Ramadan Times

4.8 (1K)
115.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Pakistan Data Management Services
Last update
5 years ago
Version OS
7.1 or later
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User Reviews for Ramadan Times

4.78 out of 5
1K Ratings
4 years ago, Anthony 42X Harlem
This is a very useful application. It helps one to easily meet his/her Ramadan obligations on time. May Allah continue to bless those that took the time to produced this tool for the Believers of Al-Islam.
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7 years ago, Joshua Pilgrim
Absolutely love this app. It's easy to use and very helpful in your busy day to keep you abreast of the time. Really like the compass feature too.
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1 year ago, QuillyVector
I love this app! MashaAllah! InshaAllah y’all keep updating this app and making it even better! Keep us closer to Allah! Thank you!
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3 years ago, bonjonsa
Good job
Like it it’s very accurate
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4 years ago, The Curser
Needs improvement
Display screen not suitable for iPhone XR. A lot of false and annoying notifications. Honestly they are unbearable and I have to delete the app
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4 years ago, LegionBeatz
Paid but did not receive ad free version
Paid the $4.99 and have not received the ad free version unfortunately. I submitted a request for tech support and have not received a refund or any update to the ad free version.
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7 years ago, Osiosi
Simple, efficient. You can customize it. It is very useful.
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3 years ago, AppleKhiladi
Awesome Ramadan app
By far this is the most simplest but nicest app on the market for Ramadan and suhoor/Iftar times.
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7 years ago, Ashraf M
Extra Ordinary
This app is for all seasons and all times. Allah bless you for making such an app which makes life for all the muslims. Only option that is needed is how to adjust hanfi or shafi time Appreciate if someone guide me
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8 years ago, Webpharoh
Simple app like it
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4 years ago, sdfghhhll
Ameen Allah bless all Muslims Ameen
Allah keep all Muslims from all calamity
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5 years ago, Creative starrs
Its a good thing to know about islamic monthes 💛💚💚
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8 years ago, Lonestarr26
Great app and very useful
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1 year ago, Wattazoumana
The th
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13 years ago, Ellonation
Time, time, time!
I'm absolutely in love with this app! The feature I like best is the 'Iftar Countdown'-hours, minutes, AND seconds until Iftar ;D. My only little irk about this app would be the fact that the timings for suhoor and Iftar are a bit (3-4 minutes) off from my local masjids' timings. Other than that, it's a wonderful app!
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13 years ago, Paxmd
About crashing
This app is free and is great, it need some fixing regarding initial location point when first installed. It would be great to add a check box with the option to add other salwat time when wanted in the setting. The app crashes when initially detecting a location. The solution is to go Google Map and write down your own location ( a set of 2 numbers N W) then go to Settings and turn off Location Services. The next step, is open this app ( the app should not crash then) and put your own location. Last step is to turn back on Location Services if desired.
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12 years ago, Mikcey
Ramadan Timer
Nice app that lets you set prayer times and lets you customize the times as well. It doesn't have to be running, it will alert you of prayer times even when you have your iPad in standby mode. Only thing I didn't like is that you have to run it once a day for it to update the time. I forget sometimes and so it gives me the previous days time. It would be cool if the developers could add a feature to recite adhan or allow your own files to run as alerts.
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8 years ago, emamiamirh
Don't purchase the ad free version
The App is Okay, after the first time opening the app, it had ads on top and bottom, and other ads would pop and cover the whole screen so annoying. After purchasing the app to get rid of the ads. Still getting ads when I open the app. Huge ad covers the whole page. I believe they call it a "ripoff"! So my advice to you, if you can handle few ads, don't purchase the "ad free" version! Because its not a true ad free version.
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13 years ago, desigrl414
It truly is a great app! Helps me know what time iftari is when I'm at work! :) the only thing that might need a slight improvement is when putting my city in, it's off by a few minutes for sehri and iftari but that can be fixed manually in the settings. Thanks for the app!! :)
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13 years ago, mideastmom
Useful even for non-Muslims
As a non-Muslim ex-pat living in a Muslim country, this app is very useful to me. When planning to eat out, I can know when restaurants will begin serving, and when needing to shop in the evening, I can use the Iftar time to estimate when stores will begin to open back up.
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12 years ago, Esharahman
Program ratings
It is wonderful program my rating is (1- 10) is 9.5. I really do love it, it makes feel elated. May Allah bless all who contribute to making this program and making it available to all our Bros & Sisters.
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12 years ago, MI1109
Useful but need update...
I would have given full 5 star only if not disappointed to see my country off the list! Bangladesh has 90% Muslim population and yet not no city included. Need update. Thanks.
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13 years ago, US Soldier EU
The Best of the Best.
I cannot understand why people give less than 5 stars! This application is worth 10 stars and we should pay for it something. Thank you very much for this great app. Kosovar
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12 years ago, bmlkfan
Month view rows color
Allah yejzakum khair I would only suggest that you make the color of the green rows in the month view tab different. To me it is very difficult to see what is written inside the green rows Thanks and بارك الله فيكم وجعله في ميزان اعمالكم
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13 years ago, fm.uk
Perfect 
This app is:  Accurate  Feature packed  Free. I've been using it since the start if Ramadan and don't need a printed calendar. The timing of sehri and Iftar matches with the local Azan time too. I can have good food  at the precise time now.
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12 years ago, Midwest_Muslimah
Very helpful app
This app is a one-stop-shop for Ramadan. I've used other apps in the past but really like this one. Especially the countdown to breaking our fast.
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11 years ago, RALHARBI
It is a perfect application because it gives many options those are in a difference kind of islamic calculate
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11 years ago, Yakima Nation
Assalamu alaikum
Muslim Pro is fantastic! I have it on my iPad & iPhone. It wakes my husband & I up to do our prayers. A long with reminders through out the day. Great for when we travel too.
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10 years ago, Jalisvasim
excellent app
this app is very good I can select adhan for Iftar and sahar and tons of good features I love it I downloaded this app in 2013 and still using I live it thanks apps developer
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12 years ago, Ream1977
Great app, especially for the Month of Sha'abaan!
It's a great app, because it keeps track of when you need to break your fast, when Fajr (Dawn Prayer) comes in, and it also shows what time for Iftar (Breaking of the fast). It's a blessing from Allah ta'ala!!
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9 years ago, Pp1Corsario
Crashes every time
The app is not working, please update ASAP. Use to be the best and now is not working anymore
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11 years ago, fmammadov
Best app in its class
You won't find anything better than this, don't even try
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10 years ago, Khawajazohaib
Never had this app before. I liked it the day when i installed it in my phone. This app has it all one needs to stay updated with Ramadan fasting times.
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13 years ago, Fuzz Head
Useful App
I found it great for when you are in more western areas (no mosques) or when I was traveling. Simple but effective and useful.
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13 years ago, Sajjad Jafri
Lucky to have it
Living in a place where there are not too many Muslim. It's really a useful app to gave thanks to who made it
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8 years ago, Mali03
Great App!!!
Finally somebody thought of an app for Ramadan timings. It's perfect as it gives you flexibility to add/subtract mins according to your local mosque or belief. Keep it up Pak Data!!!
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10 years ago, Wqejkfzvnu
I recommend this app. If the timings are a little off you can easily adjust it from settings. I really like how the alarms can be the Azan. Jak.
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11 years ago, mrabsarahmed
Very Good
Very useful. Thoughtfully developed. Customisable for every region. The only negative is its looks which are not using all the powers of iOS. It can be more visually rich and cleaner. Does deserve five stars on the basis of functionality.
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11 years ago, Party Pops
I like the app however it does not provide accurate time for my area. It would be nice if there were more time zones to choose from.
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12 years ago, Dukes_Sab
Excellent App
Have been using this for last two ramadan this is a pretty handy app to have
Show more
13 years ago, Real JZ
The One To have
This app does more than I needed. Nevertheless, a great source for tracking fasting times during Ramadan. Many blessings!
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12 years ago, mwasif2000
I have just updated ver from 1.1 to 1.2, but its crashing continously. I have tried deleting app and reinstalling but no use. Plz fix it asap as ramadan is coming. Marhaba Ramdan :)
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13 years ago, Rabbi-zidni-ilmah
Kasha lag
Mashallah, what a great app, I also bought your quran and tafsir app, you are doing a great job, may Allah give you more knowledge and barkath to contribute to Islam with such amazing apps.
Show more
11 years ago, HollyQJ
Easy to use
I just wish there were more locations available. There are no cities in Morocco!
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13 years ago, Nasr@Austin
App was great for Ramadan
Great app. Helped a lot. Only thing to make it better if it could give a 5 minute warning.
Show more
9 years ago, Hossain360
Excellent look & feel
The app works fine. It has a nice clock view and dua simple & beautiful.
Show more
12 years ago, Young34
Best app for Muslim
This is the best Ramadan app ever!! It works for every Muslim around the world that need the time to start fasting and the time at evening to start breaking the fast.
Show more
12 years ago, Onnam6
Sister in Islam
Very good, useful app! To improve, include better explanation of how to use the settings, especially the timings.
Show more
12 years ago, Muslimgirlxoxox
Ramadan time
Mashallah this program is excellent during Ramadan it helps u very well I give this 5 stars
Show more
12 years ago, J. Osman
Great app
Simple to use, reminder feature is outstanding.
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