Recur! The Reverse To-Do List

4.2 (32)
1.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Grailr LLC
Last update
6 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Recur! The Reverse To-Do List

4.16 out of 5
32 Ratings
5 years ago, CarolineLee2019
Good app! I look forward to updates!
Good app! I am enjoying it. I would like some things added: One count for the day of entry button so I don’t have to put in the date each time I want a count. I like the feature it does already have where you select date that it was completed, but I want additional button that is instant for the day of. I would also like to be able to add tasks without counting them as done the instant I added a task, so that I can come back and add counts to them as I complete them. thank you for this good app! I look forward to updates!:-)
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7 years ago, evbvd
not just for exercise
this app is great for tracking work on any open-ended projects where progress is best measured by time repeatedly devoted to it: learning an instrument or a language, writing a book or music: anything where breaking the project down into discrete action steps would be too artificial and constraining. recur helps me keep my priorities in balance: thank you so much for implementing this so cleanly and practically: it's quick and SO useful!
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5 years ago, #1Ogre
I love the app but hate the write up
Your description could well discourage people from getting this app. I suggest you instead focus on actual life utility. How long since you last ..saw a certain doctor? ..washed your car? ..called your mom? ..since your cat ran away? ..since that major surgery? many times have you done...?
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6 years ago, Jerricamartin
I purchased all of the CARROT apps. I use them all and love the snarky comments! They work great together to help this lowly meatbag get stuff done and keep track of what I’m doing. I look forward to waking up, checking the weather, going over my to do list, getting in a workout, and keeping track of my calories, playing the AI game, and caring for my cat. These apps brighten my day!
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9 months ago, Debbie E.
Love this for my ADHD
I’ve used Recur for years. My ADHD time blindness makes it difficult for me to gauge how often or how long ago I did a task, or visited a place, or completed routine household maintenance. Recur provides a simple, low-friction way to keep track of those type of things. It’s not fancy, but it does its job very, very well!
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3 years ago, DaGrinch666
Carrot everything! Carrot for our lives!
Love all of Carrot products my only wish for this particular App would be an option for Dark Mode or the option to create your own color scheme. That would put it over the top!!!
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7 years ago, LargeCorvid
My favorite app for tracking repetitive events like exercise. I don't like to be nagged but it's too easy to fall behind. Recur keeps me honest.
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6 years ago, Coostco Card
Critical for one thing
How long since I changed the insert in my electric razor?...checked my car’s battery water, the A/C filters, etc. seems to be no other app that serves this function. I use it for a million things. 5 stars.
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7 years ago, maromanphd
Perfect for tracking recurring tasks
Want to track replacing A/C filters ... contact lenses ... maintenance cycles on equipment ... or anything else that needs periodic redoing? This app is perfect. Not many bells and whistles so it is easy to use and, well, just perfect for monitoring those periodic recurring to-do's.
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1 year ago, Julia_reese_
Awesome app!
My friend showed me this app and I love it! It tracks whatever I want to track and it shows how mag times I have done it. Super helpful and I always want to enter more things lol.
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11 years ago, repsac3
Nice app... TOO nice...
Keeps track of what you did (and when you did it) rather than what you have to do. It does the job well, and--in conjunction with sister app CARROT to-do--can even remind you to do the stuff you did again the next time you should do it. But therein lies the rub... This is created by the guy who created the CARROT to-do and alarm apps... So why is this one so nice to it's meatbag users? It's like we're not even minions, anymore... The ultimate rejection... (Hey, wait a minute! Well played, CARROT... Consider us well and truly punished...)
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2 years ago, khayra.b
Simple usable but resolution is outdated
Made for older iPhone, helpful if you prefer big text
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6 years ago, DoctorDonnaWinchester
Needs notifications
The concept is great, but the app needs to be able to send me alerts/notifications if I’m missing my scheduled recurring events.
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10 months ago, DC-Gent
Nice app!
It could use an update…
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7 years ago, Berlys29
Almost, but not quite
This app is ok. Not great due to the limited functionality. It is supposed to integrate with the Carrot To Do app - but that doesn't seem to work either. I emailed customer support for assistance and there was no response.
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7 years ago, Htron2013
really need intra-device sharing
would be at least a 4 if it could share data between my iphone and my ipad, probably a 5!
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11 years ago, No Jail Break 4 Me
Awesome app but......
This is an awesome app that I love to use, BUT I can not believe that a simple function like editing past times is not possible. And no, I don't contact App Support because experience has taught me that a negative review will generally lead to a faster resolution. Plus, how is it possible that such a simple function was not included in the first place. -_- I will gladly raise this to 5 stars where it belongs once an update is sent out where customers are able to edit the start date and time of a recurring event. Sometimes we forget to hit the "recur" button and in order to keep an accurate log of the last time we "did something" we should be able to edit the date and time of the last event. And no, the "decrement" button is NOT enough. I've used it and all it does is allow you to go back to the last entered date which just makes it look like it has been longer since your last event - not accurate. Please fix this fast and I will quickly upgrade to 5 stars. Thank you.
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10 years ago, Bikerbudmatt
Great when I remember to use it
This app is useful for answering questions like "How long has it been since…?" Haircut, testing spa water, replacing contact lenses; all good things to track. If you need to do something based on both date and time, though, and you don't have iPhone handy at the time you are doing it, in this version you are SOL. Would like to see that fixed.
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11 years ago, Alceria
Great on its own or as CARROT companion.
Very useful app and I love that it gives you credit in CARROT as well. I wasn't sure how much I would use it, but I find it really helpful to track the time since I have done various activities or to track the frequency of events. Interface is clean and simple. It just does one thing and it does it elegantly. One suggestion is to add the ability to choose which items are reported to CARROT. Not everything I track is really a "to do" item and I feel like a cheat getting credit in CARROT for it. Also, I know this isn't a review for CARROT, but I have been through several "to do" apps and CARROT is the only one that actually motivates me to do stuff.
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10 years ago, Knockedup27330
Love this app!
I love this app simply for the reason it allows for me to easily document random moments of cuteness, as well as milestones, shared with my children that cannot necessarily be captured in a photograph. For example, my two year-old told me today that "Santa is bringing [her] pupusas and tacos" for Christmas. For reasons such as this, recur is one of my all-time favorite apps! Thanks to the developers! Five stars, all the way!!!
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10 years ago, Amerh
It's a useful app to keep track of things you've done without having to enter it into your calendar. One major missing feature is the ability to edit entries and the ability to manually enter an event and backdate it. If you forget to add an event and you want to add it at later date you cannot change when it happened it only accepts the time and date from your phone, this needs to be changed.
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10 years ago, Duckrabbitjon
Really useful!
I use this for so many things: to track when the last time I took a pill, to when I last ate, to when I last visited with a particular friend, etc. my only minor complaint is just that I can't specify when the last time I did something with a timestamp, but aside from that this app is just what I needed!
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11 years ago, Grovesdk
Needs one CRUCIAL feature!!!
Like many other reviewers have said, the reminder feature needs a little more customizability. If you could merely add a remind "every [x] days" type feature that way we could customize reminders for items to every other day or every 3 days or whatever the case may be in order to get a constant reminder for regular events. A similar feature for "every [x] weeks" would be similarly useful. Thank you and I (and apparently many other users) hope to see an update with these features real soon!
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9 years ago, SOPO Wizard
Simply Awesome
Awesome is used much too much in today's society but the family of Carrot is amazing. Entertainment value is spectacular and at the same time everything is productive. Carrot's quips are new every time, and funny! The people giving these app's one star are missing the point. Some folks visions are just too narrow I guess.
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11 years ago, Shinycrayons
Beautiful App
Yesterday I started making a list of hours I've put into different areas of education. This is much better, coincidence like this makes me want to revisit religion. Love you, now please give me 4 tabs at the top to segregate my awesome achievements so I can keep the different areas of my life documented and uncluttered.
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10 years ago, Jimbob 1
A Simple Little App That Works Great!
I just started using it and it does exactly what it says it will do. And does it so simply and cleanly. I'm using it to keep track of things I've done around the house that are difficult to remember as far as when I last did them. VERY handy. Nice job.
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9 years ago, Busy old lady
Keeps track of "auto" mode
After awhile, I forget if I have done that thing that I do so often it becomes an absent minded auto motion. Now, I record the part of the auto mode. Dogs get the Heartworm meds, my Mom doesn't get under/over dosed. I get peace of mind. Well worth the $$$$!
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8 years ago, Avnrk
Five stars for this great app
The ONLY thing I wish it had was some kind of iCloud sync so that my tasks and last record would not get erased. A universal version for both iPhone and iPad would be great. Willing to pay $0.99 for this.
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10 years ago, David Levine
Works as advertised
A simple app that does what it says. I just wish you could edit the time when you enter something instead of the current time always being used.
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11 years ago, emkalli
Perfect - even on an iPad
I waited and waited hoping for an iPad version. Finally bought it anyway. It works great. It's perfect for all those chose that need doing over and over that it seems onerous and silly to keep adding to a To Do app - yet they DO need doing.
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11 years ago, GregVo
Almost Five Star
The app is great at what it does. The only problem I have is you have to immediately remember to increment to be totally accurate. If you forget, you can only go back in days. You cannot enter a time. Not a big deal really. Otherwise it's great!
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10 years ago, diegoz281
Exactly what I've been looking for!
I was looking for this kind of app for the longest time! Looks awesome and works great :) I would love to see more time intervals for the reminders though! Sometimes I want to get reminded between one month and a year! Also adding a way to see a breakdown of when past events occurred might be helpful though.
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10 years ago, Veltiss
Good but missing some bits
I use this to keep track of things I need to do yearly, so I wish I could set a yearly reminder without scrolling through 12 months to do so. Some things (like shots) need a reminder every five years. So much scrolling.
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10 years ago, Firesheep67
Easy, Useful, Very Helpful!
I use this app often! I can keep track of all kinds of things, some I've never thought about keeping a track record for.
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11 years ago, WarpFactorJeff
great but missing one thing..
no search function? once my list gets longer it's going to be difficult to find items I want to iterate by scrolling. a simple search feature would be perfect 😄
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10 years ago, Kellylf42
Folders or separate lists please!
Folders or page breaks so you can have "home" "work" "piano practice" and etc. would be helpful. Overall very fun and useful. Love the carrot integration, helped declutter my to do list from recurring tasks.
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9 years ago, Walesenham
like this but
I like this app but can't seem to be able to stop the timer and save the entry. Seems simple enough to do. Tried to contact the company but no response. Has not been updated since 2013. Would like to stop timer without deleting entry but don't seem to be able to. If you can live with that It's an okay app.
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11 years ago, Krystal1207
Easy to use
Nice layout and simple to use. I use it to keep track of recurring tasks like emailing specific people for work, setting up events, etc. it's a good way to get reminders.
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10 years ago, ABrazilianJillian
I have ADHD
I rely on this app to keep myself groomed and fed and living in a clean house. I have raved to my psychologist and psychiatrist about it. I hope they recommend it to people as a coping tool because it really, truly helps.
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11 years ago, Mom9k
Almost There
Great app but it could use a few improvements: A "Refresh Now" button next to list items instead of having to navigate two additional button clicks for a timestamp. A "Reset" to zero button and the option to start at zero for those who are organizing a list of future activities. Hours and minutes for activities that need to be tracked more than once daily.
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10 years ago, Phoenix2000
Pretty disappointing
The reminders are /very/ limited, can't even do anything "complicated" like every two weeks or every quarter. Also no edit functionality makes it almost useless, you don't always have time to mark something right when you did it, and can't go back and set it when it really happened. Needs a lot of work.
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11 years ago, EJ Ellis
Thought this would be better
I wanted something to help me find out where all the time went. I want it to show a calendar and like mark which days I was more productive than others. It's a good start, but could be a much better app. DON'T BUY, wait for an update.
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11 years ago, The6thSeal
Y u no like CARROT?
Sadly, I can't give this a good score... If it doesn't do what it says it will do... CARROT is my mistress and I like to keep her happy... However, even though I have the import CARROT option set, none of my completed tasks are showing up on this. It makes me sad and forces me to eat tubs of ice cream while watching the Green Mile during the final execution. Please help me stop crying and prevent me from becoming obese, you are my only hope
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11 years ago, squizzeak
Needs better date options
Radar does the same thing but is way more flexible with scheduling (though it too has its flaws). My advice to the devs would be that people sometimes need things to recur less frequently than monthly.
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9 years ago, Gord On
Theese reviewing dudes are boring.
App tracks simple things to be counted and remembered when you've done them last time. I don't think it's DEVELOPER's fault that your life is more complex than that. ; ) xo
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10 years ago, Alireza A.
Great Idea, Nice App!
There is a great idea behind this app and the app itself is very nice! But I save one star for the following features: 1. The ability to edit event dates. 2. The ability to organize items into folders. 3. The ability to enter future dates and see the time gap. 4. Weekday along with date on history of events. Overall I highly recommend this app. There are many situations that you can use it.
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11 years ago, Laurawy
Simple and lovely but maybe too simple
It would be much more helpful if the app can show the date/year of the event to commemorate the important dates of life. And probable also mark on calandra.
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11 years ago, ItsWells
Great for its utility
I would've expected the UI to be a little more consistent with CARROT though. The icons pretty meh, and the green doesn't go well with CARROT's blue. Just some design comments; as for its utility, it serves my needs very well.
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11 years ago, DevPeter
Alarmed ~ with limited features
Although I like the concept, it's very limited on customizability. I want something to repeat but every "x" days, weeks, or years. Also you cannot edit the title once you create it (very dumb). I do own their Carrot app as a motivation tool to get my school work done. As of now, Alarmed reminder is worth the upgrade.
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11 years ago, Modestoluke
Worthless - can't view history
There is no way to view the dates or times of past instances, much less export the data. It's sad because the app is intuitive and well laid out, I just don't see any real benefit in tracking things if there is no way to actually see or use the data I'm collecting.
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