Real Mah Jongg

4.7 (3.4K)
10.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Mattron Entertainment, LLC.
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Real Mah Jongg

4.66 out of 5
3.4K Ratings
4 years ago, BrandyMorgan8743
Great way to practice
I’m new to mah jongg. This lets me practice at my own speed in between weekly games with my friends. I have got to where I’m able to remember what hand I’m going for without checking my card every second. Twice I think the computer was wrong but most likely not. I was playing on slow but now I play fast as the tiles pop up faster and games go quicker. The game does automatically ask me if I want a tile if it could work for me so even though the I’m playing a fast game I don’t miss calling a tile. In real life if you don’t call the tile fast enough you miss out of course but it’s a great way to practice. And sometimes there is a wall game. So I believe that the computer is not cheating. I bought two mah jong tile sets and one set had smaller tiles than the regular ones. Check the sizes if you order something on line. This really is a great game.
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4 years ago, Ragtop Day
Fine when playing with others
I enjoy using this app to play with friends. When play8 g with the computer, though, it is unrealistic and doesn’t follow the logic most maj players would follow. Example: with two tiles played, Computer #2 calls for a 1 and reveals a quint hand using two 1’s and three jokers. Computer #3 and Computer #1 proceed to cannibalize two of the jokers, all within the first five tiles played. Most maj players would never reveal a quint hand with three jokers extremely early in the game, knowing that 1) they are basically giving away two jokers, 2) there is an excellent chance of getting at least one other of the 1s when it is discarded, and 3) Using three jokers so early in the game would make it very tough to maj with a quint hand. I also find that the computer seems to constantly win with the same hands- quints, concealed hands, NEWS, and 2020 - hands that are not played every game. The computer is always playing the concealed hand under consecutive run. Seriously? Its nice to have the “solitaire” feature with this app, but just be prepared to be very frustrated.
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2 months ago, Dee#5
LOVE this for solo play or with others
This is my 2nd year online. My MJ group of 4 purchased for a month or 2 during covid so we could still play with just we 4 and also chat with the mic. We’d buy a month at a time due to absences of “snow birds”, summer lake houses, etc. I liked it so much I purchased a year membership, & now another to familiarize myself with the 2024 card. I love knowing that I can turn it on anytime & it’s literally at my fingertips. I like to play fast paced against the computer, but occasionally a friend will purchase a month & we play. We now have 6, due to subs we found. Our newest will hopefully use the generous 14-day free period to test her skills.
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6 years ago, 🌵 Desert Cactus 🌵
Great MahJongg Game!
I have really enjoyed this app. It is fast and very realistic. I am not sure why players are not winning against the computer, I have had no problem winning. I have actually won several games in a row. I have also played concealed hands and was able to win those as well. I am recommending this to my students. It is an excellent teaching tool for practice. Some comments I have read on here sound like the players aren’t versed on MahJongg rules and need to study the card more closely. This game always allows tiles to be taken when you have the necessary tiles required to “call”. Not sure I would pay a monthly fee to continue playing, but some may feel it’s worth the price. I am not interested in becoming addicted to this or any game on line. Thanks for developing this game.....I really enjoyed playing it for 2 weeks.🀄️
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4 years ago, AmyDear@mac
Unrealistic Computer play!!
When playing with people, the game is fair. However, when playing with the computer the play is unrealistic! I have witnessed the computer achieve concealed hands with 72, 69, 68, 56, 54, 52 tiles left. This would be next to impossible in real play! Computer exchanged 3 jokers with 3 flowers in one fail swoop. Any real person playing, would play a hand using those flowers. I have witnessed Computer exchanging for jokers in EVERY game I’ve played so far, no real person EVER gets a chance at these. The Computer achieves Mahjongg so fast you don’t have a chance to win. This is unrealistic. It happens time and time again. My co-players and I are keeping notes of these occurrences. I’ll keep the Ap, to play with friends until this Covid-19 quarantine is over, then I’ll be deleting it. Not realistic play!! I’ve written to the owner, and he/she placates my concerns and tells me to hang in there, like I’m a novice player. I assure you I am not. I teach Mahjongg, and play often. Love this game! But don’t love this Ap.
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3 years ago, tkpoof
Alright - There should be offline play especially when you pay
It’s pretty good but I have 3 things with it that’s not right. I’ve caught the computers skipping my needed tiles even though I had the pair and jokers or when I needed it for Mah Jongg and it was a single or a pair. Will take screenshot next it happens as it’s rare but still happens. If you are a subscriber and the price you pay you should be able to play offline with the computers at the very least especially since they are programmed. Should be cheaper overall as this is a steep price to pay but don’t have more options for offline play or customization of play as there are multiple versions of Mah Jongg out there. Should be clearly stated by which rules they play by (National Mah Jongg League) or allow the options to turn off certain rules. Or the lack of dice rolling as well.
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6 years ago, sarah.b.w.
Almost perfect Mah Jongg game!
I love that this game exists, and I love that I can play with real players or against the computer. I think it’s a great feature that a computer player will take over, if someone has to leave a game. Real Mah Jongg is almost perfect! A couple issues/complaints: I wish the game didn’t tell you whether a player “may call” a tile. This gives the other players information about what may be in that players hand, i.e. a couple of jokers or some of the same tile. I also think players should lose the appropriate points if they throw the tile that gives another player mahjong. The way the game is now, the points are pretty much worthless. They will just continue to accrue until we all have millions of points. Perhaps there could be a way to start a game with a certain amount of points or dollars, and then you can win or lose up to that much. So, if you start with 1000 points, you can potentially win 3000, 1000 from each player. Would be AMAZING and VERY interesting if we could play for real money... Anyway, I love your app. Thank you so much for making it!
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2 years ago, PattyPooh2
Best Way to Learn you card
I love this app! I’m new to MahJongg and this app is just the practice I needed to learn the hands and feel more comfortable, and less nervous when actually playing a serious game. Now, I’m addicted! It occupies every idle moment I have during the day, with morning coffee, waiting in the doctor’s office, watching tv, etc…. It is well worth your money. I paid for the year but unchecked the “renew” button. They will alert me when my time runs out so I don’t have another “auto-renewed” app to worry about. S’ wonderful!
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4 years ago, Figirl37
Near perfect
In general, fun, helps you master the current card but the computer interaction is not sophisticated enough. So here is what I notice and some suggestions as well: Computer does not play defensively. When three exposures were up and obvious a flower required to win, The computer threw it! So this app does not really help in developing strategy. Also the need to constantly press skip if you have more than one joker is annoying especially when you are one away from mah jongg and the computer should know i don't need every tile that is discarded. A suggestion would be to give players 3 seconds to call rather than stop every move and wait for us to respond. There is no alternating who goes first. It is always the player if you only play with the computer. There is no penalty for throwing a hot tile at the end of the game. With one tile left and no chance to win, a computer player will still pick up a tile, which makes no sense. So, although I enjoy using the app daily and will continue using and paying for it, i would be encouraged to know if the developers are working on improvements.
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6 years ago, cdersch
Nice app but...
I like this app because it is one of the very few apps that actually lets you play Mah Jongg. However, there are a few quirks that frustrate me. First of all, let me say that I am too intimidated to play with real players because I am a new player and very slow, so I only play the computer. Anyway one issue I have is that it sometimes does not allow me to “call” or pick up discarded tiles that I need for my hand. I can’t figure out why sometimes it lets me and other times it does not, seems random to me. The other issue I have is that it allows the computer players to discard jokers, which, to my admittedly limited knowledge, is against the rules. In the last game I played, 3 jokers were discarded. This is frustrating because I sure could have used them!
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11 months ago, kkineo
No Directions
I am very new to mah jongg and got this app because a friend recommended it. I find a few problems with it while playing with the computers. It says 2023 card but the computers are winning with hands not on the 2023 card. That seems a bit unfair but as I am new to the game that might be standard. It also has very bad instructions/advice. How does one win with pairs in your hand? Many hands have pairs to make mah jongg but you cannot call or pickup a discarded card to make your pair. That seems strange to me. Must you just wait until you have picked one? I have noticed a few people making comments about how the computers seem rigged and unfair. I think I agree.
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6 years ago, Missapet
I enjoyed using this app. It was helpful to play against the computer and take the time to make sets. I also learned from seeing the sets the computer made. However there are two major glitches in this program. The first one is that I was repeatedly not able to call when I had two matching tiles in my hand. This problem has been mentioned in many players comments. The second thing is that the screen zooms in and gets stuck in the zoom. The only way to correct the problem is to turn my iPad off to reboot it. I also find it frustrating that the owners will only let you play with a subscription. I would prefer to pay monthly for the months I choose to play.
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4 years ago, Marybuzz
Fun game...BUT.......
I’ve been playing Mahj for 20 years....I know the game. This is NOT an “on your own teaching tool.” Just so beginners know. Usually one must learn from other people that know the game. Your APP should mention this. The App is kind of misleading to those that think they can open up and self learn. Kind of difficult. My only complaints:....sometime the game freezes..?? appears that a player is stalling.....the other players are waiting unknowingly.....then the game catches Also.... The game only opens to play about 70 % of the time. It shows spooling and does not open. I need to power off device...then restart.....but that doesn’t work half the time. My other games and apps open just fine. Ya got a few quirks to fix. BTW.....the SKIP button is unnecessary and very annoying to most experienced players....which is almost everyone. We know the game, See the game, hear the game.....if we want to call a tile it should be on the player to do so. That’s how the game is played. No tap on the shoulder reminders of possible options......eliminate the SKIP button.
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4 months ago, Agitatedbeyondbelief
What’s up with this game lately???
Size of the tiles often shrinks — even during a game— to a size that requires a magnifying glass. Sometimes you hear tiles being called that seem to be from someone else’s game — NOT the one you’re playing. I just drew a discarded tile but when I tried to expose the tiles in my hand, they got kicked out and disappeared behind other tiles in my hand. And no, this wasn’t a concealed hand. When I’ve tried to request App Support it just starts a new game. This is my 2nd year as a subscriber but it’s being wacko lately. Wish I could attach a screen shot of this, but that’s not an option. This is getting pretty annoying.
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4 years ago, suwho52
Tech Support is awesome
I struggled to figure out a few things on the first day I tried the app. I sent a quick email and they responded the same day- within a couple of hours! (and I’d not even paid for a subscription, yet). The response was thorough, clear, and solved the problems I was having (my user error, not the app’s). Great customer service! One month later: Now have Real Majong as a paid subscription: The app improved my game, taught me to recognize categories quickly, and helped me gauge probabilities.
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6 years ago, Kirby'sMom
Real Mah Jongg has bugs!
Just started using this app. Game is fun but there are lots of bugs. If you are playing against the computer and “fast”, the only time you are offered tiles that have been thrown is if you have jokers in your hand. If you are waiting for half of a pair, the tile is not offered. Also, when exposing tiles, sometimes the computer boomerangs one of the tiles back and then your turn is over, so you end up not exposing what you intended. I have also lost to the computer a number of times because of these glitches. Responding to your response: In the case where I was waiting for the other half of a pair, it was, in fact, my last needed tile for MahJongg.
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4 years ago, Verticella
Mah Jong tiles but not the mah jong game
Tried the two week trial and tried to “play as many games as I wanted” but that’s not true because you are not allowed to really play the game without having to purchase “the card”. I didn’t know what “the card” meant until a friend told me it’s a card that you subscribe and pay for that tells you what tiles you have to have in your hand to win (real mah jong game don’t require that). No where in the introductory for the two week free trial does it mention you need “the card” to actually play, so the free trial is essentially useless. If you add the monthly subscription to the game plus the cost of “the card” then it’s not the $6.99 per month as advertised...I would call that false know like bait and switch.
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4 years ago, PDXmeister
Play American Mah Jongg with your friends
We were looking for a way to continue playing while social distancing. The four of us get a ‘table’ together (allowing just us to join the table and declining (sorry) requests from others. We use zoom so we can still see each other and talk. The game experience is good. Minor issue when the game thinks someone might want to call and so names the player. I dislike others knowing I might be interested in the tile. But overall the interface is really clean and the option to play with just the computer is good.
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3 years ago, blufftonmimi
Next best thing to in-person games
This app saved my sanity during the pandemic. It’s completely in line with NMJL rules. I’ve played with the bots exclusively and although they don’t always behave like human players, they play quite well. It’s a great way to learn the card. I believe I’m not playing as well defensively, but that’s on me. I just renewed my subscription for another year, and that’s the best recommendation I can offer. If you’re a MJ aficionado, you can’t go wrong with this app.
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4 years ago, Mrs. Word Lover
I really love being able to play “real” mah jongg with my friends during Covid 19... but when using it on a new mini iPad, EVERY time I go in to start new games, I have to re-boot the iPad. It doesn’t happen on my phone or with any other app. The iPad has been checked at the Apple store with no issues. Anecdotally, I have also noticed the fast wins mentioned by others when playing against any computer spots...just last night, I lost to a hand with SEVEN jokers and we were only two tiles in on the second row. Interestingly, in tracking, it seems to happen far more often at night than during the day.
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5 days ago, NinaKr
Love it!
Real mah-jongg has been keeping our two groups entertained during our quarantine with coronavirus. There are eight of us rotating groups every day. Using our iPhones we contact each other with conference calls. Talking and playing for two hours each afternoon. The socialization has been great therapy. We will definitely continue playing later on even if we play individually with the computer. Thank you for this great app.
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2 years ago, Periomary
Great learning experience
I have learned just about everything from this app! How to put a hand together, how to play defensively,etc. When I play with real people, I suddenly know I don’t know how the game works because the app does it for me. I sub in my neighborhood and they don’t care, but I need to pay more attention to building the wall, etc. I usually play with the sound off, but I have earphones and I’m going to see if that helps.
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4 years ago, Ablesq
Nothing else like it!
I was delighted to find this app - during these days of confinement I missed our weekly game so much! The chat function allows us to almost feel as though we are together...and even better, we can play again with our members who have moved away. It has also been a terrific way to familiarize myself with the new 2020 card, playing against the computers as a solitaire game. To make it even more real, we have played while simultaneously ‘meeting’ on Zoom to be able to see each other. The app works beautifully - right after the new card came out it crashed on a very high-volume Saturday, but that issue seems to be resolved. I took advantage of the 2 week free trial, but from almost the very beginning there was no question that I would become a paid subscriber. Thanks, Ronnie!
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2 days ago, Smiling Homeowner
Perfect way to learn the card.
I learn the new card more easily with this App. A bonus is that I can call a hand dead without feeling like a bad guy. My only complaint is that when playing against the computers, one of the computers sometimes will throw the obviously needed tile for Mahj to one of the other computers when it had other safe tiles to throw. Other than that, I enjoy and hone my own strategies with this game.
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4 years ago, Mom2298
A faster better server is needed
At $6.99 a month, this app needs to run much better and consistently. Too many times the app won’t even load. I’m assuming these are peak hours but, needs to be be fixed. Also, the computer makes plays that would never be done in real life - example, very early in the game the computer will call South with three jokers. Never would happen in a live game. When playing with friends the game takes way too much time which is the apps problem. Please improve this game!
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4 years ago, DenverLiz
Can”t get App
I’ve had this app for several months. I took my IPad with me on a recent RV trip. After about a week I couldn’t get the app. All I get is a black screen with 5 blue oscillating lines. I had it for a while after I got home, but I’m back to the black screen. I don’t know anyone else with this problem. I wonder if the app thinks I am different people as I log on to different WiFi’s. If this is the case then there is a software issue with the app. I should be able to log into the app no matter where I am. For $6.99/month, this is an expensive app, and I’ve lost 2 weeks of play at this point. Please let me back on!!
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2 years ago, kjmaui40
Easy to start and fun to use.
Starts quickly, easy to use. Selectable game pacing; Solo play against 3 computer opponents moves quickly in fast mode for experienced Maj players, slower speeds are helpful for beginners. Four friends, or a combination of friends and the computer means you can always play and improve. Friends can converse during the games. Current or past Mah Jongg cards can be used. Very complete app.
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4 years ago, JEF521
Thank you!
Not only is this "real" MJ but has been so great during Covid shutdown. There are 5 of us that play once a week, starting with a chat on Google Hangout. We then shut off the camera, leave audio on and proceed to play. Was wondering if there could ever be a way for people to view (but only with friends, if accepted). Since one in our group is always sitting out, would be great to watch the others. Thanks for a great app! Jef
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2 years ago, rosebingnagee
Not able to take tiles maybe user error
I am new to Mah Jong. So this might be the issue. The three star rating because I cannot find a help section in the game. I start collecting the tiles I need, and then I can never actually lay them out. Meaning if I have four of the same etc I can’t put them out on the rack. It just starts the process of take a tile, skip, once in a while take a tile but I can never actually swap a tile on another players rack that I need, for example I can’t put an appropriate tile in order to take someone’s Joker.
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11 months ago, this gamesucksballs
Can’t win
I just finished my free trial. Im just learning the game and as I go I’m getting it! The other night I know I had Mah Jongg but the game would not let me do it. I thought maybe it was a glitch that particular eve. It did it twice to me. Today I subscribed to the game because my free trial was going to be up and liked the game but was hoping the glitch would be fixed. It’s not easy to get a hold of the maker to let them know. So hear I am writing a review. Hope it gets fixed or I may need to find a different app.
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3 years ago, Woofie67
Great- even after the pandemic!
Started using this app as a way to keep playing with my mah jongg group during lockdown. Added FaceTime audio and we were good to go. We are out of lockdown but several of the group have moved, but we can still continue to play together because of the app! Also, love that I can play with the computer at night-great way to learn the new card!
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4 years ago, D.Young.Kas
Keeping us Sane During the Lockdown
This is a wonderful app that lets me play alone, against three computers, or even better against my friends. During this Virus lockdown we were missing each other and missing playing our favorite game. This app is so great we now play together for two hours a day and our mental health is much improved. Of course, if I could just get a few more jokers it would be even better!
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3 years ago, SAM0102
I’m a new player and was really struggling with “ seeing” the opportunities in my tiles. This app has improved that in only the short trial period. It clearly was created by someone who knows the game. It really has improved my skills and I will be signing up fo it when my trial ends. I have never written a review for an app before, but this one deserves it. It’s pricey but the value is there.
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3 years ago, Moms jams
Highly recommended! I’m a long time player and my friends and I have been waiting for a great iOS app. It’s on the web as well but I play on my iPad. Great way to learn new cards and play with others and friends outside Mahj gatherings. Haven’t experienced any glitches. If you’re an avid player-no matter what level-subscription is well worth the price! THANK YOU!
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4 years ago, wizard8888
I love playing especially at this difficult time. Being sequestered and not playing with my friends has been sad.I have always loved Mah Jongh from the time I started playing over 55 years ago so I’ve really missed my thrice weekly games. I love the new card and love the computerized games that are challenging and exciting for me to outsmart. I LOVE the instant gratification I feel each time I play. Having a ball, Dorothy Stern
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2 years ago, pbmahj
Saved my sanity!
Being able to use this app when we couldn’t play in person saved our sanity during the pandemic. Also - such fun to be able to play with friends around the country. It’s a super way to learn the new card on your own - lots of extra practice time!!! I love it and thank my cousin every day for telling me about it!
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4 years ago, Zumba Queen 1
Great practice and playing with friends
Our group cannot play together right now due to the “stay at home order”, however one of our members found out about this app. I tried it for a week and love it! The trial membership is great, but I only used it for a few days and was delightfully surprised to find my subscription starts after the 14 day free trial period. Quick, easy & secure! Go for it!
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4 years ago, Primacomadre
Great app
I've thoroughly enjoyed playing mahjongg on this's the closest game to playing in person. My only concern is the scoring. I won mahjongg when I picked a joker; however, the computer said I earned 25 points. According to the rules, I should have received double points from each player. Is the scoring different on the app...I've also noticed that each player gets 10 points when it's a "Wall Game." Thanks for developing am app that helps me practice.
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4 years ago, bubbiebev9
Real Mahjong App
The game is very easy to navigate. What I do not like is ...when it is your turn if you have 2 or more jokers, the “Skip” box keeps flashing after almost every turn to see if you want the tile. I think that should be omitted from the game app. I can understand that “skip” button if the game thinks the tile can match your hand as a reminder. Not every time when you have jokers! It took a while to figure out why that button kept flashing?
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4 years ago, Girls4Ma
Great for all levels of play
I am a fairly new player, and this app on slow speed allows a newbie to play at their own rate and practice as an anonymous player. I now play daily with a friend, and my skill level is really improving. I have experienced friends who play at a higher speed who enjoy this app too. If you do the free trial, you’ll be subscribing when it’s done!
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3 years ago, compyar
Good except…
I love this app for playing with my friends. Playing against the computer though is frustrating at least half the time. I will be waiting for 3-4 tiles from the start and never get one.. and they’re not even in the other hands at the end, many times with under 20 tiles left. Also the computer wins with next to impossible like closed hands more times than realistic. Last rarely get a joker in the initial hand.
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5 years ago, Sssjjjjjbbbbb
Joining in mid-game?
I’d like to play against other people but sometimes when I join it is mid-game. I don’t want to slow down the other person while I take a minute to see what needs to be passed or played. The “looking for other players” setting has never resulted in a match with other players. I can only enter a name who also has “looking for players” and, boom, it’s mid game, if it joins at all. I have over 2,000 points and not new to the game. But I get no matches. Why pay monthly if this won’t work?
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3 years ago, Smartmiss
Good game but can’t call anyone dead.
It’s a good game especially to play with your group however you need to be able to follow the rules and be able to call people dead. This has been brought to their attention and they still have not changed the algorithm. Instead they chose to create a chat feature which is wanted by players but not a crucial part of playing the game. Considering other platforms I give it a three star because it’s a good game but it could be better.
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3 years ago, Aunt ShuShu
Okay for practice but prepare for frustration as you play
Get out your annual card and practice against the computer, but be prepared for the game to skip past your opportunity to call a tile or even mah jongg, which happens regularly. Use the game to build your familiarity with the hands that you can play on the card, since identifying legitimate hands from the card’s long, complicated list is the big challenge with American mah jongg. Just don’t ever count on winning.
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3 years ago, sellers8896
A great way to practice when it works correctly
I bought the game a few months ago. I enjoy playing the game, however, glitches occur that are very irritating: 1. Discarding tiles is a struggle. 2. Trying to capture a joker is difficult more than occasionally. 3. And lastly, when you get dealt the first set of tiles, only 12 appear, which is extremely frustrating... have to exit game and hope the glitch resolves itself, please FIX this stuff!
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4 years ago, ocarol7
Problems Though Fun When It Worlks
I’m just a few days into my paid month and although I’ve definitely had fun playing, several times the app wouldn’t load at all, just kept showing that it was trying, and when I went to the website to play, the sound didn’t work even when I toggled between on and off trying to get it to come online. So while I like it a lot, it’s not as reliable as it needs to be (especially now that I’m paying for it.....)
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9 months ago, not really bored
Crashes on phone
This is a really great app. We sometimes think the program is making a mistake but when we check the card closer it’s not. Only three stars though because off and on the phone version crashes in the middle of a game and you can’t get back into it but have to start another one. I wish you guys would fix this. It happens off and on, and never on the computer.
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4 years ago, kindness sprinkler
Computer gets all the jokers
I enjoy playing invisible mode, but it’s very difficult to win against the 3 computers. Often they will mahjong with less than 25 tiles played, sometimes much fewer. Today Computer 1 declared mahjong with 80 tiles left, and the hand used 5 jokers. I play twice a week with friends, and we have all commented on this. Last week, one of the friends couldn’t play, and the computer won all but one game. We are all experienced players. Very frustrating.
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9 months ago, pitti-sing
Calling mahjong
Once again, I was unable to call mahjong...I needed 3 green dragons, and 3 red dragons, with 1 in my rack. I was unable to call either color when thrown. Please fix this or I’ll be forced to cancel my subscription. Annoyed. The new card already has glitches...wouldn’t let me call mahjong. My hand wasn’t dead, or concealed.
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4 years ago, Ammetjoy
Thank goodness!!
I have loved Mah Jongg for soooo many years. Now with the pandemic we are not playing and I have missed it so. I also miss the comradeship that goes with it.... but I really have missed the game. I have gotten so many apps of Mah Jongg only to discover that it’s another “matching game.” A friend just told me about the REAL maj and I am delighted with it. (Probably ADDICTED to it!) it is perfect in every way. Thank you for it!
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