RentHop - Apartments for Rent

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User Reviews for RentHop - Apartments for Rent

3 out of 5
2 Ratings
12 months ago, Metza1975
The best website for realtors and clients in NYC
I am a realtor and I have been using renthop for 9 year and hands down , best website if you are looking for an apt in NYC . Their team is amazing as well !! Highly recommended !!!
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4 months ago, Parjamsan
Worst app don’t use realtors stay away!
Agents beware - - this is a greedy corporation that will seek any excuse to withhold your advertising dollars because of "inaccurate" listings. The reality is the market changes so fast not every listing can be updated in real time. They will literally steal your money and then ask for cash deposits in order to keep using their platform. They promised a few years ago to promote their platform more on subways and other advertising campaigns to boost their digital footprint but failed. The leads are less and less every year from renthop yet they get more expensive. Ultimately, renthop is not worth it for agents and what's worse is they have no problem booting you off the platform after you already paid which also makes their team abusive and unethical. Ask around in the broker community, you will see the consensus is the same.
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7 months ago, NYC real estate agent
This is the worst app - STAY AWAY
I am a realtor and I have had multiple nightmare scenarios of having old, unavailable listings somehow posted on this site long after they are rented or delisted without my knowledge or permission. And getting an inaccurate listing taken down takes forever because this crappy thing is all AI powered and there’s very few humans to talk to. I feel bad for the housing seekers who are trying to find an apartment in nyc, these awful apps spread misinformation and add to the issue. DO BETTER, RENTHOP!
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5 months ago, Joseph JacKds
Leads Leads Leads - Best Open Listing Platform for Agents
I post 5/6 ads a day and invest in my advertising. Rent Hop brings me 5-10 leads daily!
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3 months ago, kj10-1
Horrible app
I’ve been on a lot of apartment searching apps and this one is by far the worst. Every time I am contacted by an apartment, they say they have put a form to fill out on the chat and the link never pops up. Something is wrong with the message. Section definitely needs a upgrade.
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4 years ago, Fluffyx8
Easy and efficient for renters!
Love the two separate modes for renters and advertisers! Now I can find listings to view in person/online and then create a listing to advertise my current apartment. Specifically, I’m really impressed with the new auto suggestions for addresses and also the map view search! Makes it easier to see where listings are in relation to each other and also subway stations so I can calculate my future commute times!
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3 weeks ago, SourPatches84
Landlords that does not take vouchers.
Great app but Landlords not accepting is horrible and there are numbers for those who ignore or discriminate to those who does not take vouchers.
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8 months ago, BOMBterrence
The app doesn’t even open anymore . I’ve deleted and redownloaded multiple times
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4 years ago, Honest Reviewer Feedback
RentHop is a SCAM!
RentHop is a scam. I was an agent using their platform and I had over 2,000 credits worth over $600+ that they said would not expire. Out of no where, they changed their policy and all of my credits expired thus losing all my money. They did not refund me the total amount. Being an agent on their platform, I can say that most of the listings on their platform is fake. The fake listings use fake photos to bait and switch tenants. They use the fake photos and prices to lure you to share your contacts with them and then they'll make an appointment for you to meet them and show you other listings that are not even close to what you expected. Don't waste your time on RentHop. There's a reason they don't share the actual addresses on RentHop - SCAM! Use StreetEasy as it is much more accurate and reliable.
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4 years ago, nycrealestatebroker
Great for Agents
This app is amazing I have been using the website for so long but the app really simplifies everything and as an agents I’m glad with all the new features and tools I can use within the Renthop app instead of having to download Renthop and Renthop Manager. Having it all in one app really makes it a one stop shop for Everyone.
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5 years ago, rfe103
Worst app best listings
RentHop really does have the best listings for nyc apartment hunting but the worst app by far. There’s no way to search by no fee on mobile, just reduced fee. The worst feature of all though is that no matter what you search your favorites (even those that don’t match the search) show up at the top so you have to scroll through those to get to the new listings in your search. Sometimes it’ll even show you listings you’ve viewed but not favorited mixed in with your favorites before listings that actually match your search. Don’t bother with the app just use it on desktop.
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7 years ago, Hjksl
Misleading scam
This app doesn't provide reliable listings with reliable "brokers" or "agents" I have met with a couple and after the second I decided never again. The "no fee" listings are by brokers who get paid by certain building leasing offices and they bait you with pictures of apartments that are not the ones they show you when you arrive. I went in to see a two bedroom and was shown a studio. Sickening. My advise for renthop is to quickly start verifying these sad excuses of agents and make sure these fake apartment listings are real. My advise to potential inquiries anyone may make is to triple check with the "agent" about the apartment before wasting their time.
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4 years ago, Marcella Slater
User Friendly App
This app is super user friendly and I love it just as much as the website. Customer service responds super quickly for each of my questions. Go Rent Hop!
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2 years ago, Jay Monii
Literally can’t search for apartments
The app is supposed to be a search engine for apartments. It only allows me to search for apartments within my immediate vicinity. I can’t scroll more than 40 miles on the map to look at apartments on the other side of the city. Then, when I try to search a different city I’m considering moving to, the search defaults to New York, which is 2k miles away? Basically the app doesn’t do the most basic thing it’s supposed to do.
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7 years ago, NYC+30
Got bombarded with SMS from the app?!!!
I had to block SMS texting from my phone provider!! When people email you from renthop, renthop also sends an SMS text!!! In 2 days I got charged for text what I do not pay in 6 months for texting!! And strange that this app had no reviews for 2 years at all!! They removed them somehow!! Also the process allows brokers to have the same apartment and you waste time reaching out to several for the same.
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4 years ago, cfunk1234
Great app!
Very convenient and easy app to help find you a home! As an agent and New York City resident this app helps you navigate your busy day and continue your business.
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7 years ago, Jtotheustin
On the go
You can call/message brokers directly through the app. Loading times are super fast.
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7 years ago, sgpnyc
Clean, easy-to-use interface
User-friendly and great database (even outside NY). Much improved from previous versions.
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7 years ago, Li Z
Renter-friendly UI
Good UI for navigating listings - shows you multiple thumbnails while most apps show you only one.
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7 years ago, kmz135
Way too spammy!
The app is ok, but there are a lot of copies of each apartment listing. And I should have never accepted notifications because it spams me all day. I've never used such a spammy app before, and will be using other real estate apps as they're not so ridiculously spammy and offer better listings too.
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7 years ago, Countershane
Much simpler and easier to use than StreetEasy
I really like that the app is straightforward and focuses just on what's important. A great tool to assist me in my apartment search.
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5 years ago, Ilvojnsff123
Great app!
Solid app, listings all seemed to be real and agents were really responsive. Found a great apt in under a week!
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7 years ago, KuroRonin
Found a place!! THANK YOU renthop
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9 years ago, aramintahart
Great service, horrid app
There are filters to search, but no way to apply said filters. So if you set a filter to look for 2 bedroom apartments, the app will still show 1 bedroom apartments and its up to you to scroll through and sort them out. No thanks.
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9 years ago, ShiftyPowers
Crashes when sending email
The app crashes when trying to send an email to inquire about an apartment. Since that's the ENTIRE POINT OF THE APP, and it doesn't work even after reinstall, I'm uninstalling. Waste of time
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1 year ago, ninja_660
Limited functionality
Seems to be only interested in NYC and surrounding areas, doesn’t help those outside this wonderful little realm.
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5 years ago, SamanthaPotter
App is IMPOSSIBLE to use!
There is no way to search by area, by price, by date, or any way to see listings other than scrolling. There are neighborhoods that have been omitted. Just use the app.
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5 years ago, Briannabrianna
Sort by Date Added
Units go quickly. Add sort by Date Added feature on mobile web and app.
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10 years ago, reviewerKD
I really like rent hops service, but this app won't even open. It keeps asking me for my current location and never opens. Step it up guys!
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10 years ago, Olga Sem
Application does not opens :((((((
I have nothing to say :). It was fun to confirm that it's OK to use my current location but nothing happens after that. Application is not there :(
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10 years ago, Teddy Bennett
Doesn't work
Great online service/web app but the iPhone app just doesn't work. Don't bother downloading it.
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10 years ago, Fhdjsurufbfmdkdidne
Fix the bugs!!!!
The filter doesn't work!!!!!!
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