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6 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Raindancer

2.97 out of 5
33 Ratings
9 years ago, Miss singer
Please read if you want good input
I think this game is ok to personally but it is a little stupid and confusing so please think If you want an entertaining game get it but if you are looking for five star quality then don't !
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4 years ago, HarmHasPotato
Love QWOP try this!
This game is an awesome mobile version of qwop unlike the qwop iOS this game is not that hard to control once you get used to it you can easily get up to 100 meters! This game is fun to play if your bored! And the animation is hilarious 😂! I don’t understand what the big fuss about ads are the game is free and they need some way to make money!
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10 years ago, Soccerfoto
Utter crap
Nothing but click bait. It puts an ad right in front of the majority of the menu page, trying to get you to download something else. If you get past that into the game, then between games it will put up full page ads between games, timed such that when you try to click to start a new game, you will actually click on the ad. Not only will I delete this app, I will avoid this very unprofessional app developer.
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4 years ago, that_one_kid1234
I would say it’s not bad
It’s a pretty good alternative for QWOP on mobile with good art and it tries to be original and I’ve only seen one little bar ad so I’d say it’s not bad so DING you’ve done a pretty amazing job
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10 years ago, Suffdrthffdyjjcdrtj
What's the insult to it?
I don't see why everyone else doesn't like this. It's a challenging game, but frustrates you, like flappy bird. Could use some work on the balance on the character though.
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3 years ago, 45503d
Wannabe Natives
Our culture isn’t yours to profit off of. It’s not our fault you’re not comfortable in your own skin. You’ll never be Native. Never. Go away. This game is not good by the way, for many many reasons. It’s an insult to is Indigenous peoples. And you know it. “Tripping Bull” huh? So dumb. You should pray that you and I never meet in person. Ma’gaanii trash
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5 years ago, TheFact900
I like this game. I liked the game QWOP on my computer and thought of,” what if it was on mobile” so I looked it up and it closed a dollar. This is a free alternative.
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5 years ago, JordanOwen42
A good qwop clone
Plays well, nice to look at. Don’t get all the hate. Don’t like ads, pony up for the full version.
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10 years ago, Gendkdndndidj
I get its not the full version but it has so many ads and they play longer then you get to play before the next one comes on.
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9 years ago, Fernando5!
Learn the game
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10 years ago, Cakemakerkitty
I will play this game for a long time if it didn't have so many ads. I play this game for a while but when I stop playing there were about 15 ads.
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2 years ago, Geo4orce
Does not start
App crashes to the desktop upon start. Please fix. I have latest iPad mini 6th gen.
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8 years ago, PokeMason 4007
Ad Trap
This game is stupid. It's a QWOP clone that wants your money. It shows an ad every few times you fail. It's stupid and I won't play it until you cool it with the forced ads. 😤
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2 years ago, Killaraps
No longer available
The app is closing immediately after opening. I’m on Apple iPhone SE 2020) on iOS Version 15.3.1
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9 years ago, Equinoux
Fastest game I've ever uninstalled
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13 years ago, $1,000
Very fun and adicting
better than qwop for ios
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13 years ago, Benzido
Unauthorized QWOP clone
If you're considering buying this, please consider supporting the development of original games and new ideas by buying QWOP for iOS instead. As the developer of QWOP, I am saddened that DING have released this game without seeking my permission or even giving credit to the source of their design. Games can be a creative form of art, not merely a platform for making a quick buck out of other people's ideas. But if it becomes too easy to make money by grinding out cheap clones, creativity will no longer be cost-effective, and shovelware will dominate the market. It is exactly this kind of soulless, cynical profiteering that led to the great videogame crash of 1983.
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12 years ago, Pagemiddle
You guys are so stupid like really!?!? It's supposed to be hard to control omg u guys are like litterly: :/ I CAN'T CONTROL CAUSE IM STUPID 1 STAR FOR YOU!!! XD don't you feel stupid
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13 years ago, Kramerican254273
Hard to control...
It's an okay game.
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13 years ago, DarthPlanet97
Don't waste your time by downloading this. It's too difficult to control (QWOP is much more easier and fun!) This is just a crappy knockoff. The creators of this game should be ashamed of themselves!
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13 years ago, Theswimchic
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13 years ago, :-)calls911
The best game I ever!!! Played
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13 years ago, FogleBird
Hard but fun.
Great graphics and storyline. Controls are super hard but figuring them out is what makes the game fun. I like it!
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