Redstone Federal Credit Union

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Redstone Federal Credit Union
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10 months ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Redstone Federal Credit Union

4.85 out of 5
34.2K Ratings
2 years ago, APPFUBAR
2nd notice: Acct Hist Search Function does not work
Since the last time I wrote the below, not action has been taken. The score of 1 star is not against the App, but the developer who has not corrected an obvious problem. BLUF: Please fix the App Search Function I hardly write reviews, but ever since the last update the Account History search function Auto hides under the top banner “Account History”. When I try to uncovered by scrolling down it returns back to hide under the title banner. Please remove the auto hide or the banner so it will not hide the search function. I am pretty sure that members are smart enough to know they are looking at the account history.
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4 years ago, Dontforceshuffleonme
Update problems
I’ve used this app for about 2 years and was content with it’s features. The app made my life much easier. However, the last update has problems. When I go to schedule a payment on my credit card, I go to click “credit card info” ( like the tip tells you to and like I have always done prior ) but instead of taking me to a page to continue the next steps, it takes me to a Redstone website sign in page. Even if I sign in again, it refreshes and tries to make me sign in even though I’m already signed in. I am worried if this is not fixed I could end up late on my credit card payment. I have NEVER been late on a credit card payment. I will change my rating of the app and leave a good review if this is fixed soon. Please look into this issue. I read other recent reviews with similar problems.
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5 years ago, Otter Pop67
This RFCU is great!!!!
All the features and ease of use are fantastic!!!! I especially love all the different text alerts I can set for myself. I get a text for every ATM withdrawal and Visa card transactions when the physical card was not used. This is such an easy way to track my bank accounts and credit cards in real time without doing anything other than looking at a text. This feature would have alerted my daughter of fraud on her account if she had known to turn it on. Also, this app is far more powerful and useful than what my wife and daughter have at their “popular” banks. Finally, I have never written an online review but this is too good to keep to myself.
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4 years ago, [U6]۞ঊৣ⁀TSUNAMI۞
I use the app daily. Balance inquiries. Paying daddy sharks, momma sharks, baby sharks, loan sharks... Making mobile deposits. I get confused when I have to go into a bank and interact with tellers. I wish I could upload a picture of me being confused at the bank but this is a text-only review. Just imagine a former Alabama’s kicker at his Inacura dealership when he’s not invited to his own sister’s wedding. Anyway, this app makes up for almost all of my millennial deficiencies 99% of the time EVERY TIME! I just wish there were mini-games to earn more “US dollars” or whatever the currency is on the RFCU app. Getting low.
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1 year ago, Mrs.Lady Taylor
I have been banking with REDFCU for over 10 years now & I have NO complaints at all! All of my banking needs has been peaceful and convenient throughout the years. Whether it’s daily transactions, unauthorized/fraud charges, needing a car loan, personal loan, or mortgage REDFU has assisted me every step of the way. Each interaction I’ve had with a representative has been very professional and thorough and that means a lot. I have referred friends and co workers to bank with REDFCU and they love banking here as well.
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5 years ago, S K Y E F L U X
Deceptive Alert Badges
Injects ‘offer’ alerts into app messages that ONLY go away by clicking on the fake alert. Nothing like having personal banking alerts mixed with FAKE alerts that ‘you have new offers to activate!’... Even then the ‘Offer’ alert moves from the message menu to the parent menu, with more alert tags to get users to click it again. You think you may have a legit account problem when seeing the number of RED Alert badges, when its just deceptive ‘Offer’ spam. Redstone has always been a good credit union with great services, but suffers from questionable third party practices. Best to totally disable Redstone’s app badges since they can’t be trusted to give legit account messages.
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4 months ago, lisac00000
Redstone Federal Credit Union is like no other banking place in the world. I fell on hard times they work with you, to me they are like family. I have never had a banking institution go above and beyond like Redstone Federal Credit Union. Redstone Federal Credit Union should be very proud of the employees they have, they all I have come in contact with over the 20 plus years have been very professional. Thanks for all you do for your members and community. Lisa Compton
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3 years ago, jubalboy
Turned it around! for me !
In 1995 I had an account with you, but my ex husband got that account. 29 years I came back with a total mess hopping you might see fit to let me back. I think her name was Melissa, she told me to do some little things, and I did. I have NOTHING bad to say. Zero! You took a chance on me, you trusted me when I did’t really trust myself. I have several awesome accounts, and it has helped me with my credit score! Come on up the Mountain, we need you and I am so darn grateful!
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2 years ago, Krislei21
Please Fix the Check Deposit Feature!!
Have used this app for years now. For the last few months the check deposit feature only works occasionally. It takes a pic of the check that looks perfect but then forces you to clear the image and retake it over and over and never lets you deposit. I have tried different checks, different devices, and it only works intermittently. Please fix!! I hate having to drive all the way to a branch to deposit a check I should be able to deposit on my phone.
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2 years ago, sggyhjkfrehbjiv
Great family banking app
I have been using this app for years now and can say enough about how handy it has become. I rarely visit my branch office anymore. I can see multiple accounts and deposit checks to each. I even have my kids accounts and can transfer them money anytime for emergency’s. Now that my daughter is starting college and moving away. I cannot say enough about how handy that is. Thanks so much.
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7 years ago, JandV.Read
Great App, needs Touch ID to open & Popmoney fix
I love this app, but it does have some limitations. Please update the app for the iPad by adding Fingerprint touch for login. Also, please have the developers fix the Popmoney part of this app (also in iPhone app too). I have to go to the online version via my browser to send Popmoney to my other bank. You can store a direct link to another account via the online version, but cannot do so on the either the iPad or the iPhone app.
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4 years ago, MiriamElyse
Update to cashflow interface is horrible
I have used this app for years with little to complain about. It’s. Banking app and it worked for tracking transactions and balancing my accounts. But the update to the most recent cashflow interface is awful. It’s hard to read and it’s not clear. It can be discerned but it seems like a step backwards in design. The previous method made it very easy to see the difference between pending transactions and cleared transactions. You could also more easily tell a deposit from a transaction. While I don’t necessarily agree with ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ and ‘that’s the way we’ve always done it’ there has to be a better design than that.
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2 weeks ago, Was hopeful
Logs me out when briefly switched to background
In general, I am happy with this app. However, it is really annoying that the app logs me out when it is switched to the background even for a few seconds. I’ve looked for a setting to change this but cannot find one. I’d like to be able to quickly check a spreadsheet or another financial app without having to log back into the Redstone app every time. So, 2 stars. UPDATE: STOP LOGGING OUT WHEN APP IS SWITCHED TO THE BACKGROUND. It isn't unreasonable and for a user to need to see more than one app during a session so switching to another app should not immediately log out of the Redstone app. Lowered to 1 star rating.
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4 years ago, LovnMyGod
The app is no good. It’s constantly “unavailable”.. Been trying to turn my debit card back on for hours now-and I keep getting “Application is unavailable. Try again later.” Then I go to website to log in and it says “We are updating our system. Try again later. “.. at least give a warning. It’s not the first time. Can’t believe I have absolutely no way to access my money...
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2 years ago, LatunyaB
From the moment you enter the building or driving through the drive up the Redstone crew makes you feel like you’re part of the family their customer service is Exceptional and Professional. They really care about their Customers well being and banking needs and concerns. Glad to be apart of such Wonderful Team
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6 years ago, Lbpage60
Limits on mobile deposits are frustrating!
I don’t currently live where I can just walk or drive to an RFCU branch. Occasionally I have a deposit in excess of their $5000 mobile deposit limit, but they have no way to adjust or waive the limit. This means that I have to mail or FedEx checks (an added expense) and THEN wait two weeks for the checks to clear and my funds to be released. The people on the phone tell me it’s for my protection. This is nonsense; it’s for theirs. I can recognize corporate BS when I hear it.
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5 years ago, Birtee987
I’ve been a member of the Redstone Federal Credit Union for over 30 years now. I have been using the app for quite a few years now and I have to say that next to the Vanguard mutual fund app, this app is the best one I use. The functions work consistently, the updates make it better when it needs to be better, and we don’t have any major problems with it. I decided that I should write a review about our credit unions app because I’ve had trouble with so many other financial apps that just don’t work right. Kudos to Redstone IT department.
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5 years ago, Air Menace
Great app but...
This app is great except for the Debit Card and Credit Card Control features. They are embedded somewhere in the back of the app. The Debit Card Control feature is a little easier to use than Credit Card Control. The Credit Card Control is very painful to use. Also, I used to get a text whenever my Credit Card was used. Unfortunately, it’s not an option anymore except for some items I couldn’t give one hoot about. Otherwise, a great app.
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6 years ago, Shostii
Love the App
I love the Redstone banking app, it’s convenient & I always have it available for all of my banking and financial needs.... I use to balance my checkbook often & after using the app for some time, I stopped.... I always know what’s in my account, get alerts & can transfer funds to and from accounts at any moment of the day. I love that I can keep an eye on my kids account as well.... must have banking app
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4 years ago, SharhondaGriff
Horrible update
This app update is the worst update I’ve ever seen. The entire UI is horrible. It looks normal on the account splash page but when you select a account, everything goes downhill. It looks like a Word document and the shift+- is used to differentiate the information groupings AND in order to have the info on the same line they just used the tab key. Then they tried to be fancy with the Times New Roman font and bolded everything but the date. I really hope they rollout a new version that favors the one before this version. If they can’t, at least update this version to, at least, reflect an excel document.
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1 year ago, cdbtim
I have banked with RFCU for many many years they have always been helpful with any issues and always have been up front and honest when it comes to your needs as far as loans or questions about certain loans that they offer I recommend RFCU to everyone I know and everyone that ask who do I bank with
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1 week ago, thecodercody
the app is lousy, but cust service is GREAT
the app's IT is...lacking. it works, but it's cumbersome. seems more like a website with a wrapper around it than an app; it's also not intuitive. redeeming rewards requires copy and pasting account numbers somewhere else, as it doesn't have a dropdown for selection. it still is possible to do what you need to, but it could definitely be much better that being said, the customer service at Redstone FCU is top-notch. it is like the way USAA was 15+ years ago. no wait time, with super friendly and super helpful people. i can't say enough good things about the customer service. and also, their credit card product is the best rewards card for my purposes of any other. overall, i recommend redstone fcu, for sure
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6 years ago, Superjointritual
Great App!
Streamlined and extremely easy to use. Would be nice to have a few more functions. But on the flip-side, that’s what makes the app simple and UI straight forward. Doesn’t update as quick as the desktop version, but convenience is key to this useful little app. Now if Redstone could make their ATM’s this simple and streamlined, all would be right with the world 😀.
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6 years ago, Charles1072
App is great, credit card section could be better
This application is a great functional way to do your banking, unless you want to check your previous purchases made on your credit card. Everything else works on the same level as other banking apps I’ve used. It would be nice if you could look at purchase history for the credit card section
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6 years ago, Alexthewonderful
Convenient App
The RFCU app works great for me; I can check my accounts, deposit checks, pay bills and send money to my kids remotely. The one problem I have found ( and maybe it’s the user) is I can’t change or delete phone numbers one they are in the POP or transfer money list.
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1 year ago, c-a-t-s-3
Redstone Rural King card
This card is the best of the best credit cards I’ve ever had !! It’s never been rejected and I have had two disputes and it was cleared up and they put it back into the card. I would say this is the most reliable credit card with rewards on everything you buy!! WoW !!
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1 year ago, Bthrower
Check Deposit’s not working
This is the first time I’ve ever had any issues with the app. When I try to do a mobile deposit and take a picture of the check, all the screen says is “rotate your device to continue your deposit” No matter how I turn my phone, nothing changes. Haven’t been able to deposit a check on a mobile device in weeks.
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5 years ago, Melissa E C
Great bank!!
My husband and I have been part of the Redstone family for over a year now, and we absolutely love them. If you have questions, or problems, anything at all, there’s always a friendly person waiting to take care of you. If you aren’t banking with Redstone, you’re banking with the wrong bank!
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6 years ago, gDreiling
Better than 4 other banks
I have bank accounts across four states and RFCU is by far the finest technology and customer service of any of them. Redfcu Rates are always competitive. But I have to just say again service and use of banking tech is just superb. RFCU is 750 miles away from me, but still remains my go-to financial helpers.
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5 years ago, B double dizzle
Notes gone on transfers!
I updated the app on mine and my wife’s phone yesterday and now the notes is gone for when I’m transferring money between accounts. We heavily used this to keep track of money we deposit into savings. For instance $100 transferred toward car insurance. Because we save up so much out of every check to pay car insurance every 6 months. We have a lot of different things we save for throughout the year. (Car insurance, Vacations, Christmas, etc.). This is going to be very aggravating if this feature is not added back.
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3 years ago, ZAK545L
Low limit cap, no increases
Over a year of very regular use and always paying early, usually in full and was refused a limit increase. Very tedious application process for cli and a hard credit inquiry. Received no response and had spent several calls over a weeks time on hold seeking an answer only to be told no. My other cards are a soft pull and alway approve at their intervals. Was happy at first, now just a card I’m stuck with. Also was that $6500 is their maximum limit when my brother has a 10K limit. Shady….
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7 years ago, Tyler 44
Very convenient!
This app is a life saver for my wife and I. We are able to do anything we want on the app. Truck payments and credit card payments have never been easier. I love the alerts I get about my account such as withdrawals, deposits, and occasional account balances. We both love the app!
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5 years ago, Tsi_Zerg
Credit card statement
•Credit card statement is not showing from home page. •The performance of showing any change has a delay. •when purchased made it doesn’t show the previous balance next to it.
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1 year ago, P-3-MAN
Works well for the most part
My only complaint is changes to mobile check deposit. Now for some reason you must “rotate” your phone to capture a flat 2d image. I have not been able to deposit a check since this change was made. I also have numerous friends and co-workers with the same issue. 5 star otherwise.
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6 years ago, Nuno Merino
Needs Improvement
It’s a good app to check your balance and deposit checks but needs a lot of improvement. How is it that 6 months after the iPhone X is out there is still no support for it? I consistently get an app error in the beginning but then the app opens just fine. Little details that could make the app better. The UI is also from the 1970s, could use a mor modern look.
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1 year ago, Wildflower Man
35 year relationship
I moved to Huntsville in 1987 and opened an account. They have been excellent. I use online banking services and the many services which are free to members, such as checks even though we use less than we used to.
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5 years ago, From Gox
Fantastic app!
Loads very quickly and smoothly. Simplistic design is intuitive and pleasant. Great control over how often notifications occur and for what events. I feel my account details and information are very secure even on my phone! 10/10 would recommend
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4 years ago, Aeriseden
New update design is AWFUL
I have used this app for years and whoever designed this new update needs to be fired. It is extremely hard to distinguish transactions by day since they are now only in one long list, all in a dark font that makes everything run together. Pending charges are barely distinguishable from ones that have gone through. I have used this app for many years and I am extremely unhappy that it seems to have taken a massive step back in user friendly design.
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8 months ago, Jennifer Buchanan
Great Customer Service
I appreciate the time spent with Evan who assisted in opening my account with Redstone at the Murfreesboro Branch. He was kind and even took the time to introduce me to the other team members. Awesome team! Now that is Great Customer service and Great management skills! Keep it up!
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7 years ago, Cntrmss
Great app.
Use it daily. Transfer funds, deposit checks. It has worked flawlessly and saved a lot of time. The only limits I've encountered through the app. have all been bank level scenarios. Even those are few and far between.
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5 years ago, Burberrybanker
One of the best banking apps
This app is more advanced than some of the regional banks such as regions and suntrust. The alerts are great as well. Wish they would switch to zelle since that is what most large credit unions and banks use today would make transferring money so much easier.
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4 years ago, B127T
Good with limitations
Not able to do all things that website can. Access to account history seems to only be limited by a few months. Credit score doesn’t always work. Haven’t tried all features. Otherwise, the features I do use have worked well.
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5 years ago, kd5utb
Debit card issues!
It’s a 5 star if they just wouldn’t have problems turning on and off debit cards sometimes. It seems to happen just when you need it on and could leave a person stranded if they can’t get it on!
Show more
3 years ago, dbhiebert
Frequent crashes; cannot enable notifications
It would appear that this app has not been properly upgraded for iOS 14. Attempting to enable notifications results in a pop-up instructing the user to go to iOS Settings to enable them. Following the link provided opens the iOS settings panel for this app, but no option to enable notifications is present. Going manually to Settings -> Notifications reveals that this app has no entry there.
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6 years ago, Gridlock93
Bad app
Fix your check deposit feature. I have NEVER had a smooth experience depositing a check. The pictures always come up wonky and unaligned no matter how steady and lined-up I hold the camera. I end up having to retake the picture 4 or 5 times. I know it sounds like I’m just whining about stuff, but seriously, if you want your users to have a good experience then maybe the key feature of having the app, besides transferring money between accounts, should work. So fix it.
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6 years ago, digscum
Wonderful Service
A must app if you do business with Redstone Federal Credit Union! This app is just as wonderful as its employees! Seriously...... don’t hesitate...... download today! You won’t regret it! Only gripe is that you cannot schedule transfers to other Redstone members. If you could, this app would be perfect!
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4 years ago, whywontyouanswerme
Good when it is good-bad when it is bad
For some reason, the application hangs up in the most critical times with simple request. For the most part, works really well. Could have easily been 4 stars
Show more
1 year ago, cleanhonda
What happened to mobile check deposit?
This app has worked fine for years - until lately. Every time I try to take a picture of a check to be deposited, I get a message to rotate my phone. Rotating the phone doesn’t always work. This function seems to be hit or miss.
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5 years ago, Nana Rea
Simply The Best!
My husband and I have been members at Redstone since 1974 and we’ve never had anything but great experiences with our banking. Whatever our needs were we could depend on Redstone for help; car loans, home mortgages, etc. We wouldn’t dream of banking anywhere else!
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2 years ago, stepda
24 Hour Banking making life easier
I have access to almost every form of in house banking, and the ability to meet the financial need of family members away from homeThis
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