Radio FM & AM !

4.6 (9.3K)
14 MB
Age rating
Current version
Tasmanic Editions
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Radio FM & AM !

4.57 out of 5
9.3K Ratings
6 years ago, Mrs. Tae Tae
I love this radio it gave me peace of mine after going through a shooting in my neighborhood and me and my husband had to get on the floor, he just told me That wasn’t his first time going through something like that , but me I never had to go through something like that it was my first time and my daughter, she and her children were going through it 2 , and it’s just so sad how Gods World is coming to and End Because people has STOP caring about one another, so Listen to Gods words in the music it comes me down because I was so upset and feeling strange , not able to eat and probably won’t be able to sleep tonight, so please keep these apps of music in motion so that God can relieve our soul and spirits through his music.....Amen 🙏🙏
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7 months ago, Ssodagi
No choice in plan
I thought I give this App a try, and I had planned on trying the Premium version. When I first opened the app, it only gave me one choice and that was Premium which is what I wanted so I agreed on the plan. So here I’m trying the different stations and they all have tons of ads; my understanding was that Premium was ad free. So I decided to read about it again on the store if I might have missed something and I was correct, it should have no ads since the only option it gave me as a choice, is the Premium. Then I decided to scroll down to see all the plans offered and after seeing the prices, I realized I was charged for the regular subscription not the Premium edition; although the only button I clicked was the Premium and it was the only option shown. How can I get it changed to the Premium edition, so I don’t have to listen to all these ads. I hope to hear back from the developer staff on the fix of the problem, because if not then they will lose a customer. I appreciate any help with this problem please! Thanks, Dagi
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1 year ago, AndyYee128
Superior Radio Choice
Using the app makes history of keeping the station more accurate and simple to discover new features than seeing the same channels. On my iPhone now I could just choose something very similar to the other station for music genres.
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1 week ago, bobbywheels
Awesome little app very surprised
Downloaded the app and it works seamlessly. Very happy as I'm able to listen to games outside of my listening area just have to do a little searching to find out what stations are in the market you wanna listen to excellent app.
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3 years ago, fukenskebe
up and down volume
i like this app, jus that the latest update, when the commercials start to play (which i don’t mind at all because it reminds me of a real radio) it gets really really quiet. Because i play this on a speaker, i think it loses connectivity or it got quiet for no reason, so i turn the volume up and when the regular music comes back on, it’s REALLY loud!
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2 years ago, Sarita Polanco
Fantastic 🤗
It’s great to have and to be able to listen to different topics of the moment all at my disposal at any time, while I’m on the way to work, while waiting on line, while on the metro, or during time of rest, anywhere anytime 🥰💜💜💜🥰🥰🙏🙏🙏
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2 months ago, Santapimp
Thank You
I’m visited this app as my once: I’m happy to have a relationship where I’m able to broadcast and have feedback without wining if possible I’d like to see more weather reports including pollen or the air we breathe around. Thank You:
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6 years ago, Classy Fussbox
Memories from Back in the Day music
The best station to listen to when you have a long day of work. Not only work even if you are cooking or doing other chores around the house or maybe while you are driving.
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1 year ago, thebigjelly
Always loud and clear
I came across this app sitting at a craft show with my wife being board I found this app downloaded it and really liked it ever since Thank you very much for this app it is awesome!!!!
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6 years ago, AtRa2508
Love the music
It’s great to be able to hear the music I love. Whenever and wherever. I get really bad reception where I live. So I thought I was doomed on hearing my favorites only on my laptop. Being on my iPhone, I get to take it everywhere. Even while taking a shower.
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5 years ago, decender
This app is so much fun to listen to. I’m pleased with the music it plays and the many variety of radio stations you can choose from. Far better than other apps I used to listen to before this app !!
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5 years ago, Lupita❤️65
Great App
Downloaded to have some access to some radio music, coming to a surprise they have lots of variety and plenty of radio stations to choose from! Glad I choose this app Keep up the good work
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6 years ago, ladywolfe001
This application
I love this app wide range of music and I’ve never watched any of it when passing into a store nothing I think if you like wide ranges of music types this is the app that you need to downloads
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1 year ago, lurnch
Difficult to find Christian music stations and overall it’s difficult to find certain radio stations and it says not available when you try and find stuff using search. App needs some improvement. Not worth paying $5 a month for no ads .
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2 years ago, Gen Carol
Radio programs
Its so nice to sit on my screened in patio and listen to some of the stations. Very relaxing! I can not find 94.3 country that I really like that I get on my house radio, but the oldies are my favorite. Gen Carol
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8 years ago, Mudrunner
Why not 5 stars...
Great app! Free means ads; which I understand, but music is still playing while ads are on. This means when ads are done you often come into a song halfway through. Also understandable, but not worth 5 stars.
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8 months ago, Tileyard
Online Radio
You can choose from a very long list of options.
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8 years ago, Bangsmith
Nice n' Light!
This works just fine for me. Tip: Hit the search button, and all the stations will be there in all their glory for you to play! Granted, the layout is unusual but it does the job quite nicely.
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3 years ago, Green eyes catch
I love it because you can pick what you want to hear I’ll give it a five star I can give it more if I could
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8 years ago, BigWolf16
Just wana say that this is one of the greatest it is the greatest to me keep updating the list they will get better just wish more radio stations were available
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2 years ago, MamawMurray
Only Missing One Type
I really really enjoy this app; however, there is no Contemporary Christian music. Other than that - it’s great.
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1 year ago, T.B.I. TY
Great App.
This app is great, it comes through very clear which is what I was wondering about! I’ve got no problems with it at all!!
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8 years ago, Chayse 1983
I like it.
Works very well. Lots of options and local stations easy to find. Never crashes. I highly recommend this app.
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6 years ago, Panicatthealexx
Not bad, but...
Okay, it's a pretty decent app, but it freezes my phone for a while after I change stations. It's quite annoying and it makes me want to just stop using the app.
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3 years ago, Arab ponies
Love this app. Ads are there but are very short in between songs! Highly recommend Chris ,from RI
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3 years ago, GetShitRight99
Pretty good.....not great
A user seemingly had access to hundreds of radio stations. However, about a third of the ones I select don’t load or work. Frustrating. If you offer a choice it ought to work. Otherwise remove it !
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7 years ago, Like845688
I like the ability to choose a variety of music to listen to because my mood changes from rock to country to jazz and so forth. Great job!
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3 years ago, Something Eles
West always better
This app can make never leave your car coz the songs Hear not with other eles.
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1 year ago, T bomber9756
Love it!
I love you need to find local and national radio stations that can be played over the Internet!
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8 years ago, Pukgi
Great minus one thing
It doesn't work behind all of my game apps so I am sad about that. Lots say it has nothing but I have the iPhone 5s and all of the music was there immediately so I am happy about that
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3 years ago, The Bunker Podcast
Takes me back to a life I loved
The world is unrecognizable now. Thank God almighty I have my memories of the greatness that once was.
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5 years ago, Crazy159
Awesome app
I really like that I can hear the music while I’m playing games. It offers great rock stations with the music I listen too.
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6 years ago, tangalae
Radio made easy
RadioFM App is a true companion that made it easy for me to pick and listen to any radio genre of my choice, compared to similar competitors.
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2 years ago, Islandgrl89
I wish it had some local stations
Yet I still love it
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8 years ago, DJ of Buffalo
Good app
Moving houses and we had no radio or music setup so...I found this app and am quite impressed. It fills the gap and seems easy to use.
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6 months ago, fun music man
Easy to use and a great music selection for FREE
One of the best music selection’s of any Free music app with only a few commercials.. THANK YOU FOR A GREAT APP
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5 years ago, mahikocholoo00
I love it
I suggest that to anyone that wants to listen to various genre of music ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ nonstop radio stations it contains ads but that doesn’t bother you because its free 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻
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4 years ago, Robtxvet
Easy listening
Easy to set up and plays nice selection of songs. Commercials are OK for free radio.
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5 years ago, buggy10137
Full version
The button popped up to buy the full version after I had already clicked out so when I put my finger down on the home button the next time it popped up and said I authenticated the transaction for something I didn’t even click or ask for
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4 years ago, Alirezaghp
It’s playing when the screen is off
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5 years ago, kent404
Very simple to use. App works like it should. I love the oldies country station. Keep them songs a coming.
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3 years ago, jender1352
I like all the different choices of stations. The sound is very clear.
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5 years ago, A Dr Fix it
Very nice app
Very easy to use lots of stations. If you need a radio this is definitely the app or you need.
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6 years ago, GiGi2LoLo
L. Johnson
Having this app on my phone comes in handy with my grandchildren and soothes my soul when I am tired, stressed, anxious, or just in need of comfort.
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3 months ago, Admiral Fonz
Great entertainment
I love to listen to this app while I’m taking my shower for relaxation so everyday
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5 years ago, Tneagle06
Music app
I downloaded this app to listen to my local stations. Unfortunately the app does not support this. Otherwise, I give the app Five stars.
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3 years ago, Mack "Ky" James
Music Lover
Love the way setting up. Need more Johndra. And more details about it stations and the song title and artist name.
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3 years ago, deainmaine
Great listening
Was looking for a local radio station but came across this app. Love it. And the variety is awesome
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5 years ago, Angry @ adds
Radio App
A good selection of choices, though some do repeat. I like how it is still easy to add or remove stations w/o having to log-in.
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5 years ago, outta' here
Don’t try it, unsubscribing is hard
Don’t try. I read their agreement and decided not to try it, but I was placed on the “Trial” app. It’s difficult to unsubscribe. Their agreement doesn’t give correct information about unsubscribing. You can very easily get charged for one month, before you can.
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