Rap Fame - Rap Music Studio

4.8 (44.7K)
365.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Rap Tech Studios
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Rap Fame - Rap Music Studio

4.8 out of 5
44.7K Ratings
1 month ago, WIlYum.
rap fame
well rap fame app is a awesome app to usr in general !!! and could be thee Best rap studio app for mobile phones there is just one hang up !!!! Is i had gotten to use thee freetrial , and had paid for a subscription !!! i had started a couple projects or songs in which take sum time for an artist to edit infinish !!!! well Life kinda threw me a curveball and i wasnt able to finish n thee amount of time ,, my subscription had ended !!! welll why is it when i used thee tools that is for paid,,, the app features had allready been added to my song and recorded ... during my subscription , not only thee app dont let a person finish thee song you also remove the features i ha all ready recored to a track i thought id just ask why ? and ill do my part in taking responsibility !! for not reading fine print!!! all u have to do to resolve this issues not allow thee person to change tha beat during this trial
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5 years ago, TheNaturalOcCurrenCe
Really good app/ But could be SOOO MUCH BETTER
Battle Me/Rap Fame/ whatever tf it’s called now, is a really awesome and satisfying app! It is for rap artists all over! Wether your good or not, it’s simply allows wanna bees and wanna bees who are actually really talented and skilled but just don’t have the resources to get a studio or go to one, and they simply just “want to be” more successful in the music industry and or, “in” the music industry in general! The app allows you to select a beat from the app to rap to, or of course you can upload an already made beat that you may have access to in your device. Once a track is selected you move on to the “recording session” (the fun part!) Where you can record up to 3 different vocal tracks to put on the song. ( 1 for your main bars, 2 for back up vocals and 3 for additional back up vocals) Now, as long as you are on rhythm when rapping then it comes out sounding great! However if you sing something off rhythm there is no way to adjust the placement of the vocals on the music so you won’t be able to fix it without going back and doing the WHOLE THING OVER!! Even if it’s just one tiny part you mess up on, you can not select sections of the vox pattern to cut/copy/drag/paste/ duplicate or delete with. It must be recorded perfectly! Which is the ONLY reason I gave this app 3 stars instead of 5
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8 months ago, LowKey970
Almost 5
Ok so first off I love the app I really do and i only use RapFame, and BandLab. So def my fav but the reason I didn’t give 5 stars is because the recording doesn’t work like it supposed to. It used to work amazing and had feedback. Mic/ headphones all worked but then it stopped and I’ve tried the app on 4 other phones and an iMac and still nothing. I sent an email hoping to fix it or maybe I’m doin something wrong? Haha either way I ain’t doggin just getting out the bugs and I know I’m not the only one complaining about that. One other thing is I always pay for the membership but it seems like there really isn’t much that I lose when I have canceled before I know there’s a couple perks but really not much and the benjis are cool but should switch it up sometimes especially for the ones who use it religiously daily check in always says “a bigger amount tomorrow” but never is but if I miss one day I have to start completely over? Anyways This app is def a must have I just wanna see it get bigger and better and not fall out like most other apps. Appreciate you and the app 💯💯
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2 years ago, shopper_djones1992
This App is Siiiiick!
As a premium user, I have had the best experience with the community and love the social network! It’s nice having a platform that allows upcoming artists to profile their music tracks. What excites me the most is that RapFame will Feature your tracks! That is.. if they are dope enough to get their attention. ThePart of the app that needs work the most is the recording sessions. You’re limited on beats unless you’re a premium user but after you find a beat you finally get to the point where you’re ready to record and then once again you are limited but this time by the vocal presets. You’re limited by the amount of presets there are and also you can only use one at a time. But what’s nice is that you have the option to download other apps that will allow you to record your music or you may be able to do it from an actual studioAnd then upload them to Rap Fame. Once you’ve done that the community will respond and that’s what makes this app worth 4 stars!!! -SickBoy
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1 year ago, Papi Chulo Valen Verga CARA
Peeling the plastic off something you just bought👍
This is so Gucci finally able to make some tracks by my self now and after 33 years putting in work paying dues I’ve spit more wack bars than best bars ever been heard this will be so dope when I can afford to use it only got three day trial and I think today my last attempt till got to try to get a better more consistent way to pay for I believe less than $8 I can mix master or put my verse place to write verse and a way to make everything fit so everyone happy; it is worth it I believe appreciation and deepest gratitude to the people involved with great coding and able to put this together for use passionate emcees or a rapper it is nice we may hear outsells with beat etc anyway only thing wish I had a way to be easier to learn how it work and what things are and do but it legit
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6 months ago, Jaypoet1
5/5-Best Rap And Beat App Available Handsdown
Rap fame is by far the dopest rap and beats app available for those who are serious at their craft to those who are just out to create some music and have some fun. I’ve always been more of a writer and poet prior to finding this app but now I enjoy writing and rhyming on an app where there are plenty of dope beats to snap off the mic with. And in addition to that, if you have or make your own beats, you can upload them on here as well, whether they are just for you or you want to share them with everybody. Totally up to you. I don’t know if anybody off the app has ever made it “big”, but I can say there are some Dope rappers and MC’s on here and if they haven’t made it big yet, they should at some point, because some of these cats got some crazy and dope bars! Keep up the dope work rap fame! Thanks Jaypoet
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3 years ago, sammahlleh
We have been users of the app for several months
Im part of Poetic Mogul group on Rap fame. Recently there been so many bugs in the app and we dont see any of the developers addressing the issue. We are admins of the THc lordz crew and every one of our members has complaints about not being able to upload, getting their account deleted, our crew power has been dramatically fluctuating, we went from top 6 on the chart to 15 then 335 then 27 in a matter of 2 days. Thats impossible. Esp since our crew has been inactive because of our crew members malfunctioning app. no ody is addressing any of our members concerns except on of our admins who been up day and nite tryna get to the bottom of things because he fears our crew members are going to delete their apps for good so he imvestigating. One of the moderators told our other admin the crew power was correct but had nothing to say about any changes happenjng with the app as far as how point get tallies up. Nobody has responded to our emails. We just want some answrs before our 20 members cancel their subscriptions and delete their apps. This was my favorite app prior to all the bugs.
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1 year ago, Worth the read.
This app is a great way to meet other artists, but you can have all the talent in the world and a crazy quality but get completely overlooked, it’s probably most of the other people on there who may just not want to support due to some kind of feeling they get from someone with quality and talent. On the same hand it seems odd to give out features and contest awards to people who are chasing the beat down the street and have the quality of recording on a Motorola flip phone. The only way to get “plays and likes” is to pay a whopping $20 dollars for a feature which is wild in its own considering this app as far as people who do the “banning” are just people who stay on the app all day doing judge for judge and have biases. All that being said, I’ve never been done dirty on this app and like I said it’s a great way to meet artists, but I’ve never personally gotten anything from this app outside of it. Been on it since it was called “BattleMe” so it’s not like I just started a month ago.
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12 months ago, Checkerflagz W.C.500
The only app that I use for my continuous input of personal talent I was born and bred with from the beginning of HipHops intro to the world of New York before it became available worldwide outside of the Empire State of Mind. So I’m grateful to say that Rap Fame provides me the best opportunity to still display my lyrical skills and poetic abilities that I possess and almost put into a graveyard long ago when my 1989 epic records experience with the producer and manager of my group FREEZE FACTOR became a outright failure and purposely failed opportunity when me and my partner were both robbed of the chance to showcase our styles and talents to the world! So that being said I am very much grateful for a app like this where I was resurrected to create and go on doing what I love to do before I could bury it away forever and never show anyone what I could do
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2 years ago, baken1210
Great app, could use a few updates
I really love the app, rap fame has made it universally easy for me to do my raps from anywhere. Only thing I would like to see improved is first, I wish when you were in the middle of doing a rap and wanted to save it for later that it would let you keep the audio you had already done, second I would like the colab to be a little more advanced, as in when you and your friend do a colab, instead of you both recording on the same beat, I wish one person could start it and the other person would just start where the other left off after sent. Besides that, great app, would recommend it to everyone.
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2 weeks ago, Bigboywhip20
Changes Need To Be Made
I am a user of this app, and it has its good points and its bad points about it. The good points is the great unknown artist that this app has on it throughout the world. The bad points is how Rapfame runs the app. Some rules that the app has just does not make sense to me whatsoever. In my opinion it shows major favoritism, and also only caters to certain genre of Hip Hop music. The app is more in favor of a younger generation, instead of what it should be, an app for all of Hip-Hop from all over, no matter the age limit. Also there should be more rules in place to showcase talent from artist, instead of only just making a fast cash grab for the app. Also they need to hire more people, because the app over look talent, and leave music on red, and the only way to get noticed is by paying $20 bucks to get a feature. Thats not good. This app and the people that run it has to do better all across the board. Favoritism rules with an iron fist.
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4 years ago, DZO35
Used to be amazing 😞
This app used to be a stomping ground for some seriously talented artists (don’t get me wrong, there is still plenty of them) doing amazing accapela battles and making songs that in my opinion were better than 90% of the garbage on the radio. Unfortunately those days are almost all but gone....battles are a joke because people are crying and snitching constantly, claiming “shade” voting and v4v... it’s a padded stats popularity contest over tests of true lyricism and emcee skill. The chat room (although has always been a toxic place) is plagued with trolls, and trolls who get banned just create fake accounts and come back even harder. This is honestly very sad as this app 3 years ago reinvigorated my love for hip hop music and for the first time ever I was able to record myself...it still is a great place to find Artists you might not ever find anywhere else, just be warned it’s cut Throat place and foul play is always lurking around the corner. “D.Z.O”
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2 years ago, smxketots
It’s pretty coo
I’ve been on for year and half almost 2… still haven’t gotten a feature which is fine, but what’s a little annoying is that my music has been featured on the app twice just not on my account lol but at least my song got some exposure/ at the end of the day a brotha just tryna be heard. Also Not a huge fan of the judge4judge feature I feel like 70% of ppl listen to 30-40 seconds of your track before giving “feedback” and if you’re honest about the feedback you give , the user can report you leaving that functionality unavailable to you for a day or some (n that’s with premium) But it’s a great place to network and meet like minded artists which has been valuable. Working on a ep called synergies and most of the features on the ep I’ve met on this app. anyways godbless #vibezone #ourcrew #thornsofthestreets
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2 years ago, gdflo603
Horrible experience
Spent 4 years on this app spent thousands of dollars on promoting tracks over 200 tracks recorded on here and only 2 features. If you are better than the average artist on here mods create accounts and make tracks to bring your statistics down. They have fake accounts asking you to join the Illuminati and ask for your personal information in other apps like telegram. The admins of the app have two different groups you can siently join. Your either from the streets, or your a demonic demon who is racist and claim your from Canada. If you join a crew and your a decent artist , listen to everyone in your crew making music to drop your ratings. I have over 450,000 diamonds on this app and have never been shown recognition. Rap fame y’all lost a real one and a true rap fame legend your app will never stay profitable if you keep letting these mods, admins and ambassadors push real artist with money and talent ! Sincerely, darealgodflow603 👈✌️
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5 months ago, Daniel Boones
Daniel Boy Boone’s
The App is Coo but since I came on here. To share my music ., I have had about 20 diffrent people pretending to be from big shot record labels scamming with fraud information and fake transactions for money Ain’t music entertainment executives looking for talent and play the role super perfect so I don’t like the fact that those users aren’t filtered out if they are not artist. And have no content on their profiles they scamming real artist out of music copy right Money Time and frustration which is why I didn’t renew subscription just becomes frustrating as a real artist to deal with ridiculous people trying to get over a couple bucks in gift cards and fake checks acting like they are promoters smh what’s the world come to. Ain’t nobody safe not even my music
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2 years ago, Awsome77774131
One of the best created music/artist applications to date.
Wow not one word is enough to describe the impact this app has made on my artist career and growth. From genuine cutthroat as real it can get feedback from peers and other artists and producers across the world and the developers themselves this app has many tools to boost ur music knowledge and skills but give a major boost of confidence in ur passion or hobby. It has been a major outlet for me also providing me with a crew I consider a family since joining. This app offers so much more than just beats and rap it offers wat money can’t buy and that’s friendship and collaborations with like Indeed n goal oriented individuals. Honestly has help me stay out of prison and going strong
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1 year ago, YÄMO
Wow just wow with some criticism
Need to add more intricate Sdound effects with a bit more management on what gets through the top five and HOT promo for price. I heard so many undervalued content in the Hot list with more than 130 likes that I was forced to to give some some type of REAL advice or more of honest opinion on material because of the ease of promo that your platform supply’s. In my opinion I say if you want real artist development you should leave leeway in the algorithm for artist to work for there following. I dropped one track that feel contends with the top 10 artist and got crazy promo just off a half hour grind. Go hard in developing thus app, your doing the underground justice 🫡👁️‍🗨️
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3 years ago, Money Comes to Me
Rap Fam is a playground with tools to transform chosen beats to banging sounds that you will like. Whether you're looking for atmospheric textures, hard-hitting or hard bangers Ra Fam has everything you'll need to build your tracks! Rap Fam comes with a massive collection of tracks that's over 50,000 loops made exclusively for Rap Fam!:-) AND NEW SOUNDS DELIVERED DAILY! It could even be with your subscription!:-) On-demand browsing puts their content right at your fingertips. Cherry pick sounds you'd like to trigger or hit download all to save everything. Rap Fam comes fully loaded with powerful tools to manipulate and play loops like never before. Customize their sounds or upload your own samples MAN RAP FAM HAS IT ALL!:-) COME SEE… w
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2 years ago, QLBX12
I Was Born From The Union Of Two Jazz Apollo Legends
Ever Though I love This Platform Because It Has Abled Me To Display My Talents, It Seems like a lot of Music on this platform, Will have to be done over again in a Real Studio, I’m not An 🤷🏿‍♂️Engineer🤷🏾‍♀️, This is the First Time I Have Recorded Myself On A Apparatus Like This, it cuts out the middleman, but when you’re really talented sometimes a middleEngineer is required, And I think I’m doing the best that I can, Pertaining to the tools that have been given, To work with, I have hundreds of concepts for classic songs, I can create songs daily, which should be evidence, By looking on My Page In Rap Fame from the time that I got here, And to see how many songs I have generated since the time I Download it This App Rap Fame, In between My Everyday, Day To Day Life Of Work And Family life 👁 L7.
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1 year ago, heii raiserxx
Love it but so many fakes
I wish people couldn’t just slide the scales to perfect tot dope when they judge ur track i wish people would actually give real criticism and try and help people move forward on their music journey rather than just judge ur track for the views on Theirs don’t get me wrong some people do have good stuff to stay but most I feel are just trying to get their likes and plays rather than help another up and coming artist out. The contest I love them but seems like a lot of same ppl are winning we should find a way to elevate them to the next part or start of their career and I just hope everyone’s dreams come true -hellraiserxx rd etc no
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2 years ago, YTCANTU
If you think tha Rap Fame is turning into a hotbed of new Rapoetics, then you are exactly right. Join the Rap Fame family. Just spita few nice free flowin chilled out Bars and choose your own beat. Rap Fame has a team of specialsts that offer tips to success and feedback is extmely importat. It is absolutely the most important tool to challenge and highlight problem areas as well as well as praise and direction for a multiplicity of Beats, Rappers, Composers, Head hunters, coaches and and, most important, your peers. Im growin like Jack upon dat beanstalk. So climb on up and experience my bass line from the top of my-vine. PEACE2daBEATS Feedback from a professional perspective— on App Store and Google play — just download the App …. and let it Flow.
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4 years ago, Nikkikicecream
I love this app, Always had a passion for music. Especially hip hop. Started out making Beats came across this app and it gave me a chance to share my music with people across the world. Always wanted to Rap So after getting a lot of Respect from people loving my Beats I decided to give it a shot Rapping. Never new if I’d be any good. After Other Mc’s on the app Hurd them, was able to get advice and get better with my skills on a microphone where if it wasn’t for Rap fame wouldn’t have been possible before. So thanks to this app for helping allow me to be able to continue with my musical passions which is now Rapping more then anything else. Thank you Rap fame from bottom of my heart! #UniteDfronT #BOBDIGI
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12 months ago, Ignore_me12345
Amazing but…
Although I haven’t had time to get on it in the past week. I've used the app for just over 2 months now. And when I published my new song I put it on hot. I got lots of notifications that people where liking my song. Then a few days later I checked on it. Nothing had changed so I don’t know what happened, if the app glitched or something else. But it’s nothing major just thought I’d bring it up. Other than that I would 100% recommend this app to people that want to learn how to sing or want to make or listen to songs. Seriously, before I found this app I had always wanted to make songs but that was never possible until about 2 months ago…
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2 years ago, cambot360
Rap fame da best
Yo honestly speaking I love to post on rap fame it’s my favorite app to post on I think if there was one way to make it better I would make it to where different artists can work together on the same song on collaboration work instead of going to a different app but I really do love rap fame I don’t only post my music on there but I listen to others they have some amazing artists on there that I follow up on because they truly follow the rap culture thanks to rap fame they have helped me boost my flow by posting since the beginning and taking advice from other artists that are more experienced than me rap fame is my go to
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1 year ago, SmackEadsOG
A creative must
I’ve had a few issues with the app early on and even through loosing hundreds of songs because of operator error I still keep my Subscription to rap fame booked in advance. It it the most practical, fastest, and the easiest app, In my opinion, to record, edit, and hear in minutes. Wether your situation calls you to hurry and get it recorded before you forget the tune in your head, messing around for fun, or you carry the burden of grand master serious skills, you won’t be disappointed. May I recommend the trap selection, it has some windshield splitting thumpers that are sue ti impress.
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3 years ago, mikeeey1234
Very Frustrated- app doesn’t have basic functionality!!!
I have literally spent over 12 hours the entire night trying to normalize it equalize a track to adjust the volume’s after the fact, unsuccessfully I might add, I all because the RapFame app doesn’t have the basic functionality to allow you to edit your tracks after the fact, even when they are only unpublished drafts. This is ridiculous and unacceptable. Every song needs to be tweaked after the fact — nothing is perfect. The developer should know better about this. I literally just wasted 12 hours unsuccessfully trying to fix my song after the fact, all because this application program did not have the basic functionality that it should’ve had in the first place. Very irritated — beyond irritating and aggravating. Not happy.
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6 months ago, old 💨
Really a great platform for all types of rap and hip hop culture. Weather if you rap, judge raps, or just a fan, there’s something for everyone here and you don’t have to stick to just doing one thing on the list I just mentioned you can do all three really if you love rap and hip hop as I do this is the app for you. It’s the only app I use! Over 2 months into this app and I still stand by what I mentioned above if you like to make music or just love music this is the app for you. I guarantee it’ll be the only app you use, the app you use the most, and it will become your favorite app. Guaranteed 🤩
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7 months ago, phillygang
Top tier artiest
This is a great app all around! Even If you are a above average artist/producer/ engineer, there’s a home for you in this app! They have contest for cash money every single week which I my self have won plenty of times! 3-5 business days and the cash was in my account! I’ve found people to mix and master my songs on the app so they get a cut if I win! As I said, theres a home for everybody! They listen to what the app talks about and try’s to adapt to there viewers opinions about how to improve the app! They keep growing week by week and this app allows you to level up as a growing artist!
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3 months ago, T Brown609
Did it when I was young can live again now
This is incredible I rapped when I was younger took meeting with Sony interscope artists Columbia had some offers but egos got in the way early on I saw envy’s ugly face so I decided to raise my family Nx realize what the real life would look like now I can write lay it over the beat and enjoy what those 12 hour studio sessions use to feel like thank you in advance for this yall just don’t know Tim Brown treasure interesting material because rappers often write nonsense YES ITZ MY NAME but it’s got meaning one love to you ! THIS IS THE PLACE period JUMP IN and express yourself LETS GOOOOOOOOOO
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2 years ago, N'er-Gee
Rap is FUNDamntal
Honestly I love the app and I've been using it for about 6+ months now. Keep up with y'all doing, only and productive stat about the app is be careful work hard you put on there because a three day trial turns into a month application and they will charge you before the month or this week subscription is over with double time travel time I've been in charge of my credit card so I am very leery to put another one on there however they will cut you off and limit your access if you don't have some type of payment method IJS XOXO
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1 month ago, DaFhuckeryBReal
Rigged Ranking/Recording cut off while mixing
First Off the rankings are RIGGED no matter how hard you work and promote you get screwed over and when you don’t record nor promote your ranking goes up second off while recording and playing back recording it MUTES my verses to the point that I have to save and exit log back in to hear it before it does it again while trying to playback to mix my vocals it’s been going on since I’ve updated the APP third off BATTLE isn’t worth the time because people can judge 4 judge to CHEAT! When I first started the first week I was top 10 rookie ranking then the more I made music and promoted I begun to notice that RAP FAME was intentionally dropping my ranking and allowing people that weren’t even doing anything to increase in RANKINGS! Until this is fixed 1 star
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1 year ago, babdfgeyn
Only for the real
Your losing everyday thinking this is the best way for you and your music. Let me explain you on here making music but how many people gone download this app and listen to your music. Don’t let a couple boozos mess up your goals and future cause most rappers on here don’t even sound to good. Most of them fake but I’m just calling it how it see it. These people just want you to spent money that’s all. My grade in this music is very high quality they don’t even know who I’m really is. But don’t let them fool you keep working on your craft and keep striving. We will be looking for some more artist to sign to real soon. Rap fame says they don’t promote gang violence but most these artist speaks about drugs and guns and weed that’s all I to say but stay up chuck we here #locs #djrell #producer #wethebestrecords
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5 years ago, FrozenPanda56
It’s An Incredible App
Below, I have the problem that I faced with the app. The problem was fixed within hours and continues to work like a dream. Honestly, if you love music, you’re missing out by not having this app. “I love this app and everything it provides, but for an entire day now nothing has been loading in the app and it keeps displaying “Internal Network Error” and again, nothing will load. I have a fully updated iPhone XS Max so I know it’s not an issue with my phone being too old or out of date. Please fix this and this will turn into a 5 star immediately”
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1 year ago, Sammy Mammonson25
The reason I love this app is it because of the projects in playlists I’ve created on my account
This app has been like music therapy for me. I am a constant creator of music and music, competition, and composition. I love this app so much and I believe that if it wasn’t for this app, I really wouldn’t be here right now and this app has help me become a better person and yell out. My fear is my anguish, my time, my values, and all the importance in my mind in my spirit and in this time, thank you for the creators who created something so fond for the community
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6 months ago, Stackmillie
This is not a great app
I payed money for a subscription… it denied my subscriptions…. So I tried it again… and it went through…. But when I check my bank account I notice they charge me twice… when I called my bank to try to fix the solution… they told me that this is a scam website…. So that it was no way I can get my money back… I’ll have to call the person who made this app… and yet there no contact info on this app of anything goes wrong… the best advice I can give you is not to subscribe to this app… don’t pay for no premium, this website also take money from your bank account and erase the amount they took from your bank… please people don’t trust this site…. If you do u this site… use it for free…… THIS A SCAM app that being ran by teens
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1 year ago, _atypic_
Must Pay To Play
I joined trying to find the best app IMO. While this one is not in last place it’s far from first. For the first three days I paid multiple times to send my track to the hot feed and judge for judge in order to run up the plays and likes. The second I stopped paying to promote my music I stopped getting plays. It is proven that if you don’t boost or pay to be in the hot feed or already have connections with the cliques of this app you will quickly become frustrated and leave as I did.
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8 months ago, White Enderman
The best rap app ever
So this app is definitely one of the best apps I’ve ever seen to make a rap song like other apps are pretty stupid and they don’t have this much freedom and it has 1 million like literally 1 million beats to choose from. And there is so much fun to do you can do autotune and you can do even way more with premium but premium is kind of expensive but making the beats is awesome!! The only issue the only only only one issue is that the premium is too expensive that’s all definitely five stars
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3 years ago, tythebesy
Great app one suggestion
It’s a great app you can wrap on it make new tracks it’s so much fun and post it to see how many people like it but there’s one thing in the unfinished tracks you can click to continue your track but there is a delete button under it and it does not say do you want to delete it if you accidentally click delete unfinished track it’s kind of annoying can we please get a confirm delete after we click the delete button on the track because I worked hard on the track and it got accidentally deleted it
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12 months ago, Dud claims z
Real mother loving queen$&?&! She got a talent
Fast paced game with no rules to follow but the gameplay is great I tied your game up and got the rules right for the first round of the tournament I was able to win and then it got really boring so now it’s just the rules and then the game starts and then the rules are all set so I just have the time for the rules so I have the chance for a quick game to start the game with the rules so that we don’t lose again but we have to win again so we have to play it first game time
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2 years ago, Jake Townes
One Major Flaw, But still great
Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love being able to record my freestyles and get feedback, but there is no way I can give this a five star rating with the way the feedback is setup. You get blocked from voting for what seems to be 24hrs if you give too many “bad” reviews. I understand they don’t allow hazing and bullying, but honest and polite criticism isn’t anything of the sort. I gave polite and honest feedback about multiple peoples’ songs in the Judge For Judge mode, and have been unable to participate in it since. I think it should be made a little more honest, way too many bots as well.
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3 years ago, vondagoat123
My name is vondagaot123 on rapfame
I love this app this app is the best app every I have been on my grinding on my music and be able two be in interviews on rapfame so I could come far in my raps I wish we could upload beats for free on the app plus you get two make collaboration with people but I want two be able two do interviews with the rapfame people that made the app rapfame is the best app I wish y’all had a live feature where we can go live tell all of followers about what ablum we dropping that stuff for free
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3 years ago, Dominic Maine
It’s cool but the drafts thing is retarded.
I love this app and everything about it with the beats and the fact that you’re able to record your songs easily but the DRAFTS ARE STUPID! You can’t edit them. The only point of having drafts is to edit them in the future. The only possible way of finishing a song with this app is to complete it in one sitting, other than that you’re screwed. I hope y’all change that fast because I know a lot of people who make songs on this app deal with the same thing and it’s especially bad for me because I have premium and it’s starting to feel like a waste to have it. If y’all can change that, that’d be perfect
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10 months ago, Billy Ray Valentino
Fallen For You
It puts me in the state of consciousness, like when you meet that special someone!! But what is so crazy is that you knew before you met them, that you were about to meet them, and that you had already fallen in love with them before you met her/ him!!! And now that you’ve met her/him in the flesh, you feel complete!!! Seeing how we live in this dualistic world!!! At first she/he was only a thought of your highest self, but God in His infinite wisdom gifted us with the ability to feel the power of true, unadulterated ,perfect (Greek meaning Mature)AGAPE!!! (Unconditional love)
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3 months ago, archie nuevay
I will do this next time.
But it probably has to do with no it’s been deleted overtime after a while and chats not being copy and post it or lines from 3 to 2 or vice versa Wow, that was my first response a few years ago. I sound Chinese trying to translate English as a representative. I know what I was trying to say, but you guys fixed a few of those things too. But truth be told we need a lot of more producer style editing. I love the slice, but we need to adjust our voice a little more. Legitly.
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3 years ago, the guy who t
Rap fam
Rap theme is one of the best helping become a star games I get a five star rating because it really helps me and I really love music so this would be a game for you if you love singing and rapping well then this is definitely a game for you you can call lab with other people it’s amazing you can fight against people to see you song is better I guess I really like this game it helps me a lot to increase my popularity and fame not like any other games this game actually helps I highly recommend this game
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9 months ago, OG P$ycho
RapFame all around provides you with everything you need to make your music and promote it. Unlike other apps, you don’t have to wait for people to find your stuff. On this app, your music only does as good as the time you spend promoting it. 1 year ago I came onto this app to finally showcase my skills. After receiving guidance from many artists we won the crew of the year!! This app shows you, that anyone can be an artist, you just gotta apply yourself -OG P$ycho ~(CUTTHROATZ)
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1 month ago, Southern Mouthpiece
Talent Seperation
I love the app overall, but I don’t like the fact that you can get banned from Judge the judge because you’re giving your honest opinion about the song that you’re asking me to judge the song, I should have all right to give constructive criticism as long as there is no disrespect, foul language used it should be fine. Some people are gonna have to realize that if you’re telling these artist lies that they will continue to make garbage music.
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2 years ago, mia li ent.
Definitely not lüm
Nothing about most of the tracks I’ve heard are professional sounding . I get as indie artists we have to work with what we can but there has to be a line . Mashed up phone recordings back to back getting hundreds of likes as if they are really hits… not really a problem except I can’t know what’s actually good because the other artists on the app hype Any ones work so they can get more plays in their own music. I was looking for an app like lüm but lüm had real support she talent and was more fan driven . Rap up is just a bunch of subpar indie artists lying to each other. Sorry not sorry
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3 months ago, Kaleb Thomas k kilo Que
The first time
A is now still six like I’ve been making all these cool songs and everyone started to like it like I know a big dogs and I’m not calling you so get off my face and I know you’re like my heart and I said get off me I am talking to these chairs guys. I am playing around so you get out my face. Hey I’m not talking around so you get out my face now they say in your dress and I say your address because you’re ugly so don’t call me I’m gonna get off your face
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2 years ago, ckdbdjd
I loved this app it was amazing, it was very useful to load my projects and produce. There is a lot of fake rappers (some of which are just genuinely having fun) fake judges and trolls but you can’t really avoid it. There is also a pro feature you have to buy to use some features. Such as saving and editing projects later. For me it had to be in all one sitting, but it was cool. One day (today) I couldn’t see my notifications I logged out and the server said it updating and it’s been like that for hours so I dunno what happened
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