RealTimes: Video Maker

Photo & Video
2.8 (72)
197.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
RealNetworks LLC
Last update
5 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for RealTimes: Video Maker

2.85 out of 5
72 Ratings
6 years ago, Ron C. NJ
More tricks, less functionality
This App was much more useful when the user was given the power of how to sort media, such as by recent activity, file name, date created and date added. Now it does facial recognition, which I doubt need, but I can't sort media. And why do I *have* to have music if I want to make a "story"?
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8 years ago, Boris124729
A Step Backward
It seems to me that the people at Real Networks do not know what they want out of their own app and are simply throwing things at the wall to see what sticks. Real Cloud was pretty much perfect, just what I needed to organize and cast all of my media. That is what I loved about the app and it was all I needed the app for. With Realtimes, however, rather than improving upon the features that made Real Cloud great, Real Networks decided to add in a swarm of unfinished and partially functional features that are utterly useless for me while making it harder and less convenient to use the app for organizing and casting media. If you're going to add new features, you can at least make sure they are functional and do not impede the core features of the app.
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4 years ago, arbie63
Plan Package
The APP doesn’t even work after I purchased the package. It is lock on 30 seconds video. Since I needed more than 30 seconds, and for me to be able to create video that’s more than 30 seconds I opted the package $2.99 and even the 3.99 is not working either. And because I already did the purchased, there is no option for a refund from you.
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6 years ago, Knightfly
For some reason the unlimited offer for 9.99 per month has been eliminated but Apple is still allow it for purchase. Real Time only offers plans up to 25gb. Why the disconnect?
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3 years ago, Jmss00008
Completely useless
Paid the fee, yet the app is limited to 30 seconds, demanding me to pay more. Not to mention that the app keeps freezing . I want my money back now !$&
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6 years ago, Pastmaster08
App no longer supports Streaming to Google Chromecast.
With the latest update, streaming to Google Chromecast is no longer available, which makes the app completely WORTHLESS to me!
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5 years ago, inetsurfer
left for a reason
Could not take it anymore. Became to frustrating to use and limited
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5 years ago, Robinvest
Constantly crashes on IPhone & IPad
Impossible to use this app. Crashes constantly! Zero customer service.
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5 years ago, Labia Lover
Unhappy user
The app constantly crashes on both iPads, unusable, why am I paying for something I cannot use?
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5 years ago, Cphive5
App keeps crashing
Not sure what’s going on with the app. It keeps crashing. I have uninstalled and reinstalled various times.
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6 years ago, Eltrompetista
No chromcast support
This app has become worthless since the last update, no longer supporting chromecast
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6 years ago, koko_kkahi
Fake ads
They’re not capable of doing anything they advertise. Wack. DO NOT PAY
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6 years ago, Bverge2266
No Chromecast
Chromecast support was removed!!!?!!?? Unbelievable!
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9 years ago, Ratzifatzi3
Very useful
This app has proven to be very useful for two things. First, any photo or video we take on our iPhones is transferred to the cloud, and is immediately available for watching on any computer, smart phone, or TV (using a Roku box or a Google Chromecast). Second, the app automatically creates a collage out of all photos and videos taken in the same location and around the same time. These collages are really ever perfect, but require no work whatsoever and make sharing of content very easy. They can also be somewhat customized, or remixed. If you will only share stuff that is edited to perfection, this app will not be for you, but for us, it's the perfect way to share the day's events with our children's grandparents. And they definitely appreciate more frequent glimpses into their grandchildren's lives. Highly recommended.
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9 years ago, conscioussleep
Worst iPhone app ever
Hands down the worst app I've ever used, and its bugs are exactly the same on the website. If you open any other apps, it will kick you off and lose your place in whatever video you are streaming. And as if that wasn't bad enough, half of the time, the videos you just got done uploading 2 min. ago don't show up in the "recent videos" section but rather, you have to search through years (that's right, YEARS) of photos and videos before you find them. Two BIG thumbs down to this godawful app and website that should be ashamed to exist. The previous version of the website and app were both 100 times better than this before they got the bright idea to "upgrade". Stick with what works, Real Player. Your customers would much rather have functionality than something as worthless as this just for the sake being new and different. Don't waste your time.
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10 years ago, Mishenka68
Pretty good, but has 2 issues
This is a pretty nice application and makes it easy to play videos from iPhone/Pad to Chromecast. However is has 2 issues, which, if fixed, would push it to 5 stars: 1. The chromecast video playback is pretty low quality. Far from the 1080P HD the videos were created in. 2. It playes videos filmed in portrait mode sideways on the TV. This is pretty inexcusable for an application that's supposed to be mobile-savvy. Hopefully this will be fixed soon.
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10 years ago, sottgbv
Upside down videos via Chromecast
All my videos display correctly on my iPhone and even when played within the RealPlayer Cloud app, but are all UPSIDE DOWN when viewed on my HDTV via Google Chromecast. The only reason I downloaded this app was to view my videos via Chromecast, and when viewed on my TV. There is no way to rotate them. Huge fail! Huge programming oversight! Huge waste of time! Most people I know take photos and videos on the iPhone with the buttons on the top. Whether or not this is "correct" or not has been made irrelevant by the fact that they are ALWAYS automatically rotated correctly. Like I said, they display correctly within the app on the phone, but not via Chromecast. Someone needs to wake up and make this very obvious fix. Until then, this app is utterly useless to me and thousands of others.
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9 years ago, Excellent714
Good player but beware!
You are right about it freezing. It can't play cloud video on high power notebook So I'm afraid to even try locking up my entire cell phone for this. I don't even know how it got on my iPhone because I didn't download it but found it here after I signed up for 365 GB cloud service. I also wish I knew what the $4.99 was buying in teems of premium services promised. In addition, the upgrade caused RealPlayer to gather many non video files and change the default program to open them to RealPlayer which I surely didn't want. It has not been a good experience and I am now very worried about the safety of my computer as long as RealPlayer is installed. It's too bad because the program does a lot of things no other program can. Just know it's a double edged sword.
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10 years ago, MashkaNYC
Quality stuff
Awesome cloud app for videos. I personally don't care about storing videos separately from photos. Very clean app for iPhone and iPad and even old iPod touch. I must say they are pretty greedy with their space compared to most clouds. They start you off with 2GB, 250 for uploading first video and 250 for sharing first video. 250 for each device you activate using same account. So far this gave me 3GB and is enough for me. I really like it though and might end up paying for more memory if I need in the future. Pleased.
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8 years ago, ChristinaAW
Love this app!
This is an amazing app. I downloaded it when I read what it did and it did not disappoint! It works efficiently and is of very high quality. It's a great way to connect with the outside world, being able to share not only images but also videos. What my favorite part of this app is, is how I can create "Real stories" with the material of my choosing whether it be my family or a nature trip or just whatever comes to mind. It's really easy to use and fun to explore!
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9 years ago, Madhatterpa
Should of come out with a second App
I loved the RealPlayer App as every day I had a chance to see some of the top 5 videos. I was also able to bookmark/save a reference link to them under the App. I could search for other videos too. The new App is nice too but it's all together different in that it's only for my stuff and nothing in the cloud. Now they did change the name but they also allowed RealTimes to upgrade RealPlayer... A VERY NASTY THING TO DO TO USERS! NEVER redesign and App and then use it to upgrade an App that had a completely different functionality and name. Many of us maintain older Apps until a better solution can be found. Bottom Line RealPlayer should of been kept in the App Store with a note on EOL while RealTimes was added.
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11 years ago, D.Hayden
Best Media App To Come To iphone/Best Update Real Network had since its 'Real Jukebox' Days
I saw the update on Facebook & downloaded the app to my phone *ASAP* been using Real Player Since The Year 2000 when it was called 'Real Jukebox' the new real player cloud is faster than real player & the features are great I love being able to watch my movies on my phone from my media library :-) this is wonderful I will continue to support *REAL PLAYER* for the another Decade in the making I love it
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8 years ago, Duke and Jocko
Very nice app Great for music videos
I have been using this app for about three years now. It has changed quite a bit – every time it is much nicer. I download music videos - especially Postmodern Jukebox; I can convert to music so I don't even have to buy original music. Uploading to real times cloud is simple and then I can download to my portable devices. So I don't have to worry about watching them whenever I want without using cellular data or Wi-Fi.
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9 years ago, 2centpenny
I LUV this app. Some updates are not really needed for me but may be useful to others. The only issue I have is that when you are done watching one of your video files, the window would close automatically so that you can choose another. This one just ends and stays on the screen. I prefer the other way where the video would flip around when finished, allowing you to choose the next one. Otherwise, great app for me.
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8 years ago, Shoetoou
It's always been a solid media player for me, even before the new name and layout. Gotta love the realdownloaded for pc as well. I have the app on all 3devices Apple, droid, and pc and works great on any o.s. Now only if they would give more free storage and allow for longer or free altogether real-stories, btw those are really cool has well. Rarely any need to edit them. I also use another email and that one is a paid account for the storage upgrade and it's fair priced for the space. Thanks Real-Team
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11 years ago, Snodoubt
Finally I can delete videos without syncing
(was a beta user) Got the app when i heard you could download your videos to the device from the cloud at will. I always load up tons of movies on my phone to keep before flying but i would be stuck with a full phone and not able to delete them without syncing to itunes. Now I can download before i get on the plane and then delete from my phone when i land. No more having to sync with itunes in the airport on layovers. pros -upload to their service is fast a min per episode from my laptop -downloading to my device was fast, each episode i downloaded was about a 30 seconds to a minute over 4g to my phone cons -interface is a little tricky when deleting, make sure you don't delete both the local and cloud copy of the file
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10 years ago, Naaaaaaaaaaaate
Great but annoying bug please fix
Good stuff innovative viewing experience love the swiping volume adjust feature I love that when I exit the app while a vids playing and open it again and the vid continues right where I left it. However, the play/pause button (the most rudimentary and basic of features) is often unresponsive or lags and it is very irritating. This must be fixed to allow for complete enjoyment of the app. (Used on iPod 5th gen with iOS 7.1.2).
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10 years ago, St West
Works great!
Great way to share all the videos I take of the grandkids. Straight from my iphone to the big screen. No muss, no fuss. I will say loading to the cloud is a bit slow, but having my videos available on both my iphone and ipad is really cool. I do wish there was a way to delete the instructional videos, or have them go away as they tend to clutter up the interface.
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8 years ago, JLVecchio
Useful app
I enjoy the features that allow me to upload videos to your cloud and then to my iPhone and then allow me to watch the vids anytime I want. I do not have any need to manipulate my pics or vid clips so I would prefer not having my phone data loaded to this app. There is no way that I can find to exclude from this app those vids that I don't want here but left on my phone. Let me exclude what I don't want and I'll give you 5 stars.
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9 years ago, shamgod7
Perfect for any video size under 4GB
I have 50mbps internet with a 200 dollar router and playing video files I have that are 4GB and under run smoothly and do not stutter or buffer. Now when I get into the 5GB or higher the file can hey laggy at times and buffer. So keep your files small and compress them if your building a movie cloud folder. Other then that it works perfectly!
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9 years ago, Orange Revolution
Great app, but......
I love this app, it is really helpful definitely when I want to watch my videos to go. The only negative thing about this app is the video player itself, needs a lot of improvement. We should be able to choose widescreen or full screen. To be honest you guys need a whole new video player because this one isn't really good. But other than that, great job on the app!!!
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10 years ago, Chrissyplum
Love this App!!
This app works so great with the google chrome cast. I download a lot of shows and movies on my laptop and with this app I'm able to watch anything that's on my laptop on my tv or my iPhone or my tablet. This app is the best app on my iPhone for sure. I recommend it to anyone with google chrome cast and otherwise. It does exactly what I need and want it to do. :)
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10 years ago, "Life"<3
Love This App
RealPlayer Cloud is one of the best video apps you can get (no exaggeration). You can save videos from your laptop to your phone, in a short amount of time. Also, the videos are just as clear and professionally vocalized as they would be on a computer. This app is better than any video app I've purchased, and is worth downloading.
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10 years ago, SienaJackson
Real Player Cloud
I never can make the videos play in playback, they take way too long loading & they constantly interrupt or stop playing in the middle of a video. Downloading videos often takes a very long time & sometimes fails & the videos I download to my iPad don't show up when I go to the videos app & I never can find them once I download them.
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9 years ago, Acton plant
They wrecked it
You know when the the reviews are solidly split between 5 stars and 1 that the company shills are responsible for most of the suspiciously sound-alike raves. The truth is this: trust the 1-star ratings. This was once a great thing. It stored videos in the cloud, played them back, and could be played seamlessly across platforms and with Chromecast. A year ago, I widely recommended it to dozens of friends. It is now horrible. It doesn't work well for that any more. Its added new awful "feature" -- snatching photos from my devices and gluing them with sappy music into laughably disjointed slideshows -- means having to click through a horribly cluttered screen and multiple steps each time I want to locate my videos. Worst, though, is that it doesn't work, from any of my devices, with Chromecast any more. It's become crap, and not much more. Sorry to everybody I suckered into installing this.
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10 years ago, cre8ivest
Really good! One Complaint.
I must say this is a really great idea and the UI is pretty usable. I'm glad realplayer took the time to make this software suite. However, finding files hosted on your home computer can be iffy at best. Even adding them to known directories can be surprisingly hit-or-miss. For that reason I've removed one star for what is otherwise a fine addition to my app library. Thanks!
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10 years ago, Pitts Pilot
It kills me how stupid software developers and the companies who employ them can be. Until this app is fixed, don't waste your time with it. Once you download the app, you have to create an account. Remember that these apps are specific to iPhones, etc. On the iPhone app, once you feeling your first name, last name, email address, and password, you cannot click on the link to create the account because the keyboard is in the way! It would really be nice if these developers would at least try to use the thing before rolling it out!
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9 years ago, MeBec
As someone before me said it went "down"
I gave up on it, Deleted it from my mobile device. A few said it worked for them so great...just not for me.....and I've had it on my desktops, and laptops for years, probably since the 80 or 90's...hate to see it go, but it doesn't suit my needs any longer.......
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9 years ago, 270ricky1976
I have been a fan of Real Player software for a long time & glad they have an app now. I really like this app. You can watch videos from your PC directly on your phone and/or upload a movie from your computer to the cloud to watch a movie without your PC or even wifi!
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9 years ago, Fix app or refund!
The app used to sync on all my devices and now you can't. I have to delete it from my iPhone and am just using my laptop which is pretty dumb as it used to sync. Videos you used to upload would be easily viewed via web and Chromecast on all devices. It does sometimes but there's more bugs in it than anything. Videos uploaded weeks ago should available to cast but it will just not on the top with error "that this video is not available to cast. Please try again later." Just terrible upgrade.
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10 years ago, rodermck
Perfect for favorite video storage
Real Player Cloud does every thing that it promises to do and would recommend it to any body looking for place to store there favorite videos that you can play on smart phone. Computer or Roku Player or other devices that have the App and watch on your TV!!!..
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9 years ago, LRentt
Like the New Features
Like the new additions of photos and the video stories! Also, the app is still the easiest way for me to send videos and photos to my parents, who don't have the app. Would be even better if I could share photos and the video stories to Instagram.
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10 years ago, Amize Adams
Real player cloud = Great app
This is a great app across OS's and easy to use. Yes a Dropbox for videos it's been called I've read, but in my opinion so much more. Real player has for some time been my source or program to download a movie or add or anything in video form and also my converter and now my storage space... That why I can't say it's just a drop box for videos it's so much more depending on what OS Platform you use it on. All in all great app the search browser in the iOS app is does leave much desired for user friendliness but that at this time doesn't take away from the apps great versatility. Ragarda A.Adams
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9 years ago, jenabey
This is going to be a time saver
Super excited that this app takes the videos and photos I take of my daughter (and there's a lot) and creates a nice little slideshow. Makes it super easy to share with the grandparents instead of having to text or email them all individually.
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9 years ago, Rob767467
RealPlayer rocks!
This app is really helpful for iPhone users who don't have enough room to store videos on their phone. Just take a video, upload it to the cloud, then you can delete from your phone and still access the video from anywhere!
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8 years ago, Marshallgas
Something you don't expect
It is such a pleasure when you see what real time does for you without you even knowing it. The software is flawless. Quietly works in the background and all of a sudden surprises you with your video production of your recent photos ..great work
Show more
8 years ago, osei62
I Like Realplayer Cloud but...
I am having multiple problems with it! Can't download some videos and on PC can't stay connected and on My iPhone/iPad there are some hits and misses there also. But concept is great. Hoping that all problems will be taken care of soon!
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9 years ago, Bigtuna9999
Used to be good, now crap.
The real player app used to be good. It didn't work all the time but it was free so I could overlook the flaws. It was fine for what it was and what I needed it for. With this update to real times it has turned to crap. Things I've uploaded via the website don't update in the app. I can't organize how I want (alphabetically, in a list). The grid is weird and doesn't display full names, just a full letter. I'm glad I didn't buy the premium when it was good because I am very unhappy now.
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10 years ago, kyle moore
App is ok
I absolutley love this app to stream all my movies onto my Google Chromecast. But there is a slight buffer lag and sometimes my videos stop randomly and say that the video is unavailable even though I am really close to my router. Also the speeds to upload videos to your account take FOREVER. Honestly if i didnt have my Google Chromecast I would probbably put all my movies on a flash drive and watch it that way.
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10 years ago, Longislandcorey
Now I can stream movies from my PC to my TV!
Nice job on the update. I can watch realplayer by using my iPad or iPhone to watch movies or shows from my computer. I can also use my google chromecast to watch them on my big screen without connecting my computer to my television!
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