Race Of Champions

4.1 (20)
318.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
5 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Race Of Champions

4.05 out of 5
20 Ratings
10 years ago, MoyerBoyz
I love the game and all nut there are some cars and tracks i can not access on any mode, because it will crash every time on certain tracks like all of them except london or the first one. PLEASE FIX... Besides that i highly recommend the game its fun for what i can play
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4 years ago, fusinxgamer
Best racing game of 2020
I have a idea you can add stock cars like when Kurt Busch was in race of champions and can you add more tracks and more cars .
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5 years ago, Max lol exe
Game is very easy and nice
Graphics is amazing and more beautiful
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6 years ago, CelticEddieL
Game no longer works after IOS 12 update
Your game is now useless. It no longer works. Please take it off the App Store since you are still charging to download it.
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3 years ago, a normal Chinese
The game is good,but REMEMBER THIS:Hong Kong is not a country!!! Hong Kong belongs to China!!!This is why I’ve given you only one star.
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12 years ago, CrashAndBurn100
Better than Real Racing because...
First of all I got this app on sale for 99cents. I had been looking at this app for a while. I have an ipad 1 and It runs really smoothly on it;I was really surprised. The game loads up quick and has a 3d menu similar to real racing 2. It seems like the developers come out with new tracks and cars very regulary. even though this app may not have as many cars or tracks as RR2, it is a lot more real. First of all, the event acually happens in real life. Secondly, the handling of the cars is a lot better than RR2. What I hated about RR2 was that you would drift out of control sooooooooo easily it was annoying. But in this game you rarely drift (although you can and the engine makes this cool sound like its loosing traction). This app acuallty does have visual damages, but it is limited to the front bumper and the back bumper like RR2. the one thing this game needs is MORE BODY ROLL on the cars. They look like english people playing soccer. Other than that this game is great an I highly suggest picking it up. oh, there is a review that says the bejing courses are too skinny, well they arn't so yah. oh, the graphics are just as good as RR2 (real racing 2)
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13 years ago, Lord Pickleton
Go to their website for changes.
If you want them to add or change something please go to their website and email them, or go to their twitter. Race of Champions is a game any racing lover should get. Although the visuals aren't better than Real Racing 2 it doesn't mean it is not as good. At first I wasn't that good at the controls, but like every other game you just need to get used to it. I was a little disappointed that the game didn't have a cockpit view since the game is based on an actual racing competition; but that didn't harm my playing experience. They will put multiplayer and more cars soon, so this game will get even better than what it is right now. Email them if you want them to add or change anything.
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12 years ago, Johnger1234
Good game better in car camera graphics
I like this game. It has pretty good graphics. I don't think it has quite as high quality graphics as real racing. I like driving using the in car camera view the best. Although there are 2 different in car views it is not very detailed at all. There is no dash board view/steering wheel, etc. and no driver view point as in Real Racing. Also in Real Racing you see the frame of the car from the inside just like you are driving from inside the car. In Real Racing these added graphic elements add to the realism of the game a lot. The sound effects I think are pretty good in this game.
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12 years ago, App Reviewer4178
Not For Casual Arcade Racers
I prefer racing sims that are as realistic as possible, so this game is exactly what I love to play. You will be challenged with this one. The Championship mode does not have a lot of depth but I love trying to improve my best lap ranking against others. If this game crashes on you, it's because your hardware cannot handle the high-def graphics of this beautiful racing sim. I have a 4S iPhone and have not experienced any problems yet. I do not have any regrets about paying $4.99 for it. If you prefer realistic racing sims, this is a must, along with Firemint's Real Racing. (And there are no in-game purchase annoyances!)
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12 years ago, NateCG94
Isnt angry birds
This game is great for gamers or someone who wants to keep at it for a while. I have multiple racers, but this one is the most unique and for me sometimes the most frustrating. Im glad to hear more cars are on the way, even though I've only had the game for 3 days, I always like more. I would have to compare them, but the graphics might just be better if not at the least jut as good as real racing. The off-road track parts are incredibly well made and look fantastic. BOTTOM LINE!! If your a racing fan, get this, period!!
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13 years ago, Techguru89
Best racing game!
After reading the reviews I was on the edge about buying this game. This game is more than amazing!! The graphics are top notch. Easily comparable with real racing 2. The controls are outstanding. Don't listen to those complaining about the controls they obviously don't know how to go into settings and tweak it to their liking. It could use a few more cars and tracks, but it sounds like that is well on its was the more people buy and play it.
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12 years ago, epic21
Great racing game...but
Great sense of speed, and the tight courses are awesome. However, with tight courses like these you need lightning quick response from the controls. Turning is fine, but there is a serious delay of about 1/2 a second when hitting the gas or hitting the brakes. This results in bad cornering if not compensated for. I'm running this on the iPhone 4s and it's soooo close to being soooo good. It could compete with the big boys of iOS if this was smoothed out. Now let's just see if the developers will listen...
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13 years ago, digs800
Keep the updates coming!
Much improved gameplay! This game gets better and better, I cant wait to see what's next! VERY FUN. Just like real auto-cross it takes a little getting used to, but once you get the feel it's a blast!
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13 years ago, Dandraffbal
Real Racing 2?
No!!! This is WAY, WAY better than RR2. The cars handle and feel more real, and I love xcross racing. Graphics are amazing! The screenshots almost don't do it justice. Doing time trials against of people's ghost (other real people) is surprisingly fun, and you don't feel like dirt when you lose to their ghost (no one actually sees you fail). The only thing that I didn't like were the racing controls with the gyro. You almost need to use it because it feels like they handicapped the other control styles. In the end, this game SHINES! Plus, it has the x-bow... Nuf' said. Well worth the $5. 9.6/10
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13 years ago, 0'Doyle
Fantastic start, already highly polished
Visually stunning! So good looking, in fact, I'd have a tough time deciding between this and Real Racing 2 HD as to which has the better graphics. In the world of mobile racing sims, that's about as high a compliment than can be paid. TL:DR This looks incredible! Engine noise is actually far better than RR2. RoC's engines sound throaty and sexy, like a racing exhaust should. Only downside is the deadzone in accelerometer steering, but you get used to it quickly. Fantastic effort, easily worth the $5. Can't wait to see this sim evolve!
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9 years ago, The dog is beast224245
The game was good until the notifications. At first was like come and race, but one day it said your wife is pregnant and I started to get scared. Then these two men in suits started following me around and when I got home there was a dead lady in my bathroom. Don't buy its cursed! Hahahahahaha!jk its awesome
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12 years ago, 10DegreesFlap
Perfect Grip?
Love the game except for one glaring issue. The tires on these cars seem to have perfect grip! No matter what type of race course you are on, the cars don't slide/spin….as if they have perfect grip. Hope to see some drifting action… especially on dirt and wet roads!
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12 years ago, Canon young
Plz load it's been forever I haven't even played it
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8 years ago, Tacoman14254
One of the best iOS racing games to date.
This game is just amazing. The graphics are great, there are no crashes, and the car selection is good. I can't find anything wrong with this game.
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13 years ago, T-dub420
Pleasantly surprised, it might not have a ton of cars or tracks.. But it has more then enough for the style of the game. It has an awesome sense of realism, the tracks are very well designed and the online system they have is working wonders, especially for someone who usually doesn't touch the online play. Keep it up invictus, I think you guys found your nook this time, 'cause this is much better then 4X4/Truck jam. (those are both very fun tho) :)
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11 years ago, Ummidkbutyeah
Very good game
It took a few hours to get used to the controls but its very realistic and an all around fun game but for some reason multiplayer doesn't work well
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12 years ago, Shih Tzu is best!
Love ROC
I love the game now don't get me wrong but can we get Daytona inter national speedway the circle track for The stock cars? P.S. Watch USA NASCAR racing at Daytona so you know what I am talking about but I would pay even more for online racing like USA nascar
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12 years ago, APD_
Race car
Race car is to big for the track I cannot turn with it and on Bejing track the third turn on lane 2 is too small I cannot really fit my car through without losing the race I get sooo ticked off with this!!!FIX IT!!!
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11 years ago, Tako_Kami
Backwards step
This game was great before this last update. The steering is now extremely artificial. It doesn't turn enough at first and then it starts turning too much. This only gets worse as the sensitivity is turned up. This needs to be fixed otherwise I will be deleting this game.
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12 years ago, Speedy kit
Can't even play it!!!!!
I asked my dad to download the app but it did'nt work so when he downloaded the the lite version it did'nt work it's very easy to explain first of all 1.I taped on the app the usual way toget an app working 2.it turns onto the beginning page of the app for about 1 second then goes back to the main menu IT'S AN OUTRAGE!!!!!!!
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12 years ago, AlertedMoose
This thing crashes right when I start running the app
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12 years ago, Brookelyn111
Better Controls, Gameplay, ect.
This game could be great, however it needs way better controls (if you like total control like I do, the half steering wheel is horrible, and invisible floating gas and brake are hard to find in a pinch), needs a better more attractive interface, more dynamic gameplay, retina support, ect...
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13 years ago, k0tt0n
Average racer
This game seems unfinished to me. Not enough cars, handling is awful, and sound just isn't right, graphics are ok. I'd say handling is the wort part about this game. So how can you call this better than real racing 2? Nothing about this game is better.
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12 years ago, Tower defense maniac
With its very smart graphics and tight sense of control i would recommend this racer.
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9 years ago, Muscle runner
It's good
This game has fun tracks and cars its a very reliable game if your a car enthusias then you should get this game.
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13 years ago, Quinnland
Great Portable Racer
Beautiful graphics and is very accessible; my son was able to pick it up and win the first championship by himself! Great game.
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10 years ago, Lukejohnsonracing
Amazing game
My dad and me love playing with each other,out of all it's great game
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13 years ago, ByronBK5
About Race Of champions
I Bought Race Of Champions for My Apple iPhone 4 32GB & I Love The App Video Game from your Costumer Byron. :)
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13 years ago, iPhone 6k
Very FUN game
Love this game, very nice graphics, keeps me busy for good long time. Can't stop playing. THANK YOU!
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11 years ago, Zhalne
Great game good graphics, and cars. Update some more and add more features cars, race modes.
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13 years ago, Gonjanr
Excellent graphics, super entertaining...I can't stop playing this game !! Good job !!!!!
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12 years ago, Masshound1
Five stars for sure. What else can I say
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12 years ago, trip1970
Started out good but I unlocked the 3rd track and now it freezes and crashes.
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11 years ago, Joaquin 1234567890000887653
Amazing game
Extremely realistic great graphics.
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13 years ago, WileyBill
Haven't Even Played It
This game crashes in my 3rd gen every time it tries to load, so I can't even play it. Please fix this. That's the only reason that I have right now to give it one star.
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12 years ago, DpMad
It is a very fun, realistic racing game.
This game is great...it looks cool, sounds cool, plays cool.
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13 years ago, arnoho
Best racer on iPad!
Can't wait for more content
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12 years ago, Pro on the snow
Great game
Really fun great graphics
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12 years ago, siberian7
Unfair app development
Why would you essentially duplicate the game and charge us again? Double purchase for this and "world" version. Terrible business practice.
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12 years ago, RhinoMan2112
Crashes as soon as it starts, disappointed I just wasted an un-refundable $3.00.. Will update with better review if they can fix this
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13 years ago, ESSENCE:
great gameplay, fantastic graphic, nice sound! amazing game! buy this now!!
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10 years ago, Dkffjfvjdvjycbj
very good game!!!!!!!
I think that it was a very good idea for a game
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13 years ago, afcomser
Fun Little Rally Cross Game
Graphics are Great, Online Gameplay fun, good potentail.
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13 years ago, moellerm
Awesome game!!!!!!
The game is so addicting! and The graphics are amazing!!!!BUY THIS GAME!!!!!!!
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13 years ago, Etonamore!!!!!!!
Won't open
Crashes everytime I try to open it
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