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IDrive Incorporated
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User Reviews for RemotePC Remote Desktop

4.63 out of 5
2.3K Ratings
4 years ago, TrentVano
Works great
I don’t really have any complaints about this. It’s basically your computer on your mobile phone. It’s easy to use, reliable and doesn’t have an unreasonable amount of lag, only a little bit. It works great even just using your mobile data. Of course you can connect from computer to computer also, but I like the phone to laptop. I run stock market auto trades , so it’s nice to be able to check on what’s happening straight from my cell phone to the laptop anywhere I want, I’ve even done it while out camping before. This product is only 3.6 stars right now, it definitely deserves more than that.
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2 years ago, DeesJam
Poor service
In May of 2021 We tried to fix an issue with getting on remotely to our host computer. We attempted to get help by phone, which was no help. The person didn’t have a clue how to help. We also tried to get help through e-mail. We received a response to have us go to a website to find our public IP from the computer we were accessing from to the host computer. It was not a public IP so there was not one. We attempted to explain that and get help. We did not ever receive a return response. So we just waited out our two year paid service we could not use, because every time we attempted to contact by phone, we were put on hold and never anyone getting to our call. Then just two days ago, we decided to give it one more chance. We paid a renewal fee and even with new computers tried it again. It worked and we were pleased it finally did work. But today, when it was attempted to remotely get on the new host computer the same thing happened like last year where it just kept having the connection waiting but never connecting to see the computer. Crazy thing is, I could restart the computer remotely, but could not connect and see the computer remotely. I wish we could have been able to get help on this, but once again the phone service never goes anywhere. You sit on hold and never get a representative or customer service response.
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4 years ago, Terrible App Victim
A Wonderful Dream, but just that. A Dream.
This would be incredibly useful if it worked. Unfortunately, this app is the single most disappointing setback in modern technology since the Challenger explosion. After testing it on multiple devices and on multiple networks, I was unable to stay connected to my PC at home for more than a few minutes without it being interrupted and throwing me into a blue screen that either lasts until I force quit the app or until it returns me to the sad, frozen image of my PC’s desktop; taunting me with a cursor able to glide gently across the icons I need to click, but unable to actually click. Using remote PC is like watching It’s a Wonderful life, except instead of seeing what life would be like if I didn’t exist, I see all the wonderful things I could be clicking if I were at home. My documents and my applications are just out of reach; I am a ghost sitting in my computer room, trying futilely to click and click, and I cry as my connection to my PC slips away before my very eyes. If this were the Titanic, I would be Rose, floating on my driftwood, and my desktop would be Jack, sinking and freezing to death right before me. If you value your time, your money, and your dignity, I strongly recommend you avoid downloading Remote PC or spending money on their service.
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3 years ago, AMBS1981
Nice idea but…
First, I’ll admit that I’m not an IT guy. However, I don’t think I should have to be in order to use a Remote Desktop tool. Part of my issue is Remote PC, the other is Windows 10 and the Microsoft Surface Studio. Windows seems to find a way to overly complicate things. There were about 5 different options that I had to check for my Surface to remake woke for remote access. I checked all of these boxes and after 1 hour, my Surface disconnected from the internet and could not be reached. When I was able to connect remotely, the application would freeze on the Windows lock screen. Eventually after a series of glitchy graphic displays I was able to see my desktop, but then everything became extremely sluggish. I did contact RemotePC and they suggested having a 3rd machine that can wake the other PC, but unfortunately their support references show an outdated Windows interface. Bottom line, someone will get rich when they introduce a remote access tool that’s actually simple to setup.
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6 months ago, bovorasr
Works, but has multiple issues
In the 5 minutes I’ve been testing, I’ve noticed the following issues: 1. When lock session on end is enabled, the remote PC does not revert the original resolution. This means that if your client resultion is set to the iPad’s aspect ratio, and you enable lock session on end, when you return to your physical PC, the resolution will be all jacked up. Because of this, the lock session on end feature is not worth using. 2. Blank host screen does not work. This is a feature that’s supposed to allow you to have the host screen not show anything during a remote session. From what I can tell, when using RemotePC on the iPad, this feature does not work. Because of this combination of issues, if you want to ensure that your remote machine isn’t broadcasting what you do & being left unlocked and with contents on it, it seems you are out of luck.
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6 years ago, Monkey_Junk
Really good replacement for LMI
Dollar for dollar you get way more bang for the buck over what is seriously overpriced Logmein remote access. I added this to my arsenal as a supplement to my existing remote software and as it turns out, the more I use it the more I like it over the other. It has a few things I need to either figure out in setup or workarounds for what it won’t do but I can definitely see myself ditching Logmein and moving my entire client list to this. As a medical/clinical IT software I use has to meet federal requirements or it’s a no go. This fits the bill nicely without gouging the bottom line. Nice!
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5 days ago, KoleSlaw420
My question is can you use this without actually having a PC or Mac? I have always wanted my phone to have access to a Mac type of function so I can be on the go (I’m a traveling cleaner for upper class and deep cleanings on new homes and move outs) so I’m super busy I work from morning sometimes till the sun comes back up so I’m not at home much I thought a desktop would be a waste and a labtop not used as much as I wish I could but my phone is always available so it would be amazing 🤗😁 I hope at least we can see something like that in the future if this isn’t it. Please let me know. Thank you ☺️
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4 years ago, GRAYBABY88
I love it however.....
If you’re thinking about getting this app instead of that 10 yr old Microsoft rdp app, DO IT. I honestly love this app, it works just like it’s supposed to, it’s very easy to connect your computer and the layout is very simple. I’ve only had it for a day, but I’ve noticed a couple things: - your desktop wallpaper disappears and is replaced with just a black one, which isn’t that big of a deal - it lags a little (which might just be me having a slow computer or bad internet) Other than those two things the app is fantastic! I’m a Youtuber and I do all of my editing on Lightworks and all of my voice recording on Audacity, which are both computer-only. But I draw on my iPad because drawing on computer feels unnatural even with a tablet. I get sick of having to walk between my drawing desk and my office to edit, and i hate lugging my computer up to the quietest room in the house to record so my audio isn’t too terrible. This app fixed all of that quite nicely, and now i have a steady workflow. Thanks developer 😁
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2 years ago, Lpopy
Purchased remote PC couple days ago
I am thrilled with this! I purchased it so that I could connect to my work server from abroad. I didn’t realize that they had an rdp that you can download on your work server which is what I needed. Our company has their own vpn but it doesn’t always work outside of the USA so to have to get hold of our IT from overseas to sort it out is a pain. Now I won’t have to worry anymore.
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5 years ago, Wizisname
Kinda of a useless app
I installed the app and it does absolutely nothing. It’s not very intuitive. I can go into settings and change things if I want. But having a app just to do that is silly. It doesn’t connect to any of my computers on my client computers, it doesn’t even see that those computers are online. Doesn’t show a history of ever being used. I can’t monitor the activity of my computers and client activity. I can open the app and just look at the page it says search and I can’t even put my cursor in it to open a keyboard to search for anything. I don’t understand why the app is an option, is it just a reminder that I have the software installed on my computer at home?
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3 years ago, KAS89
Great Program at a decent price
I was looking for a way to connect to my computer over the internet. I was using Remote Desktop but it was difficult to know my ISP public address all the time. This program it’s very easy to use and controls my computer very well. The only thing I would request it’s that they add the mouse functionality to work with the app with iPad. I am able to connect a keyboard and a mouse to the iPad, but I can not right click with the program. Hope it gets added... Otherwise a great program to access your computer remotely.
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2 years ago, Frustrated in Houston, TX
It’s buggy, but useable
I, too, have issues with the connection dropping, but it typically reconnects automatically. Annoying, but not a deal killer. I can’t say whether it’s my internet connection or the software. My PC at home is connected via wifi, so it could be on my end. I would connect via ethernet if the router was in the same room. One star off for that. I use a Logi SlimFolio on my iPad and several keys don’t work. No Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V, etc. The arrow keys don’t work. I have to bring up the onscreen keyboard for those functions, all of which work perfectly in Remote Desktop. If free Remote Desktop can make it work, I expect RemotePC to make it work. Another star off for that. When I contacted tech support for help, they sent me generic instructions that apply to the desktop version of RemotePC (that I had already found long ago on the support website), not to the iOS version. All that said, I’ve been able to use my PC while on vacation via my iPad, so it does work.
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2 years ago, Brian 7737
Email can only ne work under one company
The app is good but if you are an IT support multiple companies then you can’t, your email only allow for single use, or under one enterprise account. If you want to support two or more you need to have more email The app is good but if you are an IT support multiple companies then you can’t, your email only allow for single use, or under one enterprise account. If you want to support two or more you need to have more email account for each enterprise license, I hope it can be update. for each enterprise license, I hope it can be update.
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7 months ago, bootsncats24444
Don’t bother waste of money way to many bugs
From not wanting to connecting when the internet connection is good on both sides to randomly logging out the host computer is beyond ridiculous. Its a remote software what use does me to randomly log out the host computer with an error. On top of that you would think remote pc would work flawlessly online or with their software no. Taking forever to connect or saying can’t connect because your already connected to this computer on this browser when I’m not connected to it. Software is good when it works but the issue is it doesn’t always work and seem to be getting worst.
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2 years ago, Nuclearburn
Awesome App
This app makes traveling so much easier. I can access my computer from my tablet, phone or friends computer when I’m away from home. I access my work PC when my boss needs emergency help when I’m not in the office. Being able to switch to a second monitor on my PC is a great feature..
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3 years ago, Jftman1953
Friendly Available Support
I am NOT an enterprise ap user having installed remotePc on my ipad and iphone. I called asking if and when I could connect my ipad to my iphone. Saying it would be good to launch an app on my iphone with the ipad viewing the desktop on the iphone. This feature is being developed! So we should have an update coming. I want to use a gimbal for photographic video with the installed application software pointing the camera and ‘force motion’ or tracking vid blogger stuff!
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3 years ago, rb4havoc
Great Remote Software, Issues with iOS password input
Love the software and works great since I ditched Chrome Remote Desktop. Primary issue I have though is at least on iOS and iPadOS, I can’t get past my own password due to some issue with the case sensitivity possibly. I’ve even copied and pasted it and used the software shift key to try and get it to work. If this bug can be resolved, I would definitely give it 5 stars because it’s worthwhile, just not so much if I can’t access it because it’s locked and I can’t type in my own password
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10 months ago, sclark3100
Recent update
Not sure what changed with this last update but it now runs very sloppy and slow in iOS. I use this a lot to log into my work computer but now it reacts so slow it’s pretty much useless. I tried changing the settings for better performance but it was already set there. Additionally I can’t seem to find the blank host screen option so that all of my monitors gather to one when I log in via iOS. Sadly I will likely have to find another option now and cancel our subscription.
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4 years ago, imburnsey
Poor connections
More times than not the connection is not good. When trying to navigate a program such as word, you may thing you typed a sentence and look up only to see nothing happen. So you begin again only to find it lagged so much that now you have garble. When trying to use QuickBooks, often it is unusable. Tech support only tells you that the problem is that you’re not on the newest version. Does that mean they know they built it with problems? Updating has never solved the issues. It’s cheap and sometimes works well. While in Tech chat support , expect to be on hold for extended periods of time.
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2 years ago, frankie_v.
Does the job
Decent Remote Desktop app. Disconnects every now and then, but overall i would say it’s quite stable. I wish i could you the up, down, left, right arrows on iPad Pro Magic Keyboard, but alas it seems like not. Additionally, it would be nice if it had a type of tablet mode for scrolling the available touch scrolling isn’t as slick as an ipad or Samsung tablet. Overall it does what i need it to do so im content.
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2 years ago, Nva1233
Ok for most
App and PC app is great when it comes to ease of setup and use. Definitely better than RDC. Major issue I have is connecting to any of my PC’s with multiple monitors. For example I have two PC’s with four monitors each. When I remote in and try switching between monitors I can only view what is on the monitor. I can not interact with anything that is on the screen including the PC’s taskbar. This seems to be happening with the third and fourth monitor.
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6 years ago, Mac_1955
Computer app good, iOS app bad
Transitioned from gotomypc after years of solid use, but poor customer service and excessive cost drove the change. The RemotePC computer version works well. The iOS version doesn’t as it shuts down unexpectedly and has terrible navigation. Pinch is useless because it centers and won’t scroll or pan. Mouse capabilities are not well defined making it cumbersome to use. The cost is very reasonable. Fix the iOS problem and you’ll compete well with gotomypc.
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10 months ago, Vvjs
App is terrible after latest update
After the last update, the app is even worse than before. I can no longer use command + tab to switch between remote pc and my other iPad applications because overtime I click command, it brings the start up menu up on the desktop from remote pc. Also, I can no longer do something so simple such as copy and past items from Safari on iPad to applications on desktop using remote. This app was already bad and now it is not even usable anymore. Please fix.
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1 year ago, @clairebeeaaarrr
App works faster
The app is working a lot faster, making it easier to access computers away from home on your mobile device. The website version is still a little slow. Overall this has made work more efficient.
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1 year ago, rcansaw
Solid performer
I use both LogMeIn (now GoTo) and RemotePC. LogMeIn has been and is a disappointment. Permissions are unstable making it impossible to log in even after an hour of trouble shutting. While I have had some issue with RemotePC and permissions, a quick call to CS got it sorted out and now works without a hitch. Considering the costs, RemotePC is a better deal. When you need to login remotely, I turn to RemotePC.
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4 years ago, Pacific101
Truly The Best !
I have been involved in PC development, programming, repair, server management, and contracted technical support, for nearing three decades. Remote PC is in my experience, hands down the most comprehensive and thoughtful system of its kind at present. I stumbled into it when the annual price had been slashed for the first year. I’ll gladly renew at the full subscription price when my renewal comes due.
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7 months ago, Narendra modi llc
Up to date every side of service
Better price,Better quality and better performance then all other service provider, more way to connect, Many options Same PC you can connect 3 to 4 different ways, customer service very helpful,
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3 weeks ago, Bk386564
Ok Product Bad Company
I requested that my service be cancelled over a year ago. For some reason either something with PayPal or them the service kept itself alive and billed me when I wasn’t using the service anymore. I reached out hoping that they would see that I haven’t used the service and refund me. They decided to play dumb and not help me. If you want a company that so responds and treats you right this is not the company for you. Never again as far as I am concerned.
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1 year ago, kcitune
Reliable and easy to use
I have been using Remotepc for a couple of years now since pandemic started. It has helped me a lot for managing my Clients’s computers remotely. I haven’t had any issue so far. I recommend it highly for those who need a remote access.
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4 months ago, techguy861
Slow speeds without an up charge
Frequent lock ups that require a disconnect and reconnect for remote screen refresh to occur. Add-on option to upgrade speeds(essentially cripple-ware). Large discounts for the initial term. Fast response by salespeople. Slower response by tech support. Great for those looking for remote access, pc backup, & meetings all from one company.
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1 year ago, ShivaDog
It just works
I needed to use a remote access product for Mac so I could be away from home for an extended period. I’m using this from an iPad to connect to my Mac at home. And I have to say, it just works. In combination with a Bluetooth mouse for my iPad, it is just like being on my Mac. Kudos!
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4 years ago, gtownslp
Works great
Way faster than my gotmypc did. File transfer and everything is in much better layout. Great price plus having multiple computers to log into without being over charged. Keep everything as is and I will be a life long customer
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5 months ago, Butch Four Seasons
Best remote access software
I have used Logmein for a number of years and RemotePC provides me with a very cost effective replacement that out performs Logmein hands down. Logmein costs hundreds of dollars per year for two computers while RemotePC only costs me $79 a year for ten computers!
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3 years ago, Se Yua
After trial, the problems begin.
Awful service. The trial service worked flawlessly. As soon as that ended, and I paid for service, the problem started. A week in and I have not been able to use it at all. Their customer support has been a joke. I’ve been bounced between email and chat, and my problem has not been solved. About 3 days ago I asked for my money back, and was ignored. Still no reply, and no service to this day. And no refund.
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4 years ago, Selfdestruct264
I have had continued issues connecting to both a Server 2012R2 box (black screens every time I connect with no apparent recourse to get the connection working. Occasionally it will work, but most often nothing but a white mouse cursor on a black background) and a Windows 10 VM (gives me a desktop background, but Ctrl-AltxDel also doesn’t do anything and I cannot login.) Still crashing after my initial review. The session will hang and there is no way to use the app. Worthless until these bugs are fixed.
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5 months ago, BellaYalda
Once upon a time
Have had this subscription for a few years. Got a new desktop to replace existing. Able to connect from alternate desktop, but unable to connect via iPad or iPhone. So when I’m out in the field and need access, I’m unable to connect at all. I’ve tried tech support, tried turning off Wi-Fi, turned off the firewall, but no avail. Need to look for a different service. Just paid for a full year and can’t even use it.
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6 years ago, LBD - Ashtabula
Solid Product
Works great, priced right. Was a teamviewer user and switched all of our accounts over. Would like to see an added security feature and email to admin anytime users connect to better monitor connections, but all in all a great product.
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2 years ago, kmwittko
If only it worked for all keyboards
The software is well designed overall, but, unfortunately, pressing the cursor keys on the Magic Keyboard for IPad is not translated into cursor movements on a Windows host and this bug has not been fixed for months.
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2 years ago, Flyguy459
RemotePC really helps
It is very nice to help people restore there computers from a distance. Trying to explain something to a non-tech person is the worse thing every. RemotePC allows me to show someone the steps need to open Facebook!
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5 months ago, Buggie4467
Generally very good.
Remote PC seems to be a good company with decent customer service. The software works better from my Windows console (almost flawless) than from the iPhone app. However the app has improved recently. All things considered including price, I’m happy with Remote PC
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10 months ago, Shibas13
Good App
Does all the basics. I use this to manage my parent’s laptop overseas and it works great. Never had an issue installing updates or troubleshooting issues when they click on things they shouldn’t.
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6 years ago, wrightkp
What happened to Blank Remote Screen??
Loved the app until the latest release. I have to log in to a desktop with sensitive data and the latest update (Sept 2018) took the blank remote screen option away. What happened?
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2 years ago, Montes8
It works
Use it constantly to access my home computer when out of the house. It provides immediate access to my Pc from anywhere
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8 months ago, Frank02055
Was originally a great app not so much anymore
I have been using Remote PC for 2 years now. I have several sites which use Windows XP and it worked quite well with them. Since going from RemotePC IOS version 7.7.5 to version 7.7.6 and beyond now at 7.8.0 I no longer have IOS or iPhone remote access to my Windows XP hosts.
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8 months ago, Nice app‼️
Excellent but needs improvement
Love this app and use it frequently. However the phone app disconnects once in a while. When it restarts it defaults to sound off. If I’m jogging I must stop to reactivate sound. Unable to default to sound on upon restarting.
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10 months ago, Jet9990
How do I go back to version 7.7.5?
7.7.8 has issues with mouse click and hold that 7.7.5 did not have! How can I go back to a working version? This service is not free and our office pays for it but I can’t use it as I need to now. The click and hold now acts like a double click. Plus the app looses connection and I need to disconnect and reconnect to see what is happening on my remote PC. Too many bugs for 5 stars. 7.7.5 was 5 starts!
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2 months ago, Batheut
Great product
Great product, very reliable once setup. Much better than all the other programs like this. If you need access to computers remotely this is the software to get.
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5 years ago, Twisted-tpcn
Works ok
After 10 years with LogMeIn, the price increase from $1400 to $3500 put me over the edge. I know it will get better with time. My only issue is performance. It lags and drops connections constantly. Support blames connectivity issues. Not true. Same 12 clients , 200 computers and servers. LogMeIn always stayed connected. I have faith this will improve and for the $ I’ll wait it out.
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4 months ago, rootfrm419
Works pretty well!
90% of the time this app has good connectivity and works just as it should 10% of the time the remote PCs do not want to connect and you have to close and open the app a few times for it to work.
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4 years ago, RSM584
Initial use is difficult or impossible
Understanding connectivity issues is very difficult. Sometimes I can connect and login while other times I fail. In neither case is there is a record of the access or a log of the problem. In fact there is no help on debugging the failures. In general, the management interface is poor. This is especially true for mobile tablets which do not have their own tools for debugging.
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