Reminder, Reminders with Voice

4.7 (15.1K)
21.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Sergio Licea
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Reminder, Reminders with Voice

4.68 out of 5
15.1K Ratings
2 months ago, junieb44
This app is absolutely perfect. You can set up your voice as a alarm. This app is underrated. You can set up how many times a day to do something and it will give you the times. You can manually set the time you want to do something. You can x out the event and the alarm want go off, and you want have to cancel the event if you need to continue using it. You can use this as a meditation reminder. I think it’s better that those because you can set time days years hours and more and this app is so versatile that you have to see it to really enjoy the benefits. You can add notes. You can add your on pictures which is a plus. This app is much more than you expect. You can use this a a timer as well. You can use this as a multitask alarm. I would give this app a 10 if I could. Keep up the good work guys. This app is totally free with no advertising interrupting your task. You can set up more than one task with the same time.
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1 year ago, allgood707
Why not play the whole memo?
I liked the app but before I buy the full version I want to see some change. Here what I found out. I set up voice alarm and recorded about 15 seconds of voice alarm memo, but when the alarm off, the voice memo plays only 4 seconds and stops. I really disappointed. My question is why not play the whole 15 seconds memo…??? The app already allows to record 30 seconds of voice alarm memo so when the alarm off why not playing the whole voice alarm memo??? In my opinion when the alarm off should play the whole voice memo or any kind of songs or alarm rings. So please update or add some kind of options in the settings to play the whole recorded memo alarm. The other things I would like to see any alarm or voice alarm should continue play until I open the app like iOS alarm does. At this moment the alarm or the voice memo plays only four or five seconds I really don’t like that…! Thats why before I buy the app I want to see some updates. I hope my suggestion may helpful, so you can do something to improve the app. Finally if I see updates definitely will buy the full version. For now I gave the app 3 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️ if I see updates I’ll change it to 5 stars with new reviews. Keep it up…!
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4 years ago, emmy2002us
Excellent App - could use a few improvements
This app is excellent. Since doing remote school we’ve needed something to help keep us on schedule. I’ve tried many “to do” type apps but they never have the reminders/alarms that’s needed. This app has that plus is very versatile. We have set each class it’s own voice recorded message so we know which class and it has a reminder. A few things would make this app outstanding: -1 easily getting music from the Apple Music library like you can do with some morning alarm apps. This app makes it a bit difficult and I skipped that entirely as too much work. -2 allow for adding in or holidays. Our child is on an A/B day rotation. Every 2 days works in the app but it doesn’t take in to account holidays and I can’t add “skip x date” for like school holidays weeks. -3 require a login so that the app can be synced/used across devices. I can backup them restore from my iPhone to my iPad but it would be ideal if it linked real-time so that my husband and I can share and also have it on the iPad with the child. I wold gladly pay for this feature. (AnyList does this by the way as an example)
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1 year ago, Kristi1964
Daily use
Ive been using this every day for several years. I love the simplicity of it. I don’t really use it for alarm reminders but I love to keep track of all the medications I take. I like to input them as I take them so I can go back to look and see when I did so I know how long it’s been. Setting a reminder doesn’t work for me because frequently I’m in the middle of something I can’t stop and will forget, plus I hate the constant interruption. It works better for me to just enter the time I take a med as I know how often I’m supposed to be taking. I’ll jump on many times throughout the day to update my medication intake & new time taken. Because many of these are same names etc, I wish this app had a copy & paste feature. Even for rescheduling a new doctor would be helpful with this feature. Please consider a copy and paste feature.
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8 months ago, BGTPkitten
SO Good Yet…
I have been using this app for many years off and on. The reason for the off and on is that is it such a pain that it doesn’t sync with Google or Outlook calendars. If it did I would use this exclusively. I despise that I have to enter items in here and my google calendar so that my team can see my calendar. Total waste of time. I have reached out to support about this on a couple of different occasions and they were not only zero help…they have no plans for this feature in the future. Otherwise this app is seriously AWESOME and I love the customization. For a severely ADHD-affected/Executive Dysfunction in recovery (LOL for lack of a better term) busy entrepreneur and mom, I absolutely love the way you can customize the alarms. The other thing I wish was a feature (I haven’t yet suggested this one to Support because frankly they have been pretty non-receptive to suggestions on the past) is I wish that you could duplicate a “one time” reminder. There are lots of repeat options, but if it’s a non-consistently dated event, the only option is to re-do all of the settings in a separate “one time” alarm each time. I use this app for things I can NOT miss or forget. I call it my “2x4 over the head” app. You can set so many pre-alarms, customize the snooze, customize the image - including your own photos, customize the sound - including songs or even your own voice. A few little tweaks and this would be PERFECT!
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2 years ago, Best WOF app
So much better than apple calendar and alarms!
I’ve had a huge problem of missing my therapy and doctors appointments because I forget to set an alarm to wake up and the apple reminders app is a joke. With this app I can schedule alarms for certain days although it’s a little awkward since the “wake-up alarm” option can only be set to a weekly function. I wish you could schedule one-time alarms like you can schedule one time reminders but those aren’t as persistent and wouldn’t work as an alarm. Overall it’s saved me a lot of stress because I can finally remember when my appointments are happening and is better than apple’s alarm, calendar and reminders combined. Setting up the 5 pre-alarms is much easier, the different sounds you can use are great too, I love the happy birthday song they have. You can’t really use the free version other than to just try it out but it’s worth the measly 2 bucks so I can make it to my appointments.
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6 years ago, Will82584
Great ! (With Small issue)
This app is Amazing, i always appreciate a Application that worries about the little details like i do. Any reminder time or amount of days has been covered in this app. This blows the Stock Apple Reminders App out of the water, it was so buggy and frustrating. This app was absolutely worth the $1.99 price tag, it makes my day alot easier and organized. I look forward to seeing what new features and updates are coming soon. ***** The only 2 problems i have is that when i pull down on Notifications on my iPhone and try to “clear” a individual reminder that i missed, it instead Clears “All” my missed reminders in my Notifications center which is a little aggravating. Also my other small problem is that when i dismiss a Reminder Notification that pops up on my Apple Watch It does Not show up on my iPhone Notification center as a missed reminder. Better integration with a apple watch would be greatly appreciated.
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2 years ago, bills1937
I love this app and have a suggestion
Several times viewing the "Days" screen I wanted to enter a new reminder and accidentally changed the date. Other times I have wanted to view tomorrow and instead started entering a new reminder. I suggest the arrows for changing the date be located closer to the center on the "Days" screen, so the "+" for adding content will be more isolated and a sleepy me won't hit the wrong button. Thank you for such a fine, useful product. Bill Sullivan I have been using this app for several years now. Have created custom images for certain scheduled events. Have virtually nothing but praise for its performance, but tonight as many times before when I wanted to touch “>” I hit “+”. It’s not the end of the world, I will survive, but it sure gets aggravating that these 2 important actions are so close to each other.
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11 months ago, LionHeart^
Intuitive - practical - effective
I have tried many apps in my search for something that keeps me organized reliably at a professional level. -Some calendar or a reminder apps do all kinds of sexy things but they occupy so much time playing with all those bells and whistles -others annoyingly do not support basic options so you really can't make it work your own way. -some are organized strangely or get hung up on graphical gimmicks REMINDERS does everything I need it to without any fuss. I can set things up the way I like. The interface it is easy to interact with and gives you everything at a glance. Setting up appointments and reminders is a breeze. If you want to get there on time, if you want to work your to-do list like a pro, your app quest will not be complete until you take a look at this app.
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5 months ago, Uriel51
Thank you for the best reminder app ever
This has been the best reminder app of all time! I have depended on it for so many things, and works better than any other reminder or alert system I have tried, including calendar alerts. Selecting and recording my own voice or sound really causes me to be more alert to be reminded because we listen to our own voice more than any other! The developers are very responsive to fix problems also. I had reported that after a previous IOS update, these reminders did not work if my phone was not opened but still getting notifications, calls, etc., and within a short time the app now has critical alert settings for each reminder I want to work on my Lock Screen when the phone is on but closed. Thank you for this fix!
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2 years ago, Spiritual pops
Great app!
Wonderful app!!! In fact the best reminder app in the App Store! If you have not purchased this app what are you waiting for? Mini useful features; The ability to record your own voice as a reminder; awesome sounds from the app that you can use as a Reminder or from your own Music library you can pick a reminder. Very easy to create reminders! Visually impaired or siteless people can use it very easily! It is very very reliable! I pray that in the future when there's another update that you'll be able to import things from other apps into the Reminder app. Also, that it would have the ability to use ringtones as alarm sounds as well as pics from your library. The app is very straightforward! You really need to purchase this app if you haven't yet!
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4 weeks ago, LiaLiaB
Great reminder app- only one tweak would make it even better!
I love this app as it allows me to set up a reminder that needs to be repeated multiple times throughout the day. I love the variety of tones so that I can set them according to stress level and can keep them low key for working in cubicle office space. My one suggested change would be for each reminder setup to also have a “pause” feature. I primarily use this app for reminders for mental health breaks, affirmations, PT exercise reminders and other daily tasks that occasionally I like take a break from when on vacation. It would be wonderful to be able to pause the reminders so I don’t continue to get reminded yet also not have to simply delete the reminder and redo it again later.
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4 years ago, BigD67
Love it!
I love all the features. So many ways to set alarms. I can add pics and/or voice recording to each reminder. Critical to me is the ability to turn off/on individual reminders if I am not doing something for a period of time but will start again in the future. Also being able to pause ALL reminders is outstanding for vacations. Nothing worse than being on vacation and having a work reminder go off. I’d like the ability to track completion data but not critical. Or be able to group reminders to be able to turn on/off groups like “work,” “workout,” “home,” etc. I can’t wait to see what comes next. I would be willing to pay subscription for more features. But don’t remove anything please! Love it!
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4 years ago, Kchi Slemani
Has soo many options
I freaking love this calendar/reminder/To-Do list app. I have certain events in my life that occur every other wednesday, or every week but only on sunday, thursday, and friday, or on a cycle 4days on/ 3days off... This app lets you do all that and choose what time you want to be reminded about it and how often; you can even add pre-alarms, and snooze options. It’s got a gallery of “icons” to choose from to illustrate your reminder, and lots of different reminder sounds if you’re into that. There are three main tabs which lets you switch screens between the reminders of the day, the list of all reminders you have set up, and a monthly calendar view. I had to download like 15 different reminder/calendar/to do list apps until i got this one; it’s so far the best for me.
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1 year ago, kmed9461
Great future alarms & calendar
The calendar is similar to what I can get on my iPhone-12 but better. This app makes it easier to set up recurring items & schedule reminders. You can also personalize calendar items with your own icons & store icons for future use! What I really got this for is a quick way to set up alarms for the future. You are supposed to be able to do this through iPhone calendar but it seems to me a laborious, unreliable process. With this app, it’s a snap. Needs improvement: The app needs a way to ‘search’ for items. If I want to find an item, I have to search day by day. Very frustrating! You should be able to search by a keyword.
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4 years ago, One 17 yr old
Use it for EVERYthing
I LOVE THIS APP SO MUCH. I use it for everything I can put a time to. I recently started taking meds so I look through the options for repetitions and BOOM, it’s right there. 21 days followed by 7 inactive days. Holy moly yes. The interface is super easy and clean. The app is very responsive and reliable. The customization ability meets all my needs. What a pleasant experience. As someone who barely remembers a thing without reminders, this truly makes my life easier. Great example of technology to improve lives. The only issue for me, (which I don’t believe they can get around b/c of the Apple environment?) is the silent switch must be off on your phone for the alarms to ring. To the creators: thank you, so much.
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3 years ago, slb225
Great app, just needs a couple of additional features
I got this app (paid for the upgrade) a couple of days ago and so far I really like it. I just have a couple of suggestions. It would be great to be able to categorize the reminders. Also, I wish it didn't make you select a time of day, as there are some reminders and to-do things that there's not a specific time for, i.e. birthdays. It would be nice if these could just be listed instead of having a reminder alarm go off. A shopping list, along with the above features, would complete this app and would allow everyone to get rid of other apps like this. The paid version, at least, should include these extras. I do love the layout, all the great options such as picking the alarm sound and icon.
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4 years ago, Piano Taylor
Great replacement for iOS Reminder App
I found this app while looking for a replacement for the iOS reminders app. Apple seems to have a curious way of taking simple tasks and screwing them up with their iOS updates. iOS 14 ruined the reminder app. This app is a perfect replacement. I like the ease of entering new reminders and the way they are displayed on a calendar. I also like the option of adding a photo to each reminder. Another cool feature is the ability to add multiple alarm times to each reminder. Unlike other reminder apps, this one isn’t gouging you for a monthly/yearly subscription.
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3 years ago, Paul ncfc7
Best Reminder/Calendar/To-Do list App
I used this app about 10 minutes and went right for the update to permanently get everything this prize app offered. I have been looking for what this offers for YEARS !! I have so far removed 2 reminder programs, and 2 calendar apps, and was able to put all of those items into this app and was able to update the entries with pictures and voice reminders.!! It lists all entries below the calendar for everything for the day you pick. Couldn’t find anything close to this for such an awesome fee. So worth the purchase for this great app !! I recommend it to anyone !!
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11 months ago, Nancy_#777
One of my favorite apps!
EDIT: The feature request that I added below was either added or I had missed it before. There is a clone function. Thank you so much, very useful! Also, I am no longer seeing that bug that I had reported! This is an awesome app! I love that I can record with my voice what the reminder is for! I also find the “pre-alarms“ very useful. One feature request: allow us to copy reminders. Also one bug report: very occasionally when I edit a reminder to move it to a new day (rescheduled appointment) it still reminds me on the original day.
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9 months ago, GrGrAndCoCo
I don’t review apps often but I really this app deserves it. I’ve been looking for a free reminder app but all I find is apps that advertise as free but when I open the app there’s a subscription that you have to pay to use the app so it’s not truly free. This one isn’t that though. I have been using for 2 years, I purchased the unlimited reminders after a few months of use but you don’t have to. You can use this app completely 100% free and I love that! The only thing I would change about it is that I wish there was an apple watch app
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3 years ago, Cougarliciouskat
Worth a Buck 99!!!
I LOVE THIS APP!!! It is SOOOOOOOOO WORTH $1.99!!! I tend to forget to do things, like EVERYDAY & typical notifications are TOO PASSIVE & EASILY FORGETTABLE. I searched & searched & searched…I tried SOOOOOOOOO MANY APP…they ALL FAILED…thank GOD I found this app!!! I am able to use my voice to get my attention (like that expression: when E.F. Hutton talks, people listen) my brain just stops what it was doing & focuses on the sound of my voice. I pay attention to this app’s notifications & do what the notifications say…YAY!!! Thank you app developers for creating this app & making it HIGHLY USEFUL & AFFORDABLE!!! I LOVE YOU!!!🙏🏾👍🏾🖤😘😍🥰🖤👍🏾🙏🏾
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3 days ago, CarlaK1200
Song and voice should play for more than 30 seconds
I did get my daily 6am prayer song file to play for more than a highly annoying 6 seconds—- by going to settings and then setting banner to persistent. But now my 6am prayer song only plays for an inadequate 30 seconds!!! I will gladly pay to upgrade this app IF I can listen to my FULL 3-5 minute 6am song or prayer or motivational voice file on waking up. I use my prayers and songs to regulate , to motivate and to order myself for my day ahead —-and I do need the reminder!!! I will edit to 5 stars if u can extend my song and voice file play time to 5 minutes. Thanks
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7 years ago, zpd1229
Awesome app for ADHD
This app is amazing! You can even add a specific voice alert for each reminder. I suffer from ADD so no matter what reminders I make on calendars if everything has similar or basic reminder alerts then I will tend to overlook or ignore them. This reminder grabs my attention and tells me what I’m being reminded of if I choose to make a voice alert for that one. So many options yet so clean cut. Finally got what I’ve waited for for years. Now I just wish they had location reminders for when I get close to an inputted location like the “RemindMeAt” app.
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1 year ago, kenoodle
Clang, buzz, chirp no more
Hearing “Please take Nancy’s painting to the Concord framer at 3 today,” in your own voice, makes a lot more sense than “beep, beep, beep,” doesn’t it? Or, if you’re in a situation where hearing your reminder won’t work for you, you can have the message pop up on your screen, once, repeatedly, daily or any of the dozens of other audio and visual options. And, you can sync your reminders with other iOS devices with iCloud. I have tried all kinds of reminder apps and this is the best, by far.
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1 year ago, Kdenn10
Best reminder app ever!
I never pay for apps and I gladly paid for this one. The best part of it is just how simple and easy it is to use. There are many options to set the reminder exactly how you want it but it is ver simple to make different types of reminders. I count on this app to remind me of everything important. Perfect for medication reminders, yearly reminders, monthly, one time. Anything you want! You can add pictures and even audio files. Last reminder app you will ever need.
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2 years ago, MFWilliams35
The best!!
I have used this app for over a year and of all the reminder apps I tried before, this is the best by far. I purchased the full version very soon after downloading the app because I was finally finding sanity. I can keep track of pretty much everything, have different sounds for each class of reminder so I know, even before I pick up my phone how urgent the reminder really is. I made some custom icons too. Just download it and you won’t look back.
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9 months ago, jgjos
Attention Aware
So, I like to read, so I set an alarm with a written message to display, because I tend to forget why I set the alarm. So, I’m reading then notice the time. Hmm, what happened to my alarm? I check, according to my notifications it went off. Hmm, where was I? 🤷🏻‍♂️Then I eventually, remember reading about Apples, Attention Aware setting. I’ve turned it off. Hopefully I’ll notice the alarm, this time. Yep 👍 … that worked. Apparently, staring at the screen doesn’t always mean. Attention Aware…
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2 years ago, Just4cheri
I have over the years downloaded several apps for reminders and alarms. I was however never happy with any of them. This time I did a search online first on google. Then got several items to check out. This was great from the start it had everything I ever needed to stay on top of things. It is easy to use and has been a lifesaver many times over. You can do so much with it and use it for so many ways to keep you on schedule.
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1 year ago, DustyGator45
The most versatile reminder app
This application seems to have incorporated ALL of the hard to define future dates into one simple-to-use feature rich program. If you want a reminder every three months on the third Tuesday, this is the reminder app for you In addition it offers a calendar application which I intend to use instead of the default app on my phone, after I run the two in parallel for a few months. Really thoughtful, useful, programming
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3 years ago, 1-HOTENA
I love this app. I need reminders for medications, appointments and phone calls I need to make, and taking my blood pressure. This one does it all. I love the fact that you can use your own music for the ringtone and also that the ringtone only goes for 30 seconds. That’s enough to get your attention without being disturbing to people around you. And even if my volume is down this reminder shows on my Garmin watch. Great big thanks to the developer!
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1 year ago, you crossed the line
So simplistic & ease of organization
Love this app. Love the alarm options & the way everything is set up. I have used it for years & have to say it is one of my favorite apps ever! Great job, yall. Thank you for developing an app so easy & helpful for folks like me with MS who struggle with organizational skills (not all folks with MS struggle with organization but a few of us do - had to be fair to others out there with MS who run successful huge companies). I highly recommend it.
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5 years ago, Jenniferintouch
Love this app!
I’ve tried just about every free and paid calendar, to-do list, organize your life/reminder app out there. This is a very clean, straight forward calendar/reminder app. I’m able to unload all my to-do’s in one place and check each activity off when complete. The large type with icons create easy visual reminders. It feels good to “x” check of activities when completed. This app is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Thank you!
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4 years ago, Chocofarmer
I like it!
I like this app. It does what it promises and that is to remind me to take my medicine. Custom Multiple med times are easily listed and can be changed. My favorite part of the app - it reminds me about taking my meds until I check the box beside the time. First reminder is a sound; subsequent reminders are banners across your screen. I have different med times during the day and often these times are changed or a new med time is added. This app is perfect!!
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1 month ago, Timely Nerd
Have tried 5 other reminder/alarm apps but none had the options of this gem. The platform features each type of task for busy people who require plenty of options to structure an entire day; several recurring days or weeks. Absolutely love the ability to view all the finished reminders in a sequential list. Truly easy and a perfect tool to support my planner! Well done!!
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3 weeks ago, rankersita
Love it
I’ve been using it for a couple of years. I enjoy looking at my day and seeing images I have downloaded and pictures of friends I will have meetings with. I also like to record my own reminder sounds. So all good! The only thing I wish it would offer is an ability to copy and paste images in the notes so I can see descriptions of the event and directions that I copied.
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1 year ago, Deborahpdale
I use this app to prompt my mother who has dementia to go to scheduled activities in her senior independent living. (Mom, it’s time to leave for bingo on the third floor). She likes hearing my voice and I can get whimsical with the message. I have to figure out if the app can be put on an Apple Watch. I love the guy who developed this. He’s helping my mom stay out expensive and (for her) depressing “memory care facility”. Thank you so much.
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6 years ago, AppPERFORMANCE
Just What I Was Looking For
I didn’t know if anyone had made an app to do this (play a short recording of your voice as a reminder). But, as they, there’s an app for that! So far, I haven’t run into any situation where it didn’t have a setting for what I wanted. I always had a problem with standard reminders doing just text, as I would never notice them. This plays my voice recording and will repeat the recording at intervals set by me. I LOVE this app!
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3 years ago, sundaisi
Doesn’t work when phone is asleep
I struggle with adhd and thought this app would be great for reminders periodically. But my problem is the sound doesn’t work when the phones screen is off. Only when the phone is open. I don’t want to have to leave my phone awake all day it’s not good for my battery. How do I get it to work when the phone is asleep? I have tried all the steps for sound and nothing works. All my focuses are off my switch is on my sound is all the way up and my notifications are on. Still nothing when the phone sleeps
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6 years ago, fhdjdddjwwntjffirnekf
Finally I threw away my back-pocket paper planner!
I tried several including Google Calendar but this is just what I needed. Reliable and easy, the others have too many bells and whistles to screw up if all I want to do is enter a quick Reminder or repeating scheduled Reminder and be Done with it! The Calendar display is perfect and I like that I can back up the database to email in a snap, just in case anything unexpected happens so my schedule is safe.
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10 months ago, Spoat
Can’t live without it!!!!
At a time when most apps require you to “subscribe” to use them, it's so awesome to find an app that's this good and only requires a one time fee!! Oh. And you don't need a second mortgage to afford it. If you've been looking for a reminder app, look no further. This one has it all. The interface may be a touch dated, but the functionality can't be bet.
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5 years ago, TheRacyte
Great but
I have both paid versions of this reminder app. 1) On the earlier version you could arrange the icons and I could put History next to Reminders. I like to access history and I don’t see the history icon at all. Also, no longer seem to have option to arrange the measly 3 that are there. 2) is there a way to view a LIST of all reminders present and future instead of just one day at a time? *Include the history and give the user the option to include history in the view so we could see the bigger picture. 3) it would be great to have more of a selection of sounds with longer play times in the app. Or allow us to download other sounds instead of using iTunes. That would be a big plus :) I really like the ability to add a photo and make my own voice recordings. Thanks!
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6 years ago, Rain, go away
Good but not great
The reminder doesn’t do what I hoped for. It’s unwieldy to use, seems to put you through a lot of steps to enter the data. Then it just don’t get my attention. The alerts are so brief, if you aren’t in the room at the exact moment you miss it. It leaves no visible notice either. I think it should leave a type of text message or notice on the screen. It’s just easy to miss, which misses the point of a nag.
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2 months ago, Torquer367
The Vey Best So Far
Reminders does everything I could want just as it is except it doesn't sync across devices. You can backup to the cloud, but you have to remember to restore from cloud before using it on your other device, then backup that other device to cloud when you're done. That's a pity. If the Dev can make sync happen then this app would be worth more that the max five stars. No way to give it 4.5, so I'll give it 4.
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2 years ago, katrn317
I have ADHD and I can never remember to do anything because of not being able to focus.. I also think I’m seeing the effects of my age(47) so this app is the best. So easy to use and so many options for remembering anything The ONLY problem is if you write a note and try to view it it doesn't show up unless you go to "review notes" and write your message again
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1 year ago, Hank the Duck
Great App with a couple of changes could be AWESOME
This is a really, really good app but with a couple of small changes it could be awesome !! If you had a way of showing the reminders that are set to let you know something is coming up in a couple of days or hours instead of an alarm that doesn't tell you anything it would help so much more. There are other small things that could be added that I don't have time to get into now that keep this from being an almost perfect app. One day soon when I have more time I will sit down and list them all. None of them are big and I don't want to sound like I'm picking because who ever wrote this app did a fantastic job!! RandMart3
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2 years ago, yy4u2rel82
This app gives you a lot for a little. I use it all the time. My only gripe is that it doesn’t allow for a clickable URL. I put a lot of online reminders into this app… Such as buying concert tickets or attending an online meeting. I would like a place to enter the clickable URL so I can simply tap it when the timer goes off to go buy my tickets or attend my meeting.
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4 years ago, CraeBae
This would be a 5 star app
lacks 1 great need! I wish i could link my google calendar or iPhone calendar - and all the already set reminders/apps/wakeups also since google calendar lets my family set a reminder on their end and include me, so it goes right into the calendar without me having to add it. An app Jorte calendar/reminder does this but the ‘reminder’ part isnt as good as this - Let me know when you guys can link to a google calendar! this would then work perfectly!
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2 years ago, ZEUS#1dog
Excellent reminder app
No need to write or remember, just use your voice to record exactly what you need to remember, choose date and time and you will hear your voice recording on time. It does need a way to increase the voice recording volume a bit. Even with my phone’s volume in max the voice recording is still a bit low.
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2 years ago, bhall1234
I love it
I love this app! The times and days are completely flexible! Thank you! I love the alerts, reminders and when I realized there was a check I can check off and it turns red when I’m late I was so excited! Genius. It’s perfect. I also love that I can create voice alerts and put in pics instead of Icons! You thought of everything! We’ll done!
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