Buy, Sell & Rent

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Move, Inc.
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3 weeks ago
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16.0 or later
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User Reviews for Buy, Sell & Rent

4.76 out of 5
793.8K Ratings
4 years ago, Xsoulreaper101X
Great tool when looking for houses
I really enjoyed the use of the app in this day it is nice to have the convenience to view homes for sale at anytime anywhere, and once you narrow down your list after finding a few homes you want to see from the website and a few from whatever sources you have used then you can go look in person I believe that’s vary important there isn’t always a picture of everything and you want to get a feeling for something you are going to commit to. But I will say the ability to see every room and know a general history and what features are on home by simply looking it over for 10 minutes or so was amazing I ended up buying a home I had liked on here and was able to keep my eye on through the whole process was really awesome I even come back now just to see what the market in my area looks like it gives me the ability to see things I may want to add to my home and will definitely help when I’m ready to sell.
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3 years ago, bsonu
Only one able to eliminate 55+ and HOA fees. Which was crucial looking in Florida!
This is the only app available to the public that you can set to automatically eliminate 55+ communities. Therefore, it’s the only app that I could use for my house search in Florida. Plus you can set the HOA fees. The crime map is incredibly accurate which is also crucial in Florida as crime is in what I refer to as “pockets”; unlike most other states crime is typically by area codes. So this the only search app that had these crucial features. I don’t know what I would have done without it. Actually I must say I would have probably bought a home in a safe pocket but found it was 360 degrees surrounded by very high serious crime. So may I be so bold to say this feature probably saved my life as a single handicapped mother, my daughter and I would’ve been easy targets to serious felons since ny realtor sure didn’t mention it. Also, I don’t have the patience to read the entire narrative of each and every home that was strictly 55+… The only reason I didn’t hit 5 stars is because many times mobile homes came up as single family housing when they clearly were not. And that’s really the only thing that needs a bit of cleaning up. Definitely a 4 star and just needs that one thing addressed to become a 5 star. That being said it is way better than any other real estate app available to the public.
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1 year ago, willandreason
Okay…but could be way better
The app itself is pretty well laid out, easy to use, and has some nice customization as far as search options and layout (list view, map view, etc). The app fails in certain areas though. For example when searching for a condo there used to be “dog friendly”. Now there is pet friendly but the option only applies to NY on my search options (I don’t live and am not looking in NY). On the website their is a “pet friendly” option that is not specifically for NY but no “dog friendly” or “cat friendly” so it still shows or prions that would be irrelevant. Also no option to search for units by floor. We need a first floor unit and I’m sure others also have strong preferences for desired floor when selecting a place. Another huge complaint with this app is every time I close it and reopen it shows me places in surrounding states despite saving searches that are specific to the state I live in. I have to re-enter the state every time. Not time consuming or difficult…just annoying and repetitive. Lastly, it would be nice to hide listings that come up in my search that don’t work. I believe there used to be a way to do that. Now my searches are cluttered with listings that don’t work for us for one reason or another. In summation…good app that needs more search options and to work out a few issues. All in all still would recommend it over other similar apps.
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2 months ago, BjornLouser
Used to like it, now annoyed
I’m updating my review for what was otherwise a good app. There’s still this issue with the pictures that I guess the company doesn’t care to fix now. It’s become frustrating to the point that it’s no longer enjoyable to use. I just enjoy browsing but I can imagine this would be even more frustrating for people using it t search for a home. It would be nice if it were fixed but I’m not sure it ever will be, and that’s too bad. Addition to my first review at the bottom: There’s a minor change lately that’s a kind of annoying. When I view the photos of a property and see all of them as small thumbnails, it looks as normal. Then I choose one to see the image bigger (say #30 of 40, for example) and that also shows the particular image as usual. When I click on it to go back to the thumbnail view of all the photos, it now takes me back to the very top (image #1) so that I have to scroll back down to see the rest of the thumbnails and find where I was looking within the list. This is extremely minor, but did not previously work this way. I still love the app to look at homes and real estate! I like looking at all of the real estate apps just for fun. The best feature about this one is the ability to see all of the pictures in a smaller view but together at one time. Then I can still see the full view of each pic if I want. It's a nice feature none of the others seem to have.
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3 years ago, brainy244
Semi bad review-and why
I wouldn’t have sent in a rating, but it popped on screen. I actually closed it out once-then when I reopened the app it popped up again. I get notifications everyday throughout the day on properties in the areas i have set, or have searched previously. Everytime I click on one (I for someone reason still do EVERY time) it acts like it is opening and then just takes me to a white, blank page and never opens. I have to wait until I see it’s still not going to open, close out the app again-then reopen the app by actually clicking the icon. Then have to go to notifications and open the listing from there. This has been going on for a really long time. I actually looked up a number for you guys online,I think , and told them. While I was on the phone she tried it & the same thing happened to her. I thought got sure since she is employed there, that it would be addressed. I am still experiencing thd same issue, though, so thought I’d try this method now. I’m ok with closing it out and reopening it… still get the same information, just wastes my battery. Hopefully this will be forwarded to the correct department who is knowledgeable enough to correct the issue. Thank you, Caroline
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3 years ago, JRBXXXXXXXC
No working
The app is not saving filtered housing preferences or allowing me to draw a specific area. I keep seeing a retry window when trying to make changes. I have deleted and reinstalled the app, but it still is not functioning as before. The issues seems to have started within the last week ( Sept 4-11th). Please correct. Thank you. Additional comments based on response received Sept 14th : I am searching the state of Delaware with a narrow radius between Dover to Wilmington. Filters include, single family homes priced 250,0000 to 500,0000. Please note that I have used these filters with minor adjustments for the past year with no complications. Addition comments: I am using the draw function. This function is limiting the range I can request. I can search an narrow area along route 1 between Dover and Middletown but when I adjust to include Bear or even Wilmington I get the retry error. This has never been an issue before. The draw function seems to have preset boundaries that cannot be search beyond a set mileage. I realize the draw function has to have some limitations but a change in a search area by 10-15 miles at best have never been an issue in the past.
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4 years ago, dfbach
Easy to Navigate
I love this app better than all the other realtor apps. easy to navigate from one area to another. This app has a Map showing you exact location where the house is located and the neighborhoods surrounding the house. I love the notification option. You can set it up so that the App will notify you that the house price has gone down, when the open houses are in your area. I have been using this app for a year now no glitches. The last month the zoom feature was removed. I liked how the option of zooming in on the property helped to see the surrounding areas, inside features of the home and floor plan. Other than disappointment of removing the zoom feature I am still enjoying the app and continues to carry the most information and easy to navigate and user friendly over all the other apps out there.
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3 years ago, no way 68
Received calls for days after emailing local realtor
I emailed a local realtor and a property. They sent a email to me telling me that they were too busy to get in contact with me. However I received over 7 calls from realtors that were not even in my state or boarding my state. I finally reached out to someone in their office and the “home” was in an illegal subdivision. Very misleading and I see a lot of half truths on site. Since I do live in somewhat of a small town, there are so many agents propped up on a real-estate market that most homes, if not all, are not worth half of what they are selling. Individuals should really look at the builders reputation and lawsuits or claims with the state or city/county. The older houses, get tested for mold and especially Meth. The Health Department has that information. Follow up with the City that did the building inspections on the house to see if there was anything shady. You can move into a palace and still live in a squabble/dump. It is the people who decided what they will pay for a home, not the banks or the crappy builders…let them set for so long as they pay interest on a home that they are trying to sell—the price comes down.
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6 years ago, lda28
Usually my go-to but its glitchy
This has the best general layout and interface of any of the house hunter apps. Just wish a couple things were different. Information not on the website version is not here, and vice versa. Second, most annoyingly the map pins have TERRIBLE touch sensitivity. I try to select one pin on the map and it chooses a house not even close to what I selected. Try to select the pin again, and the displayed house jumps to another random pin I didn’t select. Try again, and it usually goes back to the first house, and back and forth. Just refuses to select and display the ACTUAL house I was selecting from the map. And finally, the map is slow to update listings after filtering. It will say X amount of houses met the filters, but then the map doesn’t display that. Have to zoom in and out of the map a few times to get it to update and display the correct listings. I do like the new green shading for schools. The previous colors made it seem like there were few good schools anywhere. I take school ratings with a grain of salt like that anyways.
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6 years ago, SuzyQDallas
Many missing features
The accuracy of data in this app is awful. As a former Realtor, I know that the company called MLS (Multiple Listing Service) requires all Realtors to UPDATE all listings with current status (option, contingent, pending, etc.) within a certain time frame. Many Realtors do NOT do this, because they are “farming for Buyers.” When a Buyer is searching, there is absolutely no way to determine if a property is actually still available. If you are looking to relocate, the lack of timely reporting is frustrating. It is worthless to call every Realtor to find out if the property is still available. Also, when you have “viewed” a listing, there used to be the words “viewed” on the listing within this app. When you are looking at 20-30 properties in a county, it gets confusing to not be able to remember what you have previously looked at, and maybe bypassed for a reason. The “heart” ❤️ feature is nice,,but again...totally worthless when the listings is not updated to reflect proper status. If the data in this app is updated every 15 minutes, and actual property status is missing, then the Realtors are playing the system.
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3 years ago, MeiserMom
Overall nice, a few places for improvement...
Overall this is my favorite app or real estate searches. There are a few things that I don’t like. #1 The map does not include lot lines. I have to use Zillow’s app for that. #2 The payment estimator is always off for monthly insurance cost and sometimes off for taxes too. #3 I wish there was a way to sort homes you save such as a ‘like’ (thumbs up) and a ‘love’ (heart), and that you could select features that you really like to categorize them such as “lot size” “house size” “location” “schools” “nearby attractions” etc. #4 I wish foreclosures were listed or houses that are for sale by owner like on Zillow There are a few things I love. #1 you can look at just interior or just exterior photos or all of them and you can zoom in on the photos a little #2 The flood plain map feature is awesome! Really helps you picture how much of a risk a property has (when the gps tag is correct) #3 The payment estimator remembers what you have to put down and what your interest rate is. #4 Saved searches and real time alerts when a property is listed in your search area or a house you saved has a price change are great. #5 I love that it tells you if a house has an offer or is pending sale and that you can filter those houses out of your searches if you want.
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3 years ago, deabad
Much better.
New notes: Most issues I indicated in my original review have been fixed. I really enjoy using this app. There’s still room for improvement but the developers seem to finally be actually changing things and making it better all the time. Original review: I have had this app for years and I’m still waiting for the mobile version to mirror the desktop version. Every other app on the planet is able to master this, so I don’t know how it’s such a problem for this particular app. Also on the mobile app I am able to hide listings. I have hidden many listings but when I go to see those listings it tells me that I have no hidden properties. Yet another area tells me that I have over 700 of them. The trouble is I cannot delete them because I cannot see them in the list of hidden properties. I have requested twice for this to be fixed in my account and nothing has been done.
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4 years ago, llaki1
Great experience
I’ll keep it short and to the point. Most of these apps are similar however there were 3 things that’s stood out about Realtor. First it gives more in-depth information on room sizes, details of extra space and has a list that clarifies if something is included. I often found myself using every app and double checking the facts on Realtor. Another bonus, it’s the first app to send notifications of new listings. You’d think they all update at the same time but I promise this one seemed to alert me immediately. And believe me if your really in the market to buy you want to be on top of things as the best things get snatched up fast. Last and most importantly I got set up with a great Realtor who got in everywhere I wanted to see including suggestions to keep things moving. Now I’m getting ready to close and have to say of all the house hunting apps this one was reliable.
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3 years ago, Bsdeitch
iPhone 11 PRO good!, iPhone 11 not so good
On my iPhone 11 Pro you can zoom into pictures with ease but you cannot look at the map and see the flood zones the only info i can see is noise level on my map! On my wife’s IPhone 11 you cannot zoom in the home pictures without great difficulty because you are zooming around inside of a box while the picture moves around inside the box ! Very frustrating for her to try and view a home on her IPhone 11 and view the photos of the homes. The app does alert you to new homes as the become available. Each time you close the app you have to reset your view preferences such as show homes highest to lowest but if you close the app it goes back to newest first but I guess thats not a huge deal you just have to switch it back to highest to lowest if thats what you like !
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4 years ago, azmusikluvr
Good app but not perfect.
I like this app as it has always seemed a little more up to date than others when it comes to homes being sold. Having said that I’m glad they changed/updated so that when a house goes pending they don’t just remove it. I have been looking for a house out of my state so I have many home saved to my favorites. It is very frustrating when homes are automatically removed, because I don’t know which ones they are. The app only allows you to save a certain amount, let me delete homes as they are no longer available. Just because a house goes pending doesn’t mean it is sold. I know from very disappointing experience. Love that this app allows you to zoom in and that pictures are large. Other apps don’t. However, I wish you could put in “lot lines” when going to maps you can see how large the lot is. Please consider this. When looking for acreage it is very helpful.
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3 years ago, Richard75013
You will miss opportunities using this app!
Update: seeing more of the same, this app is catering to realtors only who will boycott anyone who tries to sell without a realtor. I am looking for a house so my only dog in this fight is it doesn’t show all of them! This app is helping realtors corner the market against you. They will not show FSBO homes just like the realtors won’t show you FSBO homes but you can clearly see them in other apps such as the one that starts with Z. I discovered this using the other app and then to be sure I wasn’t mistaken I then typed the address into Realtor and it shows as Not for sale. The other app shows it’s been listed for 3 days but you won’t see that in Realtor! For the Dev that may respond to this review, the house I’m looking at is in MLS otherwise the other app which isn’t associated with FSBO wouldn’t show it either. I would list the other app but I’m trying not to so I keep it objective. Update: we are still looking for a house and I am still seeing properties that are not listed bc they are FSBO. Do NOT trust this app to show you all properties for sale.
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3 years ago, G0DINFINITY
Great app for finding a home.
Used this app and Redfin to find our dream house. Great with updates in the market, amenities in the area, and map overlays with helpful info about the area in which a person is looking at moving to. I definitely recommend this one AND the other one, simply because they both actually complement each other with the comparison information. Also, both apps are considerably in sync with the MLS listings that are ONLY available to agents and brokers (unless they share the listings, or you get the insider information which is hit-or-miss). The only drawback, is that available houses that haven’t been actively listed won’t show up until the seller agent activates it. Still five-star though, because I’m certain that this is a legal thing that keeps the MLS as the official real estate directory.
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4 months ago, Tslason333
So many glitches
I’ve had this app for years. Never had many issues until the last year or two. I’ve had to delete and reinstall this thing so many times. It started with a lag when opening the app. If I switched to, say, a text message and then come back it was be frozen for almost a minute until it worked again. If I tried to close it and reopen it it would do the same thing. After reinstalling it helped but slowly noticed it coming back again. Another issue I’ve had for a while now is that I can’t “heart” save/like any of the listings. I hit the heart button and then it stays for around 30 seconds and then disappears. There’s seems to be no fix to this. The new issue I’ve been having (to add to this list) the app has now been crashing. Sometimes it’ll black screen and I have to close it down or it’ll just straight crash. It’s getting annoying trying to use this app.
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3 years ago, RealCaliNana
Watching the Market
I enjoy watching the market thru out the US for patterns and trends both for sale and rent. As I have been watching this for several years I've noticed an undeniable trend in the fires, floods, and pandemic with homelessness as a shortage throughout the USA has triggered a ridiculous spike in rents and home prices which can be attributed to greedy landlords/property owners/management. This is illegal and called price gouging and should be legally challenged in court by all states and their representatives. Example of ridiculous appraisal values on properties when they compare homes in a nearby neighborhood to those in a mobile home park. Mobile homes DO NOT APPRECIATE THEY ARE LIKE VEHICLES AND DEPRECIATION STARTS AS SOON AS THEY ROLL OF THE LOT. So because of this ridiculous practice by Appraisors and Realtors as well as Real Estate sites like this people are placing mobile homes on your site and others with escalating prices on trailers that are 20 to 50+ years old and this is dishonest. Who in their right mind would pay more than $200K for a trailer even a brand new one when you don't even own the land?
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5 years ago, hfsiysiyd
Retired realtor
You asked ...I miss being able to get the mileage & time from my place of work to the houses I’m looking at...And it really bothers me a lot that the living & family room sizes are not listed... to me, these are much more important than the bedroom sizes...It also would be helpful to be able to Have the option for the buyers to search homes with First floor bedrooms ..Or master suites... The most current taxes should be a requirement, currently we have to go to several websites to get accurate information ..the list agent’s website or Zillow to get current tax records (or do a tax records search, by address)...You should also add another field for additional taxes when there are multiple lots involved in a listing... none of these items are too much to ask for! And I think the association should consider offering a class on photography because some of the pictures are awful… I don’t want to see a blurry corner of every room in the house - I want to see the rooms! Thanks!
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3 years ago, weirdstuff
Love this site
This is the first real estate site I go to at 4 AM every morning when I start my home search. I have not figured out how to delete the sold homes which would make it a heck of a lot easier on me… But hopefully someone will reach out to me and say hey girl hit that button! You have up to the minute listings, which I desperately need as I am in Arizona and houses seem to sell in about 10 minutes! By the time I reach out to my loan officer to say I found one I see A pending offer on the home you have. Except for all of the homes looking the same, what I have now term “California ugly“ they all look the same inside. I sure miss 10 years ago when you could find old homes that actually were old homes inside and not a version of what the state is not. But as far as your site, the only request I have is that you put up the realtors number, because I do not have a realtor do not plan on getting a realtor, and would like to reach out and make offers but cannot because it says there’s no one in this area. I leave a phone number and it says someone will call me back… They never do. But as far as the listings… You guys have them… I want to buy them… Come on help me! This was written with love though ❤️
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7 years ago, PennyS1
Started out my Go-To, now lacking.
While zillow's estimates are hugely inaccurate, Realtor misses the mark by not including FSBO listings, and direct links to the county records. Also, when a house sells, it just disappears now, where it use to say "recently sold" for a time. While I prefer the format and map drawing etc to others, it could be improved. I also wish that it would add the option to search my school district! UPDATE: where it use to say “recently sold” now it shows active way past when it is pending and then disappears. Also, less previously sold at information has been available for some time. It’s gotten worse instead of better. 😞 UPDATE after programmer response: I don’t believe it is because incorrectly labeled, but not updated and out of date information. I have not seen a “recently sold” for many many months. I have turned to other apps more frequently. Maybe with all the celebrity ads you can’t afford to keep the app relevant?
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3 years ago, crews bank
Almost the best.
This app could have a few more features because it’s supposed to be. The best app for regular real estate house buying. ForExample requiring owners of properties or realtors to post 100 pictures minimum of the property to cover all the closets special rooms or features of the property house. Plus if there’s any damage to the house it should be noted in a different section. Plus with repair people able to pay a subscription fee $.99 to post that they fix things on this app that need to be fixed such as gutters pools pool remodeling. Home remodeling Electricians. Allow them to post their work here too and Able somebody. That likes the property survey it with them. And realtor makes money from charging 70 but only keeping 20. The more features this app has the better. Requiring all properties to use Matterport with their properties is the most that needs to come to.
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3 years ago, Dovehand
Not enough info, difficulty opening each listing
Zillow is so much better Developer asked that I give more info about my experience by clicking more, then feedback. Using my iphone I had to stumble around to find ‘more’, then couldn’t find ‘feedback’ anywhere. It was a similar experience when searching condos on my ipad too. The main problem I had was when I would click on a property that had more than a few units available. A small pop-up screen revealed access to 4-6 properties, but I couldn’t find a way to the remaining ones. When a realtor made calls for me on several properties I was interested in, many of them were for investors only. No filter for that or the cash only properties. I can’t recall specifics now but recall being frustrated returning to a previous screen and stumbling about to find what I wanted.
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5 years ago, mganda
So helpful
Great app very informative, helpful to know status of sales especially if the property has already accepted an offer- which Zillow does not tell you. Wish there was an area for personal notes we could individually write as reminders to ourselves that would be seen just within our own login pages. Or a “thumbs down or X or no” button to remind us not to open up the page we opened up before (maybe just viewable to ourselves). Would be helpful even if we can see that we have viewed it already. Also wish there was a button for all the open houses that are available or upcoming weekends/days. Even better if they could be plotted on a map so it could help with planning since most open houses are on weekends for only 2 hours and all at the same time. Just wish lists but otherwise a great app.
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5 years ago, Cherished03
Update has improved
Update 2: Finally fixed and working like it used to. No errors and able to easily search for homes in specific areas that I draw on the map. Great app again! Update: The app is still buggy and frequently tells me that something is wrong. But if I delete and reinstall, I can get it to work for those settings and for days it will work properly. If I want to change any of the filters o the map then I have to delete and reinstall again. It has improved The update broke my app. It can’t find properties. If it does find properties it completely ignores the map you’ve drawn. It also refuses to let you change any filter before it gives you the “oops... something’s wrong” sign. So annoyed Update: Deleted and reinstalled three times. Same issues. I won’t reinstall until it’s fixed
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3 years ago, Javagirlz
Love this app!
1) I wish we could also star (heart) sold properties because they have features we are looking for. Or we’re tracking sold prices so we know what to expect. Easier to find later that way, too. 2) it would be far more useful to search by a neighborhood or to choose our own boundaries. Zip codes are ok, but they often stray into other neighborhoods that I am not interested in. A simple map function to be able to click and drag the street boundaries would be super! 3) In fact, giving us a preview map with boundaries outlined when we start a search would be ideal. And you could still show us other property listings as dots outside the boundaries. Then we could see what’s near the school we are aiming to live close to, etc. Thanks!
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3 years ago, Giegercounter
Great app
Update; extremely annoying that in the middle of looking at a listing the map will suddenly move to a close up of three road in Kansas. So I’m looking in Florida, boom, I’m in KS. Incredibly annoying after 3rd or 4th time in 20 minutes. Another very annoying bug is that if I’m manually searching on the map, moving around in an area it continually focuses in on a random listing, this also happens repeatedly. Removing a star as all the bugs take the fun and functionality out of using. Great app with a few quirks. Updates needed. Annoying on latest is when you put an address in the search line and search it doesn’t change the map, you have to select the list view to see the property then map on that page. Also there is often information missing, such as square feet of a home which is easy to look up on Zillow but odd it’s not on the listing.
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7 years ago, Psabharwal
Finding home
Very easy to use app. My husband and I share it, that way we have one list. Dislike: The first problem is getting rid of homes we are no longer interested in, if you remove the heart “like” button, they still continue to show up in your list and you continue to receive updated information, even when they are in contingent status or off the market. So I had to give it a 4. Also , in my iPad more than one house details will be open at one time, one left and one on right , and it’s annoying and distracting. One last thing: if you fond the 360 videos bothersome, let’s face it sometimes a god send , sometimes horrible waste of time. If you see 360 available, and you don’t want to deal , just go directly to the second photo and start your photo image search there, the first photo is a 360 looping trap, you’re welcome. :) Likes: I do like to open the 3D and satellite view at the same time ( oddly found under the nearby school area, should be just an option right on the photo area). This ( 3D/satellite) viewing option gives me an idea of roads, highways, bridges, town center, and immediate neighborhood configuration; because I love a birds eye view of my next home. Yes, I know about Google, but I don’t want to have to go out of the app ( while searching) to view my potential new home.
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4 years ago, nicksanders
Not Enough Search Criteria
Looking for houses with the master bedroom downstairs? Can’t search for that. Need a three car garage? Can’t search for that. So you’ll spend a lot of time combing through listings when a simple filter expansion would be so easy for the developers to include. UPDATE: Just received a reply from the developer, and in it, they have misrepresented the app’s capabilities. (1) They indicate that one can specify a 3 car garage in the “amenities” filter - that is not truthful at all. One can select “Parking/Garage,” but there is no further criteria option available. That’s of very little help, if any, when virtually every home in my search area has a 2-car garage. (2) The mention that the app doesn’t have the ability to specify the floor that the MBR is on, yet MLS records the level on which the MBR exists., ie, lazy developers. Same could be said for the garage, as most MLS listings will indicate the number of covered parking spaces. Tip: When replying to a review, keep in mind that the person leaving the review might just be a Realtor AND and IT pro, meaning the BS detector works well...
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11 months ago, Member of “the rest of us"
Can’t delete saved search criteria
The app was really useful at first and I liked getting notifications of houses newly listed in this dry market, but there are search criteria I’d like to delete but can’t. So now I have a dozen or so saved searches. I even sent a request for help on the feedback link but the person who replied apparently did not take time to carefully read what I wrote and replied to a completely irrelevant question. I checked on a search engine how to delete them and found outdated instructions that say to click on an ‘c’ that simply does not exist. So now I am getting push notifications for houses in areas where I do not want to live. I don’t know how to fix this, so I changed my notification preference to “none” but am still getting inundated with emails with listings for houses in the wrong zip codes. I think at this point, I will just delete my account.
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3 years ago, AniRodman
Ar mebloppp
The App is very helpful, but the map needs work. It worked nicely for at least the last couple of years. Now there are performance issues with the map. Each time I want to use it (which is often), I open it and it displays the entire USA and i have to drill down to the exact spot where the property is located - for each property! It used to be if you open the map, you were at the place where property is located and you could expand it to show a greater area if you wanted. Also, sometimes the flag for the property is not anchored and the ability to find the location is impossible! Hope it is fixed soon. I have talked to others using the same app on the Apple iphone and they have the same problem.
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3 years ago, discount shopp
Great 85% of the time
Love the app (better than web), but it can be glitchy. We’re in the midst of applying for preapprovals. My hubby and I have been riding around different parts of town to get a feel for the neighborhoods and to determine which side of town we prefer... so we use current location a lot as we ride through town to see the range of prices in the neighborhood nearby. I expected the app to auto refresh (while in motion) but it doesn’t . It gets stuck, and I have to manually refresh as we ride slowly through the neighborhood or hit reset to make the app respond. The reset command often won’t reset completely ( as in the city and the filters) remain the same... that’s a bit annoying And when I use the map view.... the dot that is supposed to be us disappears after a second or two.... so we toggle between Zillow and maps app.
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3 years ago, Mogo rules12312341
Values of homes is a joke!!!'n
I looked up your so called appraisal of my home snd my next door neighbors home and you have his home valued at 10,000 less than mine. His home is 1,000 square feet mine is 2090 square feet including a 1500 square foot garage. His garage is probably 200 square feet at best and also functions as his laundry room. I have 4 huge bedrooms and he has 2 bedrooms that would fit into 1 of mine. My yard is completely landscaped with a huge circular driveway and his yard is a big steep hill. Prior to his buying the home it was a bird farm for over 30 years 100's of birds lived inside and outside in large cages. When you have the audacity to put that kind of value on that home its a joke. His home is the smallest and by far worst property in our neighborhood.
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5 years ago, Thisguytomthisnameismine
Easy to use
Great app to search homes all around. Used it to find the home we bought just about a year ago. Our realtor actually said this is one of the few online real estate sites/apps that are actually up to date as far as properties going on sale and also being taken off the market. The only reason I gave 4 stars and not 5 is because it would be better if there were some changes to the filters you can apply. For example we’re looking at a home in Florida. We would like a home with a pool or a home in a community that has a pool but it seems like you can filter only one or the other. Also with that same search we keep coming across what look to be great homes only to find out they are 55+ communities so a filter to exclude those types would be helpful. Even with that though still a great app and tool.
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5 years ago, Kiwipeanut9299
Pretty good
I’ve used this app so much over the past decade. A couple of things that could be improved are that sometimes not all schools are listed, sometimes a home will appear available but hasn’t actually been built yet. I also see homes for sale in our area that do not show up on the map. I was using it intensely for a while when making a long distance move about 4 years ago and noticed that after so much use it would log me out and not allow me back on for about a day without any explanation, just kind of like my time was up. I do like how everything else works. It would also be nice if realtors weren’t allowed to submit photos where they have altered the pic by widening a room. It’s dishonest. It can usually be spotted but in some cases it wasted our time with showing for narrow kitchens and baths and bedrooms.
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5 years ago, Vegas JennM
Love this app!
It’s the perfect app for anyone on the hunt. Picture quality is excellent- listing details, property history and school info, etc., are spot on. App is also extremely easy to use without ANY pressure to buy or annoying phone calls. They really leave all control in our hands and let us set the pace. Love it! Map is interactive, listing and search radius are helpful. The only drawback is increasing number of 3D tour listings. I’d like to see an option to view pictures OR tour the listing. The 3D aspect isn’t all that user friendly and is time consuming. Viewing pictures is my preferred method. If I’m ready to tour a home, I’d just as soon tour in person. Still, this is my absolute favorite house shopping app. And, I love knowing I can find a house before a “Not Me” finds it. :)
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3 years ago, Full House x3
I love Realtor over Zillow because it actually shows “pending” homes and I have the ability to remove those from my search. The web version is great because you can see the property lines but I wish that was available on the mobile version. What this app really needs though to stand out is a comment section for potential buyers. I would love to be able to post questions like “Has the buyer lost his/her mind with that asking price?”, “Do you really feel like the house has doubled in value in less than a year?”, or “What am I missing here… is the pool or waterfront not being shown in the pics or description because the price implies it should have one of those at least?”
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6 years ago, Tusabe143
One of the best. Could be better
Out of all the real-estate apps (and as an app developer) this is one of the best. It’s a bit lower to update than others but it’s worth it. The information is presented is a good format. There are some features missing. Hiding houses would be great. Houses that i exclude even though they are with my search params would be great. This would minimize repeat clicking. Comparison: would be better to have an ability to compare listings side by side. Dynamic view: allow me to see the information i want first. Creat different lists not just search/saved lists. I’d like to be able to save houses based on what I’ve seen with filter ability to liked/disliked as well as not show in search results unless changes to listing made. A list of those I’m scheduled to see and able to order by location so i can map a route to see them in. The website has a key feature; to map out a school district that the mobile app does not. It would be great to have this feature in the app. Notes are great, lists are better. A pro/con list would be idea. As well as a way to upload pictures against that pro/con list as a reminder why. I have seen 20 houses in the past few weeks and although i remember the jist of many i can’t remember it all. Having it all in this app would be great.
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3 years ago, GeloNX2K
Best Real Estate App. for Serious People
I like using this application, its really great. Theres many options, settings and tools that custom tailor your experience while using the application and make it fun to look around and search for house or a dream home. Its one of the only applications that I see has listings ranging anywhere from affordable and cheap to million dollar mansions and ANYTHING in between. I love how the app. notifies you of open houses, price changes and new or sold listings. As well tries to broker out some sales by getting you as close to an estimate, the listing agent / seller as possible. This application I feel is a serious one for the serious user. I’ll post another review once I make a purchase and buy my home.
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4 years ago, Techladyred
Better resource than my Realtor
Though I appreciate my Realtor very much, I found my house and many other houses using this app. It was an invaluable resource for finding homes. As a first-time home buyer, I needed my Realtor for the nitty gritty of laws, regulations, deadlines, speaking up for me and asking the right questions. Unfortunately, she was useless when it came to finding property in my city of interest and within my price range. I checked this app everyday and made lists of homes that I wanted to see. She would do the work on the back end to make the viewings happen. Suggestion, use this resource AND find a trustworthy Realtor and you’ll be glad that you did. Also, make sure you give your Realtor permission to be candid and honest based on their experience.
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2 years ago, Robimpac
Poor service
So, the site is ok. Not great, but ok for looking up and perusing properties. There are better places out there. If you have a simple question about a property like, is there a well for instance… or how old is the roof, good luck. DO NOT use the email agent, or contact number. These go to a phone bank. Not a realtor, not the listing agent for sure. They will “set you up with a buyers agent”. So, you want to get that 2 second answer to know if you are even interested? If you use the site, send email, get call to set up realtor, talk to buyers side realtor, they call listing agent and relay that info back to you. As efficient as our government. If you have an agent use them and bypass this mess. If, like me you might be buying within a 4 hour radius, a local agent isn’t driving 4 hours one way every weekend to show me cabins or land. If you do find something, google the agent and call directly. I wouldn’t mention where you found them. The site is a not about service or help, it’s definitely not about home sales. It’s about lead generation and the profit they can make from it. Also, sad that I would have made an over priced offer on a place that sold in 4 days for 5% under asking. Couldn’t get anyone to answer a phone…. It’s a funny world. Rant over. My search is getting there also. I’m not sure not it’s worth the hassle.
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4 years ago, dogcollor
This app is ssososososososoooo helpful. Me and my mom and stepdad are browsing homes and we came across this app on safari and we decided to download it. It has helped us sosoooooo much and we found a home that we really like near us. I so recommend this app to everyone who’s buying a house. Or even the people that aren’t buying one haha. We have tried so many other apps and websites that didn’t work for us but with this app we found our potential future home! Just enter the area your looking at and browse the homes. You can also set filters such as price limits and price minimums. You can also set how many bedrooms and bathrooms you want. You can like a house to save it for you to look at later. Again, I totally recommend! Bye bye now. 👍🏼
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4 years ago, andrite719
Best realty app!
I have had this app for years just playing around dreaming of a time when I can buy a beautiful new home. About a year ago my husband and I decided to upgrade to a larger home, so we started looking through the Realtor app. We used a highly awarded local realtor as well but found more success in this app. I was able to locate our new home before it went on our realtor’s radar. Because of this, we were able to prepare our mortgage preapproval and put in an offer within 2 days of the home going on the market. We won the bid, obviously, and were in our home in less than a month. We commend our realtor but owe our happiness in this new home to the Realtor app. I still find myself browsing homes on this app just for fun.
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4 years ago, anothereview
Not up to date, still not up to date
April 30, 2020 update: The information was accurate back in February 2020, and then I made the mistake of updating in April 2020. Don’t know how long it had been since I had last updated the app. Taking into account developer response, reading other comments....I have given Realtor a 5. It just doesn’t matter. My original review still stands. Information is not updating. Already updated the app again, still shows outdated info from 2015. Before I updated accurate information was showcased. Used to love this app. No I’m not giving realtor feedback every time I see outdated info. That would be a whole neighborhood. If I go back to check other areas it would probably wind up being the whole city. Besides not my job to update by giving feedback every time I see wrong information on an app that used to work. ____________________________________________ Showing inaccurate information. At the very minimum shows what is for sale. The information for the property not updating like it used to. Updated app twice, still showing inaccurate information.
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7 years ago, Prezaplus3
Most updated......needs improvement !!!
I really enjoy having the convenience of the app, however we are looking at properties out of town and we are relying on the accuracy of the listed properties on the app and have come across several listings that are still showing active on the app and come to find out the home is either under contract or has been sold. We recently took a trip to one of the locations we are considering moving too and ran into those circumstances on two out of the five homes that interested us, which overall isn’t very good odds. So I am not sure if it’s the realtors who aren’t communicating or ??? But if this could be updated to represent the commercials that are being aired that would be a wonderful improvement. Because I seriously doubt we are the only ones relying on the accuracy of the listings being provided on the app.
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6 years ago, Steven H. Michigan
President Wrege’s Fish CO.
The best of the best! This app has so many useful features. The search feature is so well Designed it crushes any other App hands down. The my listing feature stores your favorite homes; specific searches You choose. Homes you have made Contact for more information and or Viewing. As information on homes Available change ie:price reductions Or whether it has a pending offer Or is no longer available for sale It updates and allows you to view new information on stored properties. Your favorites are sorted by recently Added lowest or highest or if you choose by city. It even gives you The sold price as property is marked As not for sale. The notifications feature if chosen Will send a notification to you as Price reductions happen. The news feature is especially useful for those moving to a new City or state. With articles on renting Verses buying trends. Endless information for investors or buyers And renters! Another feature found under the more section is sign snap where That is just what you do take a picture of the realtor for sale sign And it takes you to the property Information! I Highly recommend this app
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4 years ago, 🏐🏀Baller🏀🏐
Can’t get much better💗
Perfect!! It has everything you need to know about the house that your looking at!! All you have to do is put a filter in for what you want in a house like a recommended price and bedroom/bathroom number and than once your done with that you put in the location that your looking to find a house at which most of the time already has it there ready for you, than you look at houses and his has many to choose from and it’s easy to use it has a good picture of the house and you tap on that and there you go a bunch of pictures of the selected house and the realtor and more🎉 I definitely recommend this app!!💕 It does all the work for you and it’s very updated unlike some of its competitors.
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6 years ago, Whilloba
Most Accurate Home Site I’ve Seen
I’ve been using Realtor for well over two years now to browse homes and of the five different sites I’ve used this is by far the most functional and up to date of any. The layout of information and the way the maps work make for great ease of use but it is the accuracy of the listings that makes it hands down a first class site for those searching for homes. I’ll always use Realtor first and foremost if I’m really seeking information I can be confident in when home searching. I just wish the front picture when signing on would get changed more often to varying beautiful homes. Gets really boring and old for us who use a lot to see the same thing for months on end.
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6 years ago, coterack
Helpful, But...
It’s kinda slow. Also, MANY established listings are not included with no obvious reason that I can figure out. The filters need an update from IT or the developer as they are not reliable and need more applicable options such as keywords or ways to search “beach” homes with more ease regardless of where the homes are located.... just give me ALL my beach options throughout the country! What I do like is the aerial view that shows price and location. Many Americans are approaching retirement and looking for attractive options outside of our areas or regions. We want to search the USA. We want to MOVE, but don’t know where? Looking for properties based on desirable lifestyles. Can the developers add more filters such as “beach” or “farm” or “cabin,” etc., that populate results per the whole USA vs. certain zips and radius?
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