Racing Penguin: Slide and Fly!

4.4 (10.8K)
141.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Wildlife Inc
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Racing Penguin: Slide and Fly!

4.39 out of 5
10.8K Ratings
4 years ago, OK seems awesome
Love IT
This game is awesome. I really like it it has challenges you get like fish to help you speed up. And why is it so awesome? Because I like the advertisement of it. And it has a lot of levels so you won’t have to run out and delete the app. The only flaw about this game is that there is none. It is amazing it cures your boredom and you never get bored of it there’s just new Levels and islands . So you should get it now and not think about not getting it! If you want some thing in the cure your boredom is fun never runs out of levels and you never have to delete it this is the game. Mary Sue
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3 years ago, 🥜🦔Pnut the hedgehog🦔🥜
Ok game, but....
So this game is very fun. The game itself is awesome. The graphics are great, the concept is fun, and it’s not too easy like a lot of games are. HOWEVER, two things really annoy me: (1) I understand that developers have to make money off their games. I tolerate ads. But not thirty second ads MULTIPLE TIMES A GAME! And everything is STUPID expensive. I could understand paying a few dollars for extras. I cannot understand a $7.99 a month subscription for an offline game! It gives you less ads and like, 3 skins that make the game easier and therefore boring. And (2), nothing changes in this game. I first had it when I was about 4. I recently re-downloaded it to see what had changed in the game. Nothing. Not one single thing had changed, except it had more ads. This game would be way more fun if there were more options (and even if the VIP options were free it would still need more), but it’s still fun now and I would recommend getting it if you’re ok with ads and don’t need to be able to customize (or are ok with spending $8 a month on this game but I mean).
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6 years ago, BattySoda
Only got it cause it was at the dentists office
So the game was on the Ipads at our family dentists and the kids loved it. So we downloaded it and so far it's just a cute lil game to play around with and level up. There are different levels, different penguins in costumes and plenty of little fish to eat. Lol. It's a cute game to pass the time with and that's all I the kids want it for. My kids cant get enough off it and fight over who gets to play with the the Ipad more. It's great! Enjoy a cute time consuming, mind numbing game? Then this here might just be for you! Surfing across your screen, and the world, these adorable penguins are sure to win you over as you help them escape the evil bear. Cute, addicting, and easy to get lost in the rhythm of the game. You might say "I'll just play one level real quick while I wait", and then... Boom next thing you know 2 minutes turned into 2 HOURS!!! MOUAH HA AHAHAHA HA (insert evil laughter here. Lol) Enjoy the time voids that this game creates! It's great and fun! TTYL!
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7 years ago, Octopusesarebae
Was a great app until.....
Racing penguin was a great app overall, you could play with friends or try to beat your own high score. It was fun, thrilling and you got a good feeling every time you beat someone. You could change penguins but for real money which was why this app got -1 star. The penguins were ridiculously expensive, although you could end up earning a five to ten dollar gift card to use. All was well with the game until I went on it one day, the app took a long time to load and when I got into the app I immediately went to multi-player to update my games. The games updated half way and the app kicked me out, I figured it was a glitch so I opened it again and it kicked me out. I restarted my phone, deleted the app then downloaded it again, and even looked for an update... but there was nothing. I do not recommend this app anymore, and if they fix the glitch and please please fix the glitch!!! Then I would recommend it. But for the time being don't download it, it's a waste of space that you can't even use.
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11 months ago, Walawigis
Best game
So this is is the best game I’ve ever played and brings a lot of memories to me from when I played it back then. I have so much fun getting the little penguin to the end so the polar bear doesn’t catch me and it’s just an amazing fun simple game for everyone to play!! I would highly recommend it to anyone who has a soul and tell them how great of a game it is because it is one of the most greatest games ever and I would let anyone who has phone know what this game is and tell them to download instantly or I would threaten them and let them know I have their family locked in my basement and I plan on doing sinister things to them until they download this game and soon they get addicted as well as I did or else I will brutally slaughter their entire family and erase them from the earth so they have no identity and doesn’t exist and they have no choice but to become homeless.
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4 years ago, boxypenguin7000
Fun game, but...
Too many ads. I just noticed today that they got past my ad blocker and now there’s an ad every 2 games. Not just normal length ads, long 30 second ones. That means that now I spend more time watching ads than I do playing the game. Apps should not try to bypass ad blockers. You would be paying money to block ads but then they get past and all the money spent on an ad blocker becomes useless. Please fix this to not get past my ad blocker, thanks. Also, all someone has to do to easily beat the game for free is come back every day for daily boost fish. I am now stuck doing a multiplayer game every 4 days or so. Please fix this. Edit: I read another review and it sounds like you just have to set the day ahead one day in your settings a bunch of times, and it gives you the daily fish multiple times on the same day. Also, I think the ridiculous amount of ads that now gets past ad blockers has caused everyone to quit, because now nobody ever plays back my games on multiplayer anymore.
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2 years ago, ǝsoɹ ɐʌɐ
Waste of downloading
So I wanted to re download this app because I remembered it being pretty fun a couple years ago. But when I first opened the app and tried to play a level, an add immediately popped up. This wasn’t just a 2 second ad but an entire 30 second one. I know it’s crucial for apps to play adds but come on, an add and I haven’t even played the game yet? And this isn’t only a one time thing, every 2-3 levels you play, an ad pops up and many of the experiences I’ve had with the longer ones, they glitch out or they completely stop the game causing me to close the app and re open it to get another add at the start. When it gives you the choice to watch an ad either for a second chance or for a reward, half of the time it doesn’t even work and I have to close the app. Overall the concept is pretty simple and it’s ok but the ads on here are crazy. I wouldn’t recommend this if you think you would get tired of an ad every 3 minutes
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8 years ago, SquiffyNarwal
RacePenguin Game
I very much enjoy this game! I think it is very fun but sometimes the levels are very hard. Sadly, when I cannot get past a level, I have to delete the app! Even though that may happen, it is still such a magnificent game to play! It's very amusing to go on this app when you are bored or just for fun! You should also add more costumes/characters for the penguin and maybe change up the bear for each game! Example: for Antarctica you could have him all bundled up. I quite think that this game is simply fantastic. Therefore, I rate it 5 stars!
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2 years ago, thisnamecantbetaken#
Please read before buying
Overall this game is fun and entertaining. But the one thing that drives me nuts is the in app purchases. Basically whenever you open the app is goes straight to an add. Than when you finish a level it has a whole bunch of penguins that you can buy (not with game money. With real money.) that’s pretty much it. But if you don’t want in app purchases you don’t want this game.
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5 years ago, Eden6775
I downloaded this game for my 4 year old nephew to play and while it was fun for him. I would pay a one time fee for the game but I am unwilling to pay $7.99 PER WEEK to watch a penguin slide up and down hills. I mean who is this worth it for? I am still in the trial period( with six days remaining) but it is darn near impossible to cancel. The game is not showing up in my subscriptions, perhaps because I haven’t actually purchased it yet. But then their webpage says you cannot cancel during a subscription. SERIOUSLY ??????? This is irritating as H.E. double hockey sticks. Much props to whoever came up with this scam but I will NOT be conned out my hard earned money for this crap so game developers, please add a number or give people a credible way of getting out of this trap you’ve set.
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1 year ago, donuts:3
memories :)
i was just scrolling through the app store when i saw this game pop up and i gasped out of joy i’m so happy to find this game after years the last time i played it.I used to play this game when i was like 3 till 5 and i’m so happy i found it after all these years cause i still thought about this game and how it was doing i’m so glad i scrolled to it it just made my night full of nostalgia and memories 🙁☺️😊⭐️
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7 years ago, Samantha caudill/love it!
I don't get it.
So I was playing the game-trust me it's fun but on level eight on rainbow,I was playing and I tried and tried to get to the finish line, and I relized why I could not get there. THE BEAR Is Faster than me. Iv tried soooooo many times wasted all my fish, wAsted my confedence, and I really thing this game is a ripoff. Only on the one level.I also have one more issue. On multieplayer I searche up my little sister and it sayed that there was no such thing.😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡. I really was looking forward to racing her. This is not a bad game I have lots of fun playing it it's just the two things I mentioned.
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5 years ago, goofyfid
Subcripton based and not worth it
When i downloaded this app i was looking for a game my daughter could play for maybe an half an hour. Little did i know that i started a subscription that would charge me $8.50 a week! This went on for several months before i noticed and by that time it had cost me a couple hundred dollars. No way would i have done this willingly. The app will trick you into starting this prescription or your kid could easily click on it without you knowing. Who would pay a subscription rate of $8.50 a week for this game?! There’s nothing to it! She played for maybe a half hour and got bored.
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2 years ago, GTrashy
Too Many Ads
I used to play this when I was younger and absolutely loved it but coming back to this to relive that I was kinda disappointed what with the amount of ads it plays after ever 2 or so levels. Even just pressing the replay button to redo a level causes an ad to play and gets annoying really quickly when seeing an ad echa time I wanna play the same level. Again, great game just wish there wasn’t as many ads.
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6 years ago, Katybug579
I bought the super penguin, the wizard penguin and the fun mode penguin! I also finished all the levels in every biome and also got 24 stars on each biome. Now all I play is multiplayer. Also, I don't like the new update they just added. Now I can only play multiplayer 3 times a day which is annoying. It's boring not being able to unlock levels anymore. That's why I rate this only 4 stars.
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10 months ago, PastaLoverExtremeMasterPro8839
Fun at first but it gets stupid
I had this game as a kid and it was a normal game then. just like every other game they filled it with tons of purchases and ads. it’s too easy at first then gets to almost impossible, if you want a game that you have to be precise to beat it’s fun, but personally that’s not what i think mobile games should be for. If you mess up on some parts in hawaii levels, you will literally get stuck and soft locked as your penguin goes up and down. TLDR; The game gets too rediculous with ads, and you have to be perfect with every tap on the later levels
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5 years ago, An Amazing Old Game
Wow a pure OG game
I used to play this game when I was about 3 and I remember loving the game but after a couple of years I completely forgot how great the game was so I found it again and so I re downloaded it and understood why I loved the game it’s so fun and the hole entire game just flows extremely well I would recommend this game for parents of younger kids I love this game and I would show it to anyone!!!
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7 years ago, Wobibby123456789
Doesn't Work
This game could be fun, but it isn't because it doesn't work. My penguin always goes down, even when I'm not even touching it. Therefore, I cannot play. Also, I tried doing multiplayer, to see if that would work, and my screen turned black. This probably won't happen to all of you, but here's your warning. Good thing it's free.
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2 months ago, Roblox so trashy
Best game ever!
This game is awesome and actually fun to play. When I was little my Grandma would let me play on her phone. The only game she had on her phone was this game. Me and my brother would have so much fun playing this and I’m so glad I found it again. This game has plenty of actual hard levels and plenty of maps to unlock.
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4 years ago, evasi0n_78
It kept saying I lost
Hello the person who’s reading this should know, Once you play this game you’ll love it! But the thing that kept bothering was that when I got high scores it would show lower timings then what it was regularly before. Here’s an example: Regular timing 16.1 sec *me finishing and setting a record 14.2 sec* After I look at the time it says new time 13.0! And this made me frustrated and delete the app. If there is a way you can fix this as an update please do thank you!
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3 years ago, Willows aesthetics
Only OG’s have played this game as a kid loving it
It’s just nostalgic I love this game so much I still have it on my second generation iPad it’s so old that I can’t connect the iPad to WiFi or it will automatically update old forever I’m keeping it old forever this game brings back memories I’ve always loved this game u guys created something great!
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1 year ago, the best christian app ever
This game is amazing!! And I mean it! I never get tired of it, it has amazing skins, and is just overall fun to spend my time with! The only problem, if I even had to pick one, would be the unexpected ads. They pop up out of nowhere! It gets annoying after a while... but overall is an AWESOME game!
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7 years ago, Onmywaytolondon
So this polar bear...
That polar bear is straight up crazy. He straight up chased a penguin to a desert which obviously meant he would have died there but he didn't so he decides to go up a rainbow. Seriously, who in the right mind will go up a rainbow so he can catch a penguin he ate like ten million times, but really, this game is the most lit addictive quality game you can get out there.
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3 years ago, DaniYoko
Good until...
PLEASE READ THIS!!!!!!! I AM NOT ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE THAT LIES ABOUT THIS STUFF!!!!!!! This was a great game when I was like 7. I loved it. I decided to download it again to see if I still liked it. I opened the game and it kicked me off!!!!!!! I tried it again same thing happened. Again I tried and again. I finally deleted it then downloaded it again and the same thing happened. I don't know what happened. Please fix it the glitch.
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7 months ago, Mouse maze is trash
This game is so fun! I could play it all day long. It’s such an OG game and one of my favorite parts is the bear. It put stress on you and that’s what make the game a lot more fun. The only thing that I would change are the ads, that ads are SO annoying. I sometimes die on purpose just to see the bear but every time I die on purpose I get an ad and it ruins that for me 😖😂
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2 years ago, nick_9128372
It’s- okay?
The early levels of this game are rather easy, and the polar bear is at a understandable speed when chasing the penguin, or the player for the matter. Although in later stages this gets more challenging, near to impossible. I’m on the rainbow stage currently and the polar bear always catches up, no matter how many fish I collect, or even how fast I go, the bear always catches up. Ive been reading other reviews and the same problem occurred. The bear mechanic needs to be fixed.
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6 years ago, Zonker1992
Very impossible
I’m currently on level 8 of Rainbow, I’ve tried countless times (over 30 tries) and the bear is just way to fast, the farthest I’ve gotten on that level is from 71%-94%. I actually have a video of me trying like 15 times, but every time I fail, such a good game until level 8 of rainbow, I would not recommend this game to younger children, as it is impossible on level 8 of rainbow, now on to the good stuff, the prices for the penguins are absolutely ridiculous, 7.99 per week??? Heck no!!
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7 years ago, Slaying savage 1st
This app is great for everyone who can keep from not spending a ton of money on different penguin suits!!!its ridiculous on why they would have that as even an option!!!it would be better if you could get the costumes from the fish tokens and have multiplayer fixed and unlocked!!!
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1 year ago, DestMarKB
This game is basically my childhood I loved it ever since and I just downloaded it again because it’s fun for basically almost all ages like I played it when I was like 5 and now I’m 12 and it’s still fun! I recommend getting this game you can’t get enough of it!
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2 years ago, SamiM_2012
Favorite Childhood Game
This Game is awesome When My mom download For My Birthday I Try This Game Called Race Penguin i Love My Childhood so much and i go down the silde and i won 1 Level When the bear Found me i Lose the Game and i will not play this game anymore in March 2022 i found my old Game and I played the game and i won 5 level so good 10/10
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1 year ago, Izzy tacos
my heart is full of love for this game
I’ve been playing this game ever since I was a baby and rediscovering it today has brought back so many memories. This game brings me so much happiness and the little song on the background makes me so happy. I love this game. This game was my childhood. I love you penguin💗💗💗💗💗💗💕💞💓💓💗💖💖💘💝💝💘💘❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥
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3 years ago, takenhdhdhdh
Man oh man
I’ve had this game since I was a child it was my childhood when I wasn’t playing outside it is the best game I swear, this game has helped me with stress it is amazing I have had this game for 6 years including the older one I don’t want to get older hope you love this game as much as I do.
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2 years ago, Sissy little sis
So many people play this game in this game is awesome
People are all around the world play this game it’s like they have a different mind or something it’s like people can’t stop playing games on the iPad because they’re so fun I don’t care what device they have but I mean yeah
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6 years ago, Kkkklllllhgggf
It’s pretty fun.
I’m only giving three stars because from the beginning the game has its own personal ads and constantly tries to get you to buy it. I would pay maybe two or three bucks to own the game, but that’s not what is offered. They try to get you to pay a subscription of $7.99 weekly which is auto renewable. To the developers and owners, the game is not worth that much.
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6 years ago, sister rister toy reveiw YT
I love this app so much I got it when I was about 7 I then deleted it remembered it last year and have been addicted ever since like play every day ever since I love it so so so much like I can’t even tell you in words I love it but I wish it could have Haoliday updates like a Halloween update and Christmas and stuff
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7 years ago, Reese the peice
Been playing this game ever since I was little I am glad I got it again on my new phone!
I LOVE this game!!!! I got my first iPod when I was 6 or 7 and this was one of my VERY first games I downloaded. I am SOOOOOO glad I found it again and got it on my new iPhone 7 I am 10 right now so it was like 4 or 3 years ago!!💖💖💖 Peace out ✌🏻🦄🦄
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7 years ago, Kadylodge
Great game, horrible adds!
My issue is not with the game itself. The game is a lot of fun and super easy to play. The issue I have with this app is the type of adds that are played after each “level”. This game is designed for ages 4+ and it has very adult themed adds. It’s very inappropriate seeing how young children are playing this game. I certainly wouldn’t want my child to be exposed to such adult themed adds. I understand it’s a way to make money, but there’s no reason the adds can’t be more kid friendly. Boo to the developers! 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
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3 years ago, Let_la
Used to be great
Never written a review before but I had to here because I’m so angry. Absolutely LITTERED with ads. Had my penguin midflight to the finish and got interrupted for a 30 second ad. Come back and he crossed the line 2 seconds later and I got hit with another 30 second ad. Basically every run requires you to watch an extensive ad whether you pass the level or not. If you need this many ads to make a living designing games, find another career. App deleted. Used to love it.
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3 years ago, Don The Folksinger
Game swill Not Scroll To Next Levels
Download this game and even made a purchase to get rid of the ads but now I can’t scroll past the second level. I’ve completed the first and second level and when I try to scroll it does nothing. Scrolling works of course in the store but does not work when trying to get to the next level. UPDATE: STILL cannot scroll past the 2nd level. Please fix this. I paid for no ads and I cannot even play the game
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5 years ago, Rtp 612
Great game
I recommend this game to a lot of people it is good for young kids that maybe just got a tablet or phone The one bad thing is that it isn’t the type of game that should have things that cost real money so I don’t recommend buying in game purchases unless it costs in game currency.
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6 years ago, mad monson
I don’t want to be charged!!!!!
How do I uninstall says to change my settings in I tunes so I don’t get charged and I can’t even find it in my I tunes account. I do not want to pay for this app!!!!! My kids downloaded it and I want it gone. I went to customer support and it says I need a password and log in which I don’t have in order to just email them.....i better not get charged! I have been trying to figure out how to cancel this stupid subscription since the day it was downloaded!
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2 years ago, shawntu5
I love the game that’s great it’s awesome it’s just a great game I love the game so much I’m literally addicted to it I can’t stop playing it because I just started five minutes ago I started five minutes ago and I can’t stop playing it now so addicting
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7 years ago, Bitty Kitty Gamer
This is a great game but it has very expensive prices for penguins 🐧 and in the beginning there was a little green line that was always in front of you so you kind of felt like needed a certain time to slide. Great game overall, has a few glitches, but is really awesome.
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4 years ago, _Abbyt_
So many memories
I’ve been playing this game for more than 7 years it brings so many memories of when I was little and was carefree and dint have a worry in the world. I’m still glad you guys still have this game. This world is terrible I wish it was 2013 😩
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5 years ago, myia periodttt
This game is awesome
For all the people who downloaded this game its awesome but it sure requires a lot of work to get three stars it took me hours but all you have to do is put your mind to it and you can achieve anything you want at anytime just make it happen
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6 years ago, Twdgomez
It was ok at first. I remember having this game on my iPod before and it was awesome. But now it’s just extremely annoying. All the ads just popping up constantly, and sometimes it’ll just play and you’ll have to sit there and watch it for no reason. And even if you get out of the app, it’ll glitch and do the same thing. I really thought it was gonna be as fun as before but it’s gotten really bad.
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2 years ago, Dalton1978
Good game!
It’s a nice game it’s very entertaining and you keep wanna playing the levels I like this game I don’t love it but I like it it’s a really good game and I hope you guys add some new more interesting stuff so more people can play it just giving you some advice thank you for this game please make more! ❤️
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10 months ago, Maci Tackett
Best game ever
I have had this game since I was 3 and I LOVE it it is a little hard at first but then it gets easier and I love the characters you can get and the fish are so cute it reminded me of my dad that died 2 years ago bc we used to go fishing TRY IT OUT
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2 years ago, alexxxxx❤️👍
To many ads 🙄
So overall this game is a fun game but honestly in my opinion I think there are way to many ads and when there are ads they are not short ads they are long which makes it to where you are barely playing the game before there is another ad
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3 years ago, 6estiny
Honestly, I didn’t really find the game interesting. The song in the beginning is pretty creepy. The gameplay is Kind of a knock off of tiny wings. The game was released a few months after tiny wings was released. I think they could have done a better job on the the sound effects come up with something more original. The graphics of the game a pretty crapy. I’ll just give 2 stars for a decent game play.
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