Rent. Apartments and Homes

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Rent Group Inc.
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4 weeks ago
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User Reviews for Rent. Apartments and Homes

4.72 out of 5
161.9K Ratings
2 years ago, gasomanooo
Amazing place to live
Park place one apartments is the best place to live in. We having a wonderful experience staying in park place one! The location is is very convenient and close to shopping center. Very clean and quiet with great maintenance service, any repairs that are needed, is only a phone call away! The management always being thoughtful and on the ball. The leasing manger ( Rachel) is the best !! She help you out in anything she can. She always show smile and make you feel comfortable. Office staff ( Sara ) are friendly and knowledgeable!! If you want to live in peaceful and secure rental community Park Place is the place for you !! Manal Mustafa /B10
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1 year ago, Johnny PII
A hassle to work through trying to view a property
The description states that showing will only be made available for applicants who complete the application process. The cost for one application is $16 and I did just that. I called the company to schedule a tour and was informed that since my wife would be living as a tenant with me, she would also need to complete and application and put $16 for a property we might not choose to go with. I assured the lady I was speaking with that I would be the only one seeing the property and would gladly complete the application if we decided to go forward with the rental. This option fell on deaf ears. I’ve been a realtor and around realtors for decades and understand the health, safety, and evaluating applications. Rent. ‘s process is a hindrance not a help. After twice almost completing the application on the mobile app before a glitch refreshed my screen and wiped out all the information, and then speaking with this representative, the questions I have in mind are: I wonder if rent also manages the property in which case, I’m not interested and do the owners know how much of a roadblock this company is putting up for eager customers. I recommend against using rent. for your property management and rental needs. If you had 4 people in your household over 18, then you’d be paying $64 just to tour a property (that’s at least two tickets to the zoo in my area and an activity I know I’d like).
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2 years ago, ShreddedLettuce
Needs better filters and photos
As a property app it’s functional. The photo setup is bad though, why can’t I look at the photos in an icons style all together? Having to scroll through them one by one and wait for them to load is agonizing. I don’t care about high quality photos of every property, but I do care about quickly looking at the kitchen, bathrooms, and yard so I can tell if it’s fenced in, has decent counter space, and has a bathtub or standing shower only. Also the property owners often have to put details that should be filters on the site into the description which is frustrating. Dogs allowed but only small dogs, fenced in yard, 2 car garage vs 1 car, basement, office, etc. And there are lots of rental properties on here that are for sale, which should majorly affect someone’s decision to rent. That should be a big flag, and something that should be an automated check for the site via API. No renter wants to be surprised that they are getting a new landlord.
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2 years ago, Lyric_exe
I love it!
I’m not sure how but they manage to have more properties and more options then Zillow even! And I love that they offer icons for the amenities. I do wish I could see more of what the renters are asking but other than that I love this app! Easy to navigate and easy to use. Wish I could separate the what I’ve already looked at from what is new, but that’s okay. Overall great app.
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6 years ago, SkewbieDew
Add one more filter and I will give this 5 stars
When I’m using the app to find affordable apartments, I waste so much time in contacting the properties and then finding out that it is an income restricted property. I would just like to be able to filter out those properties in my search, since I don’t qualify, so contacting those properties is a waste. I’m glad they are there for those who need it, but it’s frustrating to finally find an apartment that looks promising, only to find out I can’t even live there, because that rental price is not meant for me. Make it so I can filter those out (or in for those who are looking for those properties) and I’ll change my rating. Thanks for a good app otherwise.
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2 years ago, Hrkjjr
Does anyone look at the listings??
I have ONE deal breaker and it’s a pool. I’m a swimmer and walking to a gym in the dead of winter is getting old so I just want to search by who has a pool on the property. Too many listings say they have a pool, therefore the app sends me their listing repeatedly… they don’t have a pool. They are close to a gym that has a pool for an extra cost (and freezing cold walk to/from) but there’s no pool inside or on building property. It’s also really obvious that a small 3-4 story walk up won’t have a pool. No one is checking these properties for accuracy. I’m sure it’s more than just pools that are inaccurate but that’s my experience.
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3 years ago, FireStick User 57
Scams/False advertising oversights
There needs to be a way to report listings as potential scams and false listings. I had the app for several months trying to find a house to rent and 90% of the new listings I would check out are houses that (when google searched) are NOT for rent and are actually on the market FOR SALE. A few of them were scammers asking for a quick app and cash deposit. Most of those houses being posted on the app were at below market value for rental rates in that area. It’s really discouraging and is the least bit useful. I luckily was able to jump on an opportunity with a legitimate listing on Zillow.
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6 years ago, mark-griskey
Use a pad of paper because trying to email in this app not possible
I am trying to use this app to find a rental for my parents who lost their house in the fire...I can’t see what I’m typing because the text is hidden behind the keyboard... then when I try and send I just get a vibration that sort of feels like it’s an error ... like it didn’t send. But no error message or explanation. Then this message pops up asking me to rate the app. I believe this app deserves one star for actually showing my a possible rental, but then the app is nearly useless as far as I can tell. So I suggest you just have pencil and paper ready to write down the places you are interested in and call. Email capabilities of this app are pathetic
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1 year ago, Jamesons0174749
Good listings but glitchy
The app isn’t the worst when it comes to a housing listing platform. There’s a lot of good options in my area that don’t pop up on other platforms. But, the share functionality is hit or miss at best. Most of the time it refers you to download the app from AppStore regardless if you have the app or not. And the home bar can glitch out to and you won’t have access to all of it functionality. Developers if you reading this please fix and would be a wonderful app.
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6 years ago, dellesrachel
Super helpful
I tried every app there is in terms of searching for an apartment and this one has by far been the best option to help me compare and choose the best fit for me. Takes into consideration travel time and shows you everything, seriously I could keep going on how awesome it is ok
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1 year ago, It’s Arshi , if taken it’s me
My experience with the rent up so far
The questions before now this is a review, but the questions for applying didn’t give me room to say that I would like to rent a room in a house living with other people that are renting rooms that like community so it only had no apartment or house or condo or something else so it didn’t say rent a room or shared housing so for me it hasn’t worked at all yet. This is my first time on it today just for the last half hour. Thank you
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3 years ago, rloganx87
Money hungry
To be clear I do understand it being a app that needs to make some revenue so I can rent it that. But the fact that if I want to receive a message from someone I need to pay for a subscription, I know it sounds overdramatic but I find that repulsive. If it was a service that requested payment right away that’s fine but by having someone put effort in to look for apartments onlyTo find out that if I want to respond to someone I need to pay the app $10 for a seven day fee not guaranteeing services are going to work. I definitely would never suggest this app very greedy
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2 years ago, Andy L Clark
bad design, incorrect listings
to begin with, the design of this app is crap. none of my filters apply properly and i’m given properties that don’t coincide with my filters. i could look and type in a specific area and it won’t give me apartments in that area nor will it apply my preferences for apartments (pet friendly, in unit washer dryer). sorry but what’s the point in having that feature if it’s broken? along with that, the listings of rent are incorrect, i could find an apartment that says it’s 600 a month (cool i can afford that) but then if i look up the actual apartment they’re charging 1,200 to 1,500 for the same listing i found here (which quickly becomes unaffordable considering apartments want you to make 2-3x the income of rent). all in all, bad app yall should figure it out because people’s housing isn’t a fun little game, it’s their livelihood.
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1 year ago, cospicklez
Has potential but major filter flaw
I noticed that when you go to filter the price and bedrooms, it doesn’t really change anything. For example say you want a 2bd/2ba and your max rent price is $1600. It will still show you 1 bedrooms below $1600 and then when you click on the 2 bedrooms that the complex offers, the price is above your max rent. Which makes the whole thing pointless
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1 year ago, PadmaYeshe
Too many false listings
It’s been unfortunate that many of the places I am interested in after seeing them in my search results using this app turn out to be false. I email or call and the owner or management state that they don’t actually have the availability as listed nor did they place the listing. Very troubling, frustrating and time wasted. I’m not sure what steps could be taken to address this problem, however for now it is useless to use this app if you can’t count on what you find.
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6 years ago, ScottAndrew
Fine app, but cannot sign in with same account as website
The app is generally helpful, though late at night it had trouble looking up info for specific apts. My biggest concern is that I initially signed up for an account on their website with my google account and bookmarked several properties. The app does not have the option to log in with one's google account, thus I am unable to look at the bookmarked properties.
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4 years ago, Touchè Olè
No customer service. No Google login.
I love the desktop site but the fact there is no option to login via Google as there is for the desktop site is very frustrating. I have 25 properties saved via my Google login but with there being no option on the app, I just always use the browser version. I would think this would be an obvious necessity for the developers and UX but I guess not. Please fix ASAP!
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3 years ago, sweeney from Ny
I’ve had a lot of trouble trying to find apartments by just searching the web and now I’ve been only using this app also it’s finding places that are more affordable for me which is the best of all thank you so much!!
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3 months ago, Mkern714
Off the market
I scheduled 2 appointments for 2 different properties while in the rain looking for someone I find out that both where of the market and have been before I scheduled. I’m on a fixed income and disability these 2 properties were in my budget. I’m a little disappointed at this point. But it looks like another on just came up. Maybe I’ll be able to retract my review. Oh it’s the same address thank you
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2 months ago, KenyettaMichelle
Scheduled viewing
I was able to call and schedule a viewing the same day. It has been a challenge finding a legitimate listing. I will update you with the details if everything goes well!
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1 year ago, dfrank616
The Best, hands down!
This site has more rentals and hidden gems when it comes to places to rent than any of the other sites that I have seen. It is easier to navigate when looking for homes as well.
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2 years ago, dscooby99
Love it.
Great app. I love the drawing feature on the map to show the areas I want to search. Compared to other rental property apps it seems like there are a lot missing, but maybe that has to do with the property not advertising here.
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2 years ago, niurk28
Not many options
I check other ups and they keep updating with new places. This one is very limited to the options that are out there.
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2 years ago, Blind iPhone Master
Excellent app easy to navigate very well organized
I find this ad to be very well organized and easy to navigate I easily could sign up for tours and navigate the options available. Incidentally I am blind and have no problem with it it works great with my disability.
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2 years ago, Tanzy!
My experience so far!
It has helped me see what there is out there and the different prices from town to town, for my next journey of were I would be interested in living! Great tool! 😁
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3 years ago, VocoJanel
Outdated and a waste of time
I reached out to 5 different properties, 2 were unresponsive, and 3 responded that the home listed as “available” was in fact rented already, which is more of a reflection of the agents actually “utilizing” the app. It leads one to an overall assumption that lazy or negligent agents choose to utilize this app over others. And speaking of other apps, initiating a search was also not particularly user friendly when comparing to the plethora of other rental apps. Definitely needs improvement.
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9 months ago, Beetabunny
Our Home
So far, I think I like this setup. But I’m not hearing back and I am using the app., I would love for this to work and help me find our home(apartment or duplex or house) We would love to be moving by Oct. 15th. We can’t afford another rent hike.
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5 years ago, RicannDelite
Wow this app is GREAT honestly , can’t wait to move ❤️ most of the other apps have the same listings but everything here is be to my eye and beautiful homes this app is so easy to work around makes shopping for my new home so fun 😊 200 stars and I never write reviews!
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2 years ago, ewwah
What’s income restricted and what’s not
Huge question, major importance, and yet no way to filter out this option. Way, way to many apartments these days are income restricted. Which makes searching for new places to live near impossible in impoverished and/or rural areas. Use caution and make sure you figure out what is income restricted property(HUD) and what is not.
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2 years ago, PureUnkutt
Skip tour
Sometimes I’d like to skip the tour and go straight to filling out the application when I’m familiar with the property. Needs a button for application or direct contact numbers with mention of the application for how I found out about the place. But just a thought
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2 years ago, chandra el Alston
So far so good
This is my first time using the app. So far so good. It is very easy to use and is user friendly. I just hope that once I find a rental that the rest of the process is this smooth and seamless. Fingers crossed! -Sara-
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2 years ago, Bazinga Nate
Out of date info
Other than location all the information on here is wrong or out of date. Tried using it to find a place and everywhere it said had options didn’t and the prices were significantly wrong. Also missing tons of locations. App needs serious updates to the database to be relevant
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6 years ago, CLMCSG
Closing and reopening the app
The app is cool, but the only thing thar I hate the most is if i go out of the app for just a sec and come back to it all of my saved properties appear to be gone so I have to do a hard stop of the app (close it out) then reopen it and clicked on saved homes again I really hate this and makes me waste so much time please fix this!!!!
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3 years ago, Finfan42
Questionable resources
I am wondering the validity of advertising as I have found the same rental property on this site and a different site. One listed at $750 a month. The other at $1500 for the same property. How am I to identify the actual landlord vs a scammer? I don’t feel comfortable giving out my social security number to someone without knowing how secure my information is kept.
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4 days ago, Mad Caddy
It’s terrible at filtering. It shows listings that are unavailable within my search parameters. I keep searching for one bedroom apartments, and it shows a certain price… often it’s the prices for studios. If there are none with my filters, then don’t show it! Also, you can’t just do a general map search for listings. You have to type in a city, your location, a county… It’s so frustrating!
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2 years ago, ciniam57
Overall the app isn’t bad but I wish info regarding pet policy was readily available so I could eliminate a lot of potential rentals right off the bat if I didn’t have to search through each property description to find it. Pets are a big part of many renters lives and having the info readily available would save a lot of time. Just a thought.
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2 years ago, bxheueixu
It’s Amazing!
They found me the exactly perfect place I was looking for and it was below my budget! Leave your best for the these folks that find perfection. Couldn’t have been not homeless without them.
Show more
2 years ago, A Jesus Lover from Pgh
A little difficult. Time-staking.
Would be great if would be including a radius of miles instead of cities. It’s only locating strictly and we miss or have to trick the app into being informative.
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3 years ago, .............,?;):&6?
Inferior design and selection
So many things… the filter doesn’t work and the pricing layout is deceptive, I’ll click on a property listed at $1250/mo but the available units are $1400+. The layout is strange, when I click on a property a little pin comes up that blocks other properties on the screen. Inventory is lacking - other apps show more choices. I’m going to delete it now and go back to… anything else, really
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4 months ago, Dmfl1234
Easy to use
The app is easy to use and has filters to find the exact apartment I was looking for. Will use this app again in the future.
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5 years ago, Trj9696ryan
Better than others
I’ve found this app to be easier to navigate than other “rent hunters” site. They also seem to have more rental properties listed than other sites I’ve used.
Show more
2 years ago, hiho57
I know exactly what I can pay.
Just give me the ones I’ve saved, please. Why does the filter reset? Otherwise, I love the number of apartments available and in one place. I just don’t have hours to search, so I’d like to know how I can keep the filters and only get what I want?
Show more
2 years ago, Ms. Esther the Historian
Nice Website
So far, so good. I have not gotten an apartment yet, but I do like the way the website is laid out. The pictures, information, and contacts are easy to access. Thumbs up so far! Ms. E
Show more
3 years ago, Laniece renae
It’s good looking for houses I just want the contact information to be correct I been filling out the information but not hearing back from anyone thru email or phone
Show more
11 months ago, ememo,zks,ek
Best app ever
It tells u the price shows u the pictures it is amazing I found my dream house I extremely recommended this app if your looking for a place
Show more
2 years ago, Reader814
Missing helpful features
Not a terrible app, but missing key features in its filtering capabilities: filter by square footage, amount of parking, commute time estimate, etc. Also, as noted by others, needs better photo viewer implementation so you can see thumbnails quickly rather than scroll blindly looking for what you want to see.
Show more
4 years ago, 71497
Okay for a preliminary search
My main dislike of this app is that you can only search by city. The ability to search on this app is very limited because once I have an overview of all the places in my town, I want to search closer in neighborhoods or complexes I liked. But this app doesn’t let me do that. So it’s okay, but I’m going to use a different app from now on.
Show more
3 years ago, F Michael R
Renting apartment
Very friendly and knowledgeable about their business. They just couldn’t help us, since we are moving in with son and his wife.
Show more
2 years ago, Jocquelyn
Trouble navigating The site
I’m currently trying to back out of a picture of an apartment to see the rest of the listing it will not let me do it. Check your links make sure they work check your pictures to check your entire website in my opinion um that’s a suggestion not a demand. There seems to be something wrong with your webpage.
Show more
2 years ago, renter seekers
Rental properties
Enjoy using the app. it’s very simple to use although sometimes when trying to get more information about the properties the app closes, and have to start over
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