Regions Mobile

4.8 (451K)
111.9 MB
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Current version
Regions Financial Corp
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Regions Mobile

4.85 out of 5
451K Ratings
2 years ago, Molleemer
Latest update won’t let me deposit
UPDATE: The very day I posted the initial review in September, I was contacted by the app support team. They have been incredibly helpful and diligent in troubleshooting my problem. I have been in constant contact with regions mobile app support team and am incredibly thankful for their hard work to resolve my problem. Thank you so much! Since the last update three weeks ago, I have not been able to select the the option to deposit. It always says, “Unable to process request at this time”. I have tried deleting and reinstalling the app several times and have also reached out to regions to try to fix the problem. Unfortunately, every person I have contacted was unable to understand my issue stating they couldn’t see any deposit attempts. Of course they can’t see any deposit attempts, IT WONT LET ME SELECT THE OPTION TO DEPOSIT. I work from 7-5 every day during the week and cannot physically make it to the bank to deposit my checks. I have tried finding the right people to contact to help me fix this for the past three weeks, and this is the only other way I can think of to get in touch with the right people to fix this issue. I have depended on this app for a long time now and it has usually been excellent. I have never had any issues with it before. Please help me.
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3 years ago, EJW-99
Okay But Not Great
Overall, this app functions well enough for my purposes, but it’s clear that it is a phone app and was not more comprehensively designed for a tablet. Most notably, its inability to rotate between portrait and landscape views on my iPad is beyond frustrating. As a user, I check my bank and credit card accounts almost daily. Unfortunately, since downloading this new Regions app, I feel frustrated, annoyed, and increasingly irritated every time I’m forced to pull my iPad out of its stand and rotate it 90 degrees just for this one single app. No, it’s not the end of the world but it’s grating enough to leave me with a bad impression of Regions Bank. It’s like buying a new TV only to find that it doesn’t use a remote, or a new car that still uses a metal key for access instead of a key fob. Both items will still work but are unnecessarily inconvenient, limited, and disappointing. That’s exactly how I feel about this new app from Regions.
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11 months ago, HopefulCritique
Needs better navigation
Overall it’s a pretty good experience, there’s only one complaint I have. There is no back button for a large amount of the screens you go to. For example, when you tap on your account and tap on something inside of that account, if you want to go back to the account you have to click on the sidebar, go to the accounts page, and then you can click on the account to re-enter it. You should be able to go back to the previous page but in many instances, you can’t. Edit: to clarify, this is about there being no back button when you tap on the info, transfer, deposit, rewards, and card buttons. I know that it’s like that because it’s bringing you to a separate section of the app independent of the accounts, but if you tapped the wrong button on accident it’s still a pain to have to navigate back to the account again. I think it would be easier to navigate if the app remembers the last page you were on at any point in time and allows you to go back to it regardless of where you are in the app.
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3 years ago, nurse31015
My Choice for Hometown Banking
I have banked with Regions Bank for many years. I am always very satisfied with their excellent quality service. Over the years I have experienced a few obstacles related to my checking account that were no fault of Regions. I was frightened that someone was able to withdraw $1000 from my account through the internet. Especially since I did not have the money I’m my account. The disaster to my account could have been unbelievable. I contacted Regions and they were on top of it immediately. They resolved all the problems caused by this withdrawal and it did not cost me a dime! I moved from a small town 230 miles south. I was so happy that Regions had a branch here in Chatsworth Georgia where I have lived for the past 10 years. I highly recommend Regions Bank to all my friends, family and some strangers. Thank you Regions for a GREAT job and amazing service.
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4 years ago, Katmiau
Horrible change
The Regions app used to be a somewhat decent app with many features that were useful, now they decided to revamp the app by making it extremely annoying to use; from its basic super minimalistic look to the fact that it rarely ever works when you need it! I continue to receive a message whenever I attempt to log in whether it is using the face ID feature or password it is always the same message that access to the account/app is not available at the time to try later on and that almost never used to happen before this “update”. I would suggest going back to the basic formula and revamp the app’s look based on functionality and not looks - it seems most of your clients were satisfied with the previous look and only asked for a few tab upgrades instead of this whole “new useless look” .... maybe you should start listening to them for a change, and also fix that annoying log in glitch since I would like to have access to my account anytime and anywhere not just certain times of the day and having to resort to using the web instead of the app is tedious and defeats the purpose of having an app. Thank you in advance. Best regards,
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4 years ago, Polaris Python
Why release an app sans landscape mode?
First, this app is fine, it’s almost identical to the old one in functionality and even has more to offer. Second, I understand the need for new software, it can be less buggy and possibly easier to fix any issues that arise. Finally, WHY DO APP DEVELOPERS SEEMINGLY FORGET THAT LANDSCAPE MODE EXISTS AND THAT SOME PEOPLE USE THE APP ON TABLETS!?!? I use a tablet and I have quite literally never used it in portrait mode for anything unless forced to. I know this is a petty thing to be angry about but come on, landscape mode should be a standard that apps strive for now. This isn’t a game the requires a longer screen top to bottom to play, this isn’t a phone only app that tablets can also download, no, this is an app made for anything that can download apps and someone decided not to program landscape mode into it, I’m just so disappointed, but then again that’s been the whole year.
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2 years ago, Ukgal
App isn’t working right for weeks
I’ve always been a huge fan of this app. But for weeks it won’t work correctly. Every time I go in to make payments/check on them, I get the error “Bill pay is temporarily unavailable.” REALLY??? Hate to tell you, but weeks of being down isn’t “temporary” in the app world. Then I have to stop everything and find a computer and hope the website is working - because that wasn’t working the other night either. I had to write a check! Who does that??? And find stamps to mail the payments ??? Ummm, it was an adventure to say the least. And Yes my Help Desk reading manual people out there - I’ve uninstalled the app multiple times and even went back to page 1 step 1 and turned my iPhone on/off. OK this rant is over - carry on with your regularly scheduled program. And good luck if you download this one.
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4 years ago, CarlComputerGuy
HORRIBLE new app!
The new app is horrible!!! Not that the old one was anything to brag about, but now we can’t even make a mobile deposit. Never had an issue before the new app came out. Now it constantly says the amount entered does not match the amount on the check, even though they most certainly do match! Then when you try for the second time the app locks up and crashes. Same behavior from both my phone and my wife’s phone. Exact same thing happened! Please, for the love of God, let me use the old app so I can make deposits for my business via mobile. Capital One has had this together and working properly for years now. SAD!!!! Regions, please look at all of this negative feedback you have concerning your app and FIRE THESE DEVELOPERS!! You can do SO MUCH better! You should not have to be the bottom of the barrel when compared to other banking apps.
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5 years ago, Matt2599HaloPlayer
Why did this change??
Ya know, I don’t fully agree with most of the reviews here, I actually thought the app worked very well. Once in a while the service would be down, which was annoying, but overall I thought it worked pretty decent, few complaints. But I guess I’m a creature of habit. I got very used to using Face ID to open the account. Now apparently that’s gone. I can still use it if I scroll through my passwords and find regions but there used to be a quick and easy button to press. Why would this change? Why ever would you “fix” that?? It would have been like a 4.5 star review but this really really annoys me that it now takes about 10 times longer for me to log in to my account. You bring it back, I’ll fix my review, ‘cause I actually like the app. Update: I’m an idiot. Thanks Regions, that fixed it.
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3 years ago, halo starkiller
This bank app will destroy your finances
If I didn’t have my car loan through them I’d probably have already switched banks. Their app uses posted balance instead of available balance and doesn’t always show pending transactions show what happens is you think you have money in your account then spend some money next thing you all the not visible and visible pending transactions process and now your out of money and overdrawn I’ve been with regions since 2012 when I started high school their service hasn’t updated or improved since then and it’s sad. To be somewhat their customer service has been great but obviously customer service cant fix an app P.s. why in the world would had an available balance but you have to login to the web browser to see but no where in the app you can see IT LITERALLY MAKES THE APP ONLY SEMI USEFUL AND THE REASON FOR THIS BAD REVIEW. I’ll update this review if they just add an option to see your available balance instead of the posted but since 2012 they only given the app a facelift and mobile deposit so I don’t see them improving this app anytime soon
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4 years ago, Ms.Kiyalady
Constructive criticism
I haven’t been a member that long with Regions but I see room for improvement especially when it comes to the app . First , I think the whole app could use an update . Member to member service could be offered through the app . I see where regions is partnered with zelle . Not a lot of people use that app including myself. Basically be able to link a another bank account through the app for automatic transfer or payments . This is my second (backup) account. Also , a money manager tab where we can set savings goals & so forth to accomplish . With a start & end date and be able to set the amount of course . Also set up auto bill payment , estatements , and also be able to update contact information as well . The app is so behind to me it seem so old fashioned in a sense . It could just be because I have a regular life green basic account . But I’d like to see improvement in 2020 . Hopefully this reaches someone who is capable & willing to make the suggested changes . Best regards, A. Curry
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3 years ago, WWFjunkie625
Decent app, small frustrations
I’ve been using the app for several years as we are longtime customers of Regions. The app has definitely improved over the years but has some annoyances that still need to be worked out. One suggestion I made actually made it into the app and that is the ability to view check images. Previously this could only be done on the desktop website but now it’s in the app and works great. I also find that mobile deposits are even easier and faster than ever before and the app is pretty rock solid for its core functions. The two main issues I have are with notifications and Touch/Face ID. Not every time, but almost every time there is an update, my app notifications stop working and also my Touch ID stops working. The only way I have been able to remedy this is to uninstall the app and then reinstall it. It’s just an annoyance. The app should continue functioning properly after an update. Right now I’m having an issue since I got a new phone that I’m not receiving any notifications. I’m trying an uninstall/reinstall for that as well but so far with no luck. When I went into the app it showed two instances of my phone (presumably the old and the new since they have the same name). I’ve removed both and now am reinstalling with the hope that notifications will start working again.
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3 years ago, MsBacho
Ruined This App!
Prior version for Ipad worked well for me- this one however, does not offer enough detail or easy access for me to services I use. It is like a very basic phone app- lots of detail missing when looking at accounts- I just added shortcut to full banking site, which is what I will use now. For the developers, not every user is a 20 something woke idiot with a phone tucked in their pocket- Ipad is hardly the same as Iphone, with many using as their main computer- I would also like to note how irritating it has become to constantly have to update/ change the Regions app- perhaps make changes to the backend , and leave the users with a consistent overlay - not an ever changing thing that requires relearning again and again with features missing or buried. New does not equal better, and although developers are paid to develop… please find something that will remain consistent with the desktop web page. I am done with the app myself and will use the bank website with all features available, thank you.
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6 years ago, upset blind Mobile user
Certainly payment area is not visually impaired friendly
I have been using the online mobile banking four years. Just recently during update I have started having problems in the payment area only! I am a visually impaired voice over iPhone user. Since this has never been an issue before it is on your end night on apples and. And the payment area after you put in the amount you would like to pay there is a continue button this is damned out and is not able for a voiceover user to continue. If you take voiceover off then you can see the continue button is available. However if you are a low vision voiceover user you are an able to use this area do you to you are not certain where you are on the screen any longer. Will you please contact me as soon as possible so that I can to can be a user of you were mobile app once again thank you hope to hear from you very very soon
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6 years ago, KissingReign
Consider upgrading
I’ve been a Regions customer since birth. I’m very close to closing out all my accounts and transferring to another bank. Time and again I’ve had issues regarding Regions bank. This app is on my top 5 absolute worst functioning apps. There is almost a consistent lag where buttons are not being pushed and links time out. I’ve also experienced many issues with the thumbprint reader. It’s not my phone because it works perfectly with all other apps on my phone. I was also recently locked out of my account for a “wrong password” but I knew for sure that was my password. When accessed from a desktop PC, I was able to access my account.. in addition to these many problems, your app is almost never online when I NEED it to be!! If I need to make transfers or I need to know the details of my account I need access, then and there.. It’s very frustrating. Please fix these issues in future updates, because like a lot of other people using Regions, I’m getting really tired of it.
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4 years ago, Kathychatters
A good App but...
I like it OK, but I liked the old one too. It’s easy to navigate and the information is easily all in view. The only problem I have, as with all apps lately is that they do not react to the “orientation” of Apple products, specifically the iPad. Many of us use iPads and iPads with keyboards rather than big bulky laptops and I have to crank my head sideways or turn the iPad on end, it’s a little annoying. I would’ve given it a five star had it been capable. It’s a good app and works great. I am thankful that the developer reached out to me and noted they were working on it for the future. I sure hope so, I’m sure I’m not alone! I appreciate their getting back to me, you don’t see it very often so for that reason I’ll give them a 5! Communication is always a good thing! Awesome!
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1 year ago, Brianh3000
Error 4100 extremely frustrating!
I felt great when I switched to Regions. But unfortunately, every single time I go to make a payment with Zelle, or go to make a deposit, I am greeted with the same error. “We are unable to complete your request at this time. [4100]”. I am seeing many people complain about this for years, and you guys have done absolutely NOTHING to fix this. I have called Regions a million times. I have gone to Regions in person about 7 times now. It’s the same losing battle with this. Everyone at Regions always tells me the same thing. “Oh it should work for you within 48 hours now.” And of course, nothing! No one knows how to fix this error, I can’t even google this without getting proper results for it. Am I not the only one going through this??????? My father’s Regions app is going through the same thing. A LOT of people are going through this. For the love of God, can you guys pleaseeeeeeeee finally find a fix for this? Or at least address and acknowledge this error??????? I’m begging you.
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4 years ago, IronManIAm
I have used the iPad-only version of this happily for 2+ years. Today, I am informed that it is no longer supported but come and enjoy the new iPhone version with new features. First new feature no landscape mode. Who the heck uses portrait mode on iPads, oh wait, this is the feature packed iPhone version. Next feature, enable location services - no thanks! Next feature, view accounts, ‘we are sorry we do not support this browser, please download MS Edge, Google chrome, or Apple Safari’. The iPad has Safari embedded in the iPadOS and it is an option to download? The device is loaded with the most recent version 14.2 which includes the latest version. Next feature, view eBill on selected billing account - nothing. The app is blocking pop ups with no override. I am unsure that I really discovered a new ‘feature’, if I am unable to use the old features then I have no interest in whether it can show me some unnecessary emoji or provide me with the latest gimmick to separate my money from my account. Colossal fail!!
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11 months ago, TrumpWon2020AndWillWin2024
Technology is coming around.
I’ve been with this bank for over a decade. They are not the most ethical bank and they are generally not good at what they do… That said, they have come a long ways with technology. So to be fair, I acknowledge this and raise my 1 star rating to 3 stars. Would not recommend. I’ve been trying to close my account for years. Can’t get a few small auto drafts turned off and the bank is of no use in this respect. Meh, I’ll get around to suing them eventually. Just can’t slow down enough to get it off my list. Meanwhile, if you interact with these people do it by email (documentation) and ask the people you speak with in their customer service for their name or id. Log the date and time so the calls can be pulled later. This is all the advice I have. Again, at least Their technology is coming around. One day their ethics may follow.
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3 years ago, jbg823
Great app
I’ve been a customer with Regions for over 20 years and they have always provided excellent customer service. I think this app is the best thing going for Regions. They are constantly updating it and they not only listen to customers but they also see what’s trending in other banking apps. I especially love check deposit, card blocking, and bill payment features. Don’t eliminate any features. I never use my computer anymore because the app is 99% self-standing with my iPhone . One the reasons I stay with Regions’s is because of the app. However due to my present health conditions I will need to start using a iPad for my primary device. Does Region’s mobile app support iPads. If not I may have banks mobile app that will
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3 years ago, Bob0928498
Made for phone only not iPad
Newest issue! Today, Sep 19, 2021, i am informed I CANNOT use the prior app version. I download and try this version again. YEAH! Landscape mode works. But now I display my account and NONE of my recent account history shows. I can only see current balance and statements. 😤 I still have some suggestions. 1) I use BILLPAY, regularly, almost never Zelle or click to pay with visa. Please put BILLPAY directly on the main drop down menu. The rest of these older suggestions I cannot verify because for the moment I cannot login at all. 😣 2) on the BIllpay screen, in the list of Pending Payments and Recent Payments, the dates hang out of the box. This needs to be fixed for the portrait mode display, and ensure it does not happen with the promised landscape mode display. 3) on the main account display, for the debits, if the entry is from a Billpay payment, bring over and display the payee and any memo from the Billpay entries. You have them in your system. It should be very easy to write a function call into the billpay system to return those values if they exist. 4) on the main account display, make it possible to VIEW any check or deposit ticket image. Please display both front and back at the same time. Currently I have to go use the online web page to display a check. If you do number 3) it will be rare that I need to display the image. Thanks for your attention.
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4 years ago, Allen5962
Worst web sight
I have been with region bank for 25 years are longer and there web sight is terrible. For a month or two it works Great and then you can excess your account then out of the blue it stops working. You try to log in the same way that you have been doing for years and it takes you to the page asking you if you are a Existing Customer or a New online Customer. You put in your password and online ID again and it just keeps looping or it ask you for your security question. You answer the question and it loops right back to the Existing Customer or a New online Customer page again. You call regions bank and you can forget about getting any help. Very very sad.
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4 years ago, Team Roper69
Can’t be that hard to fix
I’m having the same problem on my app since the update that other people are having it says unable to process my request at this time over the last week and a half I bet you I’ve seen that 30 times or better and then I’ll try to access it and I’ll get on but for the most part I cannot. Logging in from my laptop is fine. And another thing I don’t like this last Friday I got a direct deposit and I couldn’t see who it came from until Tuesday. So for 4 days all it says is electronic deposit-pending. What’s wrong with putting who it came from and it can still be pending. 4 DAYS i’m sure somewhere there’s money involved and it’s not for me.
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2 years ago, double pedaling monster
Sick and tired of this app
This is one of the worst apps I have had to deal with ! Regions has started to even fail in so many ways! Seems like there is always a issue in updating my account online wish in turn causes delays on certain bills ! The app malfunctions all the time and if your like me and you use the lock it feature and you login in to switch it off to do a transaction but the app won’t load right so you can’t unlock your card and your standing in line and it won’t work!!!! It’s embarrassing!! As big as this bank is you would think they would have top of the line servers ! Another bad deal or regions debit cards ! They are trash even when they are brand new! Constantly not reading the chip so you have to pray they have a touch screen with that electronic signal !!! I used to love this bank and I’m sorry for a bad review but enough is enough!!!!
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4 years ago, Lilturner85
Unbelievably bad
I don’t have enough characters or time to write the proper review but to anyone reading this considering joining Regions, don’t. The technology alone is so archaic and difficult that it make what’s should be simple and convenient beyond frustrating. I’ve been attempting to use the mobile app (a cringe calling it an app) to deposit a paper check. Each time I get the same error saying it can’t read the account number. It’s unbelievable. In addition to poor customer service and limited footprint, you’d be better off with a more reputable bank. I’ve been with Regions for many years but I’m at my wits end. It’s 2020 and I can’t deposit a check on my banking app. Tragic.
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6 years ago, KatyB1004
What happened?
I’ve never had a problem with Regions Online Banking. The app is pretty straightforward for the most part. But ever since this update I haven’t been able to access my account at all. I have deleted the app and it’s data multiple times and downloaded this new version through Apple’s AppStore only for it to give me error messages saying it is unable to process my request at this time or that I need to download the latest version. Two days of this. I think what I’m most frustrated about is that not only is their app out of commission, but even attempting to log in through safari (mobile site and full login), online banking is not working all together. I’ve banked with Regions for years, but I’ve recently moved and my nearest bank is a 30 minutes drive. Online banking is a must for me. Fix this please. It’s ridiculous.
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6 years ago, jehsewcool
No longer user friendly
First what happened to the fingerprint verification login? Second: why have you made the app so confusing as to the bill pay section? I have to go thru at least two to three options before I can find the one I need. I still have to initiate the check to pay my husbands rent via the app when not at home. It is frustrating not being able to find that part of the app in just a few seconds. I end up getting g angry with it and your developers and the genius who thought changing it was a good idea and wait until I get home to my computer-sometimes an hour sometimes a day. Rent isnt looked upon well when late. Third: I cannot tell in the new arrangement if I am looking at all the bills I have scheduled to pay or just a few. Again, way too confusing. I am a tech savvy almost senior. People like my mother, would NEVER be able to navigate this app, EVER!!! Fix it now!
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3 years ago, mhc383
I got locked out of my account 2 times. Had to wait overnight in order to call Regions the next day to get my account unlocked!! The customer service support number the app generated is not 24hr service. The app for iPad did not accept my User ID or password. I deleted that app and choose ANOTHER app on the Apple App Store that allowed me to sign in. However, this app will only display as vertical. I use a keypad with my iPad. This means I need my Regions app to go horizontal. All my other apps will rotate with my screen position but NOT REGIONS!! I called customer service and they told me they unlocked my account. Since I CAN log in on-line, they could not help me any further. I would need to call Apple. Doesn’t the info for this app say that REGIONS FINANCIAL CORP is the developer. Come on!! I expect more from Region’s customer service. DON”T PASS THE BUCK. WHY DON”T YOU CONTACT APPLE AND GET THIS APP WORKING RIGHT. MY NAME IS NOT LISTED AS A DEVELOPER!! LISTEN TO ALL THE NEGATIVE FEEDBACK ABOUT THIS APP AND GET IT CORRECTED ASAP!!
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5 months ago, Alp1128
Credit to Ronny Ceballos and Crystal Kitchens
I would like to commend the Regions representative Ronny Ceballos, his kindness and informative brief interaction when I went to make a deposit is what motivated my husband and I to take our $ out of another major bank and deposit / establish more accounts with Regions. Had he not advised me of the money market and great interest rate I probably would not have thought to create new accounts with regions bank. He and Crystal Kitchens have been excellent to work with! I really appreciate both of their time, expertise and patience in helping my husband and I finally create our first CD as well as a much more beneficial savings account for our future! Thank you!
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3 years ago, Dwitly
Mobile App
My wife and I were compromised sometime back and we have been using the mobile app to lock all of our accounts such as checking, savings, and credit cards. Seems like over the last week we have had more and more issues logging into the app. That’s is very frustrating especially if we don't check it ahead of time and get some where needing to make a purchase and can’t get the app to work. It hasn’t been my connection as the error message says. We now have to leave our card unlocked in order to ensure its useable because we can’t trust app. Please get these problems fixed.
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2 years ago, Heather123$$
Cannot open app after last update
I used to love this app, but after the last update I have not been able to login and now I am not even able to open the app. I have the same issue on the regions website as well. I cannot get the regions website to load anymore. This is extremely frustrating. I’ve been trying to wait patiently to see if this was a large problem that the regions IT team is trying to fix, but I’m running out of patience. Whenever I want to check my balance and pending transactions I have to do it by phone and it is extremely inconvenient as compared to checking my finances online. Prior to this issue I would have given this app 5 stars, but now I can’t even use it. If this issue gets fixed or if a team member could help me resolve these issues, I would be happy to edit this review to 5 stars once I can use the app again.
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4 years ago, Brian mayfield
I have been a member with Regions for about 3 years now and have been satisfied so far up to this point. Now, the reason for my frustration is this app. During the past year I’ve had some real difficulty signing into the app cause I get the “waiting spinning circle” and then times out so I’m actually able to access my account maybe once a week (attempting to login every day) to pay bills and do normal banking through my app. So if I was in an emergency I’ll be in big trouble cause this app is so undependable. It’s not my WiFi either cause I have full signal. This app has been degrading functionally to the point that neither my iPhone or iPad can access my acct for several days. I’ve even uninstalled and reinstalled the app in an attempt to fix it but 🤷🏼‍♂️ don’t get it. App works fine when you’re in, it’s getting in that’s the problem. PLEASE ADDRESS AND FIX!
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5 months ago, boann19831129
Trash bank
DO NOT BANK HERE. Listen to my story. I opened an account November 16th. I’m a waiter so I work ALOT during the holidays. I had 1 single day off the Thursday before Christmas and when I wake up and try to get breakfast, my card doesn’t work. They tried to close my account for no good reason out of the blue. I had no access to my funds the only day I had off to do Christmas shopping. I had to go back and forth between the bank and home grabbing more information to prove who I am. This made no sense and ruined my Christmas. Now, it’s January 13th, my check was sent yesterday and there is nothing in my account. I am calling multiple branches and nobody is answering. I called customer service, no human available to help. This has been the worst banking experience in my entire life, and I’ve only been with them for 2 months. I WILL be looking for a bank that does things correctly
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4 years ago, Joe Talquin
Remote Deposit on HOLD
I use the Regions mobile app almost daily as I am self employed and find it convenient. I was extremely dissatisfied when a 7 day hold was placed on a large mobile check deposit using the app. I contacted a customer service rep (after being on hold for 40 minutes) and was told the deposited check is on hold due to fraud concerns. I informed the rep that I have banked with Regions almost 20 years and had been using the app for remote deposits for quite sometime and that the check deposited was a personal check tendered as payment by one of my clients. Therefore Fraud potential is ZERO. The rep said he understood but couldn’t do anything about it - so be forewarned that Regions has $$ threshold limits for mobile deposits which will tie up your money for an EXTENDED amount of time before the funds become available. Absolutely ridiculous and not warranted !!!!
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4 years ago, brw2609
This mobile app is absolute trash. I thought there was no way this app could be as bad as all of the reviews but I was wrong. Basically all it is good for is checking your balance. Good luck trying to deposit a check or anything else because it simply doesn’t work. Even just trying to log into your account will get you an “unable to process” about a third of the time. I have no confidence that if someone stole my card I would even be able to log on to the app and lock my card. Nothing else has worked on the app so why would that? And to be clear I have a top of the line phone and internet service so that is definitely not the issue. It is so bad I would switch banks if it wasn’t for the amazing customer service I receive at my local branch and its close proximity to my house. Get it together Regions it’s 2020 I should be able to perform basic banking functions on my phone.
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4 years ago, LovinLou
Online banking
The online banking is getting better all the time. I know that it’s not consistent with this branch i use. But I’ve never had the bizarre experience with any other Regions. How can a withdrawal be made from my NOW card and bank has nothing on these people? No phone number. No address. They suggested closing the card. Why I would have to do that a lot. It’s only traceable by the bank because I know nothing about the merchant and can’t resolve it if I don’t know who it is. Surprised at the lack of concern they have and I’m the one to suffer waiting on a new card oh in about 8 weeks! Wow what exactly is the purpose of this NOW card?
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2 years ago, region 0509
Happy customer
For people that are looking for a bank that just always seems to be able to get everything done for me this is the one. I have bank with Regions for 30 years or more and have always been very satisfied with their personal service and I love the remote deposit with my phone. I’m older so I don’t like change but it is so nice not to have to run to the bank to deposit a small check anytime I get one. I recommend them and they haven’t changed their name or their company in forever and I like that too. Some banks are changing their name every time you turn around. Regions 0509
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2 years ago, tayrheasain
App will not let me log in
I use this app daily but today for some reason I couldn’t access zelle. Instead, I received and error message, “Unable to process your request at this time.” I then deleted and re-downloaded the app (iPhone-13) and tried to log in. Again, I received the same error message “unable to process your request at this time.” I was trying to use zelle to pay the men who cut my grass, yet I was unable to. Now I can’t log into my account through the app. This is very inconvenient therefore I’ve rated the app 1 star until someone is able to rectify the situation. - Avid regions bank app user
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4 years ago, Anastasiabeaverhousingzsmju
Always says unable to process
At least once a day I get an Unable to process error when trying to log in. Whether using Face ID or resorting to just typing in credentials, it doesn’t work. I have to actually uninstall then reinstall the app and/or log in via the website to access my acct info which defeats the purpose of having the app for convenience! Also I have often noticed a delay with information showing on the app vs the website. Really disappointing never had this much trouble logging in before the app update a few months ago and been a customer for several years.
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5 years ago, going to another bank
This is garbage
This app really need someone to look into it, it constantly goes down, always have to enable the the Touch ID, when you most need it, it’s never available like when you need to transfer money to make a purchase or to see your balance before making a purchase.... most of the time all it does is spins the little circle when trying to sign in, always have to restart the phone...... Regions is sooooooooooo freaking far behind on technology but want to advertise how they are available to help and assist, and I don’t want to get started on the actual customer service or the employees that work in there banks...... they get 0 out of 100
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4 years ago, Itechtwm
Much Improvement Needed
Just once, it would be nice if companies tested their updates on newer phones! Why should I still be waiting more than 3 weeks for a fix to this Regions App so I can actually login using the Face Recognition feature? As long as it is enabled, I cannot login on an iPhone 11 Pro Max. The only way to use the app, is to completely uninstall it, reinstall and turn off the Biometric option. But then I have to type the password. I get the same problem even after 3 weeks. I mean most of the Regions banks are shut down so many of their employees are at home on vacation since COVID-19 began. You would think they would have the time to fix this issue by now. Guess we will have to keep waiting for their vacation to be over while the rest of the country who is essential and HAVE to work, waits on them longer!!
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3 years ago, Louisiana Gary
Waits to talk to someone are intolerable
My IP address has been blocked and I have been on the phone for an hour and a half before I found someone who understood what I’m talking about. I was transferred 5 or 6 times and had to wait in queue for 20 - 25 minutes each time which is unacceptable. You need to greatly improve service delay times. Your customer service is simple not adequate and needs to be greatly improved. I’ve been banking with Regions, or Amsouth, or Citizens (all bought by you) for approximately 50 years and your customer service and wait times are terrible. You need to do something about this G Jones
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3 years ago, Scigliuto's
Minot five stars?
You should give those of us who owns multiple businesses ability to have all of them come up at once like the old program did. The new program I have to go through each account by business one at a time and it makes it more difficult it’s more labor us. Ask your tech to give a way that business owners can opt in to have them the old way with all the account showing with all the information for everything that’s at Regions. We own the company we should have that ability, I suppose concerns about others getting into multiple accounts may have been the rationale. Everything else so far is five star
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6 years ago, rcrd1234567
It’s not working. It won’t update. Now I have no access on my phone.
I go to login. The mobile app forces me to go to updates. I go to updates, but nothing updates no matter what I do and I can’t get into the mobile app because of an update that won’t update on my phone. Not happy about this. It’s extremely frustrating. Just like the other person wrote, I spent hours trying to get it to work. Tech support has no idea and were no help at all. They made the situation worse. It’s been a week now, still not working. I’m using my internet on the phone going to the full website. I’m out of town, where they don’t have a regions bank, so going to a bank to get assistance is an extremely poor answer and no help as well. Just call customer service. They are helpful and can at least give you your balance after Tech support messes everything else up because they have no idea what is wrong with their app. Tech knows it’s not working because their lines are super busy with 10minute waits to speak to anyone last I called in.
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4 years ago, lxwelti
Transfer from bank account to credit card account doesn’t work.
Making a Transfer from bank account to credit card account doesn’t work. Although the app shows the “successful transfer” message, when you look into the account to verify the transfer took place, it’s not there. And when you call the bank to ask about it they say you never made a transfer. This used to work up until a few months ago, when they changed the look of the app, they broke the transfer to credit card functionality.
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5 years ago, Tin snips
All about the Benjamin’s
I put my money in a bank account to keep it safe from the wolves who would want to take it without my permission. At regions I feel like I’m giving my money to the wolves with the hope that they won’t take any... but they do. I get charged if I don’t use my debit card enough. Regions isn’t the only bank to do that but it’s still wrong! If I I’m not spending it’s because I’m saving!!! I get charged if I don’t deposit enough into my checking. I get charged for making a payment on the app. Why is that? I used no products... I used nobodies time. I can go on about my frustrations with regions but the short of it is.... i have been with this bank for a very long time... most of my life. The only reason I’m still here is because of the hastle of changing my info with everyone I do business with. But the frustration of staying is starting to outweigh the leaving!!!
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4 years ago, jLamwuzhere
Updates just make it worse
When I first got this app, I really liked it. I could enable Touch ID and see my account at a glance, including pending transfers and what amount I actually had to work with. Then they got rid of fingerprints for who knows why. Now the app changed to some wanna be hip looking font with oversized text and all deposits and withdrawals are split up by default and it doesn’t look like you can change it. This app looks like it was designed by a child. It’s almost bad enough to change banks because I’ve grown to depend on the convenience of just seeing my account activity so easily anytime I wanted to know what was going on. In addition to these app changes, the bank itself does that garbage where they keep trying to sell stuff to you that is nothing more than a bunch of cheap scams and lame upsells. I don’t want life insurance or anything else from my bank. I just want basic banking. I don’t think there’s a way to opt out of these junkmail offers or I would have already done it. I also have to add that no one actually addresses any issues here. Everyone gets the same computer generated “sorry, email us” response. Why not just troubleshoot the problems or give simple answers?
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1 year ago, Sonya Shell
Mobile Banking
This is a great feature since I moved away from any local Regions Bank. I am happy with the service I get at Regions and wanted to keep them as my Bank. I lived in Fenton MO. For the past 10 years and the tellers and loan officers and any other employee there, treated me like I was a Millionaire. I certainly am not. They knew me by name when I entered the bank or the drive through. I came there from a small town and I wasn’t treated THAT well. They certainly went above and beyond. I really appreciate that branch. As long as I can, I will continue to use the mobile app. Thank you Regions for making me feel important.
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2 years ago, mercygirl67
I can’t update app
I am a new customer to Regions after my bank of 33 years Compass Bank merged with PNC Bank. I moved all my money to Regions but every time I log on with the app it tells me the app has to be updated. So I go to update it but there’s nowhere to update it. It’s just two or three extra steps that grate on my nerves every time I use the app which sometimes is two or three times a day. Can you please just fix it so it automatically updates. Even PNC’s app has your app beat by a mile When I transfer money I would like to be able to make a note on line as to what the transfer was for.
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2 years ago, SammiePhillips
New Update makes features not work.
I’ve been having regions for a while now. It has always been an easy app, without any glitches! I was trying to do the mobile deposit for a check I received. It kept telling me it there was an error. I checked off the mobile deposit box on the back of the check so I wasn’t not able to deposit it into the AMT. I ended up having to destroy the check because I couldn’t not do anything with it. I was out that money because I was not able to get another check printed. (Who loves to throw money away..not me for sure). Today when I clicked on my account to see a detailed description of the transactions, it keeps telling me that it is unable to complete my request. I’m not sure what is going on, but maybe they need to create another update to fix these issues.
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