Relay | Business Banking

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Relay Financial Technologies Inc
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3 weeks ago
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User Reviews for Relay | Business Banking

4.76 out of 5
1.1K Ratings
2 years ago, Romans 8:15
Lots of positives, few issues
I’ve really enjoyed using Relay! I wanted to used the Profit First method and had a hard time finding a bank that wouldn’t charge for each account in some way. It is SO easy to set up a new account with Relay and there are no fees. Most of my issues since switching to Relay have come from differences with my last bank, so it’s been more of an adjustment on my part than necessarily problems on theirs. The few things that have been a little difficult are: checks take 8-10 days to deposit, I can’t access my “pending” balance until it fully deposits (this was a feature with my old bank but not sure if that is an industry standard), and checks aren’t available with their accounts (not a huge deal but has caused some creative thinking on my end in a few situations). Overall, I would definitely recommend Relay! Their customer service is great and it’s so easy to use. And it’s free!
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2 years ago, Diminke
Perfect Solution for Business Accounts
After learning the Profit First system for e-commerce of setting up multiple accounts for each segment of the business and putting in certain percentages of each payout into inventory, expenses, owners comp, profit etc - I found Relay to be a perfect bank for this system. I was able to open multiple accounts online easily and quickly to implement the system which has had a positive impact on my business. I recommend Relay for any business. In addition they also have a great support team for any questions.
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2 years ago, SituKaiba
Not friendly for new businesses. Good though, if you are switching business banks.
I run a small business, and I decided to try Relay due to their services and low fees compared to the bigger banks. Now, I understand there’s a lot of concerns about a lot of documents, forms and personal forms you need to upload, and the process taking weeks (which is true, but not a problem to me). However, one of the screening requirements ask for a business bank statement from a previous bank. Now why would Relay ask for a previous business bank statement if that’s the whole reason I’m applying for a BUSINESS Bank account? Unfortunately, they do not take personal bank statements that has business activity, so I guess my only recommendation would be that Relay is probably a good bank if you already own a business bank account and are looking to switch, but it seems they are unfriendly and un-eager to help and support new businesses.
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3 months ago, Unhappy victim of Mesibo
Stay Away!
You cannot post lower than 1 stars but Relay doesn't even deserve that. This is a company that needs to be banished from offering banking services or in anyway managing funds of others. We have had numerous false and misleading statements abiout funds we attempted to wire. We were informed that wire was sent and the funds were deducted from our account but they were never received by the receiving bank. After three days of trying to get a response, we finally received an email, no call allowe apparently, that the wire had not been processed yet. Then they go and ask for the same information that we provided when we opened the account. Many emails form them about sorry for the delay but the wire was processed and again, nothing ever arrived. This is not a company any business should trust with their funds. Stay away! Don't put any funds with Relay you can't afford to lose completely.
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2 years ago, Everyday Person.
Not secure
Relay has a good idea, but the security for the accounts is not good at all. I had almost 13k hacked out of my accounts in Relay in about a 30 minute period of time. All of my settings were set to a daily limit, but the hack exceeded those limits. I also had settings for no transactions out of the USA. The hack consisted of multiple transactions in Switzerland. It took several calls to Relay to even acknowledge the problem. Relay says it could take up to 90 days to rectify the situation, but I am not confident that I will ever see the 13k again. They say it is a Mastercard Debit Card issue, but it started with Relay. They seem to be passing the buck. Their recommendation was for me to call them back in 90 days if I haven’t received the funds. It has already been 30 days and I haven’t heard anything. Stick to your local bank… Seriously…
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3 months ago, mme traphouse tv
Worst Bank ever if you a small business owner
This is the worst experience I’ve ever had with a bank.. these held my money for over two weeks and still haven’t released my money.. everyday I call them and they tell me it’s a spot check once your account becomes more active we spot check to make sure everything is on the up and up., I been spot check before it never takes two weeks usually it’s just a day., I don’t know if they short on staff or what or they just playing games with my money.. so far my 800 number have been cancelled because I can’t pay my bills my customers are upset because I can’t start the job they paid me for because these people are holding my money. If you a small business owner and every counts go somewhere else I’m just sharing my terrible experience with this bank.,
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4 months ago, TheDrugIsFootball
Stay Away Profit First Friends!
I opened my account because I saw it was endorsed by Profit First. I opened my accounts, and did a test transfer of $100. After all of the paperwork I was initially asked to provide when opening my account I was asked to provide more to prove that I owned the account I was transferring from. Ok, a little inconvenience. I did that and it was successful. I then tried to transfer all money into thier bank which got rejected. I came to find out that the ACH limits are absurdly low. 1000/day 5000/month. I followed their process to request an increase and was promised a response in 3 business days. It has now been 7 business days and no one can give me an answer other than apologizing and “looking into it”. As I looked into other’s experiences I found I was not alone. The red flags are going off left and right. I decided that this was not the bank for me. I went to transfer my money back only to find that they have frozen my account! This is so ridiculous. In hindsight I’m glad that all my funds didn’t transfer as I fear I would have lost them as well. I’m worried for other profit first fans that they may get stuck in a similar situation.
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3 years ago, Will194729
Everything other banks wish they were
First off, it takes a little while to get approved, but it‘s well worth the wait. Be ready to provide lots of documentation to be approved. Need to be a real business. Once you’re in, wow. The features are fantastic, lots of options. Everything is so customizable you set everything up in whatever way is the most effective for your business. The app itself and features are also modern, intuitive, and extremely simple to use. Not your typical bank’s app. Speaking with customer service during setup was also pleasant and easy. This is the 3rd bank I’ve used for business and it’s by far the best. Azlo was good but they shut down, NBKC should be shut down as everything about them is horrendous.
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10 months ago, Dikeedrin Flores
Disappointing Experience - Poor Communication
⭐️ I had high hopes for Relay Financial, but unfortunately, my experience has been far from satisfactory. Recently, they froze my account without any prior notification, leaving me in a state of confusion and frustration. What's even more disappointing is the complete lack of effective communication from their team. Every representative I spoke to repeated the same unhelpful script and failed to address my concerns. While I initially liked some of the features Relay offered, the unreliable communication and suspicious behavior have made me rethink my choice. A trustworthy financial service should prioritize transparent and clear communication with its users. In this aspect, Relay has proven to be a letdown. At this point, I would rather opt for a local, well-known bank that I can rely on, rather than dealing with the uncertainty and inconvenience caused by Relay's actions. It's truly disappointing when a potentially good service falls short due to poor customer support and questionable practices. Proceed with caution if you're considering Relay Financial.
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3 weeks ago, Rachquel2
Flawed policies that does protect customer
I do not want to even get into there bogus policy if you file a dispute by the time the claim is processed, your livelihood would be destroyed! The main incident that turned me completely off is my using my PIN that I created to withdraw money from my bank account resulting in them freezing my account for almost 24 hours and then gave me a very hard time after I verified it was me who made the transactions . The only reason why they released my money is because I recited the law and how my rights were violated and threatened to file a civil suit with my attorney. Literally after that email was sent , my funds were released in less than 1 hour after they held my money hostage for 24 hours with NO legitimate explain! Totally felt scammed and violated . Their hours of operation is not convenient at all. Their customer service is terrible when you are complaining about their errors. It was a nightmare and very embarrassing ! I work too hard for anyone to control my money .
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2 years ago, jweedlv
Great business bank!
Relay has been awesome for my business banking. My account was approved quickly and it was easy to set up multiple accounts (following the Profit First method). Support has been amazing and super responsive, they even took the time to do a zoom call with me to look at an issue I was having (ended up being a setting on my phone causing the issue and they worked on a fix for it).
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2 years ago, Cstud21
Great for all aspects except cash flow
Relay has been a great solution for my business banking needs. Initially, I don’t think they anticipated such a quick following, and it was felt on the service side- that has since been ironed out. My only gripe currently is for the length of time it takes to clear a check. Cash flow is pretty important for small businesses and a six day turnaround is completely unnecessary in 2022.
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2 years ago, JLowe676
I have banked at over 5 banks in the last 10 years. I found 1 or 2 excellent banks only to be bought out and ruined :/ So far relay has been amazing! I wish they had a personal side so I could have only 1 bank. The app is great, but I wish I could switch from one business to another in the app like I can on my computer.
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1 year ago, Torpedojerry
Low deposit limits
I don’t know how this can be used for business banking. The only way to deposit checks is via the mobile app, and it has a low limit not suitable for business. The product team has to white list each check above the limit which takes over 3 weeks and a lot of back and forth. Outside of that, each check deposit takes 7 days to clear. Not a good business account
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2 years ago, remynelllc
Best among the rest.
At first I was worried about opening online business account without a physical branch, but 6 month after using the bank. I can’t guarantee you won’t find a better bank than relay. Every feature seems so easy to use. Long May it continue..
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7 months ago, PxMoneyx830
Do Not Use This Bank
Stay far far away from this bank! If I could give negative stars I would. With only my second deposit transaction with this bank they have frozen my cards, and account. They have still yet to deposit my money even after submitting a signed copy of the invoice that matches the check. Along with a copy of a photo ID. They are now asking for information that has absolutely nothing to do with banking. Basically trying to force me to start up social media accounts that I do not need just to prove my transaction. BEWARE BEWARE!!!!
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1 year ago, Eb821
mobile deposits-errors
Too many error codes when submitting deposits. App can get glitchy when submitting mobile deposits. It will give an error message in the middle of a deposit and then your mind thinks it didn’t capture it, but you lol at the checking account and it’s deposited. Or it will do this but deposit with actually capturing the back side of the check… Can be a bit frustrating.
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12 months ago, Blacksoot84
Simple and Easy to use!
Super fast importing for budget purposes and transacting for business. App & website need improvement for better functionality, neither will allow you to schedule transfers if account balances are less than transfer amount when it’s a future effective transfer. User should more control, people know where their money is, no one is going to willingly incur fees from NSF.
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11 months ago, denmiamibch
So far so perfect…
This financial service is perfect, for $30 a month you get free wire transfers and the same day ACH, you can have virtual cards and many useful features. But I have fears as this happens with many good companies they start hiring wrong people for the compliance department and those new people start make appearances of work by getting your accounts frozen, blocked, or asking for some stupid documents to verify transaction even though you ve been the client for a while… Or they get sold to a big bank… I hope it won’t happen here because the service is really great!
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4 months ago, hridbsjd
Still haven’t fixed some bugs
The application not bad, working fine but I still haven’t fixed the bug, when you want to view international wire transfer, the application closes.
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2 years ago, Brizp
I love lots of things about this bank. I love that you can have multiple accounts, multiple cards, adjust daily spending limits easily, etc. I don’t love that there were several unauthorized charges on my account and the best response I received was from Raneel that told me because it had been TWO business days, they couldn’t return my money or look into it further. Absolute trash. I work hard for my money. I expect protection from my bank.
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10 months ago, Joe 00002
Not the Best
The App in general is ok. However there is nowhere in there to see future planned transfers from one account to another. So balancing a checkbook and savings needs to be done manually outside of the App. Making it useless to me. The Help Desk is horrible and usually takes at least a week to even respond and maybe a month to answer your question if they ever answer it. I am looking for a better bank to go with.
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3 years ago, Rcush10
Love it!
I’ve had a great experience with Relay.. very user friendly and easy to add accounts, virtual debit cards, etc.. I’ve also had a great experience with customer service. They’v been very quick to answer my questions and provide support! Big fan here!
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9 months ago, orig.dondada
Looking forward to seeing..
I’m sure I’m not the only one to request this but could we please see an update to the system where we have Zelle as a sending payment method. I think having zelle and being able to use it through the app and such would be the icing on the cake. Really would love to see that happen.
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1 year ago, Mattyjayjay
The best for a busy at entrepreneur
Just use it. Forget banks. This is 1000% easier. The ach function alone has saved me dozens of hours and the profit first compatibility is doing more for my business than anything else could.
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1 year ago, Regi.7
A bit slow, some additional features would be nice.
The bank itself is a good service. I think the app needs some help, including speeding up the app in general none gets tired of the spinning circles. Also, it would be nice to be able to filter searches so that I can see what all my pending transactions are in a list.
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3 months ago, Luigi213
Best business bank account out there
If you are planning on using the profit first business method, this is the bank for you. Easy to use and setup was quick and super user friendly . 5 stars!!
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6 months ago, Santim165
They’ve streamlined my business
It’s been great to be able allow other parts of my team to take parts in billing and other sections thanks to the amazing options Relay has
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2 years ago, waynexxv
Relay and QBO
Are use relay with QuickBooks Online. The billpay module works as good as other similar standalone apps. Scan depositing of paper checks also works well… My wish is that they would sync back to QuickBooks. Great support
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4 years ago, Jbenk7
So far so good.
It is pretty easy to create an account with relay. Their were a couple hiccups in the account creation but the platform is smooth on desktop and mobile. It syncs up nicely with accounting platforms as well.
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10 months ago, abrahamw88
Best business bank service and app!
Truly the best I have ever used. So many great features. Wish I could use it as my personal bank too!
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3 months ago, HLstl
6 months and no problems
Really enjoying my Relay Business account. Very simple and elegant interface. Highly recommended.
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11 months ago, si8002
Relay business account will not download on my phone
Relay business account will not download on my phone why
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3 months ago, Jordan2468bhgc
Great Banking App
I am a new Relay client. So far I’ve been really happy with the ease of the online app and website. Great bank for running a small business.
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1 month ago, Marie Zzzzzz
Seamless online Small Business Banking
Relay is a super cool, clean and intuitive CANADIAN ( yeah Canada!)online banking solution for my small business. It’s smart and easy to use! Very much recommend!! Marie S. Bloomfield Hills, Mi
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3 years ago, Dr.dukes
Great for Small Business
Great simple bank that lets works well to separate business accounts from personal.
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2 years ago, Chameleonqueen2
Been using Relay for almost two years. It’s really helped me organize my company’s cash flow and financials. Great team!
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7 months ago, Melessawl
Easy Business
This is an easy business account with all the thrills and no frills of big banks!!
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3 years ago, Nickcycyc
Can’t say anything bad
Didn’t really have a bad experience with relay they have a lot of great opportunities like free wire transfers.
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1 year ago, Sarahj118
Issues with latest update
App was working fine then I updated it. Now it shows duplicate transactions for every transaction.
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1 year ago, JOehlschlaeger
Profit First friendly
The fact that Relay is FREE and supports the Profit First banking system is AWESOME. I recommend this bank to all my biz friends
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5 months ago, gdbevfuz
Do not recommend
They withhold all checks deposited for 7days. I have never had this with any other bank. Very disappointed that they do this and will not be depositing checks with them anymore. Just be aware of this as I have spoken with them and it is their policy.
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6 months ago, Thats who I'm talking about
Nice but payments being delayed
Being payed 6-7 business days at best is unreasonable. But other than that the profit first integration is nice
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1 month ago, MEAM Holdings LLC
Simply the best business bank in the business. No nonsense straight business!
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5 months ago, Buj. A
Wait time
Relay is great to have if you have no other options. It takes 7 to 8 business days for checks to clear no matter how long you have been a customer, unlike other banks1 to 3 business days.
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1 year ago, ji5284762
Can’t transfer money and won’t resolve issue
I’ve tried to move money in and out of Relay for weeks and all the transfers are declined. I can’t get money out!! Terrible. I’ve emailed customer service and nothing. The app is fine but the bank is horrible.
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2 years ago, Nyarleah
Easy to use. Responsive. Great overall experience.
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3 years ago, EdgeRegalo
Terrible Customer Service
This poor excuse for a bank is a guaranteed way to lose your money. Customer service is non-existent other than canned responses. The staff are slow and negligent with banking procedures. A business account with Relay will end up costing you in the end.
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3 years ago, Iban365
Bad customer service/response
I have been waiting for ~1 week now for my account to be approved. They keep saying it is under review and that all the docs are uploaded and good. They just won’t approve it. Can’t get a hold of anyone on the phone or email
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3 years ago, Kyle J A
Terrible customer service. I applied for an account 2 weeks ago and after I responded to an information request, Relay’s support people are completely non-responsive. Cheap banking gets you cheap banking. I do not recommend this one.
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