RC Plane

3.3 (2.4K)
20 MB
Age rating
Current version
Frozen Pepper
Last update
13 years ago
Version OS
3.0 or later
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User Reviews for RC Plane

3.34 out of 5
2.4K Ratings
13 years ago, LargeMiest
It's a good app. Really, it's fun. Give it a try. The controls are a little tedious, but once you figure them out (took me about 5 minutes), flying is easy. I do have a complaint, though: Range? Seriously? Okay, so this game adds the extra realisticness of RANGE OF PLANE. This basically means that you have to stay in a certain range of your original take-off point (Which, by the way, you can't change). This would be fine, except the range is so LIMITING. Seriously, with the turning on either of the planes that you don't have to pay for, you basically can only go in a circle. You can't explore the map. You can go over the hills. You can BARELY go through or even TO the barn. It's just too restricting. Overall: Good graphics, good controls, restrictive range, fun game.
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13 years ago, Medic^
Good but a few flaws
This would be the best flight sim in the App store if it weren't for a few flaws. The controls are the antonym of user-friendly and there's no tutorial or in-game help button. The map is also small and there's nothing to do except fly around until you crash. A system of missions/challenges/objectives to keep the experience more engaging. Other than that this is one of the best free apps out there. Get it before it isn't!
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8 years ago, Anthony12663481
It's an awesome game. Don't get me wrong here, I had this game on my iPod touch 4th gen And it's awesome. The 4 main problems are the limitation of 2 free planes. I mean seriously? 2 free games???? 2nd problem are the poor graphics. They look like they are from a late SNES game. The 3rd problem is the lack of the size of the map. I was flying past the corn field and i crashed and it said I was out of range. The 4th and my biggest problem is the damage model. When you crash, all it does is explode ( no fire, the plane breaking, or the plane turning black. It just a small explosion. Otherwise, the game is great, and I recommend it
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12 years ago, Villfer
For those of you that bought the jet, you may notice that it veers off to the right or left when taking off, and when landing, the plane starts jumping and usually crashes... To prevent that, you need to push the nose down and use the rudder controls to steer the plane. Same when landing. Once you are almost touching the ground, push the nose down and you will have a nice, smooth landing without blowing up. NOTE: this is only for the jet, all the other planes are fine.
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11 years ago, BigGun#1
You guys are there!
Okay.. For the past couple years, this has been almost exclusively, the only game I've played on my IPod. I love it to death!! But please give all of the planes back their rudder control!! And if you really wanna make us users happy.. You could give us a replay option so we can view at least one flight previous! :D It would be truly awesome if you made it possible to save the video file if the flight was especially epic!
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13 years ago, Dustymiles
Really good app. It is one of my favorite apps. A recommendation for all of u who own the jet- if you buy the bomber first and practice with that,the jet becomes MUCH MUCH easier to fly, take off, and land because the bomber behaves like jet, except it is bulkier and less touchy with the controls. I have no problems with crashing, and I would recommend this app to everyone. s easily.
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13 years ago, N273dc
Review from a real pilot
Good app. Would love to be able to unlock a least one more free plane. Also, controls could be refined a bit, particularly to make it more stable at low speeds. Love the app, it's fun:) with improvements it can be 5 star Edit: ya. Roll need to be less sensitive at low speeds. Also, should be able to turn from bank alone without use of elevators, finally, rudder control has no effect in flight
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13 years ago, Vvvbnxbkcxfnvcjcdgnxf
No point is the point
People are complaining because there is no point that is the point of an rc to fly or drive or whatever just to do that. The only thing that say would make it better was if there was a bigger map where you cannot go out of range(even thought that is what happens in real life
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13 years ago, Xman1299
Controls and area
The controls are a bit hard and do not explain them in this app you kind of have to learn how to do it yourself and after you learn you realize there isn't enough space to move around it only gives you about in game perspective 1 miles radius which in easier terms isn't that much lol so yeah I guess I you like airplane apps get this but otherwise Try to avoid it
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13 years ago, Cciggihgfdjtrdcyrd
Read pls
I saw rc heli 2 and I couldn't get it on my 3G. I heard that rc plane 2 was coming so I decided to tell y'all that it would be a good idea to make rc plane 2 Iphone 3G compatible. It would open up the game to people who don't have the 3Gs or the 4 so by doing that y'all could accually make more money. It's a win- win.
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13 years ago, oenghus
It's FREE and it's fun...
There's an awful lot of complaining about this FREE little app and frankly the complaints are undeserved. Sure, it takes a little practice to get the little plane up & flying... but isn't that kind of the point? And yes, there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of area to explore but then again how far do you expect to fly a RC plane? At the end of the day, this is a darn fun little app...and it's free...
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13 years ago, Bede77 (eileen1701)
Okay but...
The plane doesn't seem to have rudder controls so you can turn. Instead you tilt and keep going forward. Upon trying to level yourself you drop like a rock. Worthwhile if you can take the hours to figure this out. Also, you can't turn on the ground, which makes accelerometer controls near impossible to stay on the runway. Ridiculous.
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12 years ago, Furentes
Awesome but...
You should make it so that you have to do stuff for the other planes that currently cost money bc I don't have any and I want them. And you should also make RC Plane 2 compatible with 4.2, AND make this one have longer range, meaning you can go further without going out of range.
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13 years ago, OhSnapItsAllie
learned to fly rc planes using this, when i got oit with a real plane it was very easy due to my experience with this! I do wish there was more room, but its big enough. when i am on the ground, though i wish it didnt jerk as much, but otherwise, great app!
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13 years ago, This is my review so u should read it
Fun game
First, whoever thinks this game is impossible to fly using a pro plane needs to keep trying and freakin figure it out! Its not that complicated! Second, this game is great and dosent need wifi like most games, the only downside is that you cant unlock planes by flying and landing is easy but the plane swerves like crazy on the ground. Overall this is a great app whith very few gliches. :)
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13 years ago, Spen1101
Need new planes and maps
U should get more planes and maps like a UFO on rc heli 2 and a new map like city or something and also a water plane and longer range but over all I love the app the controls r really easy for a seasoned pro like my self I hav all ur rc apps except for rc heli 2
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12 years ago, Squeal& fart
I think it's a great game but it crashes all the time especially when you try to invite your friends but I think it's great:) the controlled aren't to hard witch is nice because my brothers like to play it great game but you should make it easier to get the planes rather than spend all ur iTunes money
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13 years ago, C0303
No pay, I play game
I love this game, but the thing you should change is the way to get planes. You should add in challenges and once you complete one, you get a new plane. Or another way is that you add in a money system where you get money for playing everyday or flying for a certain amount of time. All on all great game.
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13 years ago, EdMay03
The graphics are great, sounds are great big deal, even the lousiest games have that. What makes this incredibly fun is it isn't impossible to control. I took off and flew the first time with no problem, no tutorials, just went and flew and had a great time. Thanks Frozen Pepper.
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13 years ago, insomniac87
Unless you buy the additional planes, it gets really repetitive. If and when you do buy the r/c jet, be prepared for disappointment. Upon takeoff, if veers wildly to one side, and the same happens on landing, making a successful one nearly impossible. Developers- PLEASE FIX!! Anyways, pretty good game, worth the buck, good to pick up & put down.
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12 years ago, Josh7734
Jet problems still awsome though
I love this app really i do but when you fly the jet when you take off it veers either left or right then when you land it's like when two magnets are rejecting eachother needs to be fixed i still highly reccomend this game to all young and old
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12 years ago, 1855446life
Very fun..... But....
It needs an update for left and right rutter control... It either won't work or barely works... I love the app all together except that I have to buy planes to fly.... Because of this I would chose another plane app over this
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13 years ago, 5abomb5
I bought the jet for an additional dollar and it was unable to be controlled!!! I emailed them asking for a refund and that I would use it for a different plane, SO THEY WOULDN'T BE LOOSING ANY MONEY!!!!! But I got no response!!!! Until I get a response this review stays!!!!!! I would buy the second one and would have more plans on the first one but customer service is NON EXISTENT so I will not give these guys anymore money until my issue is resolved!!!!!
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13 years ago, Matteen Mobasheran
Great Concept, poorly shown
the concept of using 2 controls to fly a plane is amazing,, yet it would be so much better if there were more maps, more planes u can unlock without paying, different modes , maybe a dogfight mode where u have weapons on the plane.. again I love the games idea, yet how the game is made isn't that good
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13 years ago, Gagster cheese lol
This is my ideal plane app keep up the good work and I just wish that place was bigger and as everyone is saying the turning it's fine it's called letting off the throttle a little and turn so yeah one of the best apps I've played
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13 years ago, J papic
This a fun game and all but come on, who would really pay 99 cents just to fly a plane. I think that all except 3 should be free and the 3 planes all together should be 99 cents. And have the three paid planes be sweet, also, the map should be bigger. And there should be challenges in order to unlock new maps and planes. But all in all this is an ok game.
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12 years ago, Curdle1
Flight Characteristic Flaws
The aileron animations don't even turn the correct way. When you bank left in real life, the left aileron goes up and the right aileron goes down producing more lift on the right side. You'd think a game about flying would have the correct animations.
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12 years ago, Ianrbeaner
Love this! Played for 2 hours and taking pics of flight, needs a video option, to record your flight, other than that, it's perfect
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13 years ago, Zellfar
I think this game is, great and addicting,but.. I think you should change it so that you only have to purchase once to get all of the planes! other than that great game!!
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13 years ago, Willow (Willow.2)
Purty gud akshully
It was really hard to get a hang of the controls at first but now I can finally fly without crashing for at least a minute or two. If there were missions or some kind of objective with increased range and more scenery this would definately be a 5 star app.
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13 years ago, John R. Wortley
Great App for Free!
I downloaded from iTunes via "Free Apps" & was pleasantly surprised. Gives a nice feeling of the real thing. I'd recommend some extra features such as a view with your location within the radio space so you don't fly out of it. Keep up the good work!
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12 years ago, Fussywumpus
Pretty fun
I don't know why, but this is a fun game. The controls take a little bit of time to pick up, but once you do, it's pretty fun. The only thing that bothers me is the range. if you fly in one direction for like twenty seconds, you are out of range and then you have to start over. Other than that, addicting!
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13 years ago, Zootjeff
Control surfaces are backwards
So, I'm glad this game exists, however this appears to be programmed by people who don't actually fly real Rc planes. The rudder and alerons are moving the wrong direction as viewed in fly behind mode.. And what is with the squirliness when taxiing. The developers should try the Great Planes simulator then get back to this project,
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13 years ago, Elizabeth Davidsen
Great game
This game is free. It is a fun why to spend time in the car, or taking a quick break from work. It will take you a few tries to get the plane up for most people, so stay with it.
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13 years ago, MassAphex
Awesome graphics but make the inn-app purchases cheaper too much $$$ Controls are easy to get used to and it's a pretty large area to go around. Don't read this spoiler If you go to the mountain with the totem pole you will see a wheat field with and alien saucer inside the saucer you see Heineken beer bottles :)
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11 years ago, mjm420225
I love this app I've been flying rc planes for years but I hated having to pay for then but with this app it doesn't matter how bad I am!!!! Man I love it I just wish u can use the other planes ); that's the only down part
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13 years ago, Mefoo69
Not bad. Needs work
Fun to play once you get controls down. The only thing it needs is a display to show the planes current status in regards to being parallel to the ground.
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13 years ago, D_e_e_t_e_r
Great game but 2 inprovments more places to fly and the jet when it takes off but i would certainly pay 1 dollar or even 3 just for new maps
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12 years ago, Ro2900
Entertaining game
I would recommend this game but I would give it 5 stars if they let you have more planes and maps in the free version also extend the boundaries of the map. Another thing make the landing strip much bigger
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13 years ago, Dave51495
Have had it for years
This is an amazing game. Stop complaining about the fact that you have to pay for extras, a lot of games are like that…
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13 years ago, TheEliteBlackOps
This game is great! People looking at my review GET IT! But plz add more planes and I would be so happy if you could make rc planes 2 compatible with my iPod.( 2nd gen) I used to love nazi zombies but this is my new favorite. My friend has the second it's awesome good job.
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13 years ago, trek2slow
Camera angles
Controls are somewhat realistic however when you are in watching from the ground mode the camera moves and you lose orientation. Fix this and it would be a decent rc sim
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13 years ago, Nanonxt
Great app
Very good app but a few additions would be nice. Mainly add a couple of more places to fly in but make the new map free. Also a online race and free flight mode like in microsoft flight simulator would be nice. Overall a very good app.
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13 years ago, Zouzyzabita
This app is great when rc plane 2 comes out please make an iPad version
Great! An iPad version that is more complex with more controls and planes would be amazing too!
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13 years ago, Dylanmathone
Love it
Graphics don't bother me, I have 3GS. The game is awesome. I usually never get in app purchases but I gotta say I really wanna buy some of the stuff:)) This is like PS1 style. Fun, semi-addicting. If this had more of a game to it like other rc planes I would find a way to give 10 stars:D
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13 years ago, Bigmac23357
Needs to be able to turn around
It is good though but needs to be able to turn around and bigger range, also not 2 planes like 3 or 4 instead
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13 years ago, Banana
Very cool app. Maybe a landing glitch or two but I still love this game. Totally worth my money! I am looking forward to being able to purchase rc airplane 2!
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12 years ago, Annekeyster
Awesome game!
This game is a little hard because of the controls but once you get the controls down this game is awesome!
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13 years ago, 2star5needsfix
Needs fixing!!
I own a huge R.C. Plane (not one of those stupid air hogs). This app is ok but the glitches are really bad. If you crash sometimes if wont even blow up, it will just magically be ok and fly back up again. The controls are ok but being an experienced R.C. Plane owner, they are not even close to real flight. If an update comes, it deserves 4 stars
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13 years ago, cbjofdstu
Needs some fixing
i loved this game so i bought the in app purchase (maps and game modes) and it gave me no maps other than the one that it comes with and i cannot purchase any planes because when i click store in the am it says like nothing left in store for you to purchase- please help
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