Rec Room: Play with Friends

4.8 (673.4K)
2048 MB
Age rating
Current version
Rec Room Inc
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Rec Room: Play with Friends

4.75 out of 5
673.4K Ratings
2 years ago, asgjjyfcdykkij
Opinion towards game and Answers to what people are saying
Hello, I am a fellow RecRoom player. I have been playing the game for about 3 years so far and the experience is amazing, very creative, and exciting. Most people in the reviews as I see, aren’t very happy with the voice chat at all. “There are a lot of kids on there and people are cussing in it” yes, very true of course but that’s how it is. In game or not, people all around you will say bad words, especially along with kids. If you don’t like what people in the game are saying then you can mute them by opening up your watch menu, clicking into the people icon, select nearby, and tap on the persons profile and select mute. If muting doesn’t make you feel any better you may select block. There are a lot of kids on RecRoom, just leave them be and everything will be okay :). If kids on RecRoom make you uncomfortable, you may do what I’ve suggested before, block or mute. Without Voice Chat, the game isn’t as interesting and fun. With Voice Chat, you may make new friends, create new memories, and have more fun with the experiences. I hope you understand and like what I’ve said. Thank you for reading this if you have read the whole thing! :)) -A Fellow Player
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4 months ago, Smallsley
Rec room used to be my favorite game, I met all of my close friends on there, and have been friends for almost four years with them. So it makes me sad to play the game with them and none of us enjoy it anymore because of this. A lot of the new setting updates and UI changes have really been my stopping point, as well as many players I know. When you search through the store now, you see the same public inventions over and over again. I also wish it would keep you position on the scrolling the way it used to (if you click to a different tab and come back you have to re-scroll). I am also very unhappy with the comfort settings. I play in VR often and now if you fly into someone or walk into someone, it puts a circle vignette around your eyes. It is HIGHLY annoying and cannot be disabled. It ruins the experience, I understand it could be to avoid any altercations, but if that’s the case, you can block other players, or have an OPTION to turn this on. I find this new setting very inconvenient and irritating. (I am not talking about the comfort settings, but I’m assuming it is now apart of the personal bubble, even if option is on small, the vignette will come up). I want to be able to be near my friends and SEE. It makes me feel so sick, and I get off a lot sooner, and spend much less time on rec room as whole because of this.
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2 years ago, Hot topic 19191
The Game Is Okay
This game is fun, on an electronic or mobile I would say otherwise. This game is much more fun in Vr where it’s like a roblox experience but real and better graphics. In this game I would say it should be allowed for anyone who knows everything about life and knows every single curse word ever. Being on an junior account is boring but if your are not social, the junior account is best for you. There is a lot of cussing in this game but the fact that the ban time goes way far out is too much. Rec room expects people to be 13 while being able to talk but we all know 13 year olds cuss (a lot). I feel that if you catch them cussing leave them off with a warning letting them know if they do it again they will be banned for 10 days and leave them banned for 1 hour. In roblox I would never have real friends, I wouldn’t even care about them but in rec room I felt so much more closer to them. I would suggest a Vr and to have your mic on to get the best out of this experience it’s a lot cheaper it can be a little toxic but it’s still quality. I would say this is the best game in the world except for the lags and the impatience of th3 moderators when they catch someone lacking.
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2 years ago, sweetlilpear!
I love it, but there are some cons!
This game is what got me back out into a public setting, even if it’s not a face to face interaction, but be that as it may it still drug me out from a deep anxiety and made me more outgoing! However, my only complaint is the people. Yes, I know anyone anywhere on the internet is capable of bullying and harassment, but some people on this app go above and beyond to make others upset or uncomfortable, it’s hard to enjoy it. Now, while there’s not much RRHR can do, I do notice that complaints filed go unanswered or in some instances unread, I’ve left many public instances where people have harassed me and it’s infuriating to see a reply in words like ‘can’t do anything’ to a report. And this isn’t typical bullying, this borders on sexual harassment in some cases, especially towards minors (I’m 17, STILL a minor!!). Again, there’s not much RRHR can do other than keep eyes out, but instead of swiping off any complaints its helpful to read full stories and decipher the situation as an adult! I do enjoy this game, but I’d advise any minors and anyone who is easily hurt to steer clear of some situations with adults harassing minors or even people cornering you, remember there’s a block and mute button for a reason! :) | PS: I hope that as time goes on RRHR will prioritize reports that actually matter instead of wafting them away!
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3 years ago, tell_claude
Animation Object Bug & Crashes, Suggestions!
I would give this game a 4.5 if possible. However, there are some bugs. 1.) Animation Bug: I love customizing my room in this game! But whenever I try to move an animated object, it moves when I drag the arrows, then moves back to its initial position (this could be me though I may have a setting not set up right, i really don’t know) 2.) Crashes: This is a minor bug, basically it just turns black then exits the game. 3.) Suggestions: I think kids with Junior Accounts should be able to invite their friends to their dorms. Also, a selling feature, that is if it’s not a feature yet, I have plenty of junk in my book bag that I don’t want or need. And when you get a random item box it shows a token value, so I think that if you sell that item, you should get the same amount of money as the value. Finally, I have a dorm skin that will not fit, therefore I don’t have a mirror, the mirror is the place to change clothes. So I think on your watch you should have a button somewhere that allows you to customize your appearance, manage your outfits, and of course get RR+. In conclusion, Rec Room is very fun with some bugs.
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2 years ago, lukieboi123
Better on VR
I think it’s a 10/10 game I play it with my friends ALL the time. I play a bunch of horror, battle, and I play every type of map but… I think it’s the worst ON mobile. I started playing on oculus but then I saw an ad that it was on mobile so I played it and I was like “this is weird” but it is 8/10 on MOBILE because the controls are weird I think and also… Basketball. I’d say basketball is the easiest on OCULUS because if you have a good throwing arm you could throw the basketball PERFECTLY on oculus and you can throw it basically ANY strength you want but on mobile, PlayStation and Xbox ( i don’t know about PC) it throws a DEFAULT strength so it does the same strength when you throw a basketball, dodgeball and maybe other types of sport balls so I think that oculus is the best for throwing. *rewind* BACK to playing with playing with friends. I LOVVEE how you can play with your friends even if they’re on a different console than you, (for example) I might use game chat or FaceTime my friends to talk WHILE playing rec room and if my friend is playing rec room on his oculus then we can use the oculus party thingy to talk. 11/10 game BEST for playing with friends and I LOVEE playing horror maps with my friends and it’s so funny and fun to play rec room with friends, love the game❤️.
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3 years ago, Layla Abeyta
I think this game is great but might need some improvements
So this game is really fun and all but it might need a little bit more improvements. First, I play this on my PlayStation four and when I go to one of the games like paintball or capture the flag or whatever, it takes forever to load. I think there should be some improvements in that, I don’t think it should take two minutes to load, when I play it on my PlayStation 4 it takes two minutes To load so I can get on the game I want to play. Second, there’s so many people who are so inappropriate and they will say like really inappropriate things and that needs to be fixed. I think the makers of this game should blur out things that are very inappropriate, they should do it just like Roblox, whenever you say something really inappropriate it will blur it out with hashtags, I think you should be more like that, there is a lot of kids out there who are playing this and are reading the things they say. And some of them are really inappropriate, I am a kid and I should not be reading some of the things they say. But other than that I think that is all my complaints, and overall this game is really fun there just needs to be some improvements and some fixes and some blurs.
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2 years ago, vsco lauren girl
Amazing Game!! Just a handful of flaws..
As someone who as played rec room for almost two years, I can definitely say a lot about the game. One of the best games I’ve ever played! But, there is a bunch of flaws. A lot of updates will mess with the basic features of the game. (Hitboxes, UI, Gameplay) The community is very fun, yet can be very scary at times. I feel as moderation can be definitely be better, but compared to other games moderation on rec room is amazing! Another flaw is the UI. The new UI is harder to work with. Yeah, you’ll get used to it… but I prefer the bigger, more colorful, and 3D old UI. There isn’t many cons, but there’s a bunch of pros! The developers listen to the community, they release new items a lot, and they’ve been pushing out some pretty good updates!! The games are greatly developed, and are beautiful. Events are pretty fun too, but can get really bad. Most issues happen at events. The building/maker pen system is one of the easiest systems I’ve used. I’ve played rec room on many platforms, and at the end of the day I prefer rec room VR. This is one of the best games, no exaggeration. It’s so fun to play rec room original games with friends, and also user-created games. This game is amazing, and I suggest it to everyone.
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4 years ago, Imnotamobileplayer
Pretty good but a few problems
To start off I’m gonna list some negatives. 1:way to many crashes I can just be playing some paintball pvp and it just crashes. 2:the ar mode is not good and needs fixes it was really fun at first using you’re phone to move you’re head it made not playing in vr manageable you could peek around corners crouch in real life but there’s a few things wrong. You could just be playing normally and boom your launched out of the map I try turning on face tracking turning on motion controls and turning on ar room but nothing helped it. There’s also a button that says reset height but it does nothing I think there should be a way to recalibrate your position and reset it so this stuff can be fixed. 3:sprinting this maybe a little nit picky but it’s still a problem so I’m going to address it the sprinting/running is very annoying you have to have your finger pressing super hard and really high and even then it still bugs out you have no idea how many times I’ve died because I couldn’t run right. This game is actually pretty good if you don’t have any problems I really like and is really fun but if those three things would be fixed I would play this game all day but for now I give 4 stars for really good.
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2 years ago, Reel T-rex
K dudes. This app is amazing. I see so many negative comments for some reason. I completely disagree with the haters! I’ve only got one thing. Every once in awhile, it takes a LOT of time to load in when you try to change rooms. Not sure about this but you needn’t worry! If you leave the game for a moment and return, it works well! Just gotta add- simply a suggestion- maybe you could try to have animation gizmos connect to all items in an invention? It’s difficult for whenever I’m trying to create.. let’s use the roller coaster I’m trying to make as an example. If you try to connect the ENTIRE invention (which in this case is a bunch of cars connected [with wires. I wasn’t sure if that would keep it together- it didn’t.] together that I turned it into an unpublished invention) to the gizmo, it doesn’t work and the only way to allow it to work is by connecting one piece at a time- therefore limiting you to only moving one at piece at a time. This makes it hard to create a roller coaster. I may be doing it wrong but yeah. Anywho this is a great game- not just for young kids but for teens as well! (Ps- great for playing poppy playtime)
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6 days ago, Kirby main 🙃
New Rec Room Original!
The new rec room original is amazingly fun, its a lot like animal crossing, pokemon, and minecraft, but all of the people ive talked tos wishlist were based on these, if you do update the game (cough cough, rec royale, make it to midnight, rec rally) WISHLIST FOR MLM: PLEASE make it more co-op, people should be able to go mining with you, go visit your decorated sanctuary, and hang out with you and keep you comfort as you mine for minerals. More decoration options for your sanctuary, this ones straight forward, im a big fan of the decorating part of my little monsters, and i would love if there for more homey/cutesy decor. More then 3 places to go. Right now you can either be in the lobby, at cryptid creek, or your pet santuary. Personally i would love more places to get different types of material. Dressing up your monster, i think it would be adorable if you could add a little hat or bowtie onto your pet. Trading, Trading materials for someone elses material at a set price seems very nice, my friend seren has 603 crystals, and i have 2, but i have 233 wood and seren has 20, this would be perfect for trading! (Also.. maybe we could trade monsters? Seems unethical, but i need all pink monsters.) (Thank you, and if i come up with more ideas ill edit :)
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2 years ago, gaming for fon
Recroom is the best game you could ever play download immediately
Recroom is the best game you could ever have download RecRoom immediately it’s so good I can’t even ask the creators to add something because it’s so good if you like Roblox this game will blow your mind away this game is so good download this game immediately this game is so good it’s awesome download immediately creators you’re doing an awesome job and keep making Recroom a Great place creators of RecRoom you are awesome Rec room is a pretty good place but remember to watch you talk and play with us even if they seem really nice they possibly not may not be rec room is very sketchy as well is Roblox I am not throwing rec room under the bus believe me it is a good game but there are some people in Rec Room that are hackers or want to stock you be careful do not tell anybody where you live unless you’ve met them in real life and know that they are no harm even if they work with Rec Room does not mean you should tell them there’s either some people that work with Rec Room they don’t do it just for fun they do it just to watch what you do and play be safe in rec room and Roblox and again I’m not throwing rec room under the bus
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2 months ago, ifucjfjychd
Fix VR players and the game it self.
I don’t really care about VR people, but the ones are violent and like to yell at you in PvP and clip through the dam wall drive me crazy like paint ball or a another PVP game. People normally there like to say ridiculous things. But them mute them right, wrong if I do the game will just crash, like really. Then we I get back on the paint ball it puts me in the same dam room with the same dam VR player. So I mute them again guess what… It crashes, now it makes sense why there is a lot of updates for the game. I like games when they care of the player but I don’t like when glitch’s like this happen and the most annoying things are when my game crash all the time when I am play in a quest then it crash, like why? The iPad I am playing on is only 2 years old and my storage barely has anything in it. So then I quit the PVP games and the quests, now I have nothing to do except play with my friends in a hang out rooms. I don’t like horror rooms because they are just bad and not even scary I just walk pass them and juke them and 50 out of 50 it crashes. I do like the game creator designs of the room though. This game is good just needs some work on the VR people. Oh yeah turn off I try to turn off my mic for everyone but it crashes to 🫠 so now I have two billion kid screaming help me. 🫠🫠🫠
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2 years ago, zaydenow
It’s a good game but it needs fixing
Game is great but you should be able to like fly planes you know how like people sign up for a plane flight well in real life you can do that and you can come with your friends in the plane and you can just sit down and drink coffee I don’t know but you can’t do that you can’t fly your plane if you have one needs to be fixed but I think it’s a great game for all of it you should do support where people cannot say cuss words so kids do not get kicked off the game a lot of grown people get the game and just say cuss words for the best of it anyway The second thing is that if you do do you have a kid a mic and they can use it on this game obviously they have a chance to say cuss words a lot of kids can’t do that a lot of big people get the game and they say cuss words the third thing is that a lot of kids don’t care a lot of kids hurt other people’s feelings then there’s a fine and then somebody runs up to them and says cuss words I just don’t think it’s right like none of this is right they have the limitation of saying cuss words and doing anything and then the big people have even more sometimes somebody would even make a game that’s inappropriate
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11 months ago, yupyupyupyupyupypupupu
Hi, I’m almost 13 and I play RecRoom. This is a game for all ages. I love playing this game, but I hate when people say, take away voice chat. I don’t want voice chat taken away because it’s gonna be hard. Just typing on PlayStation is gonna take a while. In my opinion, I think we should keep voice chat, because it’s pretty hard to type on PlayStation to communicate with people. And there’s going to be an update that there is going to be legs, arms, hands for the characters. And to be honest, I don’t really like how they look. I wish that rec room can just stay the same. Because I love seeing unique avatars. And in my opinion, I don’t really like the new update that’s it going to be made. And to be honest, the new update, kind of freaks me out. Because I’ve been playing Rec Room since I was 11 years old and I just like rec room the way that it is instead of just adding legs, arms and stuff like that. So Coach please don’t add the new update. Because I’m not planning on looking like an alien sry lol. But I really do think that rec room avatar should just stay the same because it’s already. thanks for reading my suggestion!
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2 years ago, Zelda_561
Mainly about their dorm situation
Hi 👋 I love your game and everything about it:) it’s a great game and I want you guys to keep up the awesome work! And because of this I only have one complaint. (Unfortunately) so I was in my dorm room and trying out some FREE dorm skins. I spawned in a tree with falling leaves. It looked good and I liked how it worked. But when I spawned in this other dorm skin (the cyber punk dorm) the tree got in the way so I wanted to despawn it. But with free things you for some reason can’t. So instead you have to leave your dorm and come back in order for it to despawn. Which I did but nothing despawned! I tried countless times but nothing was working! I tried filing a report… nothing happened. I tried turning off my whole iPad … nothing happened. I left my dorm over and over… nothing happened. I’m telling you I tried everything but nothing I’d do was working! Please help and fix this! I’m sure that I’m not the only one who this has happened to. Also can you make it that once you save your room in your dorm you can actually change it once you are done. Please and thank you! From your fan, Sam ✌️
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2 years ago, 👏love it
So fun I loved it
I decided to download this game and it change my life I made so many new friends and I honestly loved it because I couldn’t play with people and there was so many ruins I couldn’t even imagine having it in the real world and it is so cool if you decide to get this please get it I love it and it’s so nice and you can even do a 3-D printing make new friends you can even be really really young if you want to play so like I love it I’ve been doing it for over a year and I am just now updating it because well I love it it was so fun I got to play with my friends we always met up we get to do a friend request as we get to go to parties we get to go to karaoke offs Honestly it’s the best game I’ve ever had I’ve never ever witnessed And without it I would be upset really upset like really really really upset so I’m so glad please download this please please please please please please I love this game and I’m sure you will to be any when you want to do anything you want just the best anything you want until I get on the tokens of So you can buy anything you want I love it please please please please download it by
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2 years ago, oo akakakakkakaka
recroom is funn
ok to start this off ive been playing for almost 3 years, well did. i stopped playing as much because all of my friends stopped and its just boring without them tbh. i used to spend my whole life on there basically , when i first started it was October 2020 on mobile then i stopped playing until february 2021, i was still on mobile until one of my friends onna different platform convinced me to get a vr, so i did. after that i literally played it everyday never missed a day i wasnt on even when i was sick, if u hate rec room its only because u didnt find the right group of people, my whole friend group was a friend group because of me, im the reason we were all friends i always introduced them to eachother and then we bonded from there!! best game ever, its on every platform which i love! if i wasnt home i would just get on mobile. i love their limited time items, and everything. i have almost every 5 star(i didnt buy it a bunch of desperate people brought them for me) i will always love recroom even tho its kinda trash now that there is just a bunch of new players
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2 years ago, Jadey V.
Red room is the best game
I love rec room so much that parents this is the best game for your child like just tell them when your older then you can use the voise chat and chat with other players in the game if your child is lower then 9 years old like 5 years old then they can’t play it because it’s super dangerous for them that they will ask your child wanna be in real life or how old are you? Or wanna date? Then that’s when rec rooms off the shelf so please parents make your child be 9 years old or more older then that makes rec room back on the shelf for your child. For your child’s safety don’t let them play rec room when they are younger then 9 year old so that’s when you can’t play Rec room cause when your younger then 9 years old then you can’t play so please parents listen to theses rules cause those people who play might chat inappropriate things or ask your child things inappropriately so to not make them feel uncomfortable close the chat for them then tell them that they can’t open the chat until they are older so please listen so your child can be safe please. -jadey V.
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1 year ago, the ginormous cookie monster
I’m a Fellow RR player
Hello, I am a fellow rec room player and for the reviews I see, people so far complain about voice chat(which is understandable). Most people say there are kids in this game and it’s not safe, but that’s why junior accounts were made for this game. Anyways, I’ve been playing rec room for about 3 years now and it’s a blast! You can choose to slay goblins in golden trophy, or invite your friends to chill by the campfire and watch the sunset! I’ve made a TON of friends, and met so many Youtubers(yes there are RecTubers). I highly recommend this game to those who love roblox. Did I mention you can create your own things? You can create a horror map, PvP map, Quests, sky is the limit! Most people say Rec Room is a copy of roblox, but it’s more than that! Roblox has become a toxic, online dating, and disgusting player base, and it’s better to stay on Rec Room. Again, I HIGHLY recommend Rec Room, I hope you enjoy the game just as much as I do! PS. If you wanna friend me, it’s “global_vr” If you read all the way to the end, you are a champion! Be proud of yourself :) Have a good day!
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4 months ago, Luis rec room lover
Play in a different way please
Rec room is a good game but I sadly don’t have the full body but the fun Of this game is amazing and one of the best games I’ve played in my life Rec room inc please give me the full body skins please 🙏🏻 I really was Waiting for this and also that on mobile you can play like in Roblox no like vr like a mobile game that would be an amazing experience in rec room on mobile but in vr it has to stay like this but in mobile rec room should be like a mobile this happened to me one time and I don’t know what happened so could you please make this update like a mobile game it could be something more better than like a game that gives sickness I could rate it 5stars but I give it a 4 because of that please this Could be something that can help the game get better so please make that update rec room is my fav game and I love mobile gaming and I love rec room I vr game so in mobile it could be a mobile game and in virtual reality it could be something like this like a vr game but this game is so Fun this could make the game better rec room is my favorite 🤩
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2 years ago, 🙂🙃🙂rater🙂🙃🙂
Rec room is not for iPad
I would give this 5 stars because it’s a REALLY GOOD game but I’ve regretted updating it today…I want the old controls. Rec room was rigged enough for iPad but these new controls made it impossible to do pvp. Some of it are ok like the third person cam and the new holster display but the the rest. It’s terrible. I miss the old maker pen where instead of the new wacky gizmos and the ability to not find inventions, it would be easier to do like there would be a different tab saying inventions and you type in for example cookie it would show the inventions that had the word cookie in its title. I used to be extremely good on laser tag[gets a score of like 180 points 17 hero tags and some odd deaths] but now I’m getting 50 points 15 deaths and 0 hero tags,,like….it’s rigged for any mobile device. I really hope the devs see this and change it but yeah the only thing that’s kinda easy is rec rally. This game is better than Roblox gotta say that but*sighs* it’s not ment for iOS for the fact. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE change the controls before the update and yeah thanks.
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6 months ago, Winter Madison bishop
About Rec Room
I love this game it so much fun I love playing with other players and I even make this friend off of Rec Room. She was really nice and we’re like literally the same age and I can play with my friends that I know and people that I’m really close to like other games that my dad and my cousins was so fun and now this game is even funner because we had to play different guises game this game we can actually connect. Have fun chat with each other. We can play horror games because me and my cousin love is mom belong mommy long legs house in the game you guys should download it one more thing me and my dad read a review I don’t know why he does only have one star and it really brings me enjoyment and I can play with my relative and people at this time we can actually talk and ask them. How was your day fireplace emoji can chat and say, how are you and if you say your name and you can say how fun and how much fun but thank you so much for asking, the room Caesars review I want to tell you that your name is so first of all. Thank you for asking.
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2 years ago, ionyc
Great game but suffers horribly from bad moderation
This is definitely my favorite game of all time and I know that there are better games out there but this one still manages to win me over with its endless replay-ability. However, I was just banned for 5 days because of “sexual harassment” when I jokingly told my friend that I was going to report him for being better than me. Of course, this was never my actual intent and this all happened because of the games new voice moderation feature thinking that what I said was ban worthy. What’s worse is that I can’t appeal this ban as the moderation team is known not to see sarcasm or jokingly tones and will possibly extend your ban if they think they should. This game is great but has possibly one of the worse moderation systems I’ve ever seen. Players that should be banned either for being way below the proper age for an adult account or genuinely toxic players who practice racism, sexism, etc are left completely untouched by the moderation system. I love this game so much but it’s moderation is horrible and I greatly doubt they will ever fix it to the extent that they should.
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2 years ago, kaykayg24
Wayyy better than roblox
I love rec room I downloaded it a few months ago and I’m already on lvl. 50. Anyways ngl rec room has some toxic ppl but it’s def not worse than roblox. And u can get a lot of things with rec room plus and it’s not even expensive!! Some ppl get 6,000 tokens a month! Rec room has some nice ppl tho, also it’s super fun on vr . Especially on an Oculus. Sometimes you might have motion sickness but there is a setting u can do to fix that. Anywayssss, it’s a rlly fun game and there is hangouts and everything. Also just one thing it has updates like every weeks so it’s kinda hard to play with ur friends bc u gotta update it a LOT. But one more thing if u have rec room plus u can even make ur own shirt😮☺️!!! And yh I think that’s it oh wait one more thing lol. On roblox you can on have 200 friends but on rec room there is no limit! I have over 400 friends and it doesn’t matter how much friends I have😱🤯 anyways rec room is soooo good and I would recommend if u don’t like roblox and it doesn’t even copy roblox either so yh byeeeee SUPPORT REC ROOM!!!
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4 years ago, Gum-Drip-Drop
Great, but still a bit of room for improvement.
I’ve been playing this game since yesterday, and I really enjoy it. However, I still feel that there’s some issues. For starters, it’s hard to really do much because of the limited movement options. I get that this is a mobile port so you can’t just move around Willy nilly like in VR, but adding the option for a Gyro Aim, (the phone is your view; turn left IRL = turn left in-game), would add a little more to this game. I say “Make it an option,” cause I’m sure some people might not be cool with playing in Gyro Aim for a long period of time. Another thing I noticed was that every now and then, I will be playing a game when I start to turn automatically. I won’t be pressing any buttons, yet I’m turning to the left at a slow crawl. This was apparent on the map GoldenTrophy, cause we lost a game and then I started spinning at a maniacal speed. This vortex of nonconsensual movement carried over into my private dorm, and I had to leave before I got a headache. I really doubt you’re gonna see this, but on the off-chance you do, it would be really cool of you guys to change / add these things into Rec Room. Cheers!
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11 months ago, kdkxjkakcmsicjsk
Could be better
I know that basically no one follows the rules I mean come on are you really 13 or older on a not junior account. For my standards parent if you read this your child should be on a junior account if their at least 10 or above instead of waiting. Anyway this game is fun but sometimes can be toxic but not that toxic if you find the right people you will have a good friend group. But what if they’re serial killers or kidnappers I promise you your child will probably not be dumb enough to give your home address away or your credit card numbers. But this game is fun if you like games where there is a CRAP TON of games to enjoy and hang out or meet others. If you feel like your child can use chat but not talk it will still be fun but not very fun if your child doesn’t have the opportunity to play and talk with others with their voices instead of typing it. Just a friendly reminder for parents you shouldn’t play on mobile or a bad phone or tablet it will most likely crash in a matter of 20 seconds.
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1 year ago, youTuberk
I Love recroom!
I love rec room. I’ve been playing it for a year and I already have a Lotta friends. There is something that I might want to bring back the AR and the AR room. This game was my number one favorite game on the App Store in 2022 and this year! My favorite games are bowling because if you have a VR, it feels like you’re playing Wii sports bowling just you’re in the TV 📺 and dodgeball☄️was my first game I ever loved. There is one thing I might want to change too. #1. I go to change my password but there’s a twist if I want to change my password I have to type my current password, but guess what that’s the reason why I’m changing my password because I don’t know what my password is but other apps, have this, but this oh my Gosh. #2. I feel like some games that are only available for VR or actually really fun but because I am on mobile, I don’t get to play it like paddleball I feel like it’s gonna be fun when I finally get a headset but for now I can only play games, kind of like dodgeball and all that other stuff you know.
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2 years ago, Aviyanha
I love Rec Room! There’s a lot of really cool features. Now, mobile devices’s controls are very awkward. I unfortunately don’t have a VR. Anyways, I love how you can: 1. Decorate your dorm room 2. Make private rooms for free 3. Get RR Tokens for free || Rec Room is super amazing. I really enjoy that I can create my own club/game! I also appreciate the wiring tutorial thing. I’m not very good at “coding”. Very helpful!! Rec Room might actually be the best game to let your creative side roam! The maker pen is probably the best way to do so. You can create with shapes, use objects created, configure, change material and color, etc. I also enjoy that all of these features are on everyone device you can play on! I enjoy that it’s not all on one device. I also love that’s it’s in the app. I also love how you can do “patterns” for your hair! I love all the customization options! Your creation can also roam free in different games. There are varieties of games! Horror, PvP, adventure, etc. Anyways, that wraps up the review! Thanks for reading! — REL 🖤🤍🖤
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1 year ago, Jackiskd
Ok, so I’ll get straight into my point. Rec Room was my favorite until something weird happened. One day, I decided to log onto rec room, but while dressing up my character the game kicked me out. This has happened every and I mean EVERY single time I’ve joined rec room and is still happening. Today, I gave it another try and same thing. When I try to join a game, kicked out. Just keep in mind I PAID real freaking money for the “Rec Room Plus+“ thing. It’s also like I’m on a time limit every day! Overall, it’s now my 5th favorite now, behind among us, among us behind play together, and my top fav brawl stars. If you fix this, I will play your game longer than I ever have. Kf you read this, thanks for taking the time to! Edit: my user is FrogiHopz or nickname is ScreamingAshley! Edit 2: Today is March the 30th and I am here to say thank you developers for fixing this issue! I was getting frustrated about the issue and was losing hope. Thank you very much! Now I can continue to put my rr+ to good use!
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7 months ago, momandarn
Rec room is great for almost all ages👶👶👧👩👨
RecRoom is great for all ages I look at most of the stuff and most of it is all good. But there is confusion in RecRoom because people think it is not safe for kids. But it is actually a great game for all ages because it has a lot of fun stuff that people can do even for Jr accounts. There are games like a dorm room PVP there a lot of people like. But there are games that are used to many inventions that are copied into games and should stop. I read some reviews and people said that Rec Room is not safe for children and are getting taught inappropriate or bad things in the game. But there are some horror games that can scare children and adults. But besides most of the inappropriate stuff that are teaching children bad things and there are asking their parents what it means it rec room is a great game for you to play. You should join Rec Room. You can find almost anything on rec room rec room is a great experience for you to join. -@SmokeyOnVR140 :) Give it your Rex room best!
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2 years ago, bonabaskins
It’s good don’t get me wrong. But there are a few problems problem number one is that things are way too expensive and that everyone is mean I mean I’d say hi they ignore me and they say whatever and then they report me while I’m just trying to be a nice person you know!So that’s the problem number two of a problem number three is that I have seen the B word the F word and chat and I don’t like it!!!😱😬😳😟 I’m not gonna say don’t get this game because The first thing I said it’s a good game don’t get me wrong that’s what I said, so you can get this game but just watch out for what I’m saying any bad words report them right away don’t be rude if they are report them off though that way they can be banned and they will learn their lesson because I have been banned from Roblox for “Scamming” even though I wasn’t but anywhere we’re getting off topic I’m trying to say is in Roblox so I got banned and I learned my lesson next three days so if you report them they will get banned and they will learn their lesson and say sorry so that’s all I need to say goodbye and remember to look out for those things🔴🟠🟡🟢🔵🟣⚫️⚪️🟤👱🏼‍♀️
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3 years ago, nosey pants
Amazing App but just add some things
My cousin enjoys playing this game and so do I but I just wanted to say that I think that you should add something to the watch and it would have a money icon on it so that you can press it and you will see a money sign next to all the peoples names and when you press it you can put the amount of money in that you want to give that person! and since my cousin enjoys decorating rooms I think that people could pay her for doing it! (Not like trading) I also think you should put “Orientations” back on the tasks because for new beginning players it could get them tokens and learn how to play the game by doing tasks or if players want tokens without buying them or without gifts because sometimes when you do your daily tasks you don’t get tokens but you might get tokens with the first game you play, but that’s sometimes. You should also add something in messages is where you should put “read” when someone read the message.
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2 years ago, PKXDfan#37
Great game, however…
This game itself is amazing, the graphics are good, the controls are good it unique. However creation is tough, it takes way more effort to make anything in recroom because of how the maker pen works, its complicated and can be hard to use, so if you try to create something unless you have been making things for years then you will probably find it difficult, so as an effect of that only games on the front page are actual good games if you try to search one up then most likely the big developers that are the best at recroom creation didn’t think to make a game like that so you might find some cool games but only a few of them will be great games, most are either really good at the mechanics or are very well built, for example i found this really good gliding mechanic in a game, its a really nice game but the map is small and okay-ish and the coolest place in the game is a model they bought. So over all this is great but building is difficult, unless you are in VR, then you just have to find a good game to play.
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1 year ago, Jadewebb
Rec room is amazing!!!
Rec room is one of those games when you can’t stop playing it you can play it with friends and even your family it’s one of the best game I’ve played in a while so I love rec room and recommend this game for everybody and any age you can be an adult and still love this game you can even use voice chat or you can just interact with people by waving giving them a high-five or even give someone a fist bump which I think is really cool you can create your very own game if you wanted to I’ve never made my own game before but I still think it will be very cool to I would take my word and download rec room it even gives you a little tour and it even gives you your very own dorm and you can even bye a different room if you have enough money for the room you want to get but the main thing I’m saying is that rec room is really fun and you can explore literally everything in rec room if you download it!! That’s why you should download rec room!!
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3 weeks ago, sebotron329
Fun, but moderation is too big of an issue, and actual bugs
Rec room is fun. I myself use VR to play and its enjoyable. But when your playing a game of dodgeball and your destroying the other team and they happen to be full of dumb 9 year olds or toxic people, they report you and your done. The moderation doesn’t check for footage on servers, heck that’s not a bad idea, no, they go off of what people say vs what people do. Your moderation is either full of ai which is stupid first off, and their not very smart, or your employees aren’t very smart and wont actually look into what’s happening. Oh and fix bugs that are meaningful, like they reported me for using the extends glitch, but if you patched double shot, stupid decision, and not this glitch, then you guys must want it, so I shouldn’t be timed out for it. Another glitch is also how kids under 13 somehow get around without a jr account, I wonder how. Its because its so easy to put in a fake account and they wont check any evidence against them. Fix meaningful bugs, get way better moderation, and mabye you’ll start earning back some of your lost fans.
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2 months ago, 𝐒𝐥𝐞𝐞𝐩𝐞𝐦𝐮
Rec room is getting terrible now 🙂
Its more like that when you play on rec room in the rec center there's 12 people getting suspicious 🥲Saying something that is racist or inappropriate or bad words like those and there’s rectubers in that game but i hate rectubers that whos on VR probably it keeps getting me that i wanna hate rec room because there’s some 4 girls in the rec center being a lesbian’s and then i took a photo of them and then i got deleted on rec room so when i get to my new account it got even worse what to name it and the password but it told me it was invalid or something like i have a iPhone 8 before playing it so i started telling them to stop cheating on the game of laser tag because it was hard and camping the gun in the middle getting it that fast and then i left the game because i had enough of it and quit the game so when i came back to the game before 7 hours a lots of black people keep sending me requests to be friends and i got traumatized feel nothing about getting confused when you play laser tag or Capture the flag - and that’s why rec room is getting worse now 🙂
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10 months ago, theironbucket
One to many bad experiences-
First things first I love RecRoom in a whole, and have been on and off playing for at least a few years now. But as of lately I can’t help but notice the people playing RecRoom has been becoming more toxic. Of course that will happen to a online game overtime- but I remember staying up for days trying to just have a not bad experience with someone on the game, I think this is due to the fact there is little to no moderation and people can say and do whatever they want. I know people say to just block them if they make you uncomfortable but I tried that already. No matter how many I block more just come in, and I see the same people weeks later(meaning they clearly didn’t ban them) and if they were just cursing at me it wouldn’t make me as mad. But all of those people were using slurs, racist comments, and of course sexual ones towards me. I really believe RecRoom is just not the best app for anyone like me being that I do understand it’s mainly male dominated- But in the future I hope the RecRoom moderators, and the players will change someday, but other then that- thanks for the few good memories this game gave to me.
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2 years ago, LorisLorlie
Good game! A lot of negativity though!
I love Rec Room, as if I play it on my VR. But it has way too many crashes. I would rather play on my phone because of how it crashes less. And the community is very rude, and the game needs better moderation because of how much people are cussing, being racist, saying rude things about others that might not be rude, and there is other people who just wanna spam their microphone with music. And most likely, there is 10 year olds that have a 12+ account on Rec Room that actually should have a Junior Account. Like I said, Rec Room needs better moderation, some 4 year old came up to me and said a lot of slurs that their parents probably didn’t allow. This game is amazing, but whenever I chat with my friend Alexia in the RecCenter, people just start being rude, saying racial slurs, and so much more. And most likely, a random level 50 came up to me when I was level 49 and called me trash at the game since I wasn’t level 50. This is the reason I want better moderation, a better community, and better people.
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2 years ago, Holly Taymon
Awesome! But just one issue.
Rec room is a amazing game! I’ve met many friends on here, and I love how you can be creative on the app and build what ever you like. There is just one issue, as I said on the title. So I was playing Rec Room like normal with my friend, and then he asked me what gender I was. I said girl, because that was true, and I didn’t think anything of it. A little while later, he invited me to his dorm room and asked me if I had messenger. I wish I hadn’t said anything, but I said yes. So then he asked me what my name was so we could chat together, and I made a really dumb mistake and told him. Then, I realized that he might be trying to gather my information. I quickly blocked him and the rest of his friends that I know so they couldn’t contact me again. Please be careful out there, do NOT share any information about yourself online!!! Overall, I really like Rec Room. I’ve had a lot of fun playing with other people my age. You just have to be careful and don’t fall into silly traps.
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1 year ago, mf916
I’m a nine-year-old with a junior account and all I want you to do is make MLB shirts and do it like by the NFL and NBA like you did a few years back now please do this suggestion to Junior accounts make Junior a concrete walls why can’t we create world is it because you guys think we’re too dumb to make world and you think our worlds are going to be a pigsty because we’re too excited well that’s not the case because were intelligent and cool people you guys aren’t even call you just try to make Junior accounts like little nerds like come on man we gotta make this game better and I’ll actually give this a high rating I just don’t get it like you guys really need Junior comes to three games suggestion three dorm rooms now I don’t want to write this but why is your dorm room like a pigsty like why is our dorm room default it needs to be chill like it Hass to have like decoration to it all it has is a dummy with the drawing and on your radio with a basketball hoop in the bed that’s all it is and you don’t even have a second floor to commit and come on man I just don’t like this game so far but I’ll keep playing and see if any updates are there to come.
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3 years ago, not gonna sey
So the whole point of this game is to enjoy time with Friends right… Wrong the whole point of it is you can play with your friends you can literally inhale water. It’s just amazing the possibilities you have on this app. Most people will say it’s hard but if you’re a Consol player look up how to connect my Xbox one controller series X controller to my iPhone/iPad and you should get a video. If you want to play on PC you can just Bluetooth your device onto your computer or play on the computer but this game is just amazing I love playing with my friends and will stay up until 2 AM still playing this game yeah but I give it five stars it is so fun if you ever need the ropes my user is Mr._ George But yeah I totally recommend and yeah that’s pretty much all you need to know there is a tutorial at the beginning it doesn’t let you skip it so you should learn the controls and yeah like I said if you ever need help just give my name a call oh and also if this works on VR. Bye :)
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3 years ago, jfjfjgjgjfhghfu
DEVS PLZ READ THIS Ok, rec room is great! Very fun to play with friends, mess around, create things and what not, but I started crashing. I am currently playing mobile, not VR or PC on steam. The game started closing itself and returning to the home screen randomly. And this is VERY annoying and only started happening a couple days ago (1-2 days). It didn’t save my data and I lost some of the progress I was making. I wasn’t very happy. But then it kept doing it, about 2-3 times in 30 minutes. I tried reinstalling, but nothing worked. So i don’t know if it is the Christmas update, or just the game, but I would really like this fixed if it is the games’ fault or it this is happening to other people. DEVS PLEASE RESPOND IF YOU HAVE A FIX OR SEE THIS REVIEW. But all and all, great game. Love it, extremely underrated. Great to play with friends in games, and create new things, customize your avatar, and play games, meet new friends, very nice mechanics and controls are easy. BUT DEVS PLEASE FIX THIS CRASHING PROBLEM IF IM NOT THE ONLY ONE OR IF YOU HAVE A SOLUTION FOR ME. THANKS A BUNCH.
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4 years ago, Lolperrins
Pretty good game!
I remember getting this game back in 2017 when I got my first PC VR and I loved it and it is a pretty cool thing on how they are making it into a multi platform social game I tend to play on my iPad and I just draw with the Apple Pencil it’s also great on how many small details this game has to help the player experience but the sad problem is the play base you do find a lot of nice and cool players and I do have a friend group on there that I just hangout and build and talk on VR for hours and when I do get tired I do just hop on my phone and talk more while playing in bed but it’s the players that take advantage of the free game and think it’s nothing to them and they just act stupid everywhere they did add rec center mods to help deal with these issues which does help a lot but sometimes they aren’t always there, besides that the player base is so creative especially CraftySponge and Carthage’s creating rooms that are unimaginable and the clubs to help you find the right friend group for your tastes, anyway this is a solid game and I hope there is more that the developers could add!
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2 years ago, gjfhut
Creators of RecRoom please hear me out
Recruit is the best it totally is and my mom approves a game the game rather because when I deleted Roblox she said that I didn’t like talking to people so I got rec room it was much easier people are not friendly there and we don’t have to talk that much we just have to greet each other and we’re nice to each other and if we’re bad we can just tell on them and will be kicked out or something like that I’ve never tried because no one has been mean to me that’s what I love but there’s just one thing it’s really hard because I really wanna try to make my own room where I can do whatever I want but I don’t even know how to so if you can make that work easier and game tell me really good and you’re just really really hard to find even its great I’m just a little thing I finally found where the creators hot glue or thing or whatever but it’s just now help me so I need to find something just need to find that room where I can do whatever I want PS thank you for the totally awesome game
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4 years ago, im_mining!
99% 😉 amazing
I would play this every day I can. I like creating rooms, playing games and hanging out. I also like getting inventions and changing my clothes. This is really a great game, the only problems are that sometimes the game gets messed up and I have to delete most of my apps, also when I get out of the app and keep it open for a while and I go back in, it freezes. One last thing, I like using my maker 🖊 pen and dabing. Another thing wrong is that people are doing inappropriate things and I forget how to report. Creators of the game, please be in all popular rooms or Drawing rooms to prevent Inappropriate stuff. Pls leave a response. Have fun and download the game if you already haven’t! My favorite games are: laser tag, paintball, dormRoompvp, golden trophy quest, AwesomeWarspvp, rise of Jumbotron, and way more. Thank you 🙏 Rec room for creating games and letting us create Community rooms. I really appreciate the creators of Rec room 🙏. Happy whatever holiday is coming up
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2 years ago, minaawesome245
Better but some bugs in it…
The game is nice but I been reading reviews and… I mean ………..It really nice, but also lots of bugs for example (not to be picky) It take really long to jump since I can’t spam the jump button maybe fix that. Something that really creeps me out and probably all of you is the voice chat. You don’t know what or who you are speaking to on the game and it’s super creepy that why I wouldn’t recommend having voice chat on. One more thing………….. the camera it very nice but at the same time buggy. It would be very nice ( I don’t know if you can do this in the game since i haven’t played it in a long time ) move your camera while you move your player as I said I don’t know if you can do it in the game lol. But now onto the pros. The game is really nice quality and I would recommend this game for those who want to play it. You can hang out with your friends and it’s like a sandbox game…….sorta and dorm room just makes it really fun. I hope you have a great day and happy holidays to rec room. See ya!!!!!!
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2 years ago, kal0psia
What a Journey.
Honestly rec room may have been one of the best yet worst choices of my life. So many great people, I made so many friends. I had an entire friend group full of wonderful people of all ages, and the age gaps definitely made some things weird. There was the main guy of the friend group, everyone loved him and most of the group still does. But what he did to me is irreversible. I don’t forgive him but I forgive my friends for forgiving him. I understand why they did, he was sorry. Forgive and forget hasn’t worked for me so I didn’t try. The app itself, navigable, pretty easy to learn, but if you’re on iPhone like me, it gets super laggy and glitchy sometimes. It’ll kick you out like every 20 seconds. However, despite drama and glitch, I’m forever grateful for the lessons I learned and the people I met. The people understand you and they listen. You don’t have to spend money on the game to have a good avatar, you can earn it. Thank you, RecRoom.
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8 months ago, bootybandit772
Fix your mic restrictions 🙏🙏
The game is fun and everything, but it’s so annoying the way y'all be mix banning people. Everyone else cusses in game but never get mic banned, but when I say a curse word y'all ban my mic in an instant. I understand that y’all’s game doesn’t want people to swear, but it’s getting really annoying the way y'all be banning peoples mics for saying a few curse words. Instead of banning or restricting our mics instantly, you should give us a watch notification or text telling us to ease on our words and stop cursing first. Sometimes I could say the littlest thing and yet I get voices ban but it won’t tell me why? Why not tell me what I said and show me why I got voice banned? Or accept the fact that not only kids play this game and that some older people curse sometimes. What’s funny is that every time a kid that’s wayyy under the age of 12 cusses, y’all don’t mic ban them, but when I cuss a few times, y’all mute me instantly. If your game can’t tolerate people cussing a few times and talking about certain things, then don’t add voice chat. It’s getting very annoying the way y’all be mic banning me but not anybody else, even though some are saying worse things than me.
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2 years ago, * wreck room user name
Great game 10/10 😍
Great game even though it’s a copy of Roblox it’s way better cause Roblox doesn’t have easy voice chat and you can play games and wave to people who can have your own dorm room and they show you everything you can do on the tutorial it’s way better than Roblox and it’s so easy to make an account 10 out of 10 for Any age but a lot of people like to lie about the age for voice chat but it’s not that bad you just need permission from your parents and it’s way better in general because there’s no Slenders like Roblox and no disgusting dating and No Inappropriate words and it’s just funner so I recommend recroom more than Roblox no offense Roblox I really like Roblox too but I just like rec room more it’s more Child friendly but still don’t use it too much your eyes will start swelling just for everyone out there I just want to give a good review for everyone who wants to know about this game before they download it I love recroom 😍😍😍
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