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Reliance Global Call
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User Reviews for Reliance Global Call

1.09 out of 5
11 Ratings
6 months ago, PosDesi
Absolute Horror
Can never use the app accurately and the most frustrating experience when have to use it. 1. Unable to recharge from the app, keeps crashing, always have to rely on the browser to do so. 2. App can never find contacts correctly. 3. Very inconsistent with connection from the app as opposed to dialing the number directly from the phone.. please fix it for good or ask users to revert back to using a full blown browser & basic phone app experience.. At the least it works most times. Would give 1 star for using the number on the phone but no star for the app for sure..
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2 months ago, AmitD
Absolutely useless
The app is absolutely useless. Can’t access account information, crashes every time I try to make a call, does not remember last dialed information. Would definitely not recommend this app.
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3 months ago, Vijay Ar
Not great
App would close abruptly when a call is made and no option charge not does it give any info when you are out of balance. No option to update or remove contacts already synced.
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3 months ago, BuzoLove
Non functional - Reliance not Reliable.
Not able to make a single call with enough balance in the account. It shows connecting, then shows ringing for a split second and comes back to previous screen, tried multiple times in a couple of days. Tried with and without Wi-Fi. Tried with and without Toll free option. Called customer care, no one answered the call. Only time I use the app is when I need to dial a non WhatsApp number/user, Reliance not Reliable.
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3 months ago, JoyLord69
The service was great years ago but has become a nightmare to use.
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2 weeks ago, RelianceUser
Stay away from Reliance Global
Absolute trash app. You will just waste your time and money using this app.
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3 years ago, 12NeeNa21
How I add a 0 star?
I’ve used reliance global toll free number in the past and have successfully made calls. Fast forward an year, now the toll free numbers doesn’t work even for the help desk. They prompt you to call using their app. I was able to make one call using the app and thought it can’t be that bad even though the app is full of bugs. However, I’m no longer able to make any calls. It shows as if it is ringing and the call gets disconnected. The recipient confirmed that they are not getting any calls. I called the same number using AT&T and that works without any issues. Either solve my problem or return my balance money I’ve in the reliance account. This is the worst customer experience that you can provide especially from a well known company.
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7 years ago, CTRocket
Works fine after you sign in with your mobile device number
After updating my app, I ran into the same issue as few other users - call not connecting. After reporting the issue through contact us section of app, the Support responded back with instructions to sign in using the mobile device number. I always used my landline number in past even from the mobile device because that’s how I originally signed up for this service. But seems like from this version onwards, you need to sign in using the device number that you are using to run the app. After signing in with the mobile number, I am now able to select a contact and call is going through.
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13 years ago, Balageekrish
Convenient App
Just followed the instruction and worked well. The app is using your mobile phone service (ATT in my case) to make a toll free call, so if you spend 30 minutes talking, it will be detected from your available minutes. Reliance should have given the option of using voice/data connection. Hopefully next version will carry that feature. BTW, I have seen people complaining that they need to store the no with 91 prefix, but that's how you have to store your number if your want to make calls, so dont understand all the crying here. Convenient app, specially dialing from iPhone while driving. ignore -ve reviews and give it a shot yourself ;)
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7 years ago, skgupta65
App updates
It seems like reliance is just releasing the update to the application without testing it. I have updated the application to the latest version (4.3) today. Although the update specifically mentioned that it included a fix for crashing of application but it is still crashing. I had sent the similar complaint last week, but haven’t received any response from your team. It seems like reliance doesn’t care about its customers. Again updated the application with version (4.4), which is released to fix crash issue. But unfortunately the issue still remains the same. I don’t understand how such a big company can do same mistake again and again (releasing updates without in-house testing). Very disappointed.
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8 years ago, Kuchbhi
Total buggy app
I use it on iPhone6. Since upgrade, this app has added lots of bugs. App doesn't store my favorites. If I turn off internet calling and try to call an international number, I have to wait 30 seconds where i need to hear "Welcome to Reliance, please enter the number you want to reach". It dials automatically after that. I don't have to manually dial the number but still I have to go through unnecessary prompts every time. If I call without internet calling the. It doesn't keep call logs. I called customer service and they acknowledged the issue. They told me that someone will get back to me in couple of days. I haven't received any call from them even after 2-3 months. I hope they fix the issues and test it before releasing the app.
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7 years ago, Nik79
Horrible app
It's a shame to have such a horrible technology from a big and reputable Company like Reliance. Their previous versions sucked and I thought the new version would fix all the issues in old versions. The new version turned out to be even a bigger disaster with some serious issues like poor call connectivity and quality. You dial a number and keep waiting. As you don't hear the ring tone, you would not know whether the call is connected or not. 99% of the times, it would not. I don't know how reliance is retaining such a horrible team working on this technology. A much smaller company in US would have fired them immediately after such poor performance of the app and terrible customer reviews
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7 years ago, Williams Norway
I love it!
Our entire family use reliance global call, recently we noticed that Reliance team is up and they are doing frequent releases and I appreciate that at least they are concerned now, no idea why they waited so long to update and keep user engagement. Anyway as Indian I will not use any other Int calling app and I want send every money to back our motherland! Keep it up RGC team we are with you. Amazingly simple app that allows you to use your phone's minutes to call internationally. Voice quality absolutely
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4 years ago, Aishwarya_12
Worst update ever
This update it terrible! Internet calling must be enabled to place even paid calls. If you turn off internet calling then (1) calls are not placed/connected when you don't have access to wifi and (2) one has to go though two stage dialing where one has to first enter their pin followed by the entire phone number of the person you are trying to call. What is the point of an app if I have to remember the phone number of the person I'm calling? Seriously... Who remembers phone numbers these days??? When I complained about this to reliance by email they sent me instructions on how to place free and paid calls. Thanks geniuses! Like I hadn't figured that out for myself already
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8 years ago, Tenshou007
Worst app update of all time
Short version: DONT DOWNLOAD this update: 1. App will log you out and you won't be able to get back in using same credentials. 2. Can't reset PIN using website. For some magical reason, website is down too!! 3. Calls to customer care gets dropped automatically and repeatedly. 3. Customer care is even worse. Won't listen to your problem. Their only solution is reset the PIN. Long version: As soon as I updated my app, below happened: 1. App logged me out automatically. 2. Doesn't take in the user ID and PIN 3. Tried changing PIN on website. Website said wrong user ID and password combination. Called customer care. Below happened: 1. Called 1st time - call got disconnected automatically before I could speak to anyone. 2. Called 2nd time - repeat of 1. 3. Called 3rd time - typical bad user experience. Guy won't listen to my problem. But atleset he was courteous to say sorry. 4. Told that it happened because of 'updation'. Won't happen again for sure. 5. website is down so only way to reset pin is to call customer care.
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7 years ago, PotterGCJ
One of the Finest.....
I have tried several call companies in the past and often been surprised and disappointed by their voice quality. Often they have stated one thing and delivered a service below the standards I would expect. So it was with a degree of trepidation that I registered with Reliance to give their service a go. I was speaking to my cousin in Trinidad. The line was crystal clear, with no irritating buzzes and glitches and we were able to chat happily as if he was sat next to me.
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6 years ago, GADBG
Re Another Fraud by Reliance Global Call Company
Totally agree. I bought a plan to make calls to Malta which worked well for a few months, after which I started getting the message of “this is not a valid #”. Tried calling customer service many times and Emails with no response. Recently got an Email from Reliance to buy more minutes and I replied by again stating my situation and requesting a solution or refund. After going back and forth I learned that at some point Reliance had “cut ties with Malta” and that is the reason my calls would not go thru and Reliance policy did not allow a refund after 6 months. Reliance changed the contract we made by cutting ties with Malta and they should have sent me a refund since the only reason I bought their plan, was to make calls to Malta. I have over 3000 mins that don’t expire till mid 2020, but they are useless to me since I can’t use them to make calls to Malta. In my humble opinion, Reliance Global Call is a company that is not trust worthy, is unreliable and fraudulent. Thank you for reading.
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7 years ago, AnshulS
This is app is getting worse by the day
I think reliance had the best international calling service 10 years ago. They started off with a decent app. But since last 4-5 years and with the newer versions of the app it has just gone down hill and fast. I loved the app several years ago. It is quite evident that the app wasn’t tested sufficiently before being released and has several bugs. One of them that it does not show the local phone contacts. I have checked the permissions of the app and reinstalled the app without success. It is sad that I have almost given up on the service due to the app.
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7 years ago, Raj-man
Constantly Crashing
This App does not open at all after update to v4.5, just keeps on crashing. I tried to click on App Support and submit a contact us report, it does not go through saying my description of problem has invalid character (15 words long description). I have tried many times to delete this App, restart my iOS 11.2 device but nothing works. I am afraid that Reliance’s response would be send us your registered phone, email and name as if that will fix this problem all of sudden. After 15 years with Reliance I may have to switch to other reliable sources to make calls.
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3 years ago, Kitnu 420
Scam service
May 2021 review: This app shouldn’t be on the App Store. It is really tarnishing the Reliance brand name. They have been charging my card for the past year with monthly recurring payments. There is no option to cancel the charges in either the app or the website. They don’t respond to customer emails or messages. The customer service phone number is inactive. They only have options to recharge or add services in the app. My only option was to cancel all the charges by disputing them with my credit card company. They are continuing to charge me every month! Nightmare.
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7 years ago, GreatChanakya
The new update is PoS
I directly sent message to customer support and haven’t heard nor the issue addressed. So, I have to go public with this... As others narrated, the new updated App is useless. The internet calling option crashes the App. And if I turn off the internet option, then it dials the local access number, asks for my PIN and then asks me to enter the number I want to call. If I have to go through all these manual steps then why do I need your App?!!! If you are aspiring to be a paid version of WhatsApp then you really need to QA this piece before releasing to the paid users. This is so inconvenient and a common issues with this new update and I don’t know why the developer asked the other user to email his/her account details as if it’s a random one user issue. I cannot give any lower than 1 star so consider this as a negative feedback. A new App update is a must but this time better QA first!!
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11 years ago, Rahul Goswami
It works the way it is supposed to work!!!
Not sure why there are so many complaints. When you choose a number to call to connects via Reliance Global Call gateway. I had absolutely no issues of connectivity or dropped calls. It did not ask me to dial any other number other than choosing the contact. Be sure that the contacts are prefixed with +91.
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12 years ago, Taj30Taj
Support called and added toll access number to my account. After reinstalling app now calls r routed through local number. UI is little clunky but app works as advertised. -------------------------- App only routes calls using toll free number so u end up spending 7 cents per minute. in US there is no distinction for using toll or toll free number, then what is the point of routing calls through toll free number? there is no option to select toll access number.
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12 years ago, Dm6207
Very convenient!
I like the app. Not sure what the others are complaining about. You can easily access your contacts from the app. Toll free access works perfectly - it's set nicely to the number that can be used for both India and other countries. I haven't been able set up local access for dialing out - that would be nice to have - reason for giving 4 star rating.
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6 years ago, DrVIK81
Does not work!
I have been using the app for several years. However, the last few months it has been unusable. Every time I open the app and hit a contact number to call (or even type the number in manually), it immediately gives an error saying call could not be completed, and then the app shuts down. I initially thought it was a temporary glitch, but this issue has persisted for many months now. I have a money balance in my account that I cannot access. I would avoid this app and look for other options.
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8 years ago, Zundu
This app is horrendous
Beyond words this app is just a piece of crap. Prior to the upgrade, I have had the previous version of this app for several years and it worked just fine. It did what a simple phone app is supposed to do. This grandeur idea of creating a what'sapp kind of application messed up everything. none of the basic functionality works. This app is completely useless. I cannot even make a simple phone call. Wondering if this app was ever Tested before releasing it out on App Store. I am so frustrated! Is there a way to go back to previous version of this app?
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10 years ago, Shemra
Beware!!! App will not work the way it is suppose to
While making calls from contact list on app you might think you are making calls from reliance but all these calls will go through you wireless service provider and end of the month you will get a huge bill. Since iOS8 update this app has become piece of junk, first crashing now routing calls via your cellphone service provider directly. Unfortunately, AppStore doesn't let you leave reviews without at least giving one star. This app doesn't deserve even a single star.
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7 years ago, Kolhapurmardh
Call always gets cancelled
New update is really bad.i don't think you have any testing team, if you have it then please fire the QA manager for doing such a poor product release. I am just not able to make any calls when internet calling setting is enabled, call always gets cancelled. If I turn it off the app doesn't pick my contacts it just dials the toll free number and asks me to key in india contact number. If I have to key in my contact number then why should I even use app. Reliance global app basically doesn't serve any purpose after this upgrade.
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7 years ago, Rickypaperboy20
Deserves five stars.
This is a really simple solution that we can use at any time without the of even Internet, When it comes to call quality and reliability I have nothing at all to complain about, to use Relaince is really just like making a normal local call, and the call quality is the same.
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2 years ago, Tushar Parikh
No one answer the call, only phone ringing
Since last year of Diwali my phone is not working. One time I chat with agent and they said I called Nepal. Which is not true I always call India. But since then my phone doesn’t work or websites or no one respond. Even I try to call from my friend phone no one answer. And agent saying email them and they will respond. But 6 month no one coming on the phone and email back. I like to talk them If is any misunderstanding we can fix with talk. But ignore is not solution.
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5 years ago, Jack Dimello
Horrible experience
Have been using Reliance ever since it started. I have post paid service, where I get monthly charges - recently I have been getting charged for basic charges as I don’t use the service that often but still my account gets locked not sure WHY? So I am forced to send an email to Customer Service to activate my account which takes more than 24 hours so when you have to make a urgent call - you cannot. This is ridiculous and not the kind of service expected from company like Reliance. Please fix.
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9 years ago, Vinayak N
Very bad service to make international calls from India
I was planning to use it to make heavy calls to US number from India & for testing purpose, I recharged it for 300₹. I am using idea cellular service. This app despite of my positive balance on reliance card, doesn't allow me to make International call. Please note that I followed every instruction from their document, right from how to activate & dial US number. The reliance customer service expects me to go to their store to resolve the issue. Reliance would need another 20 years to match the service expectations same as US customers.
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6 years ago, Yohoso
Another fraud by Reliance. Not able to place calls
This is probably been the worst experience with an iPhone app ever. Apple should check and test the credibility of this app before letting them in the App Store. It’s has been over one and a half months since I signed up and I have not been able to place a single call even after changing 3 phones of different make and also switching service providers. The reliance support team has an open ticket for over a month and after repeated emails all I get to hear is that they are still trying to resolve the issue. And now after 40 days they have even stopped responding to my mails. They have neither resolved the issue or are they refunding my money. I hope Mr. Ambani reads this message and gets his fraud venture in line. It’s high time we Indians should take such matters to consumer court !!
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12 years ago, Saravanan.Arumugam
Not so bad
I installed this app yesterday. It's not as bad as it is for the others. Not sure if there was an update before I installed. I am able to move between tabs without crashes and the startup is also fine without crashes. This is just based on 1 day use. Will update this review of it gets worse. But I agree that it can be improvised given that it's from reliance.
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7 years ago, neodoc
Horrible app
It doesn't work at all. I don't think they did any testing before deployment. You can not make a call with this app Same issues as other users. You CANNOT make a phone call with this app. Period. You can't connect when you enable internet calling. You can't enable PIN free dialing. You have to go through toll free/ toll access numbers AND enter your PIN- AFTER you've dialed the destination number ( mind you, you've logged into the app with your PIN already!). What a crappy App. Really appalled that it has the name "Reliance" on it.
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11 years ago, Poor-player
Silly problems mar experience
App works fine but with some major annoyances. Sometimes it takes forever to sense touch - feels like its hung. In the log of calls it displays number prominently instead of the name (and when there's a company associated with the contact - the log shows the number and the company but not the name !) so if you call people in the same company good luck - since you better remember everyone's number
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13 years ago, iluvindia
Just follow what I did
I use iPhone 4. 1) down load the app 2) open the app & set toll free or local access number ( which ever make sense for u) 3) dial +91____________ number ( u have to press + sign for few seconds to dial in key pad) 4)hit call button & phone will dial 1(800) number,,,,91____________ 5) now go to recent call & u will have that whole long number ( I.e 1(800)_____,,,,91___________ 6) save whole this number in your contact 7) now when u need to dial same number again you don't have to open reliance app just go to your contacts and dial 8) do same for all your Indian contacts I would like to see * * * * * review next time for this app
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8 years ago, dhirender
Poor service
There is less to blame the app but more to blame the poor service and call quality of reliance. The call drops are abundant and it is hard to hear the other side of the world. Reliance started well many years back when the service had originated but has not kept up the quality. At this stage is no better than a over the counter calling card bought from a retail outlet.
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12 years ago, Amit & Puja
Don't download - app doesn't work
I thought other reviews must be not valid bc a big company wont just creat an app and it wont work. Other reviews r right. With this app, u cannot dial straight from ur contacts. U still have to dial reliance toll free or local number and then input the number of the person that u r tryin to reach. This app gets 0/5 rating in my opinion. Reliance is waisting ppl time. Do not download. If u do, then write a review like mine so others know that this app is a total garbage.
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5 years ago, P_M_CA
Handsfree (Bluetooth) audio does not work in car
This is a major fail. Phone connects to car Bluetooth but the audio from the app does not transfer over to car. You have to still talk and listen from the phone itself. Also there is always some addressbook error all the time. Have to click ok to proceed every single time app is used. Don’t know how this app passed Apple’s quality check. Please fix these issues!!
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7 years ago, S-U-User
Works great!!
I used to have issues with the app earlier but in recent days it is working just fine. My wife had once accidentally dialed directly on ATT and we were charged 1980s rates of $3.5 a minute (we don't have a international calling plan) so a couple of cents per minute is really great!
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8 years ago, AppsEeviewer
Ease of use and low cost
I have been a faithful user of reliance service for over 10 years I believe. Never had issues. My friends tried other services ECA as they had promotions and initially low cost but were not too happy. Though pricey sometimes compared to others, it is worth it for consistency in service.
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11 years ago, Sshah62
Search issue fixed.
In the latest version, contact search function was not working. Surprisingly, the issue was fixed with the latest update. Now, it would get five stars if it allowed to make calls over wifi/3g. Until then, 4 stars only.
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12 years ago, raj.b
Can use a local number
Used the app to contact customer service. I did not expect anything to happen. But guess what - they called back and fixed my account. Then they verified that it works as expected. Five star for service. I am impressed.
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6 years ago, Frustrated Reliance user
Worst app ever
When ever we try to call using the app, it hardly connects or it disconnects in between the conversation. Initially we had few issues when I deal directly from the phone pad( first connecting to reliance then to actual number) but, from past 3 days it says card has already been used when no when is using the card. I think now it’s time for us to go with another calling card. People Don’t use reliance. #Frustratedcustomer
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8 years ago, Judemit
Folks, DON'T get this app and waste your money. I have been a customer of reliance global call for years and it was great till this latest update. This is the biggest disappointment and reliance if you are listening you have goofed up here and will lose a lot of customers due to this sloppy update. I am one of them. We have a lot of options for international calling out there and sad to say but after all these years I am moving on to a different service provider.
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6 years ago, arjmanar
Does not work
I cancelled my vonage phone service thinking I could use Reliance but this app does not work at all. If I call the 800 number, enter my pin and then enter the number I want to call then the call goes through but I shouldn’t have to go through that process. I should be able to use the app to call. Called the customer service some time ago but the person had no idea how to help. I really want to stay with reliance but need the team to help here.
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6 years ago, Dhiresh Vyas
Does not work as advertised.
I signed up for the Service because the website says that you can make a conference call with up to 20 people. When I tried a conference call it didn’t work, so I started a chat session and was informed that the conference call feature has been removed. I’m trying to get a refund for the money I put in, and they are giving me the run around. Terrible company, a bunch of crooks. I wish I could give them a negative rating.
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3 years ago, redoctbloom
Extraordinary awful application
This application is the worst possible application. I installed it yesterday, after paying the amount. It shows the status as paid. Under call setting there is supposed to be a toggle that does not work. Reliance emailed me the 1.866 # that does not work. Tried calling their customer care number, no one answers at that number. Sent them several emails, no response at all. Is this a hoax? I wish I could give it minus five stars.
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7 years ago, Robert Taylor.
I am impressed.
Cheaper than buying an international call plan from existing cellphone carrier, works easily and reliably, quality of calls is great, much better than calling cards and credits last a long time.
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