Red Ball 4 (Ad Supported)

4.6 (51.2K)
157.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
FDG Entertainment GmbH & Co.KG
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Red Ball 4 (Ad Supported)

4.64 out of 5
51.2K Ratings
1 year ago, Hdndbhdjed
Good Game but 1 PROBLEM( 2 actually sorry)
This is a good game but their is just one problem level 65 is IMPOSSIBLE (or it could be I’m just bad) ,like when I’m trying to get the blue key I just CAN’T can you fix it please!Thank you! But also One more like the moon boss was hard to beat can you make it to be where we can beat it easier please like where we can go on the side and come out the other!Here is an example:when you go to the left side you come out the right! And when you go to the right side you come out the left! This would make the boss for the moon a little easier!:end of example see what I mean it would be GREAT! 1 idea I have what if we could make maps BUT we need premium to make one ,and what if we could make custom skin for our character, but we need premium to use that!Thank you! Please if you can add this stuff and also make levels easier and make level 65 EASIER! Please and Thank you!
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1 year ago, Jgold12
A decent game to (sometimes) kill time!
I didn’t not like this game, but it also definitely wasn’t my favorite either. I love the cute animations and designs for this game, and the simplicity of it. The only thing that irritates me, (it could just be that I’m bad,) was the frustrating amount of deaths that came across me, how you either have to buy or watch an ad to continue after you die, and how some things seem unpredictable and random. After you complete every level and area, meaning you have finished the game, the game doesn’t provide the player with much to do, except for the achievements and timed levels. In every boss-fight, the game doesn’t give you too many chances or time to hurt the boss, meaning you have to grind time just a little with bosses. Overall, this game was fun, but long, aggravating, and slightly slow and boring in some parts. I completely support this game, despite the cons and problems. I hope others can try this game and I hope they like it. Of course, if people will disagree, I will support that, too, and try to understand. Thank you for this wonderful game with more to come!
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8 months ago, heheh beans
Red ball 4 is goated
I downloaded this app when I was around 8 years old. I played it all the time and loved every second of it. Then I remembered the fun I had when I played it and downloaded it again to live the fun once more. The game has not changed since 2015 and I literally cried once playing it again. It was fun and cheery just like remembered it, and as cheesy as it sounds this game made me remember the days of kindergarten when I would come home actually happy to a sunny day where I would play soccer and Red ball 4 all day with the blue box mac and cheese for dinner. Or the mornings when I would wake up early to play it before my bus came. (I have very poor eyesight because of that game) As you can tell, I have a very special place for this game in my heart and I hope that you can have as much fun playing this game as I did as a kid. Truly, (for me) game of the year. :) (now I gotta go to sleep. It’s a school night!)
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4 years ago, ugly angela
Best game EVER!!
So I started playing this game a long time ago and it’s really really FUN. So I was I was with my cousin and we were wondering what games we could get. Because we were bored so we came across redBall 4. So we were getting a better look and it seemed REALLY REALLY FUN. So we got it and then we got absolutely OBSSED. It was a challenge to get through some levels, but we got through most. So we were also thinking if the premium was good so we got it and. ITS SO WORTH IT!!! FOR ONLY 1.99 ITS THE BEST before you would have to wait a long time to refill the life’s to play but with the PREMIUM you don’t have to wait at all! And don’t get me started with the UNLIMITED LIFES OMG THATS THE BEST! And with the premium you don’t ever have to unlock the levels it automatically UNLOCKS THEM FOR YOU!! Also all the levels are perfectly made the boss matches the regular matches EVERYTHING!! please consider responding -David N.
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3 years ago, IggyKoopaGamer13795
I like it by a few more things....
So I like Red Ball 4 I completed the full game within about three months and I got to the end it was kind of simple needed a few health Anya a few more things that need to be added to this game we need multiplayer which my brother definitely needs and we need more worlds because there’s only about four worlds on this game so I would say put about three more Anya because we don’t really have much world on this game maybe we could do a versus and more bosses and maybe we could do a timer levels so anytime you want to do a time attack like sonic the hedgehog and we could do challenges and achievements which we already have but it would be cool if we could do challenges and skins because there’s not really much skins I saw one of your games that has this type of orange ball like red balls and it looks like a type of spinoff series for the red ball universe so me and my brother really like this game my brother hasn’t download it but we play it on our TV it’s a really really good game but I wish we could have all of the stuff in it so please and thank you.
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6 years ago, MechlDragon
The Game is Great, but the Ending was O.K.
I love the game with all of its awesome puzzles and challenging boss fights. The only problem I had with it is the fact that you have to wait for 20 minutes to get a life. I know that this game does this on purpose to make a profit, but I think it should be ten, or something along those lines. The ending was missing something, like a story after (*spoiler ahead*) the female ball meets with the ball character you play as. I felt as though I went through this whole struggle of completing the last boss (and more frustrating the part after you defeat the boss to free the female ball) and the levels to get a ‘Hey, you’ve completed the game! Cool, now do something else.’ I like the concept of the ball being trapped in the cage, but I just think that it needs to have some story or explanation of what happened after the female ball is freed. Thank you for your time.
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1 year ago, su tang lova 6996
su tang😤😤😧😳😑😑🥶😥🥶🥶🥵🥵🥵🍌🍌💀💀🥶😭💀💀⏰⏰⏰⏰⏰
me likey red baller wowow omb so cool e love wu shang and ball so su tang is gu tanjible and red bal and so cool and blac and scary my friend force fed me cream cheese and ball red so relatible😁🫣🧙‍♀️👌👉🏿👉🏿👉🏿👉🏿🧙‍♀️🫣😏👇😳😏😊😊😂😄😄😊😊😇👄👄🫦🫦🫦 me when chrema i love smash bros and so ball blue soccar and nugets And ad suported and outside and oh man a four wing fingle berry derry queen baller with the red hair on his face i am not sure if this was the first one i thought it would look good on him or if he is just looking at the other two and he was like i dont think this would be a bad idea for him and he just said that 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👎😹🤞🤌👌👌😸👌👌👌🙀👉🏿😸🤚👉🏿😾🤌😸👌👌 dream on dream on ohhhohogogoo sing with me sing for the year sing for the night and sung for tear of a country song and the night of our wedding 💒 in our home 🏠 state in a very 🤞😸👾😸 very small country and the the 👊👊👊👎👩👨🏻‍🦲👨‍🦱👳🏻👨‍🦱👳‍♂️
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2 years ago, Justin Pierre
Make it a little easier
Okay so I like the game but can you make it a little easier like so I have 3 things to say I mean I know the you have to not jump like 5 times how is that even possible to beat my guy level 10!?! How is that possible🧐.I got a badge and it never gave it to me so is that like a bug that does not work it is called can laser 5 times I did it and nope it did not give it to me 2 more things.I mean one😂 that was a troll anyways how are you supposed to beat not to collet stars on level 6!?! How is that possible how is a kid to supposed to beat that my guy if you can do that thank you.😁 last thing good job making this game I was playing when I was 4 years old or 5 I forgot but back to it.😂 this took like a lot of work to do good job making this have a nice day😄😁.
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7 years ago, Spuppy5693
Amazing ⭐️⭐️⭐️
If I could give this app 100 starts I would this is definitely worth trying. There is 75 levels and I have played all of them 3 times by now. I couldn't get enough of it, it's really fun and addicting. However I do wish there was another red ball because there's only red ball 4 and volumes 1,2,3, and 4. I deeply wish that there could be a series, so I don't have to keep playing the same levels over, and over again (even though I enjoy doing it). Also I bought the unlimited lives, free of ads, and all levels unlocked just for 99 cents. I think that is an amazing price for all of that, but when my friend downloaded it it was $1.13, I was very disappointed 😔. I understand though if more people are downloading the app u have to kick up the price. Other then those minor changes this game is to DIE FOR❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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2 years ago, Jenna!!!! 😁
I love this game so much!!!!! It’s so fun to play and I’ve spent hours at a time trying to beat the levels. The whole game was so amazing although I wish the ending was a little different. At the end when you finish the lass boss level there’s nothing else to do. I wish it has more of a story at the end or it has special levels for when you finish because I honestly don’t know what game to play now. I tried looking for other games similar to this one but they’re all just bad copy’s of this one and the animations just look kind of weird to me. Those other games are also just really boring and are nothing like this one so I’m hoping they make another app like this or add more levels to the end of this game!
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4 years ago, dogeygamer🐕
This game is pretty great. There’s lots of fun things in this game, but, there’s a bit of a problem. So when u kill the square guys or hold on, no, to kill the square guys, u have to jump on them, so, sometimes when u jump on them, it thinks u r bouncing of of them instead of u trying to kill them, which is kind of a big problem, cuz when u meet the first boss, if u’ve played the game long enough, u would know he can spawn the mini square guys in, so, u can easily lose TONS of hearts, SO, u have to keep watching the same adds over and over and OVER AGAIN. So I guess maybe I'm just jumping on them wrong (even tho I’m pretty sure I’m not) idk. But overall this is a great game and I recommend u download it, this just kinda a smol problem I have, but umm..yea it’s a good game, annnnd, u..should download it!!! :3 Good job to the developers of this game, I even used to have this game on my fire stick TV!! Hikishomow!!!
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5 years ago, Honest Kenley
Honest reviewer (yes I do reviews for a living)
Hello! I’m honest reviewer. You may have seen my other reviews on multiple games like this. I’m completely honest and I put everything that needs to be said on my reviews. So let’s get started, to be honest it’s a good game fun, addictive, and (sometimes) challenging. What more could you ask for? Well to be honest I enjoy the game but the levels are to short and the game itself is to short, it’s glitchy and has tons of bugs. Yes your probably thinking oh it’s just because she got the ad supported version. It’s not. I also got the two dollar app (no ads) but it was still glitchy and had bugs. To be honest I would not buy the two dollar version. It’s the same as the free one and there are barely any ads in the free version. So overall the game is good but still needs work. Great for kids. Addictive. Sometimes challenging. Fun and cute. - Honest reviewer
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3 months ago, mastadon
Still A Masterpiece
I absolutely LOVE Red Ball 4! This game is so much fun! I got it in 2017, and this has always been a fantastic game! My only issue is all the advertisements, but I get that that's how you guys make your money since the game's free. (Though I can simply just buy Red Ball 4 Premium. But I digress). The point is, Red Ball 4 is single-handedly the greatest game on the app store, and certainly one of the greatest games ever made. Even today, in 2024, a whole 6 years after I played the game for the first time, it is still such a great masterpiece. (also, FDG Entertainment, pls add a new episode to the game! if you cant think of anything, you can do a desert, a snow valley, or a volcano?) I love this game, and would love to experience more. Have a great day!
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5 years ago, hdiw slxb
I ❤️❤️❤️red ball!!!!
I love red ball so much! My cousin had this game and I tried it on my aunts phone, and it was sooo addicting. So I downloaded the app and started to play. Something that I didn’t like about it was that you only had 6 lives and you had to watch like a 30 second video to get another six lives. I was getting really tired of having to watch boring videos. So I got the premium version and it’s sooo much better! I know you have to pay like two dollars to get it, but trust me if you like the game it’s worth the money. But some of the levels are almost impossible to pass and at one point I thought I should give up and delete the game. Level 25 is really hard and a lot of the levels in the box 📦 factory 🏭 too. Along with the caves. That’s why I got the premium version, and I totally recommend it.
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5 years ago, Neldlt
Best game ever
When I first started playing this it was like omg I can’t sleep I played so much that I got to level 3 in one day all though the adds are a bit annoying I still love it if there was a rate for 100 stars I’d give it that rating download this game right now because it’s so fun best game ever you can get so many different balls I hope you like the game as much as I do cause it’s awesome there are 75 levels tricky challenges and epic boss battles I’m a big fan of this app now if it is hard for you just watch some you tube vids and see how they do it and do the same thing that’s what helped me on red ball it’s better than red ball 1 red ball 2 and red ball 3 nowadays red ball 5 is the most popular but for me it’s red ball 4 that’s popular now I’m of to play red ball 4 bye peeps
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4 years ago, Gravityfallsfan248
I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!! (But has one problem)
I’ve had this game for over half of my life (I’m a little over 10 and a half years old by the time I’m writing this) and I love it. It’s amazing. I’m in the top 1% on time attack on the leaderboards, for crying out loud! But, and this is a huge but, I used to play this game a lot more when I was younger. Why? BECAUSE THE NEWEST WORLD CAME OUT LIKE 2-4 FREAKING YEARS AGO!!!!!! I love new experiences, and I really want a 6th world. Although, I think I know why they haven’t added one yet. On the boss of the 5th world, it has the music of the world 3 boss, which was the end of the “story”. I think the last 2 worlds are like after-events. I’m pretty sure the story is over. But if the creators read this, please make a 6th world, and maybe even some more!!!
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2 years ago, i love it but a little boring
Great game! A few changes tho...
Change number one: please remove the limited lives thing because the adds are really long and I don’t want to waste my parent’s money on a game, that’s why I downloaded the free game. Anyways, change number two: please make the game easier because i did get to the box factory in one day but when you get to the part where you have to pass the pillars or the things that squish you to death it’s kinda frustrating and honestly, you almost made me break my iPad from my frustration!!! And I’m talking about the one-at-a-time pillar ones. If you don’t change these things I’m deleting the game. Overall, great game! Have a good day/Night! -Noelle
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3 years ago, NickG72010
Let me tell you, this game is more then you think. From the surface, it just looks like a normal mobile game. But it’s more then that. This game has a speed running community, and i have lots of experiences with the older games in the franchise. Like most things, they get worse over time, but this is timeless. Because of that, I thought it was going to be a bad game. Needless to say, this is one of the best mobile games I have ever played. The running and jumping works perfect, and there are also great traps you can come across. It can also be challenging in some parts, because you have the boss battles. You need to be careful in these, because they can easily kill you. And because of this, all of this this is why I love this game.
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5 years ago, Mztianamarie
So Addicting!!
My little brother had been dying for me to play this game, so I gave up on his begs and started to play. What I didn’t realize was I was playing this game for 3 hours. This game is addicting, I tell you! Don’t got nothing to do? Try Red Ball 4! So much to see, quests and knowledge, kept me up all night! This game is all about tests to see how smart you are in outgoing obstacles. Crazy bosses, very satisfying gameplay, and different scenes to see what is causing problems for little red balls! You won’t have to waster one hour on your life, not a bit! When you look out your window, you’ll probably notice how dark it is outside, considering you have played this all day!
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5 years ago, Kiera Kubiak
Awesome Game!
This game showed so many great features! There are a fair amount of ads, though I still wish there were less. The game should have a few more levels, but each level has its own level of uniqueness! This game is a great time waster! If you’re out of lives, the game takes you to the main page and lets you choose two (three) buttons, 1. Exit 2. Buy a pass. The pass gives you access to infinite lives and no ads. 3. Watch Now! “Watch Now!” Lets you watch an add to gain all lives back (5 lives). Again, this game has so many great qualities and animations! I really like this game and hope others do, as well!
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3 years ago, Happiness123654
Please fix this!
I really like the game and I would have rated it five stars, I just got to the beginning of the caves and I decided to change my skin to the original red ball. I saw the other button that was next to the play button, I didn’t know what it was or what it was for. I decided to click on it and see what happens. So. I clicked on it and then I go to continue playing. I got to the levels area and IT SAYS THAT I NEVER COMPLETED ANY LEVELS. IT RESETED ALL MY PROGRESS. I HAD PASSED ALL OF THE LEVELS UP TO THE CAVES ALL GOLD MEDALS ALL TO ACCIDENTALLY PRESS A BUTTON THAT RESETS THE WHOLE THING AND I AM REALLY DISAPPOINTED. MAYBE ADD A WARNING SIGN AFTER CLICKING ON IT. So that if someone else like me doesn’t know what it is and also clicks on it then they won’t have to have the same problem as me. Maybe put a sign that says , “Warning! Are you sure you would like to reset your progress in levels? Press Yes if so, or no if you would not like to delete your progress.
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5 years ago, Booper93
Good game but make more levels
This game is the bomb but once you beat green hills and into the caves and levels like that there’s nothing really to do and the fact that you have to wait for your lives to regenerate its pretty frustrating that you have to wait like and hour for you lives to go all the way overall this games really fun and i really enjoyed it but if the dev is reading this please please make more updates to the game I’ve been waiting for a long time anyways this game is really fun and cool the way you have to go through all these bosses and tuff challenges but at least make one more level it will mean the world to me.
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3 years ago, itzameamario!
The good and the bad
I’ll just list the good things and bad things: GOOD: 1. Really fun, great storyline for a free mobile game! 2. Really simple. 3. Boss fights are rlly fun! BAD: 1. Most levels are easy and can be completed in 30-60 seconds each, but I have come across some levels that are pretty hard. I was stuck on one in the box factory idk which level but it took me almost a week to complete. This isn’t a good thing bc most levels are just too easy and it gets boring. Make all or if not at least most of the levels like in between easy and hard. 2. Ads. I keep getting things bc the game wants me to buy premium.I think after more than 100 times I’ve clicked I don’t want premium is enough for them to learn that I don’t want premium lol. So when you lose your 5 lives (which is easy to do on some levels) it makes you wait like 15 minutes per life. Of course you could watch ads tho. Maybe give players a couple more lives to start with or make the wait time for each life like 3-5 mins or something. Anyways thanks for listening I hope you make these changes soon!
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1 year ago, 0nye
Update The Game
The game was fun. When I re-download it the game it was annoying. First the achievement Stargazer in the forest episode does not make sense for a space achievement to be in a forest. It just does not make sense. In the new update please put the achievement in the moon episode and make a way to get it there. Next the boom-box in level 35 on the platform is annoying. If I attempted Togo past it I would either fall in the endless void or get blown up by it. Please change that situation in the update. Also the final boss fight in the game is TOO hard. The boss is so big I think I die every time on it unless I get lucky. So that is what I want for the new update. One more thing is that after the boss fight I want a few more chapters like you only have one. Please make another chapter soon and continue that process. Anyway have a great day!
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AWESOME GAME but 1 thing..
THIS IS AN AWESOME GAME! One thing though. I downloaded thing game when i was like 4 or 5 and i was HOOKED! Then i finally finished it and stopped playing it. I found it again in the app store 9 years later and became hooked again! But, 9 years later, it still goes to 5 episodes. So please at least make 2 or more episodes maybe under water with a breathing tank or maybe like the boxes went back to earth and they are trying to take over the homes of the red balls. I don’t really know but all im asking for is more episodes. Otherwise, this is a pretty awesome game!
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4 years ago, Rainbow unicorn-30914
Layan Bakarman’s message
I don’t know how much they are looking at their phones and I don’t know how much they will work on it I am very disappointed that they have to work on it so hard 😨! I don’t think we can do anything about it because we don’t know who made red ball 4 and then we can play it for years unless they delete it or everyone is not playing it so I want to play it again and again and forevermore even when I’m older 🤶🏻 morning noon and night anytime I want to play it I will play it -Layan Bakarman 🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦 I hope you liked this message! Thank you 😊!
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4 years ago, 123 Squid
This is the first review I’ve ever wrote on a game. This game is great! Having all 3 red balls in 1 plus 2 new ones is fantastic! I also really love the new time mode and all the bonus skins! All of the original levels are still as fun as ever and the 2 new worlds are even better! There is nothing I could possibly think of to make this game better. Keep up the good work and making new worlds will always make the game better. I would rate this a 100 star if that was a thing. It’s very addicting, challenging, and fun, and those are the 3 things that good games should have and be.
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5 years ago, GameMaster1200
Great but.......
I love the game. The puzzles and boss fights really make your mind work and it makes it fun all at the same time!! Also, this game is great for small children, teenagers, and adults because although it makes your mind work, it is super simple to learn how to do and control! The only problem I had was that to have to wait 20 minutes for 1 life and an hour to get all lives!! Now if you have data or on wifi you can watch a 30-45 second video and get all your lives back which is great! But if you don't have data or are not on wifi you have to wait a long time. Overall Red Ball 4 is a pretty good game for pretty much all ages.
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6 years ago, cheeseburgers2457
I absolutely love this game but,
The only thing that I do not like about this game is that you have limited lives and you have to watch an ad or you have to pay to get premium. I know what you’re thinking. How would they make money? I think that they should give you unlimited lives and add coins into the game to get the skins and add more skins to the game. The way they would make money off of this is that they could put in app purchases in the game so you could buy more coins to get the skins early instead of having to play levels to get coins. I know this probably doesn’t make any sense but it doesn’t have to for you to get the idea.
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5 years ago, Noah The FANCY533
Awesome just one thing...
This is an awesome game. I really recommend this game. BUT there's one bad thing about this game. You have to wait an awful long time for hearts. ONLY one set of lives which three hearts are in each set, for about 20 MINUTES. You guys are crazy! And let me tell you, you lose a lot of hearts in each level. I do not recommend this game if you are not patient but if you are, then this is the game for you. It's also really short. I finished this game in probably one month. That's not that much because I do t play it often, but imagine if you played it the whole day, you will finish it. Yeah this game is really crazy short but it's a great game.
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1 year ago, funtime with me
Only four stars because I don’t want people to think this is purchased
The game is great you barely get any ads and It’s an original idea from the golden age of mobile games. It’s not pay to win or pay to stop adds that keep on coming you only time you get an add is when you watch 1 for more life’s. And if you don’t wanna watch it you can wait or buy the cheap premium version. People say it’s way to hard but I don’t think that, it’s actually really easy you just gotta now how to solve puzzles. And it’s controller compatible which I haven’t tried but I’m sure is good. Great game!
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5 months ago, Junior_201122
Red ball 4
The games is awesome but, I finished the whole game, I used to play this game the entire time. It took so long to finish but finally did it, my mom said never give up and I didn’t the only think that I hated was when you had only five life’s and if you want more you need adds to get more life, but there is a limit you got to pay to get more and I all ways ask my mom if I could get more life or heart but she said no. Only when I get good grades and I do something good at school so yeah thanks for reading my review!!😷😺😊😁
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2 years ago, Tiago J Rodriguez
5 stars
The fact that this is appropriate for kids like me, I accept this game because there are different emotions for different actions. This game is about a red ball who saves the world. Map 1: a technical valley with fighting cubes and cubby knights. Map 2: a forest with more detail with fighting ninjas and cubes. Map 3: a factory with cubes and explosive cubes adding the same amount of detail from Map 2. Map 4: the moon but square with cubes and charged cubes that shoot lasers out of itself. Map 5: caves with the most detail adding explosive cubes and regular cubes. Like this review if you agree with me :D
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3 years ago, adrust
This is the best game ever
So I was getting bored of these other games so I went to the App Store and I came across red ball 4 so I decided to download it it was boring at first but when I got to level 5 I started to get addicted to it then when I got to the first boss I was so confused and I ended up beating it 2 try I saw all the levels and I was like oh crap I got a long jerney to go I thought I was never gonna make it but after all I made it all gold stars and beat the game but their is so many achievements to go I’m staying tuned for part six
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4 years ago, chjdjuskdnhd
i........ LOVE IT
This game is so amazing, here’s a story. When I got this game I thought it was a game for toddlers but when I opened the game. It said your age here. And that I thought was really weird but when I got into the first level I immediately bought the full game, and I knew it was worth it but when I saw you could go into any levels I WAS AMAZED. Sorry about that but it is amazing you should get this game, even though there’s ads. Just get the full game and there is no more ads, that is my submission on this game please get this it’s awesome. -not a spam bot
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2 years ago, ajchiavarojr
Just some thoughts
So I’ve seen a lot of people criticizing how the game is too hard and to make them easier but you should keep them the same, next ppl are mad at how many ads there are but when I played there are barely any, also people are DESPERATE for new levels and I’m asking too pleeeeeaaaase add more levels, plus because this game is for children do remove the swear in the one achievement “d@mn gravity”. Well that’s basically all I had to say thx for listening and bye. -BurgerPlays1
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2 years ago, ufjf8t
Best game I ever played
This is literally so awesome let’s be honest it’s a little bit challenging but it is so so so so so so so so so so so so so fun especially when you’re bored when you have nothing to do bored laying down on your couch not knowing nothing you just get on your phone or iPad or anything and play Red Bull and it makes me feel so better and just it’s so fun and it’s literally the best game I ever tried you should download this right now like your you’re not gonna regret it trust me trust trust trust trust trust trust me just do it
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7 months ago, ConcreteSnowman
Best game in the world.
Zero adds great for the family great for the kids great for everybody. I recommend it to people who love challenges because it’s really really challenging. I play and I love it it is really good please download it I am not begging well I probably am but it’s a really good I played it and I love it it is really good please download it I am not begging well I probably am but it’s a really good game and I think you should have it my dad played it and he is literally 37. 37 please please please with the red ball on top download it.
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1 year ago, zzqzu
It’s very good but something is missing
I heard of this game three and a half years ago by videos. Two months later I started playing this game. In December I went to my cousins home and they saw me playing ALL THE TIME! But I could only reach level 15 after four months and level 16 a week later. It took me a year to beat the game. For a year I waited but no updates. Since I started playing this game there were only 75 levels. Why not make levels 76 to 90 a haunted world? Other than that it is VERY GOOD! The levels are so fun especially the boss levels
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4 years ago, I used to liek among us
Best Mobile game of the 2010’s!
When I first played this, two years ago, I hated it. Because I was an idiot and thought it was two hard. But now, this is one of the best mobile games of the century, no— THE best mobile game of the century. The music choices are stellar, the controls are really good, and the gameplay is amazing! And the bosses are the best part about it! There are different phases of the boss, and when the eyes turn yellow, you can attack! All in all, I love this game. I’ve been searching for a perfect game and I’ve finally found it!
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2 years ago, 🍴🍹
I love it but one thing
Ok so this game I loooovvvvveeee it but one thing about it I don’t like so if you die to many times like let’s say 3 or 4 times it makes you stop playing and like BRUH WHY like you can not play anymore after like 20 minutes and I don’t want to wait for 20 minutes do you so yeah that’s the one thing but other then that it’s fun🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂 Ps. I’m still mad about that one thing like like so so so mad like BRUUUUUuUHHHHhHHhH WHHHhHyYYYyYyY…………ok calm down me wait wait NO NO CALM NOT AT ALL……………………ps number2. Sorry I’m crazy bye bye
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1 year ago, Best font game ever
doesn’t work
so it allows five lives, then a thing pops up when you try to start a new level… and it says that you could restore lives with or without charge, for $3.99 with no ads or watch an ax to get 5 more lives. then i press “get it now” and NOTHING HAPPENS! and there’s supposed to be an option to just watch an ad but it doesn’t show up. if i try to purchase the payment it doesn’t work. i know that this seems to only be a problem for me, but i want to play this game for free and just watch ads when i need more lives! and if that isn’t an option then i would just pay for premium but it doesn’t work. please fix your game because it’s broken for me.
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4 months ago, Something ttuuuaa
I love it
I like the upgrade and the cool stuff and more but there is one thing. Sometimes in “into the caves” my mine cart just flips over when I land on spikes. Also can you make the electric box blast lasers 3 times and also explode like the robo box. Can you also make it so you can make boxes of all types be red’s friend because it would be cool. Can you also make a red box that shoots those red bullets everywhere. Lastly, can you also make it so red shoots black bullets. Thank you
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3 years ago, SUPER MAD MOM 2
Amazing game! Recommend downloading this.
This game is great! The only time you get ads is to get extra lives. The premium version works quite well unlike some games. I also have a suggestion for a new section of story where you have to go into a castle area with a new enemy that has magic that can cause you to lose a heart. As well as a large wizard boss that summons large beams of magic every time they jump as well as releasing enemies and jumping to stomp on you.
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1 month ago, i love youcut
Get the game now!
You don’t have this going. I do not know what you are doing with your life. This game is awesome and it is totally kid friendly. There is not one thing that is not friendly about it. No ads or bad but you do get some ads. That’s not bad just a few ads pop-up it’s really good. You should get it. It’s completely free except for the ads maybe and it’s just like so much fun. It’s the level game. There’s nothing wrong with it. Get it right now!
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5 years ago, AngelBou78
Great game, but glitchy ads
This is one of the funnest games we’ve played recently. (Great for the whole family) BUT with a capital B...the ads (specifically Rolling Sky) continues to glitch. We cannot simply X to close when it’s done, it only lets us click to take us to App Store, and unlike others that force us to this page, we can’t get out of it. The ONLY way to exit is to exit the entire game and take our chances that it won’t play the ad again. A few times we actually had to restart the game three times in a row bc the same Rolling Sky ad played, and EVERY time we had to restart. So, it’s earned a 3 for me.
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7 months ago, ieijdejdeidjeidjeidje
Hi I am going to pvp next week I am going to pvp next week I am going to pvp next time I come to get you I can go get some food I can go get some stuff done I am going to pvp next week I am going to pvp next time we come back next time I am going to pvp next week I am going to pvp next week I am going to pvp next week I am going to pvp next week I am going to pvp to go get my stuff ready and I can go get my hair e a fan lol rI ra rnext rnext rrr was the next year for me I am 6ufkm3jnjfjffjdjncdjncdjncd
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1 year ago, Catbowl
Please read especially if you are a developer of the game One problem
You may want to try this game and I do recommend it but!one problem… I beat the game waaaaaaaaay to quick! Developers, please make more levels. I do understand that that takes time and work but could y’all just make more levels. There are not too many adds which is good 👍 but, as I said needs more levels. :) Suggestions: add a level about zombies many or cave cubes? I don’t know, just plz add more stuff GREAT GAME THOUGH!
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3 years ago, boom is amazing
Amazing game but...
I loved this game all throughout my childhood and just came back to it. Just to find out they added a lives regen system. Where once you die five times you have to wait a hour and 15 minutes or so to regain your lives. The only way to avoid this is to buy a premium membership or watch an ad to restore a life. For the speed-running community of redball, this is especially a hindrance. In redball your bound to lose lives here and there. But to make people wait for those lives to regen when they wouldn’t have to a few years ago is unfair.
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2 years ago, broadwayhorse10
Fun but swears
Hi! I used to have this game a long time ago, but then I forgot about it. I was really excited to download it again. And I really enjoyed it! It was just the right amount of toughness and i always get super excited when I finish a hard level. The game is actually a ton of fun. But then I had to delete it because it swore on one of the achievements. It surprised me a little, actually. So if you are not okay with that, don’t get the game. I think it only does it once, but I’m not really sure. Anyway, overall it’s fun and creative and tricky but maybe not good for a little kid.
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