Remini - AI Photo Enhancer

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2 weeks ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Remini - AI Photo Enhancer

4.62 out of 5
210.9K Ratings
7 months ago, TryingOutApps
As good as it gets
Having tried every “photo enhancement” app in the store, I can vouch for the fact that this is the best available one. I found myself repeatedly using it, so eventually paid for the lite version. Just to be clear, an AI enhancement app can’t do everything. It won’t turn your vintage blurry photos into masterpieces, largely because it does its best to reconstruct from vague shapes (eyes, for example), the finished product can be a little hit-and-miss. However, the app does quickly de-noise photos (makes them less grainy). I’ve tried it on newer, higher quality photos in which the subject had too much shadow on their face and it brightened them very well. All in all, I’m pleased and will continue to see what it can do. Just keep in mind that the clearer the features on the person’s face are already, the better the app can do. With ancient photos taken from far away, it may be “replacing” the eyes with similar, clear eyes, making the subject not really look like themselves. It can also leave the rest of their body (arms, for example) grainy because it’s concentrating on the face. Just don’t expect miracles on old, old stuff—we haven’t gotten there yet. But for today’s tech, this is pretty good and lots of fun to play with. If you are looking to quickly smooth skin and brighten more modern photos, you’ll be pleased.
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1 year ago, sryrufu
Great enhancer for photos
Update: they now let you choose to turn on and off color enhancement, face beautification and background enhancement! With color and face fix turned off the photo is true to the original picture! There are even 2 versions of enhancements for some options. So totally 18 variations for users to choose from! Glad they listen to their users! I downloaded it a while ago and it has since added “degree of enhance” options. Original comment: It used to mess up some little details of the face. It seems to improve somewhat as well. Update: Asians now can get straight eyelashes now(although can still be a bit messy), and smalls details like speckles are kept, which are definitely pros. What I don’t like is how the picture got brightened and lose some to tonal details. If I want that I can do it myself with photo editing apps to the exact degree I like. Unblur was good enough before. Users would generally want accuracy over beautification from an APP like Remini. Besides, 9$/week, the price is too much.
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4 months ago, M3diagirl
Payment walls everywhere & cartoon faces
I do media for my job so I pay for a variety of apps and this one has given me the most grief. For starters $6 a week for not even the pro version. Most of my best apps with tons of features (including AI) will still be less than $50 a year. This is over $300 a year for an app with no features and most of the time malfunctions. If I want to enhance a photo for an ad it will turn the writing on a product into gibberish. I payed a disgusting amount for the vid version when I got this and they did not disclose that it doesn’t work on vids over 6 seconds. Who in the world makes vids that short? This payment wall feature is a scam. This app wasn’t all terrible when it let you choose the lighting and the ways it was editing. Now there’s another payment wall and if you don’t want all faces to look like cartoons you have to pay for pro version but still no promises that your pics will come out normal looking. I’m very disappointed with how scammy this app is. I am also very disappointed with how slow this app is. I would’ve been a lifelong customer if the price and settings were normal. 3 stars bc it does technically bring up the “quality” if you need a larger file. You can’t choose how big of a file you’d like though. Hope this helps save time for someone.
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6 months ago, AerinC
PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU SUBSCRIBE! Bad app. Lots of flaws. These ratings are bots
I’ve been using this app for around 3-4 years and I’ve used many iterations of It’s current tools. This update, by far, has been the absolute worst. The app is already laggy and slow regardless of subscription plan but that didn’t matter to me. The photos were supposed to be enhanced (ex. Reducing noise or adding contrast) and for a while they were with no issue. Then they took away to photo library that stored your photos and again I had no issue even though It made the process slower. This recent update has now made It so they do way more than just enhance your photo, they butcher It for about 30 seconds to a minute (much longer than before) and force you to wait through multiple loading screens to remove a bunch of stuff you didn’t ask for. It now lightens your photo and your skin and depending on your ethnicity you may find offense to that. I am dark skinned, I do not want to be lightened. It’s not just your skin that lightens, it’s the entire photo in an uncanny way. No editor would ever enhance your photo like this. Now they also beautify your face, blur the background regardless of what’s in It. All in all they once had a perfect app that’s now filled with nonsense but does it’s actual job awfully. It’s awful. I’m looking for another. I wasn’t planning on leaving a review but the app asked me to and I felt as if I should warn everybody!
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2 years ago, Brayden Dempsey
It’s incredibly proficient.
I’ve been using this app for a few years now, and the difference in quality has come very far. Back then you would only be allowed to use it on pictures with faces, but now you can do it with random things including insects!!! One of the reasons it’s getting a 4-star review is due to the fact there are quite a few ads. I get that’s their main source of revenue lol, so I can’t blame them but sometimes I feel as if it’s greedy. If you want to use the app continuously, you end up having to watch ads for several minutes as they come on after restoring a photo and then, when you want to save the image. Also your app sometimes struggles to pick up on thin materials like string, yarn, and spiders webs etc. which ends up distorting parts of the image. For example, a refurbished picture of my grandma knitting with yarn would have a high chance of being distorted in specific areas. I hope I was able to give you some feedback that is understandable. Thankyou so much for this service. I’ve restored my moms childhood photos with my grandma and it’s looks so beautiful. I’ve also restored a photo from when one of my family members was at war, the picture was black and white!!!
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4 years ago, ptezco
Payments on top of the already expansive subscription?????
This is a first. You sign up for the thing. $5/month ($60/year if you’re counting). Then, in order to get the “”Enhance +”” feature (double quotes because this is so... tacky) you need to pay more money for each “”Pro Card””. It’s never made that clear until you start exploring the app. Apparently the AI gives you several versions of the improved photo so you can pick one. $5 for 5 Pro Cards, $10 for 12, $25 for 30 and so forth. WAY too expansive for what it is. Flimsy browsing among my pictures. It defaults to a camera(??) every time, instead of my photo album. Why on earth would I fix a picture I am taking right now !!!)? I got on the subscription but it’ll be a one month thing. The promise is good, it somewhat delivers on that, but they’re crazy if they think the program is worth this much. To put the final nail in the coffin, the biggest drawback in my opinion is the fact that you’ll end up with a new version of the photo you’re “fixing”. There’s no using the app from within Photos either. In addition to editing the photo, I need to re-add all the information about date and location again. Making this much money, they should probably invest in ways of making this happen. Saving: did I mention that no matter how many times you click on a picture to save it to the camera roll, it’ll say it saved it, only to never show up anywhere?
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2 years ago, Alarm doesn't work
Minor distortions & trouble with race
Overall a darn good app. A couple of snags I’ve hit: the app is not good at dealing with 3/4 views, or someone who is looking away from the camera. The app seems to want to make eyes looking forward. Which is fine, except when the face is not looking forward. I got some pretty gruesome results and finally accepted that there would be some old photos that I would not be able to use here. There are many more I can, so it’s not the end of the world, but it’s sad to have to leave out some of your favorites because body or face positioning aren’t right. Also: my dudes. Not everyone is white. All the eyes are tinted a very pale blue or green and my Chinese grandpa has blondish hair! My dark-skinned, multiracial father does not have light eyes and never did - even when he was little 😄. These are black and white photos so the tinting should be able to be turned off if you don’t want it. In some cases it’s quite subtle and evocative. When dealing with nonwhite people, though, you cannot have the default eye color be light. There’s a difference between light eye color and putting in catch-lights to make the eye sparkle. Yes to catchlights! No to default light eyes.
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1 year ago, ssggoku1221
Remini review and tips
This is mainly for the app developers or people in charge whatever. First and foremost you guys would do so much much better if you’d offer the service to charge monthly not weekly fee. So far from what I’ve used it it’s a huge help to have here and then when I have an image I really want to try and save but the downside is I don’t use it as often to pay weekly it’s just to pricy for a weekly charge and being honest 2% of people actually don’t mind that. But the other 98% people that could help you grow and be worth it don’t use it or like me I only pay for it here and then if I get busy and have tons of photos I need touched up. Charge 7.99 a month and watch how you’ll grow and if you actually change I will personally put the word out to my photography community because I know they will definitely sign up for that!.
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8 months ago, impostor annie
This app is not it
A co-worker recommended this to me for headshots. Hers turned out okay. They were at least recognizable as her, if not a little uncanny valley. I figure it’s worth a shot ONLY because of the free trial. $9.99 a week!? Absolutely not worth it! The AI Photos takes a long time to process, understandably. While you’re waiting, you can do other things. I made the mistake of playing with the AI filters. About 1/2 of the AI filters gave me a masculine face and often facial hair. He’s hot, but I’m not a man. It’s funny if it happens once or twice, but after multiple different photos and filter produced similar results, I started having body dysmorphia. It was SO MUCH worse once the AI Photos were done. The images changed my skin color, hair color, and eye color. The pictures only vaguely looked like me. I tried multiple different model photos and reference pictures. To clarify, I am a white woman. I have small eyes and squint when I smile the slightest bit. 9 times out of 10, the AI photos made me look Asian. There is no way to customize your race or eye color. You’d think it would be able to tell this from the photos, which it did not for me. If it works for you, great. But be warned, especially if you’re sensitive to dysmorphia or dysphoria.
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9 months ago, jejcjciksnwheicjsbw
Seriously overpriced, ridiculously long ads if you don’t pay.
Seriously high prices just to use video enhance.. $9.99 a week? That’s absurd. Then if you don’t pay that premium then you have to wait like a few minutes because of ads, there should be rules to apps that overprice their services. The photo enhancements are not even the legit ones, it’s photos that are from other peoples photos that it’s matching with. Apple needs to do something about this. When this company first came out this app was the best app for upscaling photos. They even added a video upscaling feature that was also great, but now they announced they were making this much much better and what did they do? Took out video editing, bumped up the price and has stayed still for another a year now. With their updates always saying improvements when there really isn’t. Oh! And they even added a pc version but you of course have to pay. This isn’t really a photo upscale, they actually look into a data base of similar photos and use small details make your photo not technically yours anymore. You will figure this out by the quality of photos that look really off. This app was good, there’s much better now.
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2 years ago, NotHappy2022@
Disappointed in the change
Remini used to be my favorite app for photo editing. It had amazing features. I often found that enhance feature was a little too “strong” often adding teeth and weird things on certain photos and giving the photo an unnatural look. The “retro” feature was the perfect compromise and it didn’t add teeth to peoples faces or distort features. I’d heard many who did the app update or just purchased lost these features on the original app and are now only left with enhance and enhance +. I intentionally didn’t do an update for this reason. Today I couldn’t use my app unless I updated which then caused me to lose all the features I love… retro, paint, color, portrait etc. I tried using the enhance and I see no improvement… only difference now is your app offers one marginal at best option and none of the other ones that separated you from the rest. There are Facebook group that complain about this app now and the changes… you should listen to the people and go back to what everyone once loved. Sorry to say you just lost a customer and I will not be renewing in the future.
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3 months ago, Awesomeness920
GREED Turned this once Amazing App, Useless.
First of all, you cannot enhance a photo without watching 3 full ads. Mind you, watching the ads does not unlock the full enhancement capabilities, you have to subscribe $$$ weekly to do that. Once you finally unlock this new “enhanced” photo version to save it, you have to watch another full ad. Then, If you want to download the photo at full quality, you have to pay their subscription price, if you don’t, the photo will be saved at a lower quality than the original photo, that you were trying to enhance in the first place. This WAS an amazing app that was free, and I understand every company needs to pay their bills, but this isn’t paying their bills, this is pure disgusting greed. This is turning the app utterly useless unless you pay their weekly subscription price, and even if you don’t, and watch the ads, it doesn’t unlock anything, it unlocks a terrible version of the app, just to try and sell you the subscription even more. I hope Apple implements a new policy that does not allow this to happen any longer, and removes this once amazing app from the App Store.
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2 years ago, ChuckArt
Love your app but refuse to upgrade
Dear Developers, I have 2 iPhones. One iPhone is updated to your latest app version but you no longer have all the other features that I loved- face animation, video enhancer, portrait mode , painting mode etc. That was a great version of your incredible app which you ruined. The extra widgets in your app were incredible. By upgrading your app you lost me as an artist. On this iPhone still running IOS 14. iPhone 11 Pro Max I enjoyed all those extra features- face animation, video enhancement , different painting and camera features and cartoon until today when I tried to use the old version for video enhance ad there are no video enhancing apps quite like yours, I get a message from your old app, a notification that I must upgrade. I refuse!!!! How can I remove the notification that appears when I launch your app to upgrade to your latest version which of course removes all the features that I love. Please answer me.
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11 months ago, Mme. Bonbon
A Tragicomedy of Broken Pixels and Broken Dreams
Prepare yourself for a wild ride through the unpredictable world of Remini AI Photo Enhancer, where pixels take on a life of their own and wreak havoc on your photographs. In what can only be described as a digital rebellion, this app turns the notion of enhancement on its head, leaving you questioning the very foundations of visual aesthetics. Let's not forget the grand finale of Remini's mischievous AI symphony – the wardrobe malfunction extravaganza. Pants vanished into the virtual ether, leaving the pseudo-professional portraits unsuitable for LinkedIn or your business portrait a touch more scandalous than anticipated. It seems Remini has a flair for the dramatic, transforming one into a fashion renegade with a dysfunctional cleavage that could rival the red carpet at the Met Gala accompanied by 3 legs and 6 fingers. Heed this cautionary tale and approach Remini AI Photo Enhancer with skepticism. Seek solutions that can fulfill your photo enhancement needs with the precision and finesse deserving of your photographs. Remember, sometimes the best enhancement comes from the skillful hands and discerning eyes of a professional photographer and/or retoucher.
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11 months ago, IevaDB
Great for AI Headshots
My review is based only the AI photo feature of this app.  PROS * This is the first AI Headshot app that truly looked like me. This app is African American/Black ppl friendly. I was truly impressed by the image rendering. I'm truly impressed by this app as it pertains to AI Headshots. CONS * Every person using this app for headshots, their background, clothing, hair, and makeup will look exactly the same. There's no way to customize this. * Compared to other photo editing apps, I find the price to be extremely high. Definitely, too much for me to commit annually. I don't edit enough pictures for the subscription to make sense in my budget. * Update: I broke down and purchased a weekly subscription to test out everything the app has to offer. My subscription mentions unlimited download but I received an error that I could not receive any more downloads after my 20th. Customer service is frustrating as you to wait 72 hours for a response… if they respond at all. There is no way to request a refund.
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11 months ago, shitsucksdick
It won’t work
I just downloaded this app and it worked just fine at first when making my AI photos and I hadn’t had a single ad. Then I went to change the photos I uploaded and it had no options to do so. So I decided why not delete the AI person I created and start over (still hadn’t had a single ad). Then when I went to recreate my AI photos it kept trying to make me pay for pro for every model I picked (and I went through every one of them). So now I can’t use the app to do what I downloaded it for. Why would you make the app free with ads and then not have ads (not complaining about it) and not even let me use it without paying for it. Isn’t the whole point of having something free with ads watching the ads to get your result without having to pay for it? I just don’t understand why I was able to use it five minutes ago for free and now I can’t use it without paying for it. I watched my sister do the same exact thing five different times and she wasn’t being forced to pay for it at any point. This would be a good app but unfortunately I’m not a fan because of this.
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8 months ago, Thatgirlwitheshortredhair
Not accurate enough for the price
The photos are cool, but there are lots of different things that can go wrong. Teeth, fingers, arms, and complex human details are poorly misunderstood by the AI they are using, and sometimes all of them are fine and then the photo looks nothing like you despite submitting 10-15 selfies that follow the recommendations. This is fine for a new, underdeveloped AI. It is fun to use, although there is no room for customization. No negative prompts, no adjusting, not even image to image. Another issue too - when you choose a model image of someone not of your race/body type, the AI doesn't even attempt to adjust. This is fine, like I said - it is underdeveloped - but not when there's only about 50 model images of all different races and not much body type variation. It would be one thing if it was free or cheap, but the pricing for this model is outrageous for the limited features and customizability it provides. It was fun for the trial, but for now I will stick to PC-based free versions with more adjustable parameters.
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8 months ago, AElizabeth1009
Best filter app by far.
I love this filter app for a few reasons.. One reason is it can take an old photo that has been screenshot and/or just doesn’t look good anymore or may be blurry or just bad and it will bring the photo back to life. The picture will look like it was just taken. It is awesome. Plus the price isn’t bad at all. I got the smallest paying plan which is $1.99 a month (I think). I’ve never paid for a filter app before this one. I can only imagine if I were to upgrade it to the Pro version for $6.99 how great the photos would look. Oh wait this is the best/coolest part! So I uploaded 6-8 pics of myself and AI combined the pics/ my features and added changes like blonde hair with blue eyes and so it’s you but a different version, way better looking version. So cool. If you want a different look, here’s your preview! Awesome app! Definitely try it out!
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3 years ago, @selfmadekayd (on TikTok)
LOVE the photo enhancement, BUT I just have ONE issue….
Okay so the photo enhancer is AMAZING!!! So is the video enhancer. BUT, the video enhancer requires you to pay, which I understand, so I tried paying for a subscription. When on the subscription page, nothing will load, whether I’m on my WiFi, or my data (which both have pretty good range, so I know that’s not the issue here). Anyways, on the subscription page, it says “IAP not prepared. Click refresh” but when I do so, nothing happens (and I tried several times). I REALLY want to purchase a subscription simply for the video enhancement feature, but this issue is keeping me from doing so. If the developer could please simply reply to this and help me fix it, that would be very much appreciated, and my rating will be changed to a 5 star right away! But like I said, other than the issue I stated above, this app is literally MINDBLOWING, and I am VERY eager to subscribe, so im really hoping you guys see this and reply soon!!🙏🏼 Thanks for reading!
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2 years ago, Turley97
Can’t restore my purchase
I really like what this app can do. However, I was having some issues with it after subscribing for 3 months, so I deleted the app, reinstalled it, then tried to restore my purchase. It just says that there is a purchase already associated with my Apple ID. No kidding. That’s why I’m trying to restore. I tried this on my iPhone 12 and iPad mini 5, but it won’t let me restore. So basically, it looks like I’ll have to wait for the remainder of my subscription to run out before I can make it work again. What a scam. Edit: Remini was able to work through my issues. It all was related to signing in with Apple. Once we made my actual email address the account email, everything worked. Also, they have basically eliminated any crashing from before, scrolling is now ultra smooth, and the entire experience is now top notch.
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9 months ago, Ruthlessmama
It’s been great!
Update 2: Everything has been awesome! 5 stars again! UPDATE: Remini hasn’t worked on my IPhone XS for about a month now!! I keep trying with every update, and it crashes on startup!! 5 star review is now a 1 star until the problem gets fixed! Remini does better work than it’s iOS competition. Clearly the best on iOS. Unfortunately, their network can’t keep up with user demand (unable to connect, or long processing times). They also make it seemingly impossible to sign in on more than one device! I would LOVE to make Remini a stable part of my workflow, but find it frustrating. That being said, if you’re working with older pics from an old phone or digital camera, it works great. Working with HQ photos seems to be what causes the issues. Lots of potential to be incredible though.
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12 months ago, Honieraye Vaughan
Very Dissatisfied Uninstalled
Canceled my subscription without letting me know! now the price is not even the same. It went from a dollar a week to $2.99 a week that’s a big jump. And I was a faithful customer for about a year my account and my card was hooked up as a automatic payment. I did not cancel. I don’t know why they canceled it without telling me and they didn’t tell me about the price jump! So I just will find another worthy the app to use. Makes me very sad because I fixed a lot of old photos with this app. It worked very well. But the change is too much and customers shouldn’t be disrespected this way. If you’re going to change the price or cancel my subscription, send me an email or something. I didn’t find out until I want to make a photo and it said buy pro. I have been using pro a year and paying a dollar a week why change that without telling the customer. It’s unfair for me to have to start all over again and pay triple. I’ll search elsewhere. I had so much love and praise for this app. I really enjoyed using it. Not anymore though!
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1 year ago, Sharmies3
I love Remini.
Someone recommended Remini. If thought I’d give Remini a try. I have been using it to clear up old pictures and actually some new pictures of people. I see an old picture that is blurred of a friends. I download it and run it through Remini and if it comes out good, I will message the picture to the owner (usually family) and ask them if it looks better, to try Remini. It does not always work. I have done pictures of me and in one, I actually look like a deformed little creature. That has happened to a few of me. Remini actually focuses on the eyes and slightly smooth’s the face. The program don’t always get it right. A few times you will say, those eyes just aren’t right. Many times however, I say, oh my goodness, that is beautiful. I love the program. I recommend it to everyone. I am retired with very little to live on, so I do not have PRO. I use it once in a while. Try it. You’ll love it. 4-3/4 Stars.
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2 years ago, Xixi Jones
Literally ruined
I used to love this app. My favorite feature was the oil painting and I was so devastated when I went to use that very feature, had to update the app to use, and then came back to a completely downgraded app that only left enhance. (A feature that I DON’T EVEN USE) If I wanted to just enhance, there are so many apps for that. What your app had was very unique and special. This was the first photo editing app that I’ve been excited about using, and now it’s like you’ve taken something personal from me. I know it’s just an app, but it made me kind of depressed when everything o created on the app disappeared and turned into enhanced only. I will not be downloading again until your app goes back to how it was, not being boggled down by the man of uniformity. BUT! Being as unique as it was before. You don’t have to be like every app to be awesome. You were perfect as you were. I have to give one star when I wish I could not rate at all. There’s nothing good to say about this update. And I’m surprised people who liked Remini love the update. The rest of us love the old you.
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2 years ago, dataBANG
Smart AI; Dumb Dev
This app used to have more functionality before they gutted it, things like video enhancement, make photo faces come alive, color from b&W, remove scratches, etc, but now all it does is enhance. And while photo enhancement was the best part from the aforementioned suite of utilities, it still is less functional than what I had purchased in an annual subscription. Although, I’m not happy about that, they did promise new features after removing functionality. However, those promises for new features never materialized or haven’t been released yet; the only new thing I’ve noticed since the start of 2022 was the persistent and nagging "are you satisfied with result?" An annoying amorphous question that should have been answered the moment I saved the image. So… I wouldn’t recommend this software as it’s not the only AI assisted solution to photography in the App Store. The changes to this decimated app while making promises of vaporware features gives me no faith in their roadmap of development. Smart AI dumb DEV. It is what it is.
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4 weeks ago, T0nt0
I Love This App But…
I’ve been using Remini for a few months now. I enjoy applying the AI filter onto pictures of my friends and family then sending the results to them on their birthday. Most of the time the results are perfect but sometimes the results can be creepy or offensive. The creepy part is with how the AI depicts human hands. I suggest using photos that don’t have any hands showing. As for the offensive part, sometimes the results would change a person who is a little overweight to a person who is thin or change a person of color to a white person. At one time, the AI filter applied an Afro onto a dark Asian man. To end this review on a better note, my mom recently had her birthday. I submitted a few photos of my mom to Remini then had it generate new photos of my mom during the Victorian Age. My mom looked like a queen and she absolutely loved the photos that Remini generated of her. Thank you!
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8 months ago, Ernest John
I can’t believe your changes
I have been a user of Remini for about a year or two. And I am fine with paying the 4.99 per month or whatever the cost is. You went from keeping a record of what photos were uploaded to doing different versions of touch ups automatically. Which in my opinion I liked it better when we had more control of how it looked. In recent months the enhance versions have been laughable with just a slight variation of color changes and heavily modifying the face. Perhaps you folks can work on touching up body parts and more of the hair region of people because at times it doesn’t look right. Yeah you guys are awesome at enhancing faces but that seems to be it. And I am shocked to see that the enhance feature has been taken away and is now available in the PRO version. F that. If you are going to keep that as premium content and have the balls to tell me I need to spend 79 a year extra. Then you will not only lose me but you’ll lose other customers. Sad because your app was good at one time at a small fee. But now your being greedy
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8 months ago, K@diya
I have been a loyal user of the Remini app for a while now and have found its features truly remarkable. However, I have a concern regarding the automatic lightening of skin tones during the enhancement process. This inadvertently perpetuates the issue of colorism in society, where lighter skin is deemed more desirable. I kindly request the Remini app development team to consider providing users with the option to enhance their photographs without automatically lightening their skin tones. This would promote inclusivity and allow individuals to celebrate their unique features without conforming to societal norms. As a devoted user who appreciates the app's value, I believe that modifying this feature would enhance the overall user experience and contribute to combating colorism. I hope that the developers prioritize this modification to create a more empowering and inclusive environment.
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1 year ago, FreezyLand2
Used to be really cool, now it’s boring
Decided to rewrite this review. I downloaded this years ago. The main reason I really liked this app was because there were more features, like colorizing a black and white photo, and there were many more features that made the subscription worth it, even if I never got it. Years later, I want to try and use it again. I downloaded it again, and I knew something was off, because I thought “Wasn’t there a login screen?” And it never loads. This was on my tablet, and I realized that the main screen in fact didn’t have all the features I loved, and it was only Enhance and Enhance+. I thought this was only for the one App Store, so I downloaded it on my phone same thing. It was only when I went on the reviews that I realized that they “improved” it by removing EVERYTHING that I liked before. Now it’s just like every other app, and now it forces me for every single photo to watch an ad to enhance. I will not be getting the app again OR getting the subscription unless you bring these back.
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11 months ago, ruthramos
Great but some problems
I do like how i’m able to enhance videos and photos but i’ve tired it again after a year and shocked by the difference, it’s improved majorly in the abilities it has but uses it in the wrong ways, It makes skin lighter, removes any texture on the skin as well when i want to keep it. The ai’s reconstruction abilities are way better but i’m not a fan of how smooth the faces end up and sometimes i will get strange results. The videos aren’t the best and the eye will change shape throughout the video when they look around which i think is weird n stuff. Thats all. Maybe there should be an option on wanting to enhance texture and reduce noise together making it look more realistic, instead of washed out smooth baby skin which just looks like an ai generated person
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4 months ago, fisher81101
Intrusive Review Requests Dampen an Otherwise Decent Experience
I’m generally not inclined to leave negative reviews, particularly for apps that, on the whole, perform their functions satisfactorily. However, the persistent interruptions by this app, begging for a review approximately 50 times, have left me no choice but to share my thoughts publicly. So, here it is. The app in question works well for the most part, handling its tasks efficiently and offering a user-friendly interface. But its insistent nagging for feedback has significantly detracted from the overall user experience. It’s one thing to encourage users to share their thoughts; it’s entirely another to badger them relentlessly. This approach not only disrupts the workflow but also leaves a sour taste, overshadowing the app’s positive attributes. On a technical note, while the app’s performance is generally good, there is a specific issue that needs addressing. When working with very blurry photos, the app sometimes alters facial features, such as teeth, rendering them unrecognizable. The one star is for harassing over and over.
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11 months ago, SUJovian
Works great for portraits, awful for landscapes
I’ve used this app to go back to my old library of early 2000s era low-res digital photos and scanned 35mm film to improve quality. I’ve even used it to recover as well as possible a set of images that were lost from just their thumbnails (worked ok not great for that). When it comes to portraits and faces, the app is quite good. Sometimes it messes up eyes, wireframe glasses and necks, and even adds facial hair, but overall it’s quite good. It is pretty much useless for landscape images. There are really two options for landscape. The first removes a tiny bit of grain and does an edge detail enhance that turns film grain into bizarre embossed patterns. The second obliterates all fidelity to the image beyond about 25 feet from the camera, so forests of trees get smoothed into oblivion, rocks get softened to look like smudges, etc. that’s often fine for background bokeh effect in a portrait, but worthless in a landscape shot.
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1 year ago, JimmyOsten
Dishonest! Don't Purchase!
Originally, I liked this app and purchased a 1-year subscription. But, over time, here is what happened... First, they find ways to throttle down usage for frequent users of the app. I experienced numerous failures and shutdowns, when I used the app frequently. Second, they added "unwanted" functionality that I needed to disable (one by one) when I was upscaling a photo -- it slowed down the process as each disable click is very, very slow. When I upscale a photo, I don't want to modify the image color, I don't want to beautify the faces (and make them look different), and I don't want to change the backgrounds (this app now defaults to these things). But, worst of all, I purchased a "PRO" 1-year subscription. It had certain functionality when I purchased it. Recently, they decided this subscription is "PRO LITE," which now makes some of the functionality I subscribed for out of reach -- they want users to purchase the "PRO" (full) version at $190 per year!!! Crazy!!! It's a bait & switch. I deserve my money back!
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2 years ago, Puppy's aw
Updates Made it Worse
This app is overall the best I could’ve found in a while. About a year ago it worked very well when I was just starting out my photography and wanting to clear up faces. Even really blurry pictures came out fairly consistent. However, as it kept updating the smoothing got too smooth, eyes got frequently distorted, and they added a need to pay for most features and it is in no way affordable nor worth it. During the free trial, enhance+ results were practically the same with more unnatural smoothing or eye color changes for whatever reason. Odd enough: most of the pictures I used that year ago when it worked well were blurrier than the ones I try running through it now! The biggest issue, though, is the app’s difficulty with race and ethnic features. Even with increased definition on bigger noses or thicker eyebrows, the app always shrinks them into Eurocentric features. I typed this right after trying to edit a picture from a k-pop concert. All of the idol’s facial features were distinctive; I only needed more definition on her eyes. The app made her eyebrows more square, her eyes wider, her lips more puckered and small, and straightened and shrunk her nose. It seems this app has been reprogrammed with more images of white people as I did not have an issue with this prior to recent updates. None of it looks realistic anymore, this app had potential that swirled down a big drain.
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6 months ago, FastInformatoon
Pretty good for basic enhancing of photos but that’s all
Overall, I love this app for enhancing photos on a basic level. However, the app can be a bit glitchy requiring you to quit and start all over, though it’s not a major deterrent. Price wise, I find this app to be a tad expensive for a limited photo enhancement app, which is what this app is best for. If you are considering this app for anything else, keep looking. The AI photos side leaves a lot to be desired! Even though it’s supposed to be using pictures of your face, often the end results look nothing like you at all and if hands and/or fingers are visible, they look distorted (as in monster like, have elongated mister like fingers or are missing digits). If Remini works out the many kinks, I might consider an annual subscription. Meanwhile it’s simply too high considering the limitations with manual editing/enhancement of photos; the many glitches and the AI side is just off.
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11 months ago, TRD143
It’s a great app but…..
I just ran across this app and downloaded the trial before committing to purchasing. So far I will say the Ai generated photos and variety of model images and super impressive best I’ve seen thus far. I would like to see the ability to change maybe the outfit color, shoe color etc just to give you the ability to customize your photo a bit more. I imagine this would help everyone on the internet not having the same Ai photos.(maybe this could be available for higher tier members. The price is much higher than I have seen $9.99 is a bit steep for some however if you think about how much money and time it saves you or your business on photo shoots I guess it’s not so bad 😆 The model images all have the same or similar body types (for females) maybe consider the ability for user select a body type that looks most similar to theirs. PLEASE fix the hands and feet issue on the Ai photos the hands and feet and off they look disfigured. I assume Ai photos want to look as natural/normal as possible, this issue totally challenges that and most photos will have to be cropped. Lastly question: if you are using the paid version does it remove the water mark on your photos? I’m still on the fence with keeping the app I will try the video feature and decide.
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2 years ago, alaiya8x8
pretty good i guess !
I think overall it’s a pretty good photo editor app, I mean there’s not lots of apps that let you enhance photos. But I personally feel that it’s missing something. There are some small bugs that should be fixed, but other than that it’s a really good photo enhance app, (in my opinion they should probably add videos too.) i’d actually give this three stars just because there isn’t much to the app itself, but i wanted more people to see this review before downloading. i’m definitely keeping the app because i have lots of laggy/bad quality photos lol. Anyway, Just read this before downloading because it might not be all you were expecting, which was also my reaction. So, yes, this is a good and useful app! i recommend it about 80% because i know a lot of us have loads of photos that need to be enhanced i guess lol, Have a great day!
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2 years ago, Eavia
I like it BUT…
The new update is honestly very aggravating. It went from only needing to do 1 ad to 2 and the second ad for being allowed to save the photo. If you’re gonna put more ads, then give more credits or allow unlimited saves one. We still only are given 5 credits. Not cool! And on top of that, it sometimes changes the color of my skin which isn’t appreciated! It makes it lighter than what it is at times which I don’t understand. Was also disappointed that it does good with close up selfies/headshot photos but doesn’t come out so well with the same thing but that person being slightly farther back. Still pixelated or blurry. I thought that would’ve been something that y’all would’ve fixed… instead of putting more unnecessary ads. Anyways, besides that I do love the app, I just think these issues need to be eliminated.
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2 years ago, fallenetic
(Terrible Update) Used to be 5 Star.
Wow, how sad to see such a handy app turn into another copy paste cash scheme, I’ve honestly used This app for a long time to enhance old family photos or to add realism to video game characters for fun, I had no problem watching the ads that they had back then because it was worth it honestly, I loved the layout of the app. The option to color old photos and they even had a option to enhance videos! Being able to switch and add new accounts was a nice addition as well. All I can say is I’m really disappointed with where this app is now, more ads that’s are 30 at least now, you can no longer enhance a 2nd time for free, they’re basically just trying to shove pro down our throats and for what? They took out all the other features that made the app unique. I’m really let down and I’m hoping they’ll go back to the old version, but you know how these phone apps developers have become with all the micro transactions. 👎🏻
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1 year ago, kurt.iss
Great tool
I genuinely use it everyday. I edit a lot and it helps a lot. However, when they removed the option to change how much of the enhancement effect is applied… kind of ruined everything. Like now I can’t decrease the amount applied so there’s times the enhancement looks horrible and obvious. Sometimes it even adds weird features (like turning lips into teeth) or removes important ones (fine details). I won’t say “I would’ve given them 5 stars if…” because although the app is better than others, it still has room to grow (in a good way). So I would’ve given them 4. Especially with the new Ai avatar tool. That was crazy good at what it doesn’t and I truly thought it would look trash lol. Overall this is worth it if you edit frequently using other apps. I like to use it before/after a project I’m doing for people. But recently I haven’t used it much due to the issue I mentioned earlier.
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3 years ago, Ready4it79
This is the first product I have ever used that is actually 10,000 times better than advertised. I’m telling you, I was just about to buy the super expensive subscription with I stock photo and then I stumbled upon this app, I’m sure because of algorithms, but this time they worked in my favor! Absolutely amazing. You can literally zoom all the way in to the picture on someone’s face and it is completely corrected. For some reason though, it doesn’t correct everything else around the face quite as well, but most of us just sent her on the face anyway, and I guess that’s what this app does too. But trust me, it is 100% worth it. It really can clear up your face and it does do a little work for the background to but, what it does in general is almost scary.
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3 years ago, AmyRipley
Thank you
I don’t know how to convey the way I feel about this app. I downloaded it last night and quickly realized I had to subscribe. My reason, I have been trying to get pictures of someone dear to me who passed close to twenty years ago and very recently I had my opportunity to do so. As you might expect what I got was grainy and blurred, some where even faded and torn. Not only did this clear most of that up but over enhanced pictures have made it possible to see what he would look like today. He would be mid-thirties. The animated feature gave me great comfort to see him candid like I remember. I know most users will not have an experience like mine but I suspect this app will be a huge help in healing from his memory. Thank you so much for giving me this.
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2 years ago, update is'nt working
what is happening! :(
hi omg i love this app and been using it forever, it’s literally my favorite editing app of all time <3 i use the enchance feature EVERYDAY for my instagram posts & edits. but recently it just does not work. it says no connection and like try again later. it doesn’t even start progressing! i tried everything u guys wrote in the help center thing, updated my phone and app, tried both cellular data and wifi, vpn and no vpn. gosh i did everything. like i did have problems getting my pics done since the new appearance and update, but now it’s just not working. please fix this asap i have many instagram accounts that depend on this app! i tried every other app and they’re not as close to good as u guys. i love u and really need your help :( i hope u have a great day, don’t forget that ur worth the world 🫧🫶🏻
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3 years ago, K06
Better than it was…not as good as I hoped
I tried this twice so far…I had a picture my 3 year old nephew took while playing with my phone and if it wasn’t blurry it would have been an unbelievable picture. It cleared it up a lot…still blurry but better however I have a weird line across my forehead in the edited picture. Just don’t zoom in if you do zoom in on the picture it looks nothing like my face though and it also looks deformed. The second picture was another my nephew took while playing with my phone this time of his twin sister this cleared up the picture however her face looks like one of those china dolls. The picture now is blurry and her face looks like I photoshopped a creepy china doll and covered her face with it. She looks super creepy. Just a fyi I used the free version for both pictures. I’m a little disappointed I couldn’t improve the pictures more and better but I can’t expect miracles.
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2 years ago, Demetrius Markov
Should have kept additional options
The enhancement option works pretty well, much better than using the old portrait mode which rarely seemed to do anything. But I subscribed for the app for the other options like paint and colorize. They worked GREAT and were a lot of fun to use. Enhancement + has pro options, but not enough difference between them to make a subscription worth it. To subscribe for the price, just having the enhancement option now seems to barely be worth subscribing. At least bring back the colorize and paint options. You still have them as screenshots on here and in the opening screens on the app itself. Yesterday was going to give 5 stars, but now happy I waited, because this is extremely misleading now.
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3 months ago, jv in PA
Absolutely incredible
I’ve been consistently impressed with the capabilities of this photo enhancement app. It’s not just an application; it’s a transformative tool that has brought a new level of clarity and vitality to my photographs. The image I recently enhanced has been given a new lease on life, with sharp details and vivid colors that truly capture the essence of the moment. The user interface is intuitive, making the process both accessible and enjoyable. The results speak for themselves, with every pixel enhanced to its utmost potential. This app deserves nothing less than a 5-star rating for its exceptional performance and the professional quality it delivers. Highly recommended for both novices and seasoned photographers looking to elevate their visual stories!
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9 months ago, Nope12341997
If you sign up via desktop, they will make it SO HARD to cancel. I tried going through their support team. I submitted a ticket to cancel the day I was charged to avoid another charge. They took over a week to get back to me so I was charged again. I followed up, and all they gave me was a link to an article that shows you how to cancel. Surprise surprise, it didn’t work. I told them this, and now they want me to go through a whole process of getting a backend ID, Providing an invoice, etc. I’m not asking for a refund, just cancel my dang subscription!!! Use the email that I’m giving you that’s attached to my account and cancel. I refuse to believe it’s this hard, they’re just dragging it out for the membership fee. Also, I only upgraded to pro for the “bulk import” but it was so slow and limited to like 10 photos. If I would’ve known that, I never would’ve upgraded in the first place. 0/10. I used to recommend them to my friends but not after this.
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2 years ago, brianloveslight
Close to perfect, But….
This is, without a doubt, an incredible example of the power of AI. On soft images and “old” photos, it magically brings details back to the faces in an image, and it’s darn near perfect… but…. It’s greatest strength is also it’s Achilles heel. It obviously draws on a large database of images that it sorts through as reference to create detail that just doesn’t exist in an original image. Unfortunately, those details can sometimes make the person in the photo look like someone else. The second downfall of this is that while it restores incredible detail to faces it does nothing for the rest of the image, which is at the least, a huge letdown, and at worst, it just makes the image look downright awkward. 4 stars for a mostly magical experience… minus 1 for those moments when the magic just doesn’t work.
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3 years ago, Mishelved
No help whatsoever
This app can sure be fun, and it does typically, very good work. But when I tried to fix the cracks in a photo of my mom it kept failing. I even went and paid again to have it enhance plus a second time but it still won’t remove the cracks. The app suggested I try to contact them using various social medias, which I did. They never ever ever replied. Today I finally figured out after about 15 minutes how to cancel my subscription. But then it decided to not cancel it today, it informed me that it’s going to charge me for next month also and my account won’t be canceled until the end of August! Absolutely not! After searching and searching I finally found their email address and sent them an email, well I tried to but it said the address is not valid. I want to cancel my subscription, as of today. Do not charge me for August! And I want that photo of my mom fixed that I paid for! This is not cool.
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2 years ago, SeldomCast4
I signed up for a 7-day free trial and the Pro feature. This app never notifies you when the free trial is over or let’s you know ahead of time you’re going to be charged—basic courtesy reminders. Especially since they charge $9.99/week for their Pro feature which didn’t do a good job of unblurring my photos. By the time I realized that this trial had ended, I’d already been charged for three weeks. I’d seen the charges come up on my card statements and couldn’t figure out what it was from until today. $30 for an app that couldn’t do the job I was looking for it to do is a massive disappointment and I should have been more vigilant about this app. I just think it’s sneaky and they have a non-refundable policy. I used this app for one day and paid $30 for a crappy job. Recommendations to the developers: -for an app that charges so much, you should really let your customers know (as a basic courtesy) of upcoming charges -the non-refund policy is really sneaky and underhanded. There are plenty of people who can miss these subtle charges going through, never used the app for more than one day, and end up paying a ridiculous amount for it -notify your customers when a trial is ending (very unprofessional to do otherwise) This app’s features are not worth it for $9.99/week. In hindsight, I should have been more careful of signing up for something like this and now I know better.
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