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User Reviews for Record It - Screen Recorder

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4 years ago, KDChina
Teacher in China
Having to learn on the fly, in the middle of my own quarantine how to do online lessons for my students was anxiety inducing and I had a steep learning curve. There were many issues in the begining with my students unable to open files etc. - all of us were learning. Once I got Record It, I was able to go "all Kahn Academy" on this by recording my powerpoints/embedded videos. My students are enjoying the lessons a lot. Recently there was a glitch and I could not use it - but it seems to have sorted itself out after I reloaded the app and shut down my laptop. Happy teacher riding this out still in China week 9.
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4 years ago, Coach Tomes
Worked Great, Til I Paid For It
I feel as if they stole money out my pocket and there’s no way to get a hold of anyone that I’ve seen to get your money back. I teach, and I used this from literally the day that the Covid shutdown started to keep my students working. Without telling me there was a trial period that ended, it just stopped recording anything past a few minutes. After playing with it, I realized that there was a paid license. The lack of an alert cost me several hours, but I paid for it and it worked. Then, when it was time to update, it simply stopped working again. So, I’m out the money for the license and now having to locate a different program because they don’t have it set up for you to even express a concern. Honestly, I hope places like this fold when this is over. It’s really no different than if they went in my wallet and took the money, but I don’t have the chance to physically confront them for it, which I think I’d prefer over the money back.
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4 years ago, SpiritKaizen
Excellent App - Lifesaver!
Took a little while for me to get used to the features, but once I've had this working, I can't imagine running workshops and having calls now without this tool. The bonus ability to save as a GIF file is also pretty handy for making memes. One mistake I made earlier on was not selecting the right area on my screen with the marquee tool for recordings. I assumed that if I selected "window", it would automatically record the entire window that was selected. However, if you accidentally click into that window in the beginning, you may actually limit the size of the window and create a smaller recording area. I made this mistake, and realized later that I had only recorded a tiny 15 by 15 pixel box of a Hangouts conference call I was running. I still had the audio recording, so it was still useful, but I wish I could have followed a tutorial video the first time I used this app, so that I did not have to make this mistake. Overall, this is a great app that seems very stable, and never crashes on me! It just takes a little practice to use properly. NOTE: I use a Macbook Pro on OS Catalina
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4 years ago, Matty bizzler
User Friendly
The app is very is easy to use even if you aren't very tech savy. The features are simple and self explanatory. I've had no issue with any of the functionality. There are two things you should know. The free version only lets you record three minute video, which means you'll have to pay if you need longer videos. The other thing is that I can't figure out how to have both me and the screen recording in the same shot. Usually, when I'm presenting a slideshow, it's helpful to have the slide plus my face in the corner. It makes for more engaging content.
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2 months ago, PayneMed
Revised review...
A good basic screen recording utility. Good enough that I purchased the license. After you install Record It, it becomes the default player for MP4 files. If you prefer another app like QuickTime to open your recordings by default, find an MP4 file, right click and select 'Get Info.' Then select QuickTime Player in the drop down menu under 'Open with.' Next, click the 'Change All' button right below.
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1 year ago, Zip Zoo
Unintuitive, strange sound setup
I got the Pro version of this (which is not inexpensive!) to record some streaming events on my Mac since the recordiing function Screenshot app that came with the OS just stopped working. How tough can it be to produce a similar app? Evidently, it's not that easy, because these folks are not even close. Instead of recording internally from the internal speakers like Screenshot, it's set to record the sound as it emerges from the speakers--along with everything else in the room! So, if you happen to cough or move your chair, all that's captured in the recording. Who thought that was a good idea? While can actually imagine some uses for this setup, it shouldn't be the default, and there should be an option to make the audio capture internal. With sound being recorded in this way, the result is garbled and, frankly, terrible. I would not recommend this and I wish I could get a refund. I did use their contact info to try to get information on how to do an end run around this foolish setup, but never got a response. Not happy at all.
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4 years ago, Sitter25
Does not record in-system audio
Downloaded this purely for the claim that it could record in-system audio, which is the second feature listed. The description even distinguishes "computer audio" from "audio input device" and "system build-in microphone" (a nonsense phrase mostly used by this specific program; I should refrain from explaining what I took this to mean, lest I assist the scammers in appearing legitimate to future marks.) If you try to record in-system audio, it will direct you to a page called "Why Does Soundflower Installation Failed on Mac?" In most contexts, I don't mind grammatical mistakes at all, but look up signs of a scam and they're sure to be on the list. More importantly, Soundflower has been unsupported and considered risky to download for a long time.
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5 years ago, Holliruth
Works great! Highly recommend!
I just needed a simple free app that I could do a couple screen recordings for my customers and this worked great! Within 15 mintues of downloading it, I was already recording a video :) It did take me a little bit to figure out how to allow the screen recording in my System Preferences, but once I figured that out, I was good to go! I love how easy and simple this is to use! Thank you SO MUCH for offering a free version for people that don't need all the "bells and whistles" right away!
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4 years ago, LiveOnTheChat
Easy to use!
Record It does an excellent job at recording your screen without taking a lot of system resources. Recommend it for anyone who is considering an app with the features offered by Record It. Love how convenient it is to sit on the status bar and you can easy select to start recording. My favorite feature is the timer that appears on the status bar as you record. Very convenient feature!
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4 years ago, Fknshtzcrazy
Works OK, depends on what you're doing
I had a lot of trouble recording tutorials of After Effects. I don't know if it was becasue After Effects has a lot of information to process, but it would always freeze up and the audio would get all glitchy and often times it would just crash and not save my recording. Frustrating! I am teaching my classes online during the pandemic and I need this to be reliable and not take hours and hours to work. When it works, it's great... when it doesn't, it's very annoying.
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6 years ago, merheylie
Great UX, simple and works - would like to loop GIFs
This is a great interface, simple and does what it says. I immediately upgraded to get GIF exports as that’s what I was looking for. Wish there was a setting for controlling loop for GIFs, wish I could click to start recording rather than the countdown…makes it very hard to capture animations at the starting point you’d like. For this reason the app was not a great fit for me, I wish I’d saved my $ but great design overall.
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4 years ago, Blkclan94
Works well
The app works very well. But the 3 minute max is a little bit annoying. In order to record for as long as you can you have to buy a 30 dollar recorder. I can't afford a 30 dollar upgrade. And since its only 3 minutes you cant record for very long. The 3 minute limit pushed aside, it is a very good screen recorder. The audio works and it does save to my files. And even if someone can afford the pro version it will be very good for them. I just wish the pro version would be less expensive.
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2 years ago, FooandHarley
Fine app
I've used this app in both Free and Paid mode and it's worked great for me all the time. I even recourded 120 minute webinars with it. Video and Audio were fine and adjustable. I would suggest poeple read the description, the limits of the Free version and play wit it a bit before leaving reviews.
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7 months ago, The Lovely Bones
Love it
This app is user friendly, you can use with ease, record your voice, record your screen, record a recording. I do recommend that if you use an OSX that you record sounds in increments no more than 30 seconds. For some reason it long recordings stop and you get a metalic sound. Otherwise, I love the app.
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4 years ago, Libertysand
Simple but watch your File Size
Works perfect for what I need even though my recent update only allows for 5 Minutes of Screen Recording. I don't need a long recording though but watch your file size, pick your Quality and Recording Size properly or you'll have to downsize the Video for emails.
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4 years ago, The Make It Happen Cap'n
God bless your for making the app so unbeleievably easy use.
To everynne complaining about havingg to pay. You’re lucky to even get a free few minutes to atleast try it before you buy. O ya and people don't work for free Iim sure a lot of time has gone into make this app so user friendly and I will glady pay the nominal fee so thank you,
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4 years ago, Macarine
This is an amazing app!
I have a record it app for both my phone and my laptop. This one, which I use on my laptop, is trully an amazing. I've been using for months now and it has never failed me. I don't even remember if I got it for free, but if I didn't, whatever I spent on was worth it. I definitely recommend this one!!
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3 years ago, Kellis420
Time limit on Record it
Everything else bout this app is good like a minmiastic, clean, safe design, ect. i tired it out and it was super easy to import or download the video which was super nice, because most recording apps arent like that. I was just so dissapointed to see that without any upgrades you can only record for 5 mins!!!!! i wished that was advertized, i was looking to record a final presentaion through a free app, i cannot afford any extensitons beacuse i am a student.
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10 months ago, lhaze1000
great little app
I use this frequently to create quick tutorials for collegues. even while on the free version I was able to keep an eye on the timer and just start recording again and then create a full video in imovie to clip & edit my recordings. I love this app.
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4 years ago, mbeam87
Easy to Use, Free plan option gives you a good feel for app
Very easy to use. Free plan option gives you more than adequate options for test driving this app. Install to downloading my first screen recording with audio took only a few minutes.
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2 years ago, Username: BabyNerdy
I did not like that we have to pay
I've seen better screen recording apps with editing and incoorperated audio free of charge. I'm sorry, i'm not paying a subscription just to screen record a screen. It's stupid! Aside from that, it works smoothly. The range of the windows you can broadcast is limited which is a little disappointing, but overall it records smoothly with no crashes so I guess that's a plus 🤷🏽‍♀️ (it all depends on what device you're using, I'm on mac)
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4 years ago, MissCampbells
Was great until the update...
Ugh…Mac installed the newest update automatically and now there is a 3 minute limit to videos. It was perfect for my class lessons that I now have to teach online, but now it’s pointless for me. I need at least 5-10 minutes for mini lessons and instructions. Sad, that I lost the perfect app that was making my teaching successful in the online platform. :( New update now has changed audio recording ability. So the screen capture videos I make don’t record the audio.
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4 years ago, Paul Jackel
Solid App
Installation of the system extension required for this app to work properly was a bit of a challenge. However, once that installation had been completed, the app worked as promised. BTW, response to requests for assistance from seller throughout the installation was prompt and professional.
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4 years ago, Paris :3
Before Apple cam out with their own screen recorder I used this all the time! I still do! It actually records audio, and video BETTER than the built in screen recorder on my MacBook Air! This app is wonderful! I would recommend it to ANYONE!
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2 years ago, Chris OHNS
Ok-ish as of Feb 2022
Granted, this product will likely continue to be improved. At this time, I credit the developer for producing this much-needed product. I could not find anything better for my laptop, so I spent the $20 for the Pro package. However, The interface is confusing. I had trouble getting sound to record. If I left my screen recording for a few hours, I returned to find that the application had stopped recording and the entire recording was lost. User support response time was reasonably quick, BUT the content of the support was poor. They did not address my concerns and either did not understand my question or hid behind a pretense of not understanding it.
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4 years ago, Cmaoxkejhxhqlsocg
I was looking for something to record my screen for news videos and videos from social media that I couldn’t download. And using the program it created an MP4 that I now can edit and save. Thank you for such a great product … this is the FREE version btw
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4 years ago, shduurjxbc
Great App, But So Short Videos
Don't get me wrong this app is great for recording. It's simplistic and intuitive. The only complaint I have is that you can only record three minute videos for free, which is irritating. I downloaded this because it was one of the only free recording apps for Mac. I understand the company needs money, but at least give us more time for videos.
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3 years ago, Selino
Largest GIFs Ever!
Sure, you can record and save as GIF but you have no control over frame rate. All the GIF exports I've ever made are in the megabytes in file size. Using a FREE ONLINE GIF CONVERTER allows me to set the framerate of the GIF which makes them usable. I spent $20 only to realize that I can use the MacOS screen recorder and free online apps to get the result I need. This app literally cost me $20 and I can't use it for anything. 🤷🏽‍♂️
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4 years ago, Carolee31
It stops and looses the recording
this app automatically stops about 20 min before Im done recording the video lesson Im watching and looses everything it recorded. I want to stop it myself when im done. it just stops....I have watched the same class three times trying to record it, and cant get it to record to the end of the class. Really annoying!!!
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4 years ago, Erica Griffin
Love the app it alows me to record my gameplay to post on my channel ive tried a million free apps but this is the only one i was able to get running correctly I just started my channel the app has made everything easier
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5 years ago, meerkat mammal
It works
The price is right, it recorded videos I needed for a project, I’ll use it again at some point. The sound had to be routed through Soundflower; pretty easy because I already had that on my system.
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1 year ago, karinredbaron
Super easy
I needed a super easy screen recorder WITH PAUSE BUTTON for recording my lectures with auto transcription for my students to review later. This was the ticket! Light and professional is exactly it.
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4 years ago, Puc103
Recordings are blurry
Used this app to record a very important meeting. In reviewing the meeting, I see that all the text on my desktop is blurry due to low recording quality. I don't see the ability to change the recording quality and blurry recordings are pretty useless. Now I am screwed because I can barely makeout the text on my browser in my recordings.
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3 years ago, anonymyth
I don't make usually make reviews, but I had to with this
This software is so subpar it's actually incredible, for it to be even decent they want to rip you off comepletely for the few times you even want to record your screen, the graphics are terrible, the software lags, and I deleted it very quickly because of how frustrated I was with this horrible app
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4 years ago, b!gmac
Audio Does Not Work
This was a great app, and I had decided to upgrade! However, it only works with plug-ins that are not approved by the App Store, and when you bypass it in the settings it still does not work. Now the free version is only allowing a 3 minute recording time. I am a teacher trying to conduct distance learning during the pandemic. Needless to say, I am disappointed.
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2 years ago, hariedo
Five Minute Demo - Horrible Interface
Took four tries to get my first screen capture. First it made pop-ups telling me I needed to download a separate audio driver just to get system or mic sounds. Then it popped up a warning that the free version only lasts 5 minutes. Then didn't remember my settings (gotta tell it to do that, it's not the default). This piece of junk nagware belongs in the 1990s.
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3 years ago, Radical Wolf
Horrible for Gamers
This screen recorder is horrible for gamers unless you are willing to pay monthly for things you can get on most screen recorders for free. It ends every five minutes and brings you back to your desktop, even if you are mid-game. You can get killed mid-fight when the recording finishes. And you have to pay for it to record for long amounts of time. It is just a waste of space
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4 years ago, hairypawter
it works very well i was recording a dance number to that my freinds and I where doing over zoom to show to our teacher, and parents and it worked perfectly. i do recomend
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4 years ago, Donzee529
Highly Recommneded! Easy, Simple!
So easy to use, simple, and works amazing! When I press the button on the taskbar on the top, the box is recorded that pops out. You should make that inviisble to screen recording.
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4 years ago, Prat84
works great, but only 5 minutes for free
I needed a screen recording app for a short time, can record with sound and voice over too, which served my purpose!
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4 years ago, CrusinClassic
No Audio Recording
Purchased the Pro Version to avoid ads. Sometime ads just bug me. Setup to record a video. Looked great in playback. But had no audio. I start looking. It says I have to download something else to get audio. WELL.. The description says it has audio. RIP OFF. And the third party to aloow sound gets reject by Apple software. And you have to do a work around. I don't do work arounds. Security .....I need a refund...
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4 years ago, horseygirl6
I just needed a quick easy tool and this worked great. Longer than 5 min recording need to purchase but i am totally fine with that. Thank you.
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4 years ago, Bob Evola
Easy to Use
Very easy to use. Installed beautifully and no need to learn any technology. Used the built in cam without a problem. Only 3 minutes of video though unless you upgrade to the pro version.
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4 years ago, 719025
Good so far
The screen recording process is simple and effective overall. Couple minor interface things could be tweaked. Easy experience so far
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4 years ago, Maxtnyc420
Won’t record videos lasting more than 1 minute
I tried using it a few times. The first time it worked perfectly, and I recorded a 3 1/2 minute video… however, EVERY time I tried to use it again, it would not record past the 1 minute mark… already deleted this and am now looking for one that actually works!
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2 years ago, brireed
New Update
it worked perfectly until the new update. Record It having its own video player means I can't use the arrows on my keyboard to grab frames --- it skips by seconds. This should be undone. I was fine with my Mac's video player.
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3 years ago, JaviJ_
Great App
Great Screen Recording App definitley reccomend it. Sometimes it does lag your computer a tiny bit when your recording but thats normal. If you want a free screen recorder than this is perfect.
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4 years ago, Teacher123456!
Works but...
I've had the app for maybe a month and was able to use it for a free quick fix during the quaratine however, I didn't know there was a time limit. I wish I would have known that before relying on the app for some time now.
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4 years ago, Lauren687
Won't record system audio
I downloaded this app because it advertised it can screen record with system audio. I installed the Blackhole plugin it wanted me to install, but none of the audio recording options worked. I went to the help page for it, tried both options it gave, and still wouldn't record system audio.
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3 years ago, Ggghjimmhgtj
Couldn't make it work
I tried to record a video playing on my screen as a test, but as soon as I went to full screen, all I got was a fuzzy screen with some shadows behind it. I wasn't able to view the screen or the video that I was playing, but could hear the audio. I won't be purchasing and I will delete the app. It shouldn't be this hard.
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