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User Reviews for R6Stats

4.38 out of 5
13.7K Ratings
5 years ago, OB4_YT
Great app for Rainbow players.
I love this app so much and some of the things it can do/show on the app, like it shows you stats on each operator and kills to death ratio. It's just there some many good things about this app. Buuuuuut there is one thing, so ever time I go to search for a player and his or stats on the app it something happens where nothing comes up. Also I can't for some reason work the compare stats part, it's not very clear on how to use it and I'm still trying to figure out how it works. But all bad things aside, this app is a app you should definitely get if you play Rainbow 6 Siege.
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4 years ago, Yeet_Explosion
Love the app but...
I love this app but I would like to report a bug with the latest update. The two newest operator (Ace and Melusi) aren’t working correctly. When I view the section where you can see how many kills you have with your operators Ace and Melusi icon are just white squares and as soon as I click the white icon the app crashes. With that being said I really love the app it helpful and also fun. Me and my friends have been completing to see who can get the best K/D or the most kills with an operator and the app really helps with seeing your stats. I check it everyday before and after I play R6 and it helps me keep my head straight because I always try and keep my K/D the highest I can. I also really like to see all the kills I have on my operators on one screen verses having to click them one by one on the game. Thank you for a really good app and thank you for actually caring for the app and trying to make the best for everyone who uses it.
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4 years ago, ear ace
Hard to use and inaccurate, good design though
This app’s statistics conflicted with ubisoft's in-game ones, it’s extremely buggy and some of the buttons don’t work when you press them. The constant adds make it an annoying experience, and sometimes only half of the operators show up. I would, however suggest this app to people who play the game. The compare feature is amazing and easy to use, the art and design is amazing, the app wouldn’t be frustrating whatsoever if it weren’t for the adds, and it’s in depth while maintaining a simple interface. Could be better, mostly fixing adds and stats would make it better. I would recommend ubisoft‘a website for actual stats, but the extra feature make the app worth it.
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5 years ago, SlyderMcD
By Far The Best Application For Statistics on Your Game
This is simply amazing. It’s worth the download, worth the premium to support the developers. They worked hard to make the UI beautiful AND respond to bugs immediately. The programming around this app makes it super convenient for you to see how you are progressing in siege (now with the new daily stats feature) along with operator stats, playtime, etc. I hope in the future they will add a blog/forum section, expand the menu to add more depth in which maps are better for you (W/L on maps), chatting with others in the community and so much more. Keep up the great work guys, really!
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4 years ago, F YAAAAAA
So inaccurate
So I got this app because I literally have siege on every platform it is available on and I have been playing since skull rain. Well my og account was lost and I lost every one cent I had in that account. We I recently got back into siege again and I ain’t that bad, well I got this to look at other players stats so I know who I’m playin with on ps4. I kinda wanted to look at my own stats first to make sure it wasn’t a bad app and I already knew my stats as I had checked straight from ubi. For one it got my k/d wrong. It said I had a k/d of 5.76, and it said I had kills and deaths for operators I haven’t even bought yet. I know I was at the right account because for one my profile pic was right and mine is custom. I was very disappointed at this app. The only thing that was correct was my rank.
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5 years ago, Fox Holiday
Awesome app!
I play competitive with a clan and many other people. This app is great because I can not only track my stats, but I can favorite my team's stats to review at anytime and even compair. You can also quick look up stats of OP4 and see what your going up against (helpful in ranked). On top of that, it shows you all the ranks someone has by season. It goes all the way to Y1S1! To make it even better, it breaks the stats down to a degree of amazing intelligence; if you want to know your Bomb/Cas stats, it tells you. Want to know your ranked/secure stats? Tells you that too with such ease and user friendly UI. The app does include a overuse of ads in ny opinion but buying the Ad Free version is there and after doing so, I have yet to feel any regret. It is only one dollar USD so it isn't a big deal, but a great choice. I am unsure of how you (the devs) get the info, but I won't ask because it does more than what I ever thought I needed. Would recommend to everyone I meet!
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4 years ago, FancyFeet43
Developers: here are some things that could be fixed
I love this app, it’s the only one I use for my stats, however there are some bugs that could be fixed as well as other fixes to make the app that much more enjoyable. The first thing that drives me crazy is when you hit the edit button to view a new profile, type the name, and hit done, it will load for a long time (at least an hour because I have timed it) now, I normally just restart my app, but it would be cool to see this get fixed. I had wondered if it was maybe just me, however. Another thing is quicker updates? I don’t want to sound as though I’m complaining but I would like to use the app instead of the website to see my stats for this season (Neon Dawn). For those of you looking for a good app to get your stats off of, this is a great app. Very easy to use, and tells you everything you need to know.
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3 years ago, jaman123456789
Good but needs help
First there are WAYYYYYYYYYYU to many adds next the app hardly works half the time and last the stats aren’t even accurate. This app was a lot better about half a year ago, there were reasonable amounts of adds and the app actually loaded the other parts aside from my personal stats. Every other time I click a button there’s a 30 second add. The app crashes constantly and the friends section hasn’t worked in months. This used to be a really good app but it’s now useless PLS FIX THIS APP
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4 years ago, Pizzas guy100
The app is good when it decides to works
This app is very accurate and good if the app decides to load the data and doesn’t crash when in the middle of using it. This might be just me but what happens is the app will crash in the middle of loading the stats or it just won’t load the stats. There are also a lot of ads that pop up randomly and are very annoying and frustrating. In conclusion, the app is good if it loads and doesn’t crash.
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4 years ago, ToW022
Great app just one flaw
I have no major grips with the app as far as layout, performance, or bugs. My problem with it is the ads. The small ones that only take up a small part of the screen are fine and I don’t mind them at all, the problem is the video ads that take up the whole screen that make you sit through a 10 second video ad. This would be fine if it was like once on launch, but they pop up at random almost once a minute which makes the whole thing an aggressive hassle. Fix the problem with those ads and this app is flawless.
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6 years ago, Martycaps36
Beat R6S app out there!!
Honestly this app is so helpful!! I like to mess around with operators so see which ones I’m good with and which I’m not but the game never gave me my stats as convenient as this app. I checked on here and found my best attacking and defensive operators and ever since I’ve picked those two more often and I’ve been playing so much better! This app obviously doesn’t affect my skill, but it shows me which operators I’m better with and which to work on! Such a great app! Thank you
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6 years ago, Badhammy
Good App, Too Many Ads
The app itself is great, it gives you all relevant stats in an easy-to-find manner. It also lets you compare side by side with your friends, which is also nice. However, every 30-60 seconds, a 10 second unskippable ad pops up. This renders the app virtually unusable. Every time you try to do something (look into an operator, scout an enemy, compare with friends, etc.), it takes twice as long as it needs to because of a constant barrage of advertisements. If they dial back the ads a bit, I’ll rate 5 stars. Until then, it’s a 3 star app at best.
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6 years ago, have a good day🙂
Great app, Ying needs improvement though
This app is amazing!!! I truly do love it. The only critique I can really provide is that 1) under Ying it labels the Candela gadget as “dazzlers” 2) I’m pretty sure the “gadgets detonated by” section is switched around, it says I’ve detennated 40 in PvE and 0 in PvP which I highly believe is incorrect. Other than that I have no complaints. Also my apologies if this seems rude or out of line, just trying to provide some friendly feedback. Have a pleasant day
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4 years ago, The Mango Muncher
Needs some fixes
I like the app and all that it has to offer and the way it displays all the info. The only thing I have issue with is the information that it actually produces, it states that my K/D is a 0.82 when it’s actually a 0.99 anywhere else I check. I don’t know if this is a bug or the app just isn’t updating fast enough but I see it as a problem.
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4 years ago, LMC LOVES BOOKS
Very organized & clean
I love this app very much, & the creators definitely put a lot of effort and care into it. I recommend this, it’s a lot easier to get logged into your account than some of the other apps are, & it tells you a lot of info. My only complaint is some of my operators weren’t shown. When I say “some”, I mean like 10. It’s not a huge deal but it would be nice. Keep up the good work!
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2 years ago, TayNixi
True Rank and Scoreboard doesn’t show
I really like this app on PC, but it just doesn’t fully seem to function on my iPhone. It only shows my rank from shadow legacy. Not a single season since that shows up in my stats. Says I’m still gold and am earning 15 mmr. The only thing up to date is my level at 216. I also tried using it on the scoreboard during a ranked match and it kept saying an error message. I really was looking forward to using this app since I liked it on my PC. From the reviews, it might be a small group with this issue or some new patch has caused this and I hope it gets fixed!
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3 years ago, Zestyboi3000
Mostly good but has some issues….
The App is extremely far behind what the current season is (it’s about to be Operation High Caliber) and the app is still in Operation Shadow Legacy if I’m not mistaken. The stats themselves are a little bit off as well. Oh, and on top of all that I can’t even look up any stats on the app bc it says something along the lines of ‘Player wasn’t found in ANY of the databases’ but if I use the actual website it works just fine. If these problems are fixed I’ll consider leaving a higher rating, but until then, 2 stars.
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Nothing wrong here
I love using this app to see my k/d and w/l but the new ops have been out for some time and I don’t want to spend so much time going through them to see my k/d. When the new ops come out it makes sense that it will be a while but it been like a week and a half and their still not here. All I’m saying is that if the time between need ops coming out and the app being updated could be shorter, the app would be flawlessly.
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5 years ago, Gsjshsjsjehei
Found one problem
First off, great app, it’s probably the best one for this yet. But there is a minor but annoying issue. When you go to click twice on an operator to see further stats, the problem lies with operators such as sledge for example. If you scroll down it tells you how many hammer kills you have, but it’s cut in half so you can only see the top half of the number
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6 years ago, g0omba
Can’t sign in...
UPDATE #2. - Developer continues to ask for my information (not happening) and has been saying for months that the password recovery feature is in the works. I still don’t see it, if it comes I’ll reevaluate. Until then, stop asking for my personal information.... UPDATE #1. - STILL no progress in recovering an account if you can’t remember a password. Save your money. Can’t sign in using existing account so I made another, still can’t log in. There’s also no way to recover passwords, if you forget or have issues with logging in the only way to “fix” the issue is to use another email.
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3 years ago, 64737378-838
Great app, but needs an update
I’ve been using this app for years and it has always been super useful and helpful! However, an update hasn’t come out for the app in over 10 months. Since then, 3 or 4 new operators have come out with another one on the way and they just simply aren’t in the app to track their stats. It also doesn’t update ranks anymore. If they would push out another update to add these operators then it would be a 5 star app
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6 years ago, yellowjacketQB9
Great app
It takes a little while to load your stats but it is a great app to help you look at all of your stats. It is the go to app for my rainbow six siege stats. If I need to see my stats I literally just have to click one button and I will be able to see my stats instantly. You knew have to get this app it helps so much and it is so useful. Thank you for listening to my review.
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2 weeks ago, Brawl stars sugs
Hey devs can you please help me
So whenever I open the app it will ask to log in or sign in. I click log in put in my password and user but then it will just crash. I also tried making a new account but whenever I hit sign up it will flash the loading symbol the n crash. Could you pls help with this?
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6 years ago, BindiIsMyDoge
Great Stats App!
This is an amazing app for checking statistics and other little things for R6. The one and I think the only pet peeve I have, is that it’s not formatted for iPad. Right now it doesn’t fully fit the iPad screen correctly, and if that could be fixed at some point, it would be amazing! Also, I would suggest changing the font to something a little bit more modern. Good job dev!
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5 years ago, S hedibeiddvde
Good application would just want one thing
I know you guys are working hard to make this app a wonderful experience but I would like to make a request, I want to look at someone’s stats and look at their previous rank in the last season or older seasons. I hope you see this and make my request come true, Thank you for making a great app.
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6 years ago, Geo. boss
So helpful
This app is really useful and helpful for any fan of Rainbow Six Siege. It HUD is designed perfectly and it really conveys the information well. I love checking on my and all my friends stat daily. It helps me see what operators I do well with and which operators I should start to use more. I could go on and on about how great this app is, but I think if you open it up it really speaks for itself.
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4 years ago, FLYNN MCCRACKEN
Great idea but
It’s a great idea for a even better game. The reason I gave this game 3 stars, was because nobody actually knows all this information and it could be false. Also, whenever I try to look up my friends on the search, it kicks me out of the game. There are a execive amount of adds. So when you are trying to look at a friends stats, and if it doesn’t kick you out, you will be treated to pertensionally false information and a whole bunch of adds.
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3 years ago, Age002
The constant ads ruin the experience
Honestly I downloaded this app just so I didn’t have to shift-tab in game to pull up a webpage for stats. I definitely liked it at first but the ads are too much. You could be scrolling and as you’re touching the screen another ad comes up. There’s one nearly every 30 seconds and the sound is maxed out for each. Worth it if you buy the in app Adblock purchase, but not worth it otherwise for the constant ads.
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6 years ago, Shadow WoLf YT
Read this
I never do this actually this is my first time writing a review on a game but this is legit and to even test it I played a game and killed my self and it went up the only thing that I do t like is that it has to many ads on it. Every time you click on an operator ad every time you click search ad but everything else is awesome
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5 years ago, qtvrctc
Good app, waaay too many ads
I love this app because I can just check my stats every now and then to see how I'm doing. But when I try to find my friend's stats, an ad always pops up and puts me back on my own stats. I've been trying to get to my friend's stats for about 5 minutes and an ad always pops up whenever I look it up.
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6 years ago, CoolCam1003
I love the app expect for a couple reasons that always ruin it for me. I am always trying to keep up with statistics for myself and friends but a lot of the time it tells me that I have Bad internet connection. I know this is not true because I can do everything else just fine. I also wish that the app was a little faster to find things. I look up something and it can take like two minutes just to find it or tell me that it does not exist because I spelled something wrong.😭
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4 years ago, Derpz_
Good app but...
It is a good app to use, but there is some minor problems. One i don’t know if it is just me but it does not update my stats since I got the app (I’ve Been using the app for about a week) and two there is a bit too many adds if they could lower the ads down a bit it would be awesome overall it is a good app and I would recommend downloading it!
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5 years ago, Offical Critic
Ads are to much
There are so many ads on this app it’s actually so annoying I keep getting this glitch where I try to see other pro players stats and ads keep popping up and after I click X on the ad it brings me back to the stats that I looked up last so I literally can’t look up anyone right now for some reason every 10 seconds I get an ad there are other apps to use with less ads than this one so I shall use those apps instead but this is still a decent site wish there was ads every 10 seconds
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6 years ago, Mr.KW!
Awesome app and genuinely nice support.
The app would not let me sign in so I contacted them for help resolving the issue and they responded promptly and got it straitened out. Turns out my profile would not show up because I did not have enough casual stats. I play all ranked( maybe 5 casual this season). Now I am able to access my profile and the app is great!
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4 years ago, MR.SMlLES
Great app but the ads are absurd
I don’t know if this is just my phone but every time I use this app I’m bombarded with ads and every time I click the X to get out another one pops up. I get you guys are trying to make money but there are to many pop ups at lea Tess make them stay at the bottom of the screen
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6 years ago, Random Pebble
Best App EVER 1 Problem Though
I love this app soooo much! It’s the most useful Rainbow Six app I’ve ever used! The only problem is that you can’t see how much renown you have. To most people that wouldn’t be very important but it is to me! If you could add that, this would literally be the coolest thing! I highly recommend this app to all Rainbow Six players!!! Great job!!! 😁😄♥️
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5 years ago, Dleveque
One problem but not that serious
I have only one problem and that’s that I don’t know how accurate the stats are and I hope that they make a update that with the operators it is just like how the real game is organized and that if you haven’t used a operator then they’ll make it a black transparent.
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4 years ago, Flipping flopper
A very useful app
This is probably one of the best stat trackers for R6 and it’s has a very appealing art style to the app. The only problem I can say about it is that the loading times are sort of long but I can understand why, also I want there to be a tab for unranked so I can keep track of my stats better
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6 years ago, Glad2015
Fantastic stat tracker!
This app has given me the best experience for tracking my stats compared to any other app. It’s fast, the ads aren’t intrusive, and it shows me the most accurate stats (and it lets you compare against friends and other players!) and I just haven’t had any problems with it
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5 years ago, Drew Flew
Please Fix this Issue
You get to favorite players and when you go on the list of favorites and click there name the app crashes. I’m on iPhone 8+ and this issue is annoying because I don’t want to research there gamer tag again. I want to put them on my favorites and click there name and pop up their stats.
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5 years ago, Mason is Jackal
Great App but...
I just don’t understand how the time played works, I’m in America so it might be using a different type of way to tell time but if the hours are on the right and minutes are on left why do minutes reach 70? If I understood it then there would be no other problems.
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6 years ago, j0j0.
Inaccurate information.
Not updated. My stats are the same from months ago. I recently played and had about (at least) 30 kills overall, with minimal deaths. My kd is the same, my wl is the same, my matches played are the same, however, my level is the only thing that has changed. It says I’m a level 8, but I’ve only played 3 matches(?). That is practically impossible, so please fix it. :)
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10 months ago, best app yay
Huge problem or bug
When I was signing up it kept on saying server error until I logged in the the account I just made. Also when I search my self up it showed someone else with the same name :/ I know it was someone else because their k/d was .23 and it said my profile was not found so. Yeah basically useless. Sorry
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3 years ago, sndnenam
I’ve been using this app since it came out and loved it but... the sheer amount of ads that have been added makes the app unusable. There’s a video ad ever 10 seconds. You can’t even type someone’s name in without getting an ad while doing so and when that name is entered you get another one before even looking for a few seconds and so on. Please reduce the amount of ads I’m not saying none just reduce it I understand you need profit....
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4 years ago, shfhfjfnxjdndjf
Really enjoy the app
The app has this great aesthetic to it and you are able to do what it says you can do easily the only thing I would change is change the app face (what it looks like on the home screen) to match the same aesthetic as the app to me the app face looks a little tacky
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4 years ago, Flows is cute FN
This app is absolutely amazing I find everything I need, the one thing though is that there aren’t a section for maps I think it would be ten times better with maps otherwise this app is amazing.
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4 years ago, Gigantic Redman
Love the app... There is a bug
R6 Tracker is the best app I’ve used to lookup my kd and such. But i have one problem. The ai that reads everything doesn’t work. It keeps popping up unable to read writing. I don’t know if it is my camera or something but i would like to use that feature. See ya!q
Show more
5 years ago, Logan8torH
Very Useful!
I like this app a lot because it helps me understand how I can better myself in the game. I aso really appreciate that the developer made a website for the app. The only problem is that the app crashes each time I try to use the compare feature
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4 years ago, KILLCYCLE09
This app is good but...
When the app first was starting up I thought it was really cool and great way to keep track of and compare stats with friends. But it’s very quickly declining. After every search I make there is an ad, that and I can’t load my career stats on the favorites tab. I go to search myself or my friends and nothing will happen until the app freaks out and crashes.
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2 years ago, hesijq
App is garbage
The only reason this app gets 1 star is because it certainly does its job and shows you the stats for your last few games and your own stats as well, but the constant ads, server errors, and bugs I have to go through to even see someone else’s stats is exhausting. I tried to use this app multiple times to see if it got better but it just didn’t. I’m annoyed of this app enough to actually write a review about it.
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