RealVNC Viewer: Remote Desktop

4.8 (13.8K)
11.6 MB
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Current version
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for RealVNC Viewer: Remote Desktop

4.78 out of 5
13.8K Ratings
4 years ago, Eragon3650
Some one I know recommended this program to me while I was working on a project with a RPi (Raspberry Pi) and it was life changing (I was originally using this on my laptop). When I found out that they had an iOS app devoted to VNC Viewer, I couldn’t help but download it immediately and setup every computer I had access to with VNC Server (and sometimes VNC Viewer). I’ve created a RPi google calendar display since then, and the number of times this has saved me from having to find micro USB adapters and a keyboard just to get rid of some annoying pop up boxes or a random glitch is astronomical. I love the app, I feel as if they have done a really good job integrating the features from the PC version to the mobile device version. The only thing I wish they could change about the app (unless they already have this) is the option for audio to play on the connected device. This would be really useful from a productivity perspective (and also great from a prankster’s perspective. Never gonna give you up...)
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6 years ago, Heiva Kelley
Skeptical at first, but it’s AWESOME!
I wasn’t expecting too much from this app because it’s free and because I figured that it was probably more a gimmick than a productivity tool. Boy was I wrong. I try to install this directly onto a vpn, that didn’t work, so I installed in on my home computer and now I have access to both my computer and my full VPN from the home computer desktop, from my phone. I just made my phone 100 times more powerful. I can actually do anything now on the go, if I really have to. It’s unbelievable! And the controls work well; never had an issue with the keyboard, the gestures like tap and hold to move objects work well, and the mouse tool works well. Not sure about some of the negative reviews, but this app has changed my life, my view of my phone, and the things I can get done. I have now recommended this app to several people, some just couldn’t believe a phone could do that. And it’s free!! I am using an iPhone X by the way. No issues. Thank you devs for this app.
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3 years ago, ChorltonDaDragon
Love it, but it has a big bug…
There’s been a huge bug in this for a while, and it took me a while to be able to reproduce it. If you connect to a Mac (OS 11.4 although it’s been there for a few versions). Full screen app mode on a Mac works by assigning a desktop to the App, many full screen apps = many desktops. VncViewer locks out when switching between desktops. Steps to reproduce, open any two applications, TextEdit and Safari would be an example, but it doesn’t matter as long as they support full screen app mode, then just click from one app to the other using the icon on the bottom bar, it freezes and then you need to reconnect, it also happens when opening an application that was previously closed in full screen mode. Same problem, it’s switching to another desktop.
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4 years ago, Pretze
Not as great as it could be.
I tried it out and it was working well but it was a little frustrating to have a perfectly fine mouse paired with my iPad and having to resort to using my fingers to move the cursor like some sort of a caveman. Also, my desktop has two monitors which resulted it an unpleasant experience where my entire screen would move if I moved the mouse. However I resolved that last issue by just turning off one of the screens entirely. It would be nice to have a feature to switch between the screens in the future though. Overall, I can tell why people would find this app useful, but to me it just seems too simple for what it could be. I’d rather wait for a better version or an update. I only see myself using this in an emergency where I forgot to submit a project that’s only saved on my computer which is too rare to be worth the $40 a year and it frustrates me because I want it to be good and I want to have access to my high end PC anywhere I go but it’s just not comfortable enough to use.
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4 years ago, MultiplePuns
I've been looking for a remote desktop client to use on my iPad to control my Windows 10 PC. So far, this is the only one where the keyboard actually works correctly--ie ALL the keys work, not just the letters, and this applies to ALL applications, not just select ones (not even Microsoft's own RD client does this). This applies to both the magnetic type cover and a third-party Bluetooth keyboard I have. My only gripes are how it handles mouse input from iPad. I'm using a third-party bluetooth mouse, for the record, not an Apple one (those are nasty). 1. "Mouse mode" doesn't work. My mouse is not read at all unless it's left on touchscreen mode. Counterintuitive... 2. Scroll wheel doesn't work at all. 3. In "touchscreen mode", you are forced to look at the ugly grey circle Apple adds as a mouse cursor which isn't perfectly in-line with the actual cursor on Windows 10 (which is invisible in this mode), so it can be kind of annoying if you're trying to click on something with precision.
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6 years ago, Jerrythea
Best vnc viewer, and issues with iPad Pro 10.5" resolved!
Update again on February 19: With combination of latest VNC update (3.4.0) and iOS 11.2.5, the app crashing issue seems to be resolved. Thanks again to the great support and software from RealVNC! -- Updated February 19: The update just pushed out today (3.4.0) definitely made an attempt at dealing with app crashes on iPad Pro 10.5" using smart keyboard. Most of the time, the single quote and double quote work just fine. However, the pesky app crash still occurs, but much less often. I tried playing with all of the keyboard settings, both for physical and logical keyboard, on iOS settings pages without complete success. I will update my support request with this latest feedback... --- I saw the developer response to the sudden crash when using the quote or double quote key on the iPad Pro hardware keyboard (not bluetooth). I tried the workaround by turning off auto punctuation, but the app. still is crashing. At least I know what key causes it now, but this is extremely frustrating. I have been using Real VNC products pretty much from the very beginning, and have always been impressed with the quality of the products. Please push out a fix for this ASAP and I will add a star back to this review.
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3 years ago, BiggieMike527
Works great in a pinch
I have VNC server installed on a home computer that I access media from outside of the home. This works really well if I need to remote into my computer to fix something or move a folder around. I also have VNC viewer installed on my main computer and use that to access my home server computer instead of going down to the basement. The software is actually really easy to use, I don’t really know a lot about networking and things like that and I was able to figure it out. If you had a little keyboard and mouse connected to your phone you can get a lot done remotely, I just use the touch screen controls because I’m normally in and out, and they were great and are intuitive.
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1 year ago, rocky67z
Why only 3 stars?
First of all … I am a big fan and proponent of RealVNC, VNC Server and VNC Viewer. Unfortunately, I’m disappointed that the VNC Viewer app is just lagging specific to today’s mobile devices. It is now common for me to connect my iPad Pro M2 to a 4K monitor using an external keyboard and mouse … or using my Logitech Keyboard. The VNC Viewer App can only be used with the touch screen (which has served me well for a long time), but when using a trackpad or mouse, it is UNUSABLE. In 2023, this is unacceptable as mobile devices such as the iPad Pro with M2 are effectively replacing laptops. If I’m going to control my remote systems, I now have to switch over to my HP laptop and use my VNC Viewer application on my laptop. I look forward to the day I can discard my laptop in favor of a single mobile computing device and we are now closer than ever. Unfortunately, RealVNC is not keeping up with mobile device capability.
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4 years ago, Figmo the great and powerful
Not for IOS with Mouse
Used this for a few months using just my fingers to operate it. Clumsy - but useable interface with your fingers. I wouldn’t want to work all day like this - but I could get all my tasks done remotely this way. Slower than if I had a keyboard and mouse - but it got the job done. I wanted to make it faster to use so I went out and bought a $200 Bluetooth keyboard and mouse for my iPad (which works GREAT on the iPad, BTW) But, That just made THIS app WORSE To scroll the screen (I have multiple monitors on my Windows remote computer) you have to hold the mouse button down as you move past the edge of the iPad screen. And even then, it scrolls very slowly. Worse, because you have to hold the button down as you move the mouse - you are now dragging and selecting stuff on the remote computer all the time. Also - there is no right click. Really??? This is a standard Windows UI feature that many Windows apps (in my case just about all) depend on. Most apps have menu hotkeys to work around this - but not for everything. I’m constantly having to reach up and use my fingers to operate the remote computer using this app. So - if you think this app will work with a mouse on your iOS device - don’t waste your time. Or you’ll find yourself like me....wasting too much time just trying to control your remote computer.
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4 years ago, KZak80
One of the best Remote Viewers ever!!!
I have tried many types of Remote Viewers and overall they were the same when connected to the same network. However, when away from my office or even in another state is where VNC Viewer separates itself from others. It can connect flawlessly within seconds with an intuitive UI/UX layout. I still can’t believe it’s a free version, which many long time users would gladly pay for it. It’s hands down the best utility app in my arsenal. Daily/Weekly usage allows me to be productive no matter where I am at, especially when needing to use a laptop web browser for full functionality. Keep up the great work!!! Loyal long term user that suggests anyone looking for the best Viewer to get this app.
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5 years ago, ManifoldSky
Works well (when it works)
As the title says, it works greater than when it's actually working. However, it has the annoying habit of timing out a connection but no way to set the time out value. So if you have to switch to another app, if you don't return to VNC Viewer almost immediately, you get logged out, not only from the app, but the entire remote user account as well, forcing you to first find the machine again, reconnect to that machine, then log into the user account. All the while the display on the actual remote machine has switched to the login page. This makes some uses... problematic. In addition, the UI begins to bog down after about thrity minutes. The cursor, initially synced exactly between the two devices, begins to lag, often by seconds, making use very difficult.
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2 years ago, Hoai Anh Ho
Free and excellent
I rarely write feedbacks about an app except it is very good or bad. Luckily, this app is the one I like very much. I was using Teamviewer to monitor some computers in my lab but I used it occasionally. But Teamsviewer now is not free at all, it asks me to buy a lot of time and restricts the time I can take a look at my devices. I would like to buy it but the price is high for a student like me. That was why I found out this app. It is really really nice. The way it works is a little bit different from Teamsviewer but it is worth to use it. I am happy with the app and strongly recommend if you are looking for an alternative of your old remote program. Thank the team for developing this app. I appreciate it.
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3 years ago, hubayduben123
Some minor issues
Sometimes, what I’m viewing on my phone will freeze and I’ll have to close the app and reopen it and connect. Also, if your desktop is in portrait mode rather than landscape, it will not come through. For some reason, that just doesn’t work. But, other than that, it’s great. I use use it everyday, quite a lot in fact. My office is upstairs but often I need access to my computer downstairs so rather than carry it around I just remotely access my computer with my iPhone. It’s much easier to work on google sheets or excel with this app than their own iPhone apps.
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7 months ago, #actorstakenotes
Makes My Raspberry Pi a *R E A L* Treat !
Use the Real VNC to make a headless remote connection to my RPi Zero W and RPi 3B+ on my iPad screen . Either use the LAN to access with Real VNC , plus do it using your device as a hotspot for the RPi or even vice versa and GO MOBILE. No internet connection required , but go ahead surf the net if you do , no problem ! Remote connection to your device over the internet is also possible , but I have never been in need of such application 🧐 although Real VNC also delivers the goods here as well , fear not 😱🚫 Plus lots of great and detailed information on their website for users wishing to try all the myriad of features . Real VNC is the best part of having a computer that fits in your pocket !
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9 months ago, Justsomeotherguyagain
Incredible versatility
I use the Lite version for accessing my home server using phone or tablet as well as at home from my office laptop. Many thanks to RealVNC for their support of the home user. Many use cases for business productivity when VPN is not practical or available. Admittedly use on an iPhone is a bit clunky and I wouldn’t want to spend much time on it, but via a tablet (bigger screen) or even better, a laptop makes it just like you’re at your desk. Still, for a few minutes of admin work on the go, this is perfect. Zero perceived latency and a fairly light footprint. Great job RealVNC!
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3 years ago, DannyDevitoTheHotDorrito
Acceptable client, but lacking important features and bad performance
Hey, a pi enthousiast and software dev here. I installed this client in order to program mi pi from my iPad Pro, and while it does work, it has some major flaws which force me to reccomend a better but overpriced client. There is no mouse support, and you must use the extremely clunky and poorly designed touch system with your mouse, and it doesn’t allow you to use functions such as zooming out or right clicking when using one. The performance is lackluster and can be much better when using something like tight vnc on pc or screen on iOS. I reccomend buying Screens if you want all those flaws fixed, from my experience its the best vnc client for iOS but it is horrendously overpriced at 20$
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8 months ago, pbibm
Back after long break
I used VNC in the early 2000s to manage remote desktops in one location, and headless workstations at another. I could always count on it. Now I have a device that is managed by an app on a w10 home workstation that is not in a convenient location, and I have a ipad. I can't use RDP and looked once again at VNC. I'm pleased to see that its alive and well, and has a secure "cloud" reverse proxy set up.. no more opening firewall ports. Its worth the charge, my other option was to get a could w10-11 workstation that would cost at least 3 times as much. It solves cross platform remote access securely
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1 year ago, tgimagine
Recent change hinders productivity
Use this app every single week, love it! However a recent change got rid of cursor inertia. I use VNC with a multi monitor setup. I used to be able to ‘flick’ the cursor and it would continue to move, like an iOS selection list. Flick harder, it moves further. Flick it softer, less movement. Now as soon as your finger leaves the touch screen, the cursor stops it’s movement entirely. You cannot use inertia to move the cursor and it just takes much longer to move cursor across the monitor (let alone multiple monitors). This change was made in the last 15-30 days or so. Small change, but completely obliterated my productivity within the app. Please at least add a setting to turn this function on or off. Thank you for your time!!
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4 years ago, IR0NCH3F
Hope for better mouse support soon
I’ve been using this for a few months now, and I only recently discovered the fact that iPadOS will allow me to connect my bluetooth Logitech mouse. I know that the next iPadOS build will support mice, so it would be awesome if the VNC team were able to support direct input from the mouse via the iPad to directly control the mouse in VNC Viewer, with the correct right/left click functionality. Currently, the mouse left click functions like your finger, and right click opens the accessibility menu. It would be cool to be able to customize all the mouse buttons so that VNC Viewer has unique controls.
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5 years ago, MickeyMar!
Awesome app! Smooth and easy to use!
I’ve been using another large company app for years, but their prices have skyrocketed and I only need it now and then to connect to check certain personal files or documents or to show people how to do something! Installed it today following the steps and was able to connect to my desktop from my phone literally in about five minutes! Then I was able install on my other computer too! I haven’t tried it out in the world with normal cell reception data but on Wi-Fi, it’s smooth and no staggering mouse cursor etc. Best all it’s free for personal use! AAA+++
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6 years ago, Ehn167
Very Easy to Use. Occasionally Unreachable but Still Great Overall
Sometimes it says that the server isn't currently listening for connections. But it usually works if you exit and try again in like 10-15 minutes. Other than that, this app is great (and free!). I'm only using this to monitor 2 Windows 10 OS computers from my mac. But this is definitely a service that I would subscribe to when the time comes. I mean just look at the fact that the developer actually responds to reviews. At least for me, it really shows that RealVNC cares about the customer and their experience.
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7 years ago, redbone-anonymous
VNC delivers
You need to sign up with VNC, and that's easy and free. Works very well for what I need to use it for, which is random laptop check ups, file updating, & web design. Connects quickly and has a pretty intuitive interface. Not the best graphically, but I don't need that to be upscale & pixel perfect. Very smooth scrolling--impressive. Hit or miss on clicking, especially on the edges of the screen. I have an iPhone SE with a small screen, so that is likely why. And here we have a fully functional & free Remote Desktop app. Thank you! Works exactly as I imagined it would.
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7 months ago, asherbanipal111
Great app — except for one thing
I have been using VNC viewer for a while now and I think it’s a good app for VNC viewing in terms of features — except for one thing. I would give an extra star if there were an option to scale the remote display to fit the iPad screen kinda like the macOS version, because I will say that it’s a bit (understatement) distracting to have the entire screen shift just because the mouse cursor is moving. I think I can speak for quite a few other people when I say that I would like this feature in a future update. Otherwise, great app and keep up the good work!
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1 month ago, blakeroyer34
Good app, doesn’t work with Stage Manager External setup at all
If you open this app on an external display, it gives you zero options to control or select a remote connection. If you open the app from the iPad, the viewer hijacks your entire external display. You can’t use your external mouse or keyboard to easily control the remote viewer, the mouse won’t move across the entire display. The keyboard doesn’t work until you click the keyboard button on the iPad display. When you actually try to type, every single keypress pops up a box that requires you to “Allow Paste” or “Disallow Paste” making it completely useless and infuriating. Please fix this and make it usable on an external display with Stage Manager.
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3 years ago, Adam Reisenauer
Great Support!
I was originally using Chrome Remote Desktop, as I was too stupid to use X11VNC. I have Arch Linux as my host, and as it being arch every Xfvb update would break Chrome Remote Desktop. I eventually gave up trying to fix this, and decided to finally go the VNC route. I was not disappointed. Before, CRD wouldn’t even register my ARROW KEYS. Now, in addition to the extra keyboard (a feature I will forever treasure) I have the full functionality of my computer at my fingertips. It is a game changer. 10/10 Would 100% recommend
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2 years ago, he's a iucjegieg
This app is my only reviewed app
And it deserves it, apps like any desk try their best to rip off VNC viewer/server’s features but they don’t do it justice. Every time I am at work or out with friends and I forgot a picture, a file, etc ok just login to VNC and bam problem solved. If I need to restart my PC VNC viewer is the only remote app where I can even connect before I’m logged in to enter my PIN number. 10/10 would vnc into my home pc while out at a concert just to move some important files on my company FTP again!
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2 years ago, Mr. A Person
I love it
I really like this app. Not a single flaw. (Not that I've found anyway). One suggestion that I would give is to use 3D Touch on the devices that have it so you don't have to lift your finger every time you click. I find myself sometimes pressing down instead of lifting and tapping because I'm so used to my laptop trackpad. Another suggestion is to forward audio from the server to the client. Other than that, five out of five stars.
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3 years ago, Inspiredthoughts
Not suitable for beginner but it will work
I have spent hours following many tutorials …I say I am a beginner but I do know the basics. Ok…I figured it out…there needs to me more clarity on download page. One can be led to assume they are proceeding with the proper download and never realize the difference between the viewer download and the server. And the password issue again is just another example of lack of clarity. I can not justify giving this five stars as of right now. Part of an application is rated on the ability to instal. I look forward to testing this app out more and possibly revisiting this review.
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6 years ago, Great ASK
Great App
I have been using another desktop remote for years and been struggling with connectivity. This product is dependable and communicates accurate with my remote desktop. For years, the other product would duplicate, delete or make my life miserable when I was traveling and needed access to my computer at home. I have not yet tested it from abroad, but I so far it has made my access much easier here in the US.
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7 years ago, thicklord
Great app besides feature removal
Devs removed the toolbar to stay at the bottom of the screen. Occasionally pops up if I try to swipe up. Only appears when first connecting. Therefore I have to restart the app for it to appear again. Will gladly change this rating/review if the option is added to the settings or reimplemented or if I am missing something please let me know. EDIT: Thank you guys ! I feel dumb for not noticing the pin feature but the response is much appreciated !
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4 years ago, Redreaper
Fantastic app and service
This is the most amazing service and great app to go with it. The only thing that they need to add is support for touchpad and keyboard. Using it with the ipad is great but it would be an even more power tool if it worked seamlessly with the magic keyboard case and other accessories. I hope they decide to add support soon. Keep up the good work people and I will continue to support and recommend this service to all that I know.
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4 years ago, nakago
Surprise! Another subscription model
Update: I’ve already deleted the app and gave $20 to a competitor due to the sneaky practice. Glad it was reverted back, but the damage is done. An app that has been used for free for years is now adding $9.99 subscription to access services built into macOS. Your choice is to not be able to update your apps with “Update all” and leave this on an old version, or fork over some cash to continue using without ads. I’ll take door number 3 and give my money to someone that isn’t going to just suddenly start charging. I have no problems paying for an app, but this habit of developers is becoming quite obnoxious. Bye VNC viewer... you were awesome for a real long time.
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2 years ago, Doggo Mara
Works Great but Needs better iPad Support
I’ve been using RealVNC’s services for almost 7 years now and they haven’t skipped a beat with their products. Recently I picked up an iPad Pro with a Magic Keyboard/Trackpad cover and realized this app has no good support for the trackpad. The mouse does not follow my trackpad’s circle, which would be fantastic, and because of this controlling my desktop from my iPad is not an easy task. I love using VNC Viewer from my old MacBook Air, so it saddens me to see the experience is not the same here. s
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6 years ago, Yay, Gromit!
Flawless remote access
Best Remote Desktop access app I’ve found after an extensive search and testing. And it is at a price I can easily justify for something I don’t use often. But when I need it, it is a lifesaver! Works better, less laggy, fewer drops than TeamViewer. Setup may or may not have been convoluted... I don’t really remember that phase at this point. Once it was up and though, it has been smooth sailing. It just does what it promises, efficiently. 👍👍
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6 years ago, Rickee_k
Great Remote access app
Not going to lie, this app and the control it provides has saved me more time at work than I ever thought possible. I can set my renders to start before I get into work so I can have them finished by the time my commute ends. It help in live projection as well so I can turn all my projector on and warmed up before I even step foot in the venue. 5 across the board for ease of use, yet complex enough to deliver what is needed. And great support as well
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5 years ago, Lorenzo Dutcher
Switched to VNC
I used another App for years. However since 3 months they insisted I am a commercial user (i have a total of 3!!! computers, of which 2 are video servers i use the remote control for). I switched to VNC and have never regretted it. App works great, VNC offers free use for privat non commercial users AND clearly outlines the limits of this privat use. Connections are fluid even remote access over Internet, not only in the local WLAN. Perfectly happy and strongly recommend the app.
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7 years ago, Big Seahorse
This app is absolutely wonderful. It’s the best way to control a desktop computer from my phone. Setup is super easy. Only possible room for improvement would be fixing the slight lag but I imagine that with the current infrastructure around the app, we will have to wait. I also predict that when that infrastructure does improve, this dev will be one of the first to optimize and create an amazing experience for the user at a fair price.
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5 years ago, EEAndersen
Works great, no issue
I am able to access my devices from anywhere in the country (no doubt anywhere in the world). Most of my use is iOS to PC and Linux Raspberry Pi. Sometimes it is a challenge to use a phone as the viewer, but only from a screen size perspective. The only time I ever had any trouble was when I was running out of date server software and as soon as I fixed that, well, my problem went away!
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2 years ago, Definition by character
App missing key feature
I am really liking the app. It beats parallels at connections. VNC connections are rock solid. Parallels keeps disconnecting and for some computers, you can’t even connect. However, parallels navigation is very smooth and useful. VNC is also smooth and I actually want to buy a subscription, however, the best mode I prefer, the “panel mode” does not have right click ability. Contacted support and they said they are working on it. So if this comes to VNC, I’ll definitely give a 5 star. Hope it comes soon so I can subscribe before another remote app steals me away :-)
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4 years ago, StriloOregon
Paywall garbage
Edit: They reverted to the previous non pay walled version but that’s too late. It’s clear the developers will eventually go this route. But hey I am glad they did this. It forced me to find a different VNC app that I actually like better. Deleted this one off my phone and I won’t look back. Original review: This app has been free to use for years and suddenly with no warning, it costs $10 a year? No thanks. Absolutely terrible service. And by the way, even when I watch the stupid ad, there’s no way past the paywall except to subscribe. I deleted this garbage off my phone. I’d rather not have anything at all than to use software from a company like this.
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2 years ago, nglshmn
The best product out there
In a world where remote control applications have become investment opportunities and prices have gone through the roof, it’s great to find an affordable, yet powerful application that just works. Extremely user-friendly, cross-platform and great value for money, I use it every day from and to various devices and wholeheartedly recommend it.
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6 years ago, WalterHarris93
Sleeping Bug
Great app. Best way to control your computet from your phone hands down! But app os basically useless because for some reason whenever I use the app, my computer screen goes black whenever I put my phone to sleep. Cant use for watching any videos or movies, which is the main reason I use the app. Not sure if its my computer or the network or the app, but it only does this with this app and nothing else. Hopin for an update or something to fix this bug or add options allowing to control sleep and wake time and control.
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5 years ago, Hayden "Quinn" M.
Works Well | Wish Audio was Supported
I am a long-time fan and user of RealVNC ever since I discovered how much more practical this software is compared to similar software such as TeamViewer, TightVNC, etc. Although I am loyal to RealVNC, I would like to see focus and/or development for audio, and more specifically: the ability to monitor audio playback from the host machine - allowing you to listen remotely on the client machine in real-time. Please consider my suggestion, and keep doing what you guys do best. Thank you.
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3 years ago, Germ_27
So easy and convenient!
I can connect to my Mac and HP laptop so well with this app! It doesn’t require a strong connection. If on a Mac with Catalina or Big Sur, google how to use VNC with it because you have to give your Mac the ability to share its screen with VNC, but it’s just one button you press in settings to grant permission. Would recommend! It also worked for my raspberry Pi
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4 weeks ago, rbwatsonjr
Works well to manage personal Macs and PCs in two seasonal homes
I maintain several machines spread across two locations. Real VNC allows me to login and update software in both sites. I now have a paid subscription which allows audio to work as well. Oddly, even when I’m in one location real VNC allows a faster connection than a local direct connection. Go figure.
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2 years ago, RachanM
Awesome tool
I’ve been using VNC for a very long time but the mobile app has been a complete game changer. I work from home, often having to monitor a program running on my work machine. The VNC viewer on phone has eliminated the back and forth to my home office. I can now monitor the program from anywhere in the house - I’m no longer chained to my desk. Highly recommended!
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3 years ago, Everest29028
Works Flawlessly
Been using VNC daily for more than 2 years and it simply always works. From my iPhone or iPad, to my desktop or laptop, on WiFi or mobile - it allows me to access my PCs whenever from wherever. Used other apps, and none worked as quickly, easily or as consistently as VNC. I couldn’t manage my business without it. Worth every penny - highly recommend it.
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7 years ago, : Nobody
Great, great app.
It does everything I need it to flawlessly. I use it multiple times daily to remotely control my home theater pc. Works through a vpn even! Highly recommend. I love that you get 5 computers on your team for free. I hope the devs don't get greedy and end up charge more for them. As the app stands now, sometimes it will glitch and loop through trying to connect, but to fix that just turn on medium quality instead of "auto" and it fixes it.
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5 years ago, Raptor Hawk
Frequent crashing
Mostly works now with iOS 13.1, however I get fairly consistent crashes when I return to VNC after placing it in the background. Hitting the session again immediately crashes to the desktop. Prior review: To date, through Update 6 of iOS Beta 13 this app does not function. If you depend on VNC do not load iOS Beta 13. I’d assume official IOS 13 will be rolling out sometime soon (Apple typically release new products and iOS in September or October). I hope that RealVNC has an iOS 13 ready app quite soon.
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6 years ago, Polydactyl
Enterprise quality app to manage all my remote servers.
Have your desktop computer with you at all times. Running a Windows or MacOS computer is even better with an iPad Pro. Its literally like having a full desktop on your iPad. Complete mouse control including click and drag as well as scroll wheel is available as is a full keyboard with all the extended keys you'd expect on a real keyboard. If you want to access your computer from an outside network, like over an LTE connection you'll need to open up and forward some ports on you home or office router or preferably, for more security, use a VPN. Once properly configured, you'll be able connect to and control your personal computer(s) from anywhere in the world over any network. Highly recommended.
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