Radio Tuner - Live FM Stations

4.5 (3.3K)
55 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Radio Tuner - Live FM Stations

4.47 out of 5
3.3K Ratings
3 years ago, Putdepuckindenet
Ads pop up a little more than I like but....
I was looking for an app where I can enter in my own home radio stations for listening in the car. This one fits the bill nicely. And a nice added bonus is the album covers. You don’t find that on too many other Internet radio apps for private custom URL stations. Kudos. Only downside for me is the ads pop up a little too frequently.
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6 years ago, Clerk Kant
This is quite nice, really
This app does everything they say it will. The ads, though slightly annoying, are not a big deal. They don’t run audio ads (as do many of the streaming apps), and you just have to close the full-screen ones and then carry on. I’ve been using this for about two weeks now, and I have only two small issues with it. Firstly, I can’t add those stations that I added myself to my favorites. This is a little annoying. After all, if I take time out of my busy, busy day to add a station, it’s probably a favorite, right? The other small issue is that none of the SOMA fm channels are available. I’m sure there’s a good explanation for this, but frankly I don’t care: just add the SOMA stations and no more unicorns need die. Other than these small gripes this is an excellent little app. The interface is intuitive, though rather ugly. So far the app has worked flawlessly, without annoying me or giving me an electric shock, and that’s really all I ask of any app. And as long as the developer fixes my two issues IMMEDIATELY she/he can still come to my birthday party. (It’ll be a “Remains of the Day” film theme, so no funny hats please.) And finally... To the reviewer who asks why they took the bible channel away, It’s obviously part of god’s eternal plan, so you really shouldn’t question it. You of all people should know that.
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7 years ago, kpoptrashbaka
I have a suggestion
I love this app but there’s one think that bothers me DONT get me wrong this is a very good app it’s just that it would be good to add a way to use it offline. I would love to use this app when going on trips or vacations. ❤️❤️
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1 year ago, CharlieC-1
Listening to your e-radio
Hi there, I think radio listening is still going strong, especially in the office. On thing that I’m not used to from radio listening, is that I have to keep pushing the sender button to get the music back after it keeps quiet. Is this part of your mktg efforts?
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7 years ago, Jeruti24
They broke it
I like the lay out of the old app better. The new layout basically takes all the stuff in the settings menu that you never use and keeps it on the screen all the time. When they updated it, none of the streams I had in my favorites list will play. I can also not find them when I search for them using the search function.
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6 years ago, nicoladie
Get rid of the intrusive ad
Since this update, the intrusive ad displays as the first page whenever you launch it. It’s so offensive that I quit using it. It’s not worth my time to click that tiny close box to close the window before you can play it. And that bouncing to the left side of the window is annoying as if the users don’t know how to swipe left to get to the settings. Just quit those annoying things that drive the users away. No thank you.
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2 years ago, BSR...Zap
Wait!!! After I did the update constant Ads and glitchy playback. Also I wrote a review for AMP radio app and it’s showing up on RadioTuner??? Installed AMP but after reading the numerous reviews about the playlists it appears as if the developers are trying to build anouther version of live-me and not really a dj type platform. Delete delete. Used to love the old version, was simple and always worked. Sorry to see it’s not available any longer.
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3 years ago, gregnukem
Used to be good
It used to be great. Recently, everything just stopped working. I am a long time user, purchase all possible upgrades. It was so cool to have whole Shoutcast radio on the go. Please fix
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7 years ago, The lair
It's the best. Get it.
I, like many others, like the old app better. But, in any event, it's the best. Use this. Search on it. Build up that favorites list. Seek out your kind of music and talk. Why pay for radio? It's all here.
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3 years ago, Antisthenes_us
Started well, then terrible because of the ads
Uninstalling, it was great at the beginning, now, one listen for couple of seconds and stops, why? Ads screen pop ups. Note to the developer: you killed a great app with bad Ads strategy, it shall not interrupt the song every 20sec, What is the point of a radio app if it stops playing and wait for adds to be watched. Sorry, bye.
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3 years ago, dakotaklr
Buffering endlessly
The app is terrific when it works. Unfortunately, very, very often my favorites simply will not load.
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5 years ago, Photograp Dao
My beautiful family’s new radio
Hello I’m lucky to have all radio stations to learn and listen all new and music thank you very much for God country
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2 years ago, (&SandBag%)
Doesn’t work after update
Please in-update it so that it works again! Until this, this was the greatest radio app.
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4 years ago, Flamestar1
Great selection: Old Time stories; Classic Radio. WOW
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3 years ago, TigerChamps
Pocket radio for the universe
What a handy thing to have available at all times and as close as your pocket smart phone. AMAZING!
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4 years ago, Dice Counter
Stopped Working
Stopped working after recent update. When fixed its a Five Star App.
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4 years ago, GJLW
What happened
This was a great app until recently. Now it plays for a minute then cuts off What happened???
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6 years ago, OZAM digital name for awesome
Radio tuner
Great app except for the ad loading page not going to use what is put there the x to close it is a pain
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3 months ago, dc678934
Wonderful App
Works great for listening to classical music. Even works on walks around my neighborhood.
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11 months ago, Listen to all of them
Endless entertainment
When radio was radio!
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5 years ago, Coreymillia
Works great
Everything you could possibly need to tune into on the radio.
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3 months ago, SmokChsr
Ok app
It’s an okay app, it works most of the time but cumbersome to restart when it drops a stream. Haven’t figured out how to save multiple custom streams or favorite them
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6 years ago, GnRyushi
The WORST Shoutcast App EVER
Bad UX along with the worst ad placements. Especially at startup when you’re trying to dismiss the ad and it falsely stays for a few seconds before dismissing itself. Don’t put a dismiss button if you’re not going to promptly execute the command! And if you like buffering issues then this is the app for you. Total garbage.
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7 years ago, Shidiro
Works as expected...
The App does what it's supposes to do; functions well within reasonable expectations, with a tolerable quark from time to time. Overall, a straightforward and user friendly Radio App.
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7 years ago, Omega Goon
Use daily
i use this app daily - great for old talk shows and new music alike
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6 years ago, bfrank22
Not good
It is buggy and crashes. Selected a number of favorites and a number of those selected do not then play. It is currently disappointing.
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6 years ago, MaXKiLLz
Broken with iOS 12
Developer is missing in action. Time to find another player.
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7 years ago, Oldalpha720887
New update breaks every stream
Used to use everyday but found the new update has murdered the look and feel of the app and none of the streams seem to work. Developers are well versed in the "If it ain't broke, we'll fix it until it is broke" school of app development.
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3 years ago, rap-1
Too many adds now
With the latest update, every time I open the app or change stations, an add pops up - very annoying. I will look for another radio app.
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4 years ago, SJP-iPad
Excellent. Love how you can get rid of ads.
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7 years ago, Truk Rek
This is a great app
Perfect for listening during my bike ride or walking routine.
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2 years ago, Charles 9272
Easy to use Great selections Streams are without glitches
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7 years ago, Bangsmith
Good luck getting a station to play! Once in a while a station will play. Do NOT buy the unlimited recording feature! It only lets you record for thirty minutes!
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6 years ago, Tangolongo
Doesn’t work after updating to iOS 12
App keeps crashing every time I open it. It was working fine until I updated my software to iOS 12.
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6 years ago, Skeezikins
Love it!
I love the variety of OLD RADIO SHOWS. Listen to them everyday!
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4 years ago, Mobilesignal
app stopped working after a few days
paid for ad free version, added a number of my favorite stations, then a few days later the app refuses to open. spinning wheel. restarting phone and restarting app does nothing to fix it. re-installed the app and the spinning loading wheel is still there. lost all my radio station entries, wasted my time and money on this!
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7 years ago, dj.henri
Radio Tuner
iOS app best of all!
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6 years ago, Nature Detective
It is not that good because it lies in the name it says it’s an FM tuner it’ not an FM tuner you cannot listen to FM stations or AM this app is not that good it has no name stations stickers and never even heard of that’s why I don’t like this app
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2 months ago, ddsisy
Art. Bell
Love it especially interviews with. Ufo people
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9 months ago, Arshillew
I love this app! By far five out of five!
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6 years ago, hankwill
Fraudulent business practice.
Took my money for the”no ads service”and now tell me to”pay again”if I want the service. LOL Dead to me.
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6 years ago, ArianaBandit
Not Offline
I downloaded in the hopes it would have an offline option and it didn’t, so quite disappointing IMO
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7 years ago, Rodd Ross
Radio Tuner - Awesome!
Radio Tuner is awesome! I listen everyday. I Love the Tampa Fl, Smooth Jazz and the Contemporary Gospel channels.
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4 years ago, Domn8tor51
Works like a charm
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7 years ago, 10ecman
Not as good!
I liked it better before the "upgrade "!
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3 years ago, ricky93055
A waste of money
A waste of money, if only I could get my money back. I wish I knew how.
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4 years ago, Jordous
Wont delete
I decided after downloading this app, that I didn’t need it, and it won’t let me delete it.
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6 years ago, Chicago08145679
Keeps crashing with new iOS 12 update
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3 years ago, JP Joshua
This app is trash
Did not have the station I was looking for. No tuner/dial option
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3 years ago, cuteguy45
Can u fix the radio stations they don’t work
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