Raaga - Songs & Podcasts

4.2 (4.3K)
78.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Raaga - Songs & Podcasts

4.18 out of 5
4.3K Ratings
5 years ago, Tennis-b-dogs
Very good app
I like this app better than Saavn on the price point of view but saavn interface and search capabilities are definitely better. I moved out of Saavn and using the pro version of this app since few months. Enjoying this so far.
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5 years ago, classicalFusion
Good collection but BAD delivery
Iam impressed by the collection you have but I have been disappointed since the beginning of this app. Every year I subscribe with the hope that it would improve but always end disappointed. The Indian Classical and fusion is your strength but since your app literally crashes I had to look for alternatives. I found Twaang and soundCloud heavy on Indian Classical. So not sure if you at Raaga would care but thought I should let you folks know.
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5 years ago, GannuMan
Excellent app
Excellent, lot of new features have been added recently, including kids rhymes, my little loves listening to these rhymes, for me it works good as she does not need to watch screen, other thing favorite collections are being released frequently, over all a great app. I love it, keep up the good work folks!!!
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6 years ago, vijayasimha
Buggy APP
Crashes almost every time you play a song, when you use the offline feature and your phone is not connected to internet the app won't open(in this context what is the point of downloading the files and going offline???) Most of the functionality doesn't seem to work all the time. 1. Button clicks doesn't work 2. The app won't go back to previous screen 3. It keeps playing the song even if you pause.
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4 years ago, Saravanant11
Better app
New to iPhone. Found this app better for hearing online songs. Better streaming. Can improve public playlist and easy adding of songs to wish list. Great collection of Tamil songs
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6 years ago, Myag75
no latest albums
I did not find latest songs found on iTunes and Gaana+ here. App interface is not intuitive. You can either play all songs in a playlist or only one song from the playlist. Typically if you pick a song in a playlist then it should continue to the next song but the app does not support such basic feature.
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2 years ago, subrahmanyam Kottamasu
My opinion
Poor website and app. Not user friendly. Hard to stop the subscription. Getting renewed with out customer acceptance. New Telugu songs are very rare.
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6 years ago, Mathan Nagaraj
Improved app
I like this new app, got lot of good features when you sign in with an account. If they keep doing improvements more users will join and willing to pay.
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5 years ago, SanthiArjun
Can’t view my playlist
Hi, It was working fine all these days. Last 2 weeks it I can’t see the songs in the playlist or if I add the songs in the queue I couldn’t view. Please help to solve this issue. TIA
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6 years ago, Raka89
Nowhere Premium
I am trying out premium but whenever I try to access files thru offline mode app crashes and wont open again unless I connect to wifi. Sometimes my downloaded files wont show up in offline mode. When I click support/chat nothing opens. I feel this is a important feature for premium
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5 years ago, harsri
Good collections
Raaga has very good collection of songs. Sometimes they group songs based on our playlist, which is a great option. If they improve search options, it would be great
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5 years ago, govmda
The songs selection is good. Need to improve the clarity especially with Telugu old songs. Other than hiss noise and etc the original sound track shouldn’t be disturbed.
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5 years ago, Jaggu_bhai
Annoying pop-up taking to purchase subscription window
App used to be great. I paid for an year subscription last year however every time I launch app, it forces to purchase window again and several times I got lucky to close that pop-up. But couple of times it Bought again and again. DUMB. Annoying is the premium member support email. Non responsive.
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5 years ago, Sivajankan
Good collection
App freezes often while starting
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5 years ago, Rik@3
Waste of Money to buy premium version
Very bad user interface and doesn't have whole collection of new songs I got an email asking for whether I want to update my rating after using for few more weeks. Yes, for sure... I am changing my rating from 2 stars to 1 star. I don't know what tempted me to buy the premium version, but I think I wasted money on it for sure.
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6 years ago, Vara1608
Lots of bugs
As a premium user I feel the app is not worth it... If you have by any chance used Apple Music.. then you would feel this app is a joke... The user interface is not friendly.. the button press does not have any response sometimes.. Apple Tv search is a joke.. try it out..
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7 months ago, sams veteran
Subscription issue
I subscribe to this and it is more than 12 hrs it is not showing me as subscribed member. One more thing missing is lyrics the other apps display lyrics also along with song ..
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5 years ago, PraveenNair
Overall good
Sometime play all does not work, it stops after just one song
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6 years ago, Hareesh chowdary
Rather than concentrating on updates. Try to fix the bugs. Which will help for better user experience. App closes very frequently Stops playing the song without doing anything. Plays other album songs even if you go to album and play that album songs
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6 years ago, ping.pentium
Offline doesn’t work
App crashes for every song when played offline. Shuffle turns on for every song and I need to turn it off every song. Songs don’t play one after another in offline mode. It complains about network after every song and stops there then the app crashes
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3 years ago, Balu K
Wonderful Indian music app
Have been using this for 10 or more years. Have been really good and reliable.
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5 years ago, Rajsekhar
Charged me but no downloads available
The moment I opened the app, the app prompted to purchase and I accidentally continued, further after the purchase I keep getting message that my subscription is expired. I sent an email to Raaga team but no response till date. I request Apple to refund me with no luck. App is misleading. Stay away. Thanks.
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2 years ago, RAMAKT
Excellent App
With all levels and all time music, allowing to create favorite music collection. Really great app. Thanks to raaga .
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5 years ago, Narendra1981
Highly disappointed
I am very disappointed with the performance of this App. Download doesn’t work, it simply crashes. The only reason I subscribed was to listen the music offline but it’s not working. No response from the customer care in spite of sending few complaints. Won’t recommend.
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5 years ago, Phani krishna
Great App for music lovers
I am using this app every day in my car while going and coming from office.
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6 years ago, Techkarthiks
Good collection of songs with lots of bugs in the app
Unable to access the player controls on iPhone 5s, because of screen design. Controls are going beyond the screen resolution and app doesn't provide a way to scroll. Randomly hangs.
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3 years ago, Ignaramus
Great plan awful execution
Frustratingly buggy.. Won't auto play next song. And out of no where you playlist goes missing
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4 years ago, guruprasadb
Worst ever app in my whole mobile phone experience
Always crashes, no new songs at all. Its a waste app. Dont know why i have paid for this. Trying to contact the support from past 6 months but nobody responds to the messages in support. Please dont buy the subscriptions. This is the worst app.
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5 years ago, selvanatarajan
Dead slow and crashes very frequently.
This app is total crap nowadays, When I opened this app and trying to play some songs... that’s it... app will not respond and crash... even though it opened good, I had to press the play button more than 10 times to play a song... Raaga awake please.
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4 years ago, Kamal079
Nice app for Indian songs
I like the hd quality of several new songs and the collections
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5 years ago, haridhiraj
Worst collection for a paid service
I bought the service and after 2 days could not find the singers and songs or latest songs.. really need collection update
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5 years ago, Prof.NVS
Superb Collection of Front-line Artists! One of my favorite sites.
Please continue to provide us good programs .
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6 years ago, Shra1r
Major overhaul needed
Except for the 90’s collection there is nothing in this app. Worst app. Crashes for every song. I don’t understand the offline mode, it needs internet to play the songs. No continuous play option. Crashes every now and then. Please improve the app.
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3 years ago, tr atl ga
I like the radio app and listen to some beautiful songs.
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5 years ago, BoTh M
Crashing a lot
I recently upgraded, every time I open app it is stating that to manage subscription go to setting and if I click ok then it pops up transaction failed. From past two days the app is crashing a lot and not even opening up.
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5 years ago, ColorsToLife
Forcing user to purchase subscription
On launching of app, the subscription/payment screen is shown automatically. If your Touch ID is enabled and thump is on home button for making the app to background, then it would charge the user without his consent. Bad user experience!!!!
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6 years ago, intxguy
Do not buy premium
I have been asking them to cancel the premium subscription, but they do not respond back to you. The only way to reach them is thru their email or chat, which most of the time says chat is away and no response to email.
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6 years ago, Flying jet
Content is good but it is very buggy. App crashes on iOS whenever you click on play all button.
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5 years ago, Paddy-S
Unscrupulous app
Inadvertently updated apps and may have clicked on a song inside the app. Next thing I know I have a $20 a year subscription that I will be stuck with for a year later!! Is there a way to do this more transparently with an explicit confirmation? I am sure there is.
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5 years ago, AnbinPeriyal
Latest version can trick you into paying
The latest version of Raaga pops payment screen when you open the app. If you have accidentally place your fingerprint on the home button you will end up paying
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7 years ago, t p krishnakantha
Devotional songs
Increase devotional song collection Further Include more Carnatic musicians albums Enjoying listening to the collection
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5 years ago, Ravi@Chicago
Good collections... offline feature is a great plus
Really nice app to use during daily commute and your me time.
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5 years ago, srikk_is
Auto Closes
After App was downloaded and registered, it promoted for a premium purchase when declined and started to use the free version the app auto closes. Looks no premium purchase no music. Why do advertise as a free app when you want premium version to be purchased?
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5 years ago, chaitanyau
Good app
Enjoying the music. Saving and creating playlist is easy.
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5 years ago, Bluemoon4u
Trying to bill automatically
This app is trying to charge $20 every time I open it by trying to authenticate with the touch ID/ face ID. If I want premium I should be making that purchase consciously. Don't try to sneak it automatically every time app is opening 😠
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5 years ago, Cmitta
A timely source for music on the go with good choices. Needs improvement with crashes.
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5 years ago, Somu.A
Needs lot of bug fix
I am trying to click top theee suggestions and I don’t see it playing Also, it comes with only two options (enjoy/rate later) while rating. Honestly, I don’t like the app but no option to say I am not liking this app
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5 years ago, Sunshinefl123
My favorite app!
Raaga brings us all flavors of music from home land . Great app and streaming quality if very good.
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5 years ago, KamalBala
App crashes often
The app is not stable in online mode. Getting crashed often
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1 year ago, OK Disc
Audio Language
Reason why most dont like Raaga is of its poor User interface. Cant change audio language, even after selecting it goes back to tamil. 90% of time app crashes.
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