3.1 (34)
25.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Quore Systems, LLC
Last update
8 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Quore

3.09 out of 5
34 Ratings
5 months ago, DatSlowSpark
Could be better on iOS
The app works as it’s intended with its quirks as all apps have. My 2 biggest complaints is no dark mode and on iOS there’s no fast way to log in. My coworkers with androids have the fingerprint login, but us with apple are stuck typing our passwords in every time. If Face ID password save was added that alone would get my review from 3 to 5.
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1 year ago, JoyGasm420
Great in concept - could be better
I like a lot of things about Quore but I wish they were easier and faster. Biggest complaint is with the calendar function. Having to wait for the entire list of events to load before I can see the calendar to move to a future month is annoying. Having to scroll down to see a list of event later in the month is annoying. Not being able to just jump to August on the calendar is annoying. Even on the dashboard, if I want to look at events, I have to scroll through past events to find current events. This feature needs a major update and there’s really no reason for it to be as outdated as it is. Would be nice to have more options for the dashboard and to be able to move modules around on the dashboard. Would be nice to be able to have log sheets accessible more easily from the dashboard.
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1 year ago, heshesh
It works
The app does what it needs to do, but has bugs and sometimes won’t let me scroll down once I’ve read two or more log posts? That’s one of many. I would recommend not going over half a year without updating the app…
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5 months ago, nlty27
App not nearly as useful as the web access!
I’m not sure about y’all, but as a GM of a very busy hotel, I’m never at my desk. Having the app be just as useful as the web access site should be a priority! This app was created to communicate with the operations team, who would be using the app 99% of the time, so it’s silly to not have as many tool to use for the 99% of people who use your app! I can’t be the only one who feels this way right!?
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6 months ago, I don’t like codenames
Poor design
Not user friendly at all. When I have active preventative maintenance checklist going they do not appear on my todo list, and I have to go though a long list of unordered room numbers to find it. So if I’m actually using the app as intended then I spend roughly a quarter of my shift scrolling my phone rather than actually fixing things. I’m forced to use this app for work and it wastes a significant amount of my time everyday.
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8 months ago, Pmac2001
Annoying app
Constantly ‘forgets’ my login and won’t let me get in to do stuff for my job, and it seems to only happen to me, everyone else on the job site it works fine for, all other apps on my phone work fine, but Quore? No. So annoying at this point, constantly having to reach superiors that are multiple counties away just to keep making new information my login.
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5 months ago, Suck_/\/\y balls
Eh app
If we had a way to stay logged in or fast login for apple it would be a lot easier and convenient
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3 months ago, Eddie ck
Slow / not user friendly
This app has a slow interface , loading issues , keeps logging off , many coworkers have limited skills find it “hard to use” (specially the housekeepers)
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2 years ago, FixxxUrappPLZ
Needs dark mode
Dark mode please my eyes my eyesssssss! Please dark mode for real tho and you will earn that fith star. Thank youuuuuuu
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10 months ago, iCivx
Awful on iOS
This app is truly awful. Slow, crashes, stops working randomly, and is almost never updated. You’re better off just using the website on your phone.
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5 years ago, EricaM13
Good start
Its a good start to the app. Can the home screen or load up screen be customized to department? Like Front Desk would benefit from the logs showing up and being able to access the wake up call log as well. Can we also get notification reminders for the wake up calls on our phones? Some hotels still manually do wake up calls and reminders help make sure they get done on time.
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9 months ago, Kroeger95
The people have spoken. Please fix these issues. The Quore gods won’t help. Maybe you can.
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2 years ago, hotel maintenance tech
Worthless crap!! Not worth the problems or the app!!!
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2 months ago, elbarbas787
This app is trash .
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3 years ago, RoseyRaeBud
Logging In
Quore is great to use mobile or on a desktop. My only issue is the mobile app always logs me out, even if I just go on it for a minute. Soon as I click back on the app, I’m logged out & have to log back in. It’s quite annoying.
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5 years ago, derperstertskern
Load times and freezes ALL the time...
I don’t know how this app has 4* but my team and I use it on a daily basis and it is a running joke within our entire company. The overall concept is good, the interface looks good, but it’s just SO slow and while watching the green mystery circle whirl around you never know if it’s just taking its normal 30 seconds to move on to the next menu or it’s actually frozen and will keep spinning forever. I have to close and reopen the app at least a dozen times a day. Everyone at our company runs Quore on new generation iphones, maybe it works better on android. The app had a pretty interface but I would be just fine with something simpler if it actually performed.
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5 years ago, H0tfawt
Cannot access “Logs” half of the time
When I try to open a log, nothing happens. this has been going on for weeks. Sometimes it works then all of a sudden it doesn’t. This only happens in the app.
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