Rally Credit Union

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Rally Credit Union
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5 months ago
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User Reviews for Rally Credit Union

4.65 out of 5
4.5K Ratings
10 months ago, calledandchisen
Super employees
Just so blessed with your staff in Kingsville Tx,every time I walk in I’m greeted with joyful expressions and always treated with respect, thank you for having an office in our city This is the 2nd time I’m commenting, everything about you guys has always been above par, however, for the last several months my wife and I have noticed something along with other family members, when we deposit our checks they don’t completely go in for several days, we have bills to pay incl a vehicle payment with you, and I hope this problem is fixed because I don’t like being late with payments
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6 years ago, ZambotTheShadow
Needs Improvement
This app just updated for me a week ago, and I really liked everything they added - Touch ID and passcode, and I really liked that they had separate categories based on where you were spending money because it made me realize how much money I spend eating out and I could be saving that. I had a few technical issues with being able to view my activity out of nowhere so I uninstalled and reinstalled the app, per the agents instructions. Now for some reason I can’t do Touch ID even though it’s there, it’s all gray-ed out and I can only do a passcode and they are no longer separating the transactions into categories. According to my phone there have been no recent updates with this app yet, just from me and uninstalling and reinstalling this app had significantly went down. Also, I have put in my new passcode over 5 times and the gray slider still shows that I don’t have passcode activated yet it works when I use it to login so that’s a bug. Please bring back the Touch ID and the categories with transactions and I will gladly give it 5 stars.
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6 years ago, yaya10142
Love New App
I have been a member since 2014 and LOVE THE NEW APP! Absolutely loathed the previous one. Because of the previous app and online banking I had moved my checking account to another bank. Recently, in January, I decided to consolidate and make NACCU my local financial institution and discovered the SAME online banking was being used but was told there was an upgrade coming. THANK GOODNESS! The new app and online banking software is wonderful. A few bugs here and there but staff is quick to listen and even even quicker to offer help. I feel as if it is safer, more secure, and - once the learning curve is over- easier to use.
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2 years ago, Et5352
App Constantly Asking for Password
For a while, I’d say several months, even though I had set up FaceID with the app, I was still being prompted for my password. That is happening less now. When I called about it the rep let me know that it was probably my fault that I just didn’t know how to use the app. I’m halfway through a software engineering degree. I think I can handle one little app. You all are also poor to your customers. Especially with Escrow treatment. You say you can’t do it in the beginning and low and behold the capability arrives midway through my mortgage and sure are able to do it when I’m late on my taxes 1 time. Which jacks up my payment and when I tried to fight it you all would not remove it. So there’s a thorough review of NavyArmy folks. I will be removing my business with them as soon as financially possible.
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2 years ago, Lyrk88
There are many improvements that are needed with the this application. Look at the big banks to determine what works well and what priority should be addressed. Perhaps survey the clients that use the application daily. I would have rated it a 0 but it is hard for a company to come back from a low rating plus the lowest I can rate you is 1. Not everything works properly. Make sure that IT QA checks to ensure the application is working across all web and mobile platforms ( including Safari!). For instance, in Safari I can not access Zelle! Also, if I go into Card Control, I get an Error while in Safari and in the application I get redirected to the App Store????. There are sooo many other issues. Contact me for more information.
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2 years ago, mattcollard1
Everything works
I’m not sure what the other reviews are crying about, I set up my account to the fullest, Face ID works flawlessly, Apple wallet (there was a little setting up to do for security) works flawlessly, it’s a very rare occurrence when the app doesn’t load (generally poor phone service or an update being performed) mobile check deposit works flawlessly, I can get a new card the same day through the branch, check ordering is easy. I highly recommend this bank to those who like mobile control of their funds.
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2 years ago, RainbowDashRocks69
App is alright 8/10. Easy to navigate get. Get alerts almost immediately if something shifty is going on with your account. Though I had a password bot at one point trying to hack into my account over the weekend and when I tried to contact NA about it I couldn’t get service till Tuesday bc they were closed and there was no online support. One thing to improve on would be adding a 24/7 online support system and branch for better security and support assistance in future situations.
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4 months ago, iCMontez
Fantastic Service
My husband and I have been with Rally for almost year and we Love everything about it. We should have come here a long time ago. The people, the location, the assortment of services to meet all our banking needs in ONE stop. My husband has had several frauds on his bank card and the fraud alert was on it! He went to our local bank and within 20 minutes he had a new card, new password. We truly trust Rally bank and we’re here to stay.
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2 years ago, sandy20071
So simple to use !
Love this app! Takes you by the hand ! LOVE that I can also make a payment to the principal aside from making a regular payment to our loan vehicle ! We had a horrible experience with Bank of America ! All along they made us think that the rest of what was due for that month was going to the principal ! Come to find out , it was all a lie ! Thank you Navy Army for making it simple for the customer to view and make payments to where they wish to !
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6 years ago, Amaceyko
Remote deposit non functional
Like that they’ve added TouchID, although I do miss the quick balance function. Biggest problem is that the remote check deposit feature does not work. I’ve taken I don’t know how many photos of the front of this check. It STILL won’t read it. If you center it in the frame, the program doesn’t crop the picture. It includes a substantial amount of space around the check, which shrinks the check image so that the system can’t read the numbers. And it gives you a 503 error. If you frame the check based on the actual photo area. You have a small amount of the background visible around the check. The check is a larger portion of the image, and even shrunk down in the deposit screen I can still read the numbers on the bottom of the check. The software still can’t read it. Error 503 yet again. I am beyond frustrated with this. I regularly used the deposit feature with the last app. I might occasionally need to retake a picture, but it was rare. After TWENTY minutes of fiddling with this app, I still can’t deposit the check.
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2 years ago, Tsnrak12
Great features and EZ to use!
NACCU app is pretty good. It’s easy to make remote deposits which is huge plus for me. I rarely go to physical location. Easy to check balances and I like credit score feature. Best of all is the great customer service you get from their team members. Best customer service I have experienced anywhere in the last couple of years. I’m tired of getting Covid-19 excuses for poor customer service. Navy Army CCU rocks in my opinion.
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3 years ago, Argelio666
App not user friendly
When trying to add an external account to our vehicle we have to jump through hoops. Even at that the app won’t let you use your external account to pay your loan and not user friendly. Please fix so we could use external account to pay loan. Fix this I can’t wait to refinance with another bank so I could add an external account. Your customer service is no help at all especially after hours they can never do anything and are unable to help you. It’s like they are getting paid to answer the phone and tell you to call during business hours. And the wait times are very frustrating. Please fix these issues.
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2 years ago, Bmg963
This App is Great
I really appreciate the ease of use when it comes to this app. I like how I can quickly catch deficiency before they occur, transfer funds between accounts, and retrieve information about my account all on my phone. The only thing that doesn’t work well is the Capital One update. I guess it’s a 3rd party issue, so it really doesn’t bother me, as I do have the Capital One App already on my phone.
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10 months ago, Corpus68
Superb Personal Financial Tool
From the gitgo, I noticed how easy it was to use. I was able to load my accounts from another bank, giving the app a “dashboard “ feel. This allows me to keep an eye on multiple accounts without having to open other apps. Another great feature is the face recognition to open it. I really recommend this app to all Navy/Army customers.
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1 year ago, Rpoliii
Honestly I love you guys, I love the app, I love the service!!! I love the shared branches. Nothing is ever a hassle with y’all! I rarely do reviews but just for you guys 5 stars!! The only comment I have is I wish you would open a branch in Webb county! Laredo preferably . I already brag about y’all all the time, but if y’all opened a branch in Laredo I alone would get you so much clients. Thank you for everything! Thank you for being so awesome!!
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4 months ago, Vicki B2023
Rally app
The Rally Bank app is user-friendly, secure, and convenient. It offers a smooth interface for managing accounts, transferring funds, and paying bills. The app provides real-time notifications, easy access to transaction history, and helpful customer support. Overall, it's a reliable and efficient tool for modern banking needs.
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4 months ago, annonymous0098
How is it so hard to make a payment on the app. I can’t figure out how to do so… I need to call the 1-800 number see how they can help. Its my first time on here and my first payment, just want to make it before its due but this app has made it so difficult. I tried not giving up but, I tried the steps on the email, nothing 🫤 just frustrated at this point. I must be missing something , but WHAT ?!? Ill see when they tell me. Sorry for the 1 star but I have NEVER had difficulties with an app like this one. I will edit the review if I find out it was on my end 😁. Other than that….. see you soon
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6 years ago, Naduhlee
What happened to Quick View?
I was recent FORCED to update and re-download the NavyArmy app and so far i HATE it. Why did you remove “Quick View”? I would utilize that function so much! Now i have to literally sign in to see what my balances are. Edit: in response to the developer reply: I would rather have the Instant balance View back for my account. I don’t need to sign in every single time to see what my balance is. This is an good function but not needed when just wanting to check my balance. I hope y’all reconsider taking it away and being it back. Still don’t like the new update and will keep the 1 Star review for that reason.
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2 years ago, susan rm
A few functions needed
I also have Usaa and their app is a bit more user friendly, things like Face ID to log on, being able to up my daily ATM limit for a withdrawal or increase daily purchase amount ( this is helpful when you don’t want to wait on the phone forever for a rep or it’s a holiday / Sunday and no rep available) Over all app is ok but a few improvements would make it much better .
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4 months ago, NLA365
Great App
I’ve been using this app since it debuted. It’s been great, even updated and made better a few times. You can deposit checks, even send checks to pay bills. Transfer money from one acct to another. Lots easier than going to the bank. This is still one of the best apps ever. Use it all the time. 10 Stars
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1 year ago, Rechper1
Banking App
This app is very easy to navigate. Easy to open from anywhere you are and need to find out your balances to see what you can spend and transfer from account to account. Even able to bank from external accounts. This app makes it so easy to keep on top of finances. Love this app and truly recommend.
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2 years ago, MyHat2012
Navy Army CCU app
Great app, I can pay all my loans, make transfers, it has every option that I have needed. It works with my Apple Face ID which is so convenient. I highly recommend Navy Army CCU as a bank, I have had long relationship with them, over 15 years and hope to have a long future with them. They have always given us great rates on all our loans! Thank you, Navy Army CCU
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10 months ago, Joy Cain
Everything you’d expect.
I’ve never had any problems with the app. I can virtually deposit checks which is very helpful. I can monitor my credit score. I can see, typically always in real time what is goi g through my account. It’s the automatic withdrawals that do not give notice that just appear but that’s not any fault of the app.
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1 year ago, Antonio A Rdz
Amazing App
No issues, everything is clear and simple, user friendly, of course just like everything it can still keep updating and make it even easier to use and have better design, but overall great app, for sure one of the better financial institution/banking apps out there.
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2 years ago, Q8ball
I’ve been with this Bank for some time now and the only drawback is that I didn’t join them sooner. Their service is excellent, they have always been able to address my needs, and their online services are second to none. Thank you very much for all that you do! Respectfully, Troy Greer
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4 months ago, Lance USA
Excellent app
Very convenient and easy to use. Meets all my credit union banking needs. Very friendly user interface. Makes it very easy to keep track of my credit score. Transactions are very simple to use. I make check deposits on a regular basis and have never had a problem
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3 years ago, jlicea
Could Use a Modern Update
The app is good for my basic needs, it just feels “old” compared to other banking apps. Also, the Face ID option is not consistent, sometimes it’s there and sometimes it isn’t. When going to deposit a check, the app will sometimes quit itself after tapping “deposit a check”, forcing me to go back in and do it again.
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3 months ago, kingof713
The app itself is great easy to use unfortunately, when applying for a loan or needing assistance and information, it takes days, weeks, if not months to get a reply back from them. That needs to change.. but the app is easy to use & simple just the way I like apps
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4 months ago, KRAVE MEGA
Any issue you have, your bank can fix in a heartbeat
This app is an absolute convenience. If you’re with Navy Army (or Rally now, I guess?), you have every reason to download the app. I still get physical checks as payment and this app lets me deposit it digitally from my phone. Update: App is still wonderful!
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11 months ago, Nurse Chasity
Easy to use and so convenient!!!
The NavyArmy app is so easy to use and so convenient! The inter account funds transfer option is so easy for transferring money to savings! I love the Bill Pay option also! You can set it up on a certain date monthly and not have to worry about late fees!
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1 year ago, Rodela91
A recommended bank for all
They’re always there to help you and answer all your questions that you need. My two favorite perks about Rally is that you get to choose the bills you want from the atm and you can transfer funds from one account to the other.
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2 years ago, Robert 7842
My Thoughts
I have been banking with this establishment for a while and they are very knowledgeable about banking , financing, and opportunities that come up. I am extremely satisfied with the way they rest me as a customer and will definitely let others know this is the bank to get. Definitely 100 percent Amazing Robert
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1 year ago, Txfin
Awesome app
I absolutely love this app!! It’s much approved and therefore very easy to keep up with all of your accounts. Also love it that I no longer have to balance my checking account and can transfer money easily. It’s all done there for you. They got it right! I love NavyArmy and would bank with no one else. Great job!!
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12 months ago, CarlosRios4546
Online Banking Services Not Good
The Bill Paying Section is not user friendly and you should not have to toggle between two tabs to reconcile what has been paid and is still pending or if want to identify previous pay amounts. Very annoying and antiquated compared to the previous version where all the information was on one page and easy to navigate. Can’t tell you how many bills I’ve inadvertently missed because it’s not user friendly. I hope it gets better soon.
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2 years ago, Bible on iPad mini
I am in love with this app!
I have been a member using this app for many years and I love ❤️ it. The benefits of using it are wonderful. I love that using my debit card 10 times every month means I get a payment added to my balance. I recommend this app also because it is very secure and simple to use.
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2 years ago, Nun-ya Bitness
Love love love
I love how I’m able to always keep track of my money. I also love how I’m able to send/receive funds to/from other members so easily too. My only critique would be to include a freeze switch for when I think I lose my card so I can freeze it until I find it.
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1 year ago, ya boy kwan
Navy army community credit union password reset problems.
Needs to be able to reset password with more options other than having to call and going through a set up and waiting so many days in order todo so .
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1 year ago, mommacheer24
Transferring/payments between accounts
I liked the old way of transferring/payments between accounts. My son and daughter used to send me payments for various things I would initially pay for and they would reimburse me. The new system is not as easy and we’ve had issues with not receiving payments.
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2 years ago, Karii5
Always have trouble with this app
It has a lot of glitches. When scrolling for a transaction, the sidebar always pops up and takes the place you are at to the top again. The app also forgets the user and it’s always making me verify when I’m using the same device which can be very frustrating. The way the app is designed is very old school compared to other bank apps! The actual website itself is so hard to navigate! Nothing compared to bigger banks!
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6 years ago, Saveahog
App and Website worst banking ever
Does anyone know how to make payments on your auto loans from the app or website without setting up auto pay? It’s crazy to me that I can’t make payments as I choose and how much I choose. This is my first time banking with NavyArmy, I don’t have a checking account with them and I don’t want to now, but it’s 2018 so I don’t understand the lack in technology here. It’s the most basic app I’ve ever used, especially when it comes to financials and banking. Please upgrade and come into the 21st century, the rest of us are waiting.
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4 months ago, stakenator
NavyArmy experience
I have been with NavyArmy since 2018. I have had very good experiences with them. Even when I wasn’t happy about something they always took the time to explain it and helped me understand why things were the way they were
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2 years ago, Candelario Sanchez
Mr Candelario Sánchez
The App is very simple to use and navigate from one place to another I love that I’m able to check my expenses and my direct deposits and move money from one acto another and if something worries me I can immediately call costumer service and will get the help I need! Thank you Navy Army
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2 years ago, Relicque
Bank is great but the app needs work
The app needs serious work. It’s constantly requesting me to verify through a phone call even though I’ve registered my device and recently it’s saying my password is incorrect even though I can log in just fine on my computer, otherwise it’s good. Two stars because I use my phone to check stuff like this way more over the computer and it’s inconvenient as heck
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2 years ago, SSsofiaAACc
Not Advanced
I love this bank and all it has to offer. I also love it’s intentions of being inclusive for features that more main stream banks offer such as Zelle that was recently introduced on the app but it always seems to lag in different areas. I feel like the app will be good when it wants to be. I know technology has a mind of its own but the engineering of this app is rough and I’d truly much rather just use bank by phone for quicker assistance
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2 years ago, ExTravel Agent
Convenient, but sometimes hard to use
This app is good overall. I'd just add local phone number(s) and make switching between accounts be easier. The print is kinda small, and the yellow background doesn't give as much contrast with the black letters as a white background would. Other than that, it's good!
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2 years ago, erselma13
My experience
Navy army is a great community bank. The staff is friendly, very willing to assist you with all your banking issue. The staff in the loan department is very eager to assist you with any concerns you might have or find the staffer who can. I’ve been banking with NavyArmy for years and wouldn’t go anywhere else.
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2 years ago, am1985s
I love my Bank!
I don’t live in the area anymore, but I can always rely on my app to keep me up to date with my account information. I love being able to send messages and ask questions when I need to and getting a prompt response!
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6 years ago, jswan1103
Huge Improvements added
This app has a lot of new feature and I can see all of my accounts now. Budgeting and Spending reports all in one place as well as the ability to reset my own password and user ID. LOVE the look and feel of the new app and all of the enhanced features!
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11 months ago, Doby Gillis
Very Helpful
I use this app almost daily and really appreciate all that it allows me to do. With that said the linked accounts needs work. There is always something I have to do to update an account and usually I get a message that a connection cannot be made. Therefore the 4 stars.
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4 months ago, crisscriss05
Not a great app
This app plus the website are forever down. Pending transactions tend to drop off then days later hit. Issues with getting into the app happen often but more so when you actually get into the app then try and view transactions. There is usually an error that occurs at least once a week. Not great if you’re relying on the app to see up to date transactions.
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