Raiz - Mobile Banking

4.8 (963)
184.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Raiz Federal Credit Union
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
14.5 or later
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User Reviews for Raiz - Mobile Banking

4.8 out of 5
963 Ratings
12 months ago, Gracefitness13
Super Awesome and User Friendly
Love the upgraded platform along with all the newer personalization features. Sleek design, easy navigation, multiple options to get everything done and manage your finances at the tip of your fingertips! Best part, all in one place! 🤩😎 I’m especially looking forward to take more responsibility over building my credit with the monitoring abilities, and savings goal features under financial wellness! ✅ Great job Raiz!!! 🥳👏🏼🙌🏼 Thank you for this amazing benefit for your members! 🤝
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12 months ago, McMac19!
Credit Card Review
I like the mobile banking. It takes a while to get used to it and it is ok. I just would like to check my credit card from my phone sometimes also. I have to log in to my bank and check balances on line. I just sometimes would like to call and speak to a computer or customer service 24/7 like my other credit cards. Use the number on the back of my card. That would be nice. That’s all!
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12 months ago, Chris Hansing
Intuitive, New features
Extremely impressed with the updated app. You can see what’s in each of your accounts without logging in and you can set reminders for easy on-the-go money management. I’ve tested a few transfers and submitted a check and I can say it’s a very intuitive and attractive update. Way to listen to consumer critique! Great app.
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1 year ago, SLH El Paso
Great Update !
A wonderful upgraded to the application. I am very excited for the new functionality. Very easy to use !!! Easy secure process to upgrade - I was done in less than a few minutes. Not surprising the application is much better with all the wonderful changes going on at the Credit Union!!!
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8 months ago, ‘Gone Country’
Still new but working well so far
I’m still new to your mobile banking app. But, so far it has worked pretty well for me. This mobile banking journey shall continue, and I intend on posting a future review as my experience with using it grows. Thank you, Raiz team, for all your efforts.
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12 months ago, tsault
Awesome Improvements
What amazing updates to the app and online banking. I can see all my accounts and it is so easy to use!
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12 months ago, Double D (Dangit Diego)
Worst app and bank ever
I always get my card declined for the dumbest reason’s ever, the app never works and the bank ATM’s don’t work either. Funny thing about the app is that you must change the password for your login, and if you don’t want to you have to log out and it won’t let you lock your card in emergencies or view your account. Overall worst bank ever, go to Chace or Wells Fargo, anything than TFCU or whatever they call themselves now
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10 months ago, Lizzie1119
Bill Pay
Still can’t figure out how to check the history of my past payments. Also why no transaction # ? Other than that it’s a great convenience.
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6 months ago, Cmuhire
Assistant issues.
Even now writing the review everything is grayed out. And the message assistance is frustrating because the robot keep saying it doesn’t understand the question, then when you request a real person there is just an endless connection. So my honest review is they need to relook at every thing from top to bottom.
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10 months ago, DrewRob22
Banking made easy!
New look, who dis? The app is great and can do so much more with it! Credit monitoring, bill pay, transfers, all my accounts on one login!!! Woo hoo just love it
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12 months ago, Al7393
Love the new app!
So easy to use and I can see all my accounts in one app- including accts from other FIs. So happy with the new upgrade!
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6 months ago, PAC and Mish
Thank you
Denise @ call center and the team at Stanton in El Paso Tx went above and beyond to set up my account. That’s what everyone should experience…110 percent customer service.
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12 months ago, alyatk333
Great upgrades
Great new upgraded app! Makes banking online a breeze and so much more user friendly. Thank you raiz!
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1 year ago, EP❤️TX
Awesome NEW App!
This new app is Awesome! Great new look, easy to navigate! Great new options such as credit card management integrated within app! Love it!
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12 months ago, DaniaAngeles
Amazing !!!!
Easy to navigate!! I love that I can monitor my credit score !!! I was able to add my external accounts as well! Thank you Raiz!
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11 months ago, melami729
Great app makeover
Raiz had a much needed app makeover. It’s faster, easier to use and it no longer feels like I’m using a website from the early 2000s. It’s worth downloading.
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1 year ago, Em_Renee
Love the new mobile app!
Easy to update and love the new layout and features. Way to go Raiz!!!
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12 months ago, Ellllli.
Terrible Update
There are many limitations to this new update. We can no longer view all transactions from a couple months to a couple years ago. Also, the accounts are not labeled. We can no longer mark a transaction as fraud either.
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5 months ago, ranger3128
Very easy to use with little trouble.
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12 months ago, ILove pics
Mobile app
Loving all the new features!!!
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12 months ago, CBMontoya
Love the new app!
I love how user friendly and clean the way the app looks!
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12 months ago, TheVirusHistory
New App, sit down with all your info
Good morning to those who are waking up to this new update, good luck! Everything is erased, make sure you know your email and or credit numbers. Any transfer information is also gone.
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12 months ago, Angeldac
Online banking
Great new website
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10 months ago, eccandi
Horrible app
The digital fingerprint does not work and once I use my password, it still doesn’t let me in. I have to go through their website instead. Don’t download, never works anyway.
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5 months ago, lopezneto
Reliable services
Great service
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11 months ago, Tarangito
Getting use to it but so far so good. Thanks
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11 months ago, Rayster21
RAIZ app
This app has been very user friendly
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12 months ago, Member Liz
Mobile Banking
I’m excited for this new Raiz FCU app! Clean and easy to understand and use.
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12 months ago, marizaymiguel
Love the new system
Love the new system
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12 months ago, Anna8716
Love the new app
Love the new upgrade. Thank you Raiz!!
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7 months ago, hmmmhey
This app is absolute trash. It doesn’t respond half of the time. The people never contact back on the app about questions. RAIZ as a whole is a scam. Don’t go with them. Worst decision of my life
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12 months ago, Yolgal
Raiz app
Great app and easy to use.
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12 months ago, potato nugs
New update
Hate the new layout harder to use and didn’t let me use the app for three days don’t know how the app still says five stars
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3 months ago, bluckobracko
Easy to navigate, and effective
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12 months ago, El panda knight
Mobile banking
I log in ok but just loading loading loading I can’t see my stuff 👎🏽
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4 months ago, personal customer servive
i dislike that i can’t speak to someone without having to be screened for half hour when i hav a simple question.
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12 months ago, Beka♥️
Online Banking
Love this app 🥰
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1 year ago, Chast69
New app
Love the new app
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11 months ago, Muzicfan7
Great app
Best app
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2 years ago, Me🙂
Kicks you out everytime
The bank itself you can tell is undergoing maintenance when you visit locations. I can never login as this app is severely under maintenanced. Everytime I click on the app to remember my IPhone it never works and I come to find I have to manually resign in. The app is overly complicated and I was able to fix the settings I wanted to appear when loggin in but it is very laggy and buggy. Hopefully within time there app mimics GECU.
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4 years ago, jmnoemi
So frustrating to use
This app is not even worth getting if I have to call the bank about everything I do on it....you need authorizations for everything, shouldn’t I have access to everything on my own account? And don’t even get me started on how it’s so old fashioned and needs major updates...I’m a new TFCU member and I am not liking the looks of this app or the bank company itself
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2 years ago, Hardcorina
I love my bank but this app is so bad. So many times it has logged me out of my phone registration and it makes me re log in and it always gives me problems. I just used it yesterday and today it logged me out.
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2 years ago, Jcarav11
Worst mobile app ever
Honestly I love this credit union and its service. However, this app is the worst I have seen on the banking industry. I have downloaded the app about three times already and still have issues with face recognition turning off by itself and having to go thru the website to activate it again. The app constantly turn off the remember me option so I have to keep putting my user name and password every time. Also does not work with the phone save password function.
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11 years ago, Johnny. D.
About time!
I was wondering how long it would take them to come up with an app. Im actually very pleased with the app. The set up is nice and i havent had any issues with the app. Two thumbs up!
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10 years ago, Artoo the Damaja
Beware when transferring funds.
Besides the fact that this app is very buggy and only works some of the time, one of the biggest glitches has to do with transferring funds. When you transfer funds there is no indication that the app is working. This is terrible when transferring funds because you end up pressing the button twice, transferring double the amount of money you intended on transferring. Obviously this is a huge bug and makes the app practically useless for this feature. Please fix it.
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3 years ago, save nwo
Can’t transfer from savings or anything else
This app was ok. But the newest update is forcing you to go to the bank to do things like transfer in between accounts. So if you want an app to just see how much you have. Then this is for you. If you want to transfer, hold, dispute, or anything else. Just go to the bank cause this app does not do it. Maybe the next update will fix it. But for now nope.
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4 years ago, Adrianterri
Not working
I’m not able to log into the mobile app while using my wifi or phone service. The website is a bit slow as well. Please fix
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7 years ago, Gickie
This is the worst app ever. I have deleted it so many times and then it works once then won't open again. Please fix this app
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8 years ago, Pixie1187
Fast and easy
Love the app makes it easier to transfer and Check account information.
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7 years ago, Mamadogg915
It took over a year for the mobile deposit feature to actually work! I received an email days ago that I had access to the mobile deposit capture. I go in to use it and the app freezes and is now telling me the service is not available to me and to call member services to enable! Seriously???
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