RCB Bank Mobile

2.6 (63)
44.2 MB
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Current version
RCB Bank
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for RCB Bank Mobile

2.62 out of 5
63 Ratings
4 years ago, CodyJS96
There Are Better Banks
I have had several problems with the app, mostly having to do with login authentication (I was locked out with no way to reset my password without calling them). Additionally, logging into the app is incredibly slow and is a pain to use because of that. I also just found out that there is no way to wire funds unless you physically go to the branch. This is annoying because all other banking apps I’ve used have this option. In this way, RCB app is out of date. You can’t even link an RCB account to another app and transfer that way, it’s blocked. I highly recommend switching from RCB to Chime, or similar bank with a more versatile app. It’s ridiculous to have a banking app that does not allow remote transfers to other banks, especially when every other banking app has that functionality. Honestly, the only good thing about this bank that stands out is the fact that the employees are always very kind.
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1 year ago, angusstrong
Since the New Online Banking Switch Its Great
After the trouble of changing from the old online banking to the new platform, it is great! I've been able to see all my external accounts including 401ks, student loans, and credit cards, on this as well as my RCB accounts. It takes a few minutes to get it all set up to link everything together but it's worth it afterwards. However, the reason some external accounts that don't automatically update is because of those specific companies' verification processes not allowing the app to remember the login info, so maybe all the other accounts will change that to allow updates to happen.
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1 year ago, AgilityCardiMom
If I could give negative stars, I would. Not only is this app NOT user friendly, you can’t even go back to the previous page without bringing up the menu and starting over! The thing I hate the worst so far is getting notifications when there is debit card, check or deposit activity on your account. It will only tell you if there is a debit or credit to you account, not whether it was a debit card, auto withdrawal or check. And, worst of all, if there are several transactions on the same day, it lumps them all together and just says there are __ number of debits for a lump sum total. So you have to sign on to see what they were. I am seriously thinking about leaving RCB Bank this app is so bad.
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4 years ago, FrustratedTravler
Stopped Working
The banks website is not accessible while traveling overseas which wasn’t an issue as the app did work. That is until a week ago when it also started having errors and is no longer accessible. I can understand blocking access from other countries for security reasons, but this also means you may lose accounts for those who need to access their accounts while traveling internationally. It is also very frustrating that there is no way to e-mail or call the bank as all that information is listed on the website that is blocked and within the app that won’t open.
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1 year ago, misjobo
Great app, especially since the update. I love that I can now add external banks so that I can see my all my account balances in one place. Transferring between accounts is easy peasy and mobile deposit is simple and easy to use. I love that I can just use faceID but if you do happen to get logged out and need to change your password I find it easiest to just call your local branch and kindly ask them to reset it. They’ll let you know the user name and what the temporary password is. :)
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1 year ago, Johnson1498
More accessible features for visual impaired people
The only version of this app had way bigger fonts used. There is an accessibility feature but only an option for high contrast which didn’t seem to do anything to help see the words better. The app either need to be able to used the phone’s settings within the app or the app need to be able to have larger font options. I shouldn’t have to screenshot my bank account charges to be able to read them.
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1 year ago, mbolay
Horrible app awful reset service
Updated app forced me to change not only password but also user name. When you go through the steps it asks you all the important information including even your ss# then it doesn’t even give you a new user name but instead only a phone number to call. When you call the number it hangs up on you without giving you an operator option. Then I went into the actual bank twice and got a faulty reset password sent to me twice. Finally after spending probably 4 hours of my time on this over a month I’m deleting the app.
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8 months ago, ceddy22002
Worst bank app ever
I’m closing my account. Using mobile bill pay you can’t see if the business you paid through actually got paid as there’s no check image. They debit your account immediately so you really don’t know. If you ask customer service they ask if you paid by debit or check😤 I couldn’t make a remote deposit until that function was enabled. After they said it was enabled it doesn’t work and gives an error message they can’t figure out. I use 2 other bank apps and two others for credit cards without any issues whatsoever. I’m done.
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1 year ago, Holdenhill
Zero to HERO new app!!!
Literally like one those house renovation TV shows where they show up to a absolute dump and transform it into a state-of-the-art beautiful home. Except instead of a house it’s this app. This app used to be the most annoying, clunky thing ever. I was seriously ready to switch banks because of it. Now it runs like a Tesla. THANK YOU RCB!!! Thanks to this app update “that’s still my bank!”
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3 days ago, unhappy:( one
Once in the app, it stays on Link Account
Once I open the app, I want to get to my joint checking account. The app automatically shifts to link account and will not let me go into my checking account and stays on link account. This is so frustrating because all I’m trying to do is see transactions in my joint checking account. Sometimes I can go into transfer funds and then go back into accounts to get to my checking account but that doesn’t always work. I just get so frustrated when something so simple doesn’t work. I do not recommend this app.
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8 months ago, KR7-18
Could be a lot better!
I am not sure why in this day and age a bank that wants your business does not have an app that is usable. It can handle mobile deposits and debit card usage. I have linked my credit cards. However I can’t pay my bills or send a Zelle. I have tolerated their changes but it doesn’t appear they are fixing any bugs. It does no good to have a mobile app you can’t pay bills with. Does it?
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3 years ago, bole1789
Barely works
The app is a great concept but doesn’t work. It is constantly loading. I have so many problems trying to login or trying to see transactions. It’s so slow and often times never opens the account I want to look at. I never had app problems with my previous bank but once RCB bought them out it’s been problem after problem. The app would be great if they actually did some work on it.
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12 years ago, OkcLiam
Decent but...
Severs time out a lot. Needs a bit of a make over. It's a clunky app. Pretty basic.
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1 year ago, Fred3ric
Awful Update
Updated app is awful. Touch/ face ID for password works sporadically. Can’t logout and log back in without having to restart the app. Text banking instructions are impossible to understand - haven’t received a single transaction text since the new app launched. I know there is a reason I don’t know about, but why fix something that wasn’t broken? If you’re going to try to be fancy, then invest in an IT team or firm who is competent.
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1 year ago, randymcrando
Literally just doesn't
I tried making an account 30 times but every single time it says it cant right now or i already made an account, so i go to forgot password and enter the only requested user id that it could have possibly signed me in as, and it says THATS wrong so that just means over the last 3 entire days it hasn't been able to sign me in for no disclosed reason.
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2 years ago, Seeweevle
Beyond Useless
Will randomly lock you out of your own account and make you do a whole song and dance to reset your password, then say "Net Teller unavailable" when you finally reset it. Worse than useless, will ruin your day if you have to do any bank related stuff on the weekend when literally nobody is working apparently.
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1 year ago, MrsVanBuren
Was great
This new format is awful. Difficult to navigate, doesn’t reflect what is actually in the account like it previously did, and was a pain to log in initially after the update and had to call the bank twice to get it fixed. If it’s not broken don’t try to “fix it”.
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1 year ago, netteller sucked in the 90s
Awful, the worst!
Worst banking system in the world. I’ve b***d for years how dinosaur era it is and now can’t even bank for a week, because they can’t figure it out! People have to pay bills! And all they can do is say I’m sorry IT is still working on it since last week and there nothing we can do!
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5 years ago, JDB65X
Have you ever been stuck at a railroad crossing and the train never seems to end? Now imagine the train is on its last car, the stops, backs ups to the beginning where the engine is, and crashes and claims the train is unavailable and starts over. This app is slower and far more worthless than that imaginary train. I hate it.
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8 months ago, jdsmit8
Poor app
This app has required a lot of interaction with support. Very frustrating when I rely on this app to pay bills while out of town. I’ve been a longtime customer of this bank with zero complaints but this app will eventually cause me to change banks.
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1 year ago, x0Kharnage0x
I don’t like the app and have difficulty logging in
I had to reset my password already and the app won’t log me in even when my information is correct. Then I go to my laptop and it’s fine. I’m done with the app.
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1 year ago, ....$?37;!3
Worst app ever
Consistently logs my out then tells me all of my login info is incorrect so I then have to go to the bank and get a temporary password and login so I can get on and make a new login just for it to not work in another two weeks
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5 months ago, donn shipman
E doc
You got to try downloading e doc about 4 time before it download. Every time they do a update it get worse.
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1 year ago, mike_the_dude
Just an all around bad app
I swear every 6 months it has some error then I have to go and reset my password because its not working. It works on the google link but not on the app.
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5 years ago, Tston3
The Update Somehow Made the App Worse
As the title says, the update just made the app even worse than it already is. Still no Apple Pay and the app stops properly showing you account balance after 8 pm. Step up your game RCB.
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2 years ago, Deadshot2300
Logging in
It’s awful when logging in I know my password is correct and it’s saying invalid! Also the finger print does work all the time.
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1 year ago, ashyboo1997
New version
I hate the new version of the app
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8 months ago, Corn-C
The app doesn’t need to take a holiday. Let me move my money so I don’t get stranded without gas
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3 years ago, kileyself1
When I try to get into the app it doesn’t load and says “error” it’s stupid
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4 years ago, jimmy tramel
Impossible to set up Not user friendly
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3 years ago, Slowpokeosu
Works good
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8 years ago, davidlowryokc
Bank won't let you use all the features!
One of the reasons I wanted to use this app was the mobile deposit feature. RCBank is selective about who can use this feature. When I called to ask why (I have a good balance and good credit) they just stated that you needed to be their customers for "awhile." So while they offer a mobile app, it's really a glorified check ledger which requires you to travel to the bank for "customer " inconvenience! RCB, Putting money into your account should be a simple thing. Since you can put a hold on deposits until they clear--this policy makes zero sense. If you are going to join the 21st century, offer an app that actually enhances your service instead of reminding your customers that you really don't know how to use this "internet thing."
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6 years ago, X86BSD
It works but...
It still only covers core functionality. Checking your account and basic things like that. There is still no support for Apple Pay. As a small bank I get their resources are limited. But it’s still a bank. It’s almost 2018 Apple Pay needs to be in the bag folks. Let’s get it done. Also FaceID support would be nice. But considering how long TouchID took I won’t hold my breath. But seriously get Apple Pay support!
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9 years ago, PhillDouglas
Horrible service app
I live in South Africa temporarily, so it is imperative that I be able to manage my interests in the U.S. So, with this only mediocre app to begin with, when iOS updated almost a year ago this app quit working entirely. Being that their website does not work in foreign countries, I am stuck guessing for months now unable to make any foreign transactions aside from getting an ATM balance, which costs about $2 sometimes. It would be great if I could use my hometown bank anywhere I am.
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9 years ago, HuskyRye
Newest version ❤️
Just updated to newest version, not only is the design updated and beautiful, everything works perfect with plenty info at your fingers, with TouchID included! Great work!
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10 years ago, Rugger27
Used to work well, but after fixes and upgrades, is unreliable and seems to always be "unavailable". Mobile deposit crashes too often, requiring either a mail deposit or a visit to the bank. You're better off going into a branch and doing your business in person. Too bad, as I like this bank.
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13 years ago, Bre G
I absolutely LOVE this app. I love a bank that is right on top of technology and keeps improving. This is better than logging in my computer not to mention WAY faster!!! 
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12 years ago, mfm guitar player
Simply put...
Never works when I really need it to! Crashes on an average of 90% of the time. After months of use it has become a useless app and I will be deleting it today. I wish the login crashing would be addressed. This would be a great app otherwise!
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5 years ago, reginafalangie97825
Crashes often
It’s good...when it actually works. The thing crashes and won’t let me open it oftentimes. It’d be nice if I could look at my own bank account when necessary.
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12 years ago, Tucker04
It is very handy to be able to see your account whenever you want. Disappointed that my towns ATM and phone number are not listed. Where is BARTLESVILLE Info???
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11 years ago, thejory
The app is easy to understand and works like it needs to. Makes it nice that I don't have to log on through the net.
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9 years ago, Red10-8-10
New version
Love the new update to this app, huge improvement!!!!! Thanks!
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13 years ago, Kit Kelley
Good APP
simple and to the point app. Great way to stay on top of u'r account balance.
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7 years ago, SECURI7Y_ENG1NEER
Unacceptable - Last Update August 2015
It is unacceptable that your last update to this app was a year and a half ago. How can you hope to deliver security to your customers with such a lack of focus on your mobile front? I am changing banks.
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12 years ago, Jiminba
Good App
Well thought out and easy to navigate.
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11 years ago, IzzyIzzy03
iPhone 5 support :)
I'm so happy and pleased with the new update! Thanks!
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8 years ago, Performancespring
Touch id never works
Deleted then reinstalled, deleted then reinstalled, again and again and again and the touch id never works...yes I went thru all the steps and it STILL DOESNT WORK!
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12 years ago, App Rater 364
Worst banking app ever
Love the bank hate the app. They should copy Bank of Oklahoma's app. It is a ton better.
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8 years ago, Entreri1003
Touch ID Broken!
Touch ID always resets and won't work on this app.......
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13 years ago, Westonsmom
Thanks for listening RCB Bank!
I love a bank that listens to its customers! Thanks for bringing back the username save. I really like the app. I just friended you on FB and am following you on Twitter.
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