Raiden Legacy

3.6 (130)
167 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Raiden Legacy

3.59 out of 5
130 Ratings
4 years ago, dxxcxdxfddfdg
Raiden too fast
This is a great collection of classics, but I think the game speed of the original Raiden is too fast compared to the other games in this collection. Makes it hard to advance without superhuman abilities. Just compare how fast the bullets move and how quick the animations play in Raiden compared to the others. A fix for this (or unlimited continue mode like in the R-Type apps) would change my review to 5 star. Thank you
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1 year ago, Betazero
Great game from the coin op days BUT
Yes this seems exactly the way it was back then. Ready to steal all your quarters. But since it is on the phone I can’t seem to figure out where the quarters go? The lightning port is not big enough. It says continue but I don’t see an add quarter button. Am I missing something? Either that or add a small shield because there are times where it just kills you. No way out it wants another quarter. Would be cool to have a modern Raiden game designed for entertainment and not just quarters and a rogue like. Have jet upgrades and upgrade abilities. Also a little better aspect ratio for the graphics(it seems a bit smooshed to get to fit a phone). The sprite graphics do not need to change at all.
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6 years ago, EmilyApricot
A True Time Capsule, But Limited on MFi
Wow - These original games are of amazing visual, sound, music, and gameplay quality, and it shines here. However, I am using my iPad Mini 2 as a portable console with gamepad, so the requirement to play the game in portrait mode means I can't leave it on my wire charger while playing, killing the battery. Also, there is a glitch where the start button on my MFi Steel Series Stratus does not work, neither in game to continue, or to bring up the emulator's menu. I'd totally play this if it worked better as a portable console game (!)
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3 years ago, 🔷 Blue-eye 👁
This game’s great but…
I really appreciate shoot-em-ups, but there’s one problem, the buttons on the screen look too big when played on my iPhone 12, and it can sometimes obscure large portions of the screen, and that it can get pretty annoying, when it comes to selecting your character, especially in the Raiden Fighters Trilogy. I was wondering if you could please update this game to make it compatible for iPhone 12, just to make the buttons a bit smaller, please
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5 years ago, Kanji Hanafuda
Good collection, but the lowest replay value.
Guess I’ve had enough of bitter tastes of defeat ever since each of those games could’ve been 5 credits more. Think about it before the next update, okay?
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7 years ago, IceCap
Not bad.
All the fast-paced action of the arcade games are in this app. However, action moves a little too fast for the controls. Your plane should be able to move as fast as your finger does. The game maintains its arcade difficulty and without multiplayer, it's not really fair. Either lower the difficulty or have unlimited continues. Also, Raiden 2 is missing. A sequel needs to be made as their competitors are getting the better of them.
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8 years ago, Dj_Dave_The_Wave
Awesome Classic
This is the exact same game as in the arcade. Amazing. I would love to see more of these emulations of older classics. I was surprised at how well the controls felt. It almost feels like actual analog controls. My only complaint is I have not figured out how to insert more coins in arcade mode...
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2 years ago, Benny Moyhan
Amazing Games, Awful Conversion
Dotemu ruined what could have been a wonderful thing. All the games in this bundle are real cult classics. But something went terribly wrong in the porting process. They play like jittery messes on new iPhones - Dotemu has managed to make an unplayable mess out of all four games in the collection. Embarrassing for their company that it’s been out for so long and none of it has been fixed. Awful.
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4 years ago, Pkmort
Near broken
Near broken. Can’t figure out how to resize the gigantic semi-transparent controls for pause fire and bomb. Makes it difficult to see the screen when half of it is covered. More than once started it to completely unresponsive controls. Very first app I’ve ever asked for a refund for. Meant to be played with a stick, not a touch interface. With the controls and your finger in the way 85% of the screen is obscured.
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6 years ago, $Ch
more thought needed for mobile.
This game is difficult to play. Maybe it was a difficult arcade game also. But one can tell that this is too much of a straight port to mobile without adapting too muh effort. More thought is needed to make it work better for ios/mobile.
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3 years ago, Pcenginefx
Love playing the classics - needs more options!
Would be really great if say the original Raiden can have the option to move the game window where you want it as it sits under the iPhone notch, covering up a little of the game!
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3 years ago, Keith-o
Bad Framerate. Jittery.
At one point years ago, this game ran smoothly. For years now it has been very jittery. The scrolling isn’t smooth. I saw that the app was updated so was hoping for a fix. Nope still bad. If it ran properly I’d rate this 5 stars. But currently it’s hard on the eyes and even more difficult…
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3 years ago, bones119er
Use a controller…
This game supports Bluetooth controllers/game pads…plays fine with a little frame rate drops here and there but still good. If you’re using the touch controls, that’s your bad.🤷🏻‍♂️😂
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5 years ago, Chriss29
Great quality game
Thank you for the quality port developers, please also keep updating for latest devices and iOS
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6 years ago, Mdes
One more thing...
Why are the buttons fixed in place on the left side I wish I could have them on the right instead
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4 years ago, JSUNBurns
I love the game but the controls are broken. Doesn’t support entire screen so you can’t move the controls off to the side and they cover the game so you can’t see what you are doing. Also, the buttons are way too large! Would be nice if you could drag them to the black border on the sides and out of the viewing area.
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3 years ago, KINGKUNTA89
Fix Button Size
Button size too big. As perfect. What happened???
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3 years ago, Bleach271
What a shame.
I love the this game been playing since it was an arcade but the buttons are to big they almost take up the whole screen,
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9 months ago, Rivalsan
Honestly, it works well on the iPhone 14 Pro. Go for it!
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9 months ago, Ergg
Way too fast
I agree with other reviews. I was a big fan of the arcade game, and this feels almost twice as fast. You have almost zero reaction time to avoid enemy fire.
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5 years ago, akchuk
OMG glorious game! Please update for iPhone X
This game is amazing on all the devices it was designed for. The in-game buttons are too large on the new larger iPhone. Please update! Very good game!
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2 years ago, dbahdjcnrkmdnxjxjxjjxxj
Great games, bad UI
Really wish this game handled it's UI elements better, there are huge buttons that take up far too much of the screen on what is already a cramped game.
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6 years ago, Retro486
Still best vertical shmup on App Store
Mid 2018 and this is still the best vertical shoot-em-up on the App Store. No ads, great control, instant respawn when you die.
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4 years ago, BlakedamonAg
So Disappointed
One of my favorite games growing up. I got this game when it first came out and was immediately disappointed due to the unnatural an incorrect speed of the bullets. Ruined the game for me, but thought the would fix....NO. This is a dream release if they would have done it right.
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6 years ago, Mjust5612
Just OK
The developers just glue and paste. Would love it if they put in unlimited continued, like we all could at the arcade way back then and add some hidden gems, make it more enjoyable. Just don’t glue and paste.
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5 years ago, JTL1900
Enemies arsenals too fast!!
This is one my favorite!! Please please provide an update to slow down enemies arsenals, it is way too fast even with “easy” difficulty.
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4 years ago, Peeweex
We’re in need of an update. It would be great if you added Raiden2 to the app.
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3 years ago, Ryry EJ
Needs update iPhone 12 Pro Max iOS 14
This used to be a great game on older devices. Not for latest Apple devices. On screen buttons are out of proportion and too larger and takes up 50% of the playable area.
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4 years ago, Posterized
Fix the gigantic buttons!
An otherwise great game is now unplayable due to gigantic buttons covering half the screen. It’s been a while and we haven’t got any updates to fix this issue. Looks like the dev doesn’t care anymore.
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1 year ago, Ku Jin Jun
It’s hard to control with fingers need options that gamespeed
Need opinions to control game speed also it has a button controlling on the screen
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3 years ago, annoyed by strava
Slow it down - this is impossible
The speed of this game makes it impossible to play on a phone. Don’t buy it.
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5 years ago, stonerwinst
Broken Right Now
The devs have not kept the app up to date. The button are large and cover most of the screen. Very disappointing for an otherwise fine game.
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3 years ago, Rideabike36
Raiden Legacy
Bomb, pause icons are too big and take over the screen
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6 years ago, MyiTUNES2012
Raiden Legacy
The main game or feature game Raiden doesn't work !
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7 years ago, Pinoypwr
Bullet Speed
Would love to play and recommend this game to others, but the enemy bullet speed is ridiculous and makes me want to stop playing. Please update and fix it.
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5 years ago, JohnDC5
Need Raiden 2
If you guys can add raiden 2 that would be great, that way it will be a true collection.
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4 years ago, Ezziemas
Huge on screen “buttons”
I think it’s great except for the giant on screen buttons! Please make option to turn buttons invisible.
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8 years ago, Sirjohann
Not like the og game
The game needs work. The bullets are to fast. The pause button needs to be bigger or auto pause while u take ur fingers off the screen. I want a refund.
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6 years ago, JohnBlueberry102010
Fair Game
Yeah I agree with “Ice Cap”. This game is great but the fighter jet needs to keep up with the finger and let more continues and or multiplayer.
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6 years ago, SENATE AB
Judge spear unlockable
I love this game, but unfortunately you can’t unlock the judge spear on the app; I hope the developers do something about it since is the best jet to play with
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11 years ago, Fixjuxa
Good, but brutally difficult.
Plenty of content for $5, but its really hard even when you consider that games in this genre tend to be on the difficult side. Many of the bullets move really fast even on the opening level, and dodging them only gets harder the further you progress as they increase in number and more enemies fill the screen. Your reflexes become useless quickly and you'll have to really on sheer luck or memorization to progress beyond the later levels. Or you can choose the easy difficulty which isn't any easier, but merely equips you with many more continues. Buy this if you love shmups or if you've already played the hell out of all the Cave shooters available on the App Store. In my opinion, Cave's offerings are better designed and have appropriate difficulty curves. And the different difficulty settings actually result in fewer bullets that move slower, not just more continues. This is a good game, four games really, but its not as well made as Cave's stuff. Start there and get this later if you don't tire of the genre after the numerous Bug Princess, Dodonpachi, and Espagulda titles.
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4 years ago, Steveher11
Raiden is the best shooter
The best survive game shooter ever including hardest but I love Raiden classic collection.
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3 years ago, gera plate
What a disappointment, the commands are very large and cover the entire screen. It cannot be modified from the game. Money badly spent
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6 months ago, Wampa7
Too fast
Like everyone else is saying, IT IS TOO FAST. Please someone fix this.
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5 years ago, JonnyVibes
Doesn’t support iPhone X/XS/11
The on screen controls are huge. It’s a shame because I used to love this game.
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6 years ago, Eman0088
Bad controls.
Controls are horrid. Don’t buy.
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6 years ago, Agoura2012
Not bad
Game pretty good it tends to crash please fixes
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10 years ago, Carson's iPod touch
A bit disappointing.
The first Raiden game is unbeatable. I can't continue where I left off? Oh no prob, I'll just beat the first level and this will be fixed! That's at least what happens at my near-by arcade, (dies on stage 2) this level has that problem? How am I supposed to beat the game with 3 continues? Also why does Autofire shoot automatically not continuous fire when the fire button is held? And Why can't I be the Blue ship in Raiden? The other games let you pick your ship so why not here? And where's multiplayer? I'd be nice to play these games with your friends in fact, I'm sure this game was made to be played with a friend. And finally it needs more Raiden games like Raiden 2 and Viper: Phase 1 (A.K.A. Raiden in space) When updated I'll give 5 stars. Thanks!
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9 years ago, M1YAK2
Excellent, but could use some improvements
This collection is great. It also supports the ICade, which I really like, along with the two R-Type games. One complaint I have, and this is a pretty big one, when I'm using the ICade, the games start lagging up, all of them. It really gets in my way. I was disappointed to see the ICade causes this lag. Also, there doesn't seem to be enough credits. 3 Credits? How about an option to let the player choose how many credits they receive. And these games seriously have the chance to do multiplayer. Overall though, these games are tough, and I would recommend it to expert players. Casual players, you will have a difficult time, possibly getting past the first stages, but still, these games are really fun and difficult for the right reasons in my opinion.
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12 years ago, Eudys
Controls need to be improved
There's a lot of content here and four shooters for $5 is a great deal any day. Still, most of us are spoiled by Cave's perfect touchscreen controls. Sure, the original game didn't allow you to move your ship as fast as you can swipe a finger across the screen, so that's why you give us the option for either one! The speed at which my ship moves lags behind my movements, resulting in many cheap deaths and frustration. I'm all for preserving the original games but Its more important to give us controls perfectly suited to the touchscreen than a joystick which many of us don't have. Give us cave like perfect controls and the review goes to five stars!
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