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User Reviews for Reminders

4.84 out of 5
333.4K Ratings
7 months ago, Jordyn Fisher
I recommend
It’s easier than calendars because it’s easy to tell what time you wanted to go off and you can pick like a hashtag or you can write notes and you can write like the date if you want to stop if you don’t alert you when you text somebody I personally really like it and if you finish that task, you can go into the app and click oh circle next to it and it’ll fill it in and it won’t keep texting you for that day and it’ll be like OK you completed this! and by calendars I mean like the app I’m pretty sure both of these apps this app in the calendars app come with the phone but I definitely recommend this app. It’s way easier and if you don’t already have it definitely download it. there’s a glitch every now and then but it’s pretty easy to fix you just have to go out and then go back in but that’s only happened to me once so other than that I really like the app.
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2 years ago, maustin89
No hourly reminders?
**UPDATE — drag & drop gui for rearranging/recategorizing reminders is very nice 👌🏻 END UPDATE** Found reference in articles online as recent as April 2022 to an option for hourly recurring reminders but cannot find it myself in the app as of this review. This would be great to have, am currently figuring on what the best way to accomplish this will be & it’s a bummer that I’ll probably need to find some additional app to use. I wouldn’t limit such feature to hourly (as in every 1 hour) either, no reason # of hours shouldn’t be user selectable in the same way # of days is, unless there is some performance/overhead consideration. Reminders app is very useful & nicely designed overall, it does everything needed except more-frequently-than-daily reminders with minimal if any pain points in the interface. It’s an app that I use every day & helps a lot with overall organization if I make the effort to notate things consistently as they come up. I like it for keeping track of long term recurring subscription, free trial period end dates, bills that aren’t on autopay, miscellaneous tasks throughout the day that are easy to put off and forget, and so on. A shortcut to bring up the time selector directly for today reminders would be an appreciated addition 👍🏻 it’s something I do fairly often for those same-day forgetmenots & would be nice to reduce the number of taps needed to do it.
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2 years ago, Michelle in Georgia
Hate the update!!
I used to love this app. I use it for everything, from work reminders, shopping list to all sorts of things. I love that you can set a timer on it to remind you on a specific date and a specific time. This thing saves my life. However the most recent update (4/22) is not so awesome. When you check off an item it hesitates before it removes it. I can see the benefit of this (giving you the opportunity to undo something you did before it disappears) but sometimes I then click it again to make sure it is selected which then deselects it and the hesitation is such that it makes it difficult to get that completed, me selecting it and unselecting it and so until I just wait until it disappears. I also don’t like that I can’t check off an item from the lock screen. Before, the reminder would come up and show as a banner and I could mark it as completed right there on the lock screen. But now all I can do is silence it and then I have to go into the app to check it as complete. This is annoying. It’s an extra step that I shouldn’t have to do. I wish they’d bring that piece back. Otherwise it’s a great app and I use it a lot. Also, i used to be able to snooze a reminder…have it come up the next day. That seems gone too. Super annoying to have to go in the app and reset it when it used to be an easy button tap on lock screen. Please fix these changes
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6 months ago, Old Fartess
Great App EXCEPT
PROS: I love that I can set up tasks for in the future with early reminders. I really like that I can set up custom repeats like weekly on Mondays and Thursdays. I like that I can have several different lists. I like that I can add notes. CONS: I generally look at the app in the morning so when I see something that I completed the previous day I want to show it as completed that day, not today since it may be a daily repeat and then there’s not an opportunity to show today’s completion. A solution to this could be that the app makes me go through extra steps to show that I want the completion date to be a date other than today. Occasionally when I select several items and reset the due date as today or tomorrow, the repeat is removed and this is very inconvenient because it may be a week or month before I realize that the task is gone and I have to rebuild it. The priority symbol just takes up space and makes it harder to see the actual task title. Subtasks seem like a great feature but I haven’t found a good way to make them work for me although I’ll keep trying.
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5 months ago, BreannaJanay1991
Slow and removing categories
Now my phone is up-to-date have no issues. The Reminders app now is going super slow and I’ve seen other people talking about it and I’m experiencing it and it’s constantly slow. Also, I realize the reminders I have that are daily I go back to the category. Those individual reminders are deleted as I mentioned they are their schedule daily to occur and there is no end date. However every time the Reminder app is deleting them and I constantly have to put them back. I’ve been using this app for years, so it’s not like I don’t know what I’m doing . Apple needs to do better I like having a to do list reminders, etc. but is an inconvenience that is constantly deleting reoccurring categories and to do list. this been going on for months and I’m so so tired of it. I’m so ready to spend extra money on a app that we get the job done. but like I said, if anyone was thinking about adding the Reminders app, please look at all the reviews since the update it has tremendously slowed and deleting recurring daily categories, and to do list which shouldn’t happen. i’ll put this as one star because is an inconvenience, especially with someone that loves to have a to do list in reminders to get things done.
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8 months ago, Toxicslushpuppy
It does so much in a simple to use way.
Could the app be more visually appealing? Sure. Would that make a difference on how simply functional the app is? No. The app makes adding new items easy and pretty intuitive. You can share a reminder list with other folks. Which is great for grocery lists. (Yes, I had forgotten the paper ones at home more than once.) If yoy want someone to buy a specific product, you can take a picture and add it to the reminder and the other person can easily view it. You can also rearrange items easily which is great groceries if you know the lay out of the store. When you have finished the item, it is easy to remove it, but if you remove an item by accident, it is pretty easy to find it and re-add it. It would be great if it would sort the "done" item with most recent on top. (It did that for a while.) Alphabetical is great, but sometimes I am not sure what my chunky fingers deleted by accident. The only thing that I would like to see come back/ be added, is a better recognition of an imported list of items. My wife likes to email me a list of ingredients for something, and I USED to be able to add it to a reminder list and hit enter and the program would separate the items in to individual reminders. This function doesn't seem to be working any more. So now I have to manually enter each item. Most of the time not that big of a deal. However at Thanksgiving and Christmas it can take half an hour or more to individually enter each item.
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12 months ago, Panthon13
Missing a few key QoL features
The app is fine, especially considering it’s the free default task app on iOS devices. The more recent updates did add a bunch of sorely needed features, but the app isn’t quite there yet. First, on the Today and Scheduled list view, sub tasks need to be viewable and need to be able to be completed directly from those views. Right now, you can only see the parent Reminder and you have to go to the list that the reminder exists in to toggle sub task completion. Second, there should be some sort of calendar-reminder integration so we can also see a glimpse of our calendar events directly in Reminders, or we should be able to see our Reminders scheduled for the day within the Calendar app. Having this be a toggleable feature in one of the apps would be nice, or having a setting within each Reminder to toggle “Show in Calendar” so that the Reminder can be viewed directly in the Calendar app, especially for repeating or task-related reminders.
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3 years ago, BluePhoenix70
App Ruined with iOS 15 - Bring Back Snooze!
This used to be a great app. However, the latest update took away all the features that made it functional and easy to use. I am completely baffled why I would have to specifically request to receive Time Sensitive notifications. If I set it for a time, I want to see it then. I get some reminders at the correct time and others come in a huge line at once. You can’t just type the time in anymore, you have to scroll. Also, the notification doesn’t stay on the Lock Screen unless you clear it like it used to. The most aggravating thing at all is getting rid the option to snooze and mark a task complete from the Lock Screen!! I heavily rely on this app and the snooze feature and now I’m missing things like important medication routines and other important reminders. Bring back the old app that worked great! EDIT: I discovered today you can snooze an alert if it pops up while you’re on your phone, but you still can’t snooze from the Lock Screen which is very important. I also keep missing alerts only to discover my notifications have been turned off without me doing it.
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2 years ago, Carl@RP
Completed items aren’t searchable
In the new iOS 16 update, completed reminders are not included in search results. This is really bad! If you use reminders for shopping lists, you want to be able to quickly find common items to add to your list by just “uncompleting” them. Why not just add the item anew? 1. Item buildup. 2. Many items are complex, include a photo, metadata like availability or usage in a recipe, and it’s impractical to reconstruct this information every time. 3. Item may be in a sublist; say, as part of a recipe that you want to keep conveniently together. (In this vein, it would be useful to have a sublist item be able to appear in another list; e.g., a recipe ingredient in a Grocery Shopping list, and its recipe in a Recipes list. My current workaround at home is to use my non-upgraded iMac or iPad to update my list, but hopefully this will be unnecessary soon!
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1 year ago, MrAbominable
Could Be Great
Update: Apple needs to add the ability to share list folders too! In Notes I can share a folder, why not in Reminders? I have all my reminders nicely organized in folders, but can’t share them with my wife. If I share individual Reminders with my wife she then can’t organize them into her own folders. Both of these functions should be in Reminders. Your apps are trash now Apple. There are so many issues in all of them and they aren’t getting fixed. Do Apple employees even use them? Why in the world does this not integrate with other apple apps? Apples whole thing is how integrated the eco system is, but it isn’t. There are so many more ways that Apple can simplify peoples lives in the Apple ecosystem. If I schedule a reminder it should show up on my calendar. If I schedule shopping on a day I should be able to tap on it and be taken to my shopping list in reminders. There is no reason I should have to get a different app to integrate all these thing when all the functions are already there. They just need to be integrated. You have lost your way Apple. I miss what Apple used to be. It used to just work.
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3 years ago, Makin' waves
My functionality dream
The IOS15 updates are great. My life would be a disaster without task lists and reminders to keep track of things for me. So every improvement made to this app is appreciated. As a native app, I still expect more integration with other natives apps (calendar). No doubt this has been suggested or requested before, but it would be very helpful to have the option to schedule a reminder as a task to be completed at a certain time and have it show up on the calendar. Perhaps even drag-and-drop from the Reminders app to the Calendar app. Right now I’m using the split-screen option to view both Reminders and Calendar simultaneously so that I can schedule the things I need to do for the next day or week. It’s a bit clunky, but it works. Any chance there will be future development to make that smoother? Another functionality dream would be to be able to link to or embed a Reminders list in the notes of a Calendar scheduled event. Thanks for your work past and future.
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2 months ago, Daniel.K
Siri ruins this too
Siri is an almost worthless product and it contaminates every aspect of the Apple ecosystem. Don’t even get me started talking about HomePods and trying to use Siri for volume control because Apple decided to put touchscreen volume buttons (instead of real buttons) that are extremely difficult to see. If I didn’t have to use Apple for work, I would have dumped iPhones and everything about them long ago. Try to get Siri to set a reminder or alarm at a certain time with a title/label to do something at a different time in the future. For example “hey siri, remind me at 9pm that I have an important call at 7am in the morning” and a clown show ensues. Can’t even say “hey siri, set a reminder for 9pm labeled important call at 7am” without the same clown show. I could go on and on. One more: try telling Siri to set an alarm in the future for a certain number of minutes from the present. You will get a timer (which functions differently than an alarm and isn’t always appropriate) every time. The Siri clown show brought to you by Apple and all its products and their features—including Reminders.
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9 months ago, ElijahBlue81
A Great Tool
I started using the Reminders app on my iPhone about 3 months ago. My whole life my Aunt has drilled into my head to always write things down. As in things I need to do or stuff I needed to remember to do, she always said make you a list. So I’ve finally started doing that on a regular basis thanks to this app. It has been a game changer for me and my Aunt is so happy 😂. I had been making lists on occasion using the Notes app. However with iOS 17 and MacOS Sonoma I have the ability to add widgets to my Home Screen on my iPhone and on the desktop of my MacBook Pro. So now when I open my iPhone or my MacBook Pro up there is the Reminder widget staring right at me. It’s definitely helping me to stay on top of things and not to forget the little things that I did in the past. I would highly recommend it to anyone using an iPhone or a Mac.
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8 months ago, JulieBean81
Avid User - could be improved
First of all, I use this thing every dang day of my life. If I’m out running errands, I don’t have to remember when I get home to ask my husband about something I just saw or send an email to the school about something my daughter decided to tell me we need for school tomorrow. I just use Siri to set a reminder. If I need to follow up with someone next Friday to make sure something got done, I set a reminder. If I need to remember when I get where I’m going to add something to my shopping list, I just set a reminder to tell me when I get there. If I have a meeting after work hours, I set a reminder to let me know (because I’ve already walked away from my computer). However, there are some drawbacks: You MUST specify a date and time (two different fields) or the reminder will not pop up on your screen. It just stays in the app, totally useless. The default view is what is due TODAY. I want to see everything, in chronological order. (Or at least have the option) But in order to view everything in chronological order, I have to make a bunch of button clicks and when I’m using this every day, all day long, I don’t want the hassle. Finally, this is tied to the cloud for some reason. So if I want to keep my iCloud usage low, I can’t turn off this app because all my stuff will disappear. I will obviously continue using this app but I also have gripes about it.
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5 months ago, pard36x
This is a GREAT Reminder LIST MAKER!!
I remember having a reminder app from Apple when I got my first iPhone. I think the old app was just a like a “POST-IT NOTE” kind of thing that a person could type lists to yourself. SO BASIC!! It was so elementary that I probably saw other apps so much better than the iPhone app, that I would rather use those. Than this app showed up again. And I was going to IGNORE IT like the other Apple-designed “Reminder” app… I was thinking that the Apple app was not like the Google KEEP app, because I found that KEEP app is good for me to ORGANIZE and ARCHIVE my notes. I used the KEEP app to collect and organize WEBLIINKS— this is something I noticed was a way that Google was keeping the information I gathered relevant and using Google instead of another browser. I used Google as my Search Engine— but I used SAFARI as my default browser. But this REMINDERS App designed by Apple. It is GREAT! You actually USE IT to make lists! Actual LISTS to go shopping— which I use ALL THE TIME now! You should check it out, because you just have to play around with the way it is DESIGNED and how it works with WEBLINKS!! It’s so awesome! Just check it out, it’s GREAT, and you won’t have to WAIT for ads in other apps— and it’s NOT overly complicated like other REMINDERS apps.
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5 months ago, JT5123
Glad I made the switch!
I have tried many task apps, some paid, some free, and ignored Reminders because it was too basic. After seeing the capabilities expand I finally switched, and am so happy I did - it’s much easier to use with Siri and Share than third party apps, and I love the way they create visual previews when you save links. The shortcut feature I liked so much from todoist to be able to type a due date and time was a big one for me too, it’s not quite as seamless but close enough. Notifications functionality also better - I love the snooze option! Knocked off a star because the subtasks feature is way too basic, and seeing subtasks on Mac is nearly impossible. Would be great to have a carrot expand inline to see subs in your list, or at the very least have them show by default in the task without having to scroll, find and open separately.
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5 months ago, Alexander S. Peak
I remind myself about movies and books
This application is extremely useful! If I add a movie to my Movies To See list, e.g., I can include little notes under the title, indicating genre or whether the movie is a remake or based on a book. I can date the movie based on its release date, whether it was released in the past or hasn’t yet been released, and see my movies listed chronologically or alphabetically. I can even create tags, so I can see just of the Puppet Master films or just Star Wars films listed in order of release date. And, once I watch a movie, I can set the item as completed—that way, if I ever cannot remember whether I’ve seen some particular movie, it’ll tell me. Everything I can do with my movies list, I can also do with books I want to read, or meals I want to try at different restaurants, or anything else.
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6 months ago, Alex_Graham
Tags tags tags
Once you figure out tags and how to manipulate them through the filter process you have it. I have multiple lists in widget form on my phone. Swapping from one screen to the next helps me change my focus. With iOS 17 I can now update widgets, on the widget which really makes using and keeping track of reminders a forehead slap of easy. I do recommend watching a few how to videos and taking some time to set reminders up with Calendar. Using calendar to set focus blocks of time up that match your reminders is a game changer. If it’s time for work then looking at a smart list of reminders that have the tag of todays due date and a tag of work shrinks your tasks to a reasonable non overwhelming amount. It helps to free yourself and helps you focus on what you need. I can’t say enough. I love it.
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4 months ago, sand53y
Great tool but needs to sync with main calendar program
This is a great tool to use for reminders and to be able to categorize them, but I use a main calendar on my iPhone and there does not appear to be a way to sync the two calendars. I find I am having to fill out in two different places, calendars, for each appointment. This is bad, because, for example, in my main calendar, i failed to get a doctor’s appointment listed. In looking at my appointments, say for the week, I would have missed this particular doctor’s appointment, if I only looked at my main iPhone calendar, since the two calendars do not sync. This is also, double the work, having to submit in both places. My main iPhone calendar does not have some of the features that the reminder calendar has and vice versa. Reason, i use both calendars, they just need to be able to sync.
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2 years ago, robgrie
Far from the best I’ve tried
When I first started the app a message showed saying I could purchase the upgrade for 80% off at $1.99, but that discount would be lost if I continued beyond that point. Without even having tried it?? What was odd was that immediately above and “behind” that button was a price of 2.99, also saying it was 80% off. By the time I completed the purchase I saw that the price was actually 3.99. I went for it, Apple said the purchase was successful, but when I returned to the app it said there was an error completing the purchase, and the “premium” features were still locked. But my bank showed the purchase completed. I gave the app a try anyway, saw that there were no settings to change (e.g. in the US we use a different date format than Europe), and the available fields were the minimum that you’d expect from even the simplest reminder app. Eh, not worth $4, I could probably develop something better myself, requested a refund from Apple without waiting.
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2 years ago, Madaha~
Subtask Issues
I like this app, but I really want to love it. There are some issues, including with using things like the location and URL options. I don’t need to use these options if they’re set up poorly, though. However, my biggest issue is with subtasks. I don’t understand why you would be able to see and expand/contract subtasks in the All list but not the Today list. I mean, I really can’t see the logic here. I just can’t fathom someone who takes their job seriously choosing to set this up this way, like “Hey, let’s allow subtasks to appear on the All list, but make it so they need to click on the task, click on info, scroll down to subtasks, and then click subtasks to get to them on the Today list.” And then someone else must have been like “Yeah, great idea!” I’m flabbergasted. I may be missing something, but adding subtasks to the Today list like they’re set up in the All list would drastically improve this app.
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4 weeks ago, sailor_moon_slayssss
The best
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3 years ago, stapley88
Just need help!
I tried to find a way to contact privately, but I could not. I use the reminders app religiously! I love it. However, as of this week, the app is totally blank. I have no custom lists that I made and no reminders that should have been in those lists. I also cannot create a new reminder from the app itself. The push “button” to create is faded out in the bottom left hand corner and cannot be used. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app multiple times. I have offloaded the app completely and then tried to reinstall, also with no luck. I signed out of icloud and back in. That did not help. I do have everything saved to icloud. Other than creating it all again, is there a way to get my reminders app functioning as before? also wont let me schedule reminders. It used to the show the time that the note would “remind”. It no longer does that. Also, no longer works with fantastical calendar. What happened?! Gonna have to find a new app. :(
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2 months ago, ViperMom149
Love It
I absolutely love Reminders. I used to hate it because it was too basic, but now it has a lot of features that help me organize all aspects of my life. I use the share option to share tasks with my kids and my husband. I run a small business and we’re preparing to move across the country so I utilize the template feature to make sure I stay on track with my daily tasks and then I also use it to micro-manage my day because that’s what I need for myself. The thing I like most about it is that it syncs with my smart watch (I use Garmin, not Apple) which helps me stay on schedule without me having to remember to check my devices if I get caught up in something. Reminders has definitely replaced my paper schedule book for me. While its not perfect, it is functional and efficient.
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3 months ago, Geahk
Just an app I hadn’t used until suddenly it changed my life!
I don’t know how many years this app has been on my phone and I never bothered to open it. I’d been using iCal or the Calendar App for ever—but it refused to sync between my phone and my iPad. I forgot to check it. I forgot to add new things. The Calendar app is cumbersome. It’s easy to spend ten minutes adding information and then accidentally close the window and it doesn’t save the date! One day I opened Reminders instead, wondering if it had an alarm function. Everything changed for me! It was far easier to set up dates and appointments in. More flexible. Easier to access. I had it on QuickDraw and soon I was way more organized! Less clutter and more practical. I love it. It does exactly what I’ve always needed an app to do.
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5 months ago, olaurie01
Useful, although some improvements could help
I have switched to keeping my to-do list, groceries list, and even date night idea list on this app. Some tools are helpful such as being able to share specific lists with others. The “project management” features could still use some improvement. For example, assigning a task to someone else doesn’t appear to work very well, or at least it doesn’t show the task as being assigned to them until you click to edit the details of the task. Not practical if you’re trying to see at a quick glance who has been assigned what. Also, when categorizing the shopping list, items will “auto-sort” into the subcategories the app has set by default (deli, veggies, snacks, etc) but when someone else who you have shared the list with tries to do it, it either doesn’t sort them, or created duplicate subcategories, or doesn’t sync properly with the others on the list. The “smart lists” feature is incredibly confusing. I think it either needs a new name so it isn’t so misleading as to its use case, or it needs to be completely overhauled. I’ve looked up several discussions online where people share a similar sentiment. The app should probably decide between being a simple “to-do list” app or a “project management” tool. I don’t think doing a poor job at both is doing anyone any favors
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5 days ago, johninSF
Works great, still room for improvement
There is nothing better than raising your wrist, and saying to your Watch “Hey Siri, remind me when I get home that there are groceries in my trunk.” The Reminders app syncs reliably, and provides a really nice experience if you and your spouse share a Shopping list. Not only can you both add to food categories, but you can check things off in real time if you are both at the grocery store together, and they sync. But there is room for improvement. The interface for changing the time and date of a to-do item is clunky. They added a button to supposedly make it easier, but it only helps if you happen to want to postpone your reminder to tomorrow or whatever fixed time they provide. When you look at an item in your list, why can’t you tap on the time/date to change it?
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6 days ago, Jgg20
Love this app!
With the new updates, my small business is able to have even greater productivity. With the smart folders and hashtags, this app works wonderfully for project management! I have looked at other applications, but they just weren’t what we wanted. Apple reminders works great for organizing, project management and tracking by looking at completed items in a Smart Folder. Plus, we can assign tasks, which for us is terrific! Just took a short amount of time to figure out how we wanted to use Reminders, but now that we have… we love it!!! Thank you Apple! This is the perfect solution for our business! The only thing that would make this better is if reminders could be integrated into iCal. One place for events and reminders, but I’m good with the solo apps.
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2 years ago, hillbilly_orc
So slow that UI elements can get frozen on-screen on top of the Home Screen
This app has precisely one redeeming feature: the fact that you can (sometimes) create a reminder by saying “Hey Siri, remind me to …” But this advantage only exists due to Apple’s monopoly power over the iOS software platform. And I say “sometimes” because in the last couple of years it has become so slow that now it mostly times-out and tells me it can’t do that right now. Another thing it used to do much better is read back to me what it had transcribed. This was infinitely valuable in the car where I could immediately ask it to make another reminder if it made a garbled Martian transcription. (And then I could make a 3rd attempt using really simple words and simply referring to her as “my daughter” because it still can’t correctly transcribe her 2-syllable name despite her being in my contacts and one of the top-3 people I communicate with and about.) Syncing between devices (both iOS and macOS) works about as well as interspecies limb transplantation. The online iCloud version is such a joke that it doesn’t even let you re-order items. I have another half-dozen complaints of equal severity. But they still have that crucial monopoly over “Hey Siri, remind me to …” p.s. I am a software engineer with over 30 years experience and a Master’s degree in Computer Science. p.p.s. I used to work on this kind of synchronization software at a big company I’m sure you’ve heard of.
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5 months ago, HMJ921901
Keep missing the mark
Update - I’m still disappointed that their are so many reminder apps out there that does so much but the developers of this app still haven’t improved it enough to truly be totally useful above the competition. Even though I use the reminder app, I use it just for the purpose of reminding me of things that if I miss the reminder, I want be disappointed. There’s another app that I use for serious reminders. Why? Because of the features that it has. My favorites are 1. Constantly remind you until you mark it done ( excellent for when you set to be one of the first one to call in when you want to check in for your flight seat ) 2. A large gallery of sounds, so when it goes off, I can tell from the sound choices that I selected, I know how important it is. 3. The alert is loud enough for you to hear it, not like this one 4. And the list goes on…….
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3 months ago, Tiny#1🫠🫠😇🫠
Reminded myself that I need to do something before I forget
I give reminder of five star because when I know I’m going to forget stuff I put it in my Reminders in Reminders. It Tells me the second I am about to forget. Such as like my kid got bullied at school so bad that I transferred them to the different school and they have to wear a uniform so I put a reminder on their phones. To remind them To wash the uniform every day so I wouldn’t have to do it because I work from home and my job will not let me stop my calls for what 30 minutes 30 to 40 minutes to wash a two uniforms so that is why I give reminders a five star view only because of my kids. and plus it’s a great app and you don’t have to pay for it it’s free it comes with the phone never expires.~Tiny
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2 years ago, Babygirl11234556677899
Apple, please, make an option to “unmark all”
I love this app! It is not a perfect app but it does all the things I need it to do. I am a person who needs to use the same reminder list every day and then send a copy to myself to verify that I did it and in case my job needs proof of what I have done, I have it. I tried Google Tasks which can create a list and mark and unmark but you can’t share (i.e. email) it with yourself or anyone like Apple Reminders can. Thank you so much for that😃 The only thing I thought was in the update but was not, and I mistakenly used was the new “clear” option. I don’t need it to be on the page with the Reminders. That is too accessible to be hit accidentally and delete all the reminders I will need for tomorrow. I thought, it was to clear the marked by unmarking them. Not, completely deleting them. Thx 😊
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2 months ago, abumagan
Master Getting Things Done by David Allen with this app
1. Capture everything: Write down every task, idea, or commitment that comes to mind. 2. Clarify tasks: Decide if each item is actionable and if so, what the next step is. 3. Organize tasks: Sort tasks into appropriate categories and contexts. 4. Review regularly: Review your lists and projects consistently to stay on track. 5. Prioritize: Determine which tasks are most important and focus on those first. 6. Take action: Begin working on tasks immediately when possible. 7. Use tools: Utilize tools like lists, calendars, and apps to help manage tasks efficiently. 8. Reflect: Regularly reflect on your productivity and adjust your approach as needed. 9. Stay consistent: Stick to the GTD method consistently to reap its benefits over time.
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8 months ago, AvasiaS
I have no idea how you can make this look like a normal
Starting with the most basic of the two things you need is to be a good listener and not just an idiot to the world but a person who has a good heart to listen to you and to the world and to the people around you and your family and friends and family and friends that you have a good heart to talk to you and talk about your feelings about the situation in life or your relationship and your life and how. And you have a great relationship? And you’re not going to get mad because you just have no idea what to think about that you are just going through it. The best way for you to be honest about that is to just say that you know what you can be a little more open to the fact you know that I know how you know what I know and you can tell you have no idea how much you have no clue how to talk about that is what I don’t care..
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1 year ago, Deradun1943
An update to the repeat function
To whom it may concern, this is a great app. There is however one improvement that I’d like to see implemented that would raise this review from a three star review to a five star review. In the repeat function we, the user, have the ability to choose when we would like our reminders to go off (daily, weekdays, weekends, weekly, biweekly, monthly, every 3 months, every 6 months, and yearly). I’d like to suggest an addition to those options: hourly. Let’s say that I have a reminder that has go off every 12 hours. Can I set a reminder for that? Sort of. You would have to manually set it to go off and manually reset it for when you want it to go off next time since at present, there is no way of doing that in the present version of this app. Who ever sees this review, please consider taking this recommendation under serious consideration. Thanks, BenW1988
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2 years ago, Live Records
Recent iOS upgrade jacked up basic features
Developer Team, please fix this… I recently updated my phone, such that I’m currently running 16.1.2. Ever since the update I can no longer access one of the basic (and imo most important) features of this Reminders app—that of searching through “completed” reminders. It now seems, if I’ve marked a reminder “complete” it no longer appears in the app’s search function. I do my family’s meal planning and shopping (and many other repeated tasks) in the app, so you can imagine how important this feature is. I have whole menus that are “complete,” but that I want to call up again at a future/now date. The fact that I can no longer find them is frustrating. Instead, I now have to scroll through thousands (no exaggeration) of “completed” reminders to *hopefully* find the one(s) I need. This completely nullifies the previous efficiencies I once experienced with this app. Pls fix. Thx
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11 months ago, thelovelyamber
This is the dumbest app. I can set a reminder to happen once- and that’s easy to overlook if I happen to not be near my phone at the moment and am not in the habit of looking at my notification log thing. There’s not an alarm, just a little ding or whatever like a text. But the biggest issue is that things don’t repeat. You can set it to repeat every day or whatever, but it doesn’t, actually. The internet tells you that if you mark the task complete for today, that tomorrow it’ll show up- but it doesn’t. The reason I set a daily reminder is that I forget to do daily tasks. Am I going to remember to recreate a reminder every day? Um, nope. It’s much better to use your calendar or alexa to remind you to do things- or better yet, set a reminder in your calendar and then use alexa to announce the reminder to the house, and then have the reminder banner stay on your phone until you dismiss it. Not only have I gotten my family where they need to be on time because everyone hears the warning, but I’ve also been remembering to take my pills. You’d think a system like apple which pretends to care so much about our health that it has a hundred ways to let them know what’s going on with your body would also want you to remember your pills. But apparently not. Good thing I never count on just one way to remember important things! The reminder app is a fail. Literally anything else is better and safer.
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1 year ago, 194662810038372788
It’s ok, but so close to great
A bit frustrating how close this app is to being really great considering Apple’s resources. There’s just one too many thoughtless design choices for my taste. I love simplicity (why I use Things 3 instead), but Reminders is just a bit too simple for not being smart enough. Pros: Free Supports repeating tasks Great Apple integrations (remind at location, when messaging a person) Sub tasks, notes List groups Smart lists Today list subdivides into morning, afternoon, evening Cons: Can’t group smart lists or shared lists (why??) No sections to subdivide lists Can’t choose to hide task metadata (if 2 tasks have tags, notes, reminder location, they take up the entire screen with no way to hide it) Every option seems to be hidden behind a menu, and it isn’t very intuitive. I notice myself tapping, searching for an option, then going back because it wasn’t there so much more than in Things Repeating tasks only able to repeat after a time period, not after completion, leading to multiple copies Overall, a great choice if you just need simple reminders in your day to day life. Not quite smart enough to handle much more than that, though. I pretty much only use it for what Things 3 currently can’t do: location/messaging a person reminders and shared lists
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4 months ago, Cassoke
Love the Grocery List Feature
This is one of my frequently used apps. The BEST part about? It auto-organizes my grocery list into categories based on standard sections in grocery stores. It puts all my dairy items together and all my baking items together, etc. AND… I can use my watch to tell Siri to add stuff to my grocery list. Siri always adds it to the correct list. I don’t even have to pull out my phone to make my grocery list anymore. If I see I’m running low on eggs? I press the side button on my watch, “Add eggs to my grocery list”. Done! But wait! There’s more!! I am able to share and collaborate my grocery list with my husband. With that feature, he can add anything to the list as well, and it updates in real time!!
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2 years ago, alexandraj.777
App sometimes deletes recurring reminders
I use the reminders app for one thing - to remind myself to take my daily, time sensitive, birth control pills. To do this, I set up a daily recurring reminder in the app. I’ll take my pill, “complete” the reminder, and the app creates a new one for the next day. Once every few months, I notice that the reminder has disappeared! This is really bad for me, because it will usually lead to me forgetting a pill and causing my period to come early. When I check the list of deleted reminders, it’s always the same problem - the app has somehow removed the setting for that reminders to recur daily, meaning that when I “complete” the reminder, it will no longer create a new one for the next day. Daily reminders feels like table stakes functionality for a reminders app. Even if the problem is something I’m doing as a consumer, something’s really not working with the design if it’s so easy for me to keep unknowingly making this critical mistake.
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6 months ago, MishoUSA
Prioritizing need work
There is still some work to be done regarding prioritizing tasks. I gave the key, and they have never paid attention or implemented on their now obsolete goals and tasks app Task is more important and should jump to the tunnel list when it takes one minute to complete versus another task that will take the whole day to complete. Jump to the list if it is more important than another task. Should jump to the top list it is getting closer to its finish line. I can help you with the equation that you can use to program for calculating an importance factor that will help out sorting the tasks according to all of these factors. Your next step is to have these tasks sorted but also to add to the calendar. Everything takes time and all of the share the same calendar. The same time in our lives. We need your help doing that as provers.
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5 months ago, Universe Observer
Could be much better.
19 Jan 2024 Of course Tasks have been in constant use since the first iPad and there have been many tweaks and improvements along the way; but, the one thing that is drastically needed is to look at apps like Fantastical which integrate tasks and calendars together for a single point of entry as well as a single view. Until this is done, I cannot add teo more stars to the rating. I also thing the UX using the Task App is flawed with too many steps to add subtasks, and additional info in a task (notes, urls, etc.) and it does not have a way to define dependencies like, ‘y cannot be done until x has been completed’. Not looking for a full fledged project planner; but, even as a minimum, we know some tasks are dependent on another. I really think Apple really needs to sit down at the design table and look at combining calendar and task apps together.
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7 months ago, Ray Wil 776
This is one of my most used apps on an iPhone. I have a grocery list shared with my husband so when either of us gets food off of it we can check it off & see it’s done. Saves time to not make lists or ask the other to do something. We also have a shared list with reminders to do household tasks like change the furnace air filter, pay the mortgage, clean the washer, etc., as well as a list for pet reminders like to give our dog flea and tick meds, get his nails clipped, bathe him, etc. Lastly, for enjoyment I have a list of shows and movies I want to watch. Nice to have them saved, be able to see what I’ve already watched, and check things off as I finish them. Love this app & the variety of ways it can be used!
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7 months ago, namenateplate
Great features + poor Siri. Please add Calendar Sync
With some of the latest updates Apple started including around iOS16, I’ve completed switched back to Apple Reminders. So many paid features included in competitor apps are included for free here. That being said, Siri needs some work. It’s hit or miss using Siri to add reminders and items to my Groceries reminder list. Too many times I’ve used Siri on my HomePod to add individual items to my “Groceries List” and forget that Siri doesn’t understand context yet. For example, I’ll say, “Hey Siri, add Oranges to my Groceries List.” and then a minute later, I’ll say something like, “Hey Siri, add Hot Chocolate as well.” only to find that she added some random song from Apple Music titled Hot Chocolate to my music library. Another example was when I try adding certain items like “banana bread” Siri thinks I’m calling out individual items and proceeds to add Bananas and Bread to my Groceries List. It’s not every time something weird like this happens, but it’s often enough to start making me want to stop using Siri and just grab my phone to add items manually. Lastly, please please consider syncing Reminders to my Apple Calendar. I would really love being able to pull up my Calendar to review my day seeing all events and reminders in one place.
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1 year ago, Sheagirl24
Delayed repeat reminders
This app has improved so much since it was first released. I like the feel of the app the way it integrates with the other Apple apps and it’s simplicity. However I can’t be the only person who occasionally doesn’t finish all tasks everyday. I have one task that is an important one but occasionally it slips to the next day for one reason or another. The important thing is I need to space the tasks 3 days following the actual date of completion. Unfortunately Reminders is unable to schedule the upcoming repeat task to ensure a three day separation between the day the task is marked complete and the next scheduled occurrence. This is accomplished in almost every other task app by checking a box to ensure the next occurrence of the task is 3 days after completion of the previous.
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2 years ago, SharlaShar
Update removes ability to share / assign lists / tasks
I’ve been using this app for many years. I have about 1.5k reminders shared amongst 3 generations and a couple of households. The app works! Sure, there have been bumps along the way but this last update really went backwards. I’d previously rated the app a 4 only because it’s annoying (to me) to not be able to see what’s due that day in my calendar when I’m reviewing my day. I’ve lost the ability of remind later / mark complete options from the home screen and now must do more work by going into the app to have these options. I’m no longer able to share lists / assign tasks. So the 1.5k tasks temporarily rest only on my shoulders. I’m going to resort to looking elsewhere for assistance that I’m no longer getting if this isn’t fixed.
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5 months ago, dissatisfiedmochi
Everything has been great so far except for this one essential factor that has been bugging me constantly. There is no section where if you deleted a reminder, it goes to the deleted “folder” before its actually gone like in the Notes app. I’ve deleted many things accidentally and its unreal the inconsistency that apple apps have if the Notes app have this feature then why does the reminder not? I accidentally deleted an important reminder with lots of different numbers and I cant access it or remember what i wrote. Its frustrating that this app does not have a section of deleted reminders if people who accidentally deleted their reminders have to go such a tedious process to retrieve. Yet, in my personal case, it can’t be restored by iCloud. So its dealbreaker and I hope you guys make the changes needed for the people who use reminders constantly and improve the app overall.
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6 months ago, Jim 683
Unsure how honest was in typing everything below wether it makes sense or not
I GREATLY enjoy reminders just like the calendar which might favor over Reminders but it mostly depends on what model mobile device use and if doesn’t have someone reviewing what’s being done on the device like me restricting my freedom in using it but think that it’s only for my safety incase make careless mistakes like getting subscribed to unnecessary programs or possibly repeated messaging programs per sé that could steal my identity and/or put family members personal lives at risk as well as my own. I really hope all the above makes sense as it might need to be read through again slower than normal to comprehend what are trying to convey.
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4 weeks ago, Selfloathingiphoneowner
Lacking consistency
I use reminders for everything. The grocery list attempts to organize things in a more helpful way, but I don’t need help sectioning my grocery list, I need to section it by store not by aisle. Also Siri integration is getting worse with each update. I used to be able to tell Siri what to add and under which section of the list to add it, regularly I’m told “I don’t have an app for that” when giving basic instructions on something like “Add milk to grocery list under Costco”. 3 stars because it seems Apple is at least putting effort into improving the app, but it feels clunky. I also appreciate being able to collaborate with my partner on the app, but that feels like such a basic ask at this point with the way iCloud handles all the information across all of my Apple devices and computers.
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8 months ago, whocaresanyway!?!128
Not as functional as it could be
Made a daily task list, a grocery list, a family list. Daily list has things like take meds, drink 8 glasses of water, walk 2 min. When I went to click on the bubble for the meds to show that I have done it, nothing happens. What ai expect is for the bubble to fill in to show completed and it move to the bottom (similar to notes). It looked like nothing happened, so I kept clicking. Then realized it was just taking where the date on the bottom of the list. So I had effectively checked off. Take meds until November 1. This is not functional. Why remove the date but not show the bubble as filled in and complete for that day? Poor process and does not make sense. Probably going to delete the app since it is not a good process. Will just keep using notes. Disappointing.
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