Raft® Survival - Ocean Nomad

4.7 (267.8K)
627.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Survival Games Ltd
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Raft® Survival - Ocean Nomad

4.66 out of 5
267.8K Ratings
3 years ago, Anounymous player
Great game, but has small glitches
This is an epic game, but there are some bugs. One that I encountered was that it would invert the primary and secondary items, which is confusing. Also I would love to see more free parts to sandbox mode, instead of buying them with doubloons, like maybe the window, door, pillar, ladder, (not the large stairs) and rope barrier, and torchlight, since there’s not much you can do with only walls, and floors, but on decor it’s okay, and on production, can you maybe at least make the bonfire free? Other than that, this game is great! Edit: I think there’s no point In having the handmade gun at level 10, since to make ammo you have to be level 24, so can you add maybe makeshift ammo, unlocked at level maybe 10-12 (Dev’s choice for level of unlock) which deals less than normal ammo, but is easier to make. The recipe would make 30 ammo and materials would be metal plates, ore, and makeshift gunpowder. (made from coal and ore) and would be made at workshop. How it will change the damage is that when this ammo is used, it will deduct 10-25 damage from if normal ammo was used maybe (Dev’s choice again), and in crafting menu it would say how much damage normal ammo would deal and how much damage makeshift ammo would deal. I hope you add this in, as I think it will help very much.
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3 years ago, yelibelii
Bugs and possible additions
This game is cool and I can see it really really blowing up with the right elements being implemented. It can however be very buggy sometimes. An issue I face a lot is that doors on my island randomly “lock” and I’m not allowed to move throughout my space. And since the roof must be supported, moving a wall out of the way is out of the question, which I think is fine but it gets a bit frustrating. Another issue I also face is when I try to rotate something while editing, but cannot because it’s unmovable (again because it’s supporting something else, but I think you should at least be able to rotate the object freely regardless of it being a support). Small inconveniences like this are part of the overall reason I have ended up dropping games I have otherwise really liked, unfortunately. Furthermore, a cool feature that could be added could be swimming considering that the game takes place in the middle of the ocean. I know you can get into the water and all, but it would be nice to dive even just a little so I could go under my raft. It would also be nice to duck and jump, they’re two basic game elements that in my opinion make a game more enjoyable and feel more interactive. And lastly, multiplayer would be an absolutely sick addition. I would love to play this game with my friends on FaceTime together. Overall I see so much potential and can actually see this gain a lot more popularity. Nice job guys!
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2 years ago, The2021progamer
Great game! But need to be improved
So it’s 3:05 on a Saturday enjoying my day scrolling for survival games and I found this one. It isn’t what I was looking for but it is amazing! I really love raft survival and the amount of things you can do in this game is just incredibly amazing. I think this game is like one of the best raft games ever on the App Store. Even though this is like a really good game, you guys should add some things like a drivable raft and multiplayer so you can join friends and more. As well as some sea creatures like jelly fish and fish swimming in the ocean and like octopuses, you guys get the point. This game has so many features like catching your own gear and swimming and going to different islands, exploring them and doing missions. I think you guys did really well on this game but can you make an update where you like get starter coins so you don’t have to struggle? I also like this game because you can go to other peoples raft and have a battle with them. I don’t recommend this game for kids because well, they would be FREAKED out. I already found so many tips and tricks for the game like if your over heating you go in the ocean and cool off. And also I think you guys should add weather features because it would be really cool when raining and lightning ⛈ strikes and your raft breaks. And also making the raft sink. So those are my reasons why the game and good and bad and the things you should add. I made a rhyme so anyways. Byeeee
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5 months ago, Aaliyah.b.
Good game but…
Been playing this game for a few weeks and im not sure if its my phone (iphone 11) or what but theres a lot of bugs that im personally experiencing that are kinda ruining it for me. First of all with the story mode with the survivor and the plane, i have already searched the island with the plane and the bunker and am working on fixing thr plane but its hard when ur constantly getting the screen that goes over the game and says *start journey* and you have to tap away from it to continue playing or it will bring you to the island with the plane that youve already searched and know what to do to “find a survivor” but theres nothing on that island it just keeps showing up and making it unenjoyable. Another thing is most things are not accessible for me when i see other people can access them like the lighthouse, i can see inside it through a window and theres a man sitting down by the entrance but its not accessible anymore or not for me. Also when traveling between islands when i click on accelerate to island by using energy it drops me in the middle of the ocean in the middle of no where no boat nothing and you cant click main menu because ur in the water with nothing around so i have to close the app and re open it. I think with these bugs fixed this game could really be a hit because ive gotten really into it but starting to not want to play it cause of the bugs and the fact i cant access things i should be able to.
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3 years ago, bracary1998
LOVE IT...but read
Like I said, I absolutely love this game. It’s has a great story line, good graphics, and lots of different things to do. However, there’s so much you have to pay for. I hate spending money on games and I hate when I can’t play a lot of a game because it keeps asking me to spend money. I get that game creators need some extra cash from their games but you guys went a little overboard. I mean you can only do two tasks at a time and you’re only given one slot to do them in. You have to buy and extra slot with the in-game currency and there’s barely any chance to get that. I think this game would be amazing if you either made it easier to get doubloons or you didn’t charge for so many things. Another thing that is extremely aggravating is the sandbox mode. Everything that you want to make your raft look good cost doubloons and like I said before it’s extremely difficult to get those. The things aren’t even cheap it’s like 10 doubloons each. I find it hard to get to 4! I personally think that sandbox mode should either be free or you should make it possible to craft everything instead of just paying for it. It would at least give people a break from the actual story line which costs so much anyway. That all I had in mind. Everything else is amazing and the game itself is a lot of fun. Maybe the farther I get into.
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3 years ago, I_luv_apmau
Lots of things need to be fixed
I genuinely enjoy the game but there was a lot of things that need to be improved, for one the graphics aren’t very good and there are constant glitches with the raft and stuff floating underneath it. I believe pillars and ladders should be able to be placed anywhere. Also, we should be able to choose our character and design what they look like, and be able to sign in so if we delete the game or leave and come back we still have our progress. The islands also aren’t very well made. On the map they look completely different when you go to them and are very small. Also it tells me that there will be people or animals there and they usually aren’t. Another thing is that the resources don’t usually respawn and the respawn takes way too long. I think we should also be able to see other fish in the water and be able to jump, climb, etc. there should also be a better clear storyline and be able to interact with other people (NPC or IRL) and there should be an option to have pets and etc. we should also instead of having the big torch things for light, have smaller ones able to be placed on the wall, and etc. and a better distinction between day and night (like stars and clouds) as well as a better distinction between running and walking, because they are nearly the same. But other than better graphics and things like that it’s a pretty fun game and I enjoyed it, but could use a lot of work.
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4 months ago, txbone66
Doesn’t belong on the App Store
When the game works, it’s really cool, but it can’t run for more than a few minutes before the bugs come crawling out. There is no clear way to report the bugs other than go to a discord that is riddled with bots etc. I sent an email with what I had found so far, but no reply. The shark gets stuck in random places so you have to find him before you can build anything. Which is good I guess if you need 30 shark steaks in a short amount of time, but that also kills the fun around resource management because food is really easy to get. The queue system for producing items is completely broken with multiple things that can go wrong. You’ll go to start something and it will say 00:00, and if you do start it, the timer doesn’t change and it will stay that way all day unless your force close it and then suddenly everything is finished. The other extreme is it will say 5:00 to make X and once you start it, the timer changed to 25:00. If you go to cancel the production item, it says the resources will be returned, but they don’t go back into your backpack, they just disappear into the ether. There are 9 production slots, but when you go to start the 9th run, it only registers the first of the 4 slots before asking you to watch more videos even though every time you are under 8 you can fill all 4 queue blocks and it counts as 1 use of the machine. I really was having fun until these queue blocks and issues have put me at a standstill.
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4 years ago, milk--milk
Good Game, needs some work
This game is really fun! It’s a good choice who likes mobile more than pc and doesn’t want to go through the work of downloading it on pc. However some parts of this game are just really annoying. For example, copper plates and plywood have the same texture, so when I tried to craft shells I had the wrong resources. And the notifications are horrible! If your resource trap is full, the notification is “Traps for resourcesTraps for resources is filled!!! Hurry to collect before the looters has come” I just think they need to double check things when they add them to the game. I also don’t get how to use the “Shelter”. I’m not able to go inside it or anything. Overall, pretty fun game! The second thing I need to talk about is the Sabdbox mode. It’s literally the survival mode! Everything you do beside building affects the survival mode. When you press Sandbox Mode, you spawn on a new raft with everything you had in your inventory when you were playing survival. Like, I spawned in for the first time, and I had all my stuff, including my bow and like 10 arrows. When I shot 2, I only had 8 back in survival. Also, you don’t have unlimited resources you still have to craft. Also, they say you don’t have hunger or thirst, but the notifications still show up that say you do. The sandbox mode definitely needs some fixing up.
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2 years ago, Rubyw2037
Good game
Everything is good except for three things the process thing and the time it took to make somethings and the sandbox and survival mode first the process it made it so hard I was dying for thirst and starvation and I didn’t have any in my chests or on me so I tried to get some but it wasn’t letting me but of the process thing so I wait for it to go down and it took so long and it went up after doing one thing ONE thing I would like it to be given less time for it to go down or for it to allow us to do more than one thing second the time thing wooden boards take so long to make 15 minutes your better of taking your chances with the chests and Islands so if you can shorten the time that would be great third I don’t know if other people will want this but I want a mode where you don’t really have a storyline to follow you just build your raft and explore but you have to collect the Materials to make it and the shark is still there also I saw that you responded to people who had a problem and tried to fix and I just wanted to say thank you on behalf of the people who play this game
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10 months ago, SirenKnight
Fun and addictive.
I love this thing. I don’t subscribe, and I only watch ads when I don’t want to pay for things. A few things can occasionally be glitchy, but usually not anything a reboot won’t clear. (I’ve had some chests cause a complete lock down). If you check in often you’ll have more stuff than you know what to do with. Farming is easy here and entertaining, unlike grinding for ever out better bits to make your monsters or toons better and still can’t compete. I’m level 70, and at about 1200 days. I got the cargo 5 and the journal just disappeared. I don’t mind that the game is unfinished, I just wish I knew that, I’ve been puttering along for a week, thinking I messed something up. I’m waiting on old joe at the lighthouse I guess? LoL I think I did get ahead of changes and have a lot of storage chests. The new ones with the ads are crap, almost as bad as trying to swim around a container and the additional tab ad pops up since it thinks you’re trying to leave the island, when you aren’t. I love the shark, I’m not fond of whatever is invisible that attacks me. I dunno if that’s a stealthy croc or that’s one of those spiders that I’ve never come across. Also wish you could get bananas since I can see them in the trees! Haha. All horribly amusing. Thank you.
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6 years ago, HateJakeAndLoganTheAnimals
Awesome but...
So overall the game AWESOME but it isn’t that well made if you guys could make a tutorial/guide thing because at the start they give u tasks and help u in creating things but then that’s gone then u have to do all things by yourself and everything is way too confusing. And you can’t move items once u have placed them which another problem. Next thing is we don’t understand the map at first I thought we could sail to the island but then it shows that u have to pay coins and then a timer starts after its finished you the receive some type reward which isn’t a good thing to be honest. Also when the task thingy finished I saw you could craft a rudder and a boat and sail and other stuff I created them but I couldn’t seem to do anything with them then I did a bit of research and find a site where people were asking what they should do or how should they place the boat and the sail and stuff (the boat I am mentioning is a small boat not the default one that you are spawned with) then someone answered you should use a chemical table when I went to craft it it showed I need a make a thing which looked like a clay bowl with a spoon inside it I open the bonfire the furnace, crafting table etc I didn’t find the clay bowl thingy anywhere how do I make it now? Please there are so many confusing things in this game fix them or give us a full guide please and thank you
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4 months ago, Brady Tessier
One MAJOR problem… Love the game btw!!!
I personally really enjoy this game and love the concept on it, mobile games like this bring me a sense of relaxation and it’s a game you can constantly improve on, not a game you just play for a week and beat or get boring, but I have one MAJOR issue, and that’s how you can only have one chest, only being able to have a single chest to me as far as I am in the game is not enough storage to store all the materials you gather, you shouldn’t have to pay real money to be able to have more than one storage, and it honestly gets pretty annoying playing the game and having to delete certain items just because there’s no room in my inventory or chest, I understand you guys need money for your game and business but there’s certain things such as a chest limit that games like this you shouldn’t have to pay real money for to play, other than that, this game is an amazing concept especially for a survival type gamee and there’s not a lot of others like it, just please consider changing the chest limit to even 2 or 3 for a limit just to make players have more of a chance to play the game all way through without giving up and never clicking on it again, just consider it that’s all, thank you!
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4 years ago, Fluff_Nuff
It’s okay. Could be better (READ BEFORE BUYING)
I bought this while looking for the original game “Raft” and thought it was okay but didn’t share the same charm. It had a bit of a storyline which is not necessarily bad but I didn’t enjoy it and I wanted to change my character’s gender to female but could not. I find that slightly sexist that it would have a male person survive the crash and be all “heroic” but maybe that wasn’t the intention. I also thought that there was too many in app purchases and it didn’t seem nearly as good as the original and it is really a rip off. I also didn’t get passed the task of getting wood because no matter how much I got nothing happened and I found it boring after a bit of playtime. This was a bit long so overall I would say it was decent but not very fun. edit: the developer responded saying that these were completely different games and that is fair enough but I do think even if it wasn’t the intent that it still seemed like a rip-off and from the other responses they seem to agree but I am at least glad the dev actually acknowledged me because most devs wouldn’t have. I think that some people would have loved this game but it just wasn’t my type of game. I also realize that any of the events that have a name like skeksekse with a good and very short rating and has no dev response is most likely a bot.
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5 years ago, Alex.Black
Game Glitched and Wouldn’t Allow Me to Proceed Further
I have a couple major issues with the game. It is pretty fun other than that. I wish I could just pay a one time fee and then earn gold other than watching commercials. The game tells you once you make a purchase you will no longer have adds. That is if you don’t have to start over. I was pretty far in the game, but it wouldn’t recommend one of my achievements for an item I already built and so it wouldn’t give me any more achievements. I finished building everything that was available, and still had the achievement that I couldn’t get. I tried rebuilding another of the component but it would tell me it was already build. The game stopped advancing, so I eventually restarted and lost everything I had. All the slots I paid to open up, and the adds started up at random times like checking the setting, now I get an add even though it says any purchase stops adds. It doesn’t say any purchase stops adds only on this round. If you start over too bad. Now if I got to the end and there was no further to go and it wasn’t because of the achievement then this game has a long way to go. I am disappointed with the constant adds or constant money you have to fork out just to play. I again would rather pay a fee to unlock everything and then earn money based on merit.
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4 years ago, Vicioushawk
Disappointment (Devs please read)
I downloaded this because I had tons of fun playing the beta years ago on pc. The sandbox was great as well as the normal survival. Only difference you’ve made is that the resource catching net randomly picks things up rather than catching debris in the water which was great. Overall the game feels the same except for the fact that it has to be the most expensive and ad aggressive mobile game I’ve ever seen. I open the game and there are 4 ads for “deals” that show up which are overpriced and don’t get you anywhere in the game whatsoever. The premise of the game is the same but this and my next point make it feel is so far away from the beta in a bad way it’s insane. Next point, the fact that you add ridiculous wait times rather than actually keeping someone engaged makes this game not likely to last in someone’s game repertoire. Raft beta kept you engaged and constantly building and improving. This makes you wait 10 minutes for a resource where you need 3 or 4 of to make a tool (plus other things that take the same time) not mentioning that you can only have 3 or 4 actions at a time. See where this is going wrong? I’m giving you 2 stars only because I loved the old game so much but it feels like you butchered it. Please fix it I want to see this succeed so bad because I know how well it would do if it didn’t model itself off of clash of clans. :)
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2 years ago, bidelmister
Amazing, But expensive
Okay, I absolutely love this game. I stay up late playing it, I play at school, basically whenever I get a chance, I’m playing this game. I love it, I love every aspect of it, I just love games like this in general. I have loved Raft for years, and it’s always nice every six or 10 months to start playing it again for a little bit. BUT, I do have one major problem with the game. Basically to do anything to help yourself out, you have to pay money for. I would gladly pay $10 to unlock premium, but not $10 a week, or $100 for a year. PlayStation plus is only $60 for a year. For example, process power. You need process power to do literally anything in the game, and it is extremely irritating and time-consuming when I can only do two things at once. It makes it very hard to keep my hunger and thirst in good condition. I think this game would be much more appealing if I could get more process power. Basically my whole issue is with process power. I can’t afford to spend that much money on a mobile game, nor do I want to, but I love this game so much. If more process power was more accessible to the player, I would love this game that much more, and I’m sure a lot of other people would too.
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3 years ago, tyewyler
Incomplete game
How is it you’re going to sell subscriptions to your game and additional items, resources, and gold but have an incomplete game where the quests just stop and the additional islands can’t be opened and simply say “available soon”. Waste of time and a waste of my 25$ trying to get ahead in the game. I will be deleting this game and canceling my subscription if there is not going to be any future updates that are in some kind of relative time frame. This is clearly some kind of beta testing but trying to charge people when you’re game is clearly not complete and has no supporting levels, maps or islands is ridiculous!! You’re just playing a game and collecting resources to hit a dead end. After you build everything you can’t do anything in the game anymore but the same mundane tasks of raiding and collecting useless resources because you can’t go anywhere else. Well that’s my two cents thought this was going to be a cool survival game played it for like 2 weeks spent my money and completely dissatisfied. The game advertises that you will be able to fight pirates, sea monsters , survive treacherous storms, explore islands, and collect resources but I’ve yet to see anything this game claims. Don’t waste your time unless there is some kind of update that expands the map for more gameplay because truthfully spending hours just collecting resources to build a giant raft is so boring!
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4 years ago, JustEnderSlayin
This game was very fun until...
They had to update it. New look to the water and new features are not what I dislike. What I dislike is that this ever since the update has been glitchy and now since everything is different in the production category now I don’t know where everything is. Now this game is very frustrating to play and annoying to play. I would also like if there were more stuff you could build for the raft. But before this update it was very fun and entertaining. Please take into consideration my review. Part: 2 After awhile of playing with this new update many more good things, and a few bad things. I’ll start with the good things, how much water that’s in bottles have increased, you can now build weapons and armor instantly, also the shark not attacking the raft is kinda nice because before I would have to rush back and forth. Now the bad things, this game basically just drops you off tells you a few things then your on your own it would be nice if there was a longer tutorial or several small tutorials throughout the game, also there is bug to where it won’t let me go to any island there is so I’m basically stuck on my raft unable to see the new animals or anything. But besides all that it’s been pretty well 😄
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4 years ago, Xiuye
I got this game a while back while it was still in development and didn’t really even have islands you could go explore. Back then the game was amazing and simple, they didn’t bombard you with ads and IAP’s all the time and progress could be made easily without trouble. I recently decided to give this game another try to see what’s new and I am very disappointed. To begin, the game wouldn’t even load the first few time and i had to keep exiting out before i could play. Then it immediately gave me the option to get a subscription for a whopping $8 A WEEK. Although they do have a free trial, ABSOLUTELY NO ONE SANE will be paying $8 a week because they like the game and want to support the developers, netflix is cheaper than that! What will end up happening is they forget to cancel the subscription and the devs make $8 but multiple that by say 1,000 people. The next problem i had is that when i was starting out, the game kept pestering me with loot boxes i could purchase if i didn’t have enough materials for a tool or station. I understand that they can be a very helpful option but it’s really annoying to have them pop up everytime i try to craft an item without enough materials. Everything in this app seems to be guarded by a paywall but i’m not willing to play further because of the tacky methods the devs used to get me to pay for things.
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2 years ago, Awesome app 554472
Food Consumption Prohibits Gameplay
I thought this was a cool game (and still do), but unfortunately my character has been stuck at almost max “freezing” level, permanently. I do not know how to make my character stop freezing and couldn’t find anything after looking online. When your character is freezing, hunger consumption happens very rapidly. I literally watch my hunger consumption drop, as it drops 1 of my 100 hunger points around every second. As such, I am constantly on the search for food, and the entire game is just about surviving with food instead of actually completing the goals in the storyline. I eventually got so good at gathering food that I can survive for a little bit without constantly worrying, but my hunger depletes so fast that I go through my entire (large) food supply and I don’t want to visit any other islands. I feel like this is a bug in the game or something because of how bad the problem was. If it wasn’t a bug—please include instructions on how to fix this. I have no idea where I was going wrong. I made all the clothing I could for my level in the game, and made the furnace, torches, and one other fire item, but I don’t think any of it actually did anything. I am so confused, haha. I am deleting the game though; it’s not worth my time to make zero achievement in game.
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2 years ago, aab2013
Good game not a lot of ads but….
I saw this game and I thought I’d was not going to be a good game but it turned out to be one of the best games I’ve ever played it doesn’t have a lot of ads and those games are always good but sometimes they make you watch ads so you can get water or fish or something also they need to make the furnace time that cooks like iron or coal or something lower I had to wait freakin 20 minutes for one piece of coal! I was mad because I needed 2 of them and that would take hella time outta my day 40 minutes! But overall this is a good game I recommend the premium though I’m not getting it because, who spends 8 dollars for food and water but you can get good deals with it though you can get a good raft easily but that takes water and food but I need to have it to make that but it makes me watch ads to get food and water but it was worth it, we’ll kind of but now I have a 3 story raft and I’m only level 14 but super good game please fix the make you watch ads for stuff thing though thank you. :)
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3 years ago, LetsJustSayItsLexie:p
Overall really fun game!
I’ve only played in survival mode so far & finding things in boxes on different islands is rather easy, the storyline is fun too. It’ll probably take a while if you don’t wanna spend any actual money on the game bc you’ll have to craft everything yourself (which is also rather satisfying once all the parts are completed) but finding Aluminum Ore is incredibly difficult. It’s only “potentially” found on one island & I’ve been multiple times but there aren’t any rocks that require the pick axe. You also can’t enter any of the houses or the light house which I find confusing. If you look in the windows you can tell there are people sometimes but there’s no was to open doors or windows. Building the raft is my favorite part. And fishing all the wood/thatch/chests/etc. out of the ocean! I just wish the aluminum ore mining was easier to achieve bc that’s all that’s stopping me from creating the last piece for the Jamming Device to get to a different island! I can’t move on in the story line without it. Also, reiterating the whole not being able to get into houses/light house. What’s the point of them being there if you can’t explore them.
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5 years ago, Red1295
This game just ripped me off and they never respond to you
I enjoyed this game so far I decided to make a purchase and support the game when I did I didn’t get what a payed for it than tried to contact them and it looks like you have to use Facebook or instagram I don’t have accounts so being able to contact them is not likely this is a pay to play but even that doesn’t work stay a way from this game Update they don’t respond to you I really enjoyed playing this game even though I did contact the makers about not receiving what I purchased and their service was horrible they are slow to respond and never offered to get me what I purchased but I still liked to play the game I just wouldn’t buy anything the game had challenges to do you just had to grid a lot more to do them after hours and hours of grinding away I finely thought I finished one of the challenges but instead a message pops up that I have to click ok to make it go away so I can do something only to find out that once I clicked ok I lost all the things I made to open the door and the door is still locked so I contact the makers again this time after weeks of waiting for a response nothing I tried one last time and waited another week still no response this is the worst Game company ever don’t send any money with them if I could give negative stars I would
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6 years ago, Babyfacekillah135
Could have been an easy 4 star game !
So I started playing yesterday it was slow and boring at first , but once I got higher in levels it became more exciting. Not a big fan of all the ads during game play but saves time watching them instead of waiting full time to swim to islands. You guys lost 1 star due to the hacks, 1 that is if you kill a zombie on your raft you can continue to hit zombie which gives you xp and you can level up faster I know it will take some patients of beat a zombie over and over but it’s a hack that needs fixed. Another thing is you should be able to pick and choose your resources on the island instead of picking up items you don’t need. It’s annoying you have to go back though inventory and drop items you don’t want. This game lost 2 stars because after all the work I did all my inventory was lost because I was in a middle of an ad during swimming and some how I was killed by a zombie while I was “SWIMMING TO AN ISLAND” i died and lost all my stuff because of an ad that I couldn’t exit out of . Maybe you should develope a cancel ad button for the ads . And a retrieve button for your little boat to go back to your raft so I don’t have to sit 30-1min to the island and another 30 seconds back to the raft while zombies and a shark is taking out half my raft.
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11 months ago, kwosidbwlqpsjdhwvqcgxhckdw
Great game but…
So this is an outstanding game, but I have a couple problems. First of all your only aloud one chest, I’m not talking about the ones you find in the ocean, but the ones you build, you only get one of them without paying money, and I play all games for free, so this make it really hard to get a ton of stuff when I travel to islands because I need to keep a lot of stuff in my inventory. Second is there are a lot of adds, about every 10 button clicks there is an add, you’ll try to open your inventory or craft something then add. You’ll be really hungry and open your inventory for some food and add, and sometimes I will willingly watch an add for a reward, then next button press… add so at least make a way so that doesn’t happen. Last is you can only do two things at once, what I mean is you can only be making two resources at once, so you could be making two resources then your hunger or thirst is low but you can’t make anything. I know it sounds like I rate this game lower than 4 star but this game even with these things is still really good. But devs pls change these things.
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3 years ago, MMAHolt
Fun time waster
At the start this is a very fun game but as you near the end of the game you will discover there are many unchecked glitches that unfortunately result in a lot of time wasted. Biggest problem with this game is there is no support to contact to get things fixed, I strongly urge everyone playing this game not to make purchases as something may go wrong and there will be no way to get what u paid for. When I reached end game I had various bugs that wouldn’t go away, 1 where just about every resource turned into a chest and when I pulled it in it disappeared. The worst and most frustrating part of the game for me as I enjoy base design.....was getting end game to realize many of the building functions were broken as well, walls not being able to fit beside doors, not being able to build in certain areas when u should be able too, windows not going next to walls.....oh boy I spent weeks on this game collecting resources only to discover I couldn’t use them properly. Terrible waste of time and effort, terrible glitches, game progress is not restorable even though there is an option, and there is no support system linked to the game to help players with individual problems.......I’ll save you the trouble and headaches.....just don’t waste your time on this game and definitely don’t spend any money!
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9 months ago, kniol710
Decent game, needs work
I greatly appreciate how this game is useful in passing time. I’ve been playing for a few months and have improved my raft greatly. I had been playing earlier today and while playing it kept glitching and kicking me out of the app. I then updated it to the latest version, as well as updating my phones software to the most recent version. I am able to load the home screen and click on the survival mode. But when it loads, it just shows the first person POV towards the ocean. I cannot move my character, nor can I click on any other buttons on the screen. Forcing me to force quit the app. I have redone this process multiple times as well as looking for other outlets for possible help. Such as checking servers and seeing if my phone itself is the issue, but it seems to be on the developers end. I have spent a reasonable amount of money on this game. But i’m a college student, so I don’t have money to redownload the app and repurchase things. I do find it a bit taxing and annoying that a player has to pay for things that are almost necessary in gameplay. Other than that, it is a fun game that could use some improvements on the financial and bugging end.
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4 years ago, hoplesssssss
A little frustrating
I actually really enjoy playing this game on my free time though something I do think could be changed in the amount of materials you get during crafting and the how many times you can use it per day, the feature that makes you give coins to use a certain thing more then like three times a day is very unnecessary and kinda annoying there doesn’t seem to be a real reason for it and as soon as it happens it kinda bums you out and doesn’t make you want to play, I get wanting to people to use/spend the coins but it’s a unnecessary way to do it and is very annoying And with the amount of things, like when I’m making nails at a forge I find it kinda funny how one Ingot only makes like 1 nail, maybe you guys could change it to like 2-3? Or something, it’s just seems kinda weird And I know this review is mostly negative but I do actually really enjoy this game I like playing it a lot it’s one of those games that if I’m bored I’ll pull Ik and I end up playing it for a good hour or two without even realizing it, though you guys could/should add a jump button as well! That would be really nice!
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6 years ago, maddieflames
So first is i hate that i cant make more that one chest and i needed to make another chest because i didnt have enough storage so thats one thing another thing was the objects like the boards and thatch stoped floating by my raft third thing is when i break things ive already made and i dont get all the materials i used like a wodden foundation i made the foundation with five wodden boards and only gave me three when i broke it fourth thing is that to get to a certain place i needed to have a crafting table and to get the crafting table i needed wodden boreds and since none of the materials floated by my raft whatso ever i was not able to make the table for at least 3 days then when i made the crafting bench and got to the destination i wanted to go to there were three zombies as soon as i got there that brings me to my last thing when i died it gave me a chocie to go back to the game but wasnt going to give mw any materials or items i had in my inventory previously before i died so i suggest it your going to let someone go back to their previous game you should let them get back everything with out having to die right when you get to the place you had to spend 3 days trying to get to
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4 years ago, It is horse
Sssoooo mmmmMuch ffffuuuunnnnn
I love this gameI like how there is sandbox mode where you can build your dream home but there’s one problem I’m trying to move my fishnet and my water into my house that I made but it won’t let me move a piece of the raft where I want it to go can you fix that please then I’ll play it much much much more oh so I have a suggestion for another game raft just called raft like the title is really raft but it’s not the same story you get shipped wrecked not airplane wrecked and you find a raft and you find a different kind of game and the board is different the health and the food is different the heart is different and yourGoingCross the ocean kind of fastBut you use a hook to fishery sources and you can build stuff to and your inventory is different I have a little bar across the down of your screen that’s all the information I know for now by And into raft ocean nominated please let the character sleep during the night thank you ps In the game do you think would make a good game you’re free to add other suggestions
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4 years ago, TheR3alPanda
Amazing game hands down
I absolutely love the game! I played a similar variety of this game called lone survivor it was awe fully similar and I like that this one takes place in the middle of the ocean. There are a couple bugs here and there but I figured the game has a good road to go before it has more features easily accessible. I pretty much maxed everything out and just waiting for the coop missions and so forth I think the online play would be a very good touch. I read another review and it said that items that are significantly harder to obtain or create have no durability at all and this is true, frankly I noticed this when I created the improved hook. I think that that hook should have been a permanent upgrade if anything because I basically just created an extra hook for nothing. It did the same thing. And when I log in the next day some of my one if not two stations go missing and I have to manufacture them again. Overall, I absolutely love the game and can’t wait for the new updates!!
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4 years ago, nintendo is greedy
the prices and randomization
the game is borderline impossible if you truly want to progress. If you want to complete the game , then you’ll have to buy your self through the game. I understand the developers have to make a source of income and things like that but some necessary materials have to be bought just to progress through the game and it’s just absolutely horrible. one other problem i encountered is that when you get a chest, you have to watch a video or use a lock pick. lock picks need ropes to be crafted which takes me to my other problem, the timers. 5 minutes just to make a single sheet of metal. REALLY? the game has to make you wait so long for so little and the progression takes absolutely forever which doesn’t make the game anymore enjoyable. please , lower the timers , make more things available (like sandbox and other things too) and FOR GODS SAKE, please make the things that are rare more readily available for players. if you want to keep your job as a developer with a healthy income, i heavily suggest that you start to change the certain things i called out in this review. thank you for your time and i suggest you get to work ;)
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1 year ago, sam628363
Ads 15 secs
I’m the same person who made review (why can’t I have sandbox already?) there are so many ads like every 15 sec not when you catch resources when you open crafting menu and inventory and go to settings if you wait 15 seconds outside of those things you have ads when you open it 🆙 and fun fact: you actually don’t have to pay to play the game there is a X at the top left they just don’t see it yeah it is hard to see it!. But there are a lot of ads every 15 secs if you want ads every 15 seconds I recommend but I hate ads they are annoying and I watch a ad on another game to get rewards and it froze my tablet and I had to restart my tablet and I hate these ads: merge dragons! Ever merge and lord’s mobile. ever merge and merge dragons! Are 45 seconds that’s overtime most ads are 30 seconds and lord’s mobile hides the X at the bottom right instead of top right pls lower the ads I turn off internet and it need internet I can’t buy no ads cuz my parents set my tablet 🆙 so in app purchases are restricted 🚫 cuz they think in app purchases are like gambling 🎰 pls respond! And lower the ads!
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11 months ago, plzreadreview
Casual heartfelt note
Ok, so I know this game is kind of old but I have started playing it again and it’s super basic but fun. With that being said I feel you guys should open up a lot more access to crates and items that you would otherwise have to pay for. Just a few obviously otherwise there’s not a whole lot of wiggle room for fun unless you pay for things. At the end of the day we all know we aren’t goin to spend loads of money for these games to max out and end up deleting it. I wanna get on relax have fun and be adventurous before I pass out and go to work the next day. But 1 crate and a few backpack slots I can’t collect much I’m always sifting and stressing about what I have to delete or save and half the time I need that 5 minutes later but I got rid of it to work on something else. Idk maybe the game is old and there’s no more work being done but if there is I think consideration to make this game a bit more free and open would be awesome. The. I might spend money on stuff that really should be exclusive. Oh and more map or islands or places to travel would be awesome .
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3 years ago, Cook412
Enjoying the game overall
I’ve only been playing a little over a week and I’ve honestly really been enjoying the game. Tutorial covers the basics decently well, gathering supplies for the raft is easy, building and combat mechanics are simple and adaptable and I’ve been having fun building up my raft. On the other side of it some of the problems I’ve ran into were, my tutorial bugged out on me when I was placing something and I had to restart. There is no way to upgrade existing foundations (or maybe there just isn’t yet because I’m not far enough?) my doors glitched and won’t open for me (if I want to get in I go into build mode grab the door and then exit build mode). I got an extra fishing net and when I set it to catch fish in one it takes over the other as well rendering one of them useless. Like I said I’ve been having a lot of fun playing and I will continue to play even with the minor bugs as it’s definitely entertaining. Anything that I can find wrong with the game can be fixed with a patch and I believe the good outweighs the bad here so 4/5 for me keep up the good work!
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4 years ago, MonolocoMD
Great game, Poor developer upkeep
This is a really great game, but there are a lot of issues with it. The developers failed to incorporate a lot of the items into the gameplay, so there are a lot of items that are essentially useless that should have some sort of function. For example, Oil is a useless object. One would think that oil could be used to create rubber strips for example, but it is not useful for anything in the game although it is a resource that can be obtained. Another example is sulfur, which can be mined and has a description mentioning that it can be used to create gun powder. However, it has no function. Additionally, The rafts of the computerized players remain the same regardless of which you to go to, and they almost always never have a chest to raid. There are islands that are unavailable. The energy restoration doesn’t work as it should while the app is not being played. This game has about a weeks worth of fun in it until you get to the point I am at and run into these issues. This is why I am giving it three stars while it should be deserving of five stars -lack of developer follow through and thoughtfulness.
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2 years ago, nabyard
Got the game and didn’t really have to buy anything at all to be honest, I worked up to lvl thirty and got to the 8th point on lake island, the game glitched when I was getting the scheme, and it never gave it to me. No response from customer service. Second thing is, it is a pay in to start game. You have to buy a slot to get extra food and water to survive or you will fail and die. Twice I bought coins for the two slots and never got it. When I wrote customer support it took a week for a response, and was told contact apple or google play. They cannot do anything and it is not their problem. Customer service does not exist. The game is a great idea, and has a great plot and story line, like the original that they spun off of, but they need to create fail safe for the faults in their coding, maybe use if/then statements or use a container to retry the connection without charging extra or double charges. BE CAREFUL WITH THIS GAME. I’m very let down by it. Update: as thought, automated response and absolutely no care for the users and customers. Only about the money. Glad I didn’t spend to much on this. DO NOT GET THIS GAME. Download the original. Still no fix on my game two weeks later…
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3 years ago, Rotmg fan
Great potential
I’ve only played the game for a few days, and there are many pros but also many cons. I enjoy the game as a whole, the way you explore items and craft. I don’t enjoy watching an ad for every single thing I want. You want to open a chest for a random item that will end up being useless? Watch an ad. You want to unlock something in the skill tree? Instead of giving skill tree points for leveling up, you have to spend the currency that you get from in app purchases. Now there are some ways to get the currency, but there are so many things to buy with it that I’m not even sure which is most beneficial. I’ve probably watched 50 ads today trying to unlock stuff like an extra inventory slot or opening a useless chest. The ads sometimes automatically direct you to the App Store, not sure how that is even allowed. Another problem with ads is sometimes they have no ad, which isn’t the problem. The problem is when I watch a full 30 second ad, only to be greeted by an error finding an ad even though I had just watched it. Way too many ads to continue through the game.
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4 years ago, chickenmcthick
Really good update ideas for you developers
Umm hi developer, I wanted to ask you if you could add a multiplayer factor so that I could like type in a gamer rage and friend them because like me and my sister want to play survival games together and what better way to do that then be stranded on a raft together lol, in the new update idk if you added that I just wanted to let you know because like I think that would make a lot of people like the game even to point of where you could make the game cost money to download, also I read someone else’s comment about a hammock being added to the game I was like that would be so cool if that happened so like me yeah. Ima give you 5 stars and re-download the game.1 last thing, possibly could you add this game mode where like you have to steal Poseidon’s trident and make the seas get lower so that there’s land and then he finishing cut Spence that’s like you beat the game. Byeee have a good day and pls put on gamertag multi.
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2 years ago, Mia BW
I really love ve this game but there are some many impediments it’s ridiculous. For instance, you have a default inventory but you can create a backpack with materials you gather to get more space. But, if you don’t have an empty slot in your inventory, the game won’t let you use your ingredients (which means get also free up space) to create this space-creating item. The other thing I don’t understand (it could be me since I stop playing for months at a time) is why my character freezes and continues to freeze even though he’s clothed and standing right next to the fire pit. Idk who created this coding but it makes no logical sense. I really was just hoping for a legit experience. Oh and there’s a shark that gnaws a plank off your raft but even with the hook, arrows (no bow in the survival section - hoping I missed it), and axe you can’t kill it. Like shouldn’t I be able to kill it and turn it into canned food or some kind of meat?? If the devs need money that bad to make the game illogical and frustrating they should just find another line of work. I love it and I hate it.
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4 years ago, easter addict
Over all great quality
First things first, the quality is really good, however I have encountered a couple glitches. The first one was that one of my tree planters sort of got stuck green. In other words, I moved my tree planter and that bright green color was stuck. It corrected itself eventually. The next and most recent was that I spawned in the ocean without my raft. I went to the map and I went to my raft and it was fixed but it also might have been that I forgot to go back to my raft or the island I was at but I don’t think that was it but oh well. Along with that, I noticed the shark disappeared but I reloaded the game and it was back. A few critics are that I think that the amount of things that you can have running, ( cooking food, collecting water, making wood, trees growing, etc.) is a bit small and the fact that the only way to make that bigger is to buy it with actual money or the in game coins is a bit ridiculous. I think that it should get bigger as you go or with levels etc but not to be bought but rather to be worked up to.
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4 years ago, CCujo
A lot of control
This game is awesome. You’re on a raft in the middle of the ocean and you have free reign to do basically what you want with it. There’s quests and stuff but you can turn your raft into a three story mansion with rooms if you want, or you can turn it into a complete barricade and shield it from the shark that constantly follows you around (which can be killed and used for shark meat). The possibilities in this game are endless and I learn something new all the time. You can visit other islands or fight other rafts and find resources on both. You can fish, hook in floating logs, create spears or armor. Obviously you have to wait, but it’s never a long time, and it always give you the option to watch a free ad to make the time pass by quicker. Sometimes, there’s so many things you can do, that I become overwhelmed thinking about what task I want to take on next. This is easily the best game on the App Store, if you’re into free play survival games.
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3 years ago, Annonymous123654
Glitchy and membership run
The fact that they make people keep paying irl money for more “build slots” and in game currency and that the game is practically unplayable without it speaks to the fact that all they want is money. I would be willing to pay a ONE TIME upgrade fee to play this game but these kind of creators just want to keep milking the players for unnecessary amounts of real cash. The fact that this isnt technically a scam doesn’t detract from how scam-like these kinds of games are. Its really frustrating bc all i want is to play a simple raft survival like the original from steam but creators like this make overly complicated versions and demand membership fees in order to move forward at all rather than get caught in a barely survivable cycle. I hope they learn that this behavior of theirs is reprehensible and change the game but i doubt it. It used to be 3 build slots and in the time i was away from the game, they dropped the free slots to 2 which speaks volumes about their morals as a company. Do not give this game your time. Raft games should focus on supporting the size of the players’ rafts so it doesnt get all glitchy and weird between every action like this one.
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1 year ago, Kelbomb
Updating my review but asking the same question. When will the bug at the island with a radio tower be fixed? I get it. Your fixing low hanging fruit. I check back every other month for an update and get my hopes up when there is one. Alas, the narrative just stops. So, my raft is decked out. Stations are upgraded. Supplies are in order. I have everything I need to continue but can’t. I exit the game and no longer play. It’s a shame because it could be a fun distraction from real life. OLD REVIEW: When will you continue the story? The story of the game stops. I’m told developers are working to continue it. It’s now been a year and the story hasn’t moved forward. They “fix” stuff and added an energy requirement to slow progress, but the game hasn’t had an update to get one out of the “training” area. DO NOT SPEND MONEY! My raft is made of metal, my stations are upgraded as far as they will go, I have a supply of the fever reducer in case I get sick. I’ve done that hoping I’ll need them. But alas, the game is not being developed further. They just want your money.
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2 years ago, GameLover4578
Great game but..
Okay to start, amazing game but there is a problem..when I try and enter the inventory sometimes to get food , water etc, it gives me a add and it gets annoying. Hopefully you can add ropes floating in the water cause it’s taken me 30 minutes and I still don’t have enough rope. Maybe you can add the ability to go under water and hunt fish then just waiting 2 minutes for anchovies. I haven’t see this yet but I’ve went looking for a bed in the craft menu and I couldn’t find one, maybe you can add an animation of going to sleep! The thing that I think is rigged is that there’s no paddle to move to islands and I think you should add one.. Also! Maybe you can make killing the shark give you coins cause it only gives me 1 coin each time I finish a quest. Another thing I think is rigged is when you get in the water when over heating nothing happens, maybe you can add something that makes you cool down. ☀️Thank you for your time :)☀️
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1 year ago, bg dragonkid yt
Great game! horrible cathces (yea im not good at grammar 😅)
so im 14 now and i thought id get this game, i wanted to build the ultimate raft to basic make survival better than rich living but there is one problem... i can't actually access my inventory, crafting, or even settings for that matter without being shown inappropriate ad and MAN they are bad. but that didn't stop me, i play a lot of mobile games and i know ads now are just kind of dumb. this is what got me upset with this game... the chest limit. i can only build one chest without the expansion pass and as a Nintendo gamer also who has spent already 95 dollars on the Splatoon 3 expansion pass and tears of the kingdom i cant fork out more money just to have more storage. i remember the old versions of this game where the developers weren't so money hungry, am i at all saying the devs are bad people personally? no actually i think they went off the track. they can fix this game and to do so they will need to look at older versions. -PandaWithAFanta
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4 years ago, mvmv2014
Mobile devs are greedy
Update: devs are condescending with a response. Yes, I know the subscription is optional, and you can play for ”free.” Free play is a terrible experience. Their response also skates over my initial complaint. Again, you all should be ashamed even to offer such an expensive subscription. You're greedy, greedy, greedy, greedy, and lastly, you're greedy. There's no reason other than greed to charge that much per year for a mobile game. There haven't been enough updates to ”justify” that kind of cost. -------------------- I will never keep a game like this if the developers are trying to get you to pay $40/month for a mobile game, that’s $480/year. That is absolute insanity. You people should be ashamed of yourselves for this. AAA console games aren’t anywhere near that price per year. I paid $99 for a year of Fallout 76. These app/game subs have ruined the App Store. I understand people need to get paid for their work, but Jesus Christ, you all need to bring it down a notch. I don't mind paying for a perk or two now and then, but I'm not spending the equivalent to what could be a car payment to play a game (per year) on my phone to get ”bonus” perks.
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2 years ago, Dark entrances
⚠️Please read⚠️
This Game Is Great The Game has a different multiplayer one Which is Great But on both things their are A few Problems 1.The Shark Doesn’t attack much so theirs not much way to attack him 2.The Graphics need Improvement 3 The Shark Always Is underwater but If you go in You barely have chance to explore or attack 4. their Should be a bed for the person I looked and it’s not there 5.You Should add in a sail Instead of teleporting to island to island to make it more realistic And a starter for the motor 6.When the shark leaves he only dives down a little I wished he swam off for at least 5 minutes for people to observe the underwater and 7.The Guns I believe it’s a nice idea but they take a lot and you don’t get bullets so you have to use even more iron to use them an only one for each To make it more fair 3 Bullets for each make since you already have to use alot of iron on the gun then one bullet that’s not enough,Other then that the games amazing
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6 years ago, Bri Bri The Wolf
Awesome game!! But...
I love this game I’m so addicted but the one thing is I noticed that when you craft you can’t craft anything that you haven’t gotten a quest thing for because one day I went into the crafting I saw the Improved Hook so I went and crafted it but later I got a quest thing saying to make a Improved Hook and it’s saying I didn’t make it and also I can’t make another one because it says “You already have this”. So this I’m upset about because now I’m probably gonna have to restart the whole game and lose all my progress so please, please fix this I love this game! I also have one more thing to add I noticed when I was placing a thatch foundation you can’t put it in certain places and now my raft is completely ruined because I have random holes because I can’t put anything there! I’m not sure why it’s doing this it would mean so much to me and other players if you fixed these two things please and thank you! -Bri_The_Wolf
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4 years ago, The brian 08
Game does not work
I recently started playing this game and after hours of building my raft and exploring islands it’s become clear the game is broken. I can not access the hidden bunker, it displays the floating hand indicator that would typically come up if you’re able to open something, however when I go to open there is there no option to open, the lighthouse as well. I get no error, no mission I just simply cannot open the doors, the option doesn’t exist. The radar build does nothing, the engines provide no other % increase in traveling per stated and often when attacking the other rafts the loot is minimal and often the exact same each time. The antenna that blocks lightening strikes is unused because I’ve never left the area of the map I originally started in, no storms, etc. I really believe this game has amazing potential but after investing a ton of time I’ve hit the glass sealing and it seems to be bugged. There’s been no update or mention of update or even an a knowledge that that issues are being resolved. It’s a shame and thus my 2 star rating.
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