Remitly: Send Money & Transfer

4.9 (1.5M)
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Remitly Inc
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1 month ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Remitly: Send Money & Transfer

4.87 out of 5
1.5M Ratings
4 years ago, El papi pro
Very bad services support.
I have been waiting 6 days for my 4th transaction to complete. I’m watching the updates all the time, and it just say that it is processing since May 14, I tried to get more information about my process and nobody could give me a concrete time estimate for when my transaction would be completed. In orden to get my money back as soon as possible, I cancelled my transaction, and today I received a mail where they told me that I have to wait 7 business days more. They claimed that this waiting time was due to the recipient bank. Nevertheless, the recipient bank in colombia had not idea about this and had never took part in the transaction. It is insane how this app is playing with my money. Moreover, I couldn’t pay my insurance in Colombia last Monday, and now I have to pay a additional fee as a result of the incompetence and terrible service received from WorldRemit. It is sad that I’ve encountered this situation, I was very satisfied with their service so far and I send money back and forth quite often. Bitterly I’ll have to stop using their services, and would never recommend them to anyone.
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8 months ago, Wsdxop
Terrible Customer Support & Unclear Instructions
I had two issues with Remitly: 1. My transaction was not being received by my recipient. So I contacted customer support. They said they’d contact the “concern team” and then told me they’d get back in 2-3 business days. The transaction was already late at this point so I asked if there was a phone number or email for the concern team and they said no. What kind of department doesn’t have an email or phone number?? They just kept saying that there was nothing they could do but that the concern team was contacted. And this was my first time using Remitly and $3000 was already taken out of my bank account. So you can see why I’d be concerned and why I wanted to get the contact info to check in the status of my transaction. 2. Unclear instructions for referral link. I clicked on the referral link I received and the link led me to the website where it said “download the app”. So I did so and made my first transaction but didn’t see the $20 reward. I thought it’d come through after the transaction goes through. But it didn’t so I called customer service. And they said I was supposed to click on the link again before making the transaction, which was not what the referral link said. The referral link said to register with this link to get the rewards. So I ended up having to call customer service and they just kept saying we see that you didn’t use any link. The instructions should have been clearer.
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2 years ago, jeiison_11
this app is useless
They called and asked me for more information to verify my account and promised to give me a call back if they need more info. And then suspended my account without giving me the call as they promised. Very unprofessional. I called the main line and there is nothing they can do to reactive my suspended account even tho I am willing to provide them more information but it's always "we can't do anything". They do not really know what's the exact issue but its because of suspicious activity. Can they be more professional? If it is because of suspicious activity, they should have call me as what they promised and tell me about it, so I can answer to all of the questions they have. But they did not call me and just decided to suspend the account and cancel the transaction. What if my transaction is critical and someone's life is on the line because of it? What if my transaction is for something in the hospital and they really do need that amount? Remitly just decided to suspend and cancel the transaction without getting anything? What is the point of having customer service when they can't help you with anything? Instead of helping or fixing the issue, they just told me that I cannot use remitly anymore. And that, my friend, that's how you lose clients. This is my first time using this app too. This is such a let down. Going to delete this app and tell me friends to do so as well. Unbelievable customer service.
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3 years ago, Chicken is not my style WuFan
Bad customer service
They called and asked me for more information to verify my account and promised to give me a call back if they need more info. And then suspended my account without giving me the call as they promised. Very unprofessional. I called the main line and there is nothing they can do to reactive my suspended account even tho I am willing to provide them more information but it’s always “we can’t do anything”. They do not really know what’s the exact issue but its because of suspicious activity. Can they be more professional? If it is because of suspicious activity, they should have call me as what they promised and tell me about it, so I can answer to all of the questions they have. But they did not call me and just decided to suspend the account and cancel the transaction. What if my transaction is critical and someone’s life is on the line because of it? What if my transaction is for something in the hospital and they really do need that amount? Remitly just decided to suspend and cancel the transaction without getting anything? What is the point of having customer service when they can’t help you with anything? Instead of helping or fixing the issue, they just told me that I cannot use remitly anymore. And that, my friend, that’s how you lose clients. This is my first time using this app too. This is such a let down. Going to delete this app and tell me friends to do so as well. Unbelievable customer service.
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3 years ago, Disrespected Loyal Customer
Under appreciated Loyal Customer
I’ve been using remitly for about 10 years. I have no problem with them from the start but with what happen recently I have concluded that this is not the right remitance you should trust. I try to send money for my family in the Philippines then suddenly they delayed my transaction for some unusual reasons. They want me to send a copy of my bank statement to push throught with the process. After sending the requirements, they told me I need more information about the money that comes in and out of my bank. In my own perspective, its none of their business if I have money that get deposited from different account due to personal reasons. I felt disrespected by this company as they didn’t even bother to consider my reasons that someone back home needed the money for emergency. I was stress for 4days because if this matter. They promised to give me updates and help to resolve this matter but theh end up suspending mu remitly account due to this. Which is why I told ny friends and family never trust this remitance ever again. They can make people’s life more miserable and could make a big impact to us. This remitance has no consideration !!!! and no respect to the customers especially the Loyal ones like me. I will never ever consider this if I were you Please dont be a victim of this shaddy company.!!!! Who knows what they do with those bank statements they ask from their customers!!!!
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2 years ago, hafsa batool
Worst customer service ever
I had sent money out of country many times using this app and over time i have noticed the customer service reps are extremely rude and blunt. They never give you full information or tell you everything that you should know. One of my transaction was on hold and i contacted customer service to ask the issue. He told me it will be approved ones i give him the transaction id or whatevrr needed. HE DID NOT TELL ME HE IS asking to approve a second money order. A day later when i saw two different transactions I reached out to customer service for explanation. Instead of explaining what happened he said i had (in very rude tone) reached out for help after my payments were sent (not true because why would i reach out after it was sent and say there is a hold on it). When i kept trying to explain to him he kept getting annoyed and rude and kept saying he doesnt have my password how can he send the money. I am not old or someone who is new to technology nor i am a Karan. I do many money orders at CVS.. its a bit different but i still have to deal with rude customers but i have never been this rude to anyone even if they were rude to me. Idk if anyone will even read this and say anything but i am definitely deleteing this app becoming there was absolutely no need for any bish to be rude to me and ignore my main concern.
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2 months ago, Yn2022
Remitly preferred
I have been using Remitly for a long time now so far I haven’t had any scams any problems of that sort. I have sent money from USA to Nigeria, Zambia, Dominican republic, Pakistan, etc. The problems that I have had I have been able to contact customer service 24 seven through Chat or phone. One instance I sent the money to the wrong bank. They said it would take up to a week, but the problem was solved right away, I did keep calling and chatting with them, and letting them know my concern an urgency. I have a current issue now, but the problem is the bank has received the money for the recipient and they are the problem right now but Remitly has done their work so far. I am very happy with the customer, service and support. I have tried other apps and services in town and so far this is my preferred. The most I have sent is $2000. I sometimes have not been easy on the customer service when I have an issue but we always end up working it out and I appreciate that. I appreciate their customer service. Thank you. God Bless.
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1 year ago, 3392123
Bad service- customer care wasn’t helpful much either
I did make a transaction using bank account it gave 2 options of delivery 1. Express and 2. Economy I did select express but it took economy when I went to next step on the final page it said transaction is in progress and delivery is economy and showing deliver for next Monday it is one week from now. I am using express to make sure to send transaction with in minutes. When I connected with customer support through the chat option, I gave reference number too he asked me to start over the transaction again. I cancelled current transaction and processed it again and it still did the same it took economy by default though I selected express. When I say this in the chat they say I am going through bank account and it won’t transfer immediately so asked me to do it using debit or credit card. I asked if it won’t do express transfers when using a bank account for funds transfer why does it shows me 2 options in which one is express when it is not meant to do so. They don’t have a answer all they said is we will make this issue as a priority for you. I did add debit card and it still does the same. I got so frustrated and cancelled my transaction and when through other money transfer application. Remitly got worst service.
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2 years ago, Revan1123
They Fixed Bug - I can send money again to my wife
For a few weeks I was panicking because none of the customer support people were able to help me with my problem. Each time I had issues sending money to my wife. After 2 years no problems, suddenly the name was wrong. They said the bank in her country kept giving an error message. Which was not true. The internal system had some error and it appeared that way. How do I know? Because when the employees manually copy and pasted the recipient name on their computers, the transfer went through fine. So there was a bug in the system somewhere. I’m just happy they fixed it. Some girl sent my case up to a higher level for investigation. So someone with computer programming/supervisor experience could see what the error was. I think this helped a lot. I love Remitly. Best rates. Fast!!! And the support was always helpful.
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3 years ago, Zorro...
Stay away
I opened an account using my Fidelity checking account as form of payment, then after a test transfer I applied for an upgrade to Level 2 or 3 because Level 1 is restricted to very low dollar amounts. After dealing with four different csvce reps I am frustrated: they claim that Fidelity is not a retail bank and that they can’t accept it. They seem not to understand that the very purpose of Remitly is to bypass or replace retail banks. Customer service is really poor and their agents lack training to even recognize an statement of account ( I provided 3 different statements and was told that they “were not statements..”) I did a couple if trial remittances and they went well and were credited in one day. When I tried a 3rd remittance to the same account for a larger amount it did not work : they just hold onti your money for weeks without credit to beneficiary nor refund. After a week waiting for credit a customer service rep told me that they needed copy if my id and proof of funds both of which Remitly had from the time I opened my account. Very sketchy people. You can also see in their response that they do not allude to my issues and just talk about privacy (???). Stay away fron these people if you value your time and your money. Use a different app or just use Apple pay or Paypal
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3 years ago, Study the Bible
An inexpensive way to transfer money overseas
Their app and website is simple and direct, except for changing the country the Recipient do you want to send the money to. It took quite a bit of searching around to find out that I had to go to settings in order to change the country first and then I could find the recipient that I had previously sent money to. If you look under history, only the recipients in the country the country that’s presently selected will show up. So that way you cannot switch back-and-forth between different recipients. Without going to the settings and changing the country. Took a while for me to figure this out and the software in this case needs to be corrected to make that simpler. Other than that it draws money directly out of my bank account and only charges a very low fee if I do that method. There is an option of sending money by credit card or debit card, but you’d have to check with your bank about the charges involved with sending money to a foreign denomination. I just go with the less expensive simple withdrawal from my bank account.
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4 years ago, Bren Brear
This app lures you in with a smaller fee and better exchange rate, BUT when an issue occurs they show their true colors. They won’t help in anyway! Won’t even contact you to inform you your money was not paid out. So beware if you send money through this app to loved ones YOU will need to keep up with this app because all they will do is TRY REALLY HARD to steal your money. Because if it weren’t for my receiver calling me to tell me they didn’t pay her the money REMITLY it’s self wouldn’t have said a word to me! I have been “helped” ( NOT AT ALL) by their customer support team (FYI JUST A CHAT ROOM WHERE THE EMPLOYEES HAVE LIMITED ENGLISH WHICH WOULDN'T HAVE BEEN A PROBLEM IF THEY AT LEAST RESOLVED THE ISSUE!) for 3 WEEKS already trying to get my money back but REMITLY KEEPS PUTTING BLAME ON THE OTHER BANK ( still don’t know what “OTHER BANK”) and asking for my bank statements with all my information on them which I don’t understand why Remitly needs to see all my transactions they should just need to see the posted withdrawal of my money from them! SO IF YOU WANT TO USE THIS APP BE HOPEFUL THERES NO ISSUES WITH YOUR TRANSACTIONS BECAUSE IF THERE IS YOU WILL HAVE TO FIND OUT ON YOUR OWN AND KEEP TRACK OF REMITLY BECAUAE THEY WILL NOT MOVE A FINGER FOR YOU THEY WILL JUST SAY “ ITS AN INVESTIGATION THE OTHER BANK NEEDS TO DO WE (REMITLY) CAN NOT DO ANY THING WE CAN ONLY SEE YOUR TRANSACTION NOT FIX IT” NO HELP AT ALL!!! NO RESOLVE OF PROBLEMS !!
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3 years ago, Ro-hitman
Forget to send funds within the week if not Monday
I have been using this app since more than a couple of years now. I hardly had to interact with their service representatives since the app has a very good user experience. It just i got used to the waiting for refunds when the transaction is cancelled for any reason. Not everyone has that parience to wait 3-4 days to get the funds back. The Economy transfer time (which is actually below the current market exchange rate) takes minimum 5 days to complete. And if started on Monday, it reaches the other end on Friday. Otherwise it will be received next week, if started the transaction after Monday of any week. It’s ridiculous to take so much time. The funds gets deducted from the account within a day and another 4 days you just wait to get it delivered. I really hope they deliver the money to the recipient within 2 days, but in reality it’s not the case. On the other hand, for the same delivery account, if used the express option, the funds get delivered within 10-15 mins. Which is a pretty good option if you are in hurry and ready to lose some more $$ on exchange price.
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2 years ago, joeynite
This goes out to all Africans people…. Stop using this app
I have been using the service for almost 3 years now and always send money to Ghana for a project I was embarking on back home, just last week I sent an amount of $2,300 the money was deducted from my account successfully. Then called them to increase my daily limit bcs I need to quickly send more money, the agent I spoke with was very rude and disrespectful but I kept my cool but after I got off the phone and tried to log in to my account I saw it was not responding then I called but just to hear my account has been blocked bcs they suspect fraud. Then I said how could that be you have all my details on the account why don't you reach out to me or do your investigations first before closing the account? And also after a while, I received an email saying my transaction has been canceled.... Well since you guys have no respect for your customers and have decided not to return my funds back into my account my lawyers will respond to you guys shortly and also you will hear from BBB ( Better Business Bureau ) it's about time you guys respect the people who uses your platform....... The name of the agent who did that is called Archie an Account Specialist..... Refund my money
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2 years ago, elduro97
Please, please, PLEASE. Do not use remitly. I had use the app some time ago and had activated my account. Everything was fine and I was able to do transactions without a problem. I tried to do a transaction like a week ago and was told my account was locked and had to contact customer service which I did but they could not do anything for me. They suspended my account without a reason and when asked about it, the person on the phone kept on telling me she could not do anything about it and my account would be permanently suspended. When asked why, she could not tell me anything because “of your protection.” ??? What does that even mean? How can you not tell me the reason for suspending my account and on top of that tell me its because of MY PROTECTION. This was a very unprofessional way of handling the situation on their part. The customer service agent kept on telling me that if I wanted to get an answer as to why my account was suspended, I needed to read the user agreement which did not answer any of my questions. WHAT A HORRIBLE APP AND CUSTOMER SERVICE. I have been reading some of the reviews, and this is a reoccurring issue that needs to be addressed! PLEASE THINK TWICE BEFORE USING THIS APP.
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5 months ago, NiNEOZ_
Very unprofessional
I have used Remitly to send three times. The first two times went without trouble. The third time, their agent called me to verify my relationship with the receiver and the purpose of the funds. They went on to ask some questions that I don't believe are reasonable. They want to know when and where I last met with the person and why I am sending money to that person and not anyone else. After all the questions, the agent said the verification was completed, they approved the transaction, and the funds would be processed and sent. They charged my card right after. However, the next day, my transaction showed as canceled, and my bank card was still charged. I called customer service, and they said they couldn't approve the transaction at the end (even though they called me asking all those questions and said everything was good to go), and the refund would be issued the same day or in 24 hours. And now, three days later, I'm still waiting for my refund. I have called them again, and a different agent has a different story, telling me that I need to wait 10 days for my refund. This is unacceptable and unprofessional. They don't care, and they lie.
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3 years ago, Appealing to Apple
Be careful about this company
I wanted to increase my sending limit to tier 3. They requested my Govt issued ID, SSN and Bank Statement which I sent over to them, I sent over a screen shot of the first page of my bank statement the information on this page includes, Acc name, Acc Number, my PERSONAL ACCESS NUMBER, Balance and a few transactions. They went ahead to reject it citing I needed to send a PDF copy of my bank statement. Why does your company need a PDF format of my full statement of account? I don’t know what you are using this sensitive documents for or what database you store them that might or might not be vulnerable to hackers. You guys have a lot of questions to answer. I am penning a letter to FTC. I called their customer service to fully understand why they needed a .PDF copy and not a .JPEG or .GIF or .DOCX none could explain why they needed it. They said it’s to protect their integrity, what about my privacy? Somethings is wrong.
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4 years ago, donotuseremitly
Do not use Remitly
Please don't use Remitly if you want a smooth transaction. They claim that the money will be available on a particular day but it's not the case. Also on cancellation, it takes 10 business days for your money to be back to your bank account. They have mentioned on the website that if you cancel a transaction within 24 hours, no money will be deducted from your account. However when I did so because I was getting a far more better rate on Xoom, they deducted my money from the bank 3 days after I had already canceled the transaction (within 24hours). When I contacted the customer care, they were rude and non-cooperative and brushed away my concerns. The amount I was sending was not small but in thousands and it mattered to me that my funds reached on time. Now I'm left with no option but to wait for another 10 business days to transfer my money. I was so disappointed that I immediately uninstalled the app and decided never to use Remitly again. Advice to Remitly: The customer service is the worst. Please help your loyal customers or else all the other money transfer services that give better rates and smoother transfers will soon take over.
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6 months ago, pretendingtomakeamends
Horrible Experience
I absolutely hate this app and the customer service that accompanies it. This was my first time using this app and I completed all the verification processes successfully only to have my transaction put “on hold” with no explanation as to why. I then called their customer service, as instructed, whom asked a bunch of questions interrogation-style and then put me on hold for almost an hour. At the end of the call, the representative for whatever reason decided not to allow me to transfer the money and closed my account without any explanation. I asked why and was not given an answer. You’re literally at the discretion of the representative you speak to as to whether or not your transactions will go through. Nothing else. There was absolutely no reason for my transfer to have gotten rejected. The representative did not give me a valid answer and refused to answer. What is the point of having an app to send money to family and friends if you don’t want people to use it for that reason? It seems they run on discrimination and speculation to pick and choose who can or can’t send money. Horrible.
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2 years ago, Elpasadoseva
Worst customer service ever!
I had done transactions in the past and everything was good, but I messed up on the account number one time, so I tried to cancel it and they told me their parent bank wouldn’t let them cancel the deposit, that there was nothing they could do at the moment, but their refund and cancellation policy states; “You can cancel for a full refund anytime unless the funds have been picked up or deposited”, so this is a lie, you can’t cancel the transaction at anytime because their customer service people don’t know how to do this, they told me they sent an email to someone else to cancel it and that it would take 2 days for them to be able to do anything, the money went into the wrong account in 4hrs. It’s a good app, but make sure you don’t make any mistakes whatsoever or you’ll end up losing your money completely.
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3 years ago, dhrmrtn
Supports scammers
Remitly is a safe way for scammers now a days to get your money and never hear from them again. Happened to me as well. I got scammed for almost $400 that I worked very very hard for. I should’ve read these reviews before I decided to use this app. Customer service is THE WORST you can find out here. They hang up on you if you have any issues and they say they will call you back and never do. They have canceled my remitly account in order to keep me from getting into the account. Which makes no sense. This app supports fraud that is being committed over seas. Once your money goes through couple of clicks your money will be gone forever. Remitly and people that work for remitly refuse to help you with any help that you need. Even though the company policy says that if there’s any issue with transfer., they can give you a refund within 180 days. DO NOT BELIEVE THIS. Once your money gets through remitly, it is gone. I have been trying to get in touch with customer service for the past month now regarding the refund that I requested literally a day after it was done and they won’t help. BE AWARE.
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1 month ago, Tasteful mountain
Connecting Loved Ones Around the Globe with Ease - Thank You, Remitly!
I am beyond grateful for the exceptional service that Remitly provides in bridging distances and connecting hearts across the globe. Living far from family and friends can be challenging, but Remitly has made that challenge a bit easier to bear with its convenient and reliable platform. From the very beginning, the user-friendly interface and intuitive steps ensured a seamless experience. I was particularly impressed by the speed and efficiency with which my transactions were processed. What used to be a stressful ordeal is now as simple as a few clicks, thanks to Remitly. The real-time tracking feature is incredibly reassuring, allowing me to monitor the progress of my transfers until they reach their destination. Thanks to Remitly, I can now share special moments, provide financial support, and stay connected with my loved ones no matter where they are. It's not just about transferring money; it's about maintaining those precious bonds and being present in each other's lives despite the miles between us. In an increasingly globalized world, services like Remitly are invaluable. Thank you, Remitly, for your dedication to bringing family and friends closer together. Your service truly makes a world of difference. Warm regards, Cassie
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4 years ago, Hooiiiioi
Remitly has made a faithful user
My entire family has always used Western Union to send money to Mexico. Naturally, when I started to need to transfer money from my US to my Mexican bank accounts, I used Western Union. I thought a “quick” transfer was 24 hours. I had a horrible experience transferring a large sum of money with them around the same time that I saw an ad for Remitly and thought I’d give it a try. And I am never going back! The Remitly app is such a streamlined and more modern experience, and my money arrives in MINUTES, every time! I’ve never waited over an hour to receive the funds, and the fastest time was 20 minutes. It’s nice not to feel like your money is floating lost in some wires somewhere out there in the world. I’ll be making sure my entire family switches over, it’s a much better experience from start to finish.
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3 years ago, Fed Up 😡
Getting ahold of them is a pain!
I got the app to send money to family in need in Brazil. I’ve had the worst experience with them so far! I sent MY MONEY to Brazil a week ago and it’s still “in review” by the partner bank which is bull cuz I payed the fee to have it available right away! I’ve sent them all the information they requested and keep calling them to see why my transfer is at a stand still and it takes over an hour before someone answers and most of the time they close the phone on me before it gets resolved! I have to go through the whole process all over again! It’s still not resolved and it’s been a WEEK! I’ve been calling everyday and it’s the same everyday! I don’t have the time to sit here babysitting them just so MY money could be released to MY family member! Money is going towards my elderly grandmas care who is very sick and this app is making it that much harder to those who are taking care of her without the needed funds. This is my first and last time using this app! Ridiculous!!! I’m going back to using trusted old WesternUnion
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2 years ago, Yelymo21
The worst app to solve problems.
It turns out that my Remitly account was "suspended" due to suspicious activity. I call for that problem solved with my account, it turns out that the one who takes care of me for the first time with that case tells me that my debit card cannot be removed from that account because according to them it is "suspended" and that apart from that I cannot put that same card back because it is in an account "suspended" according to them and that Second time I call and who takes care of me this time, if you tell me that I can open a case to recover an account, with a duration of 72 hours. Supposedly they opened the case for me and they would be calling me or sending me an email, things that I never received. Weeks passed and today I decided to call again and the only thing they knew how to tell me was that the "Customer Protection Department" made the decision not to reopen my account. Now they can't remove my card from that supposedly "suspended" account and I can't add it to a new account, because it's already in an account. 🤡
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11 months ago, gbheymi
zero star, terrible service
I hardly write reviews but I am being frustrated. I sent fifty-five dollars to a family, and they never got it for over 3 days now. I called the customer care service the first day after few hours of the transaction, they told me to wait 24-48hrs. I called everyday but they kept saying the same even after 72hrs from the first day of transaction. It was an urgent money about life. The app messed me up and even while I type this review, nothing has been done. I even told one of the customer care that I wanted to cancel because of the delay, she told me that I should not even think of it because it is a 50-50 chance and that it takes up to 10 business days for their transfer to go through. One of the customer care even hung up on me while I was put on hold. The chat is nothing to talk about because they dont even respond until you call. I'm sure you are reading this review after they mess up your transaction. Remotely isn't for urgent money transfer. The service is bad.
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3 months ago, maidmedicine
Transaction order
I’m trying to send money to myself in a small country in Africa. It gave me options that won’t work for any real amount of money (cash or mobile money or debit card deposit). This isn’t 1990 I don’t need cash. I need money to be sent by eft. EFT not an option. Mobile money not an option because I’m sending too much. Cash not an option because it’s crazy high fees here. So I try for depot card deposit. I have jo idea of debit card deposit will work because I’ve never heard of it. But the app reassured me that it will warn me if my card doesn’t accept deposits. I go through the whole process. Says moneh will be delivered in 5 min. Then one minute later after taking the money it says no actually you card doesn’t do debit deposit. But they’ve already transacted the money. Now I have to call my bank to increase my daily limit because they ran the debit without checking to see if my card accepted a deposit. Won’t use again.
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2 years ago, MC23232323232324
Terrible service to long time customers
I used the services of this app for several years. Then I started to send transactions more often due to medical expenses of my relatives. So this people started to ask me for personal information like ID , social security number at first I agree and provide some documentation but then they asked me for my bank statement?? Like seriously who they think they are??? I refused to share my personal information, and they wouldn’t let me send money. So I took my business to a different company. There are better companies out there than this company I recommend MoneyGram, BarryMoney, WorldRemit, Elektra just to name a few. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY SINCE THEY ONLY CARE ABOUT MAKING MONEY AND NOT TO CUSTOMERS. To Developer. I understand perfectly about regulations. That’s why proper identifications are provided but to ask more private information it’s not right. YOU got no right to ask for more confidential information that not even government agencies ask for. And for that more customers will stop using this service.
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3 weeks ago, FatefulCargo
Works as advertised.
Just finished confirming a transfer to an account in Ecuador and it worked flawlessly. Only regret I had was not sending a larger amount and saving even more since I was eligible for one *no fee* transfer :( One thing to also consider is the payment method used since it will determine your fee. By choosing a bank account rather than by paying with a credit/debt card, you will be charged an economy fee rather than an express fee which costs about half but will take longer to complete; so if time is not a concern then perhaps that might be the better option. Check the website beforehand to see how much of a difference both the payment method as well as the amount transferred to the specific country will impact the fee charged.
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1 year ago, Yrrek_619
Poor business practices unjustly deleted my account
Had this service for quite a few years. Had friends and family overseas who I sent to. Remitly stopped service for me without warning and no explanation from them and they would not disclose why. I sent money to my wife, her family and some friends of mine and hers who lived there. There was never any illegitimate transfers because my friends always received the money sent but they deleted my account without explanation and any disclosure or discussion. Before and more importantly during Covid and thereafter I helped some friends who lost their jobs as I could out of my heart but small amounts here and there. Usually only 10-20 dollars usd at a time but always helped my wife pay rent and medical expenses for swab tests. I was cut off and I can no longer help out my wife with medical needs and rent which is causing marital difficulties for us as a result. I find this to be unfair and I am absolutely upset that they have done this to me and to the suffering of my family and friends.
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5 years ago,
Worst customer service
Did a transaction and would like to cancel. But couldn’t find the cancel option so connected to the customer service executive, they couldn’t help to cancel that transaction and started saying false information to get this transaction completed. I never prefer to be using Remitly back again for my future transaction anymore and will never suggest to any of my friends. Hope the remitly people can give a well organized, well designed training to there executives of how to help the valuable customers who work hard to pay off there bills by taking the chance of high exchange rates but that’s not helping with remitly customer service staff. So I hope remitly can train some educated staff who can understand the customer needs/questions and solve by providing 100% satisfaction. Good bye remitly.
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3 years ago, Mr. ADHD
Old Man in the New World Order
Using REMITY, other than the cellphone GPS is the best thing that technology has given this 74 year old, who to this day chooses pencil and paper to his computer. Very hard to break old habits, and I think technology, in general, will ruin this Country. That being said, there is nothing in this world EASIER and COMPLETELY RELIABLE than transferring money form my Bank in New Jersey to where I now live, Medellin Colombia. I know there are dozens and dozens of services, but when you are told your money will be wire transferred, and be to you on Wednesday @ 1:34pm, and is available about two hours earlier, you have to tip your hat and say thanks. If everything in life was this easy, my last years would be a lot more enjoyable. A SIX STAR SERVICE, with constant updates.
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2 weeks ago, Jorgeee C.
Awful service
Awful, horrible and disappointing, after years using this company still having issues when I’m trying to send money to the same recipients I always had sent in the past. Lately I try to send money to my father on Saturday June 8th 2024 trough cash pick up and you guys rejected the transaction, then I try to send the same money trough a mobile app to the same recipient and you guys also rejected🤯 then I said you know what let’s change the recipient to my sister that is also a person I had sent money in the past multiple times and after three 3️⃣ days you guys also rejected the transaction. Really bad you guys are not accomplishing your promises about the time and accuracy of each transaction. I advice to people to please try to avoid this company if you have to sent money to a family member and it’s an emergency. You will be wasting valuable time and there’s a lot of other companies out there that are willing to provide a better service for a better price.
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3 months ago, Gap’s
Very disappointed.
We have been a loyal customer for years whilst in UK , now we have moved to the US and was happy to see that Remitly is here; Have managed to send money from US to UK no problem, but our 5th transaction was put on HOLD for verification, drivers license (North Carolina) and passport was provided —- still the guy who handled the call decided to cancel the transaction; I have explained how important this transaction as it’s for a mortgage payment … We’ve only been in the US for 5 months and not familiar with other Remittance Company and as mentioned We have this “loyalty” with Remitly… As a Husband and Wife the guy on the phone ( i will not name him ) keep saying that my wife should NOT share information to others, well I’m the Husband and The guy have talked to my wife to confirm details…. Call handlers should have “ common sense “ .. and probably some more training, in your end it might be just a normal transfer/ transactions but for us its the urgency and importance of the money that we are sending.. Jhune & Sherill
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8 months ago, boimyke
Bad performance
I have been a customer of Remitly for some years now. I thought they were good with their work until I made a wrong transaction. As soon as it happened, I reached out to them and my service provider to find out if the funds could be reversed. Fortunately, my service provider(MTN) informed me that the funds have been frozen and the only thing Remitly needs to do is to send a mail to that effect. Rest assured, I will get my money back on the 30th of September 2023 which I communicated to them accordingly . After several calls to Remitly about the status of transaction every week, they kept giving the same feedbacks- it’s being worked on and their agent will reach out to me in 48 hours” only to find out this morning 7th November, that the funds cannot be reversed because the recipient has withdrawn the money. I asked them “why wouldn’t the recipient withdraw the money if the funds have been sitting in the account for more than a month”. I think I am done with them.
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3 years ago, gogi1992
Bye bye money gram
Remitly is one if not the best and most reliable money transfer from my personal experience. I have family in Mexico and not once have I had an issue; their transfer fee is only 3.99. So not only is it reliable but affordable as well so there’s no need to waste gas money to go find a money gram place when you can just do it from the comfort of your own home on your phone at a very affordable rate. I don’t know how anyone’s else experience is but I have to say this app is reliable because it gets there within minutes not hrs, trusting because not once have I been scammed or had an issue with the funds being delivered and effective because they get the job done. You have nothing to lose by trying it out trust me.
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12 months ago, Ciao1174
what costumer service?
so reached my limit, tried applying for tier 3, sent documents, apparently it’s not complete, a representative calls me at 3am, yes 3am! (being nightshift and since i was at work i let that go) she was ask supporting documents. i told them it was 3am and i was at work. she them sends a link where i can download the documents. which of course i can only send 1 page. of course she calls again at 9am waking me up midsleep, despite my groggy sounding voice, instead of apologizing and calling later she says “you only sent 1 page of a 14 page bank statement, we need all of it.” and yet again, she sends same link! i sent a message stating the problem, she never got back to me and rejected my application on the grounds that i did not submit my documents. tried chatting with a representative asking how long will it take before i can send money again, “let me check that for you.” and left me hanging. Remitly is a good way to send money, but their costumer service is the worst.
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3 years ago, ---juancho---
Horrible experience
I saw an ad for Remitly and decided to give it a shot to send money to Brazil. I used the same banking info for the recipient (I send money monthly) that I used in the past with Xoom, Western Union, and Ria but Remitly kept saying it was incorrect and kept blaming me for this issue. They couldn’t tell me exactly what was wrong. They kept emailing the recipient bank and never got a response and that’s all they would do. Remitly kept resending my transfer the same way expecting different results but the transfer would still get return. They said they would call me but never did, I asked for a manager to call me and they would never call when promised. After 2 weeks of waiting I gave up and asked for my money back. Not only I wasted my time but also lost money since when I finally made the transfer (using a different app) the exchange rate was way lower than 2 weeks earlier. Horrible service. I’ll stick to the other apps I mentioned earlier. Lost a customer for ever
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3 years ago, Vipva2912
Can't sold problems with bank in Vietnam
It hurts my feeling to see my loved one have to go to bank too many times (4 times and 8 banks locations, more than one week until the day she fights to get that money) to get one small amount of $ I sent them. The app let me pick one bank to transfer $ to $ but then the bank in Vietnam said they only work with Western Union (??) and only transfer VND not USD (??). I chose to change to another bank. This time another problem. There's no place in the app to write my family member's MIDDLE NAME but bank in Vietnam requires middle name. Customer service promised to add middle name but did not do it until the last effort. Even after all the efforts, my mom still got trouble because bank employees find other flaws from the order of names to the old and new address bla bla to prevent her from getting money. She had to fight for it. This is ridiculous. Never seen this when I sent money with WU
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4 years ago, Sarahheee
Favorite app to send money
So the first time I used this app, it took a while for the system to verify the documents for the person receiving the money, but it’s only a $3 fee so I thought I’d rather wait then go to a store and pay more. WAS NOT DISAPPOINTED. it’s been a smooth ride ever since. NO issues. It does take a while to return your money if you cancel, but I’m sure Of the money that needs to be sent now so that is not a problem for me. Love this app. So easy and convenient to send money from my US bank account over to Family in Mexico. Very quick transactions. Love that I get notified of every step of the progress my money has made. Very user friendly app. Remitly will forever be my favorite way of sending money.
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2 months ago, truckermoose35
Choose a different company
They change their terms of service without letting you know then suspend you account and when you ask why they say they don’t have to tell you why, I don’t understand what happen to consumer rights. Been doing the same thing for over a year every week and now for some reason I violated a terms of service. They won’t tell me why, horrible customer service, their website says they will review it but the customer service says they don’t do that, so they lie on their website, don’t communicate when the rules have changed, I just used western Union to do what I always have done and it went through I even asked them on the phone if I am violating any rules between my country and the recipients country and they said no. Guess this company just picks and chooses who they let use it. Save yourself the headache for poor customer service and lies go somewhere that actually cares you are supporting family back Home.
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3 months ago, EllaMello
Although they have a good exchange rate, I’ve been trying to send money between my two accounts in different countries as I’m due citizen and they locked my account twice for suspicious activity. I have sent them proof of ID, passport, SSN, address, everything. Besides many times I had to go through that chat to explain my situation and wait for a solution. The chat if your phone get locked accidentally for 3 seconds, they abandon your conversation and you have to wait in line and start it all over again. I have been trying to solve my problem and I have been with my chat open for half hour, and now suddenly they ended my chat due to supposed lost connection and I have my phone on me all the time. So I don’t understand why is it so difficult to send money between 2 accounts that belong to the SAME person and after proving my ID. I definitely will get back to send money with my other app as I never had any problem before.
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1 year ago, Tethiendaithan
Really bad service
One day we saw 500usd got withdrawn from bank account that was link to remitly then we log on to remitly and see 3 more transactions was make lucky our bank account got only 500 usd . So we call remitly about it and they gonna investigate on it while the investigation on going the account will be ban and they will call us back in 2-3 day. After 3 day we got call back from remitly that they said they already send back the money to our bank account , it gonna take 3-10 day for money to be back to bank account . After 10 day we call remitly and they say receiver already got they money so they can’t do anything about it. So if anyone thinking of using remitly make sure don’t link any accounts that have more money then you think you would send from remitly. In my case I could have lost much more then 500usd cause there was 3 more transactions after that 500usd was make. DONT EVEN THINK OF HAVING A CHANCE OF REFUND BY REMITLY EVEN THOUGH YOU DIDNT CLICK SEND BUTTON.
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1 year ago, OnservingKoala
Keep services economical…
I have used many services in the past, Asher awhile of using them, they start to ask for reviews, or start asking questions about their service and if you love their service. Well, one think I have learnt is that after I give my review they start to change. They change their prices and or start adding more fees. I take it they use record to see if people really love the service and deduct statistics to show who would no matter how high or how much the service charge will be willing to pay those new prices and fees. So, this is why today I decided to give my review, however in doing so I cross my fingers and engage in prayers that everything stays the same and economically!
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3 months ago, Tariq sahil
Customers support racism
Never deal with Remitly, I have a business account with them and they suspended for no reasons and they don’t tell you the reason. I called customers service to remove my associates debit card from suspended account because I was adding the debit in my personal Remitly account so our conversation gone cross. He suspended my personal account as well. If you little talk loud with their customer support team they will suspend your account for life time. The customer support team is very racist with American citizen. So be careful there is a lot other app they give the same service with very professional and informative customer support team. They will never suspend ur account without any reason nor racist.
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6 years ago, Sujoy56
1st Experiences were satisfying
I haven’t used apps ever to send a lot of money before as I am skeptical and have a habit of not trusting things so easily but my friend recommended this to me and here as some of my good experiences. (Note: Again these are my experiences and may differ from others experiences) 1. App was simple to use. 2. Customer service was really good and answered all of my questions and cleared all of my doubts. 3. Took less than 45mins for the transfer which was still respectable in my eyes. 4. The security and verification i felt were important and necessary to protect my identity and prevent any fraudulent transactions from happening, so people have made a big issue out of it in the review section, i don’t exactly know what happened with them but these 1* reviews actually were hampering my judgement of trusting this app but the security and verification i felt was purely justified. There still might be a time where I might not be happy or satisfied with the app but thats not today and I hope this app provides users the same security while sending money to others whether small or big and keeping it simple as well. Well done Remitly.
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1 year ago, Playmess
Don’t use
Why would you allow me to transfer money if you are still verifying my account. I’m glad I didn’t end up continuing my transaction and waited for the verification process to end. Eventually you guys bombard me with phone calls after I had sent the necessary information. Eventually I contacted the support via the virtual assistant chat and it was incredibly slow which eventually led to them asking to call me. Well they tell me 10 minutes later they can’t call me and then suspend my account indefinitely. I can’t say I’m surprised I was already suspicious of how Western union and MoneyGram were able to verify my information within minutes and this service was not. Fix your algorithm. 24 hours to be useless . I didn’t lose anything I was just laughing at how bad this service is. If you aren’t verified on the spot please stay away and I’m glad the rest of you were able to use this service without my problem.
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2 years ago, Julsvr19
Lying about their cancellation policy
This app claims that u can cancel or modify ur deposit as long as it wasn’t delivered or picked up but that’s a lie. I mistakenly send my money to the wrong bank (2 banks had almost identical names and I didn’t catch it at the moment), I realized my mistake few minutes later but there was no option to cancel my transfer. Mind u, it said that the money will arrive the next day, so clearly my transfer was still being processed. I contacted customer support and their agent told me she’ll try to cancel it. Well, she didn’t cancel it, the transfer went through and after that same agent told me that there’s nothing can be done about it. The mechanics of this app is very sketchy, they claim that they need to use the entire day to transfer ur money (to verify ur transfer), but then they still send ur money through to the nonexistent account and say that there’s nothing they can do. Horrible service
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2 years ago, el skillet
Used successfully before, but will avoid.
I’ve used Remitly before to transfer money from the US to an account abroad. It worked great and I recommended the service to others. Last week, I tried to make a transfer to my landlord’s account in Central America. The day after it was supposed to arrive, there was no update. So I chatted with a representative in the app. They said they’d need to use another mkney transfer provider and the transfer would go through in an hour. Then I get a phone call from another Remitly rep who wants to ask me some verification questions. Fine. I did so successfully and the rep told me the transfer is approved and would soon go through. Not seconds after this call, I get notices that the transfer is on hold. So I call again and talk to a rep whose English I could barely understand. He ends up transferring me to a higher rep who assures me the transfer will now go through. Again, right after the call, I get notices saying it’s on hold. I chat again with someone! Not helpful at all, so I end up canceling the transfer. The rep then tells me my money will be back in my bank account in 5-10 business days. Absolutely ridiculous. The app and service are now worthless to me and I’ll steer as many others away from it as I can.
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3 months ago, PMVH310
I made transfer to the same account for almost 4 months and in March when I was going to do my usual transfer, Remitly began postponing the date the transfer was going to be made. I never received an email or a call about it, being concerned I called and they said that the funds they were holding it because the other bank didn’t accept it. Why now? And why i was not notified? I asked to cancel the transaction and give me my money back which they said I have to wait 10 BUSINESS DAYS. It’s been more than that and now they are requesting to see my bank statements, so thats now almost 2 months I have to wait to show them 2 bank statements. The representative said that it is correct I have to wait 2 months for my money to get deposited back to my account. Dealing with this has been a headache, after I get my refund im never going to use Remitly services, their rates are not even that great.
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