R6 Stats and Maps Companion

1.1 (34)
116.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
MAJ Apps and Games LLC
Last update
6 years ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for R6 Stats and Maps Companion

1.12 out of 5
34 Ratings
6 years ago, SHlELD OF FAITH
I bought this specifically for the map information. The maps are not up to date and do not contain all objective points. Maps should show every breaching point including windows and doors. When scrolling through the maps levels (basement, first story, second story, etc..) they are out of order and does not label the levels for easy comprehension. This is something I would expect from a free version. On top of the lack of deeper map info I also could not link my account. Did not have all the operators. Does not let you compare weapons side by side. Should give tactical articles by pros, takes little effort to add this. I would have benefitted more from the McDonald’s dollar menu.
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5 years ago, pssft
Simply put if you are new to R6Siege this is good for you. If you’ve been playing for quite some time then this is a waste of both money, time and space. First off, it’s not recognizing my gamer tag. After several updates the developers have made you’d think it would be fixed by now, last update made by this developer was 11months ago for the same issue. Secondly, the info given about operators are only for the very first season standard operators and not the DLC’s that came after. Maps you are missing quite a few latest maps on here are Favela and Skyscraper. A bit disappointed, but that’s what I get for not READingTHE REVIEWS! First. 😒
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5 years ago, Head soc and bask fan
Bad rating
This was mainly for me to check out my k/d and stuff like that. There was one thing I was looking for which highly concerned me, when I got this I was mainly looking to learn map knowledge but it is missing many maps and has some things different from what Ubisoft has on the maps.
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5 years ago, -_-Bra
This app is a SCAM
This app does not let you link your account . It takes your money
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3 years ago, NodawaNodT9awed
Worthless dont buy!!!!
Paid for the app only to find out that is not working and very outdated. Has the old ranking system no champion, and the app couldn't locate my profil even tho i made sure its spelled correctly with lower and upper cases. Also no support. I couldn't ask for a refund. RIP OFF DONT BUY!!!!!!
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6 years ago, colby hernandez
The app is trash
When I was looking for an app to look up my account stats the app is not up to date the names of the maps are wrong no new operated up to date on app plz don’t buy
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6 years ago, DrunkManBaby
Don’t buy this
As someone else said. Do not but this, does not work at looking for your account for stats. Also doesn’t have new operators.
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4 years ago, poochy3319
Terrible app
I bought this becuase I wanted to check my stats, it can’t even find my profile, i want my money back.
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6 years ago, OneRoyalGamer
Please Fix This
I’d love to use the app because everything is so professionally laid out. However, I cannot find my profile. Please fix this.
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6 years ago, Dark troopers
This app is garbage you cant search your stats or anyone else’s and it does not have any of the year 3 operators. It does not have the maps either. This app is trash and a scam.
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6 years ago, LordlyDread
Will not bring up user stats
This app will not bring up your user stats even if the name is entered correctly
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6 years ago, Peiro07
Don’t buy this app
This app does not work at all, so please do not give free money to the makers of this app. It’s a scam. Apple should remove the app from the AppStore
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2 years ago, anonymous 446824
RIP off
Did not find my stats , waste of money !
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5 years ago, Lord Lambo
Can’t even get into my account, it says it does not exist, this app is full of crap.
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6 years ago, jonieibarra
Dont buy
Linking your r6 account will not work. Mapas are bot updated. They still have favela on here. No new opperators.
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6 years ago, Lilred4305
Can't sign in or find my account. Don't buy
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6 years ago, Gohaygen
Doesn’t work.
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6 years ago, John the app user
Don’t buy
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6 years ago, Myles Hamilton USA
It’s a scam DO NOT DOWNLOAD. Nothing is updated. DONT BUY.
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6 years ago, That wwe guy
To many ADS!
I used this app for about 5 minutes, and I kid you not, 3 of those minutes where spent watching ADS. The app itself is also not very up to date with stats either. I am now sad.
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6 years ago, Tayler35
Decent app
Overall the app looks great, just having some trouble logging in. Once that is fixed and the new map is added it will be a lot better
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6 years ago, Spence1617
Horrible don’t waste your money!
App does not even work you cannot look up anyone’s profile it’ll just tell you they cannot be found
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6 years ago, Eliseoabel
It doesn’t find my user for some reason and it’s correctly written
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6 years ago, RobertHobson
Wont let me log in to start with!!!
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6 years ago, Redsox758
Doesn’t work
Literally just bought it since they apparently removed their old one (which stopped working). Saying it doesn’t recognize my username. Don’t listen to them in the replies. Apparently it is not fixed. Updated to the newest version today. Still doesn’t work at all. Now 7/6/18, is this ever going to work orrrr you wanna give me my dollar back?
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6 years ago, stillsleek
Stole my money, doesn’t work.
Update: 6/18/18. Worked briefly, back to not working again. Original Review: At the time of this review, this app essentially stole my money. After it appears they stopped supporting their former related app (which if I remember correctly I also paid for); this version, even after typing my Handle in multiple times and ensuring it was typed in verbatim - still refused to find it. My username now has a “-“ in it, so if those are not supported, there should be a warning on the product page. To end on a positive note, the former related app was the best RB6 stat tracker app I ever used so if one day this one ever works, I have high expectations for it! The daily stat break down was a great feature.
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6 years ago, dibs2334
Even more garbage
So now it recongizes your username but the stats offered are garbage not worth a penny. Better off just going to r6db.com
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