, BrezzyFreezyb
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9 years ago, True pink
Love it!!
There are many reasons why I love this app so much. 1. I play trivial pursuit a lot and run out of questions all the time. With this data base and frequent updates, repeats are never a problem. 2. I am impatient waiting for things. So when I am at a doctor's office or killing time somewhere, this app is perfect. 3. I love challenging trivia. This app has it all. A great balance and much to learn. 4. The colors and pictures are appealing to the eye. 5. It's simple to use and I love that there is an option to choose the category, as I am always playing trivia pursuit with others and whatever they land on, I can simply choose the category. That's awesome! There are so many more reasons. All around, this app is great and I find that it is one of my most used apps on my phone.
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9 years ago, Mattgp
Hard to put down
Challenging, fast paced, seemingly endless questions, and it has the added benefit of improving the player's knowledge base - great training for "trivia night." My only suggestion is to create a U.S. version that would be identical to this version, except without any of the World Cup/soccer questions. It seems like every time I'm about to get all 10 right on a "random" round, I get a question about the coach of some team that was the runner up in the World Cup 30 years ago, or some other equally unanswerable question if you grew up in the U.S. Lot's of players / potential players in the U.S., but no one knows or cares about "football."
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8 years ago, bellsfurmama
Awesome Game!
This game is wonderful. I love playing it and love the fact that it is accessible with voice over. It seems to recieve frequent updates, insuring that the questions stay fresh. If you love trivia or are looking for something casual to play, I highly recommend this. It is not your average quiz game.
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9 years ago, MTL Expat.
Needs better questions
Love the board game but this app has too many questions that only a few people with photographic memories would know. Most of the sports questions are about soccer World Cups and which stadium games were played in in 1968 or who was mvp in 1962.. So non soccer fans lose that whole category. The questions are not things that you learn in school or common knowledge they are so specific and repeat often. Trivia Crack gets better questions. It would be better if you could vote on questions here.
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9 years ago, Texas HorneyToad
Great game gun and easy to play have no idea about some of the foreign teams but am learning them as well As other things I did not know . Educational and fun what more could you want ? Oh yeah it's free ... Five stars all the way .
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9 years ago, Astro Banana
So Many Judgement Statements
ya KNOW... The questions are okay. The pix are fine (if sometimes too small). The programming is clean & relatively bug-free. The ads-if any-aren't intrusive. BUT WHATS WITH ALL THE SMACK-TALK?!?!? I just HATE it when this game tells me "NOT YOUR BEST" and/or "YOU'VE DONE BETTER." Really? Oh THANKS cos i wasn't there, getting the wrong answers. It was my BOT." Well whatEVER smarmy game. There are better free games that WON'T dis me when I guess wrong. HARUMPH❗️
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9 years ago, BklynLefty
Nicely improved
The app has improved a lot since I first downloaded it. The graphics are nice and I like the added pictures for some questions. Overall I'm happy with this app. A great little diversion when I have some time to kill.
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9 years ago, $signs78
I find your trivia to be very educational I was surprised to see how much I forgot since my school days nothing like giving ones brain a tune up from time to time great app thanks
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9 years ago, HMvan
Much much better!
New and improved version is WAY better! Can play a lot easier and faster and really enjoy it! Nice upgrades!
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8 years ago, Crusher 10
Quizzit great game
I really like this trivia game. It is great way to keep your mind active and growing, while having a great time. The relax feature is well worth purchasing. Thanks for giving us a great game to play.
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10 years ago, EmElleGiGi
Well done!!! Bravo!!!
Excellent questions, well written, spelled correctly...this is awesome! I have tried other trivia games that were so BAD, too easy, horribly written so this is lovely! Thank you, developers, you ROCK!!!
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8 years ago, RustPicker
One of the best games to play while in the "hurry up & wait" mode. Better than magazines when in the toilet!
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9 years ago, SirNightOwl
The fact checker need more time to verify the data or more fact checkers are needed. Perhaps 5% are wrong or out of date. Current youth slang should be avoided, the older participants are not exposed to the current slang.
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9 years ago, Hate your
No more. Every time they wait til I send to tell me my name is taken and erase the whole review. Just hope this works and keeps them from asking for a rating. If someone has this name, I give up.
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10 years ago, Warthog in NWA
Fun, fast
Good fun. I'm not one for purchasing add-ones, so I assume inviting friends is an app if you upgrade. Could have a few more questions in the bank. All in all, thumbs up.
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10 years ago, Spindrk
Needs work
Fun but if the screen turns off or if you leave to check a text or answer the phone you lose the game you're working on. Also, so many typos and spelling errors.
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9 years ago, Ernblog.com
Pretty Good
Some of these questions are tough. I like it! 😄 The Levels of complexity and difficulty advance. And you can see how you are faring with respect to other participants. Good game!
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10 years ago, Brittp03
Too difficult...
I was hoping this would be like the trivial pursuit game but it isn't in terms of playing with others and answering questions to earn a "pie" piece. The questions are too difficult. It's just not fun. Make it multiplayer and add a board game or something to show the pieces you collected.
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