Real Boxing: KO Fight Club

4.7 (70.4K)
534.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Vivid Games S.A.
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Real Boxing: KO Fight Club

4.72 out of 5
70.4K Ratings
6 years ago, mathdragon2000
Fatal bug fixed (to my knowledge)!
Note: This is an update to my previous 1-star review (Feb. 18, under a different account) citing a fatal glitch in the game, which has since been fixed (as far as I’m aware, after extensive (10+ hours) playtime). The egregious data-deleting bug has (probably) been fixed as of the last update, finally making this fantastic game playable again! So far, I’ve not once run into this glitch again, and I’ve been playing for at least 10-15 hours total upon re-downloading the app (where it used to occur every hour or two - I couldn’t even finish the bronze tournament most of the time!) My point about the excessive ads (sometimes you even get 30-second unskippable ads) still stands. Also, the online multiplayer can be laggy at times, and sometimes hits can just plain not register, but otherwise, this is an amazing game worthy of five stars (especially considering it’s free!)
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5 years ago, Ch1ll1ntw1styxd
The agent did not give me a solution to my issue. He stated: "I've contacted the quality assurance team and hopefullt we will find a resolution of this issue. I'll get back to you as soon as I get more details from them".(Krzysztof Orzedowski). I have been waiting for the past 5 days for a response and I have yet to receive one. When I logged onto my profile I found out that the agent closed the ticket. How can an individual close a ticket if a solution wasn't provided. I had to delete the game in order to make it work again. Prior to the issues and the pervious update, I had maxed out all of my fighter's strength, stamina, and speed to 100. Additionally I bought and owned all of the perks. Also I owned all of the components of the demon outfit, zombie outfit, and robot outfit. I had over 200,000 gold coins. All of these items and my fighter's record were lost when I was forced to delete the game in order to make it work. This wouldn't have happened if the agent was responsive to my issues and provided an adequate solution. Now the game has no sound or audio to it and also it is not recording knockdowns and knockouts. This game really needs to an update to fix all the bugs that plagues it. I understand that you guys operate in a different time zone but that isn't a viable excuse for subpar customer service. Also it's not right to start charging individuals for things that was once free.
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7 years ago, J2012567890
Fun but bugs maybe?
First off I think this game is great. Yeah I've spent more than I should have on this game but I don't want to grind forever I just want to knock some people out. My biggest complaint with this game is the AI consistency, they punch the body so much while I can only attack the face. I'd love to be able to punish the AI's body as it makes the opponent tired and easier to knock out, also I don't like that the opponent can get knocked down like 6-7 times before a knock out. Usually it's a 3 knock down rule and the fight is over. Maybe this is just a bug but wow do left upper cuts and jabs feel like I'm throwing baby punches at these guys or they don't register at all even performing counter attacks left upper cuts and jabs feel like nothing and not as satisfying as attacking the right or just throwing left hooks and attacking constantly with the right makes the AI anticipate the upcoming counter and they counter the counter. But overall this is a fun game to get some frustrations out, but those small annoyances that I listed above are what make me give this game a 4 out of 5.
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5 years ago, nodmanj
Amazing game
Zoom is so amazing like I could chat about it for hours I love it so much is so amazing but the only bad thing about this game is that is a little unbalanced what you mean by it like you don’t really ever lose unless you’re pretty bad I it’s either I’m just really good at this game or this is just over powers and plus they should a multiplayer mode like there is multiplayer mode but you need to invite friends like I would like to fight people I don’t know When I mean by it’s just like when you play call of duty you want to find people to fight against or fight with you against other teams but they should actually just add Multiplayer mode
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5 years ago, Curtbreezy
A little unbalanced
I’ll start by saying this is a pretty good and entertaining game. A couple of complaints - 1. It’s incredibly stupid to have a feature in the game where if you time the opponent’s punch and dodge at the right time, time slows down and then have the good AI opponents be able to dodge the counter punch EVERY. SINGLE. TIME if you don’t have the power up on. That defeats the purpose of that feature in my opinion. I shouldn’t be going back and forth with the AI 5 times while they dodge every single counter I throw. 2. My fighter currently isn’t the strongest fighter in the game but he’s not that weak either. Either way, if I’m handly beating my AI opponent (Constantly landing power shots, a few counters, clean hits with the power ups, etc.), the opponent shouldn’t be able to go 3 rounds and survive the fight easily while never going below 3/4 of their health. Seems like my punches barely ever do any real damage and takes away from the fun if I’m constantly landing punches and get on the brink of being knocked out every single game no matter how I play
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3 years ago, Cavin McCormick
Counter Attack System is Messed Up, but I got a Fix
Originally, when I got this game, I played it for a while, got addicted, but there was ALWAYS one drawback that led me to deleting the game every SINGLE time and that was the counter punching system. It is EXTREMELY misleading. The game explains to you when the game goes slow mo to swing. But this is wrong. Every time you get a slow mo moment, there is a 1% chance you are going to land that shot. The NPC 99% of the time dodges the shot. Then the NPC would counter attack you and absolutely dominating you. It really makes you want to delete the game. BUT, I think I increased the chances of hitting the NPC by 55% (don’t ask why it’s so precise). Instead of the slo mo starting and you instantly swing, wait until close to the very end of the slo mo session then swing! Most of the time it’ll count as the counter attack shot. It works for me really well. I hope this helped.
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5 years ago, k3ntm0n
Needs a big update
This game is great . I have been playing since it first came out ,finishing a career , maxing out all the stats and restarting the game after awhile .This is probably my favorite mobile game. The reason I only gave it 4 stars is that this game has been the same ever since I started playing it . There has been no real changes . The worst is the character customization, it hasn't changed one bit . They all look the same . The game really needs more character customization options .Adding weight divisions ,and improving graphics will make the game a lot more fun . The combos are really slow because the controls are bad . This game really needs a big update , adding arcade mode and multiplayer mode is okay but there are a lot more to fix and/or add to really make it fun once again . Hopefully you guys see this . Will be waiting for the update .
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5 years ago, Housemaaaaates
Not Real Boxing
Although the game can be entertaining, it is still nothing like real boxing and has to many bugs that make some opponents seem like the all of a sudden go into hulk mode. I’ll have full stamina and the computer will be drained, I will throw one punch that get blocked and all of a sudden all my stamina is gone and theirs is filled again, swing punches much faster than before and me, mind you I also have 15/20 percent more on or trait stats to begin with. Then when you do start getting a combo, they usually let the computer step back enough so you can’t reach them on the 6th Combo or all of a sudden make me back off and don’t allow me to follow to continue, given them even more time to recover. I would love to give this 5 stars because I love boxing and boxing games, but I don’t like unrealistic when you call is real in the title. Might as well play BoxingStar since thats about as unrealistic as this
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6 years ago, ShiroiTora
Randomly deletes data for no reason
First, I would like to clarify that the rating does not reflect on the game itself - it's really a fun game, with a great longevity and well-done multiplayer. The only real problem I have is the ads. I understand the purpose, but these are quite a bit more incessant than in other apps. HOWEVER - the one star comes from the fact that the game will occasionally crash, and when I reboot it, I find that I'm back at the fighter customization screen with ALL the data having mysteriously vanished! This is not me accidentally hitting the "reset data" button. In fact, I'm nowhere near the options menu when the game crashes. Usually I will have just won a fight or finished a run-through of arcade mode when this happens. This isn't a one-time fluke either; this has happened to me no fewer than THREE separate times, on different devices. The device on which the most recent crash/data wipe happened is all of three months old, with 106 GB of free space, so I can be reasonably confident the problem's not on my end. It's not a minor bug, it's a game-breaking glitch that makes an otherwise excellent game virtually unplayable. Please fix this glaring issue as soon as possible. Until then, I won't bother restarting for the third time, since what's the point?
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6 years ago, Cra-zBoyVEVO
This game inspires me to train harder and become a better boxer! This game deserves a 5/5 because of how well put together and how stress relieving it is. I recommend everyone get this game. Even if you don’t wanna be a boxer, it is extremely addictive and it always feels so good to knock someone out. It feels good to be 19 and 0. It feels good to always win by KO(knock out). Anyone who has all this tension, axiety, anger, sadness, and frustration in them should get this game. It’ll feel good to knock someone out when your are mad. It is so satisfying.
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6 years ago, Ydoc22
Spins are terrible
No matter how many spins I get, it seems to always land on mystery, or 400 coins. If you didn’t want us to get the 20k coins why even bother putting it in the spin, like come on, seriously? Grinding in this game is really absurd. 100$ a fight in quick match and I can’t even get into a multiplayer game? Fix this game, I’ve had it for 2 months hoping you’d make an update to get more money for each quick match. Also you cannot. Only train once as well? Then you have to wait again unless you have gold? Why even make the game if you just want money, it’s pointless. It’s not even fun. The game would be a lot more fun if it gave you more in game currency instead of having to buy things with gold. For that, I give 1 star cause I wouldn’t recommend this game to anybody, even if they loved the mechanics or the sport, it’s terrible.
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2 years ago, HuskyLover37
Great game, but just one problem
Look, this is a great game and I seriously recommend that you get this if you’re into boxing, but the problem I have is that there isn’t enough “energy”. Every time I try to just grind on this game, I’m stopped by the stupid “energy” system. I would really love if the developers of Real Boxing 2 updated the game to where you could have at least 5 “energy” units or whatever. I personally think it would make me and others really enjoy this game and bump that 4 star rating up to a 5 star rating. Otherwise, this is a great game that I highly recommend if you enjoy boxing. Thank for your time.
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6 years ago, LooneyEJ
Great potential. Its a fun and challenging game with steady progression. Although I noticed what I think is a bug and its almost not enjoyable to play at all once these things start happening. If I evade a hook perfectly I would think I have enough time to deliver a counter jab at the least but the ai counters my counter and moves like lightning. If their speed was a significant percentage more than mine then it would make sense, but that is not the case. I have more speed. Also more controls might be a good idea. Attacking the body is not really an option and that is a key part of boxing. Should be implemented, especially if the computer can do it consistantly.
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7 years ago, graystar77
I'm deleting this game to much advertising I just want to play the game.
Way to much advertising, I just want to play the game. I would rather you charge for the game a one time price and leave the Hell Bond advertising out.!!! Please stop it. I have been playing this game off and on for years, it never had advertising like this, before. I can't even get to the game with interruptions from Hell Bond, advertising that try to force me to watch it. I don't watch the advertising. What I do is turn the game off, and and play another game or and go to the App Store and download a game, without all the advertising. And I pay for some of them because the game play is good, and there is no advertising within the game. So STOP!!!! IT.!!!!! STOP ALL THE ADVERTISING JUST STOP IT ALL OF IT.!!!!!!
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4 years ago, car45188
Not a good game
So I downloaded this game thinking it would be fun to play but the fights seem to be rigged because no matter how many times you throw the correct combination they don’t seem to take any energy away from your opponent and also those daily spins you’re supposed to spend the stupid thing and get whatever they give you I moved it over one notch and didn’t even spin it it went directly to 250 coins every single time it’s got to be rigged don’t waste your energy on this game
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4 years ago, jalennnnnnnnnpeeeee
Good game
Love the game! Only thing bad I have to say is the health once you get up to the boxing legends is kinda brutal. Don’t be expecting to knock anybody out or even come close. When you get to legends you’re going to be behind every opponent attribute wise, and the damage you do in a while round can be the same amount of damage it takes off your health from you opponent hitting you with your block up. It’s brutal. Makes for a challenge. You can’t be hit even a 8th of the time you hit your opponent or you will be knocked out in legends. Love the game other than that
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6 years ago, admdr5
Real Boxing
Great game! The biggest problem with the game is the mini game in it. If you play enough one realizes that if you can win the mini games you usually will win the bout. The problem is the mini bout is nothing to do about boxing, rather who can push the buttons fast enough to gain extra stamina. You can totally dominant your opponent in the boxing sense and still lose.
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1 year ago, goodbanana69
Some annoying stuff
I entered arcade mode so I can get a little bit of items, but at the start an ad played, and when it ended I had lost some hp and some time. Next issue I don’t like is that in arcade mode I need to do something that I don’t know what it is to move forward, and the last annoying this is that the second boss of arcade mode (I think his name was Johnny alfa) keeps blocking, and doesn’t unblock AND when I break his block he automatically blocks again and I gotta block break again, so because of that I call him Johnny Blocking Pants. Anyway I hope you do something about these 3 stuff.
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7 years ago, Aaron4694
Great but needs fixing
This game is great. Good movement good feel like a boxing game should make you feel. But I hate the fact that you can’t control your characters movement there are times where the opponent is hurt and my character takes a step back and lets him recover. I love the easy controls but have like a button where you can make yourself move back and forth. Landing the 6 punch combo is almost impossible because of this feature, the AI just takes a step back and you are flailing like an idiot.
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2 years ago, Real reviewer 100000
I understand it’s a Mobil game and is the original version of the “Real Boxing” genre. But why let your game die out to countless glitches and imperfections? it could potentially still make people happy while playing it but the endless ads every time you try to do anything even opening the game for a tutorial you are interrupted by ads cutting off half the training session you waited 24 hours for. Things like that make this game the definition of unplayable, and the hundreds of ads I had to watch to give this review of the game just stink of the devs drooling over you begging for pocket change in their old game they don’t care about.
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3 years ago, Lazar B0I
it’s ok but...
ok so I looked up boxing games cause I was broke and I found this game and I thought this will be a good game to play but that was kind of a lie.. So I got in the game it looked fun then I went to box someone or a bot then I played a game and I won so I knew that my record would be 1-0-0 but that was a lie cause it was 0-0-0 soooo I thought that was just a glitch so I played a other game and won and I thought again it would be 1-0-0 BUT no it was still 0-0-0 sooooo I want you to change that plz thank you and god bless you.
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5 years ago, 202DCboi
Pretty decent boxing game
This game is cool kinda reminds me of fight night in which I miss a lot EA needs to bring that back to the Xbox especially on Xbox X. Anyhow off topic this game is cool like I said wanna kill some time this game will definitely get you caught up for more 30 mins of playing especially if you get really good at the controls. The con I would say is the gameplay the control take some getting use to in regards to throwing combos but other then that thumbs up got my vote.
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6 years ago, Southern Pater
Requires some patience
I've had this game for over a couple of years and to really have fun with it you've got to get your character's strength stamina and speed nearing the 80s to be able to compete well. I'm a slow learner and so maybe I don't see it yet, but I wish it was possible to do a little more reading of the opponent's moves. My current winning strategy is just to keep throwing a wide variety of punches as quickly as possible.
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5 years ago, NvUsWun
Ehhh just ok
Game very buggy, can’t move, counter punching is trash. Buttons not responsive as could be, graphics cool. Needs a lot of work. I paid 99cebts for no ads makes it better but it’s a lot missing should be called not real boxing I first gave it three now it’s two this game gets boring fast. One camera angle can’t control the movements the amount of swings you throw and miss are insane when you start to play higher level boxers. It could be miles better but the developers aren’t ready. I have spent a little money too. Still wack asf. Deleted.
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5 years ago, JJ BURCH
Fun but fix a few things
I think real boxing is a great game but the movement needs a little improvements like letting you be able to move on your own and the time it takes you to get to the opponent is aggravating also the energy that your player waits for is ridiculous and you should wait about at the least 6 to 7 minutes not 2 hours But hey the game and graphics are good and the controls are smooth and a good time waster and I mean that in a good way thank you
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5 years ago, iAmCamFace
Counterintuitive Boxing
Boxing is ALL about punch selection. The fact that you cannot fully control punch selection makes this game ultimately futile, but it helps pass time. You always end up throwing punches you wouldn’t throw in a real fight. Just dumb. And the way the computer seems to anticipate its own misses, allowing it to IMMEDIATELY counterpunch your counterpunch is frustrating. In real life, if you miss badly and I see it, you’re getting clocked quickly. In this game though? NOPE!! Surprise, the computer predicts its own miss and counters your counter almost before you can even throw the counter. Just dumb. But hey, it passes the time.
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5 years ago, motti a
Fun but Weird
So far I love this game but there’s some things I don’t like like a knockout isn’t really a knockout it’s like 3 times I don’t know if it’s meant to be that but I definitely don’t like it and there’s only a line of characters in story mode and then finish the line of characters the game thinks your pro puts you in fights against people way better then you
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5 years ago, The ooze
Not as real as it clams ( don’t waist your time )
Well it’s slow to slow unfortunately graphically it’s great however I didn’t download the game for its looks. The game play is to slow and you have no control over your movement which is a huge hindrance to the accuracy of your punches. You add that with the heavy handed micro transactions you’ve got your self a substandard beat’um up if it had a different control scheme that would improve gameplay then I could possibly overlook the micro transactions but as the game stands right now don’t waist your time.
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2 years ago, Georgeryisnotfound
Really good game but....
But im in my phone rn but in my ipad i install the game and really liked it and bought some gold about like 2x 7$ 6000 gold and i uninstall it on my ipad cuz there is no more space and about like 6 monthes later i install it again and i restore BUT it said i dint buy anything. Can u help me pls and the name of the acc that i uninstall in SamScr
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5 years ago, T RICE 23
Closest game to fight night, but multiplayer issues
My boy heat rock harry and I are trying to knock each other out on multiplayer (im in NC w lethal speed, stamina, and power for hours) He lives in TX and is either too scared to get whooped or we truly are having issues with multi connection. How can i fix this? Its time for that whooping. Thanks
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5 years ago, WayToManyAds6969
The first thing that happens when you open up the game is a 30 second ad. Then you go to train or do something else and quickly another 30 second ad. After every fight a 30 second ad. I try turning off the internet by putting my iPad on airplane mode, but then you can’t train or increase your “strength, speed or stamina “ unless you have internet connection. I’m uninstalling because I’m watching more ads than actually playing the game. I understand an ad here or there but this is literally an App to watch ads. Ridiculous
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6 years ago, Its Starlord Man
Love it
Why can’t I see my review. I literally sent 10 this morning but they o my show the ones years ago to make people they still playing. But I can bet my life that no one plays this game after a month. Either you spend real money and beat the game fast or don’t have cash and can’t win. If you survive this nightmare of a scam you have that multiplayer in your back pocket. I played one multiplayer game but tried for two weeks. This game motto is 1download- 2 give me your money- 3 we got your money so who cares if multiplayer works and 4 tell your friends to download me.
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5 years ago, todblack88
Good game it’s addictive I stay on it a lot but don’t like the fact that have to spend gold blocks to decrease the time when I use my G points to add training and would like to create my own boxer with his height looks and muscle figure the bad thing is all boxers look-alike and hopefully next upgrade it could be a little easier because boss two and three are on believable to beat
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6 years ago, Tremaine Brooks
Real Boxing Review
This game is amazing and it’s so much fun to play with friends or just random opponents. The career is amazing, the content in this game is insanely awesome because you can actually train your character, like punching the punching bag to test your strength, you can increase your speed by doing the little speeding bag thing and last increase your stamina by doing jump ropes. I give this game a good overall 9.5/10 just make a real boxing for and please take your time like you did this wonderful masterpiece.
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7 years ago, D. reese
Ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads
I won’t speak on any positive aspects of the game due to the fact that the developers are so money hungry for source of revenue you spend an excessive amount of time watching advertisements more than you actually do fighting. It is an highly unacceptable and unreasonable amount too. Not just a random one out the blue either. With every decision you make to tap or click on something you can bet that there will be an advertisement right behind it.
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4 years ago, good7383874848393
Bug in the game
First I would say that this game is ok but there’s was this bug that it had and it would really annoying me this game is overall not that good they need to fix it up a little because I would not download this game if I were you
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8 months ago, hfhrhfhf
Jabs and upper cuts are glitched
The reason I gave it four stars is that when i first started I tried throwing a jab and when i did the game did not register and I got punched in the face well then I threw a uppercut and it registered but didn’t do damage when it connected so when u are play in this game hooks will be ur friend anyway love the game great stuff
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2 years ago, dickdono
The problem is the ads
This is an ok game. It 2ould be a great game if they managed the ads better. I’ve had multiple occurrences where I’m just starting a fight. The suddenly an unskippable 30-second ad pops up and the fight is still going! When I finally get back to the game, I’ve find out that I’ve been getting beat up for the last 30 seconds! Boo hiss!
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3 years ago, spankjhh
Not bad
This game is pretty good but I am rating it 2 stars because every time I go into a match I have an advertisement playing while I’m trying to fight. It’s not even that I can skip it I have to watch through the whole thing. Please fix this it’s really annoying. And everytime the advertisement finishes, there is no sound for my match. The commentators are still talking, but the crowd and the punching sounds are not there.
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7 years ago, mabalas
Its a good game
I like it, very fun and entertaining. However I think it doesn't make sense to put 250 coins as a prize on the wheel, that's not really a fun prize to get. I think better prizes will improve the game but overall I love it its amazing! I think it'd be fun to give your boxer a life and get a house and wear normal clothes outside the ring.
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4 years ago, GravityEmperor
Good but can be Improved
Don’t get me wrong this game is AMAZING!! however there is too much advertisements. Also the Stamina/Energy bar is too small and easy deplorable. Please fix this by adding an extra bar of energy under the first one. And for advertisements can you please cut those?
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4 years ago, unknown blanky blank
Maybe some adding to the game
This is a really fun game in all but I do think that there should be some updates. Like being able to play music while fighting. Also be able to do combos faster. Other than that it’s a great game and I would play it all day if I could!
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4 years ago, CoralMike
Huge pile of BS
Unless you put $$$ in to train your fighter, it will take forever to get to the point where you aren’t just target practice for your opponent. One good hit from them slashes your health in half while your punches do little to them! When you have 50+ punches per round with hardly any health left and your opponent has 20 and a full health bar, something ain’t right! You can replay the first tournament until you train high enough, but that get boring quick
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7 years ago, pLasMa WOrriOR
The game is good, but it keeps crashing
the game is amazing. i love it, me and my friends okay all the time. but recently i haven't played it because of the game crashing. it uses ti just crash mid game and now i cant even okay the game because it crashes at the loading screen. idk why this is happening but i wanted all to know that this happening
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6 years ago, Andres.T.M
This game is overall a great game with much to do to improve your character and have fun wail doing it. It’s a game that makes you want to download it again after you deleted it, lol. But I just have one question to ask if there’s a way to make the game smoother a not so choppy, idk if it’s my phone but just wanted to ask that question.
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6 years ago, g3stokes
Knock out impossible
Good game really but it is impossible to get up from a knockout literally it’s very hard you cannot get up from a knock out like you can’t get up from a knock out at all I feel like it’s rigged I mean I know I sound like I’m just like rambling but seriously it’s very hard like I’ve never gotten up for an knock down I don’t know if anyone else has or if it’s just me but it’s ridiculous.
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5 years ago, Mirx27k
Why do my loading on multiplayer get stuck at 24s
This game is cool I like it a lot I have a iPhone X and I been trying to play multiplayer and it will go throw some time it takes a while to find ppl to fight but when it finally do it goes to load and get stuck at 24s that’s a big problem fir me cause I really wanna play multiplayer mode
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4 months ago, DogeCoinBoi
Awesome game but annoying adds
This game is amazing and really fun but the second to go in the game it’s always an add and when you try to exit the add it glitches and you can’t exit the add. So whenever I play it’s just logging in and out multiple times. I still love this game though.
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3 years ago, superirorkil
Make sense
Just because the fighter got more stamina and Speed don’t mean there stronger. I have a 109 strength and the cpu have 102 all of a sudden when you got more stamina and speed your stronger speed mean your faster stamina means you last longer no of that stuff is because of strength. I’m getting beat an talking huge hit because of that.
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6 years ago, samuraiassassin
Real boxing
This game is great but I don’t like how I can’t go for body shots when I want to because some of the ai can just keep dodging and I can’t do anything and y can the ai get up after 4 to 5 knock downs in a single round also why does it like some of the punches I am throwing are really slow when my stamina is is all the way some of the punches are really fast and others are super slow I don’t get that when my stamina is at maximum
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