Radio Javan

4.8 (756.3K)
69.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Radio Javan

4.79 out of 5
756.3K Ratings
7 months ago, arefshal
Story bug
When we try to take a story with a song, when we take a story from ourselves, if the video is shot, we cant take ther one. We have to leave the story section and go back again. Or, when we take a story that we dont like, we it go back from here to fix it again. we have to come out and then go to the desired song and go to the story section . This bug was not in the previous versions and is more common on songs that have live backgrounds.
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3 years ago, NojPoj917
Love the app, but needs love for Apple Watch (and iPadOS)
As much as this app is easily one of my favorite audio apps out there, there’s one device that hasn’t got love in years. I’ve seen that the Apple Watch barely got any changes with watchOS and feel that needs to change. What frustrates me is always depending on my phone to stream my music already synced. With the newer Apple Watch models, would you consider add streaming support via cellular and Wi-Fi and make the Watch app independent on the watchOS App Store? 2021 Update: The experience has been so far pretty good from continuous updates, but two things that should be addressed. One is a proper iPadOS app. The app kinda looks like a blown up iPhone app now in the now playing screen. I think a slight redesign and the ability to go split screen on iPad would be a much needed change. It would be great for multitasking. Think about it.. Other than that, the ads need to be in the form of only advertising while playing music, not with random pop ups ads. Just a thought from some people to change that. And I’m still waiting on that watch app redesign..😊 Much love development team! ❤️
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4 years ago, BabaJoon22
More like Advertisement Javan
Now I know there is a paid version that makes the app ad-free but the free version has taken the ads to a very annoying level. Instead of one ad now, there are 2 or more ads when choosing a song every time. YOU BREATH IN THIS APP AND 2 AD POP UP. As a developer myself, this is a very bad practice and there has to be a balance. On top of that, the quality of the app has decreased significantly. Now for example, the app closes in middle of listening. This is annoying when it happens while you’re driving because you can’t relaunch the app while driving due to safety. There are other platforms that do a better job at providing Persian music and I won’t use Radio Javan until a balance is established with the ads and the bugs are fixed.
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5 years ago, slugcedar
Lypsyncing & Dancing is how I learn languages
سلام و درود جوان موسیقی Thank You so much for letting the world experience the diversity, complexity and beautiful music of the Persian-Iranian family. I wanted to study Farsi since I was a teenager, but I learn by listening, singing, and dancing. With music like TM-Bax - Sesele album, and artists like Eddie Attar, Behzad Leito, EpiCure, Sehepr, I am moved deeply on the dance floor and in my soul. Thank You Javaan Music! بسیار سپاسگزارم برای اینکه به دنیا اجازه دادید تنوع ، پیچیدگی و موسیقی زیبا از خانواده ایرانی-ایرانی را تجربه کند. از نوجوانی دوست داشتم فارسی بخوانم ، اما با گوش دادن ، آواز خواندن و رقصیدن می آموزم. با موسیقی هایی مانند TM-Bax - آلبوم Sesele ، و هنرمندانی چون ادی عطار ، بهزاد لیتو ، EpiCure ، Sehepr ، من عمیقاً در طبقه رقص و در روحم جابجا می شوم. با تشکر از شما موسیقی جاوا!
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5 years ago, ffb5335
RJ You need to get your act together. Been premium user from pretty much day 1. Recently I had to delete and reinstall the app in order to get it to work. So disappointed after leaving a voicemail and two emails with the copy of my monthly payment for premium subscription no one bothered to call or email me back. I’m paying for something that I cannot use. About to unsubscribe.
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3 years ago, mikemahan
Once was the best , now the worst
They are pushing you to get the premium by showing multiple ads after ads before play the music. You have 30 seconds of ads, waiting for tgat 30 second to pass and it direct you back to main page again you should watch another 15 seconds ads, is it over!? Nooooo , another 8 second ads play after that and those ads has no exit buttons after end, no matter what you do but you are directed to appstore or an website address. Deleting it and going to hear my music in sound clouds, at least they are not playing game and you watch what ads is supposed to be shown then boom . Worst persian music app ever!
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2 years ago, Miss Ahmadi poor
I’ve got some probs with ads and some random sounds in background
I’ve installed this app for like years and it was pretty good, until the premium thing had been added playing a lot of ads between songs, its such killjoy to me. I’ve added my files to this app to listen to all my songs in one app… but idk why sometimes when I’m listening to them the “red light green light” sound from “squid game” keeps playing in the background, and it’s not only for me, it even happened for other people I know and I don’t understand why tho :/
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11 months ago, A ozone
This is not a 5 star app
This is not a 5 star app. I’m so surprised how an garbage application like this have 5 stars on Apple. I would give it one star max mostly because the app features are not working properly. I do understand the business side with subscription but they could still keep many features for the regular clients without the subscription. I was a subscriber for years and I had issues so I’m not going to continue paying them because not only the app features fail but also I’m not going to use the app anymore because they have no respect for regular users without a subscription. Btw the advertising strategy is disgusting 🤮🤮🤮 App Deleted
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2 years ago, MaT82Ai
My review on Radio Javan
Gotta be honest, the app is amazing and flawless. I’ve been using it for about 3 and a half years now, so witnessing all the pros and cons of your application together with greeting to deeply love it should be a no-brainer. Nevertheless, there’s a recent downside in it which drives me crazy and that’s the fact that users can’t sync/download tracks for free and they’re forced to upgrade to a premium account. Please fix this. It’d be a great gift for every single being to enjoy the journey through the app! Kisses and a huge hug!❤️
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10 months ago, Radmehrio
This app is becoming worse
This app used to be a great app but now it’s a location based app. In some countries or states you can download and in some you can’t if you’re not a premium member. In some places you can skip the song as many as you want and in others you can’t. They’re just limiting all the things that made this a good app and now every time you wanna listen to a song either you gotta listen to an ad or buy the premium account. Now you can’t even listen to an offline song and download it to your device unless you’re out if country. And it’s just promoting the singers they want. Even that one star I gave it is too much.
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5 years ago, Erfan.a955
Great but something is really bad.
The app is really great. But there is a big problem that you cannot install it on the lower version of iOS such as iOS 10 I don’t see any thing I’m compatible with iOS 10 or lower on this app. Please make it compatible for lower version of iOS, because this app is the only one app that it is possible for someone who has iPhone but not the latest iPhones, to play the music with it. And this application, is the only one application that you can listen to music even off-line. Thanks for taking your time to read this review.
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4 years ago, ajamali
Constant Ads
Ads play for 2 minutes when you open the app, sometimes more than one ad, it would be fine if they play the 2 ads ad the beginning but then let you listen to first and second songs before displaying another ad, but no, 2 ads for opening the app, another ad before playing the first song and another ad right after the first song. If this is not greed, don’t know what is. App constantly crashes and full to adware. I get that they have to have revenue to support this app, but neither the app works, nor they are satisfied with the amount they display. If they could, they display ads in the middle of the songs as well.
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1 year ago, uber sedeyi
Read my review please
I have been with radio javan for more than 10 years, i was using the app before and then they add so many Ads, so i delete the app and i start listening with the website, recently they close down the option to listen to the music from the website, i’m just saying you all need to understand everyone are not the same and sometimes the people can’t afford to pay monthly payments for listening to the music, this is just disrespectful for me because after 10 years you all push me out and don’t let me listen to the music
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5 years ago, Elham S.
Nice app
Edit: It is becoming incredibly frustrating to listen to the radio. For whatever reason it doesn’t work right. Jumps on the songs or starts double playing. It’s been months, how is it that no one in RJ has fixed this yet? It's a great app, love the new soundlists, keep up the good work RJ team; but the fact that you can not add a song to your playlists when it's playing on the radio is so annoying. And also could you not play the songs that actually have more dislikes than likes?!
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6 years ago, asalvamp
Please pay attention
Your ads are more than normal and boring Most of times when we open this app your application forces us to watch it’s ads,so we close it and use an other app for listening to music But if you can solve this problem that’s completely related to earning more money for you,it will be a useful and perfect application Thx and be successful
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6 years ago, Two-thousand-Two
Great app make it perfect please
This is a great app that makes great music available to music listeners. Would be perfect if it had a smaller demand on network connection for functions other than playing videos or music. Searching and other basic functions take too long even on a reasonable-speed connection.
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5 years ago, RA.GE🔥
Bug bug bug
Perfect app but the ads prevents it to work fine . When i am playing a music and scroll down to control volume page scroll back up and wont let me to adjust volume. This happens a lot and this is very annoying. Synchronization with server has problems too. For instance i had been deleted a music and keep deleting it but it wont go off my music library . Now i have too many music that won’t delete . No matter i unsync them or not .
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2 years ago, As.Sa.8plus
Lack of functionality
RJ is one of the best music players on the market for Iranian but it needs some serious improvements. It has to add shuffle and fast forward/backward. User interface also needs some developments. For instance, offline musics are not accessible from home feed page. Story section doesn't work fluently, therefore, we have to wait for a while to watch them. There are some musics that are not available on this app.
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10 months ago, Siriius92
Used to love this app, still has amazing selection of songs, but the amount of ads in between single songs and even now in middle of podcast is out of control. Today I couldn't even forward to next song with my AirPod, i had to open the app on my phone, select the next song manually in the playlist, wait for the advertisement to finish and them play the song again. It's unfortunately not so convenient to use this app anymore!
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4 years ago, jujenaz
It’s not the right time...
Radio javan is a worthy app for Iranian music and I know it tries to preserve its rights as other apps. You need ads to continue, and me as a free user should bare it with no complain; but recently all synchronizations has been removed and some songs even don’t play online... Do you think Iranian people are ABLE or even WILLING to pay about 5$ a month for persian music that is downloadable everywhere?! I don’t think so... You will lose users this way I think...
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6 months ago, DailyPodcastNeeded
Garbage app!! Ad packed! Crashing!
This is a garbage app! The only reason it has lasted is that there are no other Persian music streaming app in the market. It’s packed with cheap ads, repeatedly interrupting the streaming. Once the app is launched, you are stuck with a garbage ad that runs for a minute with no option to Skip. And then once every few songs in the playlist, ads play again!! Who even converts on these ads?!!! The Search feature is awfully poor, mostly returning limited search results. The app crashes too.
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5 years ago, Hamid-baba
There is some technical issues which you can’t accept it from an app in this level and this rate of updates so it seems really disappointing. First issue is related to diming and locking the screen during playing time which in last update does not happen and the screen is always on. Next issue related to my taste of music, It’s really boring sometimes and it’s not from wide variety of songs.
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2 years ago, sh&li
Cant download music
Hi im shayan i cant download music When i push the download button one page appears that you should upgrade to RJ premium if you want to download any thing But my brother can download every music without RJ premium I think its a bug ( maybe or not ) Please help me and told me what i have to do Thanks
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2 years ago, Sean202019
Annoying ads
Is it a MUSIC streaming app or AD STREAMING app? And also free accounts features shrink every day!! Where did download option go?!! I totally get it you gotta make some revenue after all but this is getting insane!! There are some ads (games mostly) that literally you can’t get rid of and whatever you do it takes you to app store for download! This is not a business/service anymore this is just being GREEDY!! Sorry to say that but soon or later RJ will be replaced with new and more transparent apps!
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6 years ago, hosseink12
Absolutely Awsome
I use this app daily. Its absolutely brilliant. I just love how its always upto date, with songs being uploaded by the hour, and always the place where you can find hot new songs. Also, another aspect i love about radio javan is how its not filtered from iran and can be openly accessed by users like myself from iran. Keep up the good work RJ.
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3 years ago, PittDMD06
Apple watch
I have cellular data on my apple watch (the watch doesn’t have to be connected to the phone). But Radio Javan doesn’t work over my watch’s cellular data connection. Radio Javan’s app has to be connected to my phone for it to play music. This is a great inconvenience when I’m away from my phone or when the phone is on airplane mode!! :(
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5 years ago, mohamadali_mog
Very slow and full of ads and bugs
Rj app has one of the most complete archives of Persian musics. But there are three big issues while using the app. 1.It launches very very slow. And waiting for the app to open sometimes takes about 2 minutes 😖😣 2. Also there are too many bugs while using the app. They release new updates But, there are newer bugs in newer updates. 3.Plenty of ads are shown whenever you wanna listen to a song and it’s really annoying.
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3 years ago, Terrible ad tactics
Bad Ad tactics
RJ has gotten very aggressive in promoting their premium subscription. Before songs play, the developers decide to show a timered video ad, and require you to tap a small random close button in the corners of the screen. This is common in mobile games, but it has made the app impossible and very dangerous to use while driving. On top of that, the typical audio ads between songs are present. I used to be a big fan of RJ and what they do, but Ive stopped using their products all together.
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4 years ago, Nima Rahmati Niya
Common pal!!!! Instead of those performance updates, you have to just take back the download button. All songs are in good quality when we listen them in the car just by USB memories instead of AUX connection!!!!!
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5 years ago, ahn52
Having problem after being updated
I have updated my app some days ago after which my app is not working on my iPhone. I really don't know the reason. I don't want to reinstall it as my all music will be removed if I install it once again.
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5 years ago, A. R. I. A
This app is great but it will be awesome if you guys add like a equalizer like bass control or something And when the new iOS came out on the lock screen it doesn’t show that it’s playing music from radio Javan I think it’s a bug or something but iPhone doesn’t recognize is as a music app tnx
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2 years ago, hooman p
Nostalgic App
We don’t have any App like this in world for Persian ( Farsi ) Music. you can attract more listeners if you have subtitles with English. You don’t have any advertisements with another language I’m sure there are some people with another language . I love this app. I appreciate it.
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3 years ago, بهزاد کاظمی
Problem with controlling volume on apple watch
Thanks for your new update I have some problems with turning up or down the volume on my watch, there’s no indicator and also it doesn’t response smoothly
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3 months ago, Mimi @ sh
The best music app ever ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
u are the best music app in the world especially for your free services especially for the people in Iran which 99% of international apps are filtered thank u for the variety of Persian music and being such wander full with many options thank u again 🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️
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4 years ago, Amir Rezvani
It makes me sad
From the version before and also on this version there is a big and bad bug that rj apps crashes and go out from the app to home screen and i cant listen to any music . And this bug makes me mad 😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤 I don’t know why! please fix this bug 🙏🏻
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5 years ago, Arvid Angle
I personally believe that if you could make your system little smarter, we could receive more advantages. How? For instance, you may check that each person listens more in which genre or style then in that specific style suggest a good offer.
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2 years ago, Not to discrimination
Install an internal VPN on the Radio Javan application for Apple TV version
Hello. Please install an internal VPN on the Radio Javan application for Apple TV version, like the iPhone version, so that the app can be loaded and those who are in Iran can use it. Thank you. ❤️ سلام. لطفا یک وی پی ان داخلی روی اپلیکیشن رادیو جوان نصب کنید برای نسخه اپل تی وی، مثل نسخه آیفون، تا اپ بتونه بود بشه و کسانی که در ایران هستند بتونن ازش استفاده کنن. مرسی. ❤️
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2 years ago, Kian ha
Have some issues
I’ve been updated the app a few days ago But now it doesn’t work correctly When a song was ended,next one doesn’t be played. Please fixed it
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5 years ago, amirhossein.enayat
It wonderful but have one issue
Actually radio javan is the most persion music app player . On this app we have a lip-sync option but we don’t have personal profiles for lip sync players I think if it be in next Feature it would be extremely fantastic. Tnx radio javan
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4 years ago, Ehsan deh...
Advertising during app start up
The advertisements during Radio Javan application start up and while the app is running will cause a driver to have an accident if he try to use this while driving even as we know that using the cell phone is prohibited while driving. any way Thank you for this awesome app.
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6 years ago, Meliamin
Best Iranian Music App
If anyone wanna be updated for Iranian music even videos this app would be helpful for everyone. Although the new songs and videos are mostly attractive but the nostalgic songs will be accessible very easily through this app
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6 years ago, Mohammadreza Momenzadeh
Great app with minor options missing.
1. Next and Previous button doesn’t provide fast forward and rewind options. 2. Sorting options can be enriched by adding descending and ascending options for date added. 3. I couldn’t make siri to play a playlist from radiojavan app (is this impossible or I tried wrong commands?)
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6 years ago, Apple :=(
My top 2 music streaming services
In the crowded space of music streaming services, and I have tried all, Radio Javan and Apple stand on the top 2 for me. The best music selection, and the ease of user interface. I must admit that even if I am paying for Apple, but currently using the free service from RJ. Hope to get the premium service soon.
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1 year ago, Parsa4621
It has too much annoying ads every time you play music or change the music and it cause accident when driving
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2 years ago, ArBah-1
I love listening to music and I used to use radio Javan on a daily basis however I haven’t been using it that common recently because the app does not allow me to download(sync) new songs unless I buy the premium. The other day I talked to my friend and she said that she is not having the same problem. I will be glad if you can respond and fix my problem.
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3 years ago, Amir-m
Where is restore purchase option?!!!
The app is clean and smooth. Selection of musics are great. However, I am one of early supporters of the app and paid for it to have no ad. Now, you removed restore purchase option and force me to subscribe!! I understand software developer needs to make money but in similar circumstances on other apps they honor lifetime subscription to their primary users who paid. Tried to contact before submitting the review but there is no way to do so.
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5 years ago, Hamed Ai
Dear friends I love your music and congratulations to you for this activity (radio javan ) So i wish make good time ,I sign some time and i hope that one day listening to my voice in this app together , I have a question, why I couldn’t listen to Mohsen EbrahimZadeh at radio javan? Best regards Hamed
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3 years ago, Maryam MPH
Too many ads and way to skip
It has too many ads and when you wanna listen to a song, you have no choice to watch these ads. There is no skip. That makes me not wanting to buy that product. So you have to pay for not having annoying ads and if you have free version it’s annoying to have these ads.
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2 years ago, rezabigrez
More and more ads
Ads are everywhere. There must be a standard for ads in your app. And even when we are not connected to the internet (like in nature or …) the app stops working because it can’t load the ads. I understand that every app depends either on subscription or ads but even in between stories we are forced to watch an ad.
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3 years ago, kcyrusm
Ad Overkill
The app itself is fine, but the ads that last minutes at a time that you are forced to watch to completion almost every time you click on anything are beyond obtrusive and annoying. I know as a business you guys want to continue generating more revenue, but at some point, you’re going to dissuade users from using the app. I just recently re-installed this app and I’m already reconsidering it…
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