RAID: Shadow Legends

4.7 (470.1K)
228.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Plarium Global Ltd
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for RAID: Shadow Legends

4.71 out of 5
470.1K Ratings
4 years ago, Cyrusfyre
Great collector/battle game
I really like this game. It appeals to me in a lot of ways. 1)The art and animation is very impressive. 2) The wide range of characters and champions is great also. 3) There are several different modes of play including campaign, dungeons and the arena. The game is fun. It is challenging and requires patience if you don’t intend to drop a lot of money but I have time and patience, especially during this awful pandemic. Speaking of which they’ve been great about that having given players very nice free stuff including lots of energy to give us all something to do while the quarantine was on in full. I often let the game play on auto battle while I do laundry and just make small adjustments when/if I need to. Really I love this game. I do have a question for the DEVELOPERS. I’ve noticed that the Arena around bronze IV and silver I there are many defense teams with a power of 100,000 to upwards of 150,000 power (once I saw 190,000) and it seems to be due to inactive accounts whose tiers have dropped to bronze and silver but they keep winning against the players trying to get out of bronze and silver so they stay right there acting like a clog for those trying to climb higher. Will something be done about that? Perhaps after so much time of inactivity (say 90 days or something) your defense team is removed from the arena and you must start your climb anew?
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3 years ago, Kymete
Gorgeous characters, put the long term login rewards back to what they were.
I’ve been playing this game for a couple of years on and off, and this is a good game if you like to collect different characters and make powerful teams. The character design is fantastic, there are several models and characters I’ve thought about creating the character in cosplay fashion. My first complaint after playing so long is that I wish there were a way to fast forward through the multi battles. Like a fast raid option so I don’t have to keep the game open and running for 30+ minutes (not actively playing or engaged) because I can’t do anything once I am in multi battle but set my iPad down with the game running and find something else to do while I’m waiting for the multi battles to finish. Which by the way is a huge drain on the battery. Cheers! UPDATE: I saw some recent reviews about how the login rewards for 271+ logins monthly rewards have been changed, as in they are no longer worth logging in daily that long to get. They used to reward sacred shards and 5* chickens, so I look in game, it HAS been CHANGED! As others have said, what is the point of logging in every day for almost a year to play and now the rewards are vastly inferior to what used to be something worth log in daily that long for. I am almost to dark Elhain and this really puts a damper on my daily logins I’ve been doing specifically for powerful characters, sacred shards, and chickens.
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4 years ago, dcarrier22
My raid review
I have been playing raid now for about a year and half now. If there are a couple things I could say about the game is that it’s really grind worthy and will keep you busy for quite some time. It’s one of the few mobile games I have actually been able to play longer than a week, but with that being said. If you’re a free to play player this game will still be fun to an extent but you will find that everything takes forever to achieve. It’s not impossible but there needs to be more ways around the game that don’t make people feel the need or pressured to spend money just to be able to make it anywhere in the game. You will get better and make progress overtime of course but it could take you a year of playing daily before you have even scratched the surface. Also the game does have in game events that give rewards but good luck ever winning them unless you spend money on energy or unless you have stockpiled for quite some time. Overall I’d give the game a 5 star but don’t start playing unless you’re really into grinding or willing to put the occasional $10-$20 here and there to help out with energy and other things in the game. Ps don’t buy the summoning shards in the game. You’re guaranteed nothing and more often than not you will be disappointed by the outcome. I hope this helps everyone.
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3 months ago, Aqua Titan
Love the game, great f2p if you like games like destiny 2
I have had a lot of fun with this game my only complaint is the very little diversity with shard summons and you can’t filter as must I love randomness to an extent but I’m attempting a sacred order only play through but something I also noticed is the lack of good healing supports in the sacred order faction the mythical champion being the absolute best option but that locks out a great healing option till the absolute end game I think to help the players there should be an option to use maybe a special shard or multiple of a kind of shard to better filter just a faction not just a certain character or character type like Attack or support I also want to better be able to interact with my friend in this game I also think there should be a way to inspect other players gear in PvP to see how good it is just seeing level and how many times they have been ranked up or ascended doesn’t give a great grasp of if you can win the battle this goes against Sun Tsu teaching “if you know yourself and know your enemy you should not fear the result of a thousand battles” how may I know if I’m sieging a walled city if I can not see what they are equipped with I also think drop rates for characters in the campaign should be higher Thank you for your time- PenitentSeraph
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4 years ago, brody1986
The prices!?!?
I’ve played a lot of these type of games over the years and don’t get me wrong this game is fun I will give it that. That is why I am giving it a 3 star rating. The one thing I can’t stand is they make it very hard for lower players to obtain the resources to level up characters! Even the events that come out that have decent rewards seem unobtainable for newer players. Only for those who have huffed a bunch of cash into this game. Which brings me to my main point, they shouldn’t make the main point of the game to gear people to spend cash on there packs. Example: Like oh we are doing this great event for summoning champions here’s all these great packs! Well is there an alternative way to get shards other than spending money. Oh you have to get to the end of the event to get A SHARD. Wow can’t get to the end of the event with out spending money. Not to mention the amount of the packs. Horrible if more people don’t feel like they are being ripped off just looking at the offers! The new update: I was honestly excited about this update. But with that being said I feel I have some decent units built and I can’t hardly clear stage 20 on normal mode. Once again putting out content aimed at higher money paying players only. I would expect levels to be that difficult on hard mode but not normal. I think if they are gonna expect people to pay the kinda prices they have on their packs, we should be seeing way more new content and constant updates.
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10 months ago, Natedaw930
Great game but….
This is a great game. I really enjoy everything you can do in it along with the occasional free legendary. I have a few reasons as to why I didn’t give it a 5 star. 1). With almost everything requiring energy a player can run out of energy stupid fast and then have to wait a few hrs for the energy to refill. I personally would like to see the energy cap increased by another 100 or so. Another option would be to decrease the time it takes to get back energy from 3 minutes to 1 minute. 2). Give players another way to get Epic/Lego tomes as well as shards without having to spend a lot of money for them. I know that we can earn them other ways through events, tournaments and missions, I’m just suggesting letting us grind our way to getting them through dungeons at some of the hardest levels with a small chance of getting them. I’ve played borderlands so I understand the grinding. I understand that this is a f2p game and you have to make money so I don’t want to take that away from you as a company and there are so many players that would gladly spend the money. I’m only suggesting these topics as a way for those players that don’t want to or can’t afford to spend money to have a chance to compete with others who do spend a lot of money. Again I really enjoy the game and can’t wait to see where you guys take the game in the future!
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3 years ago, StephMonroe
Really fun game but...
OK so just start this off I can’t lie raid shadow legends is really really good game and it’s really fun to pass the time with. But I have seen lately an increase in levels like 26s having legendary‘s and Epix which I think is either luck or a pay to win but whenever I tryTo defeat them they always come out on top now I know there’s gears and rings are usually farm spiders den level one for rings which I used to thought were extremely rare butts that’s not my main complaint that’s just like something small. My main complaint is a graphical errors I consistently have where enemy champions or bosses I’m just completely bugging out like they attack and then they go back their limbs extend kind of and then they spin it sounds comical but it happens. I can say there is a fair chance for everybody to do challenges weekly challenges and such and I think I think it’s really good for like the gym earning system if you were to buy the gym generator like I’m trying to I think it’s a fair chance for everybody and I really like that this game balances paid a win and fun to win basically and I’ve never seen any other game do that with a balance pay to win and fun to win. Sorry about any grammatical errors.I used to also think that this game was really really bad. But I feel like I got completely immersed back in like December 19 I don’t know when I started truly. But I do know that is that this game is honestly amazing.
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4 months ago, gjgsrghjbv
Absolutely Amazing
This game is awesome. I’m just gonna say it. The graphics on this game are absolutely amazing for a phone app. I’m also overjoyed that they did a collab with Monster Hunter. I’m such a huge Monster Hunter junkie and when a realized that they had Monster Hunter champions I almost died. Sadly I only got there in time to get the Rathalos Blade Master (which is my own fault) I guess that’s what happens when you don’t log in: you miss important things. Pro tip: if you download this game, log in every day at least once. I could have gotten more Monster Hunter champions if I had. Take my advice. If I’m being honest I’m still figuring the game out. I’m one of those people who doesn’t log into games often. There’s not much I can tell you except the game is fun, creative, interesting, entertaining, and the designs of most of the champions are absolutely amazing. (If I’m being honest I’m not following the story element but that’s just me) it’s over all very fun to collect champions and battle with them whether it’s clan bosses or PvP or main “storyline”/main battles. It’s over all a fun game that I would highly recommend if you like fantasy and a well designed game. Sorry if there’s anyone out there reading this that didn’t find this helpful. P.S. (Thank you for doing a Monster Hunter collab!) Bye, have a nice day!
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4 years ago, A-Duck
Great game, but...
It’s a great game, no joke. I play this only because my 14 year son old does and he invited me to play, so I’m in for his sake. Points of relatability with your kids, right? That said, 2 months and $150 later, there are some inherent flaws with this game, thus the 4 stars instead of 5. The lower level arena is a complete mess. My next arena challenge AND mission is to simply make it to Silver 1. Not happening anytime soon. It’s full of Level 60 (highest level) x 3 or 4 (not to mention the fact that oftentimes they’re Legendary Champions) that I simply can’t pass as a relatively new player. And, as an entry level player, I lose arena points for losing against these teams that have 3-4x my team’s power rating. Shouldn’t teams like this be quarantined to a higher arena level? I don’t even play the arena any more because even after 3-4 refreshes, I can’t beat a single team, even though I have a lone Level 60. Also, YO. Can we make books a little easier to come by? Maybe make an area towhere you can collect “pages” of books (5 for rare, 10 for Epic, 20 for Legendary?) or something? Digging the game, but there are simply way too many different types of “currencies” to fully max out a particular Champion. Then again, I made the decision to spend $150 over 2 months and I’m all for free market capitalism, but I can’t see investing any more cash that I have to work for just to be cooler with my kid.
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5 years ago, Noah100$
Over all very fun
I’ve played this game for a while and think that the developers did a very good job designing it. This game did a very good job at balancing how complex it is and how functional it is. Right from the get-go, you can already understand the core game mechanics. I’m always am finding new strategies, which keeps the game fresh. One thing that has always kept me coming back to this game is the clan boss. In my opinion the clan boss is one of the best aspects of the game. Having a boss that your whole clan can fight was an amazing idea. I think it would be great if they added more ways for clan mates to interact/work together. If I had to complain about something, it would probably be artifact upgrades. This has been improved upon in a recent update (where they now allow you to do auto upgrades), but I feel it’s not quite there yet. Upgrading is based off rng, which I think is fine. The bad part is when you are upgrading artifacts to higher levels. There have been many times when I spend millions of silver on upgrading artifacts when I shouldn’t have. I think that the player should have a higher chance for a successful upgrade the longer they go without one. This would reset after every successful upgrade. This game is very enjoyable and I hope that if the developers reads this it will help them.
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2 years ago, ZacharyRAIDer
RAID Reviews!
Hi! I have been playing for almost 2 months now and it’s amazing! Here are some suggestions to help the game! 1. Maybe add a special shop where you can get champions for gems (maybe rare, epic, and legendary champions. The gems would probably be around certain prices. For example, for a rare champion: 500 gems. For an epic champion: 1200 gems. For a legendary champion: 2050 gems.) It would make it easier to get a champion that you need! 2. Maybe get rid of a couple of factions and put the heroes in that faction in a different faction, or at least make a way to organize the rarity and factions. It can get confusing while looking though your champions trying to make a good team, and even if you already got a way, make it better advanced. 3. Add a new rarity of champions and add harder chapters (I don’t know what they are,) for more experienced players. The champions could help for those new chapters (for example, Mythical for 6 stars and Heroic for 7 stars.) These are my suggestions for the game. I hope this helps for the better! RAID is good the way it is anyway, these are just my suggestions. RAID is very fun any very enjoyable! I hope this game get better and better! This is my favorite game on mobile. I am on the roll to get the new legendary champion! This is a fun game! #RAIDisTheBEST! -Zach
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2 years ago, Hombubs
Even with their marketing team killing it, this game holds my attention and interest. Playing while not playing is great and it makes me take a break to wait for cool downs if I don’t want to spend real money. Which I don’t. Honestly, I’m having quite a lot of turn based fun and loads of RPG nostalgia. Literal meme portraits are also a treat. This game knows what it is. Only negative is “buy these upgrades” ads that pop up often, but not enough to break my concentration or immersion. The fact I can get immersed should speak for itself. Game is great for pot-playing, office-playing, wedding march-playing, walk-playing, bedtime-gaming, detention-gaming, taxiing-gaming, praying-gaming, changing-gaming, and anything else that requires a few taps on a phone or clicks on a compy. I’ve probably leveled four times while writing this positive rant that’s less about the game play and more about actually times of interacting with the game. This review is from a very busy person dealing with a masters program, full time work, a one-year-old, almost two fully counted hands of animals, and an S.O. This game lets me feel the fun of an RPG and the briefest satisfaction of strategy when I build my team to be OP against an enemy. No idea the pvp, but this has been my campaign for experience. Cheers.
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7 months ago, every thing eles was taken
Fun for a few months
Game starts out pretty entertaining. After a few mounts to a year it gets repetitive. Constant pop ups trying to sell you shards, power, gems etc…. The developers idea of giving the game longevity is basically adding higher and higher difficulty levels to the same dungeons. Not only is this repetitive and boring but at a certain point even with max character states it’s nearly impossible to complete certain levels. It’s incredibly difficult to obtain hire tire shards without your Credit Card. Everything seems well designed but the game just feels like a cash grab and is definitely pay to win. Obviously the game is designed to make money which is fair enough. I personally think they way over value the in game packs. With the amount they charge they could make raid an open world mmo instead of an early 2000s style dungeon crawler. I rarely login and it’s only to collect the login bonus to slowly spend 10 mins a day leveling up for no good reasons other than I was bored. In the beginning (a few years ago now) I played a couple hours a day. I enjoyed leveling up and getting new characters. I unfortunately have spent around $300 over the past few years. I paid 6 times the price of a console game and got less enjoyment. I can’t explore in raid or get into the lore because it has no real depth. It’s a pay to win cash grab that’s good for killing a few minutes a day if your past level 30
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2 years ago, "Ghost "
Great game to a point
The game will let you get so far into it until it starts costing a lot. You can get to a point to where upgrading your champions gets really expensive. When it comes to the cost of upgrading your gear I have went through almost 1,000,000 silver just to upgrade the artifacts pass level 10 I have counted 19 times that upgrading had failed to raise two levels. It’s almost impossible to get past 12 and the champions that you receive from shards it takes a bunch of them to get a good champion that will take you far enough into the game to get good enough gear to upgrade your champion enough to even begin to think about beating the bosses. So unless you have a lot of money to buy what you need to get your champions level up high enough to take on the bosses it’s almost impossible to go further into the game you get stuck and can’t go any further. All I can say is great game guys just ease up a little bit on prices so a person can advance and ease up on the champions let a few good ones go so people don’t get so discouraged and you will probably keep people playing not everybody is a pro. There are people that don’t have a big pocketbook to spend on games. Other than that one of the best games I ever played. Everybody needs a chance to be able to get further into the game.
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5 years ago, aguyapersonnnn
Great Game, Terrific Graphics
The game itself is amazing. Basically the RPG version of World of Warcraft. The graphics are amazing as well, very detailed and realistic. I can see the blood and sweat and all the effort put into this game. Sure, at first I assumed this game was bad because usually, games that spend loads of money on advertising and sponsoring YouTubers just to advertise their game would be a game I wouldn’t enjoy. This time, I actually decided to download this app, no regrets. If I could, I would give this game ten stars. Maybe the only downside is that the game is part pay-to-win, but you can easily make up for that by using the auto-battle tool. It's tougher without spending money, and this game requires a lot of grinding. This game is a great time-killer and whenever I'm bored, this would be my go-to game. There are literally so many characters in this game. It's exciting because of the many players that actually play this game. If you're reading this whole review and debating in your head whether you should get the game or not, I would highly suggest you to get this game. I can almost guarantee that you wouldn’t regret getting this game, since I didn’t. I was also looking for a new game to play since I got bored of all the rest on my phone, so this is now my game. Thanks Plarium, this is a quality, top-notch game.
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4 years ago, MistaReaper
Opinions and suggestions.
So this is an awesome game with great graphics. I really enjoy playing this game. It has everything I want. Cool characters. Cool bosses. A cool story. It’s awesome. But there are some problems. I have some sort of bug that makes my game crash after I play for awhile. I can stand it but it’s still annoying. Also the chances of getting good characters is unbelievably low. Sacred shard are gold. That indicates legendary characters. But you have a 1% chance of that. That should definitely be raised at least to 25%. And I’ve used maybe over a hundred mystery shards and a small percentage has been uncommon or rare. Please raise those chances a little too. And it would be nice if you could make the gem mine that takes 1d 2h to get 5 gems way cheaper the 500 gems. That is a lot. And making a clan should also be cheaper. My final suggestion is add a friending system. You should be able to friend people on raid. Also you say that if you send invitations to get people to start playing Raid you will give good rewards. I send the referral link. To three of my friends. But I didn’t get any of the items you promised. It’s not like that will change my overall opinion on raid but it would be nice to fix this. I hope you take my suggestions into consideration and fix that bug.
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2 weeks ago, wadesterk
Your effort is mighty, theirs is a lie
Yes, you can easily spend hundreds of hours in this. I have. Drop a 3, 4, 5 hundred dollars then watch that mighty Arena team whose power is 420,000 power lose to a team with 165,000 — particularly if you have not spent any $ lately. Yes, I am 100% that the game tracks when and how you spend and when you don’t that it is programmed to gradually gimp your teams until you buy more. Try it. Buy something then watch your 200,000 power team rip 250,000 apart … for a day or so. Stop spending and you might as well chop off the arms and legs of your beautifully illustrated champions because on a programming level that is what is happening to them. For a game that obviously prides itself on being multi-dimensional and deep thinking as to every facet of a champion and, more so, a team of them, this grotesque, obvious ploy to bilk more $ out of you will assuredly bring you full stop as you realize all that time, effort and — avoid my error — money was wasted on what amounts to a crappy random number generation rather than the honed, elaborately outfitted champions you steadily jumped through hoop after hoop. Go shoot zombies and save your $ rather than believe these intricate matrices all of which are so easily undone when you are stupid enough to think 425,000 can beat 165,000 … go ahead, see whether your massive 425,000 gets stomped 2 out of three (it does). How about 3 out of 5? (All 5.) … just go home, pawn.
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11 months ago, Joi_boi
Endless dopamine spiral
This game is a massive time consuming slog. You have to play for 8-12 hours a day to optimize your progression and you’ll still never keep up with the lunatics who spend tens of thousands to stay in platinum arena. The time consumption is a real problem. Unless they introduce 4x speed or auto battle for the dungeons I will have to quit playing because there’s just no time in the day to complete all the missions and re run the same dungeon 400 times. The recently nerfed the demon lord rewards. This was the only way to get summoning shards reliably without spending money. Thousands of players spent thousands of hours refining teams effective enough to farm it. After a year of relentless grinding, I finally built a reliable team and they nerfed the rewards to make us spend more. The pop ups are relentless. Every time you exit a dungeon you’re assaulted with a pop up. If you have bad signal it could take 10 seconds to exit the pop up and they will still make you answer “Are you sure?” When you press “no I don’t want to spend $50 on a picture of a toy”. The best champions come form void shards. They generally cost $10-$30 for one shard which give you a 0.5% chance to pull a legendary champion. There are 57 void legendaries and everyone in platinum arena has 2-5 copies of the current meta champions within a month of their release. I suspect many of those top accounts are developers or bots just there to gatekeeper and pressure more people to spend.
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1 year ago, Unspeakable.jr
Death Knight from common to rare??????? (P.S. Artak mention)
I love DK he's funny and just like able however i became very sad and depressed when i found out you can't even ascend him. "Make him uncommon sp you can ascend him" ☝️🤓 no I want give him the power of god "But he has one attack, how can he ever be a rare champion " ☝️🤓 glad you asked my friend. Make it like Ultimate Death Knight "Rats Off To Ya" except Mr Nibbles run of DK's axe and go to the left and kinda just runs through all of them with a baby blue path behind Mr Nibbles. Also can you PLEASE make it so Mr Nibbles is part of the model for both UDK and DK, just like chilling on there shoulders waiting for their time to shine the cooldown for Mr Nibbles. Yes that's the attack name, is like 3 turns doing not as much dmg as UDK but enough to make the move not useless. The amount of upgrades for Mr Nibbles is 5 being the same dmg +5% and buff/debuff chance +5%. "What's the buff and debuff?" no buff from the attack so just debuff i guess, the debuff would be... you guessed it sleep. One more thing if you have sacrificed Artak why not be able to get him again by playing the 7 days again or longer to teach me a lesson to not sacrifice everything to Ultimate Death Knight. If you had read this thank you and I hope this can happen one day.
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4 years ago, XscalaX
Awesome game
This is a great game. Lots of different aspects to spend your time on but the developers did a fantastic job of simplifying it so you don’t get overwhelmed. Overall it is a very fun game and pretty balanced. I would recommend everyone to give it a shot. There is one really big flaw that I find though and it is with obtaining jewelry artifacts. For example. If you need let’s say an amulet for a high elf faction character. It is already a pretty low chance that you get an amulet. Then it’s a much lower chance that the amulet you get is for the 1 out of 16 factions that you need. To put this in perspective. I have been farming the spider for over a month everyday and still haven’t gotten the any amulets for the high elf faction. In addition I know people who have been farming it for 3 months to no avail. I feel like a great solution to this would be to make the spider drops similar to that of the mastery scrolls. Where the piece of jewelry that drops will be for one of the faction characters you use to defeat the boss. This would change your odds of the right faction from 1/16 to 1/5. I believe this would still keep it a grind to get the jewelry you need but it would at least make it obtainable so that you don’t spend 3 months grinding for something and still never get it.
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3 years ago, Dead - Ringer
Justified rant
Hats off to the developers, but way too much of a financial investment to stay competitive. Even if you spend some, they literally try to force you to spend more. What do I mean by that? Say you’re watching the Avengers movie in theater for the first time- you’re loving it. But 20 minutes in, they say that was just a teaser- you can watch more for $20. I’d grumble, but probably do it. Then 20 minutes later, they have a long series of commercial interruptions, which you sit through, cause you were really into the movie. Then they charge you more to continue. Then they say, “for the last hour, we’re switching to 3D. You can buy a brown bag that may have 3D glasses in them, or maybe just some popcorn. If you buy ten bags, we”ll give you five more for free!! Or feel free to watch the last hour of a 3D movie you’ve now paid $75 for, without 3D glasses- cause we’re free to watch friendly. This recent Dwarf summoning event is far worse then my analogy. Your greed is off the charts. I hope you feel good about the players you sucker in, who keep spending. Make money promoting mental illness, while creating and enforcing it at the same time!!! But you got me. Huge waste of time and money, with less than zero return for the investment. Business analytics probably want former customers like me to drop off- makes room for fresh blood and fresh wallets. You game looks good, and it’s entertaining, but no where near the slowly revealed asking price.
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5 years ago, gogo10123
The game itself is fine
The game itself is fine and I enjoy it, but there are specific aspects that are just...not player friendly. The arena being one of those areas. You’re supposed to battle other teams but there’s usually only 2-3 teams that are at you level of champions or below. The rest vastly out power you. And if you weren’t penalized for losing it wouldn’t be a big deal-but you are. So the arena is pointless for me. I can maybe win 2-3 battles but after that I’m slaughtered. and you can be attacked while not there and I have never once seen where I got a victory from that. The stats on the those teams are excessively higher then mine. The arena is a joke. The other issue I have is that there is no where to see the rank of any of the characters. And you can’t guess based on level since the levels start over after you increase someone’s rank. That makes no sense, and is deceptive when battling other teams. The pay to play aspect is rather annoying but I get it. However the fact that you have to pay money to unequip a piece of armour from a champion I s absolutely ridiculous. And the amount you pay is horrible. Overall the game is fine, but there are pointless aspects for people who are just playing and not investing tons of money (i.e. the arena) and your leveling progress will be much slower.
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4 years ago, smerd636
Great game, could use some changes
The campaign is captivating, the visuals are great, the diverse heroes are amazing. BUT (big but here), if you want to play this game for its multiplayer, you’re going to have to spend money. I’ve played through 4 of the campaign quests and got I think 1 rare hero. Good luck trying to win battles with common and uncommon heroes with only 1-3 moves. AND the matchmaking system is terrible. You can have level 2 heroes in the arena and face people with all maxed out heroes. And in order to find someone that’s closer to your level, you have to refresh the list of opponents you have choices of to face. How do you do that? Oh, you have to spend gems which you can only get from doing difficult quests or paying money :) To make this game better, 1) fix the high level players being in low level ranks because of inactivity or whatever reason. 2) add more ways to get heroes other than spending money. I realize I just got into the game, but after opening all of the shards from campaigns, rewards, etc. I have like 10 out of the hundreds of heroes and they’re all common, uncommon, or duplicate heroes. Why am I getting duplicates when I just started the game? Needless to say I’m uninstalling after beating the campaign. Again, very well voiced campaign :) but otherwise there’s big glaring issues that from what I’ve read in the reviews have been going on for months
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1 year ago, Baku#2
Newbie review
Honestly I got this game as a bit of a joke but I will say I am a very big fan of the hero collection type games like Raid. I will say if your pure F2P like I have been it is a GRIND, but I am a CBT enjoying RuneScape player so I’m well accustomed to doing things over and over again to gain experience or gather resources or what have you. I play it as a side window unless im playing arena or clan boss or a new dungeon level or other. The grind really is only annoying when you lack energy specifically. That, is my only gripe. They give you lots of things in this game, gems, arena refill, silver, shards, etc. some you have to work harder for but others not so much, but all of it costs some energy to get towards and though they give you a lot to start it dies away pretty fast when you start to grind and really the best way to fix this would be either A) lower energy costs for battles B) increase the speed at which energy refills so that as im playing i can recoup what energy im spending do it takes longer for me to be out of energy, or C) increase the amount of overall energy you’re allowed to have based on level. Other than that great game, love the build and collection aspects and will probably continue to play for the foreseeable future unless the game just dies entirely.
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3 years ago, 🥰🤠
raid: shadow legends
Today's video is sponsored by Raid Shadow Legends, one of the biggest mobile role-playing games of 2019 and it's totally free! Currently almost 10 million users have joined Raid over the last six months, and it's one of the most impressive games in its class with detailed models, environments and smooth 60 frames per second animations! All the champions in the game can be customized with unique gear that changes your strategic buffs and abilities! The dungeon bosses have some ridiculous skills of their own and figuring out the perfect party and strategy to overtake them's a lot of fun! Currently with over 300,000 reviews, Raid has almost a perfect score on the Play Store! The community is growing fast and the highly anticipated new faction wars feature is now live, you might even find my squad out there in the arena! It's easier to start now than ever with rates program for new players you get a new daily login reward for the first 90 days that you play in the game! So what are you waiting for? Go to the video description, click on the special links and you'll get 50,000 silver and a free epic champion as part of the new player program to start your journey! Good luck and I'll see you there!
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4 years ago, abel8488
Great game with a few minor issues
The game is great and a ton of fun definetly recommend however... you definitely need to spend real money. Purple shards to summon the good heroes are extremely rare. I have poured around 10 hours into the game and have received one purple hero. The bigger issue is that the lower level heroes (blues) are level capped so they hit 30 and that’s it unless you sacrifice other heroes to level them up but even blues are so rare that at this point I can’t level them up. So you get a point in the campaign where your party is capped out at their max level and you can’t get passed the mission because you can’t level up any further and get stronger. This is ridiculous in my mind and forces you to buy stuff with real money. Additionally the game punishes you by making you spend your silver when experimenting with different gear combos which is RIDICULOUS. If I want to remove gear from a hero I have equipped you need to spend silver which take some of the fun out of seeing how some gear teams up with other and really figuring out how to maximize your party’s efficiency. To summarize, great game but unless you spend real money you will reach a point where you cannot level up your heroes any further and your progression willl be SIGNIFICANTLY slowed. Lastly please get rid of the system where you have to spend silver to move gear around and let me have fun experimenting!!
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4 years ago, Deliomerd
Great Game but Needs Improvement
This game is a great RPG Battle/Collector with tons of different legends and fractions to chose from when creating your team of legends. A ton of different modes to chose from online and off as well as a beautiful set of graphics and music heard throughout the game. The game does reward you for grinding hard earned legends rather than going for the micro transactions but the micro transactions are pretty rewarding themselves. The store offers numerous generous offers ranging from legends to resources and sometimes a combination of both. Logging into the game loads up 5 or 6 different store offers which can be annoying at times but are offering a lot if you’re willing to spend some money on this game. Somethings I feel like the game could improvement on is a better and more detailed story, perhaps with some side quests and choices which depends on the choice could change the story’s ending in multiple different ways. A lot of the low star legends are reused as a way of it being a different legend but with a slight bit of change to its clothing, color and star ranking and trying to sell them as a “new” legend which is just trying to take the shortcut when it comes to design and development in video games but overall it’s a still a great game and I would recommend trying it out.
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5 years ago, Remvaril
Raid ripoff!!
Gorgeous game ! Only problem is like in all these games for you phone , if you don’t spend real money you will not be competitive at all in the arena. It’s hard to enjoy a game that you have to spend money on micro transactions. I have seen where the devs are spouting off something about resource management is a big part of the game and is a major part of the challenge. I call bull -hit on that statement when you can purchase all of the resources you need in - again the micro transactions! Not much of a challenge when you can buy everything you need. Why can you just make a game where the micro transactions are for cosmetic stuff only why have a pay to win game ? If it’s pay to win then stop saying things are a challenge. The only challenge here is the challenge of affording things to buy. Sounds like Real life to me and not a game to enjoy. The devs will say there is no paywall but that’s a lie sure you can get what you need for free but it is going to take you months to be able to really do anything. That is just not enjoyable Drudgery is not fun. I know this because I have spent money after a month of not getting the champions or the coins to upgrade them properly. I’m sure they won’t respond to this review but if they do I am sure they will say I am wrong and can get all I need for free. That is not a lie I guess per say but it will take you forever. You will get bored way before you will enjoy the grind.
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3 years ago, Shadowfox_7
Fun but a severe time sink
I have been playing for a few months and have had fun with it. I have spent some money here and there on it, but not tons. They have a lot of events that rotate through, where you can earn a lot of the harder to come by items, summoning shards and even Legendary Champions. The problem that I have is, it takes too much time to complete your daily objectives and even more time if you want to complete events. It takes me about 4-5 hours each day to complete my regular and advanced dailies and to use all of my clan boss attacks. More time is spent if I am trying to push through some of the harder content. Add even more time if you want to participate in events. The problem is that you spend so much time watching battles that you have already completed before. Even if you have said battle on automatic, you still can’t do anything else until it is done. Battles that you have completed with 3 stars should have the option of an instant auto complete, that would save a ton of time. Clan boss fights can drag out for a long time and should have an option to speed up the combat animations more than just 2 times speed. It can be a fun game and the artwork/animations are really well done, but I work 12 hour days and just cannot sink this much time into a mobile game.
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2 years ago, jpriemlv
Keep it casual so you'll always have fun.
Standard mobile rpg hero collector but made very well. Great graphics and character designs. Campaign should be your beginner game focus; then Dungeons in your early-mid game which is essential for your success in the late-end game of Clan Boss and Doom Tower; Arena and Faction Wars are neutral. Pace yourself so you don't burn through all your resources - especially if you’re Free-to-Play ONLY. Don't get attached to your characters as you will gradually obtain better ones (your starter Champ will remain a solid contender even in the late game). From there, build a well rounded team - ideally consisting of each Affinity (Blue-Magic/Red-Force/Green-Spirit/Purple-Void) and each Type (Attack/Defense/Support/HP). It's free to play for the most part (it will take forever to advance in the game though), just remember there’s absolutely NO RUSH. Obtaining better characters and equipment will test your patience due to the Random Number Generator system but you have to make the best of the cards you're dealt. Research the champs you obtain before deciding to sacrifice them, some lower rarity champs are totally late-end game viable. Overall, it's a nice game to play and kill time with especially when your unable to play DnD with the homies.
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4 years ago, Hopefulskater
I wish Plarium cared about the community.
Besides any minuscule quality of life changes, Plarium has proven time and time again that they only care about squeezing that last little bit of money even during a pandemic. You are not a person to them, you are a statistic. This is a gambling game, through in and throughout. There is very little skill needed, besides gearing your champions for what you need. I really love the character art and how much the community can agree on how awful Plarium is run. I don’t mean to hurt any of the devs feelings, you have to do whatever it takes to put food on the table but at what cost? How much money is enough to get y’all to actually care about how your fans view the game? How long is it going to take before y’all hire people that actually play the game? I have seen countless responses from Plarium employees that are clueless about our problems with the game. I am not worried about the amount of time in between patches but if you are going to come out with one around every month, each update should be a significant one. It isn’t like the community isn’t giving y’all enough ideas for new content, or do y’all want to keep ignoring the community more? The pressure is on now. I do have positive things to say about the game but when the issues with Raid and Plarium are as big as they are, the positives aren’t even warranted.
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5 years ago, fgtv🤩
Best game
There is an OK game and then there’s this game wow I mean wow this is one of the best I am nine about to be 10 and this is better than any other game out there any day I want to give this game some advice This game can’t still get work done because there are many other games out there fortnight is dying down but now you have Minecraft this game is but I think there should be a better way to get rid of the champions A easier Way too well get rid of champions if you can’t get rid of champions easier this game will die down because it will make people fill up with champions forcing them to buy more slotsBut what if they don’t want to buy more socks? Seriously this one of the best games I’ve ever tried but it is just I just need to be worked on a little bit for that one main reason I do not know how to get rid of my champion and half of them are common exactly why would you want that many commons I barely have any more room for my epic or rare’s so please just make like a button that says get rid of champions that big ladders right at the top if you want to get rid of that champion soon I will have nothing but calm nothing but common and I won’t have any room for any crystals to open thanks for reading my opinion goodbye!
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3 years ago, Vpuff
Great game, New player advice
Game is great. Graphics are great for a mobile game, and character designs are awesome. Lots of grinding, and a lot of gambling mechanics. If you’re into that, this game is for you. It can keep you entertained for months, even longer. It’s not pay to win, but pay to progress. And yes, they will bombard you with “deals” when you go the the main hub that seem tempting and annoying, but you can simply exit out of them. Paying money (and lots of it) won’t get you anything you can’t get for free, it just gets it for you much sooner. There’s calculators out there that determine the value of the deals. If you’re a low spender I recommend using them. The 9.99 monthly gem deal is worth every penny. The game is free, and spending 10$ a month is a small price to pay for a game, that although flawed, has a lot of work and love put into it and can entertain you for months on end. A note to the devs, the only reason this is a four star rather than five, is because the arena is broken. Teams of 60s in bronze I? Cmon. How are new players supposed to do anything in the arena? I’m mid game with 60s and decent gear and I’m still stuck in bronze. I face full teams of 60s, top meta champions in bronze II. Somethings not working. Same goes for tag arena. 3 full teams of 60s in end game gear in bronze I. Cmon.
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3 years ago, Cannaxul
It’s okay but not great
So I started playing a few months ago and got really into the game. I still play it everyday in an effort to do my daily missions and try to work up to shards. I’ve even spent a little bit of money on the game. And while I like the grindy gameplay in some aspects, parts of the game are broken. Firstly, the game is designed to give you very, very small progress if you don’t open up the bank. It’s possible to be F2P but it’s a chore. Second, the shards just seem impossible at times. I have four copies of Kaiden, three of which have been pulled at multiplier events. To me, that’s crap. The game should never give you four of anything epic or above, especially if you are spending money in an effort to get shards to pull more champions. And thirdly, the arena is absolutely broken. The developers swear there’s nothing wrong with it, but I can’t even get to Bronze III just so I can get past my current mission. It’s not a bad a game, but it feels like the developers only care about squeezing pennies out of every last player and not an actual nice playing experience where there is a good sense of progression. It’s not a bad a game. It’s pay to win quickly, but over time you probably can grind out a descent team. But for the F2P people, it will probably take over a year of dedication to get anything close to a descent team and gear.
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4 years ago, Loopeyalso
Today’s video is sponsored by Raif shadow legends
Today's video is sponsored by Raid Shadow Legends, one of the biggest mobile role-playing games of 2019 and it's totally free! Currently almost 10 million users have joined Raid over the last six months, and it's one of the most impressive games in its class with detailed models, environments and smooth 60 frames per second animations! All the champions in the game can be customized with unique gear that changes your strategic buffs and abilities! The dungeon bosses have some ridiculous skills of their own and figuring out the perfect party and strategy to overtake them's a lot of fun! Currently with over 300,000 reviews, Raid has almost a perfect score on the Play Store! The community is growing fast and the highly anticipated new faction wars feature is now live, you might even find my squad out there in the arena! It's easier to start now than ever with rates program for new players you get a new daily login reward for the first 90 days that you play in the game! So what are you waiting for? Go to the video description, click on the special links and you'll get 50,000 silver and a free epic champion as part of the new player program to start your journey! Good luck and I'll see you there!
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4 years ago, Zzz345ccc
Gear upgrade
I enjoy playing your game a lot. It is one of the best mobile app games I have played. I gave a 4 star instead of a 5 star due to your gear upgrade. I have no problem spending money for the upgrade just is so annoying waiting for it to finally pass to the next level. It is also frustrating to see one in a half million silver get ate up. If from level 12 to level 16 is going to cost 1 million silver like it has every time. I do not have a problem spending that. Than please make it a one time cost for it instead of sitting there wasting time for it to finally pass. Other than that your game is awesome and keep up the great work. Now I changed it to a 2 star due to the response you gave me. No were in my review did I complain about spending silver. I get that it is a part of the game. All I stated was it is annoying sitting there waiting for it to finally pass. I am willing to spend the silver. I was just asking for you to give some thought on changing it to a one time cost. I was someone that will spend a little cash to play but now after your response to my review that you sent me. I will not spend anymore cash on your game.
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4 years ago, RedOwl95
Fun but major flaws
Okay first I love this game but there are some serious setbacks which make me consider deleting it all together. One is the constant bombardment to spend money to play the game and not a few dollars here and there I’m talking dropping $30 every few days just go up keep your process. That is ridiculous! Also I’m going to spend money I will go spend the money I don’t need to be advertised to every few minutes. An other majorly huge problem is the games use of “energy” and silver coins. You run out of both quickly simply trying to complete the missions and challenges they give you. Upgrading an artifact (an essential aspect to game play)can cost you millions in coins which are not exactly easy to come by. To get coins you need energy but once you run out of it your stuck unless you spend real life money or can complete some quest with energy as the prize. So despite the facts that I like the graphics and “collect them all” style game play, I’m afraid I will soon have to quit this game because my progress will be at a standstill with out spending hundreds of real dollars I don’t have. So sad that this is what games are like now. I would much rather pay a lot one time for a good game then get it free and now have to pay all the time to play. Please ease up on the difficulty of advancement so players without the wads of cash can still enjoy your game. Thank you -Rachael
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5 years ago, noobsadface
Fun, grindy, and challenging
The graphics and gameplay are great and If you dont mind grinding. The game does give you free chances to collect characters from weekly logins and crystals you find, they do require gold to summon. I dont mind grinding with in reason, but to much grinding gets a bit boring after awhile. Maybe its me and other app games do it to, but ive never played a game that requires you to pay gold and lots of it To swap out and into better gear. I can sorta see when upgrading the equipments lvl or possibly skills, even then doing that on all your gear is costly especially if it comes up failure, but swapping gear that you are taking the time to grind and find to help with higher content doesn't seem right. There are a variety of characters you can get and each one when forming a team of 2 or 3 or 4 needs to be geared, but when you possibly find better gear and teammates for the group and you wanna swap out the gear from one guy to another it cost tons of gold. The missions dont give enough when completed. Maybe a few hundred when it cost thousands to swap and level the new gear up. Yeah You can sell lower tier gear your not using but the return amount though isn't much unless you have a handful to sell. Most of the gold i did get was from logins or completing achievements.
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4 years ago, (((())))[[[[]]]]{{{{}}}}
Overall a great game!
I don’t really have much to say..The game is amazing and I’m sure it’s taking a lot of time and effort. I’m overly amazed! It’s a bit laggy, but not much. I’m excited for all the new updates that are to come. Most of the chats I’m put into have really rude people, might be my problem to deal with though. I’ll sit on the game for hours a day playing it. But recently my account got deleted and I lost all my progress after a few days I didn’t play the game. I really don’t know much on what happened. Whenever I got some of my progress back, the game kept kicking me whenever I tried to go to the arena or to battle a boss. This review was to tell the creators that they’ve done an amazing job. I think nothing more of the game then the effort from the creators. It is overall just something amazing! Thank you for reading my review! Also it breaks my heart to see ppl writing bad reviews on this game.. If people don’t like it they do ‘t needa be a bad influence on other people by saying the game is trash! It wouldn’t be worth it to just say it’s trash and e a bad influence. The people who read this and dislike the game, I think you should leave. Not tryna be rude. Thanks.
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4 years ago, SillySpongebob
Massive update, still no upgraded space for new things.
This game is constantly pushing new stuff without expanding the space we have to contain these new items and champions. It doesn’t make sense and punishes players who are genuinely enjoying playing the game. We are willing to PAY to expand things, you don’t want our money to make the game more enjoyable for ourselves? K. But I’m writing a bad review until you finally turn on the features you told us on Discord a month ago that were implemented. Oh yeah, for those who don’t know they told us on Discord that they would have game downtime while they implemented the new hardware for the upgraded spaces (and there was a lot of downtime then for it) but now we’re constantly being told “later” or “soon”, only to find out we’re getting a massive update soon (2.30 with doom tower and many new champs and gear sets) but they said there’s no talk about when they will turn on the upgraded artifact/champion inventory space. What an absolute shame for players who actually enjoy playing the game, which there can’t be many of left at this point... I’ve been playing for almost 2 years and have watched so many mass hordes of players leave this game is disgusting and could be avoided if the dev team/community managers were realistic about when they would release stuff and were more transparent with us instead of lying constantly to our faces and stringing us along.
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5 years ago, Sdw804
Sort of disappointing
This game seems to have potential. There is a fair amount to do with lots of back stories and characters. The biggest disappointment is that you need to level up characters which takes time and resources only to sacrifice them later in order to upgrade another character. Now that I’ve played this for awhile it needs work. Good luck figuring out multi battle. It seems simple, you pick one to four characters and the characters you pick should be the ones to fight. Not in this game, you can pick four people and one might show up to fight in multi battle. I bet the developers could make this more complicated. I’m sure I could dig through the forums to try and find answers but I have a job. Also don’t bother buying shards because you will need to buy dozens of shards to get maybe one good character. But if you like spending hundreds upon hundreds of dollars and endlessly farm it has more developed characters then most other mobile games. At the end of the day we, as consumers, can complain all day long but unless the developers of the game aren’t losing money nothing will change. If people stop spending money on the game then the developers might stop responding with robot answers and actually take note of people’s feedback. Plus you can tell they don’t care about the players just look at the last “servers down” gift we all got. What the hell was that about? BOTTOM LINE STOP SPENDING MONEY IF YOU WANT THE GAME TO IMPROVE!
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5 years ago, Leo(1)
Pretty game
Pretty game with good graphics. That’s about it. Drains the batteries, if you don’t want to spend money, be ready for lots and lots of grinding. Long and boring grinding because there’s no skip for the stages that you’ve beaten even with three stars. Too many heroes, not enough space to collect them and you need to have the heroes because there’s an option to fuse heroes and get an epic or even legendary. Heroes are summoned random. You never know who you gonna get. Getting epic heroes not that hard, but legendary drop rate is at best 12% on double chance events. Regularly only 6% and that’s with gold shards of which you may get 6 or 7 in the game unless you’re willing to spend money on packs. Yes there are some events where you can get the shards as rewards, but you need to collect a whole lot of points which means hours and hours of grinding. A 5 star rare armor that you can buy at the market for let’s say 300,000 silver you may get from a certain stage and if you decide to sell that armor, you’ll get only 15,000 in silver maybe. Upgrading armor costs silver. Upgrading is by chance. The higher the armor level, the lower the chance and higher the cost. It could cost anywhere from 5-10 million per armor to get it to max 16 level. You can finish the storyline in 2-3 weeks depending on the time you put into it. After that it’s just about arena and getting stronger to beat some stages that drop artifacts to make you stronger(lol) Like I said. A pretty game.
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1 year ago, Usmc0712
Fantastic Game
Let me start off, I love this game. It’s easy to play, the missions in the game actually have you explore every aspect of the game. My only issue is that in the arenas (both classic and tag team) that when you rank up, you seem to run against overwhelmingly ranked players. For instance, I am Silver 2 yet I keep fighting people that are Gold 3+ and it does scale consistently. Besides that, this is a stable in my mobile gaming since I am always out on the road. The multi-battle option with auto feature makes in nice when I need to farm certain champions or to level up lower ones to rank up my heavy hitters. Like any RPG there will be “walls” you’ll hit because you’re character(s) aren’t strong enough, so farming and using your energy and other resources wisely is crucial. This game is really fun, and the developers did an amazing job. Again, my only issue is the problem with the arena’s where I am trying to climb the ranks, but it keep facing what is clearly players that are at least 6-8 ranks above me. I know I just need to farm more but please see if you can balance it out. Also, if you want more of my money, offer more energy/multi-battle packs instead of shards. I get enough shards from doing the farming. Thanks.
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4 years ago, Zachkane_18
Fun game, but buggy right now.
I love the game and have been playing for about 4 months now. I’m giving three stars currently because the main attraction, the Clan Boss is super bugged right now... multiple times per battle after the CB attacks and the normal damage is deducted from your champions HP, the fight will freeze for about 5 seconds. This alone isn’t that big of a deal, however sometimes after the freeze your champions will just take a ton of damage, seemingly out of no where and it can even cause champs with near full hp to die, even though the actual attack only took maybe 5-10% of their max HP!!! In battles where this bug occurs, myself and others in my clan, report about 3-5 million less damage per battle. You only get a max of 4 free keys a day, but in reality it’s going be 3 because you’d have to stay up 24 hours straight to get the fourth, so these battle have to count unless you want to spend gems to buy another key... which I highly recommend you not do, Atleast until this big is resolved. The bug is 3-4 days old and the game has gone down for maintenance multiple times since it first appeared, but still no solution. I understand maintaining a game and figuring out bugs is a difficult process, still though, this needs to be resolved ASAP.
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4 years ago, Mental421
I really wanted to like this game but there are some fundamental flaws that prevented me from really enjoying the game. First and probably the biggest issue is the amount of energy required to accomplish anything is extremely high. In the beginning that may not seem like too big of an issue but later it starts to really hinder the progress. The way that artifacts are distributed in dungeons combined with low drop rates and high energy requirements make it virtually impossible to get decent artifacts. Unless you are willing to spend gems for energy refills. However, there is no efficient way of replenishing gems except for buying them. The same issues is with every event and tournament in the game. Unless you pay there is no chance of completing events which prevents you from getting rewards that actually matter. Then there is the absence of new content in the game. The only new thing that is being added is more champions. The only thing that is accomplished by that is that it successfully lowers your chance of ever getting a good legendary champion. Every issue that the game has can be fixed by paying money but isn’t that the issue in its own? The game has a great potential but, sadly, it seems that the developers are only interested in what’s in our pockets. All in all a good pay to win game. However, with little content there is nothing to win either. Shallow.
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2 years ago, tfdeeetuhhh
Returning to Raid.
Over the past few years I’ve played pretty much everything notable out there. But from time to time I somehow always end up coming back to raid shadow legends. It’s like ol’ faithful with such sheer content. And over time I’ve thrown them some of my extra cash. Some of those were wastes of money but even just one really good find will make all the others worth it. Mine was Cupidus. Then later I got Gorgorab, that was exciting because that opened me up to pvp. It’s all very exciting lol But you can do so many things to improve your characters there’s less monotony than other games. And so many champions that you can experiment with as far as team building. And the graphics are still some of the best. The only things missing is cut scenes oh and I think there should be no restrictions on amounts of champions. Since there are so many and are encouraged to own as many as you can. I’m always struggling in that department because 3star champs are so common. Anyway other than that the game is a great piece of work and I recommend you try it but put some time into it before you give it up. It takes time to get really really fun.
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4 years ago, Keithhaskins
You earned this 1* review, now claim it!!!
The gameplay is very addictive. Visuals are great, especially for a mobile game. Getting to gear your champs how you want is really cool. TONS of champs to choose from. However... Plarium obviously cares much more about money than their player base. Their hasn’t been any new content since October/ November. The updates they push out as “content” are really just patches for bugs with the occasional character balance. There hasn’t been anything new to do in the game since October/ November. Updates are too far apart and too little for how far apart they are. Many of the champions in the game are in desperate need of buffs... only a handful of champs in the game are really great. Some good, niche champs here and there, but many, many useless ones. In game purchases are WAY too overpriced. Summon chance percentages are also way too low, forcing you to stockpile summon shards in hopes of a 2x event if you want a good champion. However, doing this is boring. People play this game because they want to use new, fun champs... not hold on to shards for two months. They recently released version 2.0, which for most games means a vast overhaul of many of the games’ features. For this game? Taking the current features of arena mode and having you do it 3 times... they call this tag team arena. It’s nothing new. What a joke. Overall, fun for a little while. Don’t sink too much time/ money into it or you’ll wind up regretting it.
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4 years ago, Ska Bard
Great until it isn’t
This game has a lot going for it in graphics and diversity of characters. The challenge has been upgraded over time and there are enough game modes to keep things interesting. Where this game falters for me is in the end game play style. Simply put it’s not for me, which is why I can’t give the game max stars nor 1 star. Once you reach the end game, it purely a game of grinding for better gear and upgrading, there’s nothing interesting left to do. The getting of better gear is extremely rng based so it can take awhile as well. What drags this process down is that all you’re actually doing is trying to make a stronger team in order to complete a higher stage (or boss, or arena match) more quickly. Which is all is done on auto. Every time you log on you go to each mode, click auto, collect rewards (hope you get what you want/need) then do it again once you’ve got the energy or arena coins. Theres really no point it playing on manual either in most cases because it’s slower and repetitive, each stage replayed is going to play out similarly every time you re-play it. But some people enjoy it, and that’s cool. After a long while it’s gotten too boring for me however, and the grind to get stronger isn’t rewarding its just a cycle. To each their own, hope this helps either way.
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4 years ago, Haldos
F2P decisions restrict an otherwise reasonably well made game.
One of the better looking idle games but a bit too many strategic creative decisions on players from the F2P model cause friction for me. Upgrade materials are on a daily rotation, so if you just got a nice hero and need “red” potions to upgrade you better hope it’s Friday or else you’re going to have to wait. Getting 4+ star champions is very difficult and getting a non common loot box could take you upwards of a week just for 1 if you don’t pay. The void and legendary versions can be near nonexistent for non paying players (from my experiences) and they are subjective to standard RNG rolling. Every log in is plagued by pop ups to buy things and I spend the first 10 seconds tapping outside the box to try to close them asap. Upgrading gear is also RNG and I have spent hundreds of thousands of in game currency and failed. You only get 15 “auto play” missions per day, so a game like this usually built on having the ability to play idle restricts that so you can’t progress your heroes as quickly unless you buy a pass to double the amount. I understand decisions like this help the F2P model survive and keep companies afloat, but that doesn’t make them enjoyable nor make me want to recommend the game to others, despite the serviceable and otherwise enjoyable game.
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4 years ago, slicricflair
Great Game...just grind it out
I see a lot of people getting upset that this is a “pay to play” I can understand how it maybe feel that way but if you have the time, you’ll get your reward, it’s all about that sweet sweet grind, son!!!! I wish things could be cheaper but I don’t make that much so that’s mostly my problem lol. But there is fair opportunity to make your champions just as strong as the next and I like that because it makes for an equal playing field. Graphics are great and this company always works hard on fixing bugs and as of right now I think the game is at its peak. Especially now that you can craft gear. That’s an awesome addition. One idea that I think would be cool is to make it to where you can fuse shards to get a more powerful one. Like fuse some common shards and some potions or something to get one, uncommon...and so and and so forth...if that makes sense..Obviously without making it too easy to just farm a bunch of legendary shards. Idk..if the company likes the idea they can add their own spin. I just think it might solve a lot of frustration with the whole pay to play deal. Either way I’m still gunna play and it’s a great mobile game that always keeps me coming back.
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