Remo Duplicate Photos Remover

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4.6 (12.8K)
7.8 MB
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Remo Software
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Remo Duplicate Photos Remover

4.64 out of 5
12.8K Ratings
4 years ago, Angel Villers
Seems pretty useful and accurate
I haven’t had much time to really take this app out for a spin but, from the brief period of time I did, however, test it out, it actually seems quite useful and honestly, probably one of the most sensible apps I have on my iPhone amongst the umpteen hundreds of worthless, nonsensical, and disappointing other apps that most have never once been used. Not to mention, of the apps that I do use or have used more than once, the actual use is pitiful, within allowable functionality without having to commit to a flipping monthly subscription just to actually do anything worthwhile or justifiably important for the price. Unlike those apps, this one actually wasn’t disappointing or only performed half the actual task (e.g. scan and locate all dups, present them to you, and then whoa wait... in order to actually delete the dups the app found, guess what?? Yup! Subscription needed!). Not that I’m above paying for an app, which is how things used to be—pay for the app one time fee, get full access-period! No. That’s unheard of now because greed has once again found a way again and instead of paying for the app once, you get to pay every month to keep using it so it’s like buying the same app every month. Thanks to the app developer of this app for making it simple and free for making an app that takes care of this task that would never get done otherwise. Thank you!
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2 years ago, Fl0werp0wered
Great Tool!
This tool is fantastic and the best thing I’ve found to help clean up my massive library better than any other ‘find dupes’ program I’ve tried. A couple of points thought. First and most important, it does take time to scan your files. You’re supposed to be able to minimize, but that didn’t work on my iPad. I started mine before going to bed and left it on and running. It finished overnight. I had about 6k photos. Second, this point is for the dev team. I’d like to get some file details when going in to look closer at an individual picture in the compare screen after scanning. Being able to see a date is nice, but not always the only thing I need. As some background, I have a design business and often have an original jpeg graphic and a secondary png graphic that I’ve removed the background on so that it is transparent and can be put on shirts and the like. It would be helpful to see the file type. I figured out that the oldest files were on the left, but that would make it easier.
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3 years ago, Bob Eddings
On big photo libraries, a long pause before finishing scan
…makes you think the app doesn’t work. I originally reported that it simply didn’t work because my observation was that it got to a point in the scan where there was no activity for several minutes, and I didn’t think waiting would make a difference. I tried it again after developer contacted me asking for further details. When it had scanned about 90% it stopped like before (not on a particular number, which seems likely be memory related, rather than quantity) and, instead of quitting after a couple of minutes like before, I just let the device sit there. Sometime between five and ten minutes later the scan resumed and completed. Once scanned the duplicates were identified correctly and I could successfully delete what I wanted. This otherwise seems like a great app. Especially for free! Five stars if developer can fix the pause because I’m sure most people would not wait that long, and quit the app thinking it was broken, like I did the first couple of times. I also noted that the app does not continue scanning if you switch to another app during the scan, as it says you can do, even though I have background app refresh set to ON.
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2 years ago, Lpropheter
Very good
This app works well. Out of my iPad collection of over 12,000 photos , it found over two thousand duplicates, or similars. And truth to tell , the only reason I could see for any difference in Most of the similars was the file size . The app pretty much selects the lower size copy , but not always . So, comparing file sizes is rather tedious, but worth the extra time. Also, I take screenshots of a web page , but save them as photos . The app pretty much lumps them all as similars , but I just skip past them . Most of the screenshots I’m talking about I’ll delete over time , anyway . All in all , a very good app. The version for Windows and Mac computers you have to pay for , but it’s a reasonable price . And you do have to buy both , if you have both windows and Mac computers. Now that my collection on my iPhone and iPad are cleaned up , I’ll move on to doing the same for my windows photos . ( over 100 gigs ) . Hope it does as well there !
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3 years ago, dawn2evening
Doesn’t work
I love that this app is free and doesn’t collect data. It didn’t work though. I tried it on two different devices and it scanned but could only detect exact duplicates. I don’t think it detected all my exact duplicates either. Of approximately 30k photos, I’m sure more than 10 duplicates. It detected 0 similar images. That was the feature I was most interested in using. To get the best pictures, I hit the shutter button on the phone several times over- like a burst shot. This yields best results for kids and cats alike, but leads to time consuming removal. It also didn’t scan in the background, but I appreciated the fact that it would only pause and continue when it was pulled back up and not start over. Scanning didn’t take any longer than expected with the amount of pics I have, but it made both devices very hot, so I was glad to be able to pause. For the record, the devices were an iPhone 13 pro max and an old iPhone 7. I’m also impressed that it even was available for the old phone. I will keep the app for a while and hopefully there will be updates to fix the similar. Thank you
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5 years ago, mariecarlson_03
I do not ever I mean EVER write reviews. However I feel this is totally an exception! This is absolutely the best app out there for removing duplicates of photos! I’ve searched and searched. Even paid for some. Nothing compares to this! Zero pop up ads! Mine takes time but I have started with nearly 66,000 photos. My computer uploaded some photos 12 times! The ONLY negative for me is that I can do the select all - and hit the delete and say yes to deleting them all, but it doesn’t. I figured out it can only handle deleting 1000 at a time. I can’t imagine anyone else has the same problem I had (nearly 19k of doubles!). So for me I have to manually click each one and then rescan after each 1000 deleted. I would have totally paid for this (2.99 to 3.99). I’m not into subscriptions because really how many times would you need to go through and delete doubles after the initial run? Maybe do it yearly? Anyways by far the BEST app I’ve ever used!
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5 years ago, mark___s
Great App from a Great Developer
The app itself is wonderful, and works perfectly. It helped me sort out a long standing mess amid my photos, and did it quickly and in a way that makes sense. The most amazing thing though, is that this developer must be someone with a passion for the work. There is absolutely nothing wrong with making money as an app developer, and in fact, it's expected. But, here's a case where this app could have been written chock full of ads, with in-app-purchases, or as another of the PITA subscription model apps. I'd encourage the creator to release a donation version. I'm (now) going to see if the Dev has an email address and PayPal account so I can send off a tip, cup of coffee, whatever. That's how impressive and helpful this app has been for me. 👍👍
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2 years ago, InIphonehell
Failed to find duplicates
I was trying to duplicate iPhone 7 Live Photos as still photos so I could delete the live version and reclaim space. Even though I selected Duplicate as Still Photo the iphone created duplicates of the Live Photos instead. I downloaded this app to remove the duplicate Live Photos so I could get back to where I started from. Out of at least 700 duplicate Live Photos the app only found 8 duplicates. Which means I have to select about 692 duplicates manually. The photos are shown together in the Live Album so you can’t even select by sliding your finger across lines of photos automatically selecting everything. You have to pick every other photo to delete. In fairness, after creating the duplicate Live photo images, the amount of storage space used on the iPhone didn’t change. This could mean they only created a pointer to the original Live photo, and displayed it twice. In that case, REMO would not find a duplicate because the iPhone may have only simulated a second copy.
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4 years ago, DisappointedShawn
Good, but could be better
I somehow have accumulated tens of thousands of duplicates on my phone. While the app the great at finding them (45,000+) it does not allow you to delete them all at once. Based on another user review it appear s you can only delete 1000 at a time...which you have to do manually one set at a time because you can’t use the select all feature. I know I’m probably an extreme case as most people won’t have that many duplicates, but still...If you could delete as many as you needed this app would be much much better. Also, I’m not sure how reliable the file size numbers are as they shift when you select certain files within a set. Sometimes the file that the app decides is the “original” is the largest file size, other times it’s a smaller one. Not sure why it would select an image with a smaller file size as a keeper.
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5 years ago, Xplizt
Didn’t work for me
I have lots of duplicates after mistakenly keeping my photos shared across multiple different iCloud accounts. I was skeptical of a free app cleaning up my database without any strings attached, so I tried doing some research on the developer before I downloaded.... I couldn’t turn up any negative information besides the company being headquartered outside of the US... in India to be precise. So I downloaded and set it to scan over 400 photos. It took less than 30 seconds using cellular service on my iPhoneX. When done, it only found 2 “exact” duplicates and 7 “similar”... of which, maybe only 2 of the “similar” photos were “similar” in nature. Disappointing to say the least... because after reading some of the reviews, I had hoped this thing would find more than just TWO duplicates. Never the less, it was free... so no harm, no foul... although I will still leave a respective review to reflect my experience.
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4 years ago, Tracydee
Works great
Ok I was skeptical about this app but I thought I would give it a try. It works fantastic !!! For real! It scans your phone and IPad for both exact matching duplicate photos and of similar matching photos in 2 separate files. So you can go through the exact match and select them all or hand select the duplicates you want to delete. It will NOT let you delete all of the photos only the duplicates, so it keeps the master. Then you can go to similar and review those. This is perfect if you take lots of screen shots, do photo share and make duplicates to post to social media. I would highly recommend this app. It will save you hours of trying to review and delete duplicate photos. And it’s free! Win win!
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4 years ago, DataDelver
Mac synching duplicates NOT removed
This may work as advertised on photos that have the trash can icon available. However, those of us backing up and then synching to our Macs have developed a problem: synchronization over iTunes has developed a bug within the past year or so. It will sometimes send duplicate photos to your iPad. None of the photos have trash can icons available. I have about 20,000 photos on my Mac in Photos, which come from uploaded photos taken with my iPhone and iPad. My Mac is the “Master source”. During uploading to Photos I select the option to delete the uploaded photos from my iPhone and iPad. Thus, after I synchronize with iTunes, almost all photos have one copy, and none have the trash can available (trash cans are only an option if the photo is in your Camera Roll folder, a decision that Apple made long ago - no editing and no deleting photos that came from the Master source). Unfortunately, my last synching with my Mac duplicated 4000 photos. None have trash can icons, so none can be deleted manually. This Remo software only looks through photos in your Camera Roll, and cannot find the duplicates in other folders that came from your Master source. Does anyone know if there’s an app to remove Photos from an iPad or iPhone that don’t have trash can icons?
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5 years ago, GC@314
Works Very Well!
I’ve used this software to keep things under control for quite a while now and it hasn’t let me down in any way. My catalog is more than 22k photos...just start the scan and it will do its job...finding duplicates and similar images. It’s very handy and DOES NOT delete photos on its presents the results and you select those you wish to remove. I really like this level of control. One problem I have is that the developer says that you can minimize the app and continue using your device...that hasn’t worked for me, so I just set my phone aside and let it run. I consider this a well crafted app that gets the job done.
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5 years ago, 777Phil
Works almost perfectly
But see last paragraph for additional. I was concerned because I always read the negative reviews first and many people said it kept crashing. I have an iPhone 6s. I scanned for duplicates and similar photos and it worked perfectly. The similar photos were actually identical, as far as I could tell. I had over 1000 photos and it scanned them quickly and I deleted all duplicates and similars, which you can do independently. The “almost” in the title is because it found two photos similar and they were quite different. However, all in all just saved me hours. I just rescanned & it found no exact duplicates & none similar. However, I manually found several duplicates, so while it works, it’s not completely dependable.
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2 years ago, Stupid usernames already taken
Crashes at 27,000 photos
I’m a photographer and graphic design student so I was super excited when I heard about this app but my excitement quickly turned to frustration and disappointment. I’ve tried to use this app about 15 times now. I have about 29K photos and let this app scan them all. It stops scanning at about 27K and doesn’t let you know. It also says it’ll run in the background but each time I minimized the app it only scanned about 10 photos a minute instead of about 60 photos a minute. To use the app I had to constantly have it open and was not able to go on any other app, which is fine if that’s what they advertised I would have planned accordingly. They also never notified me when the scan failed. Huge waste of time since it took about 6 hours for it to scan all the way up to 27K and then just quite on me.
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7 years ago, Smithers000
5 Stars
This is not one of my go to utility apps. Simple, well designed, and effective. 5 out of 5 Starts I somehow ended up with loads of duplicate photos on my phone. I never got around to deleting/sorting all of them because there were so many and they were never together with the original. After downloading and trying several other ‘clean up’ and ‘photo removal’ apps that did nothing I found this one. After a quick background scan it found of my +6000 photos I had +/- 300 duplicate. It creates a simple breakdown of exact duplicate and similar files and allows you to choose how to delete, recover or sort them.
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5 years ago, TheTraumaHawk
I never write reviews however this app was exceptional. I downloaded the app in seconds, after allowing permissions to access photos it immediately scanning. it took maybe 20 seconds to scan over a thousand photos. Once the scan was completed a quick screen of instructions popped up, which was very simple and strait to the point. I like that fact it has a "select all" option rather than having to select each photo individually. I was able to delete all duplicates in seconds and that was it. Very clean, simple, no frills, no ads, just very straightforward. This app does what it says it does.
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10 months ago, soyka-cheyenne
I cannot believe this app is free first of all! I had about 12k photos and videos across multiple storage locations, and when I put them all in once place unfortunately I ended up with 4 to sometimes 6 copies of my stuff… needless to say it was too much to go through myself and I was worried id have to pay an arm and leg for a decent app I could trust. Boy was I wrong. Don’t hesitate! Download and clean your photos! (Side note— I don’t believe it does videos but those aren't as hard to go through manually. Would be a nice upgrade that I’d pay for definitely!)
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3 years ago, Rolandrahl
Great app, would pay $1.99 or more for this free app
What is your time worth to you. This app does what you are trying to do Quickly and easily I spent days trying to sort and delete duplicates and sort. Except when you move a photo you don’t actually ‘move’it. It is just sitting in both albums and your library. Went online and tried to find a way to make it easier. No way Apple wouldn’t have a solution But they don’t And their answer is ‘why would you need that’ Well just like in the rest of what I do I have a bulk area like my desk, physically, or my desktop virtually. But I don’t leave things piled on my desk I file them, or throw them away. And I don’t keep a copy on my desk or in multiple folders, unless I need to. So why wouldn’t I do that with my phone Because Apple doesn’t give you that option Like other reviewer, I would pay a small fee or watch ads to use this. Thank you very much to the developers!
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5 months ago, palzmwosk
Great App
I’ve only used it once so far and i knew i had a few duplicates in my photos and it seemed to do really well. I would love to go through my camera roll and check but i have way to many photos to do that. I scanned a second time to double check and the second round through there was no duplicates to pop up so i’m hoping it did the job. Very simple, fast, and easy to use. Just scan and wait for it to finish. It only took about 30 seconds to scan the 1000+ photos that i have.
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2 years ago, Lapageria11
Great tool to identify duplicate identical pictures
The program scanned my iPhone and identified identical pictures displaying file size, date photo taken and a simple delete check button for deleting duplicates not needed. For reasons beyond me, apple does not allow file names to display, which is exactly what I needed. For reasons irrelevant here, I ended with with many version of the same pictures but with different names and was hopping to easily determine the original photo and delete the copies. Thank you for great product
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6 years ago, dj jon bates
Fantastic — first app to do the job fast, easy & completely
I’m undercounting, but I’ve downloaded around 10 free and paid duplicate management apps over a few years. Until this one, I was disappointed by every one: missed dupes; inability to handle large volumes of photos (25,000+); cumbersome selection and filtering; and just plain bad. This app doesn’t just remove all the duplicate photos correctly (29,000 image roll had 14,000 dupes), but did it FAST and without any configuration whatsoever. I would pay for this app. I wish I hadn’t paid for all the others. Where was this in 2015?!? ;-)
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5 years ago, Awh68
Super app
Just downloaded this app and told it to scan all my photos (12,000+). On iPhone 8 running 13.1.3. It found over 200 duplicates in less than 5 minutes. I spot checked and all appeared to be absolute duplicates. I selected select all and deleted them all at the same time. Then I told it to find all similar photos on a second scan. There were 60+. I checked each one and deleted the ones that looked identical to me. What a great time saver. Great app. Not something I will use on a daily basis, but great to use periodically.
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4 years ago, MrsBuckets
Doesn’t work with already-synced photos
I really wanted this app to work for me, and after reading good reviews I was quite hopeful. Every time I tried to do a scan, it always “hung” after it had scanned all the photos. After I communicated with their support team and tried a few things, they concluded that it wouldn’t work on my phone because I had already backed up all my photos to google photos. I did disable syncing/google photos app etc and tried scans then as well. But they concluded that it wouldn’t work for any photos that were already synced up with iCloud or google photos etc. That seems like a pretty big flaw to me, unfortunately.
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2 years ago, 40cabagges
Seems okay
I have this 4 stars because the app asked me to review it before I had a chance to really use it. I deleted a few photos that the app found and it seems easy to use. The scanning process was quick considering the thousands of photos I have. That being said, once you use it, how often will this be used? Out of 5 thousand photos, it only found three duplicates. I don’t take duplicate pictures and if one is snapped more than once, I delete it right away. Not sure how useful this app really will be but it works good, so far.
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3 years ago, Alki Sue
Good result
It takes time to run the scan (I had over 9000 photos), and to select photos for final deletion, but it did a nice clean job. I had difficulty finding a menu and wasn’t able to get back to it. It seemed to force me to scan all photos. If I could find a menu easily I could figure out how to use the app better. I’m not the most tech savvy person, but usually can find such things. Remo responded immediately to help and I understand better how to use the app. Had I asked questions first, it would have saved me lots of time.
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4 years ago, my_own_damn_nickname
I’m surprised
I’ve about 3500 photos on my iPad- around 1/3 of them copied from my phone. The other day, I decided to remove the duplicates. Not being a total idiot, I figured somebody else would have written an app for it. Of course, there are scads of them. I downloaded the five most promising. Between ads, buy-up, and just plain not being able to differentiate between similar photos, four of them quickly became electrons scattered through the universe. Remo Duplicate Photo Remover is fast, accurate, and intuitive.
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2 years ago, Brooklyn Siriano
Not the worst; not the best.
Could be better, but not the worst! I honestly don’t think this app is designed to scan huge volumes of photos in one setting. It misses A-LOT of duplicate photos; and hardly hits on the similar photos. None of the “similar” matches are relevant. Some boxes have anywhere from 1-10 images and none of them are even remotely similar. For example a photo of a cat and a photo of clouds from the inside of an airplane. It relies too much on file size rather than the actual image. Not sure why the app has different percentage levels of scanning, none of the higher percents really amount to anything. After 30% you’re just wasting your time waiting on a new scan. However, it does help remove identical duplicates, and does show you the file sizes of each photo, and if you do delete it calculates how much space you cleared up! If you have a smaller amount of photos, I would definitely suggest this.
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2 years ago, Amelia-a
Great App
This is really useful for photos. The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is for three reasons: 1. Can’t see photos that well. If you have two similar photos and one might be cropped or filtered, you can’t see. 2. I believe it says it will delete files or videos, however app doesn’t pull it or show you an option. If I do find that it does, I will update! If you do want another version that looks for everything like PDF files, you will pay for it, otherwise this is a great app! ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️
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5 years ago, Candace___
Very Good!
This app works very very well. It gives the option to delete duplicates and/or similar photos. You can pick and choose if you want to keep them or delete them when it sorts them out. The only problem I had with it is that while it is scanning it says you can minimize the app and it will notify you when it’s done but it didn’t notify me. Not a big deal, it didn’t take long at all to scan over a 1,000 photos. But other than that it was great!
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2 years ago, slh917
Doesn’t work
I have 103,000 pictures on my phone (iPhone 11 pro max 256gb). Says you can minimize it while it scans. This is not true. I would minimize it then go back to check and the number never went up. Have to leave it open to scan. Takes forever to scan through. 8 hours later I got to 35k scanned and then I went to check on it shortly after that and the main screen was back up that had the button to start the scan. All that time for nothing! Waste of time, battery and waste of an app. Dont even know if the deleting or duplicates found even work bc it never got done scanning before shutting off and starting over. DO NOT DOWNLOAD.
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1 year ago, This Name Crap...
Efficient & Fast!
Very fast scan! Went through 4200 photos & screenshots within seconds. Great! Not five stars due to: inability to clearly preview several items & makes it difficult to actually verify what you’re deleting. Also- getting an “error” when stop “delete” action while continuing to review!? Not sure what action causes the pop up before ready to “delete all” (tapping something prematurely?)? Appreciate most are in order by date. App does what it says it’s going to do & good so far!
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4 years ago, Asilink
Ok, but missed a lot
After reading reviews, I was optimistic but the results of my scan were not terribly effective when it came to similar photos. It caught all the screenshots with text but missed all the similar photos taken at the same time of similar landscapes and people. I was looking for something that would help me cull through my 14,000+ photos (yes I’m a hoarder who doesn’t know how to use iCloud effectively- I delete photo from one device only to have it reappear later in in a different place) Of all my pics, it only found 130 “similar” and they were all screenshots. Underwhelmed by app’s usefulness for my situation.
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8 months ago, BuffBison
Yes…a winner!
So glad I found this tool on my iPad….i didn’t realize how often I needed something like this! With tons of pictures, I found myself going back to my old messages and saving many of the same pictures again - just because I wanted to be certain I had them. Finally, as I sat down to reduce some storage on my iPad, I used this app. It brought up all my duplicates, let me remove them, and clean up my photos! Perfect….
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7 months ago, Zzz$frankie$zzz
Great app
I LOVE THIS APP I use it to clean out duplicate photos that I have because of daily life photos (ex: pictures of the sky or burst photos) and it works great!! I can use it to keep track of which photos are duplicated and it keeps it in a nice and organized way which makes it easier for me or anyone to understand. I would definitely recommend this app for anyone looking to clean out storage in a easy and organized way
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4 years ago, nonnanmk3
A waste of 6.99
Terrible. Found only 5 dupes. Just a cursory look tells me differently. How do I get my money back??? Ok. Just tried on my phone. Same thing. And yes, did up the similarity setting to 10%. Wow this is really bad. PLEASE don’t waste your money!!!!! UPDATE so I post the review above and I get an email explaining that the app is free. Ok sorry, something popped up during install and I thought I was getting charged. It is free. The company was very upset about this. However, not so much about their app not working. Lol. Told me to check “similars”. Really?? I did! And upped the similarity setting to 10% as stated above. I don’t think you read past “How do I get my money back?”. My review still stands. There really should be a way to give no stars.
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5 years ago, PLEEZ REED
The only app I can find that will clean exact duplicates instead of just similar photos. With other apps, some won’t even let you see what you’re deleting, it’ll just say “this many found, delete now”. Most that I tried only found 15 or 16 similar pictures and wanted to delete those. This app found all 70 or so EXACT duplicate sets in my phone, PLUS any similar ones, told me how big each file was and let me review it if I wanted, and was overall amazing. Great app.
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7 years ago, Charlottewv
Works Great--A Real Timesaver
I scanned over 3,400 photos using the Remo Duplicate Photo Remover and in a matter of minutes, was able to remove all the duplicates. Next, I selected "similar" and this app found several more photos that were very much alike. I was able to review a large photos in this group in order to be certain which ones to delete. This app works great, frees space and saves time and eliminates the need to review thousands of photos to determine which are duplicates.
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5 months ago, PyrateMate
Finally an App That Does The Job
I have tried several apps in the past that called themselves a dupe remover. This is one that does what it claims!! It took less time to find and remove 377 duplicate photos than it is taking to write this review. It’s fast, scans very quickly, selects multiple photos within a group so you don’t have to and then eliminates them all within a few seconds. A tip of the hat to the developer!
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3 years ago, Yesi :-)
2K in dupes…gone.
After transferring some old pictures from one iPhone to another, I realized that when my phone went into lock making me restart the process multiple times, causing multiples of said pictures. I wasn’t looking forward to the clean up. I dig around and find this app on my phone. No idea when I got it but in just a few minutes, all was cleaned up correctly. Get this app. It’s great.
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2 years ago, Houdia
Good, but...
First off, this app takes forever! Especially if you have lots of pics. It may run in the background, but if you don't open it frequently, it seems to never move. And as far as letting you know when it's done...doesn't seem to work. I know I have a lot of duplicate pics that it never seems to pick up on no matter what settings I use. Ran an earlier scan, but when it was finally done hours later, it wants to start a new scan. 🤬 Guess it's ok for what it is, but could be better.
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5 years ago, mcook1125
Worked perfectly
Just upgraded to an xR and realized that I’d duplicated all of my previous 6,500 photos/videos when using a transfer app because they were copied from my old phone in addition to syncing up and downloading from iCloud. Thought I was going to have to delete over 6k photos manually but found this app after a quick search. Worked flawlessly for me - very happy to not have to waste hours doing it myself. Thanks!
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6 years ago, Powerball winner
Lottery Jackpot
I felt like a big winner today when I stumpled upon this awesome app. Quick download and a total scan of my photo roll and compiled all my exact duplicates along with pics that are very similar in extremely short time. Easy methods for deleting makes it painless. I wish I could've found this app along time ago so I would've been able to free up iCloud storage. This comes with a recommendation to anyone that has as a sizeable amount of photos.
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6 years ago, Fekcwa
Great Little App!
I had no idea that I had so many duplicate photos on my iPhone! And not only did it show how many duplicates there were of each photo, but it also showed the size of every one. You get to choose whether you want to keep the smaller or the larger of the photos. Since I tend to be a bit of a pack rat, and have more than 20,000 photos on my phone, I am delighted to have this very effective app! Thanks for helping free up all that space!
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4 years ago, NB2222222222222222
I’m Amazed
It actually worked! My only complaint and reason for 4 stars instead of 5 is because it looked as thought it was frozen and I almost, almost gave up and deleted the app. As luck would have it I got distracted and when I came back it announced that I had 670 duplicates! The only flaw is keeping us in the dark as to what the app is doing at all times. Glad I didn’t delete it. Hope this saves you some frustration because it actually worked. Amazingly well done!
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3 years ago, cantwait2retire
Wow! Better than I thought!
I had an app I previously purchased that I really loved. But it disappeared. So I’ve been looking and looking for one where there is not a subscription because I will not pay a monthly fee for any app anymore. I had close to 12,000 photos on my iPhone and this app found 128 duplicates and I was able to delete them. Thank you for making this so much easier than I thought it would be. 👍🏻
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1 year ago, travelluvver
amazingly easy and defective product to use
I am a low tech computer user and found this duplicate software remover to be as easy as turning my computer on. It took the program a while to scan through my 25,000 photos to fiind duplicates and similar photos, but my photo files are now completely clean of all duplicates, all of the touch of a finger. Thank you so much!
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4 years ago, Ticxel
Incredibly unique
This app does one thing, does it very well, and here's the kicker--it's the only app I've ever seen on the app store that is free, has no in-app purchases, and no ads. Im not even sure how the developers make money with it or even if they do, but putting something out there that is so useful for free after the countless low quality garbage cash grab apps I've seen, well.. you developers have my respect, for whatever that is worth. Thank you.
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5 years ago, Guppy270
Works Perfectly
A lot of free apps are disappointing; they don’t do what they say they will, or you have to pay for the features you really want, etc. This app worked perfectly. It did exactly what you’d want it to do; find duplicate folders; explain how to delete them, ask your permission to delete them, tell you how much space you’ll gain, and then finally deleting the duplicates. This app would be a great deal at $3 or $4; for free it’s amazing.
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6 years ago, lexielov
I am not a techie. It took me awhile to figure out how to get the app to do the deleting. At first I manually deleted all of the first 200. Then I thought that this couldn’t be right. A machine ought to be able to do this. Like I said I am slow to catch on to tech issues. Once I figured it out with the right dot menu, oh yes, was it great! I was worried “select all” meant all pictures would be deleted not just duplicates. Not so. It went very fast. I am impressed!
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