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User Reviews for Renasant Mobile

4.82 out of 5
33.9K Ratings
4 years ago, Bbb2503900
Owner Operator Truck Driver
I’ve been a customer of Renasant Bank 4 many years. This business relationship started out as a result of a falling out with my wife who I lost confidence in handling our $ & joint banking together at Bank Corp South. But this turned out to be a great blessing for me! I love how all the personal have treated me so fantastically with tremendous banking service 4 all these years! I remember when it was named appropriately the people’s bank! Every there has always worked hard to meet all my banking needs; especially doing what was needed by phone when I was away on the road & couldn’t get home to handle some immediate needed monetary business transactions related to my trucking business! Thanks to my bank representative Mrs. Norma McMillan & all the good people at Renasant Bank 4 all these many years of great banking service to make my business life so much easier & more fun of an experience for me!📝💕🌺😇
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3 months ago, ernijm
New App has RUINED this bank
I have been using Renasant Bank since I was 16 years old, I’m 22 now, so like 6 years? I always liked it because it was a local bank and the app was super straight forward. I’ll admit it resembled something from 2010, but it had all the functions you needed, and even a boomer with 0 tech knowledge could use it. Very simplistic and again STRAIGHT FORWARD. For WHATEVER reason they decided to launch this new convoluted system that makes using the app 10x more difficult, adding so many unnecessary windows and folders. Does the app now resemble a modern day banking app, one like Wells Fargo? Yes. But at what cost?? And to make matters worse, the day afterward it randomly decided to LOCK my account, so I can’t even log in to see it without first contacting customer service. And ONTOP of that, their phone lines are so backed up for the last 3 days I haven’t been able to get a hold of any one to help me unlock it. I’ve tried to option of “holding my place in line” and 6 hours later I’m sitting here with no call back. I cant even use my card. I’m stuck at home and I have bills to pay in 2 days!!! After i get this figured out Renasant bank can kiss their business goodbye, cause this is ridiculous. I’m beyond…
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5 years ago, massmodulater
The worst banking experience ever
So far I’ve had the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced in any bank, credit union of financial institution. For the app it barely usable. They never provide information like your balance at the time of the transaction. That would be far too transparent. It appears they shuffle times and dates as if trying to prove the musings of Steven Hawking and all to the benefit of the bank of course. Placing holds on cashiers checks and the denying because someone from a bigger bank hurt their feelings. It doesn’t get any worse in my opinion. I’ve tried to deposit 6 checks via Mobil banking and they got denied each time. Only one time I made a mistake and didn’t write ‘for mobile deposit only’. Why would I even have to write that if they were well informed Bank. Are people lining up to double cash checks? The other 5 times the problem was completely bogus. Lesson learned, don’t hurt their feelings. Didn’t know Banks dealt in feelings. So if you are feeling all emo and want a bank to match... I do hope other branches are better than my local one. But the app is total crap. If you want an inaccurate accounting system and customer service better suited for those I will not mention... go for Renasant.
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1 year ago, RD6431
I’m taking time to let you know that Michelle, Sherry, and Bridget Hall are exceptional employees!! I’ve banked with Brand Bank for over 30 years and was unsure about Renasant. I’m thankful that you kept the same great employees, took advantage of their great experience, and continue to provide excellent service. I was in the hospital with Covid in the last 6 months, was in a coma and on a ventilator. I was in there over a month and my family needed to know how to handle bills, etc. and Michelle helped them each step of the way!! Thank the Lord!! He brought me out when my family had been prepared for me to die! AMAZING!!! My husband and son would have been lost without assistance from Michelle and others. It is a rather dramatic story, but it was a dramatic time. Thank you
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3 years ago, LPM60
Feels Like New York City
I’ve been doing business with Renasant Oxford for at least 15 years. I have two checking accounts, I keep a decent balance on hand and never, ever overdraw my account. I have a disabled son that has a little part time job. He is under a Conservatorship and does not have a bank account so we deposit all his checks in one of our accounts. I have to go through the same song and dance every time I try and deposit a check about who he is and why we’re depositing his checks in that account. Today I tried to cash a check that I had written on an account in another bank to a contractor that was in the car with me. It was made out to him, signed on the back by him and me and both our license were given, but the bank would not cash it. I want a bank where someone knows who I am and will do my business without the third degree. There seems to be a lot of turnover within this bank.
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5 years ago, Candice Robin
Convenient but doesn’t sync with a lot of my apps
I have recently began investing in stocks and such via and app called acorns, tracking my spending with an so-called clarity along with a couple more. I had no problems linking all of my credit cards (in store and purchase anywhere credit cards) I even linked my BankPlus checking account without any issues but for some reason my renasant checking account will not link to any of these highly secured apps. My renasant checking is my main account so it’s virtually impossible to use the clarity app to track my spending and it’s hard for me to setup money to be invested with acorns app because renasant doesn’t sync with them either. PLEASE HELP!! I have been patiently waiting for you guys to fix this issue for almost a month now. Thanks in advance!
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2 years ago, Bleeleehunt
Home town Banking in a City
I have never had such personal, extra special care as I have with the people at Renaissance Bank on Balmoral. Every single customer service person is an expert. The problem is they get promoted to manager and then they leave me. They know me on sight it’s been along time since I had to produce a day. In fact it’s rare I have to fill out my account number they just pulled me up. If you’re looking for someone to help you when you’re new, or when you’re too old to use the computer very well, this is the place for you. Ask for Bailey, really ask for anybody. Lee Hunt Huntsville, Alabama
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5 years ago, Rando K.
Loving it!!
Man I was an original merchants and farmers customer when it was bought out by Renasant and I thought oh hell my banks going down hill.. but I was wrong it’s actually improved in some ways keep it up guys and I’ll be a customer forever!!! If I could suggest an app update it would be really nice when I’m buying stuff for my business or personal account to have the availability for us to tag a note with the transaction or maybe even a picture of the receipt this would be awesome for when I’m reviewing my account and I just can’t remember what I had to buy at Lowes for my work that day or this day.
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3 months ago, Cgirl1957
Greatest Service
They have the greatest customer service and have save me a lot of money because of people trying to get money out of my account and for that I appreciate this bank a lot because being my age and have him to be on Social Security and worried about someone stealing my money is bad enough, but they caught it and shut it down before I even saw it so I think them so much for that I can’t say enough good stuff about Renasant Bank They are the best, and I am happy to have them as my bank. Thank you thank you thank you.
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3 years ago, Cowboy Pops
I’m taken care off right
With the numerous restrictions on banking today it amazes me how well that the family at Renaissant Bank in Statesboro Ga takes care of me. And when I say family, I am talking about each of those at the South Main Branch. I do business there almost daily and there are some days it turns into two or three times in that day. It comes down to extreme hard work for each of them. Great bankers, real bankers. If we could get the government off their backs, there is no telling what we could do. Remember that when you vote.
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3 months ago, 1jaxsgirl
Longtime customer
I have been a customer of Renasant for about 25 years. Anytime I have needed to go into my local office the employees are very welcoming and friendly. On all the calls I have had throughout the year has been about 95% wonderful with only a few that were not helpful and rude, once being hung up on repeatedly. I had been disappointed in the past with the ancient app. I am so happy that the app has now been updated and has new features. Definitely don’t see myself changing banks anytime soon.
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3 years ago, greenpro
Confusing as hell
It is convenient to be able to access my accounts HOWEVER, the order in which transactions appear on the app is not the same order in which they appear on the regular web version for computer. The mobile app doesn’t show the real time balance which makes it confusing and difficult to follow, especially when trying to prevent a negative balance. We incurred 3 back to back to back NSF charges over 2 check transactions that totaled less than the cost of one of the NSF charges because of this confusion.
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3 months ago, Ava Kymora Allen
Great Banking Experience & Mobile App
Hi everyone! This is a REAL review done by myself, Avà Ky’mora Allen. I’ve been a Renasant Bank Client for approximately (5) years and I can definitely say that I LOVE this Financial Institution. Renasant is my secondary Bank as Navy Federal is my primary but I can tell you, the Customer Service is very helpful & efficient and the new Mobile App that was launched today is simply INCREDIBLE! I look forward to a long relationship with Renasant and if you are looking for a reliable Financial Institution, give Renasant a try, you won’t be disappointed!!!!
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3 years ago, sc00frend
Mobile Check Deposit Can’t see my endorsement
I miss the red text for debits to contrast with black text for deposits ;( If some users didn’t like the red text, could we have a setting so those of us who would like the stronger contrast could turn that on please? Edit: Thanks for adding that! My check is endorsed, but I keep getting an error that the computer thinks it is not. Can we have an override option, saying please submit my request anyway for review by a human? It’s a great automated catch if it were true, but there needs to be a way to say, I have endorsed it; the computer is just not seeing it. Thanks!
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4 years ago, Lailahawkins
Renasant Bank
I’ve banked with Renasant for four years now, and have been working there for a year! We are an amazing bank and always try our best to meet our customers needs. The Renasant App is amazing in so many ways, you can make mobile deposits, check your balances in all your accounts, transfer money from one account to the other, send a friend/relative money on the app through Zelle, and so much more! 10 out of 10 would recommend! Oh! You can also see all of your transactions on there!!
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3 years ago, Neeter Lou
Renasant has been providing someone with top notch services.
A Renasant customer who probably shares my name, gave them MY email address as contact for regular bank emails about their accounts. The customer does not miss these informational emails so they must be of no value. To them, the customer. Very entertaining to me, a random person they send regular account-based emails. So that is 5 star service! Perfect score! Thank you, Renasant, for sharing their account information with me.
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2 months ago, gna_b31
Horrible update
I have used Renasant Bank for over 20 years & have never had issues with their app or website. I have a monthly re-occurring transfer set up & it is extremely important these be accurate, and that I’m able to update them from time to time. The app or website no longer allows you to edit or delete them. I called customer service and they said it’s not a function that can be used yet, and even they can’t change or delete them for me. U HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING! Who puts out a new forced app/update and it isn’t even ready to be used by customers. Makes no sense and is unacceptable. U have 1 month to fix this or I’m changing banks!!
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6 years ago, Shonta
Expect to uninstall and reinstall this app continuously
Expect to uninstall and reinstall this app continuously if you want to check your balance. For some reason this stupid app randomly stops recognizing your “login credentials” and the only fix is to uninstall and reinstall this worthless app time and time again. There are numerous negative reviews regarding this problem, so you’d think they’d care enough to fix it. However, they’ve let this same problem persists for months and month without the slightest attempt release an updated version of the app. Save yourself an increase in your blood pressure when this app fails you at the exact time you need it and forego downloading this garbage!
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6 years ago, MattyTru
This bank acquired my previous bank recently in doing so I had you also upload the current app. That being said I have had to uninstall and reinstall the app at least a dozen times in a matter of two months. What a joke. Serious IT and mobile updating is necessary! You will lose customers over this given today’s technology and desires...
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4 years ago, cantevenloadacommment
App takes forever to load
I use this app daily and each time it doesn’t just open. It’s either ‘loading’ for so long that it times out, or has to download an update. I just recently got a newer phone and the app works the same way as it did on my old phone, so it’s not the phone, it’s the app itself. It seems as though every 3rd time I open it there has to be a ‘download update’. Come’s the 21st century....make your app just open when it’s selected. I’ve been a customer of Renasant a long time and they are continually behind on technology. Love the bank, but the IT folks need to step it up.
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3 months ago, Y'nobe
Worst bank and app ever now!
I’ve been with Renasant for YEEEEARS now and never had issues until they updated the app, which was just fine before!! Ever since the update, my account has gotten locked randomly EVERY day! I’m unable to view anything and all of my plaid connected accounts have become disconnected, making it even harder w to do things I need to do! Then getting someone on the phone is impossible, so I’m just stuck not being able to use my account or track my funds! What’s the point of having an account I can’t access?! I’ll definitely be switching banks now..
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4 years ago, Bridgette not impressed
Lacking real time technology
Brand Banks mobile app provides real time debits and credits. This app shows items as ‘pending’ but her has been assured in the balance. Very confusing and can cause some real issues regarding what has cleared and what is truly pending. My guess is that the batch processing is presented debits is delayed due to the operations of the bank—a business decision no less since we know merchants verify immediately if the funds are available and since Brand Banks app was live time without delays. Mobile is the way most people bank these days due to long lines in the branches. This could be enough for me to move business after over 15 year.
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5 years ago, DeeBomn
Terrible App (should have kept the Brand bank app)
I hate this new app they force me to use so much that I’m considering changing banks. The Brand Bank app was much better. I can’t do bill pay over $9999 and I can’t deposit checks over a few hundred $$. Now they say to write an account number on the check when you do a mobile deposit, which they never made me do before. BUT the app doesn’t tell you the account number. So I guess Renansant wants us to memorize all of our account numbers. I recognize many of these problems are policy problems from the bank rather than the app but as a consumer they are the same part of my experience.
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5 years ago, TooSweet in Ms
Awesome Employee
I would’ve gave them all the five stars but it took over 45 minutes just to get someone on the phone to talk to and I called two different numbers one couldn’t help me. I was on hold with them for 30 minutes. When I finally got someone that could help me on the phone. He was awesome took less than two minutes to fix the problem I was having with my app that’s who I’m giving the four stars to not the phone call and not Renasant
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6 years ago, Msibra
Not real time balance
On the go with work and home, I use online or app. I expect to have 100% accuracy and reliability on anything concerning finances. These are basic functions. For the past few months, I’ve noticed a delayed/wrong update on balance, even when all transactions are posted/pending. The discrepancies of this issue has caused some serious issues. If the bank is not able to maintain a dependable source of banking for consumers, then I will find one that can without problems. I understand “glitches” occur in technology but this is a reoccurring issue that has been brought to the attention of the appropriate resources.
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4 years ago, Jessica05H
Mobile Deposit Feature Cumbersome at Best
I got excited about this feature due to the ease of use from other, larger financial institutions. Using this app, and their odd stipulations about how to endorse the back of the check, I am left unsure about whether or not the funds are actually going to post. Larger institutions notify you right away of the status of the funds. I put a check in last night and outside of a confirmation email there is no evidence of deposit as it does not show as pending or anything in my account this morning. Not super happy with this feature.
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5 years ago, Langford Chick
This app is horrible. Most of the time, it doesn’t show accurate transaction information. For instance, right now I can only see transactions that went through a week ago or more. It doesn’t show any of the more recent transactions. This makes it very hard to trust the information. And I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve gotten the “cannot verify credentials” message, to which the only fix is to delete and redownload the app. This is 2019, people! Get with the times and make an app that actually works! I’m seriously considering swapping to a different bank with better mobile banking.
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6 years ago, joshhowell
Needs A LOT of work.
I use to bank with Chase before I moved to Mississippi but since Chase doesn't have any branches in Mississippi we moved to Renasant. One of our top needs from a bank was a good mobile app and the banker assured us their app was top notch. That is just not the case. My check deposit goes through maybe 1 time for every 5 attempts (Why must I write for mobile deposit on the back?), I can't put a memo when I want to transfer money, and I'm constantly asked to re-enter my password after I login. This app is no where near what the large national banks are doing with their apps. Needs a ton of work.
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6 years ago, Kate Sully
Invalid credentials??? Same credentials for 2 yrs!
Same phone, same app, access denied due to what the app says is invalid credentials. Um, same credentials as I’ve always had Renasant. What gives?!? Please fix the problem, this is a bit ridiculous. It could at least ask a few security questions to let me continue, but I get shot down instead. App says it’s temporary but it’s beginning to seem permanent.
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1 year ago, Marines53
It would be nice if we were able to add/delete accounts in bill pay section other than just pay bills. At present, one must log on in a computer to execute this transaction. Bill pay works outstanding. Bob Lashlee Consumer service continues to be the absolute best. You remain a 10 in all areas Bob Lashlee
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1 year ago, Drfdhv
I’ve lost THOUSANDS ever since this bank bought out my hometown bank. Immediately they stopped doing any notifications of when my a kings were debited. I had grown so use to being alerted that I didn’t think to chk my accts every day for any transactions. Had an insurance company debit 3 grand from me before I realized it. Never got that back. Thanks renasant! And the amount of overdraft fees due to them stopping my overdraft protection that I had set up are staggering. So, yes….THOUSANDS this terrible bank has cost me. I would NEVER recommend using this bank for anything if you are looking to do so.
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6 years ago, Fdgsgfhchh
I haven’t had the same problems as mentioned by other reviewers (sounds like it’s a problem for Metropolitan Bank customers after the acquisition), however, i do find it frustrating that you have to enter a password when making a transfer when I’ve already logged into the app.
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3 months ago, Joethrelk
Would rate lower if I could.
Not only is this bank extremely difficult to deal on in the occasions when financial issues arise, but the customer service is absolutely horrendous (essentially feels non existent. They do not care about your call or whatever problem you may have, and it becomes readily apparent in the conversation. Not to mention the constant sign in issues that arise with the banking app which lead to even longer wait times for a customer service “specialist” who may or may not actually exist. Do not bank here.
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2 years ago, Woodstock100
Always great
From many years ago when Renasant (Peoples at the time) was one of the first banks with atm’s (William Teller) until current day Renasant had always had the most intuitive and advanced customer facing technology! I use numerous financial applications and Renasant is always ahead of the game in new features and user friendliness!
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2 years ago, Slayde's Gammy
Hernando Renasant is the BEST!
Everyone at the Hernando, MS Renasant are awesome! Especially Robert and Cathy. I appreciate their amazing customer service and I can always tell they are smiling when they answer the phone. They treat you like a real person, not just a number and that is a comfort that everyone deserves. Thank you Robert for you and your incredible team in Hernando!
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2 years ago, PapaLock13
Renasant Bank Review
This is the best bank I have ever used and I have worked for one the biggest banks in Alabama. They are very courteous and it is nice to walk into their lobby and chat with any of the people that work there. They work to makes things easy for you instead of trying to make things complicated.
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2 years ago, GwinnettReader
App Problems and Renasant Just Doesn’t Care UPDATED 6/7/21
For several weeks now, the iPad app won’t allow account access - it returns a message “data network is busy or unavailable, please retry later”. Not just my iPad, exact same situation with spouse’s device. No response from Renasant. UPDATE: Absolutely stunning response from Renasant. Basically, yeah, the app stopped working, but we’ll get around to fixing it later this year. No apology for the inconvenience or reason why there was no notice. Wish there was an option to give zero stars.
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3 weeks ago, DNF20
Having issues with app
Having issues signing into my account. I know my User ID and Password and I haven’t changed anything but now I cant sign in. I was at a store n couldn’t make a purchase because of it. This needs to be fixed. I had had the same issues in the past before several times. But I’m honestly thinking about switching banks because of this. I have never had to deal with this so much from any app but this one.
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5 months ago, DavidN!
Website is great
All the employees at the bank in Adel branch are all very nice and always there to help you in. Anyway they can,, I have had accounts with Bank of America in the past, and other larger banks, like Chase, and Renasant, by far is the best bank I’ve ever had, thank you very much a very satisfied, customer!!
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3 months ago, Philla Buster
Long Time Customer
Suddenly, Renasant Bank, has become very difficult with whom to do business. They “updated” the web site, changed the mobile app -and suddenly (“Surprise!”) most of it doesn’t work. I tried for several weeks to find out why the phone app no longer works - total run-around. Changes to the web site required strange new set-up procedures. And, then, spent an absurd amount of time in a branch trying to get things resolved. Not a good look for such a large institution.
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4 months ago, Jack Lomenick
Customer Service
I would like to applaud the Iuka Branch for their customer service , they all go above and beyond to help a customer , especially Cindy McAnally , she is the one of the Best . I would also like to applaud Robin Barnett at the Tupelo Branch , she is also one of the Best , she goes way beyond to help a customer and I have never met this lady .
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6 years ago, Stubing2
Mobile deposit policy needs updating
The $2500 daily limit for mobile deposits is a non-starter. I run a tiny business and have already hit the ceiling and my deposits are being declined. There’s no way I can grow a business with this policy in place. This will have to get addressed or I’ll need to take my accounts elsewhere.
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4 months ago, Srone5
So convenient!!
I have and continue enjoy using my mobile app. However, the people that work at Renasant bank in Kosciosko are so nice and helpful. I always go to Jennifer McCrory for all of my needs. She is the best. Thanks again for having such nice and helpful people working for you.
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6 months ago, bleachermom
Love my Bank
Such friendly people no matter what branch. Im partial to Saltillo bc of the Branch Manager. He is wonderful. So easy to make a deposit if I’m too tired to drive to the bank after work. I just snap a picture of and just like that it’s deposited into my account. 🥰 #lovemybank
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2 months ago, itslorenaa
I’m not exactly sure why one would try to fix something that isn’t “broken”. It’s an utter inconvenience to be unable to view your own banking information due to the lack of organization of this company to troubleshoot the problem of the app. It’s disappointing really. Also, the obsolete communication to the consumers makes matters even worse. Some feedback and notification of what or when to expect accessibility to our accounts would be nice!!!
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1 year ago, FayeRocks
Overall, good app
I like the app and use it daily. I would love it if I could see a running balance at the time of each debit and credit, though. My other bank’s app does that, so I’m sure it can be done. Please consider adding that feature.
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3 years ago, PatSews
Great service and helped with stolen checks!
I first want to say that Renasant Bank has taken good care of our accounts. Fast and accurate service. I had my bills stolen out of my mailbox. Four checks checks washed and presented out of town and out of state. I went into the bank and the branch manager took care of everything. The money was back n my account and issued me a new debi card and checks. This bank treated me like a small band would. I have used them for twenty years. It used to be called Brand Banking. Go with this bank. You will never be sorry.
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2 years ago, old brand customer
Why did the app change without notification. I’ve spent two days trying to get in only told that the data wasn’t there. I had to redownload the app to finally get in. A little notice would have nice.
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5 years ago, Unhappy camper 204
Banking the way it used to be
What a wonderful bank! The tellers actually remember me and call me by name. They make me feel that I am important and remembered. There are no charges ever for my personal account or my business account, and service is always friendly. I would recommend at this bank to anyone for a business account or a personal account.
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3 months ago, jmde80
App Update is TRASH!
The new app does NOT work! It doesn’t show updates as the old one did. Takes way too long for a single transaction to show in the list. I can also make a payment and it will still show the old balance for DAYS! How is this efficient for customers?! Renasant took over my old bank that I’ve been with since 2001. This is definitely a no-go for me!! After all this time, I will have to switch banks if it isn’t corrected very soon.
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