Radio FM: Music, News & Sports

4.6 (81.8K)
151.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Radio FM: Music, News & Sports

4.65 out of 5
81.8K Ratings
2 years ago, Luv_doze_apps
Always Liked Radio
This is one my best "Apps". As a child, my parents gave me a transistor radio with short wave on it..I always have enjoyed listening to music from Spanish speaking countries...As I write this I am listening to Tangoes. Thank God because now I speak fluent Spanish. I listen to all Spanish dialects from different countries...Some people can't figure my nationality because of the different accents I have... Now I am using the "Radio" for Italian...I will be good as a native speaker soon; this is what I am wising for...Who knows maybe a trip to Italy I might make and they will never know I am a native Californian....thanks for your App and I am glad through the years there has been great improvement because I hardly ever experience the buffering from before...Sign me one happy Camper...Adiós, Hasta Pronto Amigos!
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4 years ago, IndianaBrown
App Provides a lot, but has Issues
The app allows me to listen to many of my favorite radio stations, such as NPR and Fox News Radio, all while using background play, amassing a favorites list, and setting radio alarms; while all these features are useful, the app does has some issues: namely, it is difficult and inconsistent to expand a station to full-screen few (it’s half-covered by the quick-access menu at the bottom of the screen) and the “x-button” used to minimize this same screen also doesn’t work well (at least not on the iPhone XR with its pull-down notification screen). I dislike the advertisements; while I understand they must be present in order to fund the manufacturer, I personally am willing to pay a one-time fee to have them removed. I have heard of a premium version, but nowhere on the app is this version accessible to my knowledge. I have also heard a whole myriad of features inaccessible to me for unknown reasons, such as the ability to modulate certain factors of the music being broadcasted. Finally, there is a lack of national news stations. I could only find a single national news radio station (that being Fox News Radio), which is unfortunate as I enjoy hearing various perspectives on the news. I don’t blame the app for this necessarily, as it could very well just be the state of current radio in this country. Hope this review helps to change some things, or at least educate potential users as to this applications positives and negatives.
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4 years ago, make some 💸💸💸💸💸
For radio fm
I really love this app for who ever made the app they rock. I really like the county by wildcat. If you have any more apps like this try to send them to me. Do you have rock on this app I did not look? I really like how you can pick like if your is or Japan and other country’s and I like how I get to pick if I want to listen to pop country and all that stop. This is a really good app don’t forget to try to send me more apps that you make if you are going to make a other app. If you don’t make more you should because this app is awesome. I am only 10 years old and I haven’t had this app for a week and I am giving you five star rating for this app. Plz make more of this this kind of stuf.
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4 years ago, InkSummit
Outstanding app! No complaints!
After using this app for years it would be a diservice to the makers if I did not properly review this amazing tool! Access to radio around the world! Plays with the app or phone closed, never drops signal! Great for working out, drawing, or those days when you need to flail around the house and explore a world of audio wonderment only limited by your imagination. Tons of curated stations offer the radio experience of yesteryear with talented dj’s that actually know how to put a set together that leaves the listener in a state of awe! Bottom line if you enjoy radio this is what radio should have been! Treat yourself!
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5 years ago, aceclarkk
Love! Love! Love! This app!!!!!! :) :) :)
I now can listen!!!!!! I am so happy!!!!!!! I can hear my people now and all their problems!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!! I never before could hear and I feel this app has changed my life!!! Me my father highly recommend this app for radio so good! and the world because now we can hear the troubles of the people and we couldn’t hear before and we were so upset so now I get to hear the problems of our island people. Thank you God! Praise God! God blesses Antigua. We love Liberty ZDK Me my father love you all! We bless you all! We never ever forget our people. Thank you God for bringing us this radio. Praise God.
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11 months ago, Info. Provider
Excessive ads
I have four stars due to the excessive ads. I remember using this 5yrs ago around 2018 the app had no subscription needed or every the option. It's sad where the ads are now a days. Almost every app we download require money to use. *Update* from four stars to two. The ads while physically using the app is very excessive and I can barely search for a station without dealing with a chain reaction of ads. Plus there is unstable connection from the app to the source; while I listen the music suddenly stops and I have to hit play again & again (twice in less than 30mins). From 5years ago it has gone down from being great to barely getting by. This is no longer for me. Will miss the old app.
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4 years ago, Pokermb42
Issues seem to be fixed
Update: Sept 13 After the most recent update, the stream I added manually stops playing when I lock my phone or when I view another app. Update: May 7 Seems to be fixed. Update: Apr 19 The “Now playing” screen is broken when playing a stream I added manually. Initially the volume goes real low, and if I lock my phone the stream STOPS PLAYING. Again, this is on the “Now playing“ screen. Update: Apr 14 Sleep Timer issue fixed! Thank you!! Update: Apr 8 I still do not have a Sleep Timer option when selecting the three dots from the now playing screen. I am playing a stream that I added manually. Update: Apr 5 I still do not have a Sleep Timer option when selecting the three dots from the now playing screen (swiping up on the play button). The only option I have is “Remove from Recent”. Update: Mar 31 Still no sleep timer. Update: Mar 27 After downloading the most recent update today, the sleep timer function is still missing. I followed the instructions to find the sleep timer in the new interface and it is not present. The instructions were clear and I followed them exactly, however, there was no sleep timer option.
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6 years ago, wordwaze
Smooth jazz
Yes, smooth jazz can be very, very smooth; almost to the point of being not there, or, in the case of this channel, in the background of your mind. You’re listening, but the tune, the lyrics are secondary to whatever is going on in the real world around you. That seems to be appropriate; in a sense, you are not listening at all, but tending to your own business and allowing the music to softly interfere with with the immediate reality which confronts you. Let it be.
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2 years ago, JordynakaArson
I’ve really only had one favorite on the app
We all have our own tastes as people, I lived my entire life listening to different forms of rock. Mostly a fan of alt rock, but I kinda have an issue. It crashes when I’m trying to multitask through apps and when I come back to the app it freezes or when I put my phone to sleep and unlock it, it crashes. And when I switched to iOS I feared the app was gone and felt miserable, thankful it’s here but I really hope this gets fixed
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4 years ago, The man who never was
Ads obstruct functionality
So, ads are to be expected from something free. However, it has gotten much worse. Now, instead of ads just coming up during operation, full-screen ads come up immediately upon opening the app. And while most ads provide an “X” or “Close”, a new breed of ads do no such thing - they simply cover the entire screen forever, rendering the app completely worthless. Lending Tree, Lower My Bills, Quicken Loans, I’m talking about you. Either the app developer is totally oblivious to this new development, or doesn’t care. But you know what, if you so entirely encase your app in ads as to render it unusable, then what’s the point of even developing the app in the first place?
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7 years ago, Telaros2
Honestly it’s not perfect, but perfection is an illusion.
This is a wonderful app. I listened to a radio drama, got to listen to stations from across the world like China and more. Why? Cause it’s there! I really appreciate the creator of this app making it as inclusive for all who just love classic radio but don’t wanna deal with all the hassle of account creation and iap just to listen to your favorite public radio stations. While a few of my fav stations weren’t working, I found plenty of alternatives that played what I love and more. I only hope I can find more stations that play radio dramas because that was fun to listen to! Thanks, devs. I like how currently popup ads aren’t annoyingly intrusive with playing videos and more just image of game apps. 10/10 only radio app I need on ios. Thanks!
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3 years ago, EVIL 💀
Kevin H CT
Hi Just got this app. So far everything it says about it is absolutely true! This is very easy to use and for the most part all the station come in nice and clear. I haven’t got all the way through it yet but there are tons of different stations. Although there are options to purchase upgrades but what they say is free. Is absolutely free! I’m very happy I got this app. I do recommend getting this app. Very pleased. TRY THIS APP ITS FREE!!! 😎 📻 😎
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3 years ago, CameraCrack
Thank you
I live in a different staff than where I grew up. On Christmas day I wanted nothing more but to listen to Spanish music from the station back home in New York City. This was the only app that had the correct Spanish station I was looking for. I blasted the music and danced all morning. Thank you for this app! I wish that there was an ad-free version to buy. Would be an instant buy from me!
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2 years ago, Buzekara
Very nice app
I already suggested another friend to use this app because I love it so much. It has so many different radio station and I love podcasts that I can look through and choose what I want to listen when I’m driving my car. It has everything that is needed. I have no anything else to add or subtract from it.
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2 years ago, ShivajiS
Radio tunes is now podcast tunes
I don't know what made the developers decide that it’s a good idea to convert this wonderful app that was great for internet radio listening to a vehicle exclusively focused on podcasts. It’s not possible anymore to search for and retrieve all the radio stations I’ve been listening to for years, or if there’s a way, I haven’t found it. The app is totally useless to me as it stands and it’s going to be deleted from all my devices. What happened guys?
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6 years ago, just some guy on iTunes
Incredible variety but crashes
In just the first five minutes of using this app , I’ve seen more radio stations available than I know what to do with. And LIVE!!! But searching for a particular one is like trying to start a fire in the wind: the search drops each time I input a single letter, so I have to return back to the search bar to enter the next letter. And so on. Then the app crashed. This is just the first five minutes. When it works it’s amazing. When it doesn’t it’s painful.
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11 months ago, Mister Rivera
I Love It!!!
I love this app because ever since NextRadio has not been given access to most phones. I really was looking for a new radio app and i found this one!!! I don’t care as much if it has Ads but I get to listen to my favorite radio stations in my car or anywhere now!
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2 years ago, Himfan5
Love love the radio… BUT
Love the radio, but it needs an update badly. Needs a dark mode. Needs a better way to EASILY go to ur Favorites. Just now; the app is starting to buffer. Don’t know why. I restarted my phone 3x and it’s still buffering off and on. Could be my phone personally or ur app needs a update. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Overall, great radio app. Recommend to pple who want a radio on their phone. 😎
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4 years ago, osei6129
Best radio app
This by far the best radio app I’ve seen. I’ve tried several other ones and find this one is quite simple to use. I can pick live radio from almost anywhere in the world with absolute clarity. It’s like being there in the country we here the station is located. Thank you for this ingenious radio app.
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10 months ago, Unhappy radio FM
Paid subscription and still turns off in 5 min
Paid full premium subscription and still shuts off at every 5 min increments, I’ll be canceling if this continues, BUYER BEWARE, Save your money because does the same paid or unpaid for advertisements
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4 years ago, Scoop65
Very gd app. Does all I want it to. All the stations you can ask for.
For the exception of the annoying pop up ads, this app is great. Have not had any problems it. The broad selection of stations around the world and how they are categorized make it easy to navigate the app. I highly recommend it.
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4 years ago, Dd16cool
Good app but haves a issue
I love this app but haves a lot of ads and when you start the app up on the new iPhone 12 pro max and the ad comes up you can’t press the X in the corner so I no longer can use the app because it’s stuck on the ad.
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3 years ago, Kojograves
OMG .. Thank you so much
I came across this app after searching for a radio app that would help me connect to my roots..and i got so emotional I couldn’t hold back tears, thank you so much, you probably don’t know how you’re saving lives with this app, from the bottom of my heart I thank you
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2 years ago, cuteanimegirl69420
When my personal radio can’t pick up a station this is great to pick up and listen to the unfindable station and listening to other radio stations from other countries too!
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11 months ago, akabetin
Intrusive Ads
I understand having ads to generate revenue, but the ads on this app are intrusive. You open the app and immediately you’re greeted with a full screen audio advertisement that that you cannot close. Thus you are stuck with some advertisement playing in the background for like 2 minutes while your radio station is also playing at the same time. I’m sick of this and uninstalling.
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6 years ago, tgsauers
Great app just need some little additions
Love the app great stations world wide (C89.5 is my favorite dance channel especially since I worked in the station back when I attended the school that runs it)...just need the ability to cast to Chromecast or Apple TV, then it would truly 5 stars.
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5 years ago, lmc.85
FM Radio
This is a really good app but it stopped working after a day of downloading I checked my Wi-Fi and it’s open but it put I checked my Wi-Fi and it’s open but it could be a bad signal but still a really good app love all the stations!
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7 years ago, Jaylynne Ramsey crazy
I hate this app because I can’t do anything on it. I need to learn how to do it right away. You need a walkthrough at beginning when first opens app. It won’t let me play or listen to live at all. All I wanted to do was listen to radio and my favorite stations but this ruined it for me. Worst app ever!!😡😡😡😡. Never getting/buying anything from this app maker again! It’s also very very slow and I’m on a very fast network but it takes ten seconds for one of my letters or numbers to type.
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2 years ago, 0605260
If you want to listen to the same ads every 30 seconds.
What a terrible annoying app. The same commercials over and over again sometime back to back. Annoying as all. And why all the pop ups when you’re trying to drive and listen to the app. Nothing like making you take your eye off the road to close a window so you can listen to the actual radio. TRASH!
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10 months ago, Mr. Al!
Good selection poor design
It would be nice if I could see a whole selection of the stations or categories alphabetize. Most of the stations seem to work but some do not. It would be nice if there was a more logical order to the stations searches either by alphabet or by frequency.
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2 years ago, pattPLNY
Amazing design but the ads wow
Amazing UI and functionality , i have never so many ads in a app. I don't mind supporting company but not sure how I feel to a subscription. One time payment would be a lot better. Once again 3 stars because of the extreme amount of ads.
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6 years ago, stargurl 02
I am new to this country, and was introduced to this radio station by friends. I must say I love what you djs do. Informative and music to suit my age. Keep it up. I love the Friday and Saturday evenings hype. Party moods. I also love that Sunday morning sermon by Alfred baptist church. You guys know how to mix it up.
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2 years ago, Geatbooba
I have enjoyed the music and overall selections made available on ALL the stations. Keep on doing it the right way. Thanks for the choices.
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3 years ago, German yoga pretzel
Love it
Every new phone gets this app as soon as I am able! Running in and out of my house a lot I am now able to keep my favorite radio stations ( including German ones!) in my pocket...thanks!
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3 years ago, MAXR0CK
Can’t purchase
Please fix the bug, I can’t purchase the “no ad”, also can’t even change Genre, countries, language and etc.
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3 months ago, Moon lazy
Used to be free
This app used to be free, then ads started,now you have to pay for a subscription to use it. I deleted this app it’s not worth a subscription. Some stations had to be deleted because they were no longer playing. I can remember when apps were free or $1.99. Now greed has taken over and it’s pay-pay-pay! I can do without it.
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6 years ago, villarjo_
Outstanding Online radio!
It’s pretty awesome that I can listen to music from all around globe. Some of my favorite radio stations are at my fingertips. I think this is the best app out there. You won’t be disappointed! -JV. Cibolo, TX.
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4 years ago, gzfire
Love this app!
Among the functions and improvements I want the developer to add, I would rather they could add a paid version to avoid the advertisements appearing on the usage. Generally I am satisfied with this app. Small and speedy.
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6 years ago, EliNOVA
Fantastic app!!
Glad to have discovered this app!! Awesome selection of music from all over the world and it even have an Apple Watch to go with it!!! Just add CarPlay and the whole experience will be complete!!
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4 years ago, Soca lover livin' in Colorado
Colorado Trinidad connection
My friend Keith walked me thru how to download the app and now I am hooked and hooked up! Missed listening to my Trini soca music and local news. Feels like I teleported to Port of Spain! Incredible reception! Happy hearing this infectious music and 2020 soca releases! LOVE IT! Thanks!
Show more
1 year ago, ckcarnes
Able to listen exclusively to my favorite artists without commercials or costs.
Show more
2 years ago, Artidorum
It’s wonderful.
To have this opportunity to listen to radios from all over the world is wonderful. It helps me to remain fluent in the languages I know.
Show more
2 years ago, djoldham1988
Don’t know
You send me a review and I have only used the app for eight minutes so how am I both to review something that I’ve only used for eight minutes care more about your people than you do reviews is my best suggestion
Show more
3 years ago, Payton3434
Passed on 5 above this one
Best one I found so far if they don’t get greedy like the ones ranked better I’ll stay let’s not forget radio is free
Show more
3 years ago, Big dark cookie monster
Love it
At this moment the app is currently not working don’t know why it’s stuck on some crazy stream please fix it you OK
Show more
5 years ago, Ricobay
Fantastic app
This app is fantastic. I can listen to the radio stations from my country from anywhere on the globe. Excellent experience. I recommend this app to everyone.
Show more
2 years ago, Dr. Pfunk
Everything you want to hear on my phone
Show more
6 years ago, Monkey7_7
A new downgrade
The new upgrade is us now useless. It refuses to launch. Just keeps crashing on my ipad and iphone. Please fix. Update: it is fixed. Thank you.
Show more
3 years ago, pacific coast piper
Annoying sleep timer
How do I get rid of the annoying sleep timer logo that’s covering up what song is playing? I don’t need that function at all!
Show more
1 year ago, ngonkom1
Good app but keeps freezing
I like the app because I find a lot of radio stations that I like on it. However, I have to delete and reinstall so many times because it freezes
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