Real Boxing 2

4.6 (33.6K)
2033 MB
Age rating
Current version
Vivid Games S.A.
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Real Boxing 2

4.59 out of 5
33.6K Ratings
3 years ago, Suitaker
Amazing game, but with a couple of flaws.
As you progress through the game and unlock new areas. It can take up to 2 hours to charge one condition (energy). This is extremely frustrating simply because this is intended to get people to pay monthly for unlimited energy. I wouldn’t say it’s pay to win, but it gets extremely difficult. Having invested about 5 dollars into the game, has made it very enjoyable. However doing so has only leveled me out with the competition. Honestly this game is amazing, addictive, and deserves 5 stars. However that is only the gameplay, controls, and graphics. Alongside the afore mentioned flaws, is that you must spend diamonds or watch an ad to get up. After being knocked down I have tried everything, and yet the only way to get up is through diamonds. Since you can’t watch an ad with online fights; you will be forced to spend diamonds. The amount the game offers currency wise is fair. But I can’t help but feel the game is money hungry. Which is understandable, but to an extent it can ruin the overall experience. I don’t write reviews ever, but the flaws I mentioned, I felt should be addressed.
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1 year ago, Dashcount
I returned to this game after a few years of not playing because I saw it on the App Store again. But I noticed it was different. There was no Rocky Balboa related items anymore. I’ve looked online, and in these reviews, for hours to find any information about the Rocky crossover items and why they’re not in the game anymore. It seems that no one else cares, or I’m missing something, but they removed the Rocky Balboa characters, gear, and any branding that relates to Rocky in the game. I’m wondering why this happened, and will it ever come back? It was what made this game fun and I’ve always been a big fan of the Rocky series. I’m assuming their contract just expired or they cut the deal between the franchise and the game. The game just seems like a bland and generic boxing game now with nothing else but random characters, and not to mention the lack of playable characters now without the Rocky ones. I’m assuming it will never come back but I would love to see it again and I know you don’t have much control over it which is why I’m not giving you too bad of a review, but the game is really boring now. Also a lot of random stuff in the game now and it feels like it’s too much, whereas before it was a simple boxing game where I could play as my favorite Rocky characters. Who knows, maybe I’m stupid and I have to do something else to unlock them. But I would love just an answer on this, thanks.
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4 months ago, sjdjjsjjkf
I won’t rate higher until you fix 3 key issues
Dear developers your game is cool and your graphics are amazing, however something that would would be extra cool and amazing would that you NEED TO stop showing all advertisements in the game, I legit cannot scroll 2.5 seconds with there always being some kind of advertisement that I cannot click out of and nobody wants to deal with that kind of thing, + it can be detrimental to gameplay on this game in general. While the gameplay may be buttery smooth, something that isn’t buttery smooth, is yo dodge button issues, especially on iOS because it says you can have it after you complete the dodging tutorial, and when I completed it, I still had to swipe around to dodge the game, and amidst my swiping, I lost? And do you know why? BECAUSE YOUR ADVERTISEMENT PROBLEM IS OUT OF CONTROL. That is something that nobody wants to deal with on this game with All due respect, Themachine. P.S. we still love your game however we would love if this game wasn’t pay to win, because it’s always the in game premium add for this game that almost ruins the fun in general because again every 2.5 seconds in game where it’s the in game gym add or a “new advertisement” for the same game that literally nobody asked for or cares about at all. Again we love your game, you just need to calm down with advertisements and need to do something you say your game says it will do, with all due respect, for real this time, Sh1noBy33
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1 year ago, Blessing&love
Game really a five start
Hello the only reason I rated it a five star is because for the clothing I’m not rate it for the whole game because it’s an amazing game it’s a five stars off top one of the best mobile game every I really hope we get a part 3 sometime in the future that would be awesome make it more real an tell we can do more that would be awesome with story mode on it but anyways I rated it a 1 star under the inventory because a couple years ago before y’all changed everything I could buy boxing gear an change the colors of the boxing gear an match my own boxing player I use to have my boxing dude on my old phone dressing so awesome all my gear match everytime I dressed him for a fight an now it’s like y’all made it tell we can’t even change the color of our gear can’t make it match now we have to just dress Mitch match on what every gear they have on sale that we can buy I really don’t like this update please change it back to how it use to be so I can dress me boxer how I want to with the matching colors I choose please I would love that but other then that the game amazing an another thing I wish y’all bring back the when we get knocked down we get to try an get our self up I felt like it was more realistic that way instead we have to watch a video or use our diamonds but Anyways if y’all could only change one please change the clothes gear inventory situation please an blessing to u all
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4 years ago, 707EXTREME
[opinion] The only thing slightly wrong with it is that it gets very hard at some points but you can most of the time easily fix that by getting better gear and training such a big selection great graphics and features. [suggestions] I’m not sure if this game is beta alpha or you make a new one every year or just every once in a while but these are just some suggestions if you make updates or make new ones every once in a while but I was the thinking what if you could make your own custom saved fighting combinations that charge up like for an example you wold put in left jab, right jab, left hook, right hook, and it would charge up and you could upgrade it and customize. Something that I thought sounded fun was a mode where it was a group fight where there would be more than two players and you could play in it with friends or like a gladiator mode or something yeah? Yeah? I don’t know?🤷🏼‍♂️ also maybe add a bigger selection of hair and preset faces. Overall great game! Great producers! Great product! Keep up the great work!🔥🔥🔥👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
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2 years ago, A Cncerned User
Ok Overall
I like this game. It is well designed and the actual boxing gameplay is actually pretty fun. My only problem is that it is extremely money hungry. If you get knocked down at any time the only way to get up is through spending diamonds or watching an add, while your appointments can get knocked down 3 times and not get KO’d. To make matters worse, and the thing that really gets me angry, you can get knocked down without your boxer’s health bar even hitting 0. This makes it difficult to have fun because if your health gets anywhere near low, you may have to use diamonds or watch adds to continue. Additionally the stamina system is annoying at times because you only get three fights before having to wait for more stamina, I think it should be at least 5(but probably more). The only other thing I can say, is that the gym games for speed and stamina can be set up better, the jump rope timing bar is right where your fingers would be. And sometimes the speed bag tap locations are out of sight under my fingers as well(this one’s slightly more of a skill issue but still). If these things were fixed or refined, truth be told I’d be on this game for hours. But in its current state it is simply not there yet.
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4 years ago, KingSpiral
The wait is too long and my skins are missing?!
In my opinion I think that this game is a really good game. I like the story and online mode. But when I run out of energy I use the recharge option which is helpful. But the problem is is that one you use a recharge it makes the wait for more condition longer. Like right now the game is telling me to wait 4 hours for one condition point. And I’m not trying to spend 5 dollars for infinite points if I’m at the South America area. And also when I started playing this game it was still the rocky version. I had the rocky skin Apollo skin and the gloves and clubber lane’s gear same with Ivan drago. But now it’s other bosses and when I try to fight them for their skin it says that it is completed but when I go to the locker it isn’t there?! All I want to say is I don’t want to wait like 2 days just for my condition to be full. And also I still want my newer skins from the bosses!
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6 years ago, SpaceAds
Wants my money
The graphics and gameplay is good, that’s all the positive things I can say about this game. Right from the start you are placed against people who are stronger than you (I fought golem and all of his stats were 3x mine). Training your stats is repetitive as well you can only train three stats three times a day UNLESS you spend a diamond WHICH costs real money. Overall I just hate the fact that the game makes itself hard just so you can spend some money on it to get a CHANCE at beating the person you kept losing to. Update, I played the game and I reached rocky I even beat him. But I didn’t get the skin, you want to know why? Because I didn’t spend money on this game. No matter what rocky will have both of his specials ready in at least one round and you can’t get hit by his disorientation or you cannot get his skin. The only way to avoid the disorient punch is to buy the helmet power up which makes you immune to it. But it doesn’t always show up. So you have to reroll, and reroll, and reroll, until your out of money but you can BUY some more gold and continue your search to find it. If you do find it your probably already out of money, SO you have to spend MORE money to actually buy the power up(you also have to do it in 20 seconds).
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2 years ago, Tommydude4
Horrible time waster
If you wanna waste time and have horrible time just trying to fight once then go on ahead it’s perfect for you. The game won’t let you do anything against someone that’s faster and stronger than you, skill doesn’t matter if they have 50 more points in strength or speed. Trying to traverse the menu is hard enough as is when multiple things come up when you go from the gym then the store and back. The story mode is actually better than average games, but it just becomes a bore because it doesn’t feel like you are fighting people stronger or faster than yourself, especially when it takes more than 50 gems to go to “special places” just to get gear worse than ink boxing gloves and neon shorts. The gym and other things in it are actually fun to play, but it feels like it doesn’t give any exp once you are higher than lvl 50 in all categories, so it’s just another time waster after a while. Speed is the only thing you need if you want to play this, you can stop people’s haymakers faster than they can even get it charged. Good luck trying to even gets 10 ads on a lottery when it stops you from watching the ads and won’t load previous progress when doing so.
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2 years ago, 48GP
LAME SCORING SYSTEM. Never lose a fight, but never win a tournament.
Fantastic boxing game 100% but wait the absolute WORST LAMEST MOST IDIOTIC scoring system they could ever use. Don’t waste your time on this if you don’t have 24 hours a day to play you could spend months never getting beat in a fight but never winning a tournament even though the guys that win tournaments HAVE NEVER. WILL NEVER CAN NEVER BEAT YOU. Let me explain. This game has online fighting, which is absolutely fantastic. It’s live one on one quick matches.3 1 min rounds The gameplay itself is phenomenal. I dare say the best boxing game ever to be made. Better than fright night better than punch out better than Mike Tyson you name it it’s better than it ,gameplay wise. Scoring system wise absolutely horrible and the most idiotic thing I’ve ever seen. Now in the online fights. They have two tournaments one runs for an entire week and one runs for 24 hours. I have played both Thev24 hour one I dominated every boxer in them AND NEVER LOST A FIGHT and at least over 300 fights in 24 hours in the tournament and never won the tournament so please explain that to me or better yet. Go ahead and give it a shot but I warn you you will get frustrated. TRUST ME.
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2 years ago, S@nt1ago
Good game too many ads
The game is genuinely amazing I have a whole lot of fun playing the game and genuinely enjoy playing it. However, the amount of ads is ridiculous I understand you want to sell and want to make money but you won’t even start the game up and you’ll get an ad. It’s genuinely so annoying. In addition it flips your phone over and that causes you to have to flip your phone to the other side then flip it back to the way you want it. It’s also annoying that every time I press onto something like the gym or fight I get a huge ad about another fighter for 10 dollars or something I wouldn’t mind if it was every now and then but it’s literally every single time you click onto something else. I’ve had times where an ad appears right as I start a training session and it causes me to miss all 20 seconds of it because of the ad. It’s ridiculous how many there is. Other than that the game is honestly amazing I have a lot of fun playing it but it feels like a chore having to constantly press the X on the top right.
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4 years ago, Angry_White_Guy
Purchased items give an unfair advantage!
The game is great a bunch of fun to play. The graphics are decent and story mode is good but could be longer. The biggest down side of the game is the way it handles a knock down. You can be knocked down up to 3 times each game which is great. However this is where I have my issue is since in order to get up it’s going to cost you diamonds at least 2 diamonds the first time you knocked down. Diamonds can be purchased but are ridiculously expensive when you consider that 100 diamonds is $10. This seems like a lot. However cost a minimum of 2 to get up it will also require that you use diamonds to upgrade your gear at a minimum cost of 12+ diamonds for the fist upgrade the second can cost you 20-40 and more for each upgrade after. There are multiple l items to upgrade gloves, shorts, and shoes each of which gives bonus stars to your fighter so the cost adds up quickly. Diamonds are also a problem for online play since players that purchase diamonds have a huge advantage when it comes to continuing the fight and gear advantages. Enjoy the game but be prepared to purchase some diamonds if you want to upgrade your fighter and gear.
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6 years ago, Augieog-
Love this game but...
I enjoy playing this game everyday excited to play and see what’s new in the tournaments and what they have installed on the daily basis the reason I gave it three starts isn’t because the game isn’t good or has horrible graphics to be honest the graphics are amazing better than any other boxing game on the App Store but there’s a slight problem there isn’t any new stories or anything to keep me motivated to playing the game to unlock more stuff what I want is more stories because I’ve already beat all the bosses they have and the online is fishy is it really online because I would pause the game for an hour and come back it’s still resume this game is great but just needs more updates constantly to keep people motivated to play it more if there is another update and more bosses I will likely to be playing this game often like I use to.
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2 years ago, pklefty
Started out hating it. Now that I understand it, Super fun. However….
I started playing in tournaments immediately and I couldn’t understand why I kept being matched up with boxers which had stats that were far superior to mine. I just didn’t understand that tournaments are based on points won. In other words: if i join a tournament right when it begins, I could be matched up with anyone because we all start out with the same amount of points. However, if I keep playing, I will eventually start being matched with more equal opponents. The more I win, the harder the opponents I will be matched up with because they would have more points. If you want to get a more positive experience immediately, do the career matches first. The AI stays pretty even until you get to the boss fights. They are a little more challenging and requires a mastery of the game. With that said, I have a couple questions: how come I don’t get events anymore? When I finally won an even, I never got a new one. It just says “New event coming soon.” Last question has to do with rewards for watching ads. Is there a cap on how much you can earn through ads? There is one where you can watch 10 ads and you can earn boosts like “Focus Ready”. I can’t get them anymore. It will allow me to watch 6 to 8 ads, then it either crashes or it won’t let me watch the final 2 ads to get the reward. Just wondering.
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3 years ago, jhhhhhhhhhjj
Game is fun to play but definitely paid to win, ads pop up almost after every click and what led me to leave this review was I was in one of those belt fights and I was on the last fight trying to beat my record time and I was going to beat it and on the last fight an ad popped up once the fight started and then The ad closed and it was paused and I resumed it and I couldn’t even use my arms all I could do was block and dodge, can’t win like that. I’m also on a 503 win streak with 503 knockouts and I have to pay money just to stop and ads from popping up in the middle of a fight? I was OK with the ads in the main menu and stuff but in the middle of a fight? Especially trying to beat my own record time. It’s a great game though, definitely need some bug fixes though and if this is a place to leave recommendations as well they should add a most powerful hit after a fight is over with to see who had the hardest hit
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5 years ago, nate brownnnn
it’s a good game, needs more entertainment to it
I like this game, first off, i do. but we NEED updates. this game is fun, but is also plastered with ads, and just constantly asking for money. and the ads are long too, but that’s not the point. whenever i want to play and am board at home, ill play this game, but when i play it, i run out of energy which therefore makes me wait 15 mins or SPEND MONEY, which i do not want to do, so they need to downgrade how much time is needed, or have energy regenerate faster. and also it’s hard to get coins, and keep up with coins, while fighting all the bosses, which is hard. but that’s not my complaint, my complaint is that the bosses ALWAYS get a power up and it basically-close to always makes me lose the fight, which then puts me in a loophole. and then the game gets boring after awhile of training and doing everything possible while im waiting, but i CAN ALWAYS DO MORE IF I PUT MONEY INTO THE GAME! so less money sucking, less ads, and more playing time, and maybe you’ll get more players.
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3 years ago, Tyshawn.Traynham
What you should fix
Well when I played the game last year it was great but now the moves look stiff and you special moves are very slow and stiff and when is another season going to come out I already beat the game and now I’m just bored of just trying to find something to do in this game and you should really put more work into it always making new season to keep up with game and do like you be one story you move on to the next and you just keep going getting new boxers gear and maybe some exotic gear and boxers and what else you should add is like you have your own gym where you can invite friends to box against you or have a spar witch upgrades the way you fight and move like your character learns new combos by the way you fight and we should have an event where you fight to control other boxers gyms and you level up your gym to earn like gems coins gear and whoever controls the most gyms gets exotic gear and 15 gems well that’s all I have in mind you do this and your company will go skyrocket
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6 years ago, Elijah Bennett
Ready for a new update
We are ready for a new update I’ve been playing this game for a while now and I’ve enjoyed every bit of it. But maybe it’s time to add something new or REAL BOXING 3. If y’all make real boxing 3 make it as realistic as possible no futuristic things. You create your character go through career mode and add in multiplayer of course. Add events in the multiplayer as well. Make it to where we can design how our shorts and boxing gloves look as in sponsorships. Or even had it mouthpiece physics where you knock someone out and the mouthpiece flys out. I’m just ready for a new update or real boxing 3. If you like my ideas contact me and I’ll give as much details as you want to make the game perfect. I’ve trained in boxing for 5 years now and I think that it would be great if this could happen make the most realistic boxing game on mobile. Thank you 🙂👍🏼
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3 years ago, Bagway.Reece
I’m the right one
First off I wanna say this is the only game I still play to this day since I’ve got this phone. It’s also the only app I’ve ever spent money on and I never regret it. Best game ever. I honestly feel I’m the best in the world at this game considering I haven’t taken an actual loss in months. But there is one problem I have right now. I’m doing the Lord Maywinner challenge and the right-handed objective is not working for me. I’ve won a handful of “the right one” tournament and I thought it would count to the challenge but it hasn’t changed from 0. There’s only 3 days left to complete the Maywinner challenge and this is the only objective I have left. I don’t know if this is a problem for anyone else but it’s been a problem for me since the challenge first stated. If you guys could help me out I’d really appreciate it.
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2 years ago, TheAutoAlly
Great game. Needs some work
6/20 edit after the most recent updates this game has become fantastic especially if you’re willing to spend five maybe $10 a month becomes an excellent experience and I’ve even begun to play it more than Call of Duty kudos to the developers for listening to customer feedback and making changes I’m more than happy to spend some money and support this game now. 2 months ago Honestly the graphics control and gameplay are A+ even the characters building is top notch. I am willing to spend some money $5.00 maybe $10 a month but the time between plays in frustrating and even cheapens the experience. Revamp the amounts you charge and what you get. It’s a 5 start game in all respects, but with ads and pricing like a game old people download by mistake.
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3 years ago, KingBrianDaGamer
Pros & Cons on the game overall.
Cons: Gameplay :Can’t fully control the boxer’s movement in the ring. For an example I can only dodge & block. I can’t move around the ring. I would like to trap my opponent in the corner & knock his head into a turnbuckle. I think adding footwork abilities will make the game more fun being able to move around the ring. I think adding a cut man & trainers team for the boxer would be cool. Giving players the ability to upgrade Cutman & trainers would be perfect for this type of boxing game. Boxer’s Customizations: the tattoo customization is weak. Need more tattoo art ideas & body areas such as lower back & elbow for an example. Fully inking out the boxers torso would be really cool. The hair customization is weak too. Need more hairstyles such as Afros or Mohawks for an example. Pros: Gameplay: graphics are amazing, combos & defense reactions are really great. It’s really fun getting knockouts & leveling up the boxer’s stats. Only thing missing from the gameplay is entrance video & boxer announcement with commentary audio. That would make this a perfect boxing game. Career mode & multiplayer mode is really great. I really like the difficulty of the game starting off as a beginner. This game is really fun just missing a few things.
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2 years ago, Disappointed Hulk
USED to be my favorite game
It’s a shame this game turned into such an insane money grab. As someone who boxes recreationally, I really appreciated that this game gives some tactical advantage to people who people who don’t just button smash haymakers. You can move around the ring, back, parry, and dodge in addition to your 8 standard punches (jab, straight right, left and right hooks, body shots, and uppercuts. I like that body shots reduce stamina, much as in real life. There is good customization, you can work on your fighter and on the gear, and approach the game in the style you prefer - want to go all power or all speed? Your choice. Certain problems always plagued the game. You can’t make multiple fighters to try the experience using different styles or even different looks. There’s not really a Free to Play way of getting good special characters. 3 rounds has never, and will never, be enough for people who like actual boxing. But that’s not what makes this unplayable for me. These two issues do: CONSTANT invasive ads and, worse, the complete inability to get up without using game currency. That last one is a deal breaker for me. There should absolutely be a way for you to recover akin to how you tap to win a clinch. Sure, if you get rocked by a perfect counter and get dropped you should by all rights be out. But this nonsense about paying gems to get up? Unacceptable! I had started to share this game with my young son.
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5 years ago, INFERNO_BATMAN
Why I think it’s good and what should be improved
To me I think this game is really good I enjoy it a lot, when I first got the game, I was like I am Apollo Creed then when I saw my states it was all at 20. Now it’s all at 150, and I realized in the boss fight, it really isn’t that good bc it’s not like 15 rounds for a good fight. I hope they create a 15 fight for boss fights because we would all have such a great time and people would relate it to the movie, and I would really love it for the rest of my life. And the best part is when I’m playing against a boss, there will be 15 rounds, better graphics, and in like an la ring with a lot of people there
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4 months ago, TY$SIGNNN
Game is cool but just a couple issues…
Ok so overall I love the game. There’s just a couple things I don’t like. Firstly, the “You are out of energy” thing. I understand I can get my 3 slots of energy back but I’m tired of watching ads to just get 1 slot back or spending diamonds. Because since I only have 3 so far, I’m out of energy after 3 matches. Also the tattoos are not very good. I wish they could be better and more realistic. And the work outs such as the jump rope has nothing to do with punching in my opinion it just doesn’t make sense. Also the face injuries are the same everytime. Bleeding from ur eyebrow and a very purple black eye?? It’s the same everytime, and the blood just doesn’t look real. Also when I knock out my opponent, and we are at a couple seconds he gets saved by the bell??? It’s annoying because then I have to go to another round just to fight him. Please fix these!!! It might be a lot but please fix as many as you can!!!!
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3 years ago, Nobody Knows7512
I have been playing this game since early 2019, and I have never seen it this messed up. I just now finished a bout in the Irish Star category(nice rip off of Konnor McGreggor by the way). I hit my opponent with a left power hook at which point he goes flying above my character’s head and goes outside of the side of the ring that my character was facing away from. Then the ref starts the ten count, my opponent stands up, teleports back into the ring, his arms then turned into spaghetti noodles, and started flailing around the entirety of the venue. The only thing that saved me from losing was the space between us because I was one shot away from being knocked down. The other problem that I have noticed that absolutely drives me to the brink of insanity now(because it is not realistic) is on every other punch(both player, and A.I) the hand that throws the punch will wiggle around next to the punch recipient’s face after making contact with his face. This never used to happen until the Manny Pacquiou update was released.
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6 years ago, biscuit302
Poor online matchup and pervasive advertising kills the game
The game is relatively nice looking with decent character models for the iOS. Likewise, the controls are generally responsive, which ensures that the matches feel good. However, the poorly implemented online matching system and pervasive advertising kills replay ability... With regard to the match system, I was constantly being matched against boxers with dozens of fights compared to my few. The online match I had prior to my writing this review paired me against someone who was 90-1. My record was in the neighborhood of 18-5. Needless to say, regardless of how well I boxed, I couldn’t overcome my opponents ability to regenerate almost his full health between rounds or special punches that were indefensible. Additionally, I question if I am even fighting a real opponent. With regard to advertisements... it’s just too much. I open the app and I get blasted with an ad. I finish a fight and there’s another ad. Want to change to another menu? Well, expect an ad. These aren’t just pop-up ads, either. These are 30 second ads that really take about 45 seconds because of load times and the demand on consumers to interact with them. I have no issue with investing in a game; however, I’m disinclined to put money into a game that is constantly disrupted by advertisements. So, final verdict? This is a fun-ish boxing game that is marred by a faulty online system and economic framework.
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11 months ago, I look for good games!
Devs please read
I just downloaded this game a few days ago and it is AMAZING you can really tell that the devs put a lot of into it and it is a great game, it has very good graphics and great gameplay. But there two things I have questions about, one, when you are knocked down in a match you have to spend diamonds to get back up, and I wish there was a mechanic that allows you to get back up, for example, a tapping mechanic would work. You just tap really fast to try to get back up! And now the second thing, I read some reviews and apparently Rocky Balboa was featured in this game, I love the Rocky movie series and I would love it if the devs could add him back into the game. If those two things were to be in the game I would give it 5 stars. But aside from those two things it is 5 stars!
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6 years ago, Zentaku🗡
A Downgrade From The Original.
There isn’t much that is good about this game. The character animations like extremely weird, there are countless glitches, and most of all, the combat is downright terrible. I get this game tried to update combat from the original game, and that I do support. But the execution was terribly poor. You can’t dodge punches anymore since the enemies will punch you even if you dodge, and there are so many new added features to the combat that makes the game confusing. All I’m asking for, is to make the combat in the game more like the original, and if you want to add more combat features, then just execute it better. Also, correct me if I am wrong, what happened to street gear? Can I just not find it, or is it just not there. Street gear was great. Other than that, I love that this game added character customization, so we have a lot more choices to customize. To sum it up, just make the combat more like Real Boxing 1, and tone down on combat features a bit.
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3 years ago, iidraain
Good, but not perfect.
Real Boxing 2 is by far among the best mobile games out right now. The mechanics are easy to learn, hard to master, and you can train to up your mechanics as well. I have gone 332 - 2, and can say that this game is still enjoyable. However there are some flaws in the game, like for example, I have been trying to enter the Mcgregor tournament but have been denied upon entry several times. The game also has a unbalanced ranking system, to where if you are in 70th place in a tournament and have 300 wins, and the person in 69th has 70 wins, you will roll through the opponent in no time at all. And following the career, it should have replay fights like it used to. No clue why they have removed it from the game. If these problems were resolved, this game would be perfect. 4/5.
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4 years ago, BrownerTheBerry
Good graphics. Terrible gameplay
Let me start off my saying how much I enjoyed playing the first version, loved it. I’ll try and make this as short and sweet as possible. The game has obvious upgraded graphics, they look amazing! And that’s as far as my compliments go. Right off the bat you’re bombarded with ads and they coming and coming and coming. You get knocked down and wanna get your fighter to stand up? AD. You wanna go to the claim your ‘prize’? AD. IT’S MORE ADS THAN ACTUAL GAMEPLAY!!! Speaking of gameplay, I can see that they were going for a more real-life feel but honestly, ITS NOT THAT FUN! It’s really not. The ‘slip-punch’ feature is not that easy to pull off. You only get one knockdown per fight before you have to spend a diamond and those cost REAL MONEY. Your first knockdown gives you the option to watch an AD to get up from that knockdown. Mind you, these ADS are 30 seconds long EACH. You’re going to spend most of your time watching ADS than you will playing the actual game. Even when you do, it’s not that fun of a game. It’s a shame because I was expecting a much better version for the 2nd edition but this has been a obvious MONEY GRAB. What a shame. I deleted the app off my phone, not downloading it again. I highly discourage you from downloading this game. It’s a big waste of time.
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4 years ago, dirtysanchez8
Freezing in middle at the end of the round sometimes when u are picking perks
Thaw advertisements don’t bother me because within fights I like to take a little break anyway. And it makes it more anticipating, plus I get perks But I have been getting glitches in between before the beginning of a round I haven’t been able to click one extra perk in that screen in between rounds sometimes.. it will freeze and sometimes I have to start a round with no perks and theCompetitor does. then sometimes I have to turn off my phone because the app becomes frozen in the middle of a match and then I have a extra loss on my record. That is not my fault especially when I am ahead on the scorecard. Ur making people get robbed of their record
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6 years ago, Cutekaray
Pretty good
Being a huge fan of boxing this was fun to pick up, the only real problem I have with the game is all of the IAP, but that in itself is understandable as that’s how the developers probably get their main source of income from the game. That wouldn’t be a bad thing if that didn’t turn the game into a slightly pay to win atmosphere. Having spent no money on this game I’m proud to say I can beat almost every online player I face because of technique alone. Coming from the first game to this one was a great experience as well as they integrated the control scheme from the first game and upgraded it with better movement and blocking. The only thing this game really needs is different boxing styles and less stat changing clothes. Boxing is not about what you wear but how much work you put into shaping your body, soul, and mind.
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3 years ago, Cleric236
Great game but...
The game itself is great and actually one of my favorite boxing games on mobile. It has almost anything you could ask for in an awesome boxing game. Game is fantastic but is missing a couple of things. For example, you should be able to get back up off of the ground without spending hard earned in game currency. Using in game currency totally takes all of the excitement and experience out of it. Imagine in real life in an boxing fight wanted to get up but couldn’t because you had to pay real money to do that. That would be unfair. That’s the only thing. It would make the game so much better if you added that back into the game. And also if you could make the game a little less glitchy. Besides all that, great game😁👍
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2 years ago, Bigmacdaddy0
Could be a 5 star
Game is great. Mechanically and visually the game gets a 5 star. The only problem is the lack of updates. Yes they now are giving us new challenges like once a month and those challenges are fun but… they can’t make up for real new content. New maps new fighters heck are the very least give us the option to clear our fighter stats and start over so we can feel some kind of grind. Anyway all that aside it’s Definitely a game you should try out. It will give you hours of great game play just know it is limited on content but.. that being said I still come back even tho I’ve finished the map just because the graphics and mechanics are that good.
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2 years ago, ZonaUser
Fun but the last update
My third review: Changing back to 4 stars. I appreciate the customer support team getting back to me and making things right. Thank you. My second review: Changing my rating from 4 stars to 1. The last update also removed characters I PURCHASED!!! I spent money on those characters!!! My original review before I noticed you all stole my money: Enjoy the game overall. Just updated it, but I can’t change the colors of my gear with the new shopping/inventory layout. Also noticed with the new shopping layout I can’t see which gear has upgrades available before purchasing. It seems the only gear you can buy is stuck with the stats shown.
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3 years ago, trustycrustysock
A few things.
I completed the career and got all the belts without spending a dime, the game is pretty fun but i wish they had an option where you could look at your stats of all the before fights, maybe even able to watch some of the old fights, also wish you could add your own combos. you don’t have to spend money to beat the game, it would help but it isn’t worth it. also the condition points got pretty crazy but i was also spending the gems i had from videos and the daily tasks, i was having to wait 15 hours for 1 condition point, but when the first one recharged the rest got faster. i would recommend this game to anyone who likes boxing.
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3 years ago, SubZero 63
This game is awesome but there’s a critical issue that I would like to address
I get advertisements like after every other fight I have… I had a record of about 25 wins and 0 losses and unfortunately another ad popped up and froze during a fighting session… I had absolutely no way of exiting the ad because there was no X out option and I waited for like 20 seconds until the bell sounded indicating the fight just started. I decided to exit the game and come back and to my shock, They added a loss to my record. I just wanted to address this issue so you guys can resolve it as soon as possible because I’m sure that this might of happened to other players as well.
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6 years ago, @fozo_turtle
I played this game first when it was released..
I remember playing the first when that was first popular, and the second right around the time of it releasing. It was not some p2w journey game back in the day. Back in the day it captured the authentic feel of playing boxing games with my brother back on ps2. After watching gameplay online, and seeing what this game has fallen to is just disappointing. I remember that for sure in the first one you were able to train all you wanted if you weren’t someone trying to get a 4x better rating than your next opponent. I think it capped you when you were approaching a rating 6-7 points ahead of your current fighter to beat. Pathetic to see this game devolve into its current state for the devs to do an update every few months, and hope it makes them money years after they should’ve stopped if they need p2w tactics to survive.
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6 years ago, Munashez98
Good but...
It’s a good game although I do have some qualms with regards to the online matchups and how you can easily be mismatched now I’m not blowing my trumpet here (I am) but were it not for my virtual boxing skills and picking the correct boosts these guys should’ve easily obliterated me as their stats can double sometimes even come close to tripling my own. Secondly the ads. It’s like there’s an ad every time you click on a new section, to be honest I feel like half of the time I spend in the game is spent on long 30 second ads I cannot skip, I understand the devs need to make money but I think the amount of ads is a bit much, overall a good game just fix these two problems and it should be good as gold.
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3 years ago, Win The Corgi
this game just isnt fun
first of all, this game has some of the best graphics for a sports game on the app store. sadly though, thats the only good thing about it. this game is riddled and i mean RIDDLED with every shady mobile game trope. there is an ad every 5 minutes you’re playing this game EVEN DURING THE ACTUAL BOXING GAMEPLAY. literally your boxing match will be interrupted with a 30 second video telling you to play some scam poker game or a random zombie game. these ads are so intrusive it turned me off from playing another second of this mess. THE GAMEPLAY ISNT EVEN GOOD WNOYTH TO LOOK PAST THIS. they sell an ad free version of this game, but guess what? ITS SHADY AS HECK. you have to pay a monthly subscription just to play this mess without any ads. this is just unheard of for a mobile game. i cannot support something so obviously greedy. this game is absolutely terrible
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4 years ago, FaceStomper187
This game is far beyond what I thought it was going to be, it blew my mind. I was undefeated until I got to level 50, I had won all of my fights by knock out. Most of them were in the first round and a good handful of the knockouts were in the second round. Then on the level 50 boss match, I got knocked down and was not used to being on the floor of the ring because I was rolling thunder going a 1000MPH. I was not aware on how the “mini game” worked to get your character back up... thus causing my first and ONLY LOSS!!!! 🤘🤘🤘🙌👏🙌👏👊👊👊👊👊 Anyway DOWNLOAD NOW! And I’ll be happy to add you to my list of DEFEATED LOUSY OPPONENTS 🖕🖕🖕👁👁👁👁🖕🖕🖕🦾🦾🦾
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2 years ago, LiZZARD23
Need A Better Boxing Game
This gets two stars instead of one simply for being the best boxing game on IOS. That said it’s not very good sadly. Between strange graphical bugs where your character literally changes looks (different face, tattoos, hair) during a match. Controls are fine but could use some more options. The pop-up ads are incredibly intrusive, and I don’t mind being offered purchases but not at such a constant rate on top of unstoppable ads. The worst thing in the game that is completely inexcusable is there is no “get up” mechanic for when your knocked down. You either have to watch a video ad or use currency to stand up! The most basic boxing mechanic since NES has been removed and replaced by cheesy money grabbing mobile BS…
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6 years ago, Datstealthninja
Fix these problems if you have any pride in your app
I enjoyed this game at first but I have begun to notice things. Sometimes I can have full health and stamina at the beginning of a round and one small body blow will drop me... what is that? Other times I’ll fulfill the conditions of the bout and not get knocked down at all and still receive no stars for winning.. can someone explain that to me? Then I have fully upgraded special moves but it’s only giving me lvl 1 special move abilities. Sometimes I encounter fighters with stats all in the 200 plus. How is that possible? Plus what am I supposed to do with the 60k worth of XP left after I’m fully upgraded? Have any of you giving thought to expanding game play? Address these issues or I’ll be yet another player uninstalling this nonsense.
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4 years ago, yeetykay9
You should read this... if you want to :3
The game is overall pretty good, but I do wish the npc’s where as good looking as the main characters. Also there are a few bugs or things I hate, for example you are given a ad in the middle of a boxing match and it causes you to automatically lose. Another one that happens is after the ad the game is completely buggy and I had to reload the game a couple times for it to work again, one more problem is the audio often cuts off at time and will malfunction my phone. But to be honest it’s still very fun and helps my become calm when I’m angry so I suggest to download it after all it is free!
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10 months ago, PonyGuy5000
Exceptional game except..
The game itself is highly impressive, it has amazing graphics, mini games, fights, and I love being able to choose your wardrobe and fighter however there is way to many ads for me, if you need to charge or refill especially. There is so many ad breaks at just random points in the game (not in the middle of fights tho) this could be one of my fav games if it didn’t have that many ads it’s way too much. Another thing is it is wayyy too money hungry. Everything you do in the game basically needs money. If you get knocked out or even low health you have to spend diamonds or coin or more ads. Everything is over expensive too.
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4 years ago, 🥶Kai🥶
I have one more review
So I updated it as I said in my previous review and I have earned every rocky character but anyways I don’t have mason dixon or tommy gun OR Adonis creed which I really want but now I can’t get it because of the new update 😡 anyways you changed rocky balboa into that chief guy but if I beat him then it takes me to the boxer skins area where I have to buy it. This is terrible honestly and soon my skins will go away every single one of them.. Wow this is terrible just please keep the rocky version don’t change it get rid of that Cheif and give us rocky back I already own rocky but their is people who want him too just please no also online has to be fake I mean like how do you skip the countdown and fight opponent after u knock them down it’s fake just please bring back rocky
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4 months ago, Jaybee7414x
Some Good, More Bad
Pretty good gameplay in terms of pure defensive moves and punch selection /combos but many times a little jerky particularly online. There are some good powerups but a lot of them are too powerful thus creating an imbalance and a more arcadey feel. I could forgive some of that but you have to also factor in the “pay to play” angle, the instability of the app, the aggravating ads and the absolute DRAIN on the battery. I generously give it 3-STARS followed by an immediate uninstall!!! EDIT: you are unable to play with friends (WiFi or online) but they claim you can. Their defense is that “bots can be your friends”. Do you really want to spend your money on this app? Think about it.
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4 years ago, Marcus.O
Listen, I LOVE this game!! It’s a God send cause it’s that good! Buuuut! There’s always a but! I was robbed TWICE on this game and I’m VERY disappointed and somewhat upset cause I put in work on this game and to be robbed...?! I’m like 7hundred and sumn and 2 right... but the 2 shouldn’t even be there! The first “loss” was cause I watched a video for a power up that the game offered and the video froze causing me to take a loss! I deleted the game at that point then I decided to redownload the game, kick some serious behind just to robbed AGAIN!!🤦🏻‍♂️ I have video proof if needed... now I gotta have 2 losses when I STILL HAVEN’T BEEN BEATEN YET/EVER?! Cooommmmmeeeeeee oooonnnnnnnnnnnnnn! (Sorry for that but that’s my reaction to these losses...🤷🏻‍♂️) Someone please fix this... Help!
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6 years ago, Manfromtheshadows2975
Could still use some work
Great game very get to the point. However the story and the online system could use some work. I feel that there should actually be some form of dialogue in the “story” and online should be a bit more balanced. Normally I wouldn’t complain about this but for the past 2 days I’ve played online and each fight has been extremely tipped to my favor and it takes the fun out of playing. Plus the way to get gems should be every time you defeat a unique boss because those guys are hard to beat unless you have the best gear right off the bat which means you gotta pay to win. Other than that it is still a fun game to play in your spare time
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4 years ago, manny603
Game has potential but need more feature and real multiplayer
This what the game lack and should add!! The game need to add real multiplayer! It was fun at first then I realize that all the online matchup and tournaments you aren’t really fighting against other player but is just AI. Funny at first I thought I was fighting against real player I try hard to win and increase dopamine every time I win now that I know it’s just AI it isn’t as satisfy to win The Game should add clubs it will be fun to join a club and build a community with other players. Make friend at the process and more competition! They need to add title belt!! I love boxing and what every boxer want it’s to win the world champion belt !! Not only the it make the game more realistic to boxing but more competitive !! Ironic that this game it’s called “real boxing” without title belt or contract !! Champion fight should have more rounds You should add customization of the gym where you can customize your gym. Not only that this will add more feature to the game but bring more revenue if you sell customization item ! Also add music and dancing for entrance If you listen to me this game will grow
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